Head ICE vs. Serius Jones [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Head ICE]

I took you cuz you somewhat of a spokesman for all my haters
A out-of-town nigga that could be on the couch or in the bed
With one of my neighbors
He feel he got the scoop, but this ain’t ice cream
I’ll meth this man then hook, on ice cream
He thinkin Method Man ‘n hook on Ice Cream
That’s why you been (Ben) Jerry in the circle nigga, no ice cream
So next time you in yo car, tune in I know why cats wanna get at you
Your records wasn’t shit better load and dock
You a no-body like Robocop
SP right (Sprite) only 2 liters like the soda pop
S-P-R-I-T-E 2 anyways
I volleyball ya shit then go to the Nets game
You almost died cuz a guy felt her thigh (Guy Felterthy) and it wasn’t a Guess game
You be trippin, but staying out of the helicopter route
Cuz when we be trippin, we be bringing helicopters out
Long yoppers, clips like a Harley Davidson seat
Give you that loud ride to that place you should be
You a Fruit Loop with nutrition facts
Clips ain’t spillin milk cuz that wasn’t the right house
He went to squab in the kitchen at
You got prostitutes, a glock to shoot
Lil white bitch that gives you lots of loot
How ironic you promoting that and her ex-boyfriend
The promoter is the one who sent you to the hospital
He gon rap bout my dick cuz he prayed for my incarceration
But my (?) is his cousin
But you won’t hear none of that in the bars he came with
Fuck boy, no day in jail
Took myself to the precinct, no Dave Chappelle
Cuz I got 3 daughters nigga, I ain’t take it well
But back to the gutter, you grabbed the clippers
When Charles Hamilton ran on you like you was getting a haircut
And that’s the chair you rent out of the shop to make money in
Now that was some sucka…. shit
When Charles Hamilton said some shit in his song
I ran down on him in the projects elevator like “fuck is this?”
So when it come down to who would do what
When a real man step to them, you and him a fuckin bitch
You got no shame, used to be a first ave nigga with no fame
Muslim nigga who watch Soul Train
Grew up to date white women, so plain
You got Kevin Hart/heart on Soul Plane
If I give a bird, man to a young thug I’ma feel a Lil Weezy
About the whole thing
You asked Lush did he get shot at like you know the shooter
When Lush know a shooter that can get you shot at up close and sooner
You a body! No peace/piece be with you brother Ahmed
Now take these shots! Arm leg a leg a arm head nigga

[Round 1: Serius Jones]

You is family Ice
Now you old, fresh out of bars, and trying to be in Jones position
How ironic cuz
You got the swag of everybody’s uncle that just came home from prison
What up Wolf? They might’ve heard that terminology
But you ain’t break it down properly
So follow me to the Odyssey, back to the block with me
Eighth ave when my moms kicked me out, good thing my honor g
(aunt a g?)
RIP, shoutout to Fat Cat, Bogod, Dre Solid b
That’s Wolf, means We Only Love Family, that’s the policy
So why is he, still throwing the Wolf up, well let’s be honest g
You been backed up on the pack, let’s get all this shit out
This your colonic b
See you remember Drew Hamilton projects? 17th floor?
I was 17 when you was bagging that raw
In that cellophane, when we sell to fiends
And I was a nosey kid
But he was treating his nose, that’s what the homie did
See he made that work disappear
But you was like the Wizard of Oz and y’all know what a O-Z is
It’s a “O” so them kilos and biz is felonious (?)
Cuz we know Jones is a OG so let’s think about how old he is
See I tried to help you when you was whipping that white girl
Meaning ya girl car
Then I took you from a local nigga to a world star
And what you do, typical, never stay in tune
Wolves don’t worry about getting outshined
You only howl cuz you jealous of the moon
They ask you who you came up with, you never celebrate ya goons
See ICE never say no names but catch em in interrogation rooms
Aww man, lord knows the G’s us (Jesus)
You act hard here boy, but you a hardware store, you made them keys up
He said he G checked T-Rex, please bruh
See Ice box but when it comes to them treys/trays he freeze up
It’s aight you know what I’m saying I do this cuz I got the cheat code
You about to get 84 gram’d, 3-0’s, lets go…

[Round 2: Head I.C.E]

Suck my dick! Straight like that
You don’t gotta make no funny sounds to get punched in yo face like that
We not in the United States, and you don’t know Drake like that
So after this battle if I decide to rob you
You don’t know where the precinct is, so I ain’t stressin a case like that
Nigga I let you taste a bat, or a chrome nozzle
Beat you with the back of a screw driver
In front of a bus full of kids and they school driver
Tell Tashim I miss her head
But if she ever play with me again I’ma send you her body
But it’s gon miss her head
Man miss me with irrelevant fake shit, I don’t take shit
Including pussy, I wipe my ass and doo doo mush em
Cuz to us it’s no clue you pussy
You almost got yourself killed in a fight scene in ya own movie
You ya own groupie
I make you choke yourself with ya own jewelry
Bitch nigga, Casino style
You and ya brother in a ditch nigga
Math punched you in ya face
And had you wandering around like the eye on ya cousin that’s a…
I need to see paper work
You riding around in a Benz like you a go getter
Promoting you got hoes and you a hoe nigga
I get ya car washed and bullets will run through yo chest/chess
Like these gold diggers
You a act who play it well
Have you in that black raised from cells
Cuz the first gat I raise was a gauge at the age of 12
What happened to you being Muslim? Newspapers and bean pies
It’s nothing ludicrous;
They all knew you would pork out when it’s beef time
Gun under the shoulder like deodorant balls
You hear rapid barks like a Doberman dog
Then more barks like the owner ain’t home
Now you know that I’m a pet lover
The Desert Eagle will leave you but the Hawk’ll be ya step brother
Step brotha, bloaw! Stepbrothers cuz I give you all pops like step mothers
Ice will wet a nigga, you wanna buck it (bucket)? Challenge
This silver will be under a skull like it run with Dallas
Ask Tony Romo or any other street hooker or fag that know he homo
And you’ll see how much power behind these punches
Like watching boxing slo-mo, I should ox ya throat tho!
ICE! Nigga!

[Round 2: Serius Jones]

I know he got a voice like he still Sumos
But it’s funny to me cuz I know the real you tho
And dog is an old cartoon that ain’t been that ain’t been on in years
But y’all feel Pluto
See I been getting chicken and spinach since a squint in my Pop-eyes
You can’t do me greasy cuz I live oil (Olive Oil) but I still blew tho (Bluto)
See you a half steppin back stabbing nigga acting Big Daddy Kane (Cain)
That’s why I’m able (Abel) to kill you bro
See you sneaky though, like grimey in a bad way
You yell a lot but you never smoked nobody
So don’t be a menace when I use you as an ashtray
See you the type to give the little homie the pump
And then you gas em, petroleum and told em to dump
But I’m like damn wolf why you gassed the lil homie to smoke em?
He like “nah I told that nigga to stop holding the blunt”
My nigga you petty, Reggie and two start telly smelly
Never ready teddy, yeah you pender in the grass, just a Rob Kelly
Fruity, heard you using stems not the one from cherries
Yeah you got that Keisha but you buns, not the one from Belly
Chicken felonies, it’s weird charges, you can’t even tell what they mean
See I’m the bear and you the deer in this here forest, no hook
I’ll AR-AB through ya bars like Kareem
See they thought the swag was you
Nah it’s just what comes with 8th avenue
Ironic I used to watch you baggin up drugs
Now you getting drug while I’m baggin you
See you couldn’t be the plug
So you found a public outlet like ya phone died
For years you’ve been crying for me to peel ya onion
So I’ma cut you thick, the long kind
Do you greasy til ya skin starts to bubble and the foam rise
Yeah that’s how I’ma cook you
Since you claim you love her, love her home fries
You said out ya mouth on camera “Pat Stay so big
When I was in the elevator without a weapon I felt threatened”
On camera, I said “Head stop bitching!”
Then you told K-Shine “real killers can tell by the leg twitch”
No nigga, real killers keep shooting till the leg stop twitching
Yeah it’s alright though, I know how you said step brother
Cuz you 40 and still live with ya moms and you a pet lover?
What does that mean? I ain’t even gon go off the head on you
I’ma keep it cuz you said ya moms dead so it’s dead on you

[Round 3: Head I.C.E]

Now y’all see the difference between me and stupido
Making songs for the money but got famous off of beats without a studio
Speaking of studio, that’s your apartment size
Ya closet a port-a-potty
You can’t flush shit, just give me all you can find
I tell my niggas
Search all the Gucci, Jordan and Prada shoeboxes in the bathroom
Give me yo keys nigga, here search the car
Cuz them 4 doors and that trunk is the last rooms
All I heard was “I found it” I’m like “Cash? Drugs?”
They like “Both! And the coats hanging over the bath tub”
You a walking fake chain, every jeweler make you
I said you’ll walk in, fake, chain, every jew will make you
You got ya style from the lost and found, you ain’t schooling niggas
I could rent out my pad, I’m so super nigga
If I swoop a nigga, over his head, Campbells can
You lookin for souper nigga? Man to man
At my lowest lane (Lois Lane) you in an ambulance
I told you I was gon bar you, liquor shot
After this I’ma bar you, lick a shot
My boot-leg will run you out of the tenement spot
My bootleg run Serius out the tenement spot
Bars! The same one Bishop thought
He could save Blizzard from that owner pistol
You don’t own a pistol
Now see these (CD’s) will burn through your tracks
That’s how I get on it with you
Line for line I’m dancing around em, no Soul Train
Cuz if I give a bird man to a Young Thug I’ma feel a Lil Weezy
About the whole thang
I let apes peel, ooooh baby, if you owed me a meal
I’ll be dead or a serial killer who got locked, worked out
Got so swole in the cage, I’ll really know how apes feel
But I kill 8 family members and we even
Wanna know how we straight? Build
After every murder there’s a family gathering plate
So fuck how my message taste, that’s 8 mills/meals
Jones in the wrong mission, this ain’t Indiana
In the end he Anna, Nicole Smith
OJ, they gon lock you up for stealing ya own shit
I give em the whole brick, y’all thinking 4 quarter kilos
In this house he fall asleep though for being a rat with a peephole
You Pookie belt
Take this nigga outside and kill him 3 times
You get the same murder Pookie felt
All you see is 3 9’s nigga, like the price of a teddy bear in a gift shop
I’ll let this go (Disco) in the club like the latest hip-hop
On that note, I don’t know who you wanna be, Cat Daddy
I’m mad you related to any of my sons, Cat Daddy
That’s his cousin, you heard him, Cat, Dre, Solid, you heard em
ICE nigga…

[Round 3: Serius Jones]

That was aight nigga
But from the audience response the hottest bar you ever said here was “ICE NIGGA”
You out here swaggin, but ya watch is falling off so how’s that real gold?
You in ya last round admitting you niggas rush cribs then steal clothes
For the fans that don’t understand, it’s incredible to expectation
Cuz in America it’s less debating
But if you a rapper or a street nigga getting money
The one thing you can’t afford is a federal investigation
Cuz just behind bars they pursuing niggas
Niggas acting like they with the shits but in they raps suing niggas
See I’m from Jersey, sure (Shore)
You can get found in a Surf just for (Tsu) suing niggas
I was like born with no arms, it’s like I got a body on my hands
See the guns I wave so big, Tsunami be like “Damn”
See you out of pocket, scrambling in the red zone
I made you think you made a play on me, b
Then I knock him out soon as he touch down
You know what that is? A KO-TD
Bars, when beef shells crack off easy
But at my peak I’m the guy yo, Taco style
And if I dip and then chip you, you gon here that just bitter nacho sound
See I never got beat up, I got snuffed
But you give the game a black eye for having Ice around
See I could’ve got a lump sum for Blackout
But you know when you put Ice on the knot goes down
You not a rapper, you a cancerous teacher
But you probably have a problem (Heisenberg?)
Now you on that Meth and can’t protect ya neck, I know you god (U-God)
You was probably on YouTube Inspecting the Deck
But you know I’ll cap a don (Capadonna)
But I got 36 Chambers to shoot at you through
And since you wanting to bring up Math
I’m just showing you the damage I could do with a Wu/Woo
They do pull-ups on my bars, this is lyrical exercise
If you wanna call this man a kin (mannequin)
Then we need to address my Ex
Her size will have you rollin like X
When I mark the spot I make em exercise
You giving work out the shop for hoes
I’m so lazy I never even ask my ex her size
See Ill Will Jamaican called me and said, “you wan rap with Ice?”
Make him smell the blade and get the accent right”
I said “hold up, cuz I don’t even use accents” right
And he said “no you see the axe that you use for Lyt
Well use the same axe ‘pon Ice
And then make him smell the blade so him can get the axe scent right”

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