Goodz vs. Rone [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Rone]
Yo, so welcome back to the ring Goodz
It’s been a while
You look like a pedophile with better style
People said, “Don’t battle Goodz”
They really got no trust in you
People that I know, that you know, but they don’t even fuck with you
They said, “Don’t do it Rone. Goodz ain’t up to snuff with you.”
They think you suck, I found myself being the one that’s sticking up for you
“Goodz is, Goodz is, Goodz is pretty good”
I’m trying to get you help
But inside I know the truth, that I’m lying to myself
I took my head up out the clouds
This ain’t a battle for the crown
This is me taking out the old dog just to put him DOWN
Having a mediocre record and still hustling is not doing big things
You seven and seven, still Jack and Coke and I’m not talking mixed drinks
Why they call you Goodz The Animal?
Is it the animal instincts?
Or is it the fact that every battle that Goodz The Animal in stinks?
I mean, I think you got me and Goodz The Animal confused
I’m carnivorous, what type of animal are you?
I’m a rapture in the tooth, I’m the fucking antlers of a moose
I’m a mammoth on the loose, you’re a panda at the zoo
I’ll leave The Animal extinct, the perfect adjective for you
Call Animal Rescue the way I’m handling this dude
I will smack him with a shoe, with my hand or with the boot
Call the ASPCA this shit is animal abuse
I will go to your spot, get the captain a crown
You’re a fifth of Henny, your handle of Jack is going down
Put down the bottle so fast, don’t even pass it around
You would think I was Belushi up in the Animal House
I mean, I’ve seen all The Animals battles
I know The Animal’s tactics, I’ve watched all your game tape
I watch the Animal Planet
When was he last a savage?
It’s been awhile Animal, you ain’t meant for the Serengeti
You ain’t a wild animal, nah you ain’t ’bout that
You just a house cat, better yet a fowl rat I’m leading to my mouse trap
Goodz The Animal, I’m Rone The Cannibal
I’ll whoop your ass so bad they’ll owe you 40 acres AND A MULE
You better duck, get Aflac or expect a good bill
I will take your dame and drive her right out of the hood still
But this MASSacre up in Boston, they didn’t think I could kill
After the way I’m hunting, they’re going to be reading Goodz Will
I mean, I mean, I will take any crown, diadem or his first filling mean, you got a tag for your shirt, I got a tag for his foot
Paper or plastic? Man, I got a bag for The Goodz
I will put you in the news like no other story could
Tune into Good Morning America to see America mourning Goodz

Finally man, damn! Finally

I said, the killer’s in the building, that’s asbestos
I came with the chicken, that’s an egg roll
You try to stick up my camp like a tent pole
You get killed for what you draw, that’s Charlie Hedbo
I’m quick to pop off a bottle of pop off
They rushing to put stock on it
Top dawg with lock jaw
Push kid and they back off
Or maybe I’m hot sauce
Crossing Timothy Mozgov
But you go home sealing fake jeans up on your Instagram?
Bro, you’re a business man?
That’s your fucking business plan?
You got no green, that’s a salad full of croutons
Every time I shop-every time you shop I know you using coupons
Hollow Da Don the man did you too wrong
You melted down like a fire at Madame Tussauds
MTV fact pop, that’s a wack shop
But you got your ass waxed, pause, that’s a stat shop
And put on a black top, you gon’ need some good luck
Cause you have the teeth of a motherfucking Woodchuck
Speaking of Chuck

I got a beautiful smile

It’s disgusting. It’s ugly

I got a real nice smile I think

Speaking of Chuck, you’ve been slurping
And you ain’t even from Chuck’s hood
So I’m wondering…
How much wood would a woodchuck suck if he could suck all Chuck’s wood?
You have the body type of an overstuffed Teddy bear
All that extra flesh God and you couldn’t stick a neck in there?
I’m mean, Goodz don’t got the goods God?
Is that some kind of joke?
It makes me want to strangle him, but where the fuck would I choke?
You put a face here and a chest here, well…were do you put the throat?
I mean, I’d tell him to go hang himself but where would he put the rope?
Bro, I hope you get some neck while you’re here
But believe that shit
Cause everything I can tell, you really NEED that shit
I mean, what are these lines around your neck dawg?
It looks like your head could pop right off like you’re a Ken doll
But, I’m a Patriot, but your girl call me Casanova
I see your chick like I’m the Gronk of the battle culture
Watch that trick play like a pass to Solider
Then I line up in her slot just like I’m Amendola
I mean, I will take any crown, [?] or his first filling
I’ll steal/Steel him like I’m Havlicek, it’ll give him the worst feeling
Bill Buckner, man this sucker doesn’t deserve billing
I’ll sock/Sox him, it gets bloody, we can call that the Curt Schilling
But your whole concern is fashion
The way that he’s dressing
Well I’m finna Glad bag you if you’re just dying to be the freshest
Fashion is your indulgence like fried chicken is to Precious
You are so obsessed with flossing, who the fuck is you? My dentist?
I mean…
Christian Dior, Michael Koors, Tom Ford for the mack
Calvin Klein, maybe Dolce, Givenchy all black
Armani, Ralph and Tommy or the Prada with the strap
You don’t got a job but you still got the white man on your back!
At least I respect this fucking league though, you just fuck up the name
You just come to get paid
You just come for some change
That’s no respect for the fans and that’s no respect for the stage
And that’s exactly why Goodz will never be one of the greats
Let’s go man

[Round 2: Goodz]
Michael Jackson with the gat
Tell this cracker to Beat It
That Burberry made that sweat look good
Tell Rone lift up his shirt
You sweating like me verses Conceited
Quick question; how much you got paid to do this battle Rone?

Two million

About a quick rack
For that fans that’s wondering why I’m here battling Rone
I got paid six stacks to do one round for five minutes
To be honest, I tried to give the six back
But my daughter said, “Daddy
You know how much Kit Kat’s I can get with that?”
That’s a lot
And she loves chocolate
Oh yeah, little mama fancy y’all but it’s ironic my daughter and Rone got something in common
(What’s that?)
A bunch of fucking candy bars
I can do your type of battling
You can’t do my type of battling
Cause you can’t be hard
I bet you got an index card tapped to your dresser drawer
That says “panties/bra”
I’m battling a real good kid
This don’t even seem right
The toughest thing you ever did was cross the street on a green light

Yellow. The light was yellow

You REALLY a fucking good kid
This really don’t seem right
Last night you probably washed all your boxers hoping this was a clean fight
Truthfully, I don’t give a shit about this battle
Sounds stupid, but true
I don’t care about this battle SO MUCH, nigga I’m rooting for YOU
You can bring all your crews
Go to your nice gated community, bring all them dudes
Shit I don’t even care if you WIN
Six racks for one round, I could afford to lose
But nobody knows you, so you have to find a crew
I said this shit to Ah Di but it really applies to you
I know you NEVER sat with the cool kids
If this was high school we’d be some kind of studs
You know the popular crew everybody wanna be around and love?
The jocks, the athletes, fucking all the cheer leaders, smoking on the finest bud
Teachers thinking we some kind of thugs
Yoooou’d probably be in the Science Club
So you said, um, I’m not happy
I’m sad
No happiness here
So I guess I’m never happy
Well my daughter on the honor roll, I’m very happy
Matter of fact, half of me is not
Cause my right hand caught two cases and [?] consecutive yet
Been in the Feds for six months and ain’t sentence him yet
So you right Rone I’m not happy, but be clear
When my smile turn to a frown it’s cause I’m thinking my friend is supposed to be here
Slow down Goodz you losing ’em
Times get hard for me? I go to selling drugs
They get hard for you? You go to using ’em
You’re such a tough Caucasian, huh
Well we shoot arms right
Since I’m a hustler watch me get rid of y’all tonight
That’s how you move hard white
I’m from the D-Boy block, don’t get your ego shot
I empty out the whole clip then reload stock
Look at who I’m always with, they keep those Glo-
Look who I’m talking to
You look like you got a real good 3 point shot
You look the team call you when it’s free throw time
You look like Rex Chapman at the 3 point line
I don’t give a SHIT about this battle
It means nothing to me
At least in the URL, if my opponent act tough I can snuff him
If I hit you, you will fucking sue me
What you thought?
I was gonna get up here and front for you?
Oh y’all think this is easy?
To get up here and act like this is something I wanna do?
We on two different planets
I walk in any venue, they carry me to the front
I guess even battle rap gotta give back, so fuck it, this is my charity for the month
You don’t get it? Is clarity what you want?
You right, I only did this battle for the money
Now you happy you lil’ punk?
I don’t give a half a shit about this battle
Let’s keep it gutter
The real reason I came here cause I deaded Charlie Clips moms and I was hoping to meet your mother
I need me a white bitch
That sniff coke and like dick
Preferably an ex-stripper that still could do nice tricks
And your mother fit that description
I don’t give a white motherfuck about this battle
Fuck boys stay calm I’m home
You must’ve switched places with DNA because I just bombed on Rome
Half a gallon, I can’t help it, the thug is in me
As y’all can see I ain’t drink this whole battle
This shit wasn’t even worth my cup of Henny

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