Danja Zone vs. Danny Myers [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
You been in God mode? Fuck that
This nigga just tryna seem hard
I’ll bring four in (foreign) pussy back like he tryna get a green card
These bars?
Forget it, in my waist is where the banger looms
Y’all seen how I trained X man, now I’m in Danja room?
The pain consumes, but I’m back with several enhancements
The .40 take out his ribs cause this Maryland man sinned (Marilyn Manson)
When y’all hear them, it be a bunch of filler, see these niggas playin’
I throw sharp rounds off the gate like Ninja Gaiden!
You got beef in yo; heart? Well bitch nigga you not alone
We move in on ’em with no agreement… that’s a squatter home!
I’m a rider Zone, I’ll find out where you be at and yo position homie
I do this, by having niggas tail (tell) you like they snitchin’ on me!
The Smith is on me, you see in 2 years what I’ve accomplished?
Being from the West and killin’ the East is what I encompass!
I don’t know where my mind went, I just know I’ll commit the crime tense
All because of small words, I promise they’ll never find (fine) prints
Before you would begin a verse, you used to have dinner first
Then three battles later, that gypsy hit you with the Thinner curse
Face a winner first, nigga you done ran into a freight train
It takes a big dog to show you you ain’t great, Dan’! (Dane)
The ,8 bang, I’ll catch em with his bitch, I’ll let the kids observe
2 shots…they sink next to each other like “His” and “Hers”!
This the word, you yo’ brother’s keeper even through bloodshed
Well look at yo’ career, and look at yo’ brothers….nuff said!
A year ago, I was liable to send shells
But nowadays beef with me entails
A coat hanger through ya stomach draggin out ya entrails
Then flying a jet over ya house releasing a cloud of Chem-trails
We got a problem please don’t let me get near tre
I’ll blow off a nigga ear and tongue over hearsay
If I flash it, I might as well kill you, I’m puttin lead in ya face
Cause even if I’m ‘Missing You’ I’m still catching a Case
The beef is back, the heat’ll clap til his meat detach
Choke em from behind with a shoe lace…
That’s the sneak attack
I keep a strap, with these sub machines we ain’t bogus
That extended gives us 70…to ours (72 hrs) like a 3-day notice
Bar God!
Bitch I really hustle, I move zones, I’ve earned my splendor
We from the same the crew, but right now I gotta burn a member
Nigga God sent you here
But I was taught when you receive unsolicited mail you return to sender
Remember, these young niggas can’t rap with me
Cause I’m bout to turn 36 Zone…that’s the key (ki)
I shoot up ya house, ya innocent mother be in a blood pool
Bullets be crackin the walls like a drug mule
Wait…Crack in the walls? Drug mule? It’s hopeless you rookie
When you behind these bars you better have something dope in you pussy
And even though he already on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got another 2 rounds of this shit

[Round 1: Danja Zone]
The Messiah of metaphors, the Sultan of similes
The Bar God … you have got to be shitting me
That’s a Dan that goes loco, spazzing lyrically?
Till I parallel park on his head, picture that Sedan…
He’ll have a photo graphic memory
Cannons flashin till it be, hot as hell, and my wrist fracture
Stick daggers, in clowns that say I ain’t got that “IT” factor
He’ll have a still frame if this caps ya
But my hand still waving like I tried to develop the pic’ faster
He Mick Jagger, Pop’s a Rolling Stone wit hella kids and
My bars set records you can’t bear but let’s begin this
Dismantle guys, that’s camera shy, these special lenses
Will have his kids see they Papa rot see (paparazzi) how I bring the press to niggas!?
He came reppin, but left martyr
Went to war wit JC and Zay to show who the best Carter
Every punch may not connect partner
But even my misses son niggas…so let’s take it a step farther
But this ain’t school daze, this day? You brave
But any other too scary for us (forest), like an MK 2 stage
This new age, I can’t lose wave, is true talent
That boot phase? Just say I put a end to the shoes and found a New Balance
New 9 if, I come off the hip and it cock
You dyin, that bitch finna pop
You wildin, thinkin it’s daisies and sunflowers, til he smelling gun powder
Ya bitch can’t leave this event if you got my bucks coward
And some how ya, Detect if Carter’ll lee ya partner, stuck in TRAFFIC, like it’s Rush Hour
You washed up, rush shower, to keep it simple
Weak bladder, I need the pistol
40 at ya door, I had Carlisa get you
But this old fuck knockin at 40’s door, Jai Smoove gon think she cheatin with you
See the issue? He’s not the most elite of writers
But deserves an Oscar for actin, that’s bologna, what makes you think we need a Myers?
You stupid, keep that scene, wit Prince Hakeem, in mind cause
They ain’t seen a dickhead get washed since shorty said “The royal penis is clean your highness!”
See I write this, for the pride and glory
You might wanna leave me alone, that’s not a threat, that a promise, sorry
You know? Like a lending signed agreement?
As far as lines, explaining Montessori niggas, iz a different kinda teaching
I’m, without reachin, the reason he sad lookin
On E, you’re in obedient school and ain’t seen this many ass whoopins
And even though you already on the ground with this shit
Lou Rawls still got 2 more, new, raw, RuPaul, gettin dragged through the roof, floor
Rounds of this shit, and I’m in his town in this bitch!

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
Aspect, KG.. why y’all had to gimme Carter?
Well this knife work’ll set precedence after I Jimmy Carter!
I’ll slap the shit out you with the burner, I ain’t got to bang the steel
You gets no respect ’round here, fuck how Danja feel (Dangerfield)!
Go get yo’ niggas, bitch I’ll dump all those marks
You’ll be jumped and I’ll get the battery charge like the car won’t start!
Y’all severed, the Bar God’ll fall never
Me being in the ring is a part of my Creed like Carl Weathers!
I fire shots, I don’t give a fuck that yo’ vest is dope
These licks gone show up on yo neck like a Mexican throat!
Ya set’s a joke, and that bitch you with is a cum drinker
That hoe be quick off the draws (drawers) like a gunslinger!
But here’s the humdinger, I spit punches with several behind it
So if Zone won (one), it better be the first level on Sonic
I’m demonic! You want combat? I got the Sig’ (cig’) prepared fa ya
You can get smoke in the rain like a hidden character!
Shootin’ that chopper is like cleaning the house…cause if we are beefin’
First I pick up the big shit then I start sweepin’
Ya hearts beatin’, this a straight killa v. a fake Chilla
This nigga get beat to the Heavens like J Dilla
I’m way illa, these bars are a rare level
They blindly throw shots at the god….I dare devils (Daredevil)!
So you takin’ ya family campin’ huh? Well let me show you how real it get
I never been in the Army, but I’ll find ya camp site and mil a tent! (Militant)
Bar God!
His back turned, I creep with the steel down low
Them shots’ll lift the back of his shirt like Miltown Bloe!
This a real town ho, we all seen some cold shit
When I pulled out them mad macs (Mad max) his car seen (car scene) the whole clip
Fo’ spit, they remind me of He Man when ya boy get at em
You should see how these Battle Cats cringe when something pointed at em
I’ll pimp yo bitch, but I don’t want her, nigga the whore is yours
I’m just tryna make a flip off the box like Storage Wars
Look inside my mind, all you’ll see is corridors, a rap horror lord
3 enter ya chest I’ll watch his aura pour
Of course it’s war, you fuckin with a specialist
Nigga yo mama church wouldn’t understand what my method is (Methodist)!
I prefer the revolver, we ain’t doin none of that fisticuffs scufflin’
Cause I hate when the cock jam like when Pits get stuck fuckin!
I’m pissed enough cousin, you can lose ya dome and center
So you can book any way you want like “Choose your own adventure”!
This loser gone remember, I see plenty hate
This Uzi that I rock (Iroc) will give Z 28
Bar God!
You goin’ into a panic sucka?
You see… L.A. what I been brewin’ like the O’Bannon brothers
The cannon touch ya, leg shot, he’ll limp when he catch lead
Believe me, the MAC 90’ll put pimp on his death bed
Mac? 90? Pimpin’? Fuck it you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got a whole nother round of this shit

[Round 2: Danja Zone]
Y’all seen Paid in Full, right? Good
I got a bar for every freckle on ya face…
Like ain’t nuttin bout that classic, save ya crowd reaction
You get hearsed, then rehearsed, I ain’t bout the practice
Plus without the masses
Or the lens, I’da put a point thru his frame like Calvin glasses
Tragic, you just mad cause you not Carter
The team hot, but you not…Ron Harper
As long as the Price is Right, like Bob Barker
I’m here to kill niggas buzz like a Fly swatter
Ya bitch? I’ll break her jaw, like a Gobstopper
Once I put something in her cheeks like The Godfather
My barz make the sky darker, be very worried
Bitch got me pissed, cause it’s a mark in my territory
F stories, how you palm ratchets, I’m a God at that
And ain’t come to play Danny, like Bob Sagat
Crib full of kids, guess he think family matters
Till I’m in that full house wit heat that’ll make Danny Tanner!
I got a bar for every freckle on ya face…
Cause you a coward
Fuck Dan, and ya pansy family tree, it’z a difference between ya oak and ours
Say he sold some ganja, it don’t matter HOW HIGH da, potent power
Cause the answer for testin me, is I’ll roll up and smoke his patna!
Wash him, give him that Ivory feel, ranked highly in skill
So the raps and verses, you was in the back rehearsin
Ain’t even scratch the surface
The west’ll cosign him until
They see you’z a bird without claws, but even wit’em you talentless (talon-less) still
So how does it feel!? I’ll give ya bitch the D and ya lower tier, just a mere mortal
Fuck who you pray to, if you prey to a predator, I don’t even appear normal
Not to mention, my dimensions, is real portals
Ya style? Ewww, I’m ill, shocked? I’ll make it clear for you
Meaning you jumped in a pool, and lost sight of who’s in it, but listen, I feel for you
Cause I got a bar for every freckle on ya face…
But let’s take a different route
Ya bitch box I dig it out, all in this nigga house
Playin 2K, online, under yo PSN account
Ya bitch about, BBCs and I’ma bigger factor
Know the difference between who been a factor and benefactor
I know how to get her, and what to give her after
I know Vicky see KRIT, must got a thing for Mississippi rappers
What I give her? Half a, horse dick, divorce Vick
She say you no where NIA LONG, so I HALFWAY A SISTA, then give her SOMMORE dick!
That bar slick, just wasn’t raw or that vicious
‘Less you consider, Nia Long and Sommore is half sistas
To the west you a disgrace
Ya rhymes is wack, I’m flyin’ back
Wit his head up in a case
And why is that? Cause bitch! I got a bar for every freckle on ya face
And even though he already on the ground with this shit
He want war, wit one more, dumb whore, he done, TF you come for!?
Round of this shit and I’m in his town in this bitch

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
MBK, DMV, I’m sorry that ya man is gone
That chopper evacuate niggas wherever it’s landin’, Zone
Bitch I’ll sleep yo ass, first it’s the hands chokin’ ya
Then I’ll stab yo’ circle like I ain’t got a can opener!
When I say “Nobody move!,” I mean that shit, don’t act like you don’t know me fucker
Even ya son can die just reachin’ for the bottle like Stony brother
I’ll use a pair of shears if I ain’t carrying TECs
Y’all gone watch me scissor this bitch like lesbian sex
We either let off nice shots, or knife spots til our life stops
We gone have to get each other bitch like wife swap!
Go head and run nigga, I’ma let two cans bust
And put 10 on a nigga back like two hand touch
I’m too damn much, avoid the gun fight or ya roof get hit
Steve Francis showed us niggas out of Maryland can’t shoot for shit
You stupid bitch, I’ll show up on yo block with a extra clip
My patience…zero, so you gone be the first nigga to catch the shit
He’s my student, on yo tier list, I ain’t worried ’bout who’s the highest
As long as I’m not (knot) next to the pupil like a stye is
You try to hide from me nigga? Well bitch I’ma find ya
Shoot the hoe, watch where ya mother land (motherland) like a trip to Rwanda
I’ll carve words into ya chest, then throw ya body in a coffin
So when I say you’re in grave (engraved) Danja that’s a triple entendre
Nigga, I’m a monster
Step yo’ ho ass outside, the heat can burn
I shoot niggas in they throats if we ain’t on speaking terms
I heard you been plottin on me, y’all been plannin’ to find me
That’s cool, cause me myself I been plannin a homi!
I’ll turn ya man to salami
Believe me, it’s in my gene a (Gina) to make a Cole look a like become friends with a Tommy!
The canon beside me
You need to watch who you stand in front of, and the niggas that’s standin’ behind me!
God damn this a body!
They shoulda gave you the info what you was in fo’
I pull a gun while he holdin a celly to his temple
I’ll shoot him while he holdin’ his Samsung
Fragments of it go in his wrist, I embed the Note in his arm like Memento!
I am mental! I run in his house with no kinda patience
It’ll be my pleasure to tie this nigga up like a Dominatrix
This my time of greatness, first I focus
My pen is crazy, the flow is clean like reverse Osmosis
Bar God!
I’ll spread out pieces of you, after I chop you with a sword til you die
Your dependents will only know where a fourth of you lie (4th Of July)
Ya sources were right, faggot!
I did say, “Fuck My Brother’s Keeper”
I’ma fuck yo bitch and when I’m done I’ll let my brother keep her!
The snub’ll reach ya, I’ll walk up on you and fire 3 shots
The rounds of fire were mentioned in the Bible…I am Enoch!
I’m from Cali, but these bars register in other states
It’s only right the DMV gave me another plate
I’m fuckin great, and you on the ground with this shit
Thank the Lord he don’t got another round of this shit

[Round 3: Danja Zone]
On the 7th day, God rested, think about that…cause I really want ya’ll to hear me out
Cause if you susceptible to sleepin, you susceptible to dreamin
So tell me…what you think Gods have nightmares about?
Now if you even think you know, I want you to answer me then
And if you don’t it’s cool, but in a minute, I’ma ask you again
For now, I’m back in attack mode
Some asshole, said I look like dude from Martin, which is factz though
Should recognize the KING in the middle, of speakin in riddles
Yea nigga, I’m Nat Cole!
Act bold, the gauge’ll lift him
Fried a grape, a month later, Danja back in California raisin niggas
Errythang I say is vicious, my nina clap wit no legs
But my Dame kicks, like I’m bringin back the Pro Keds
You ain’t better than Ooops, Day, J, Magic, Jones, Ced
That’s Nitty, Kannon, 4-0, Trez
You in the, lineup so far down, we can’t see you like B. Magic’s fo’head
That’s why we did this in ya city
Danja, made ya, eulogy, in a gated community
And he still defenseless against me!
But since we, gon begin there nucka
It’s apparent I been killin…I’ll make ya men end EZ like a Menendez brova
You faggot you
Not street enough for this avenue
Gut punches, hand ova his stomach
Losin is absolute!
To rap wit you, is overkill
Give him a can it could show who real
Wantin wreck, A broken grill’ll give him that total feel
Thinkin bein hood, in genetics, dese punchez’ll fuck up a nigga motor skills
No forreal, won’t switch, I’ma use the same
Fist, a contusion came
Then I’ma bring it back like a boomerang
Bruise him, the abuse and pain,’ll look like he tried, to kiss the side, of a moving train
Fuck who you paid, I can’t control ya money
But that alone shows, you can’t compare ya lil hungry, to 3rd world country
Trust me, my hunger been, from 1 to 10, a hunnid den
They think I suck my stomach in
They can’t grasp the bars, I get across, I punch within, a jungle gym
Try to write, like I write, you might, just lose a fuckin limb
It’s tough findin, Blood Diamonds, so some content, with Jungle Gems
Kids, you got a bunch of them
Don’t wanna see them? Keep mugging den
A dome shot’ll make it hard to thank, and wonder when
Any nigga that stare’ll (sterile), draw a blank, can’t fuckin’ leave or see their son (seed a son) again
I’m gunnin them, I mean what else is there to talk about?
Knew we’d meet, he’d freeze up before cooking, maybe you shoulda thought (thawed) this out
If there was even a slight chance of doubt
So let me ask you again what do Gods have nightmares about?
The answer is terrorist attacks if I’m not mistaken
For a rack (Iraq) he fucked, Danja’s code name Saddam-a natrix
So for the sake of conversation, why would you bring the BarGod to the spawn of Satan
The abomination, next time you contemplating on that line don’t ever cross that
And before you even mention a nigga, say where your bars at?
Off with his head, make some noise!

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