Dizaster vs. Chilla Jones [Lyrics]

[Round 1- Dizaster]
Now before I start today….
I’d like to say this to King Of The Dot
From the bottom of my heart
I’m sorry for what I did, I gotta make a lot of amends
I’m sick of having to go online all the time and always pretend
I’ma let you know now now
That I wanna put the past behind us and I wanna be friends
So the first thing I do when I see Math
I’m gonna walk up
Extend my arm out and then…I’ma say “Sorry” to him
And as soon as he lets his guard down I’m gonna sock him again
Talking about I set him up to get jumped by a bunch of Crips
What kinda fuck-ery is this?
Last time I checked a sucker punch wasn’t when someone begged you to snuff ’em in their shit
“Do it, do it, do it,” So I snuffed him in his shit
And y’all from New York still pissed off
Cool, that’s what you motherfuckers get
For going your whole life calling me the genie from Aladdin
And now you wanna get mad when I finally snap and grant a motherfucker his wish
And then fire marshal Organik they said
A normal punishment is not enough we need to ban him instead
A whole year passed and my fucking events are not getting no more bread
Gee golly wiz I just feel like I just shot myself in the leg
Today’s a new type of Dizaster
No Arabic rap, no terrorist attacks
I ain’t gon’ talk about letting bombs off cause he’s from Boston
He’s probably still sensitive to that
On paper this match-up is a big clash
His ass gonna get skin graphed
This whole battle is a mismatch
Fuck a battle, you can get stabbed with a switch blade
Or split your windpipe with a pickax
I’ll put a 7 inch gap where your wrist at
You’ll get your wrist slashed with a Bic
I’ll pull this shit back, ill put a big gash on your chinstrap
Then grab your little bitch ass and put zigzags in your head like Riff Raff
Fuck your pen game your pen’s trash
Acting like I’m the hater
Hating on what?
How you gonna roll with a group of Raiders
Then put one in my Blazer
And throw me in the Laker
Or let me bring it back around I can do it with one more greater
If you survive you go from the lakes straight to the ER
What’s that? Laker…
You told Math you’ve faced more pins then Hellraiser….
I’m trying to comprehend your style
I think I really get it now
What you’re trying to say is if I’m getting into a fight with somebody
Instead of just pinning him down I can simply just pen him to the ground
And he’s been doing this stupid shit forever
The day I was smoking a blunt by him a little mini one
He was like “Yo what’s up? Let me hit that penner.”
“A penner? What you mean? It’s called a pinner.”
He like, “A pen, a pen pin, whatever….”
You said I’m too emotional
You got not enough emotion
You don’t bring heart to the scene
You’re just a lifeless emotionless robotic machine
It’s the same shit with you faggots in all of your schemes
I’ll hit you with two nines like some guy that plays for some fucking football team
Yo and that’s the things with these dumb guys
And what they sometimes miss
You only got one style you can do punchlines with
You need to have some variety stop being so one dimensional
Let your punchlines mix
You need to, shake it up and down, move it around
Do stuff like this
Cause if you were a fighter
The only move in the ring you’d be able to do is punch like this
And I can’t even compare you to a fighter
You too soft core with your writtens
You have no direct attacks to your opponents no KO’s no submissions
It’s just a bunch of reaches and stretches
To all the metaphors that you’re spitting
So if punchlines were like fighting moves
Yours would be like yoga possessions
The other day I was watching you and you said
You hard bodied dude who keeps metal in the hood like Doctor Doom
I instantly hit my fucking computer monitor with a sonic boom
And sent it flying halfway across the room
I hope you got your little fucking gay ass Boston goons
My homies brought them choppers through
The sweeper always got a different body on it every time you see it like a Hogwarts broom
They say the type of bars you use are evidence of a smarter youth you lying
That’s not the truth
You’ve got no proof
You’re another Dr. Seuss
I’ll lay ya down flat surround by doctor suites
I’ll have your father in all black like a SWAT recruit
I’ll be in your apartment with your bitch knocking boots
While we watching Roots!
I’ll have her in a military position
What’s that??
That’s a army troop!
Then I switch her around and do her Doggy Style
What’s that?
That’s a song from Snoop!
The style I’m doing right now, what’s it making me wanna do?
It’s making me wanna puke
Fucking little faggot come here let me talk to you
The Mossberg will blow your fucking body in two
The shotty will body you
Shotty will have your mind falling off of your body
And have your brain hanging off of you like Krang
When he’s hoping outta his body suite
You don’t think I can do what you doing, who you guessing?
I’m a true legend this ain’t not type of Charlie Clips what type of room guessing
I’ll hit your block and teach you how to put these squares into place
Call this a Rubik’s Cube lesson
Try a new profession
I’m like Vin Diesel when its Pitch Black
I can sense any type of movement detected
Even with no eyesight
I’ll annihilate your whole entire crew within seconds
I’m knocking the lights out inside of your room
In your dining room at 2AM wearing a Bio-luminescent
Iron Man style suite armed with a bio nuclear weapon
You try to move or fire a tool, goodbye it go “boom!”
You wake up on the other side of the room
With a fireman crew fighting fire from two directions
Trying to rescue you from dying
Along with a whole entire group of Celtics
But they end up getting trapped and dying with you
Trying to get through the entrance
Underneath a sign that says
“In case of a fire use the exits”
There’s 6 million ways to die so just choose your method
I can fight you with moves from Tekken or I can use the Wesson
Cause I keep the steel reserved in case I have to hit you with this long can I call this rifle a deuce 11
Fucking S.O.N.S groupie
Worships the Sons loosely
Looks at Conceited like he’s Bruce Lee
The first time he ever heard a bar from QP
He’s like “Oooweee who’s he?”
And he’s from Boston and if you’re from Boston
One thing you do is stretch your gay ass accent and hang on every word
And only three things you have to show for is
Larry Bird, Larry Bird and Larry Bird!
Fuck outta here

[Round 1: Chilla Jones]
Yo, rest in peace to PH! Cause what his fam’ going through has to be Hell
So I donated online and a portion of my check, from this battle as well
It got me thinking, what happened with you and Math
Could of been another battle rap tragedy felt
But what happened to fair fights?
You don’t scrap for yourself?
He couldn’t handle Hoffa solo
Made Krack City help
And then they protected the pussy like a chastity belt
But lets talk about this Cassidy L..
What even made you deserving?
Y’all smell that?
It’s humble pie, I hope you ready for this serving
Y’all seen Me versus Day
Bar for bar who Diz’ serving?
I’m Magic in LA
Y’all thinking that Diz Earvin?
The nerve
8 days prep, who doubt me in the clutch?
I put in work nigga, that’s something about me you can trust
You work with FilmOn
Where the owner and host, steal your shine
It’s like you ain’t allowed to get a buzz, think about it…
That’s what happens when you working with a Alki and a Lush
Now look how he’s getting crushed
All cause you like to play villain
How you lose the title, then act entitled?
Like spoiled ingrate children
I wouldn’t been surprised if you asked Organik for 8 million
I would of cut that dick head off cause Cass’ straight killed him
I got a brilliant idea Diz’
You should stalk Drizzy less, he’s busy
Stop calling him at night when you get depressed
And calm down, the way you rap in a tizzy
It make me really stressed
I feel he flow too fast
Is it dizziness or is Diz’ E. Ness? I don’t know
But keeping testing Surf and Calicoe
Till that heat wave and they four blaze you
You would die from a tsunami
That landslide would be more fatal, fam’ in trouble
Because before losing to Verb, Cor’ played you
I understand a lose to Tez but you should of Torn Ado
Ya, they know, that was predictable still
My mind deadly though
My lines very cold and they rewind heavy bro
You better spit every multi and combine every flow
Don’t put the 1 next to a 0 like binary code
They said my NOME 3 battle, vers’ DNA made the Earth depressed
Fun Fact: You have less views on your NOME 3 battle versus Rex
I could burst a Tec make you a Headline when I surf the net
Nike, I should Just Do It but you ain’t worth the check
I deserve respect cause I’m nice the flow ill
They said I might lose
Cause he’s a bi-polar psycho the type with no chill
But have y’all ever seen me battle?
Who else writes with Jones skill?
Check the links brother
I got the blueprint for the body, I’m Michael Scofield!
You so real
But NYB got you shook homie
Your spots blown
The Math threats kept your door locked with 4 clocked chrome
To the east coast, you pussy
That’s how this poor twats known
So if we scrapped, would he bring Watts in/Watson?
Well that’s a sure lock homes/Sherlock Holmes
It’s elementary
So fuck, who this pus’ sidin’ (Poseidon) wit in water trying to see/sea god he tied didn’t he?
I could of let him prosper but tonight I’m extra proper
Let’s get the bag popping like Redenbacher
My Warriors, on point with them tre’s like Stephen shot ya
It’ll be 50, cent/sent if I’m gone off of that Effen Vodka, potna
And honestly I can’t name a bar he spit in every battle
Trying to freestyle sounding like Charlie Clips
Sorry Diz ain’t not squashing what you sparked
Eric took everything that you said about Boston from the heart
So you like a Ted I can’t stand talking to a Mark
You might’a battled dude’s who sound like me
But you ain’t never stood in front of two rounds like these Boston!

[Round 2: Dizaster]
Yo, fucking fell asleep during that fucking bitch ass round, yo. Speaking of fucking Mark Wahlberg
He wants to defend Boston cool, Celtics still sucking on dick
Tell Pete his favorite basketball team ain’t shit
Yo, every fucking time your city starts fading away on the map and becoming a myth
There goes your boy Mark Wahlberg dropping another movie to remind everyone you exist
Fucking…naw but seriously you guys are a great city
And you home of some of the world’s greats
But your also home to Benzino’s birth place so that cancels out everything that I just said in the first place
Yeah bro, you got riders in the spot
Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s people are dying on your block
Especially when it takes 48 years for a faggot like Benzino to finally get shot!
Yo… Yo, I can come up with a Chilla Jones scheme, where ever, when ever!
When the soda can pop!
You won’t have a Fan to see (fantasy) me hopping out the RV for the cola
I’ll leave you in ICU, next to a Doctor….Pepper
My little girlfriend’s fucking dog can do better
You think I’m playing? Not at all, see when I hide his ball
Sometimes he climbs on the side of the wall and pulls it off of the top of the dresser
And I don’t give a fuck what you guys think, to me, that’s a lot more clever
You think you could only come with name flips a bunch of (na), name flips cause you’re one of S.O.N.S.’s clones
Well I got name flips for your name too
I got plenty Jones, I got just as many Jones
In LA, I’m Kobe, I’ll replace you, (make the),make you play the bench for me, you Eddie Jones
I stutter when I do your style because it’s unnatural and wack
What happened to you cats? It’s like you have no character on the track
It’s like every single one of you lack a human soul
This ain’t the scene that I used to know
It’s like a bunch of fucking pilots flying in cruise control
We got people like you, who are over here now
After all we did you should know
We was more loyal to the soil when the views were low
But you wouldn’t know nothing about the past
Cause you showed up all the way in the future bro
And showed up way later to pick the fruits of our labor after we gave it the fuel it needed so it could bloom and grow
And that’s something that this little fucking new kid should know
You know, do you really know that we was living life growing up on camera not knowing we inside of a movie role?
Our lives were like the real life Truman Show
What do you…What do you fucking know?
Trying to say I’m hyper but I got more lines than you
You the coke addict
You fucking need to focus on metaphors that’ll cause more damage
Your shit got holes in it like torn fabric
It’s easy to see through your (min),mind games and your war tactics
When I know you’re from Boston but when you talk you have a fake ass New York accent
He got one foot in music, one in battling
Which either or he has no chance in
You’ve got no manager, no album on the road cracking
Your’re not on tours traveling
You book your own battles
So what good is going around the world bragging about having dope tracks?
When the point is to excel at both crafts like Bo Jackson?
Knowing you, it won’t happened
Got your hand on the side of your face cause you’re a little bitch I should ho-smack him
Yeah, you got no passion, everything your generation considers dope rapping
To me is predictable and old fashion
When the 4’s clapping
Your fucking revolver was never chrome Magnum you just never evolved from a Cro-Magnon
Me and you..
Bolt passed him in a fucking Porsche laughing
Me and you, there’s no matching
It’s like comparing a Rolls Royce or a Ghost Phantom
To a fucking four door, year old, fucking sports wagon, made from Volkswagen
Yeah, you already know that it’s closed caption
I toe tag em’, I give em’ the truth, I give em the business
Here for little fucking shady ass dudes like Daylyt to witness
Yeah.. Stay tight, aim for the stay night
I think about it, I look at the page but it stays blank white Cause when you really struggling and you know you going through a struggle you can’t write
Too many snakes around me in plain sight
Everywhere I go it’s a snake bite
Who need enemies when you have fake ass friends, like Daylyt, yeah..
Talking bout’ he donated to PH, what you know about PH bro? What you really know?
Every night I think about Swave’s pain as he suffers
People don’t know
On the west coast, we love PH like no other
Man, I use to talk to him on the phone for hours
We used to really relate to each other
Man, PH was unique, he never hated on people, discriminated cause of their race or their color
Yo, Lush even knows
Whenever he came to the Bay you guy’s stayed with each other
Look at me Nick
Look at me Nick, you know PH is our brother
Even when the east hated our guts he never changed like a sucker
Him and Swave were the only ones who kept it real with us, out of all of those fake motherfuckers
And that’s what makes this shit tougher
Cause God always has to take away the real ones and leave us with these gay motherfuckers!
What you know.. Travelling back to my roots
I lost my grandmother, my grandmother died, I don’t wanna fucking rhyme
I must’a cried like a fucking hundred times
Thinking about how I feel so crushed inside
And you know I used to not believe in God
But think about it
A person like me on the fucking ground with his hands like he wants to touch the sky
Talking ’bout I’ll rip up my scientific study guide
Cause I know there’s another side
What you know about it bitch, what you really fucking know? Yeah, what you know ’bout life?
Life’s too short to take loved ones for granted
If you fucking love somebody any one of your family members
Go home right now hug em’ as hard as you can and tell them you love em
Because dammit
One time you might wake up the next day and never get the chance
Shit, this shit fucked me up in the head
Ayo, and you already know that I’m snapping
You already know that I’m snapping
The only reason I stuttered is because when it’s real shit you can’t really focus on rapping
And that’s the fucking truth
I only..
I only came over…I’ma be straight forward…
I only came over to give this game’s face a makeover
You say you got pen game, well this is game over
I’ll knock your lights out I’m the arcade owner
Fucking.. Fucking.. Fucking..
Fucking beating me today gonna be harder than tryin’ to get the little Asian guy from Hangover to go for the whole day sober
Case closed
I’m on one
I said.. I’m back and I’m On One
And I’m on one but not like an Aubrey song, son nah
I’m on one like
I’m on one like Nas when he created God’s Son
Son of God.. Son of God..
Son of God…like Kanye before they brainwashed him and he got shunned
I’m a son of God like DMX before he got spun
I’m on one like 2Pac the night he got shot riding shotgun
That’s the type of on one
That’s the type of on one that I’m on
Cause it’s seemed lost with sight
To what matters to us all
The money brainwashed us and kept us all dumb
And forced ya to believe you live in a world where your worthless unless you got some
But all the money in the world couldn’t buy you a set of balls if you ain’t got none
Everyone want a Bugatti, fuck a Ferrari I don’t want one
I don’t need a Maserati either
I’m happy riding in a two-seater Honda
In the front seat of a fucking Honda shotgun cause the Mossberg is all I need on me to get the job done
He left us in the place where the corporate laws, all scum Along with the Hammurabi off spring that they spawned from They get rich off of your lack of knowledge and they stacking they pockets
While they fattening they wallets and they feed you the small crumbs
And you out here battle rapping distracting us
Til’ the economy crashes on us
And every single one of us that’s here is forced to make up for the lost funds
Yeah, but I’m the wrong one to try to steal gwap from
Rampage on city hall, I’m gonna catch a big body like Marv Won
TAR-21 with the large drum, arson, tossing molotov bottles of Vodka and Napalm from Scotch Rum
Plus I’m Arab so you know I got some from Saddam’s son
And you guessed right, it’s a bomb and I named it Boston
Cause I set it up at the front line and I just let the clock run BOOM!
I said… BOOM!
Boom, your whole blocks done and the ones that survived are just laying there playing dead
All you heard was a pause um…
Playing dead like in a Possum
Shut the fuck up you little bitch!

[Round 2- Chilla Jones]
I seen him talking online like “You heard that matchup Dizaster got?
It’s Chilla Jones, he’s deadly in small rooms and his raps is hot.”
So you need more space to work like a astronaut
That must slim your chances cause all of them never thought ya had a shot, so stop
Y’all wanna know what rhythms with “Weak dude with multisyllabics?”
“He’s cool but mostly a faggot”
His whole style is preschool and overly average
On Facebook people in three groups had posted a status
They said a match up with these two is suppose to be classic But how’s that?
I mean y’all really like that shit?
Y’all really think it’s difficult to write that shit?
Well watch this
Every battle I win they say I ain’t the winner
It make ’em bitter, he’s a basic spitter a straight beginner
This is Satan vs Satan’s sitter
Graffiti versus paint and glitter
I’ve been insane since the chain was Benders and Arcane was the main contender
Y’all know what happens when he doesn’t take his steroids? His face gets thinner
And in a week his frame is slimmer than Caitlyn Jenner’s
Your bitch sent me naked pictures of her making dinner
Waist was thicker than a Snickers and I love how that apron fit her
Remember that night?
It was steak and shit salad and bacon bits
Scalops wrapped in bacon strips cake and chips
With a lemonade pitcher that’ll chase the liquor
When she vacated left you home
And said if you leave take the kids or pay the sitter
The next day she came home to wake up with ya
You tried to break up with her like, “Don’t leave babe I ain’t a quitter.”
So she ended up staying with ya
But came home the next day and said I hate this nigga
I texted her like, “Shorty don’t be like that….
Cause Diz’ miss you.”
But it’s only a matter of time fore she dismiss you
Oh you mad?
Go ahead and swing
My man said if Diz’ miss you, dis missile getting fired
You better hope that Diz’ miss you what’s the issue?
Homie you can get the knife if you want it
I run up on you from the side
Get to slicing and cutting
Intestines drop every organ inside of you plummet
But he ain’t nervous
Till’ he felling butterfly’s in his stomach
Keep it a hundred
You got a problem with drugs
You need to pass the pipe
Could tell by how this male function he ain’t acting right
Please react to everything he rap tonight
Cause if y’all are silent when this Busta Rhymes that’s When Dizaster/Disaster Strikes
Don’t gas the hype
The future on the card
Think Terrell, the Miller be on this big bitch back
So think Cheryl
Then watch his wig tear from big barrels
All you hear is a “pop” from the crowd mid round like Big Gerald
Yes sir!
Pro said, “Take Diz’. We don’t got no other options.”
I heard what Dizzy Wright/write, I said, I’ll hops in/Hopsin
Y’all said he’s top ten?
Well I don’t get it
Y’all say he’s a legend, that’s too much credit
Cause I would give him an L then take his ends if we bet it
So his status as a legend would forever be alleged
You’re pathetic
Only jumped on the card cause you want attention
Now Jones in for the hit, it’s like a drug addiction
What gun you gripping?
Fucking fiction
Y’all think he ride blocks?
Y’all think he’ll do a bid for possession?
When will the lies stop? You got me looking down on the game it’s like a Skybox
You wouldn’t face time for the arm rocking and eye watch
Writer’s Bloque
Losing is nothing I’ma fear
I’m none of these top tiers who ain’t done enough in years
Coming unprepared all because he doesn’t fucking care
Yeah, the kingpin in this bitch
That’s why you losing now against
Mr. Jump The Top Tier From The Proving Grounds
Boss Town!

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