Hitman Holla vs. Shotty Horroh [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Hitman Holla]

They said I wasn’t gon show up, that’s what the real talk was about
Well I showed up with Showwoutt and you know he show out
(?) all of the crowd
My city a real life jungle, I ain’t ever shook at night
I seen them Raptors up close before they booked my flight
What you 85 pounds? Ha ha ha … I mean you look that light
I could drop you off a jab, so imagine if I hook that right
I got killers running back in the field, no Forte
Respected everywhere from St. Louis to Norway
Slam yo ass right on stage, make the floor shake
Ain’t nobody leaving, Show, cover the doorway
Nina, ménage a trios, fuck what his whore say
The deuce deuce give em a kiss, that’s foreplay (4 play)
I match that glock with a Fif, that’s how I throwaway
I snap and toss Shotty out that window like a throwaway
Y’all gon fuck around and get this sweet boy shot
You cross this line I shoot the tre, no 3 point shot
Double meaning, cross the line there’s no 3 point shot
But when I say I shoot the 3, there’s no 3 point shot
Who’s supposed to be the champ up north? Pat Stay?
Man look … I’ll lyrically smack Stay
Switch moves, turn around, smack Stay
Chop em up, they find his body where Smack stay
No joking I’ll really get at Stay
Like “Man what the fuck you smoking? Crack, Stay?”
My nickname Freddy with this Kruger I clutch
My baby momma left me, she said I sleep with the Ruger too much
And you know that bitch loaded, this Ruger from Lux
A Smith & Wes’ and a Taurus, this a Ruger Deluxe
This battle mean nothing my nigga, I’m a fuckin vet
So take this personal, you’re just a fuckin check
Drake let me get something straight, I’m up-fucking-set
Y’all through me in a dunk contest with a nigga who can’t touch the net?
I was at the airport with just 30 shots, that just mean more can get it
I’m a king so they ain’t check us (checkers)
How you think I flew across border (the board) with it?
I jumped off the plane hungry, like where my body at?
They offered me some food, I’m like “Cool, where Shotty at?”
You had a classic with a nigga I killed? You know I body cats
Battle after battle, I stretch em out, Pilate cats
It’s more than a Shmurda when I pull out this Bobby black
(Showwoutt: Nah, I’ma shoot em) Man gimme my shotty back
Toronto front page, Hitman blew Shotty back
It’s gon be more than a Shmurda when I pull out this Bobby black
(Showwoutt: Nah, I’ma shoot em) Nigga gimme my shotty back
(Showwoutt: Nah, I’ma shoot em) Nigga gimme my shotty back
(Showwoutt: Nah nah, I’ma shoot em) Nigga gimme my shotty back
Toronto front page, Hitman blew Shotty back

[Round 1: Shotty Horroh]

Some said I wasn’t gon show up, but that’s what the talking’s about
But I show up to the showdown to show off when the show’s on
For all of the crowd, so it’s showtime
So it’s Showtime in the words of Verb cuz that’s your idol
You a showman, you showing up with Showwoutt to the big show
But I Paul White ya that’s, chokeslam him during his remix
If show starts I got show stopper with a super kick that’s Shawn Michaels
Plus I got a sharp shooter in Montreal
That’ll finish Hitman like Shawn Michaels
Y’all already know I got respect for Show
Cuz he reps his bro that’s Hitman’s brother
It’s no secret still, when he had that beef with Bill
Who did they hit? Man’s brother
But today I showed up with something for him
That can deflect and hit man’s brother
For a win (Owen) you can die in the ring like Hitman’s brother
You know Owen/a win, dead in the ring let JR talk to em
If you think Jerry the King, remix that
Where I’m from we cut war and remix that
Don’t take man for no kind of Charron out here, keep it rap
Cuz we know this bitch ain’t down with Action like Azealia Banks
Oh here we go, 3 rounds alike of basketball is what you gonna do
No bars, just remixes and dance routines as substitute
Try me without all that shit, some of that he couldn’t do
You’ll need your brother to help you
Catch the body like the Dudleyz move
I got space in that graveyard and you just made a grave mistake
Keep talking shit, you’ll all get lit
They’ll be mourning/morning Hit like a wake and bake
Little Gerald, Gerald it’s time to talk
When that show’s over the long nose will show us Jerry’s Final Thoughts
Oh you brought ya crew to do me dirty well derrty don’t get me pissed off
There’ll be a (Erick) Sermon I’ll Parish (Smith)
When that shit splits hit’s squad (Hit Squad)
Talking bout “re-reload the bullet that came out em” dumb clown
Or maybe that’s your way of admitting you only ever have one round
King Of Performance? On what ground?
You can do that Billie Jean bullshit on Smack but not now
We’re the wrong crowd
See you deliver … your rhymes … real slow
And you can stretch a minute into two with that
Ganik are you stupid this is (Boujie?) versus Supernat
I don’t know what to do with that
Could’ve done this in Missouri
Handmade zip cuz, even in the Lou he (Louie) bags
Well he’ll try me, but if he dare we on his face like the Gucci tat
Aye, KOTD, Blackout I ain’t come to mess around
Shotty knock his bredrin down
You disloyal piece of- … oooohhhh, I’ll save that for the second round

[Round 2: Hitman Holla]

Man first off I took a $10,000 pay cut just to take this battle
And I still made $10,000 more than you make per battle
You see this big boy talk, he don’t like it, it get him hella tight
You ain’t worth my presence
If it wasn’t for these fans I would’ve battled you via satellite
Check my background, I’m not a nigga to play with
I spray quick, big Mossberg, give em a facelift
I’m Caesar I give a sign and my niggas will swing thru on some ape shit
You beefing? I’ma hit you where it hurt like who you lay with
In other words I’m just gon fuck ya bitch on some Drake shit
Then send it to Worldstar on some “I ain’t know it was taped” shit
Just so y’all can see what the bitch left on her face with
All that slick talk, watch ya mouth, I’m saying
One shot will hit and flip you out ya van
This ya dog? Man I’ll beat the Shih Tzu out ya man
Then pistol whip the pistol out ya hand
Man fuck everybody until my mama through with cancer
I might show up to ya show just to shoot a dancer
Who you fooling like you fighting and you move with hammers?
Boy you wouldn’t raise ya hand if you knew the answer
In this battle rap world I’m in, fuck being humble
Heavyweight, view by view, I do the sickest number
Five punch combo connect, man that’s vicious thunder
Straight left, lift em up, uppercut, flip em under
I get the swinging like I’m trying to break Griffey numbers
Man I’ll beat you to the white meat and say I told you so
Ya bitch gon date a crackhead like that Khloe hoe
With that Desert Eagle, I turn into the Mamba, the Kobe show
I hope you know, I put that bird on ya chest like OVO
They call me every day like “Hitman y’all looting”
Rest In Peace Mike Brown
But white boy I was still pissed about the Trayvon shooting
So I’m masked up, looking like a Raekwon movement
Me and my dogs will get to hunting like the K9 unit
What? Since he’s a skinhead that acts out of control
I’m supposed to believe what he rapping y’all?
You from Manchester
The only wild cats we know in the UK play basketball
You, it’s nothing you could do with me boy cuz my clips larger
If Show swing, you’ll land in the crowd, that’s the shit starter
If I swing you’ll land by the bar, cuz I hit harder
Toronto ain’t seen a better 1-2 punch since T-Mac and Vince Carter

[Round 2: Shotty Horroh]

They told me I got Holla, that’s when my bad mood started
They ordered a Hitman for the Hitman, I just acquired that new target
Load em up, I brought a strap to blast through Shamu’s carcass
When I draw I wipe blood from the picture like a tattoo artist
I’m a baboon snapped in a bamboo bag
With my bare hands to stab through hearts
Started at grassroots and had that American glass roof parted
They want BARS not this brand new tap shoe dance move garbage
I’m the new wave and you really can’t surface after that Tsunami
You got washed by Surf, then got a white boy, boy that’s too gnarly
Try me, I’m on ya crib with a can like you have roof parties
You need Dutch courage to (touch zone?)
I will let that Pac Juice charge me
You was quiet til that Remy came out, I’ll put you in that Papoose margin
Like I said, KOTD, Blackout, I ain’t come to mess around
Taste ya medicine, I’ma do a lil bit of exposing in the 2nd round
Cuz I know why you’re here Gerry
Can we talk about the beef with Smack?
You when you jumped on Twitter swearing on ya team and flag
That if you see em it’s gon be at least a scrap
But what did he do to deserve any piece of that?
Did he fuck ya bitch? No? Did he steal a stack? No…
Oh, he took too long to release the Conceited match
You cheeky twat! How dare you repeatedly bite the hand
That helps feed ya fam
When he was the owner of the only league that let you compete for cash
That man took you from a dirty piece of shit
To a featured brand with a sea of fans
I’m talking before your hairline receded back
And had a teeny chance of making an NBA season draft
He’s the reason you can afford them red leather sequinned pants
And Showwoutt’s fee to do a remix dance
Talking about, where’s Norbes, Cheeko, and Beasley at
You need appeasing and someone needs to see to that
Shut the fuck up! Miss us with that diva act
The damn truth is you’re Frank Lucas
We wouldn’t know you exist if it wouldn’t have been for Smack
You said if they release Arsonal first, it’s on the flag and rep of ya people
Well, they did that and you did nothing, so that was very deceitful
When you said you was gonna shoot on blood
Lil Gerald that never will be
If he shoots on B’s (zombies) then that’s Resident Evil
Me and Arsonal did 6 million
You must act like I ain’t contributed to the hits
Well you and Arsonal did half them numbers in twice the time
If you don’t understand that then you stupid as shit
That means there was a 100% increase when they added me
And removed you from the mix
3 Million … Drake I can’t see him with these Views From The 6

[Round 3: Hitman Holla]

Man I put niggas to sleep, automatic or handguns
Everybody I clap throws off, Conceited slow that down
Automatic or handguns, everybody I clap dose off
They sent them contracts, I’m like yeah, it’s grind time
But to keep it real I was ready before I signed mine
They told me, switch up and joke, nah that’s Grindtime
I’m more of the “you’ll get choked” a ticking time bomb
A football star, you can ask, I was Moss like
Could switch to that mask and ratchet, the lacrosse type
And if I get mad, I spaz like
“I need everything he made back, I’m the rawest type”
I’m coming for the belt, who got it? Tell em he’s next
The K Shine, it ain’t nothing but Murda, ask T-Rex
When I look at Shotty, naw, I don’t see threat
You was supposed to battle Verb and Ill, and I’m ya final destination?
You see all that prove is you can’t cheat death
I got a Navy Seal connect, man this shit loud
The weapon he just plug me with about his size
It’s war, you run with ya squad, you never switch rides
You get sliced down the middle for not picking sides
They got me back on that wild shit
Knock, knock, knock, who is it? Kidnap his child shit
Pow pow shit, that 40 or that Cal shit
Shotty watch ya mouth, I’m not the one to get loud with
That shit I just did, that’s an effortless move
You Golddust looking motherfucker, you just put me in a wrestling mood
If I decide to bomb first, best believe I’ma land mine
I ain’t scared of no nigga, that boy was from Mankind
Three 2 minute rounds for what? That’s the long road
I could’ve beat you with 3:16’s that’s Stone Cold
A million views every battle is easy, that’s a simple trait
That’s why I’m Hitman “Hollywood” Holla, that’s Triple H
Where I’m from niggas get clapped up in the lobby
The army has been instructed to catch bodies
The officers killing my race like it’s a hobby
In other words ain’t shit horror about Shotty
For 25K Mook could kill a nigga that’s ill
Man for that 10k I’ll kill this nigga for real

[Round 3: Shotty Horroh]

You came to talk about balls, and that shit’s so gay
The console it’s sold separately, meaning I ain’t with those games
You trying to bring back the old Holla
You need more than tank tops and big rope chains
You need the fire and skill plus the desire and will
And a sponsorship with Rogaine
I’d a killed you when you were ya lil bro’s age
For the record I’d a MOP’d that Billy dance (Danze) for a lil Fame
MOP, Billy Danze, Lil Fame, switch the lane
Spill his brains, when that Shotty’s in his face, this shit’s Cobain
I’d shoot the hair off Holla’s head, trust I got that killer aim
Two hands steady the beam, they support the dot like Drizzy Drake
What’s real to you? Basketball or a gangbanger? Pick that shit
Ain’t no such thing as half way crooks Gerry, and you ain’t with that shit
Split personalities, persona disorder, you see how quick man flip
Aye let’s just say it’s JFK, there’s still questions about who that Hitman is
But I have a question, and I hope you have the answer to it
If battle rap’s a cappella why you always dancing to it?
Fuck bars, you and Aye Verb spend your time
Trying to plan the coolest hand maneuvers
You almost did a YMCA just to tell me about a strap you’re using
Fuck you think this is? I ain’t playing Hitman game
Now bald headed white boy shoots and
Everyone’s in black suits like the Hitman game
URL King Of Performance, uhhh let me throw the debate in
I think Roc took ya spot like Coke in the 80’s
I’m in the Dot again
Deep Waters just passed me the strap in case I actually need it
So if I have to act like an idiot it’d be more clapping and screaming
Then you and Showwoutt after a remix
It’s Horroh, the one that brought a Tom in Gerry’s house
To put holes in every wall like Tom & Jerry’s house
But his chick saw em, she let me knock out on the couch
I ain’t rob her, but she still had the Shotty in her mouth
Your chick loves that hard white, not the coco
But tonight I will be over your (OVO) bird like the sponsor’s logo
I’m meant to believe the plasticine gangster theme?
I’m meant to believe you’re in the banda with a strap in each hand as you’re trapping keys?
Rapper please, you’ll be shook in the suburbs
Probably get robbed by a gang of geeks
I mean he walk in a white hood and stay quiet, well that’s Assassins Creed
What’s big money to small change? Two words after this
Bottom of Form

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