Tay Roc vs. Tsu Surf [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Tay Roc]

Smack, look what you got him into
The grave i’ma guide him into
When you die, you better hope that you sent to that god i’m into
If God ask why I did it, Ima say “God I meant to.”
Mad it took me 4 years to get him I shoulda got him in 2
Now you ain’t movin’ me with your slick talk and struggle stories
I’m nice with this and that, who goin’ be trouble for me?
If i swing i’ma connect like you should hustle for me
My gang was bangin’, your head was crackin’ and now your blood is on me
Test Roc
Get a cracked head and a neck shot
Paralyzed from the neck down, he can’t even play his Xbox
Ayy! You said you wanna clothesline me?
You will get head locked, DDT’d, leg dropped and X Pac’d
There’s wins under my belt you’re another
I’ll take the strap Sean Paul MAKE IT CLAP on a BUSTA you’re a sucker
I don’t give a fuck about you or your mother
They say I’m LOONEY and a maniac (ANIMANIAC) I tried to WARN A BROTHER
You’re not a crook, think Roc is shook till your top get pushed
I’ll get this bitch bagged with the strap, thats a pocket book
Floss on my block chain get snatched, watch get took
You ain’t got a hard bone in your body, octopus
Serial number scratched off that’s how a Glock should look
This shit freestyle it spit 16 without the hook
I’m Harley Davidson I could show you how a chopper look
The clip drop out it won’t get to see how college look
Ay Surf, You disrespect me, no bullshit you
I’ma make you apologize then show you what a four give you
Thinking ’bout touching my property I’ll mortage you
Fuck you need to put it in subtitles or somethin’?
I said touch my property i’ma show you where the morgue get you
Fuck who you battled, stop, you facing me
Gun bar king nigga this Roc don’t play with me
I catch your daughter on the block this is not her place to be
Then a shell raise your kid like an adoption agency
If I holler “get him” they all get him, they target him
Bullet hit the glass leave the car spinning no dodging them
Your head Ram on a steering wheel like the Dodge emblem
Two nines Nina, Nicki you can menage (Minaj) with them
They all mention “Roc kill him, don’t let him kill you first
We love your gun bars and we hope you brought millions worth.”
You will get murked
Fantastic with the Four you’ll get stretched when I flame on
The thing silver Surf
Roc is dope and anybody that test it knows
Any gun that come with a stock, we invest in those
You’ll get shot in your face back of your head explode
When this burner ring it ain’t on an electric stove
His kid get taken we bringing her back to Maryland
I hit Surf like “I know you want her back, what you carrying?
Send me bands or ima make a movie and we sharing them
You’ll see sections missing out your baby like a cesarean.”
I run in his place gun on my waist when i’m airing them
I’ll put more space in that room then a planetarium
You gang bang what, I’m supposed to be scared of him?
I will have you and your flag hanging off a balcony like i’m proud to be an American
There’s a bounty on his head what’s the bread worth
I’m on his block limping with a biscuit, Fred Durst
He get pistol whipped till his head burst
This shit in my hand from Japan, tsunami gon’ hit it head first.
Light Bars!

[Round 1: Tsu Surf]

I don’t need the reaction I don’t need the gas I don’t need none of that

Lets chop it up Roc.
Y’all pay attention while I bag this is now Tsu Surf on Smack 101 class
And for a small fee, y’all see, cook crack all 3.

You get when a Young B and Tall T
Before I leave I gotta empty this ratchet

You ain’t gotta guess whats in my jeans ima clap it

Old navy guns, put a gap up in his attic
Kenneth Cole is what Roc’ll wear in his casket

No subtitles at all, i ain’t even trying to make riddles Roc
‘Member i told Brixxx about that blade on that arc and saw?

You don’t even want that a little Roc

I mean I like your potential I don’t think that you wack
I just really hate the fact that you addicted to Smack

He gave you battles back to back to back, we watched your stock rise to the ceiling
That’s the same shit he did to DNA before he paid you to kill him
Wanna know how all this make you a piper?
You ain’t top 5 highest paid, no Wild n’ Out no BET cypher but you put in all this work
Damn battling back to back to back for next to nothing don’t come with no perks?
See Tay Roc the fiend and Smack the pipe and with all them bars

We know he don’t need a light
First nigga that kill him he gone that’s something we can see now

I know y’all want bars patience, we getting Roc off the glass like a rebound

But I get it Smack I get it
Everybody need a shooter to sample the work when you cop shit
If you ain’t got a test dummy for dummy tests you ain’t got shit
Y’all know I love basketball with this I could not miss
You need a nigga to see if the white hard then Roc it

You got a name dummy, you so busy trying to tell us how you cock it and pop it
Pay attention Tay, Smack rocking your pockets

Young Kannon, Ill Will, JC look at your past Roc
Thought you was gonna get away when them average bars, not so fast Roc
Screaming that’s light so we can think its light ass Roc
Jupiter, he plant it in your head and y’all gas Roc
I bought a whole ‘nother 16 that is not for the booth
Tom Shep’ in the playground y’all gon’ see me air rock when I shoot
Smack said no defense. He get in the car i’m right there put him in the choker
Rib cage 100 times hit him with the poker.
Burn the body and the car cuz help me get the nigga over
Cops looking for Roc like neighborhood smokers
Think he waist deep now till’ baby boy meet Melvin
I Pull up like Snoop choppers out like Welven,
HA got him!
Everybody masked he don’t know who shot him
Smack said “Tay” I said “easy hearse”
Holes in his tee look like he died in a Yeezy shirt

We potato anything for the blast
That .38 make hash browns, that .40 make mash
That trey-five-seven make fries
Close range I put coleslaw on the side, God!

So many options I could put a nine to this nigga or mac to his Belly
Like banana in his mouth ima drop a dime on this nigga

You ain’t have no gun bars when you battled O Red, I showed you what that gun do
“Its my biggest battle ever Surf appreciate your style-”
Go ahead lie if you want to
This your graduation you wanted me I ain’t want you.
Mastered the art of war how could he possible son Tsu?
If Smack woulda told me “you ain’t getting your other half son get your ass the fuck outta-“

Boy them words could even fit in my mind
I woulda ran that long nose across Smack like I was hitting a line

Hey Jesus you gave me so many things I think it’s time we even the pot
A token of my appreciation whether you need it or no.
A gift, in a box you should see what you got
Shit I feel like a Jew hitting Jesus with rock

[Round 2: Tay Roc]

They all say try something new, but still again
I stick to what I know, that’s kill, kill, and kill again

What’s in these clips ain’t blanks, should I fill him in?

He get iced with a tray and a box be what you chilling in

You fuck with 12 like afternoon. I ain’t done yet

Around midnight we gon’ ride out on son set.
Watch they break when son rise this one tech
Your family mourning, Tsunami gon’ be the one wet, son trip

Get on some dumb shit
Fuck around buck-fifty your right cheek then switch sides like I jumped ship
I shoot up your house over one brick
He ain’t wanna give up his coke so the bullet is what son kiss

I came to take your life besides that I don’t want shit
Pump like the terminator, pistol with the drum clip i’m dumb pissed

My shooter an alcoholic he’ll lick a shot above the rim, he flip on some bum shit

Gun bar king by far the best flow I snap on him, crocodile jaw then the death roll
It look like they running track when this cartridge let go
I fire the .38 like on your mark, get set, go
Death threat, lets bet Roc could do that
I’ll take this g money I am not a new jack

I just copped a new strap his whole top get blew back
I hit this cat in the hat and they gotta doctor Tsu’s cap
I studied the test, this shit mastered
You can’t hustle me with that Jaz i’m O’fficial I ain’t a bitch rapper

New shit scope custom made by Lenscrafters
The dual mag got him thinking that the clip backwards
And it hold around 50?
Headshot docs gotta make up his mind, that shit sound picky
I bang at dog ’till the pound empty

I went to Detroit and this shotgun ain’t scared to come outta town with me
Shots fired and you ain’t save if your vest ’round
Fuck a battle everything in this clip is my best round
You’ll get the first second and next round
Boy you will lose DNA from what i’m throwing up that’s a Chess round dig me?
Smack got me battling the “reach god”,
Where the fuck you think you gonna get sent if I reach? God
I see him reach I reach for mine like what you reaching for
Fuck who reaching more you getting clapped if you reach for yours
Save all that preaching for church I don’t do lectures
You put on shows 3 for 1 you being too extra

I told your bitch if she knew better she’d do better
Instead of jumping the gun ima just let Tsu press her
Am I reaching? Yup.
Just for the heat to cool him off
Before he hopped in this ring he knew he lost them toolys draw
He laid out in the street with his Kufi off

Think Chinese food, when I aim it at Tsu he sauced
Smack i’m tryna drop 30 of them out
You ever had bad luck that’s what this area about
Black cats cross your path they carrying him out
Walk under this ladder, superstition will be the last thing you worrying about
Why test me even the quiz knows I love rivals
Catch him at the subway he’ll think he ran into some blood rivals,
When I see this meatball ima let them slugs spiral,
Surf will be under turf after all of them sub-titles

[Round 2: Tsu Surf]

You said “run up on Tsu he sauce”
I just bought these to look good, I guess I gotta bang one
If this cat don’t get cooked this shrimp gonna get rolled back to where he came from
I get your generals tossed for some kid shit
Hollows to his cage that’s how you make rib tips

Only thing I believed in that last verse was “yo” that shit is wack
Lately Biggs ain’t been his hype man it’s been this nigga Smack

But if Smack think ima do anything close to lose then Smack dead
Let him run when I BOW BOW! Back head
Gun still smoking, look around, “who agree with what smack said?”
In Tay hood where I can find Roc and crack heads!
Lets get this clear this does nothing for me
Just another pile in my funds
You got a lot of guns in your rounds
I got a lot of rounds in my guns

You got a daughter if i’m not mistaken, that’s right
I catch her at the playground and do that lil bitch fresh-like
Be having bad thoughts in my mind and sometimes I hate it
Her sandals her legs shaking you can tell she won’t make it
Shit come from by my knee yo, woo woo woo, now we playing matrix
Excuse me if I don’t know but I never got caught and I pushed a lot
Will I get possession with intent to sell or murder in the first for pushing Roc
Cuz if I gotta do it, i’m coming with a full clip
I start airing, pow
, It’s about to be some BULLshit
Scottie Pippen long nose, it Rose, Steve Kerr with the blower
Ask the center nigga on your block, they don’t know a nigga colder
Wanna know about the G I be? Son you should see me with the smith n’
G-i-b-son he ain’t even hear me put in Gibson
I don’t know too much about God but i pray when i’m with my friends
You right its real light, why i don’t respect your wins
I pull up with two judges, reverend reading from Corinthians
When it ends get drunk put in work to gin assist my sins

They say how he was in church if he was in the street and was a hammer blower?

Cuz Saturday night lights turn into palm Sunday morning nodding on grandma shoulder

P.S. a L will make you look bad I do you wrong bro P-s-a-l-m that’s Psalms bro

I don’t know how I get here, but it’s my favorite place
I’ll bow your head boy you better say your grace
They put the “gun bar king” against a nigga that really caught hommies
This might be my biggest stage ever, fuck it apologize to the mommies
I still got residue on my hands from the shotty, it’s crazy Tay I still see bodies
So when you think about your bodies you get Ill Will, JC, and DNA playback
I get BEEP BEEP BEEP and I can’t say that!

It’s time to ride man i’m tryna make him do a semi,
After i’m done leave he got 20 from the jimmy.
And y’all told me come with a full clip
Rodman, Dunleavy, Jimmy, he still ain’t catching the bullshit
You ain’t have no gun gestures when you battled O Red I showed you how that tech pop
Fathered your flow and smack his mother like abusive step pops

This my second round and you won’t get a round Roc,
Nah them goonies coming through I send them ’round Roc
Fuck who ’round Roc we rock whoever around Roc

And if I gotta ride or something, all black disguise or something
Timbos, cargos, mask with a .9 or something
You gonna need God, hiding tips from Saddam or something
Freddy Gray that boy gonna die for nothing

Was it too early for that? Probably, fuck it semi, sprayed
The K, named it Freddy he gon’ get 50 shades of grey

[Round 3: Tay Roc]

Pushover me, what makes you think Roc’ll let you
I’m way more bolder what makes you think Roc a pebble
You got followers, views, that shit will not protect you
It was only so long that he could hide like Dr. Jekyll

I gotta check you, you flex then I gotta stretch you

My arsenals (ARSONAL) a new AR and a K they thinking Roc the Rebel

I used a shotgun, buckshots spread hitting

Surf, Shotgun, Red the rest rock the Rebel
I aim at you and who standing with him
Read between the lines we don’t fuck with bacon so the arm and hammers kill him
Run up on me the cannon with him
I do vandalism pistol whip till this man is getting an aneurysm
You talk shit like the flavor good

Til I’m strapped on your block like suck my dick sucka i’m in your neighborhood!
All that shit you was talking quiet down
Cuz if you really want it to be more i’ll start a riot now, how that sound
Fuck that why you try me
You gonna kill yourself tryna kill me that’s a kamikaze

I have it to where you missing, Jersey can’t find Tsunami

We put him where some nigga surfing gonna find the body

They ask how do I prepare my rounds these shits witch crafted
I put a blade straight cross your face then zig zag it

I be strapped with an auto and semi-auto I mixed matched it
These shits Precious and Mo’nique these my big ratchets
I be riding with the ammo seventeen .38s
I’ll give you all the shots you possibly can handle

We mob in all black but we don’t try to be sopranos

I’m in the cut low-key like the left side of the piano
All I do is order hits my shooters coming to lift the barrel
And you can’t weave this hurr’ cuz it ain’t meant to curl
That chrome Nina a pretty girl the grip is pearl

Every shot I send bad i’ll put you in a different world

Money dropping dimes out of pocket my boys will out him
Pennies in the clip copperheads your boy’s a problem
This my favorite nickel piece i’ll tell you more about him
I’ll come to his residence, evil this shit will knock quarters out him

His death I’ll prepare it fuck this nigga thought
You gonna get me flame and go when I lift and spark
I stretch a nigga out forensics go and get the chalk

No eagle on me i’ll take this bird shit with the hulk, flex
I’ll have him kissing the arms like Buff Bagwell
If I grab the mallet what’s going be left next to this crab, shells

See how every bar beating him up?
Even my old bay told me this crab ain’t seasoned enough, I keep it a buck
I’m who family picked to battle you
I will battle everybody in your family pit then battle you

Never have a problem in a state that I travel to

I come out the crib with the baby toy and it rattle too, I’m mad at you

And ducking me is what they usually do
I keep cats running like the sign on the puma shoe
You shoot at me I shoot back the feelings mutual.
I will have you on IV for the right numeral feel me
I ran down on his clique with the mac 11, 2,3,4,5,6-
I missed 9 but one ate 7, you gonna beat me?

Still niggas lying tell you like I told the others I don’t feel niggas rhymes
Who he foolin’ with them steel gripping lines
Fucking with me you get smacked we on real nigga time

[Round 3: Tsu Surf]

I guess it’s time for me to be the hitman, another hallelujah
I had some great shit too but I ain’t know if Freddy or Krueger

We coulda did this in any state, Maine, Iowa, Jersey, Dakota, Kansas, Wichita,
I know y’all thinking silly shit
But that’s code for a body let me tell you what it really meant
The main reason I took this, I owe a body to Jersey, and with that this nigga die
The coat will be Kansas if I want you in a suit with your tie

I was gonna take the free Willie route, thats jump over rock
But you been doing your number i’ll admit you got colder Roc
To say you ain’t watch me to get better you’d be a damn liar
Steel sharpens steel but still it’s a difference from cold and vampire
Reese cup sized holes them Glocks will come out
Ain’t nothing candy bout me I should pop Roc in his mouth
Glock make Roc cartwheel and that’s a flips
I’ll put Roc in a bag for the cash and that’s a flip
Or Roc get sent to the sky what’s that? A NASA flip
You think you better than Rajon, you out your mind Tay
I be feeling like Parsons when I squirt
I’m thinking take son, tie son and throw him in the dirt
Fuck I gotta put it in subtitles or something?

Rajon, Monte, Parsons, Tyson, Dirk
I’m out my mind bro you got no shot surrounded by my shooters, Rondo
I heard he was sleeping on Surf, crazy that’s a dying dream
Scar your face hold your seed to the animals Rafiki in Lion King

It look like a construction site
Wrecking balls, office, long steel beams over there, bulldozers to push rock
Fuck I gotta put it in subtitles or something?

Wanna wreck and ball fists, long steel beams, over bull those will push Roc
All you hear is BLAOH when we saw Tay, pump shaved a bit, saw Tay, wanna play a game?
Cool, Saw, Tay cops find him cooking in his blood, sauteed
I catch Roc with his bitch, “what you doing round here?”
Close range, face shot, let a round flare, blood brains splash on her brown hair,
Then Wrestlemania, Tay boo get a ladder while the crowd cheer
You was looking like a fool tryna’ tuck a whole shotty?
Boy I was looking like Pecci tryna’ trunk that whole body
Go ahead swing i’m not for pushing
Kill the house burn the crib cops SMELL that Roc is cooking
I ain’t glorifying drugs, ain’t saying you should be clapping things
But who you hurt, what you sold? Nigga your jacket clean
What you bagged up? Tell us about your best flip, who you really shot?
You ain’t never wet shit!
Your clip drop when you was done?
You ever heard the tech spit boy we could flip his jacket inside-out Fresh Prince

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