Conceited vs. Chilla Jones [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Chilla Jones]
I said in Boss Town we been waitin’ for a card hot enough to melt the Bean
But venues wasn’t playin’ ball, we had to play the cards we were dealt it seems
Aye Con’, where them guns you say poppin’ in ya raps?
You ain’t got ’em it’s a fact, y’all better help his team
Or they will be checkin’ Con for dents (confidence) if he ain’t got his self a steam (self-esteem)
I showed your jealous old whore a (horror) flick
Tell her he engaged to queen
He’ll think about The Shining of The Ring that cost major cream
Before your Hostile Exorcist, see ya death, The Devil Inside her will prolly break the screen
But that’s Child’s Play
The Birds a Psycho he’ll raise it (Hellraiser) I Carry a Saw to make him Scream
I made a scheme to show you how to get Con ex’d with Con [?]
That Math shit was light, cause I had to write for Con’ next
The best puncher? Please…who the fuck you gon’ con next?
When every ball that could net (connect) could knock the head off of Con’ neck
Hammers on deck, them drive-bys is devastatin’
I’ll Heaven’s Gate him when that TEC is blazin’
But you so short…I heard you did a drive-by and nigga’s legs was breakin’
Y’all know why? Cause Con’ struck shins (construction) in the buildin’ like renovations
My men is waitin’, masked up wit’ tools, like a blacksmith
The clique armed, get ya lip bombed (balmed) like ChapStick
They feel he (Philly) Flyer ’til his cap on ice, that’s a hat trick
Think you a star? But ya best friends a square, nigga you Patrick
I’m that sick
Shape up, I’m ahead (a head) wit’ sharp lines, the world’s best pen
That title is vital as heart signs, so if it’s war then (warden), I’ll put a con (Con’) behind bars like hard time
It’s automatic, everything I holler graphic (holographic), I make the card shine
See our .9’s is loaded, believe me bredren
If I gotta squeeze these weapons you’ll see me flexin’
And ya chest’ll be the one I (eye) open if I see (C)BS’ing
On stage with arms raisin’ like I’m PG steppin’
So if it’s me he threaten, actin’ like he let the lead blam’
Then I ignore the shit…like, “I heard what you said fam'”
But cut it out when Reggie no bull (Noble), I got you read man (Redman)
If we cross arms in a ring, then you a Deadman
I heard the SONS roll with Feds man
I see the badges in the crowd for sure
Confrontation, they at the station tryin’ to file reports
Well if y’all the reason I’m sittin’ through trials in court
I’m givin’ bucks to every SON, like child support
You so small, I be ya rounds is short
You a munchkin to the fans, I wanna scrap
If Con’ front I confront him wit’ the hands
We trash men, emptying barrels, dumpin’ wit’ the cans
See we like conflict (Con’ flick) but we ain’t fuckin’ wit’ the ‘Gram
I told Math, “he the Kit Kat type”, you understand?
But you a Ring Pop, cause now I got a sucka on my hand
This is somethin’ for the fans
Cause now they not feelin’ you, I’m killin’ you cause you lack the hunger to advance
The old Con’? Had heavy punches for the hood to make the room rock
He made the hustlers screw face and made the goons watch
The new Con’? Got corny bars for the burbs, that’s why you lose props
Get Back To Basics, or it’ll be a disaster (Dizaster) bringin’ punches to the Boondocks, I’m too hot
Haters used to say I rap to weird, then what happened?
Been on a killin’ spree the past two years
So I had to get at you here
I made sure that Math new clear, now I got a fuckin’ tattoo’d queer
Fuck them imaginary gats you aired, you got a baby face
How you supposed to make my side burn from weapons in a stash you bared (beard)
I had you scared
And plus, if we was rappin’ to a beat you would be draggin’ (dragon) through the street like the Chinese New Year
It’s true, yeah
A few piers try to sound like me
But you ain’t never stood in front of three rounds like these
Boss Town!

[Round 1: Conceited]
Me killin’ this big teeth and gums nigga, that’s my hobby
I can spit a round and you won’t be able to get a rap out prolly
Y’all just made it that much easier to catch my homi
This battle is like Miley Cyrus, cause when it’s time for me to go to work (twerk) you gonna see a flat out body
See, me and you are both “on cam'” guys
I mean I’ll make this man die when that can’ fly
Y’all said the Shotty ain’t show up {gun clicks} that’s a DAMN lie
So y’all put a heavy puncher against this four scheme like that’s what you supposed to do
Stop sayin’ me and this nigga similar, he’s not even close to me
I mean I should get paid every time you battle for stealin’ my style and get a token fee
But you don’t get enough dollars, shit your bars don’t even make cents so how you can loan to me?
Slow it down I just dissed you!
I said ya bars don’t even make scents so how you cologne to me?
Nah, slow it down once more, yours bars don’t make sense so how you a clone of me?
Nigga when you rap you make us all sleep to death
Every scheme’s a mess and it always aim wit’ a reach or stretch
It’s too much weight, what you drop is plain (plane) like Aaliyah’s jet
See I’ll squeeze the TEC when them toasters is out
And when I start clickin’ on the MAC, I ain’t holdin’ a mouse
A lot of Uzi’s that’ll all go in ya scalp
It’s like I’m watchin’ Martin cause when I see Jerome a cap go in his mouth
Nah, it’s like when I’m watchin’ Martin cause you’ll hear a lot of ooow’s if Jerome’s in the house
Yo, I load and I’m out, in his neighborhood wit’ two Hecklers
I’ll be lookin’ for ya spot dawg (dog) like Cruella
If you play boy (Playboy) I’m in the house with the jammies like Hugh Hefner
Bein’ around all them K’s will bring the bitch out this nigga like Bruce Jenner
You see, you never had a style of ya own you just copied me and go
Thinkin’ you’ll take a step but what you land mine (landmine) that’s why he thought he gonna blow
I mean this thief stole everything I ever done, he thought I prolly wouldn’t know
That’s why ya style look like Mrs. Doubtfire cause you really just robbin’ (Robin) on the low
I’ll drop him when it blow, with shots that I rung out from Glocks that I brung out
I’m Lucious, you Hakeem, you gonna see me on stage knockin’ my son out
Leave this fag lyin’ like Jamal from Empire cause this’ll point at (disappointing) pop when it come out
Chilla you in the ground if I spray arms to murk you
You better stay calm I’ll hurt you
Unless you tryin’ to get a buck from the pole like the State Farm commercial
Now Chilla Jones lookin’ shakey baby
A lot of y’all don’t know Chilla Jones got a daughter, but he’s the type of father you should never be
I mean I don’t see her on ya Instagram, Twitter, Facebook but he keeps sayin’ that she’s “heavenly”
Let him tell it, he loves his daughter Mikayla more than anything
The strongest form of love, no matter what type, apparently his daughter out of everything
Slow it down I just dissed you
I said, what type of parent leave his daughter out of everything?
Nigga you don’t rep her at all, nigga that just sad and just wrong
Battle rap is your only job why you abandon her so long?
You only got one gig (GB) like a cell phone, that’s why every time she search for you her dada (data) be gone
I mean, it’s a good thing she got a mother Chilla, cause you not a true pops
By now we are all aware that you have a daughter, that’s apparent (a parent), but you not
I mean think about it, you would miss a battle just for like her birthday party
What kinda nigga is that?
I mean she will grow up gettin’ fucked by dude and end up like ya battle career, tryin’ to get on the SMACK
So Chilla how you livin’ wit’ that?
She raise up like, “How does it feel to raise up a ratchet pop?”
And Chilla, Mikayla will start shootin’ up, gon’ head to the crack
Or get cocked and banged and give niggas the clap
Slow it down I just dissed you!
I said razor, ratchet poppin’ Chilla
My K love to start shootin’ up ya head ’til it crack
It get cocked and banged to give niggas the clap
So you better watch who he talkin’ to like when you on ya Facetime nigga
And he already know he lost, just look at his face
Time nigga!

[Round 2: Chilla Jones]
Y’all remember when I told JC, “You can rep ya team in da skies (disguise) like a mascot”?
Well that proved somethin’
That when it come to this guys (disguise) I’m the best that Mass’ got (mascot)
Ya raps hot? But super simple if ya listenin’ clear
See us battlers? We know how ya writtens prepared
So It Downs, the rapid punches, that’s the niche that I hear
But we done heard it, from a hundred different niggas this year
On top of that, you still make that stupid fuckin’ face like what you spittin’ is rare
You be like, “How many shots? I figure four. He gettin’ hit from the flare
We aromatic when that gun powder smoke and bullet’s scent in the air
Slow it down I just dissed you!
We air a matic when that gun pow the smoke and bullets sent in the air”
Then he like
To the crowd just to get ’em to cheer
This shit is weird
But here’s where I prove there’s a difference in tier
Yeah, try to collect pay from me, you won’t even know who shot you
You’ll hit my phone like, you think I’ll forget (Alpha) you owe mega (Omega) bread, you better stop through
But if I (Phi) tell my new bae to (Beta) grab that Sig’ ma (Sigma) she’ll cap a (Kappa) nigga block too
And for that piece of the pie (Pi), my crew want a side (Psi)
They’d (Zeta) dealt a (Delta) slug to whoever I owe’red the gwap to
With bars, I’m the top dude
Representin’ Bean Town, you slowin’ down punches?
Well I’ma slow that whole scheme down
Try to collect pay from me, you won’t even know who shot you
You’ll hit my phone like, “you think I’ll forget (Alpha) you owe mega (Omega) bread, you better stop through
But if I (Phi) tell my new bae to (Beta) grab that Sig’ ma (Sigma) she’ll cap a (Kappa) nigga block too
And for that piece of the pie (Pi), my crew want a side (Psi)
They’d (Zeta) dealt a (Delta) slug to whoever I owed the gwap to
They’ll pop you
Y’all will hear TEC scream and Con’ll be checkin’ himself for bullets, lookin’ like he joined a step team
Top five, punch for punch and got the best schemes
But he came sleepin’, remindin’ me of wet dreams
Y’all gotta stop the hatin’ cause I ain’t gay
I be deep in these thoughts (thots) like contemplation
The gun I lick wit’ (liquid) in the air, that’s condensation
I reload then focus his mind like concentration
Operation room, shoot the shit like conversation
Tell the doc, “I don’t give a shit if Con’s the patient (constipation).”
The priest sent (precinct) was like the church, not the station
Cause all I heard was him (hymn) singin’; congregation
I’m placin’ rappers in a box for my rep, stepped in, sparred wit’ the vets
Reppin’ Boston to death, my city love me, I work hard and target the best
And off the bat man (Batman) I’m the one that got them (Gotham) respect
I’ve been a threat to you vets cause I’m the best and that’s real rap
But yo’ real name is “Reggie” that’s not a punchline
(That’s real facts!)
You told my man you deal packs, which was sloppy and very clueless
Cause my clique found out, him and ‘Tez some heavy movers
They pack a DE to take Reggie White, they deadly shooters
Stomp his heart, have him fallin’ on Cort’ (court) like Reggie Lewis
The truest
And I ain’t never seen you movin’ with a tool on ya waist
So any threat comin’ from you is a waste
With three seconds left in the game, down by two in the place
Well that’s the only time Reggie Miller shoot in ya face!
You a disgrace, nigga ya style’s gay
You got a fraud bravado
This MAC black, but this cal’ (Kyle) Gray like Avocado
And if I pop the Hollow, I’ll leave his fans Mourning cause he M.I.A. from the Heat, but he not Alonzo
We point toast, more joints smokin’ than Colorado
My team ball on rap tours (Raptors) but we not Toronto
Y’all ’bout to watch Apollo die tryin’ to box wit’ Drago
We bump gums, we lump sums, but it’s not the lotto
Y’all know the motto, niggas sound like me=
But he ain’t never stood in front of three rounds like these
Boss Town!

[Round 2: Conceited]
Chilla, you did not jump to top tier, you are Proving Ground for life
Nigga you ain’t make a name for yourself
I heard to write for me you needed your whole gang to come help
So for you thinkin’ you a solid tier (Solitaire) on the card you’re just playin’ yourself
You see, I never felt you could be in our class, not the way you be sayin’ ya bars
You are a PG so ya lines can never be rated wit’ ours (R’s)
Yo see, it’s cause you be beggin’, “Who has the best pen game. Meh.”
Especially on Twitter
Cause I’ve seen you on the list of bars wit’ niggas and punchlines you not any one of them spitters
Damn liar
You more like a vampire cause you will never be in the picture
Nigga, I’m the reason you rap the way you spit now
That flow is like Stephen King because I gave you It clown
You see you a fuckin’ nerd from Bean Town
Who is just bein’ noticed and need to give thanks to the P Ground
But it seem you’re forgot they’re the reason that you’re seen now (senile)
Meanwhile for this PG, I’ll go LA basketball on this nigga
I’ll have ya whole team next to the Doc, I ain’t talkin’ Clippers
And the sub will back up all PG’s like Austin Rivers
Did y’all catch that cause the sub that backs up Paul is a PG named Austin Rivers
Sike! You must be out ya damn mind!
I mean listen Chilla you are in love with Laura Tarsi
I mean, it’s not that she’s a mean person, but she hurt you
You wanted yourself ya little white girl but she kept shuttin’ you down, you Steve Urkel
I mean, what were you gonna do?
Go to your Stefan chamber and go from Jerome to Jeron?
And then hop on her, go try to be her best friend to the max and still stalk Laura
You see, he’s not even a little rich he thought if he cop a car he’ll be able to pop Laura
I said, “Little Richie”, “Cop Karl”, “Pop”, “Laura”
I mean nigga she watch all ya battles she know ya wins low (Winslow)
She don’t want you at all bro
And ya face to hairy it (Harriet) don’t turn her on yo
And I know he wanna be wit’ her in a Family
 of fact, she’ll never let this Weasel in that wall tho (Waldo)
See I mean, we all know as far as looks who on him
I mean, other niggas tried to get at her but you go everywhere Laura go, look who’s talkin’?
No I said, you go everywhere Laura go, look who’s stalkin’
You look like you say “awesome” and “bro-ham”
But that ain’t a shock
When your hoe tell (hotel) me it’s sweet (suite) I’ll catch you in a fancy spot
As soon as I see Braxton I’ll be like, SKKKKKERT and put the .5 in his face like Jamie Foxx
Whatchu gonna do? Go spin around and go get ya pistol now?
We all seen the show we know Braxton never ever get the pound
So now just listen now
I mean it could be the Larkin or that Desert spark
I’ll quickly send you up to Heaven’s doors
It’ll be(e) in sec’s (insects), this cat’ll peel and air (caterpillar) wigs (earwigs) if ya aunt (ant) involved
And that (gnat) fire fly (firefly) once I let ’em off (moth)
So you better watch who you talkin’ to
Like when you on ya Facetime nigga
And he already know he lost, just look at his face
Time, nigga

[Round 3: Chilla Jones]
Listen Con’
You better watch what you sayin’ like closed captions
Jones snappin’, cold rappin’, cursin’ ya whole faction
You tryin’ to bring ’em back from the dead? It won’t happen
If it do, I’m re-hearsing the sons (SONS) I’m Joe Jackson
I’m askin’, where you gang is Con’? (Genghis Khan)
Y’all ever heard about the SONS?
Yeah that gang is Con’s but they not felons
You tellin’ us ya gang is cons and soldiers, but we know you ain’t Genghis Khan
How y’all shittin’ on nigga’s squads?
With all y’all losin’ it’s hard to tell
Bein’ charmin’ (Charmin) ain’t enough, y’all all scheme but not as well
He tried to get away Scott free ’til I brought him Hell
This Angel Soft, y’all think he on a roll ’til he caught and yell (Cottonelle)
But let me guess, you poppin’ shells
Every four bars you got a ratchet handy
You know what I noticed? All you do is shoot shit when you be rappin’ family
You be holdin’ blickeys, rippin’ heaters and clappin’ swammys
Blowin’ toasters, grippin’ sweepers and grabbin’ jammies
I be like, “Damn Con’, nigga you must own every gun
But I think found the nigga DNA got his machete from
We get the point already son
So can you not say shells in a round? I mean I’m hopin’ to stop safe
Maybe some Molly will help focus his thoughts
As soon as they rewind this scheme, this angle will get props
Y’all ’bout to see a suit and tie when Con’ go in a box
I got him goin’ against the ropes
Chilla jabs him, bob, waitin’ ’til he throw in a shot
Buckle them two knees you’ll already lean over and drop
You a goner, every punch leave ya dome wit’ a knot
Got a lie buried (library) bars that I roll wit’ a lot
So if Red in the bulidin’, I’ma rock O on the spot!
But I’ma stop, cause my method’s smarter
I could take that Africa scheme and stretch it farther
But I’ma end it wit’ yo’ style, make it extra harder
So I’ma grip lead and buck it (bucket) on this black bitch head like he fetchin’ water
You ain’t got a strap
Con’ you should rap ’bout…knives, cause what you jot is wack
But you actin’ tryin’ to bad mouth I but out bar me? That’s a flat out lie
Only time Conceited how Dumb’ bars was Blackout 5
I’m like Malcolm by the window try and come to my block
Beam hit him from behind the shades like cyclops
Ya shit get punched out, then punched in like a time clock
When bullets from the cal’ (cow) grazin’ past ya (pasture) like livestock
I might plot, on this bitches white [?]
Drive-by her where the fender at
Slide then side swipe her like the Tinder app
He ain’t gon’ grip a gat and he ain’t gun slingin’
Let Con’ vent (convent), he got none (nun) singin’ it’s like Sister Act
I’m spittin’ facts
I’m sittin’ back, just realizing somethin’ ironic B
Everyone on Wild N Out specializes in comedy
The Wild Style is a battle where the platinum and black squad compete
Joke for joke but first they tell the DJ to drop some heat
But you the only one that raps, that should be an advantage honestly
But when it’s time for Con’ to get his rhymin’ on them niggas stop the beat
Now my first thought was, “Maybe Con’s a geek. With no rhythm or flow.”
So I checked for homie’s music, tried to give him a go
But bro, you jumped on every track and failed (field) like Jesse Owens
If he got bars on lock, then he just see owin’
You’ll die stuntin’ in the ring so we’ll just see Owen
Which makes sense cause spell “Con” out it’s just C-O-N
And when I roll into the place I hear the weirdos talkin’
Cause I keep birds on the arm like a scarecrow walkin’
Try to get any of my ex’s between yo’ legs
Con’ you will hear “No” often
My circle got yo’ ex (X) between ours (R’s) like a railroad crossin’
I’m so bossin’
But bar for bar they say you a rival
Cause you punch back to back like that make you an idol
But I’m the champ, this is greatness beside you
Think music streamin’, you couldn’t take my spot if I (Spotify) gave you the title (Tidal)
This suicidal, they been waitin’ for my return, I got Lux hype
Pop, baby bear porridge, what’s in these rounds is just right
But they gon’ think you DNA, not cause you stay with Clips, because you ’bout to have a rough night
See I’m a Dirtbag wit’ this 40 you better duck twice!
I’m nice and that’s exactly why you losin’ now
Against Mr. Jump The Top Tier From The Proving Ground
Boss Town!

[Round 3: Conceited]
Listen, if I find you and all ya niggas at they whip then I’m blazin’ chrome
They can get capped then jacked (Captain Jack) when I’m at they V (Davy) Jones
And if you try to flee and drive from the scene then I’ma send my men at your (miniature) car like a Micro Machine
See ya rhymes and ya schemes are all stretches
I mean you use “by all ya G’s” for “biology” and sat there and said it
With the flow, the way you be reachin’ and stretchin’ you should do some calisthenics
This nigga think a stretch’ll (stretcher) help him get a body like the paramedics
See, but I’ma show you how to really scheme Chilla
But I’ma go baseball on him tho’
You talk like you grew up at the White socks (Sox), I don’t think you from Boston yo
Cause where we first Met, shit I thought you were an Oreo (Oriel)
I can send you up to the Angels if this guy is Brave
This beam make yo’ ass stroll (Astro) when you feel these (Phillies) red Giant rays
See I can arrange a chain snatchin’, after he yank he (Yankee) runnin’ home and that’s where I’m sliddin’ at
Everyone on the card knows (Cardinals) in the end (Indian) if ya Padres Rockie you won’t be gettin’ a Diamondback
So Jermone better hit the deck like a Pirate or be real Athletic then
Or I’ll be all in (Marlin) ya dome and I’m airin’ a set of Twins
Again, you use the first letter of nigga’s names to make a punchline
Like ya rhymes just be jammin’
If I did that I’d have a crazy scheme and have a punch that be hot and be landin’
Like the Husbands Of Hollywood
If you show a little heart (Hart) JB smooth (Smoov) or I’m robbin’ with the Cannon
They don’t catch it
Then get reboxed and get to scramblin’ you’ll get knocked and hooked up
If I tell my niggas to “break a leg” it is not for good luck
Ya whole block get shook up from the Glocks I put up
I’m feelin’ like a mechanic cause all you (oil) can get checked once I pop ya hood up
Nigga you can’t say you stood up if I swing my right
If we scrap watch me go (Migo) knock this pussy out like Fight Night
I keep the steel on it’ll peel off like wild rice
So try to catch me while I go night night
Just know the kid sleep wit’ it on like a night light
See with the bars we wolves
You lookin’ for somethin’ to bite next (necks) like Twilight
(I just don’t get it)
Now, nigga you can keep sayin’ like like and all the punchlines that I write
But I’m like Mr. Scrooge at the end of the day, I’m nice
Since you say you got bars Chilla I’ma lick a shot tho’
And that’ll light him up like Vitiligo
The last person from Boston to point the .9 was Rondo
So when you rap about the thousands of guns and how you give out millions of bucks that’s a lie tho’ (lotto)
I’ll show up to your spot tho’, ready to clear it out
Tell you to meet me out back and set up a trap like an abandoned house
This nigga Chilla actin’ like he don’t know what fear about
Cause you from New England like the Patriots so if you got balls then the Tom’ will air ’em out
Say anything out ya slick mouth I’m lettin’ bucks off, that’s a discount
You can get more than shot
Nigga what I’m pullin’ out it won’t be from no parkin’ spot
So Chilla just chill you a fraud just stop
Everybody can see that he (daddy) fake that’s why I’m forced to (foster) pop
So you better watch who you talkin’ to when you on ya Facetime nigga
And this nigga already know he lost, just look at ya face
Time nigga

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