Aye Verb vs. K-Shine [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Aye Verb]
I tried….very…very….hard to write these rounds and not bring up nothin’ from yo’ past Shine
I mean, I didn’t want to make you mad
I mean, we all know that you Big Bad Shine who blast .9’s
And then I thought about it, “Big Bad Shine who blast .9’s?”
Fuck outta here nigga
Cause the fact still remains
Real niggas never get accused of fuckin’ wit’ fags, Shine
Us top tiers like to play this game called uh, what’s that game called?
Swear To God
Now Shine, swear to God you ain’t never had no head from no nigga

I knew you was gon’ say that that’s why I brought the nigga wit’ me, hold on!
I’m just fuckin’ witchu little man, don’t be threatened little bitch
But you was scared, wasn’t you? On stage sweatin’ and shit
He was outside in line like, “Who wanna take a picture with Shine?”
Lame, silly hoe
Fans don’t wanna see you before the battle, like Rain videos
See all you tiny tough ass niggas, I’m so tired of y’all
Nigga I’ve been ’bout it
I stayed with my .40 for seven years, nigga we married, that’s common law
You only hype when you got a full house, you need to calm it (Comet) dawg
Side note: on the show Full House, the dog’s name was Comet
Lord, I’m upper echelon to the special ones
I put my opponents behind bars and don’t set a bond
Fuck where he from, I show up whatever set he on
Weapon drawn
Murk everyone in his family, well except for one
Cause we don’t give a fuck about B’s sister, that’s Solange you fuckin’ pawn
Mortal men, rappin’ ass niggas, I’m like God to y’all
Smack, I never took yo’ money and ran off
But me takin’ y’all Shine is robbin’ y’all, I’m done stylin’ y’all
Three minute rounds, they ain’t book me for a long time
Fuck the preview
(let’s let that beef brew, in 3D too
So it’s Showtime!)
It’s evident, in this room, I’m the elephant
You Harlem niggas fly with big mouths, fuckin’ pelicans
You do too much yellin’, tonight I’ma teach you etiquette
Real street niggas move with elegance and use they intelligence
I was taught by pure hustlers, you gotta be smart if you out here sellin’ shit
Ride wit’ ya seat belt
No rap music, blast Elvis shit
See we ain’t the same type of nigga
How you measure it? Me and my two partnas, got jumped by thirty niggas
That night we all shared the same blood so now we relative
Any pickle or beef I’ve been in, nigga I relished it
Lil’ nigga I will swear yo’ shit, and this time we won’t even argue
Cause I’ma go before the words, like the predicate
Tell yo’ bitch, I got a round to waste (waist), what’s her measurements?
Round the waste (waist)?, Measurements? Lux, come get this medicine
Stop runnin’ reverend
How you gon’ be the God MC if you ain’t beat the Devil then?
I’m so fuckin’ tired of bein’ on stage witchu niggas I’m way better than
Who in this motherfucker think I won’t will K-Shine?
You? You? Okay, let’s bet it then
You can’t hang nigga, ya noose loose
You out maxed, so even if I slack it’s gon’ be a tie nigga, you gon’ suit who?
You told me you had some shit out the ass, nigga they doo doo?
Nigga I’ll put this stick in yo’ doll, no fuckin’ voodoo
This street shit is real, you ever had a nigga try to shoot you?
Open yo’ eyes see nothin’ but but train smoke and don’t hear choo choo
Whatchu know ’bout being on the block with hard rock makin’ bands nigga that’s U2
Y’all young niggas get y’all thug from YouTube, that ain’t what we used to
See that’s what’s wrong witchu, you givin’ ’em the wrong picture
Hangin’ with these petty stones flippers and chrome grippers
Y’all ain’t got money y’all can loan nigga, y’all need to work alone nigga
I’m tryin’ to teach him somethin’ better, sit wit’ the rich folks
No socks with the thong slippers
The doctors, the lawyers, the home slippers
You been a kid ya whole career, but tonight? He gon’ be grown nigga
Aye Verb vs K-Shine see what the fuss is about
They say my name, they send that check I come put blood in they mouth

[Round 1: K-Shine]
Take a look at this scar everybody?
I got this shit from combat, some shit you ain’t never been through
You naked skin nigga
That just goes to show that my street shit is on a different level than you
I mean niggas get decked everyday, Aye
Rich voice, especially when you chattin’
I mean them niggas did you dirty
When you should’ve used that country grammar to react then
Like the objective should’ve been done, to let them niggas have it
People, places, things
You should’ve shot every noun when it happened
Your conjunction should’ve been quick to catch them niggas in traffic
So how the fuck you A(ye) Verb if you don’t condone any action?
I got this K on silent but you ain’t know Verb
Like I’m tryin’ to be the bigger man I’ll let it go Verb
Shoot with this piece of advice, that’s a pro Verb (proverb)
Can’t get it out the jacket, I’ll grab and shoot through the coat Verb
Three words just for me, that’s the code Verb
That make his head spin off a cap like the old Verb
If it gets slow with the strap I got some mo’ Verb
Cause I’m always good with the spare like Goldberg
You frontin’, like you can’t get a round of somethin’
All type of drums, you can get a round of somethin’
Erybody fucked, like he get a round of somethin’
I squeeze through, like I can’t get around or somethin’
I got one, two or three my niggas, they gon’ walk in wit’ a four
Erybody duck when I bust inside the door
Wait, I had to say it in Country Grammar for you to get me nigga
The code name was J-Kwon, that mean everything shot in the crib, everybody gettin’ Tipsy nigga
Two new heats and Velveeta, that mean that came wit’ the shells
I let both Clips (Clipse) go if a nigga for real (Pharrell)
I’m good with the knife work, but my burner don’t be takin’ it well
That’s why I always visit the can’ like I can’t stay outta jail
If ya brother die, who gon’ ride? You?
If I gotta shoot again…
I said, if ya brother die, who gon’ ride? You (Ryu)
If I gotta shoot at Ken, I hit one side, boom
The other side then shoot again
That mean I’m takin’ both sides like I ain’t tryin’ to lose a friend
Boy, what’s good with this Vondoom shit? That’s what you rockin’ to?
I’m good for long distances, this scope could’ve shot the moon
Anything next to Verb gon’ need a hospital
I cover everybody wit’ medal, even the doctor do ‘im (Dr. Doom)
Chill wit’ all that street shit dirty, this is not for you
I hollered at them niggas out there, I got the drop on you
Y’all know Pit? That was the GSI nigga that caught you in that locker room
And hit you wit’ the Kastazoo and Rip, chased him with that Iron Eagle like Lou Gossett Ju’
What’s up wit’ y’all niggas in the Lou’?
I mean Ill got his crackhead ass killed tryin’ to come for me
Holla get a hollow tip, right where his brother be
So I guess it’s Showtime, you know death come in threes
So y’all can die together Missouri (misery) loves company
Only reason I was rappin’ so fast with Wavy cause I wanted to get it over
And that nigga sucked but next/now, y’all know my slogan Verb
(Zip ‘Em Up!)

[Round 2: Aye Verb]
Total Slaughter, was the first battle rap reality show on national TV
It was a milestone in my career
I was honored to share that moment with all of my peers
After the taping, we went back to the house to chill
You know, sit back down
Get drunk and laugh how Rex done battles usin’ his mixtape rounds
Shine walked in, in a good mood
And y’all know, usually he a land mind
The nigga was givin’ everybody daps and hand fives, tryin’ to give us the man vibe
The nigga even had a girl wit’ him
A REAL girl
I ain’t know what to think
But bein’ straight must’ve been too much for the lil’ nigga cause he went straight for the drinks
We walked past me and Math, the glasses and went straight for the bottle
Went in his corner, and I watched him, him and his bottle started talkin’
He told that bottle, “I think they on to me.” I keep hearin’ him laugh
The bottle told him, “Nigga get me in yo’ system now nigga! You ain’t no fag!”
He said, “But what if I drink too much and start actin’ like a clown?”
The bottle said, “Nigga you is a clown. But I can turn you into a gangsta if you drink me now.”

{Crowd starts booing}

Now I know how alcohol turn bitch niggas to bullies
But Shine took one swig and did a spin, and the nigga was 6’4″/220
And he was trippin’, “Yeah what’s up Verb? You know what I claim
Harlem, that Blood shit nigga, you know my gang
And if one of you niggas get to trippin’, I’ma let that bang.”
I said, “Wait a minute…Nigga, did yo’ voice just change?”
The girl wit’ him was like, “Get that nigga Shine
Take him outside and whale on him.”
I was like, “Bitch yo’ gon’ be cryin’. He got a secret and I’ma tell on him.”
She said, “What?”
I said, “Baby. You know your big bad Shine who bust triggers?
I bet you ain’t tell you he be tryin’ to bust niggas.”
The room went quiet, I was like, “Yes!” Fuck it up for him
This bitch just rolled her eyes and damn near stuck up for him
That’s when it hit me, it ain’t me, it’s somethin’ wrong with this era
I’m from an era where you have to be feral
Nigga you got yo’ ass grabbed on stage, you tried to fuck a tranny, you gave Chlamydia to Phara
You bid yo’ life on his thigh Shine, you startin’ to scare us
You had that bump on yo’ mouth for over a month
A nigga beat you up under the trunk in yo’ hood, live in yo’ set
That type of shit don’t happen to me in St. Louis
A nigga swung on me one time, when I was in a cast, cause he knew I had hands, so that’s a sign of respect
See we bred different, both went to war but we bled different
Chopper took lil’ cuz leg at 16, my head different
Said I’m gonna be a bread getter, I ain’t gon’ beg niggas
Raise my family
Ain’t another man gon’ lay in this bed nigga
You think you a man? I beg, nigga
Wit’ yo’ super weak ass
A man who joins another poppin’ crew to get his name poppin’ is not a man
That’s a Tweet like Dame Dash
Aye Verb versus K-Shine see what the fuss is about
Third round we gon’ get real so what the fuck I’m talkin’ about

[Round 2: K-Shine]
Ayo fuck Murda Mook!
Fuck T-Rex!
Stop it never, see
Get him
Just cause y’all don’t see me with my niggas, that don’t mean we don’t rock together
I mean it’s NWX but I’ma be a Dot forever
And at any call I can get three beams and he can see these Dots together
But wait, you battled your brother
And you standin’ right there, sucka
I mean, in front of complete strangers, just to be the top on stage
I mean me and my brothers beef too, but those the games we not gon’ play
I mean it’s loyalty over love and that’s not gon’ change
But certain shit yo’ brother do, you not gon’ take
See, me and my brother fought the other day
And we was together on the block all day
He got drunk in front of bitches and he said a bunch of things I’m not gon’ say
Well we argue, went our separate ways
Long story short, I popped off next day
Not cause he was drunk or what he said to the bitches
Cause he ain’t call and say he got home safe
There’s a difference between you and I
Everything I do off the way nigga this suicide
And you do is seeing this blood, soon as I shoot a five
Walkin’ wit’ a bag of clips, it’s The Movie Guy
Hammers from all races, like the Nina Caucasian
That mean it’ll leave red necks and only one for huntin’
I got a Puerto Rican chopper, I gotta call Cortez just to work the button
The Desi’ African American, I can’t get it to work for nothin’
But the .40 Mexican, I can put it to work for nothin’
Go ‘head and act crazy, I swear to God we’re turnin’ it up
Before I even finish a bar I brought a burner to bust
They like, “Damn dirty, what happened to your verses and stuff?”
It went down before he finished like a courtesy flush
What we got? Another six foot nigga with a death wish
Nah, you about 5’11” with these TECs (text) I send a different kind of message
Where Saga at? Somebody better find a reverend
And see the clip, look how I rewind the weapon
Shoot us both just so I can slide into Heaven
Shoot him again, screamin’ out “God forgive him”
Gave Hell on Earth don’t let this arm a get him (Armageddon)
You a fraud nigga, why everything you do like this and that?
Well if that the shit that please ya fans then I ain’t dissin’ that
But where I’m from nigga, we ain’t doin’ all this and that
When the drama come, we gon’ to get this and that
Big .40, with a big clip, I put this in that
Big drum, hollow tip and put this in that!
I’m a heavyweight, you feather weight
I’m better wait, let the weapon spray
Two arms up, let’s meditate
Have your people dressed like it’s wedding day
And yo’ block lookin’ like they ridin’ for Freddie Gray
Every day nigga!
Let it spray, I ain’t even try to talk to him
I St. Louis the clip, that mean arch through him
Leave his chest blew (blue), Tony Stark’s to him
Hole so big, fuck around and walk through him!
I treat him like O-Dog did the nigga with the cheese burgers
Got enough slugs it’ll fit three burners
That means it’s No Limit when I see (C-) Murders
Boy I got the stick around like free loaders
That’s bars nigga, y’all think this nigga tough?
Fuck his haircut and them cheap ass sweatpants
Zip him up!

[Round 3: Aye Verb]
One thing y’all know about Verb, is that I’m very strategic

[Guy from the crowd]
You dead!
{Crowd keeps cheering until SMACK calms ’em down}

One thing y’all know about Verb, is that I’m very strategic
I play mind games with my opponents, I’m very deceiving
See you just a human, I’m a mutant, you can’t compare me, believe it
I can do magical shit every round but y’all not ready to see it
I have no emotion

{Crowd starts booing}

Yo, if you get caught doing that shit again yo you gonna be escorted out the building. Word up

[K-Shine] Nah fuck that!
[SMACK] C’mon my nigga. They can’t-
[K-Shine] You not gon’ say that shit when that do that to me
[Hitman Holla] You at home nigga!
{K-Shine and Hitman get in each other’s faces and have to be separated by Rain who’s loving it. Then Aye Verb gets into it with a member of K-Shine’s entourage.}
[Aye Verb] It ain’t gon’ be that tho’. It ain’t gon’ be that tho’. It ain’t gon’ be that tho’. It ain’t gon’ be that tho’. It ain’t gon’ be that tho’
What’s up? It ain’t gon’ be that. It ain’t gon’ be that. What’s up? It ain’t gon’ be that. What’s up? It ain’t gon’ be that. It ain’t gon’ be that. It ain’t gon’ be that. It ain’t gon’ be that. Y’all doin’ this cause y’all at the crib. We wit’ that

[SMACK] Niggas fuckin’ up my Versace’s and shit

{K-Shine tries to talk to Hitman Holla again}

[Aye Verbs] Y’all don’t go nowhere. We out here
[SMACK] Yo word to mother. Don’t do that shit. That’s the shit y’all cause my nigga. Don’t violate. Go ahead Verb. Let’s get it

{Verb starts his round over}
One thing y’all know about Verb, is that I’m very strategic
I play mind games with my opponents, I’m very deceivin’
See you just a human, I’m a mutant, you can’t compare me, believe it
I can do magical shit every round but y’all not ready to see it
I have no emotion, I have no fear, my heart is buried in cement
Nigga I’m from St. Louis, anything scary I’ve seen it

{Crowd starts booing again}

What you know about having a baby sitter that’s an evil spirit and you swear you can see it
She used to molest me, so no lie at five I was gettin’ head from a demon
Still in church every Sunday nigga I sat on them bleachers
And I can quote for you every word that was read from them preachers
See your parents dated and mated, I was created a creature
Nigga you drank from the baby bottle nigga, I drank from the becher
Nigga you had Hooked On Phonics I was hooked to wires and speakers with sirens and beepin’
You fuckin’ with a nigga that’ll stare in a pool of no water and still dive off the deep end
Enough of this
Three minute rounds they ain’t book me for a long time
Fuck the preview, let’s let that beef brew in 3D too
(So it’s Showtime)
On second thought, no Showtime, I’ma take yo’ soul nigga
Shang Tsung, when I open the flood gates of Hell, I call this “Flame On”
You actin’ but your act is mean
You actin’ ACME, you know that red dot that hold acne thing
You Harlem niggas into fashion, I know y’all like flashy things
God, before you meet him, I got to style him
Gold plated, .45 him
Baow, baow him
Give him diamond halo, just so it can match the wings
You can be a massive king on the faggot scene
I’m talkin’ billboards, magazines

{Crowd starts getting restless again}

You can be a massive king on the faggot scene
I’m talkin’ billboards, magazines, but on SMACK you can’t talk to me
Cause don’t no starters take calls from you niggas that’s on the practice team
Look at me, I’m a real killer, I ain’t Mook
I don’t pick my targets, they send that bread I just slip in that cartridge
Catch the body then watch the footage just to pick through the cartridge
I want a classic, but we can’t work out if you can’t get them bars up
Nigga you spit for the short bus
Lyrically I spit with the sharks
So no bitch, you gold fish don’t even ripple the water
You got no class boy, you kinda hatin’
Through my rounds, talkin’ over a playa, nigga you commentatin’
I got the patience to doctor patients
You start off good then it’s a long flat line, you like a trauma patient
You ain’t beatin’ me bitch, I ain’t no dominatrix
Nigga you ain’t got a swab of greatness, that’s why it’s odd to face this
Nigga I will rob him for his compensation, nigga, that’s confiscation
Like, “Aye nigga run it.” This abomination
Dance, words, aye nigga run it, this Obama Nation?
Four of y’all deep in the car, I got one Llama bakin’
It’ll take two like a conversation
All this lyin’ on stage you do is keepin’ niggas in lion cages
Catchin’ all kind of cases
Nigga you designed this Matrix
Don’t get quiet, open yo’ mouth, nigga this is dyin’ and you’ve been dyin’ to taste this

{Crowd stops him on some “pause” shit}

Outer space flow and nobody showed you how to fly a spaceship
Aye Verb versus K-Shine see what the fuss is about
Y’all say our name, bring that check I come and put blood in their mouth

{Crowd starts booing}

[Round 3: K-Shine]
See I hate nigga like you with all this actin’ you do
Gun clappin’, big ratchet, ya packages move
See it’s always a nigga that don’t live that life that try to act like it’s cool
I know real niggas everyday they wake up wishin’ they could get back into school
See you told John John, “You ever been in a cell, scared to go to sleep cause the niggas ain’t got the same charges as you?”
Nigga you pussy
And come to think about it, neither did you
Nigga what cell you been in?
What jails they had you move into?
What’s yo’ classification
What mail was yo’ C.O.’s goin’ through?
You ain’t never had to waste yo’ 21 call on a bitch that’s loose
Tryin’ to be nice just so she can bring the loonies through
On my life, I done shot niggas, stabbed niggas, drilled niggas
On the set, my homies still call me for a drill nigga
Voices in ya head, with yo’ mama sayin’ “Chill, nigga!”
I ain’t tryin’ to give y’all image, I’m tryin’ to build witcha
You want this life? I’ma let you know how it feel nigga
To have a daughter but can’t get a job cause yo’ rap sheet is still witcha
To have two felonies and can’t afford another one, but three days away from a bail, nigga
You got all this opportunity in life and you won’t deal wit’ it
Before I go back to jail and leave my daughter, I’ll rap forever
That’s a real nigga
And I still don’t get what the fuck you so mad at bitch
You can be a doctor, a lawyer, get ya masters, shit
You can be a journalist, a fireman, a pastor, shit
But you waste all ya fuckin’ time tryin’ to be this tough guy with a background that don’t match that shit
Well guess what, here’s a start, two felonies, you can start off, you can have that shit, nigga
See SMACK I’m really mad so why the fuck you think this nigga’s a match?
Like what comparisons do we have other than the fact that we can rap?
Cause it ain’t females, it ain’t real nigga shit, cause we can get to that
I mean we all know I had a fight on YouTube, a nigga bit me, and I bit him back
He had a fight, a nigga decked him, and a nigga hit him then he hit the tracks
This nigga dead, I ain’t even gotta go no more
Nigga zip him up man

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