Soul vs. Pigsty [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Pigsty]
“I stay humble spitting ravenous flames”
Don’t act like that’s something that you didn’t actually say
You’ve been advancing your game, so much has happened and changed
But that was 0-10, I’m still fucking laughing today
GZ in the show now I bring it to the foreground
He wishing for the know how to mimic what I wrote down
This profound, your whole style look old now like dos noun
Four pound a whole round put Soul down like Motown
Oh wow, while I’m on the red eye back
You’ll hold a fresh ice pack against your head like that
This KO make the KOTDTV website crash
That fade with you? Mace Windu, now Jed eye’s/Jedis black
Stu in his prime, same as when as when I’m losing my mind
You’re stupid to try this like using a noose as a tie
Wanna roll with me? Rogan speech: ‘You’d be surprised’
At what I do with one eye like I was Yuki Nakai
Get threw to the side, with your leg broken, Greg Oden
Canadian west coasting I claim it like Seth Rogan
Yours is just another life taken so Jed hoping
Yo hang is a death omen, his grave getting left open
Your pen game Death Note? shit… mac game… friend zone
That’s a great anime catchphrase, yeah no
The Shinigami eye that can see when y’all will die
Rip the pages out your death note to relieve that long goodbye
Casket maker, got you set up for the death that is comin
A gladiator chop your neck and show your head to the public
I said it what of it? Long as someone credible judging
This a W on the table like the element Tungsten
Fuck him

[Round 1: Soul]
Pigsty! You’ve got shit eyes
You’re a bit blind… on this side..
Pigsty! We made it big time
On the big stage, I battled Sketch and Osa…
You got got killed by Gin-I
Pigsty! They say you got replay value, that’s a big lie
Cause that battle has 18,000 views, and there’s no way 9,000 people watched that shit twice!!
Pigsty! You getting chicks right…
Heh, this guy…
More groupies than Hasslehoff and Asher Roth and didn’t have to go to college
My soul is Scottish, we built a wall and broke the Romans on it
Your ancestors sold your land for whiskey and a broken compass
Tap both his pockets, I’m coming after Pocahontas’ gold deposits
That’s a figure of speech, cause spitting with me, your stock drops faggot
Kill this native if he sleeps on me, smallpox blanket
But wait nah… his grandad’s a bad man, cause he always says he stepped on snow
Stupid motherfucker he wasn’t selling coke, he was an Eskimo
I told him Raging Bull one of my favorite movies, he’s like that’s fucking insane!
I’m like yours too? Nah, it’s my dad’s government name
People were confused asking why Sketch has made this match
Cause I got feathers in my cap like I impersonate your dad
You cheapen Sketch’s scene, I rekindle Sketch’s buzz
So you aren’t in my league, and shouldn’t be in anyone’s
I been doing this since ’07, before Drect lived off his channel
You’re the poster boy for long term fans who think they can battle
Bruv the first battle I watched, where they never spit frees
Was Jones vs. Mook, that’s how I fell for this scene
Your last battle, you went head to head with Lil G
They should have called the video Battle Rap: 2015
I don’t care if he wins this round, I’ll give him this one
I just wanted to tell you, you adore battle rap, the shit’s in your blood
You perform for free, post on forums, as a journalist plus, give us all plugs
So how does it feel to be killing the authenticity of the thing that you love

[Round 2: Pigsty]
Ignorant native jokes, man? That’s amateur at best
Like you know about the Coast Salish inhabitin the West
We shook hands and when we met it was daps, it was respect
Until he turned to me like “you’re a hunter/gatherer, correct?”
The way you dress is like steampunk or emo kinda
You look like Eyedea… hired a medieval stylist
King Leonidas, he wants to be just like him
Dog, you’re what happens when you pick thief on Skyrim
And I don’t wanna see no comments from your Scotland people
Any shit they talk, zip it Scott, Dr. Evil
All he rap bout is real shit… like how pleated kilts fit
Honestly fuck are you Groundskeeper Will Smith?
See his girl lives in Canada, he lives on Scotland’s southern shore
They met online, they went on Skype, he sings to her and strums a chord
Serenaded her for just a while, and he MEANT those words he sung for sure
They were “iiiii would walk 500 miles, and iii would walk 500 more”
Nothing says Jed is all on his lonesome
Like your Tinder radius set to across an ocean
Avocado tries to get her in the shot with soul
It’s like some KOTD x eHarmony cross promotion
He hits his local post office with his pockets loaded
What’s the cost of postage to mail the bitch of box of roses
The whole staff there recalls you from that awkward moment
You tried to ship yourself but cried and got claustrophobic
Fucking creep, you should hit the brake pads on shorty
She looks so under aged I bet she’s fucking named statutory
You’re Dave Masters homie, no? Ain’t that the story?
Well off top I just place y’all in the same category
People talk about my eye, that’s the window to my soul
Let’s talk real life, here’s a window into Soul’s:
Would be sitting in his home, fucking single and alone
If he didn’t have Microsoft Windows and his phone

[Round 2: Soul]
Why’d you leave your country for battles… Don’t act like you ain’t annoyed…
Aight man… you’ve made your point
Sketch Menace… Pigsty…Fuck me I’m Top 5 in my country, he ain’t Top 5 out of us 3
Forget Top 5 KOTD
You ain’t Top 5 out of GZ
You ain’t Top 5 out in B.C
Little native motherfucker you ain’t Top 5 in your teepee
Bro, you’re facing a Top 5 writer in battle rap
You ain’t even a Top 5 writer in battle bro the articles you’ve written fam’
Are worse than Laura Tarsi’s weekly round-up of Battle Rap Instagram
He in the loop, interviews, gossip in the interludes
Got the nail gun in the boot, so watch me Chris and Snoop Chris’s snoop
I guess pig is butch, not cause he’s blind, cause he’s known as a bitch
That means I’m good money, so if Stu touch me, then he knows what it is
I’m roasting this pig over the spit, without smoke and a stick
You better pick a god pray to it and hope it exists
Cause its a lock when I snap like a doberman pit if its owner was Vick
I’m bout to show him the Jits, they’ll need Rogan and Mick Goldberg for this
I should have omoplated ‘um… cause showing this bitch the cold shoulder was hip
But nah I’ll Gogo plata him, choke him in this… throat in my shin
Fuck showing him my style, I’m showing him his and I’m doper with it
A better coach then Freddy Roach, you can’t even throw the mitts
Lemme take it full circle and you didn’t even notice the shit like a solar eclipse
The fact the scene is open to him, is why dope people quit
Eight years … now my opponent is this…
Little faggot who gets to rap about toasters and clips
Feel like Danny Glover hanging up his phone on the bridge
Cause when his holster goes click.. *sigh* Feel like I’m getting too old for this shit

[Round 3: Pigsty]
Done with him now, my guess is that he’ll never be the same
Just another stone I’m steppin on to get a bigger name
Sketch isn’t your “mate,” he just gets you on the plane
Fuck his money’s worth, I’ll give him every penny to his name
Entering this game was a selection that he made
So my pen isn’t to blame for whatever that remains
Souls writtens, ghost, that’s no reference to Arcane
I mean you’re Soul and I’m Raziel from Legacy of Kain
You mad tho, stomping soul like Dr Scholls
You threw an overhand and broke your hand on Caustic’s nose
Oh you posing as a grown up man I don’t forecast your
Throat can stand this Charles Oliveira anaconda choke
Lock, control, eye sockets pop explode
This loss take a lot from Soul like rock n roll
A qualified oceanographer like Jacques Cousteau
Just from dropping all the bodies that I’ve caught off coast
Straight… chilling, or crazed villain, Wade Wilson
Blade spilling type a on the paint sealant
Act like I can’t kill him, that was the mistake
Isn’t it great when favorites fade, makes you think different
Trey on his lips like Toni Braxton
Split rappers mugs (Muggs) so now I’m Soul Assassin
Or phone your fam and see how much your folks can cash in
This a deal with the devil, hold Soul for ransom
Say your ho can get it, n get no contention
Me n Soul get tension, that’s my sole intention
Brogue kick toe impression on your solar plexus
Reach advantage long distance like your co-dependent
Y’all offered me some cheap work, must notta did your research
You wanna talk to me you gotta talk to Lil G first
Cause he’s church, so don’t be tryin to raise some hell
Soul you aiight but take your own advice: behave yourself

[Round 3: Soul]
He just fucking proved my point, says he’s aiming those clips?
With those eyes if you put the trey to my lips you’d aim it and miss
They don’t have to give this cat a rack to watch his sight fade
You eye game’s Pai Mei’s students in a blind rage
So if he thinks I’ll lose that ain’t the only way that his vision skewed
But I want you to stare right in my eyes… So look at him while I’m killing you
So talk about my girl, but my chick shining, wrist blind ’em
I’m Anderson Silva, with some bait strikes stateside, I hates Thai
Stretcher him off when it’s breaktime
Fox News called, they think you’ve got great eyes
Cause it strays right, and your point of view’s always from the same side
You aim high and land very low
Motherfucker gets his flow from a metronome
I got hand-me-downs, I had to stretch the clothes
You got hand-me-downs from your genetic code
He has phone calls with Jack Thriller when he’s feeling depressed
He’s like “What’s it like to see our your right eye?” and he’s like “What’s it like to see out your left?”
Then the Three Way connects and Manaz Illz is like “why are you people upset?
At least you can get to see your reflection…”
Oh wait he’s ugly too, that’s why life has got him down
He don’t know whether knowing what he looks like is the silver lining or the cloud
Too harsh? Bitch sue me I’m pissed he can spit to me
He like this a win/win too, he wins if he lives through me
In the back of the barn on Animal farm, should have skipped truly
But I didn’t duck so i’ll never let Pig rule me
You get hit twice Windfury, in truth I’m a bit goofy
But take Kim to me I’m big when he spit Juicy
Like “He Loe style” but this the En Son, Inoue
One eye, going out on his shield, Nick Fury
I know I talked about his eye for a whole round, but it’s the same theme that I’m using
Cause you dissed Fingaz for his hand, can you see the conclusion?
The scene that your grew in, you cheapen and ruin
So it’s better to not be able to pick something up, than not be able to see that you shouldn’t

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