Daylyt vs. Rone [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Daylyt]
Daylyt versus Rone
Let’s let that sit [?] and submerge for a second
Before I get to Rone I’d like to take the time out to Eurgh for a second
Yo Eurgh
Something the whole battle rap been feeling
Something that we’d agree
But they can’t say, “Day be high”
Well I ain’t the only nigga in battle rap that notice that you a shady guy
I came at you being loyal
I battle in your league for free, multiple times
Feeling like this a fair sport
And then I thought about it
Why the fuck this nigga keep leaving me at the airport?
Oh, I get it
You went to see Rookies Versus Vets
At that moment I’m feeling like I should throw a fit
Cause you proved to me
You cared about the URL battle more than the battlers at your own event
I guess if it’s not URL it don’t count
Real nigga shit
It’s what I’m slanging
But now I think about it
That ain’t the first time you left me hanging
I finally got to see, and I can say, “Well, well”
Well let’s talk about that time
When I had to spend time in that London jail cell
{Points to a black guy in the crowd}
You a real nigga, you should feel, there’s white people but you just be a real nigga
My new antic for today?
We gon’ make this OUR decision
Cause if you a real nigga
What would you do to a nigga if he made you spend time in prison?
Tell me, what would you do?
Since I got a lot of real fans in the building
Who feel they lucked up for this one
Well if you really a real nigga
It’s impossible for you to say I fucked up for this one
My new [?] for today, to show y’all I’m not in fear
Yo Eurgh, thanks for the deposit and the other half
On Irvine Crip, I’m outta here

{Jumps off the stage and runs through the crowd out the building}

Battles against Daylyt aren’t real battles
They’re exhibitions in entertainment
So if I don’t fight crazy with crazy, when then really I’m thinking basic
And I know he loves to call bigots
So I hope he gets this statement
And I’m wondering
“How the fuck is he gonna call Abraham Lincoln racist?”
I just stole antic title back from him
So if you want to come back, well then come get it
But remember Abraham Lincoln got shot but my gangster is unquestioned
[?] like to call people “racist” but can’t act like it’s not facts though
But we don’t hate him cause his race
We hate him cause he acts like an asshole
But, I guess he’s just impatient
In some ways he’s as crazy as I
Same as me in this rap shit, I don’t want to wait for what’s mine
But in preparing for this Abraham Lincoln shit there’s one punk that stays in my mind
The best thing about the future is that it comes one Day at a time
See, salvation is my specialty, baptize him and get him clean
Being shackled to a system where getting paid costs a hefty fee
And he dressed up as a slave against Pat Stay so that meme was meant to be
That Day’s a slave to all these antics
Well, Day, I’m here to set you free
Give me muhfucking big dumb [?]
That’s not the [?] that’s Day, I’m finna rap against Day
They love me for being me
So that’s who I’ll stay
The Basement to skip they list
Freddie versus Jason
I will dress up as anything to show that we ain’t on the same shit
I will dress up as a fucking Panther if he came on that KKK shit
I’ll switch it to a master if he came out on that slave shit
I’ll be the brain he never had on that Ichabod Crane shit
I’ll be the white man republican if he tried to play that gay shit
I will be the devil if he spawned with the cape bitch
I’ll be Mr. Smith if he try to play The Matrix
Even if he [?] rock solid, on point like stalactite
He’s still lack tight bars but I’m Illadelph Halflife
[?] is a fucking crutch for someone who can’t write
I champ with heavy concepts, all those costumes, that’s light
He’s out of shock value, his novelties dried up
He couldn’t open eyes up if he came out with the nine tucked
Not if he rhymes slow, not if he rhyme tough
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia so how’s Daylyt gonna surprise us?
From [?] to Boo-Peep, was his curb hanging and turf banging
Like he’s the favorite cause he say he’s purp’ slanging and purse snagging
But that shit don’t concern me
I’d for sure tag him if I were flagging
And he couldn’t get saved if he had church sanging from Kurt Franklin
See there won’t be a lot of mourning when you say Day break
Cause the one that they wage barely the day wage
Barely worth the day’s rate
I can tell you Day’s rate
Any girl that Day fucks gotta be a date rape
Any girl that Day fucks, a couple of heffers
I’ll make it rain on these hoes he catch ’em under the weather
I’m like Gaddafi and Gandhi and you stuck ’em together
I’ll be your enemy, your Bud, light I’m up for whatever
And he’s always hopping rags, no loyalty what-so-ever
Is he O.V.O.? T.D.E.? Fucking Shady Records?
Is he Dot Mob? Is he team HOMI?
If he’s in Germany he’d probably join the Nazi’s
His core’s/Coors light but I don’t got them can’s on me
Nah, we in Philly so I’ma make him taste the Rockies
[?] he was hitting my jab
True or false, calling me a beast, saying we should get on a track
And I’ve been online
Or he’s been online saying I had the hottest lines
Well I’ve gone on record saying he’s in my bottom five
And bro believe that shit, even though it’s me in that shit
When I tell y’all that he sucks, I really mean that shit
He went from battling Hopsin, to Mad Child to Ab-Soul to ME?
Either he’s lowering his standards
(Or I’m a motherfucking beast!)
I think I’m Mufasa, Muhammad Ali
Bryan Bulaga, Tamba Hali
An undiscovered G [?] these up-and-comers need
Any battle, any country, any motherfucking league
But now I’m home in my city
I take the throne in my city
[?] trash, I’ll whoop his ass all over my city
From the Walwick to Dolphin [?]
From Cambridge to Bambridge
From Mormis to Norris to [?]
From uptown to Lands Down
From Fulsome to [?]
From Portmige to Oregon
From Morristown to Norristown
From Ortland to Moreland [?]
I’ll take this on my own
He ain’t gonna make hard white crack
Plus his wife cheats on him like an online class
He wants to see what’s his shade we’ll get it on like that
He’ll get fileted like Gino’s then chopped like Pat’s
Got crabs in a thicket of beef
He eating her pussy, well I bet it taste like chickies and petes
She fucked 52 of his friends, she’s on a mission to cheat
A different dick every week
Wash, rinse and repeat
They call him Daylyt cause he light
He likes his girl’s pussy cause he never been tight
And if you talking ’bout bitches she gonna get out of business
Said she know just what my purpose cause she’s staying there tonight
Nothing but business when you fucking with ballers
So watch that humble if we rumble I be coming the hardest
See I ain’t swinging when I’m [?] I be hitting my targets
I use a Rico flow to show the bro is gonna get slaughtered
I will rotate around your sun Lyt
Like a blade in the Cesarean
I will eat the baby if mama’s carrying
I’m not scared of the repercussions
Matter of fact, I’m prepared for it
They might’ve took me out the league for being a killer, I’m Marvin Harrison
You want the fame, I’ll go Miles with the Clippers like Darius
Stab him in the back, what’s that? Judas Iscariot
Swing low like a sweet chariot
If you want beef, I’m Kobe at Lower Merion
Dawg fuck like [?] my man’s will handle something
They’ll shoot them hands from anywhere, that’s A.I. at the [?]
So if I hear a “mmmkay” I told my man’s to slump ya
All you’ll hear is “mmmbop” it’ll sound like the Hanson’s reunion
At his last battle he said he was an abusive father
The chupacabra
Well I’m the Roman army with newer armor and nuke disarmers
He’s Luca Brasi to a toddler
I’m stomping his cucaracha
I’ll smack the shit outta [?] exclusive vodka
He pretends to be gay but he’s not
He just does it for attention
He’s a closeted heterosexual and the world just can’t accept it
He has head lines for headlines
And that makes me have to slice him
He is not attention starved, he’s attention anorexic
[?] problem today, he’s in love with the life
Like can anyone else get attention like one single time
Old jealous bitch, he could never be one of the guys
We go out, he act out and fuck up the vibe
Like at his son’s talent show with the sun in their eyes
He’s nocturnal, he would hate seeing his sun getting shine
He’d probably jump on stage, probably shove him aside
Set something on fire and start juggling knives
But homie
That’s cool
Cause Daylyt that’s you
But remember, you are nothing unless you play the fool
See his antics are putrid, his lyrics stink as well
But what always kills a skunk is the publicity he gives himself
Paint on the guys face, up on a live stage
As he panders to the corrupt taste of the white race
From stupidity and bigotry
For three acts that are interwoven with imitations and exaggerations
Dressing up in different clothing
Now y’all think I’m talking about Daylyt
But really, what you didn’t know is all of that is just the definition of a minstrel show
He fucks over his own culture like a porn star might
But it’s cool, as long as he gets on Worldstar right?
But you had some fans fooled
They say, “You don’t get Day? He’s genius!”
Genius? The guy who strips, shits and can’t stop playing with his penis?
Genius? More like a retard who’s clearly abused
When I heard a KOTD battler was autistic I was sure it was you
Yo listen, fuck everything weird, it’s not genius
Everything you do is not worth filming
Every reach is not ground breaking
Every thought he has is not brilliant
So stop it with the thoughts about the way that he’s dressing
It doesn’t hold any symbolism
It doesn’t have a deep message
He is nothing but shock value
A bitch should be ignored
He dresses up to get attention
What makes you different than a whore?
He said he wanted to be the best at everything
The best at winning and losing
He’s the best at nothing with no signs of improving
He is not the best winner, he is not the best loser
He is not the best rapper, he is not the best hooper
He’s exceedingly mediocre and just hunting for views
And only even exceptional at one thing he do
He’s the best at being an attention whore
And having a shitty attitude
But then again I guess the Kardashian family is better at that than you
You see, if y’all wanna psychoanalyze Daylyt and his horrible nature
Y’all have to treat him as a child instead of pure entertainment
Because y’all are implicent when you treat him like a lord and a savior
When he acts out, he wants attention and y’all reward that behavior
He acts out because his frustration at his inability to communicate
Like a child who wants a bib or a bottle or a diaper change
He is a kid throwing a tantrum
That’s the style that he’s picking
So he’s fine, just ignore him, let him get it out of his system
See this is where regular ends and innovation begins
You’ve seen me taking him out but what me taking him in
See I’d rather talk to him as a man
Instead of playing pretend
Because the best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend
My buddy Daylyt, where ever you are
I see what your tactic is
You have the mind of an activist
And I understand that you did all that
Because you feel that you are inadequate
But you’re good enough Day, you don’t have to do this
You’re better than that Day, all the other stuff is stupid
You don’t need all that Day, you don’t need to be a pessimist
You don’t need all those costumes, you don’t need all that extra shit
You don’t need all those antics…oh wait, yes he does
[?] he is a self serving, fucking insufficient little fucking bitch
Who is nothing but a drain
Who is completely undeserving of any spot at this table
Who is fucking up battle rap with all of his games
So I am begging him to quit, his only hope is moving away
There’s only one way to fix this Devon and it has to happen today

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