Daylyt vs. Ooops [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Daylyt]
I said last year I proved to y’all that nobody can beat the Crip with the pen, so (pencil)
That explains why cuz be drawn
Now I got the ability to lose clear as day but still win (wind) but reign (rain) superior
Ooops, welcome to my lovely storm
Whether (weather) you get crazy or not I extend two arms for the body grab
Hot, you feel it nigga, the hug be warm
But you forgot the plot
Yeah I gave you the shot but it’s the Shawn Marion type
Shit about to get ugly
I said this type B, they say “Lyt eatin'” but I don’t snake for this
Catch scrap for this wack, my new attack for the shoulder stomp is to show my spine
Nigga I’m back for this
When I rehearse, reverse the cam’, get hit wit’ the MAC for this
You impressed? I came dressed for work but I’ll be damned if I slack for this act
It’s like a black bitch favorite hairstyle, nigga it’s a wrap
It hit crazy, I am crack for this
Don’t match for this, club packed for this
Quill, I’m goin’ for the steal, get cuz jacked for this
Why would ‘Lyt sleep? I don’t nap for this, [?] black activist
Half of his back to the black statue, that you was tough as fuck?
Fucker what? We could knuckle up like Black Panther fists
Use your feelings but skill is what I don’t lack for this
Laugh with this, “Why he doin’ Ooops like that? He must’ve got a whole lotta stacks for this.”
No it’s to show Day’ the man dawg
Think Angryfan blog, nigga you asked (ax) for this
God’s will drop, fives will cock, lives will stop, times will pop
I told you, 2015, whoever get in the ring with me, I will box
Try Quill’s spot, I will jot, lives will stop, I will plot
Me losin’ to Ooops is like the Showout versus Bill Collector fight, “I will not!”
It’s impossible for you to make me lie, cause I’m the truth to niggas
You done ran into that last level and seen fire, I’m the Koopa nigga
Oh my gosh, every body get washed, I’ma loofah nigga
If I feel you a snake off top I’ma deuce a nigga
I told you I love New York, so I write for this battle with real lead
You thought you had a chance bro and end up real dead
It’s the truth, I’ll rip through ya skin, no truth, I’m the shit with the pen
They said I could no longer rip these queers
Well think Brittany Spears, Ooops I Did It Again
To the Batmobile man

[Round 2: Ooops]
I’m Mr. Rogers, they knew to hang it up, soon as I’m steppin’ in
Another soul gone as soon as put me on a card again (cardigan)
See, I’m the face of RBE, motherfucker, this is my shit
From A to Z I’m the Real Deal Day’ this stage?…My shit
See I came to talk to your inner child, whether you like it or not
Cause when you do that gay shit you rep’ Dot Mobb not Writer’s Bloque
So they told me I had Daylyt, they said, “Do what you gonna do.”
Say, “But disrespecting Quill, name flips, talkin’ to the man, that’s just so predicable.”
I said, “You know what bro you right. I’ma scrap all that shit
Y’all got me fucked up, disrespect Quill, name flips, talkin’ to that nigga, I brought all that shit.”
Bro, you got it, here’s all the attention
Just know that for me this ain’t even no battle rap for real, this is an interventon
Cause I don’t give a fuck about this, I mean winnin’ don’t mean shit to me
I wanna prove how great you are, or kill you and take you outta yo’ motherfuckin’ misery
See I lifted the weight of a lot of burdens
What you know about reps
Debatable classics with the Grim Reaper, what you know ’bout death?
Yet they say that I’m dead? How is that? We gon’ kill each other?
I died in 1991 when they killed my brother
See I am my brother’s keeper, you just here for the show
Ain’t nothin’ ’bout you G well money you gotta go
I’ma sharp shooter, I can’t die in this ring, I got a different heart (Hart)
I see ya tattoos but I look deeper, I see a different mark
If you barkin’ up the wrong tree, I’ll chalk him out until that bark gon’
Cause this quest from the midwest, not the one to embark on
And I’m not Verb so it ain’t no reason to relax here (hair)
Send him to where Rich Dolarz at, so they can rematch there
All of the extra tough, that’s gon’ get you hurt worse
I’ll fuck the battle up with the extra shit like you vs Surf
I’m RBE’s version of Maximus
I can show y’all how Gladiators do
You’re not equipped for this battle you need Gladiator Schools
See ARP set the target, I just made sure my aim right
I asked for Shine and got the ultimate shine, he gave me Daylyt (daylight)
I’m tryin’ to change the game as far as we know now
I’m the passionate, activist version of Nino Brown
I’m Martin Luther, Marcus Garvey, mixed with John Gotti, Malcolm X, Mr. Clark
Strapped with a piece (peace) like Gandhi
They say, “Ooops you contradicting yourself because you freedom fightin’ but you stay with the heat.”
I mean, I motivate my people but even Mother Teresa stayed with the peace (piece)
So you can get that open hand disorder [?] you’ll need prayers my G
Cause if I waved this black power, you gon’ be prayin’ for peace
See this right here is a test of talent my nigga, we not even
It only take one bitch to fuck shit up at ’em (Adam), you let Eve in
But you ain’t come to rap, you ain’t write? I’ll actually punch him
But if he did I’m relaxed around sharp pens like accupuncture
See I’m done here, gun named “Daylyt” I let it dump here
Make music with the cans on stage like we brought Stump
Beat him with the tre’s (trays) on stage like we want lunch here
Dumpin’ ’til every tre empty nigga, I’m done here
No stalemate, I studied the bar
You’ll get a patient snuff meanin’ I learned from Ty Law that a slow punch will fuck him up
So go on and act like, you comin’ for Ooops
I’ll send 12 to your mid-Day’ that’s afternoon
I told him, I ain’t come to play, not a motherfuckin’ round
If I’m lyin’, I’m flyin’ and my feet ain’t left the motherfuckin’ ground

[Round 2: Daylyt]
I said in order for me to get my shine behind bars, I had to killa nigga in front of everybody and make mad noise
The question is, how did he (Diddy) manage to get this BIG
Well all I had to do was become a Bad Boy
Ooops you said it yourself, I got BIG from actin’ the wildest (Wallace)
But life be too rocky when it’s made off beats
My vision Notorious, I seen perfect in the dark
But I (eye) be too cocky when the shades off me
Now I live by Faith, I keep gettin’ tested by these yucky niggas
But they don’t realize it’s Dot Mobb winnin’ the lotto, y’all know
I wrecks (Rex) lucky niggas
Those we duck me, went down the hole, I no longer respect plucky niggas
I became spectacular, killin’ these Draculas
Now every show I gotta kill the next (neck) sucky nigga
Fuck around and get boxed
Another punk be slumped, you knows (nose) I’m too big on the stage; do the Humpty Hump
They say, “That boy Daylyt, aw he the shit when he not shittin’.”
Hot spittin’, fire saliva for you to catch well y’all omitting (a mitten)
Might jot writtens for this part hands to show you I’m top splittin’
I guess he the next little cat to get lumped up, I’ll show you I’m not (knot) kiddin’
Fuck around and get swole pussy
You in the heat of the moment
Thinkin’ they was gon’ prevail, they spark
Why would you think they was gon’ be weldin’?
I got to punchin’ nuts, I play below the belt
It was ugly, as soon as I got ’em, say hello to Welven
I said this one’s for the house money, we appraise
He a Lays, get chipped by wild dogs, flee of strays
We are crazed, get a hole to the body it’ll be a grave
Be a cage, bars are warden (awarded); VMAs
You got to mold, tree of clay, free of plays, the fee will pay
Put a lil’ mo’ sweet shit on that round, be a glaze
They like, “Why be a slave?”
I had a plot to shock the world, be a tase
Now you stuck in a world full of my lines, just be amazed (a maze)
They said I was gassed, ‘Lyt pennin’ with plenty throttle
Now I got ’em screamin’ I’m so good (Goodz), I should be light skinned with a Henny bottle
But it’s funny, Ooops said I ain’t never strapped and I never draw
Day the man yet, I’m Mega Man pet, I keep the metal dawg (dog)
‘Lyt verse, now I ain’t gotta try surely
You got cancer Ooops, God had a plan for you to die early

[Round 2: Ooops]
Y’all remember Mama’s Family?
Y’all remember Saturday morning cartoons?
And ice cream trucks
Remember when no kids and Motorolas was the only phones that it was?
I mean…remember…remember…Techmo Bowl and Duck Hunt
And Mike Tyson Punch Out
Remember hood fights when nobody died
Them problems, that’s how we talked it out
Y’all remember that?
Well let’s relate it to battle rap
Cause fuck reminiscing bro we want that ol’ Day’ back
But you be hidin’ behind this punk ass image
But deep inside I can hear yo’ cries
I mean, let’s be honest I know you Young & Restless but we don’t need no more of These Days In Our Lives
You my brother, so I knew fuckin’ you up wasn’t gonna be fun Day’
I mean after this it’ll be hard to get up, like a Monday
See the problem is, you got it a little confused Day
I mean, I gotta show you the facts of life and how to utilize those tools Day (Tuesday)
See let me tell you the truth, it ain’t about where you been Day
It ain’t even about your resume your loses or your wins Day (Wednesday)
Look me in my eyes, I’m a different nigga, fuck what you heard Day
This shit you do is absurd, them ain’t my words it’s there’s Day (Thursday)
See they ask me which one will show up is it the straight or the bi Day
I say you’ll get a box for stealin’ if he off after I fry Day (Friday)
And when it comes to ya gal, she looks sadder and sadder Day
Cause queens belong on a pedestal, not a curb, that’s where you sat her Day (Saturday)
See when it comes to life lessons, no problem I got a ton Day’
So after I crucify you I just want you to rise for your son Day’ (Sunday)
See I do this shit with ease, tiers don’t stand a chance wit’ me
I’m a one man army, you could’ve brought me seven Days, he’s still weak (week)
Y’all thought because he’s Writer’s Bloque I wasn’t gon’ try and kill him?
Ice bath after the game, the shit I spit be bone chillin’
See I’m a real nigga, my whole life, why you think I’m still standin’?
Punches hit him in the chest like a death in the family
But this is a rhetorical battle meaning “not meant for reply”
Cause I’m wiggin’ on every level like a beauty supplies
If you that beast behind that fence, I’ll go check it out
That’s a Sandlot skit
Or give him never ending hooks on some Lamb Chop shit
So come in my zone, he know better
I tell him no flex, cause these piece full (peaceful) I came to protest
See y’all heard him rappin’
I mean, I know y’all was happy, but they wasn’t happy cause you was up here snappin’
They was happy cause you wasn’t doin’ antics and you was actually rappin’
See y’all be hypin’ these niggas up, doin’ shit that they not
I’m from the streets, so I guess talkin’ ’bout drugs what I should do
Fuck it let me give it a shot
See when I was in the club, no burner, I got next to that pool table
A nigga get hit wit’ an 8 ball in a sock, no
I said when I was younger, pops used to send me to the corner with them 8 balls in my sock
Til I was old enough to carry each 8 ball in my pocket
That’s two 8’s so any turf they fought me, a St. Louis nigga ran back with the rock
But when I say that niggas really consider that I’m a real thug
Let me tell y’all the truth, I ain’t never sold not one motherfuckin’ drug
But I have been shot, stabbed, robbed, don’t worry ’bout me
I return those favors
Came back three weeks later just to return the razor
Ask around here, they’ll tell you that I’m the next up
I came to show you that drive without the gas, I am a Tesla
I told y’all, I won’t lose a motherfuckin’ ground
If I’m lyin’ I’m flyin’ and my feet ain’t left the motherfuckin’ ground

[Round 3: Daylyt]
What I did versus Pat Stay y’all prolly hated that
Tonight we gon’ call it the sequel
I’d like to sacrifice my third round just to talk to my people
They talkin’ ’bout what goes alone and ‘Lyt scout
Well I’ma show you what life route
I think it’s time for me to tell the world what my life ’bout
At the age of four my best friend Kenny got shot in the head right next to me
I grew up very sad
Tellin’ myself, “The bullets didn’t hit me I should be very glad.”
And then I thought about it, I’m growin’ up very mad
Cause I was a lil’ nigga, I avoided every bag
I told myself, “I’m ’bout to start Crippin'” blued up, heavy flag
Dickies, Cortez with the bottoms glued up, heavy sag
It was pops at my front door every day, it was never dad
I spent the rest of my life like a new MySpace account, a Tom was the only friend that I ever had
But it’s true nigga, cause livin’ in Watts, you gotta be a red, a purple or a blue nigga
A Fed, an Urkel or a true nigga
But either way it go, you gon’ be a killer, follow the rules nigga
Steve Urkel showed y’all that if a square randomly get a machine then outta nowhere he a cool nigga
It happened to me, I felt invincible with my machine
30 minutes later after a drive-by I was back in the streets
And 30 minutes after that, the shit happened to me
Blocka blocka…one in my hand
Blocka blocka…two in my leg
Blocka blocka…two in my belly
Blocka blocka…two across my thigh
Only thing I can remember is runnin’, blackin’ out like, “Aww shit I died.”
Layin’ on that hospital bed seein’ the white lights
Ask God if death was planned
He said, “No son. Not for you I’ma give you a second chance.”
And here I am, reborn, I am Spawn nigga
Embrace that!
Cause when y’all say I’m stupid…God is the reason I got the face tat
But I thought about it, I grew up with no father, he was not provided
I start Crippin’, became a C (sea) god, it’s not Posideon
I was afraid of the real world, so I use the block for hidin’
One thing I could do was kill every enemy in my hood but we couldn’t stop the sirens
R.I.P. Mooky, R.I.P. Kalo, them cop shots was flyin’
All I kept sayin’ was, “Goddamn the block is dyin'”
But you said in the last verse, if a nigga kill yo brother, you pull out the Glock and ridin’
But let a cop kill yo’ brother, first thing you do is go to the street and scream, “Stop the violence.”
But when it’s brother on brother, he on stage sayin’ he a hardcore nine nigga
When it’s cops versus brother, you in the street as just another cardboard sign nigga
But serious question, tell me, what the fuck did we accomplish from the Million Man March?
All I seen is a million men march
In the street, marchin’, but ain’t got the courage but was a million damn hearts
It should’ve been a million niggas on they way to the White House lettin’ a million cans spark
It’s true, Martin Luther King was a busta!
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait
In my heart, Martin Luther King was a busta and I can say that in the best way
“We shall overcome” we shall overcome what?
We should’ve been in the street, chopper on the back, the Malcolm X way
Real shit
My brother Ooops I love you man, time man
Sike I lied nigga!

[Round 3: Ooops]
I thought about talkin’ about Ferguson and protestin’ and…I felt like, “Nah that ain’t gon’ fit.”
I figured I’d use my third round so I can talk my shit
Cause they know that I talk, there’s certain shit that I get to
See you talkin’ all that protest shit but we ain’t have to go to Selma to see what they went through
Nah I told y’all that I wasn’t gon’ talk about Ferguson…well at least tonight
Because I gave y’all that third round vs O-Red and you motherfuckas still blinded
Half of y’all don’t even wanna fight
And to me that’s a sad site
So I figured I’d use my third round to talk about my real life
My brother, see actually, he died when he was nine
I was six…and it wasn’t cause of sickness or in his sleep
He violently got killed
Two men came out the house arguin’, one shot the other one picked him up, used him as a human shield
But let me fast forward that
Whatchu know about bein’ on the phone wit’ your fiance
She drivin’, y’all arguin’, so she hands up
Now you mad at all type of shit
Only to find out eight hours later that she didn’t hang up, she died in a tragic accident
She they look at my tattoos and they think that I’m crazy
I say my common sense is still here
What you know about havin’ a disease that they say, “You in remission” but you still the pain
You know the pain is still there
I mean…it’s been a lot of times bro, I wanted to off myself but I thought about my family
But I’m a man so I still get scared
I wanted to those cans here to that cancer that’s still there
I woke up Wednesday; 3:00 in the mornin’, cryin’, sweatin’
Like, “Damn…that dream was so real.”
See I was on stage goin’ crazy but wasn’t really sayin’ nothin’, that shit was so Ill
But then the lights cut off and a spotlight shine, see that shit got so…weird
Cause I turned around everybody disappeared but my daughter was right…here
She said, “Daddy, I like that new route you take
You know when you talk to niggas it seem like you teachin’ a lesson
The fact that you been through so much and you still here. I consider that as a blessin’.”
She say, “I remember, you told O-Red, “He can’t look you in yo’ eyes and ask you what yo’ life like nigga
Fuck walkin’ in yo’ shoes he couldn’t even handle the sound bites nigga
When you said that, it damn near broke the stage
But you know what it did to me daddy? It sent me in a…in an emotional rage
See, one of the best things in the world is the fact that you are our father
But the battle world, the protest world, they don’t know what we go through bein’ ya daughter
See, do he know that I’m the one you have to lie to sadly
I’m the one that slept witchu just in case you didn’t wake up, I know that you died happy?
Did he know that I gave you Blue Blockers?
I said, ‘Daddy I need you to wear these at night
Just in case the Grim Reaper come and you lose that flight
Put ’em on and it’ll blind you from the light’
The fact that you might not be here tomorrow daddy, I can’t live through that type of stuff
That’s why sometimes at 3:00 in the mornin’ I sneak in ya room when you have those nightmares, I’m the one that wake you up.”
She say, “When I ask you daddy how you doin’, you tell me you fine you lie
So I be like, ‘Okay, I lie witchu.’
But when you in so much pain that you can’t make it upstairs you sleep on the couch, I lie witchu
Even when you out there in the streets, you fight, I fight witchu
You come in the house cryin’ cause things will never change, I cry witchu.”
She say, “But the crazy thing about it daddy, is even when you wrong, I’m right witchu
So if God decide to take you away, I’ll die witchu.”
And then I woke up, at 3:00 in the mornin’
Cause that shit was so…real
Cause I was actually on stage goin’ crazy but not sayin’ much, that shit was so…Ill
But the crazy thing about it, is even though when I’m on stage and this shit gets so…weird
I’ll just think about my daughter…that’s the reason I’m still here

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