T-Rex vs. Danny Myers [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
They think cause they got me in New York I’ma be outta my zone
Well as long as there’s gangstas and real niggas in the buildin’ I’ma feel like I’m home
A few years ago I witnessed Diddy give him $10,000
Well I’m ’bout to shoot this nigga so many times when the cops get to the scene they gon’ be like, “Damn…did he give him ten thousand?”
I’ve been wildin’, shoot you comfortable from a foldin’ chair
So used to the handle bein’ on my stomach, sometimes I don’t even know it’s there
Two .25’s and a Mossberg, which one I use to get him gone?
It’s only right I extinct T-Rex usin’ a little arms
Nigga, what you know about…fuck it, I ain’t gonna go that route
Cause I’ma say some shit these people ain’t supposed to know about
But I paid you out my pocket, all drug money cause I have a skill
But some niggas know that I’m workin’ with a half a mil’
Remember, Half-A-Mil? One of his best songs was Some Niggas
See these are the type of lessons I gotta teach to these dumb niggas
You ever ran up on a nigga and let it slide like, “Forget about it.”
Then turn around in a moment of shock cause yo’ nigga shot him?
I’ve been a problem, from long range I’ve got high percentage
I’ll show you how to put a mask over your face like a flight attendant
Bar God!
I’m suppose to be humble cause you “a legend”?
Fuck that, how clown?
Shootin’ at you from my balcony the only time I bow down
On some real shit, my mama did 15 but ain’t nothin’ to me
Cause my daddy did 20 but he back in doin’ another 20
Who fuckin’ wit’ me? I’ll run up with the TEC and I’m droppin’ ’em
K-Shine gon’ be like, “Get that nigga Rex!…to the hospital”
It’s optional, I could put this down and grab the other piece
You prolly got a tattoo with a half a heart and K-Shine got the other piece
Don’t fuck wit’ me!
I didn’t set this battle up just to bring me stardom
I set it up, to tell you to yo’ face I’m the king of Harlem
A west coast nigga, I’m here to check you nigga, in yo’ motherfuckin’ face
I disrespect you nigga
You only livin’ cause a nigga like me let you nigga
You died on the same day as your nephew nigga
Rex, I silence the gat when I get close to ya
I take the ring off before I get to the pussy like an adulterer
I blaze heaters, everything I say is ether
To you this is a battle but to me it’s way deeper
You said you hold yo’ gun more than you hold yo’ son
Well that can’t be true because to me it looks like you don’t know how to raise either
Them cave seekin’, here’s somethin’ you should get straight first
These people paid money, they ain’t tryin’ to hear a mixtape verse
Don’t spit that, that’s only cool if we cipherin’
It’s only right he gets ten cent (sent) for recyclin’
The portrait of a real nigga, that’s what y’all get out these verses from me
I guess all yo’ .45’s and MAC’s sit next to yo’ nursing degree
We ain’t got no CNA license, all my niggas in the streets is doomed
I guess you the same gangsta that’ll shoot a nigga then go and treat the wound
What kind of shit is that? You need lessons, step into my office, family
So next round, fuck Rex, please let me talk to Randy
I’ll blam him, you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got another (two rounds of this shit)

[Round 1: T-Rex]
Grown man bars… something he gotta deal with
No matter how many of them fabricated lines he just said, it ain’t gon equal up to this real shit
It’s like every time Danny call Beasley or Smack they change the date
I only had to do that shit to show you this ain’t the first time I made you wait
You was all in every interview like, “I’ma do this” and “I’ma do that”
Talkin’ ’bout this $12,000 like there was ever really a chance of you gettin’ it back
He not knowin’ that shit he was sayin’ on the radio is the reason he might gettin’ him clapped
So nigga you was dead on yo’ money I only did this for Smack
I do what I wanna do nigga
Every city, every state with my jewelry that’s cause I’m comfortable nigga
I took ya $12,000 and battled you when I wanted to nigga
Ayo Shotgun Suge, that’s how you pocket check a nigga without touchin’ a nigga!
Where I’m from, a nigga will kill a nigga over half a stack
They fuck wit’ me so much shit they’ll prolly do it for half of that
So imagine what they’ll do to a nigga if I say he owe me a $12,000 stack
Yo Lux, them niggas gon’ start thinkin’ like Ma$e, they lookin’ past the (pastor) rap
Tell Danny I got a box for him
And them freckles don’t look the same when there’s stitches on top of ’em
With a mask and a surgical gloves, I’ll doctor him
Have him hooked to so many cables they go optimum
Ayo, I was goin’ through some serious shit with my nephew when I almost decked you
So I’m bein’ real this is not the time
That aggressive shit, only gon’ get you shot and robbed
Bunch of killers, slide and open the van like a soccer mom
Like James Harden on a fast break, you see a Rocket fly
I don’t know what these niggas thought after that Clip’s shit
Cause I’m not no regular nigga
And I was raised by a whole bunch of negative niggas
No Swave but wit’ that blade I’ll sever (Sevah) a nigga
You kiss the bow on camera like Erica nigga
I’m shootin’ until his camp done, it wasn’t no kidnap money but when he saw me he ran some (ransom)
Cocked it, put one in his leg, now he can’t run
I’m shootin’ bad, holdin’ me back now that’s an And 1
They say that the sun bring out your freckles so you can see them joints
Only thing science proves is that he’ll show his true colors when the heat is on
My waist is like a yellow cab that’s what the meter on
And I’ll be all in his woman eyes (womanize) like I treat her wrong
My young niggas know I send him them birds
You niggas gon’ shoot for me if I give him the word
Broad day leave his shit on the curb
It’ll be sadder than when Boyz II Men was singin’ The End Of The Road
The revolver like laundry, I gotta spin it to load
He fresh outta the drier, he finna get fold
Hollow tips starts rippin’ his bones
He was shot from head to toe, there’s even bullets in the tip of his toes
I give you what you need cause I’ma boss
If you buy enough of this shit, I’ll even come drop it off
Weed, coke, hard or soft
I’m sellin’ fish scale, I use the baking soda as the tarter sauce
Let him get hype with I (eye) and I’m a lash out
Aim a pistol at him, that bitch nigga might pass out
When nothin’ fuckin’ happened like spendin’ the night at Jaz’ house
Ayo Lux a whole bag full of guns, shit’ll look like I’m takin’ the trash out
See I’m leavin’ wit’ this nigga head
Y’all already know my slogan
(This nigga dead!)
No, no, no it wasn’t funny he dead
I leave him like Sonny he dead
I was serious, this was for Smack cause for yo’ money you dead
Bitch nigga

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
Charlie Clips exposed you put yo’ fingers in yo’ ass
Damn, what happened B?
Normally, I get criticized for all the hand shakes and dappin’ G
But not this battle, that friendly shit couldn’t get in my plans
I’m in yo’ face you already got some shit on yo’ hands
Bar God!
I promise nigga, look me in my eyes and be honest nigga
Have you ever felt the weight of killin’ another man on yo’ conscious nigga?
My nigga Black was like, “I don’t give a fuck if they ever find this nigga.”
Cause Black Thought that shit was Common like a conscious nigga
I’ll knock you unconscious nigga
My savagery beyond this nigga
That .50 Cal has seven motherfuckas behind this nigga
We used to have family dinner at a round table
Real niggas can bare wit’ me
Death has taken us, every year you notice a different chair empty
That’s why I keep a flare wit’ me
Hood life will never change
My niggas walkin’ around wit’ bullets in they body but only feel ’em when the weather change
Beretta’s bang, I’ll bury you, crazy anonmyous
They gon’ have to dig up Rex with a paleontologist
Bar God!
Bitch nigga like you can get exposed
Real quick I lift his soul
I’m in his bushes, crouched down with the deuce like a prison pose
My nigga got the camcorder filmin’ the whole shit
So when I spark the gun
Bullets Smack you, end your career on DVD like where it started from
You keep seein’ that same car drive by you, we in the backseat gettin’ them gats together
That Millennia passed you five times, that’s the Jurassic era
But the sixth time we stopped, hop out, that’s when yo’ ass in terror
Bars from Brazil, start kickin’ wit’ a rhythm; that’s Capoeira
Bar God!
Amazin’ bars, sometimes they even amaze me
Shatter his jaw, he’ll be Pieces Of A Man like AZ
I got a small gun that’ll bury a nigga like eight feet
And a large one that’ll give him a wake (awake) but he stay sleep
I ride through Harlem in a tinted Lex. lookin’ for this nigga Rex
Anybody on the internet wit’ a little bit of intellect
Will tell you this is up close and personal there won’t be no indirects
Bullets goin’ into Rex, that’ll be the end of Rex
Knockin’ out his Memorex, niggas won’t remember Rex
I’ve been a threat, gun on his forehead leave his brains smoke
Between the streets and battle rap, I’m the missin’ link like my chain broke
Me and this nigga ain’t the same folks
I’m better than all the prior greats
I’m the new legend, get this washed up nigga outta Myers’ face
When I first pulled the trigger, I couldn’t get it to fire straight
I had to get used to lickin’ that shit like an acquired taste
I’ll chase this nigga down his fire escape
If me and this guy fight, then mase him
But if he come back for the second time I’ll see that he find Christ
You know when Ma$e came back for the second time he found Christ
You like to take a whole bunch of filler bullshit and make it sound nice
This crowd nice, you came from the old era to the new battles
But no matter what you do, yo’ legacy will forever be in Mook’s shadow
Dot Mobb, Harlem niggas, all the men were snitches
No wonder we use a Dot to end a sentence
Bare witness!
I’ll run up on him with the .45 smokin’
You said you wasn’t gon’ blink, you right cause you down wit’ yo’ eyes open
The God’s spoken and you on the ground wit’ this shit
This wack MC got a whole ‘nother round of this shit

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
I hired you to do this battle, then I was like, “Hold up. Wait
I gave this nigga a job and on his first day he shows up late.”
You ain’t no different than nobody else, you just another nigga to wil’ on
When a stoned Miles choked in front of Lux, Lux hit a milestone
You peep that, I give ’em props
But fuck Lux and Mook I get ’em shot
Bullets will change the landscape of yo’ city that’s the Harlem Renaissance
You ain’t gotta look for beef, but if you prefer searchin’
I make sure a meetin’ witchu and Lucifer for certain
When a Ruger burst curtains
While you was playin’ first person shooters I was taught to shoot the first person!
My niggas sported blue rags, Dickie suits, curb servin’
Herb burnin’, School Of The Hard Knocks but we learn from it
Cali life is stressful, it ain’t all glory nigga
My uncle jumped from the 15th floor, I got stories nigga
I was crossed like a white Klan, [?] damn hood I’m in
Thinkin’ ’bout my nigga Young B and what his lifespan coulda been
You killed a nigga over yo’ chain?
Well Lux should’ve told you it wasn’t worth it, over somethin’ the white man put us in
Put I ain’t like the nigga you got, I’ll put you in the grave Rex
I’ma take the chain off this pussy like slave sex
My niggas shoot random inside yo’ house with the gauge, TEC’s
And hope shit turns out negative like an AIDS test
I got a bitch posted in yo’ area, she a born thug, bad
She only two miles away and ready to bang like a PornHub ad
Bar God!
Every battle Danny spazzin’, oh jeah
I’m ’bout to do Randy, Savage
If there’s a crown in this battle shit, I’m destined to get it
I open my coat and show this nigga the second ammendment
No question I’m wit’ it
You ain’t got to wonder where them cans are
It’s like you fell out with that nigga from Dot Mobb, you ain’t fuckin’ with Dan bars
We plan ours, kick the back do’ in then them guns follow
Smack ya brother, whoever make a move, get dumb hollows
Any silly shit, you’ll drum swallow
I’ll snatch the pad out yo’ baby mother’s panties and squeeze the blood into yo’ son bottle
Sit her bitch ass down and force her to feed it to him
Write, “My son is a faggot” and force you to read it to him
What’s happenin’ Rex? You a ho ass nigga
I don’t like lames, this bullet belt across my chest lookin’ like a bike chain
My fight game, you ain’t know I was that damn cruel?
I’ll back hand you ’til they gotta cat scan you
Black van crew, any nigga on my team will beam him
I’ll make you talk to the can’ like tin cups with the string between ’em
Bar God!
Even if he tried to shoot me, I already figure he’ll miss me
Why? Well Hell, his trigger finger is shitty
I rise champ, hit the block, grind and provide camp
I’m eatin’ you for every time my mama was denied stamps
You ain’t nowhere near protection
I’ll grab a Tommy and drain a drum like I’m tryin’ to heal an ear infection
My cousin was like, “Rex really wit’ that shit. Don’t call him a bitch or a bitch ass nigga.”
I said, “You know what I’ma do to this bitch you bitch ass nigga?”
It really seems like I’m tryin’ to kill this nigga by any means
You went from 12/12 skinnies to dressin’ like you 12 in some skinny jeans

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