Illmaculate vs. DNA [Lyrics]

[Round 1: DNA]
Illmaculate, I was your biggest fan back in Scribble Jam
I swear you had some of the dopest rhymes
When you and The Saurus used to do 2 on 2’s, I used to be like, “Whoo!”
Even though they said he wrote most your lines
But now I think you washed up and out your prime
And just another hopeless guy
Shit I feel like I’m at a Seahawk’s conference, I mean I only showed up so I won’t get fined
Sike I lied, this Blackout 5, I showed up to make sure that this fraud dies
Look at my shotgun play, but I don’t need Pete Carrel to call mine
Illmac tried to shoot me, ran up with a long nine
Duck, so he Russell Wilson cause he threw a bullet at the wrong time
But now let’s switch the weapon, come see what this Hawk about
With two 5’s in the corner like Sherman just to chalk him out
But now they put me in Beast Mode, I’ma let God sort ’em out
Think Marshawn Lynch, cause now that he’s in the view (interview) it’s nothin’ to talk about
Besides the fact that I ain’t get that title match
Yo Organik you my nigga {video error} you can’t shoot guns
Baow! This nine’ll clap
And make you think we on Smack when I put this SK on both sides of Mac’
SK? Both sides of Mac? I’ma have him lookin’ like, “That’s y’all mans”
After I kill you tonight, his fans gon’ be like, “You don’t have no chance.”
But the way they amp you up, sometimes I be wanting to smack y’all fans
I mean y’all don’t see? I’m movin’ backward by takin’ Mac’ on cam’
If this was judged I’d be like, “You herbs was cheatin'”
But we all know he too small for the ratchet
If he see the tool burst he leavin’
Once the gat spit, a suit and a new hearse is needed
I came to make Mac flip more than you vs Conceited
I’m heated, it’s round 1 it’s gettin’ hot in here
Toronto y’all know my slogan
(Get him the fuck outta here!)
Hell no, get his lyrics the fuck outta here
Scratch that he might freestyle get that and his writtens the fuck outta here
I know a lot of y’all love Illmac’ so get the critics the fuck outta here
You too short to be a grown man, get this midget the fuck outta here

[Round 1: Illmaculate]
Yo, he talked about Scribble Jam, that wasn’t a hot round
That was drawn out, soon as I cock blaow! Blow his top down
So what’s that mean if I’m washed up but your’e the one gettin’ washed now!
See we used to see that fire in him, til that little spark died out
Vigil starts right now
This ain’t GQ, it ain’t an issue to pick apart this guy’s style
Watch, guarantee he’ll be like, “Ayo, they say you beat Charlie but I don’t feel that
You outta time, that mean you late, cause I got an ill MAC
I’ll flip him around somethin’ when I let this steel clap
Cause when I put that K in front of Ill that’s how you kill Mac
MAC-10, MAC-11, MAC-” we get the point
Picture this muhfucka prayin’ before bed he be like
“Now I lay me down to sleep
Somethin’ somethin’ my soul to keep
And every time I’m finished prayin’
It’s ironic, cause I’m the one that’s aimin’ (amen)
Now when you think about that bar…” pray for him
He ’bout to meet God like Enoch
Cheap shot, knee drop til he flops like Divac
All that bullshit you spit? Psst, please stop
Know how I know you a fiend? You couldn’t beat Roc(k)
You wouldn’t survive bein’ ill in World War Z’s plot
Look, I reach my boilin’ point I’m lettin’ steam off like teapots
100 rounds, restock
Put a cavity where his teeth rot
That’s how D got {beatbox effect} drums to the mouth like a beatbox
Look, you trash homie, I weave tapestries and stitch threads
Masterpieces, vignettes
You? Just connect four’s this is strategy to win chess
See the battle scene? A bit dense
They look at Charlie as the king
Well his majesty’s a fit guess when you add DNA from Queens you get daddy’s little princess
Think about it
All that time you spend with dad must influence what you write with your pen and pad
Cause your style’s a little Clips but mine’s an extended mag’
Cobain slugs have your nose spray blood
Bet I connect with the left if I miss right like my soul mate was
You’ll get your throat straight cut, cold case shut
Them reaches you throw ain’t touch
Far as them punches, DNA be all over the place
But nothing ever fits like OJ’s glove

[Round 2: DNA]
Yo before I start this round I’ma be honest with everybody in the crowd
We all know Illmac’ can rap people
But the main thing you struggle with in your career? Is black people
Now you say you was drunk, but Arsonal whipped yo’ fuckin’ ass
It’s no way to debate the shit
I mean yeah you beat Verb but judging by his hair, we don’t know what race he is
You have a problem with black people
At Grizzlemania we all thought we was gonna see that Illmac’ that’s action packed
Instead you choked the whole night and showed us all that your ass is wack
I mean Hollow and Con’ both beat you the same day, that’s a fact
So that’s how you got the name Ill
When I see you take two L’s back to back
If it wasn’t for us, we wouldn’t give a fuck what this rap do
I mean honestly, me, Con’, Ars’, Clips we birthed your style
The only reason these fans in love with your battles
These New York niggas built you up while The Saurus and others surpassed you
But your name’s Mac so it makes sense why your career was run by the Apple
Now you lookin’ at an animal, this man’s a killer
Nigga Mike Jack’ my only competition is the Man In The Mirror
I mean last battle with Rone, some of y’all might think he damaged the nigga
But on my last leg I’m ’bout to snap back like Anderson Silva
Now when we look at you I’m like Mac(k) main (Mayne) bitch is a Bird Man
And he wifed her up like the last dummy
She like a nigga from the gutter (Gudda), he gave her mils (Millz) she let me menage (Minaj) and that ass lovely
But she pay the bills so if she leave you it gon’ get mad ugly
Now he in a position like Wayne
Cause if you leave your Baby you’ll never get the Cash Money
But speakin’ ’bout that black thing, I like that you said that
Cause honestly you could’ve gotten Clips
But you played the round and still lost and you ain’t spit the hottest shit
Now I’m ’bout to make a horror movie since I let my shotty spit
It’s like Foosball, the long steel will make his body flip
I’m look at you, dead in your eyes like, “This is a chump”
Illmac’ you ’bout so short you could probably fit in my trunk
I’ma just beat this nigga with words, fuck liftin’ a pump
Cause there’s no way I’ma lose to a white man in Black History Month

[Round 2: Illmaculate]
Ayo, he said I lost to Con’ and Hollow, yeah that’s a true fact
But I battled them the same day, newsflash, who the fuck else would do that?
Yeah I might’ve took them L’s then I bounce back like a true champ
But that’s something you wouldn’t understand, behind your ribs is a huge gap
As a matter of fact, talk about that loss, but this battle I bet I win
And I might’ve lost to Arsonal but you had a debatable against Sketch, I win
Aye, and you said I took two L’s back to back, I thought, “That’s fuckin’ insane”
Not because of the line cause if my hat wasn’t displayin’ I don’t think he could spell that much of my name
Fuck boy you rap with a soft bravado
This isn’t the Illmac’ vs Con’ and Hollow
You in the belly of the beast now, Galactus, the comic’s Marvel
The planet has gotten swallowed
I’m Cassidy poppin’ bottles, this act will be hard to follow
I run with FilmOn with a camera and Avacado
And slap the shit outta Alki and [?]
I’m back!
Yeah, I’m back and I’m in Toronto
Stackin’ my Asiago
I’ll shatter your jaw like glass from a Molotov
And [?] fatter than Johnny Bravo’s
You see where you path leads, now you have to get bodied also
To be Frank no one else can see me like the rabbit in Donnie Darko
Want beef? I’m Salvatore Marzano
Bonanno Family, Italiano
Anthony Graziano, the capo to Donnie Brasco
This like a Maxima to a Lambo’ Murcielago
A Camry to an Aston Martin, a Phantom to a Monte Carlo
In the ring? I’m Hagler to Marciano
Jab that’ll drop Apollo
Swing fast as an Ali combo when I slash with a polished Hanzo
I’m back!
As soon as I put ink to page
My rhymin’ schemes Monsanto seeds the way, if iron squeeze
Hybrid genes, that means DNA gets rearranged
As far as stats, I lead the way
I’m at the front of the class without a teacher’s aid
With Clips I held back like I ain’t meet the grade
But should’ve passed with D on the card like an easy A
As far as what we’ve been paid, I got twice what you got on the low
Facts, I just thought you should know
Every bar is a lightening rod that I throw
A rifle shot to the dome
This match? Lopsided, it’s not even close
That’s what you get when you mix DNA with a beast like Island of Dr. Moreau
Let’s go!

[Round 3: DNA]
I’m sure that we can all agree that Illmac’ and The Saurus both sound dope with each other
I mean y’all probably shit, sleep, use the bathroom
In y’all battles y’all even choked with each other
But the shit that be gettin’ me tight is all these rumors about Charlie Clips givin’ me bars
I be ready just to smoke all you fuckers
Cause this a known fact that Pete Morris and Gregory Poe wrote for each other
But if we leave it up to y’all fans, y’all let it slide though
Right now I would think I was battlin’ The Saurus if I had my eyes closed
I mean y’all both do multi’s, the difference is you rhyme slow
But how you expect to make it BIG when you takin’ another nigga’s shine (Shyne) Poe?
I mean honestly y’all, at this event I had an opportunity to show the world that I can fuck with Clips
Organik and Drake was gon’ set it up just so we can have fun wit it
But after deliberation I looked at Clips and we dubbed the shit
Now honestly that’s real brother shit
But you and The Saurus be on some other shit
Back in the day on Grind Time y’all battled
I guess y’all wanted to excite the crowd cause y’all love y’all fans
But excuse me, anybody I consider my brother, I won’t battle, that’s somethin’ y’all gotta understand
Y’all got personal, put each other on front street and that’s supposed to be your fuckin’ man
For 240K on Youtube and you only got paid a couple grand
Now a lot of y’all probably like, “It’s just a battle” that after that, that’ll end
I mean I guess after we say all these words back together then we’ll be back to friends
But honestly the wrong shit said in a battle can make The Saurus never wanna give you dap again
And if you get killed too bad in a battle these fans will never see you wanna rap again
So that model’s not somethin’ I’m tryin’ to follow
I thought you learned Loyalty Over Money once you died from Hollow
But I guess you didn’t, you still chillin’ nigga
You and The Saurus played poker, I mean I guess y’all even sip the liquor
The motto of what I’m tryin’ to say is, “if that your man, you should never try to kill the nigga”
Now look in my eye Mac (IMAX) I’m just tryin’ to show you the bigger picture
I know…time nigga
Hell no, I’m like Charlie Clips, sike I lied nigga
He fuckin’ killed you and he ain’t even try nigga
For you thinkin’ you big Mac, now you ’bout to get fried nigga
A lot of people think you amp, you a heavy nerd
In the next round he gon’ say a bunch of vocabs that nobody understands and you emphasize on every word
Like, “D.N.A. is GAY” and “He don’t know what to say so watch how I play”
Stop shit
All you do is take angles make a wack ass concept
And make yourself sound wild, that’s a small mans complex
That’s why I get the toast
Freestylin’ off the top, never forget to choke
Short like Gary Coleman so when I bone this bitch she gon’ get a Different Stroke
This man is a beast though
After that I’ll pick her up in a Taxi since you short like Danny Devito

[Round 3: Illmaculate]
Danny Devito? Motherfucker I already know what DNA does like I’m crackin’ the genome!
Let’s go
I can flip all them wacker schemes, half man, half machine
I gave him lines like, “That was me”
He gave me lines, yeah, that was Pete
But remember that was a 2 on 2 battle bitch, that’s a team!
Let’s go!
Look, why you always usin’ props and cheap antics?
The fake tooth, the fake bomb
Shit I bet he planned it when he choked and puked in front of B Rabbit
Dawg a gimmicks a gimmick, then you turned around and couldn’t beat Magic
Hmm, like Clips when he didn’t
I ask, “Could it be Magic? Was he trickin’ our vision?”
Cause we thought you was real til we saw your other half, that’s a magician’s assistant
Listen, you said it yourself, you never shot a nine or peel
Committed a crime or kill
But put that shit in your rhymes to make your lines more ill
I laugh at the street vs nerd online ordeal
Cause ain’t nothin’ faker than lettin’ someone else define your real
See, it’s all a perception game, marketing plan
But this the heart of a lion versus the heart of a lamb
My words pierce through the facade of a man
It’s like punching through his chest and holdin’ his heart in my hand
Dead man, I’ll run in your coordinates
Crumple our fortress leave dozens of corpses
You gettin’ sonned you the Earth, you stuck in my orbit
You have no personality, your punches are horrid
It sucks when you force ’em
Why should he get more love?
He’s pornhub, only good for a fuckin’ performance
Facts, I don’t wanna hear about K’s poppin’
I’ve been gettin’ pounds off, I’m weight watchin’
You dead weight and I’m grave robbin’
He think Clips Bruce Wayne and he play Robin tryin’ to save Gotham
But you wouldn’t do a bid for holmes (homes) in an estate auction
Shit, I’m Dr. Hugo Strange plottin’, veins poppin’ off Bane’s toxin
You? Name droppin’ cause Drake’s watchin’
I’m Blade day walkin’, my blade’s sharpened
I break laws and remain sovereign, Sugar Ray boxin’
So I ain’t goin’ down like the drain cloggin’, homie
Yeah, you know Ill’, so pay homage
I’ll leave everyone on the road kill, so play possum
Or I’ll have you brains on the wall like a cave drawin’
And traces of your baby on the ceiling like Trainspotting
You love my shit
I told you, you gettin’ sonned, that’s why you’ll stay in my shadow
I’ll punch you in the face til I break the enamel
Then fly to New York and have you bitch pay for my travel
Have her ridin’ my dick like Mook beggin’ Drake for a battle
3-0 you done!

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