Iron Solomon vs. Daylyt [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Iron Solomon]
After six years of watching Mook run
To show up and get booed, son
When a classic gets ruined
I don’t know who lost and who won
But the view from the future
When you look back at what you’ve done
You’ll come to understand your slogan
“You win some and you lose some”
Cause I won lots and I lost one, and that, Day, was gruesome
But to build you must destroy, so since that day I grew some
See, ya’ll were sad, I’m that dude ya’ll imagine can’t lose
But I ain’t mad at that loss, I can handle that bruise
You know what happened to past Jews
We’re used to having bad news
You heard of King Solomon’s wives
I’m used to having mad boos
No matter what bed you in your habitat moves
So if the fans all desert me I’ll adapt to that too
Do the crime, do the time, I’ll accept any charge
Step in a spar, I ain’t afraid of catching a scar
Do dirt you might get dusted, that’s how shenanigans are
You think I’d take one L and quit? I ain’t Kendrick Lamar
Cause that would make me the worst kind of whore
Who gets fucked once and quits cause her vagina’s sore
But actually I’m glad that he came wearing that
Cause I’m battling my own legacy
This shit is a mirror match
And the only real reason you getting held up this high
Is cause you’re a reflection of what I’ve done
I see myself in your style
Yo Brigante! How you feel about this round, Bish’?
You ready for me to take this mirror down now
(crowd says “BITCH!”)
I’ve returned, my reign reached further with each verse
But I’ll deliver this kid defeat first, like a breached birth
Got a ladder to climb to reclaim my spot at one
Your name don’t ring bells, you just the bottom rung
But you’ll tide me over, so I made my way here
Where your delivery can’t slay my reign, dear
The way this kid behaves, lot of michief made
But you sent a little letter to Saint Nicolas, prayed
When the gifts get gave I’m gonna dig his grave
Give you the biggest box on your wishlist, Day
I can’t wait to open up on him like Christmas day
Send Lyt to meet B.I.G. – I think Chris miss Day
Ain’t taking no L no matter how you holla, Day
And if you live till tomorrow I’m boxing Day
With the heavy and the feather weights waiting, shouting “fight, fight”
You could get left, left overs with the right, right
Iron ain’t taking Lyt light, I’m taking Lyt’s light
This just isn’t Day’s day, this is night night!
Uppercut him to a kite height, punching holes through black
I don’t think Lyt bright so let the Jewish guy work
You are getting crusified, that’s how we do at my church
I’m a hungry blood sucker, you the food for my thirst
Learn from a vampire what a human life’s worth
Right now, you feeling like you’ve survived worse
Second round you thinking about suicides perks
Third round, go to antics, maybe mooning might work
You’ll need more than your anus when you and I verse
So no bright ideas, the stars are my peers
To reach where son at would take light years
You can’t eclipse my soul or my flare
Right here is my throne, your throne is a high chair
And I just had a baby, so I recognise how babies all behave
Won’t eat his veggies so his energy is mainly off of grapes
Want to shit in public, take out his dick in public
And paint things on his face
And won’t get dressed to leave the crib if he can’t put on a cape
Well, baby D should be able to see in plain sight
With a cape and his crusade (crew’s aid) you still couldn’t take flight
You think you the brave type, in a blink I will take life
You look at me wrong, D you’ll be seeing a grave site
For most opponents I’d stay awake right how a slave might
I didn’t even need to break night to see Daylyt
See, you been trying to roam the map
Don’t even know the path
The fork in the road you at, both ways go nowhere fast
And even the coldest acts, sometimes hit a cul-de-sac
So watch where you turn or there’ll be no going back
See, I’m illuminating where this lane is going ahead, Lyt
So you can see that this scene will shine more when we shed light/Lyt
It’ll be a grave day when Lyt dead, but the world will be a little brighter in light end

[Round 1: Daylyt]
This shit is fair as a air fight
If you think I’m here to win battles
Nah, I’m only here to make a name
As soon as the mic handed to me
The plan is to be the man in the mirror
I’m only here to make a change
Which is the key word, soon as the coin flip
They realize the pen he brought for this quarter
Got him screaming, oh my God, Day tense
These iron rounds I got for money is currency
But if y’all can’t add that up now, later on it’ll all make sense
It’s the new king versus the forgotten sire
Let’s see if you can spin a hot round
Next to Mr. Washing Machine like y’all dryers
I scream “We be the best” and they soft Breyer’s
Will, too much quill for squares to box tired of y’all bias
I jot fire, résumé flame job hire for wop plier
Think I lost my grip in that title shot prior
I showed up as a slave with wrinkled clothes
And nine months later I got Iron
I tell them it’s time to line up their mouth, like the motion hush
Think ocean rush; they quick to see I am honest
The stuff he know’s cold sick symptoms, see visibly I am sinus
Line minus I write for his ass, so simply I’m your highness
What I did for this match I’m talking train for the kid
Mentally I am Thomas
It’s time I go at him, fam; Uncle Fester
Chester that cat, flame hot as the bad Cheeto
Swag Frito Lays any bitch nigga, we drag hero
Grand Jito, all rap, dogs snap, like a mad beagle
Smash hito (?), I’m the Lord Of The Ring like the lad Smeagol
The last c-note, get marked out to 100; I’m past Deebo
Leave a jackass face on his back, now that’s Steve-O
The mass evil, get whip to be wrecked, like a smashed Regal
One arm then iron in the sky; I’m Magneto
I tell him a light wind, a breeze is what I desire
Y’all believe it, I’m anemic; I need to body iron
Who you eyeing Iron? I’ll hit Iron with the iron
Show Iron how iron feel
I told you I’m anemic, fuck around and get Iron peeled
I am the ender
My Killer Instant flame; I am the cinder
Y’all ’bout to see a round body on a Canadian stage
I am a Bender
I am a trender, I’ll let a clip load; I am a render
Ironman get hit with the hawk; I am Avengers

[Round 2: Iron Solomon]
So when the Thott Mob
Saw all the awkward shit he does
Wearing thongs and pixie dust
Whipping out his dick and stuff
Doing songs in the buff
Blogs about kissing Puff
False flagging Cripping, cause, they thought
Yeah, “He fits with us.”
Then they all smacked his friggin’ butt
Please tell me, how’d the jump you in the gang?
Did they stomp you and lump you?
Or dry hump you in the gang
Was your butt what the whole Dot Mob got a crack at?
Was it like an E Honda thousand hand ass slap?
Smdrdrdrdrd Smdrdrdrd SMACK!
Or like a football game
When players run from the sidelines
But you was moon-walking through a tunnel of high fives?
Well, your coach should have ran with some better ringers
The Mob went from a handful of heavy hitters
To randoms and second stringers
Your camp has how many members?
There’s plenty in the crowd
They wanna be the yard bully so they’ll put anybody down
While the Dot Mob president pretends that you’re friends
But he ain’t present at your battle no one ever attends
Little homie representing only benefits them
With your rep I’d be resenting where those benefits end
You playing the wrong game
That relationships all strained
Mook and Rex got along famous before fame
Did numbers before the Dot
They making some large gains
Added money after the Dot
So they paying him small change
They purchased you for cheap
Ain’t no earnings you can keep
Just desert what you deserve don’t be concerned with what they eat
That’s the sermon that they preach
They was certain you was meek
Cause the serpent only preys on a person who is weak
Like your tattoo artist when he’s working on your piece
Made you take it on the chin and turn the other cheek
You observe without a peep
Not a word without a tweet
Under Dot Mob’s wing
You’s a bird without a beak
Pussy as a putty tat
Despite where he put his tat
We gotta suffer this suckers trash
Why I outta whoop his ass
And make it hard for this cartoon artist to save face
Having some real heart is the part that you can’t fake
You a guppy in a tank with a shark and I taste bait
You let Arsonal claim Grape
And you aren’t from the same state?
Let alone ya neighborhood or your street
Day, Day, Day, Day, Day, Day
To Tookie that’s weak
I could walk in the shoes of the Brooklyn elite
But there’s a difference between Bigfoot and defeat
All that I need is a rhyme book and a beat
And I’m cooking with heat, I’ll butcher this beef
Dog, this cat food, type of pussy I’d eat
On the real, you fishing to catch a hook in your cheek
I’m the medicine man, when you look to get leaked
An NY in front of Quill will put him to sleep!
Send your ass snoozing back to La La land
You got a face that says, “This ain’t what my Ma planned.”
You’re her greatest failure
When you face a mirror
You wish you saw an L.A. star like Jayceon Taylor
Because y’all ain’t Blood
But you would share his family name
The only Crip that would literally get married to The Game
Then it’s off to the alter he goes
I bruise all of your alter egos
I alter egos
Day, Lyt, Quill, your real name is Devon, right?
Well, today Quill’l get sent to divine light
My claim as king on this stage is divine right
You could write ’til 2020, couldn’t see me in hindsight
We see what this Grape has done for the lime light
Imagine what this fruit would do for a Klondike
This is Walter Cronkite meets Walt White
A short pier, a long hike, a gun in a knife fight
While this fist is working him, this one is on strike
You waiting on punch lines, this is the prom night
Watch Devon’s wife get carried away from her own husband
The queen’s with the king, we already at home coming
You think she’s so pure, she prolly has no her
‘Till I whip out that limb, oh she chauffeur
She worked that dick, like that’s her occupation
We trade off with our mouths, that’s a conversation
She ain’t afraid to face me, hard!
That’s a confrontation
And put all her features on me, that’s a compilation
Keep it going? Keep it going?
I split her open put my tool inside, that’s an operation
Make her say “Ahhh”, then bang her on her knees
That’s a doctor’s patient
Now she on her knees five times a day
That’s Asalaam Alaikum
Anything you can do I can do better!
That’s the point I’m making

[Round 2: Daylyt]
I said, I had this shit bottled up for the longest
And it’s not Moscato or Moet
They think I forgot the quilt well it’s chocolate milk
You who make the show bets
My second round is my ground game
I ain’t even get to the flow/flo’ yet
They thought he could split the G.O.A.T. and realize I’m the wrong nigga to go at
I said it’s a mean pleasure for these extreme measures
[?] pass the digraph, today I become Irv Gotti
I brought Murder Inc. for this word hobby
Word, Ivy, I get to preserve body out of the cryo stash?
Solomon I’ll admit
But don’t cry, your last match don’t defy yo’ spaz
When the file pass, it shows you got cool schooled
I watched Mook DeVry yo’ ass
[?] asked, “How did you die or was the dial high on gas?”
Well talent sound would swell balance round but you still got your gyro slashed
The top spot you drop and I cop
Soon as I put on the eye O mask
Oh Mile, look how I blew him, my career sonic boom
Quick as a Guile blast
Now I’m the guy
They imitate my moves I got a [?]
I catch ’em all, soon as I take a peek at you/Pikachu legends
I got a lie yo Ash
In my alley we rally for checkers broke records, get his vinyl crash
Wig cracked, the kid black, it’s like a Caillou flash
No matter how you spaz, signed vital pass
Title past, they couldn’t save dog with the [?]
Regardless, everything they write about this artist is garbage
Why do they buy yo’ trash?
Since the dino’s past
It was great so I erase shows that I’ma cook you
And that’s exactly why the dinos passed
You in front of the black skeleton
Tell him facts, you fair skin, lack melanin
That’s how you know daylight gonna fry yo’ ass
I am God’s pig due to my pigment son
That third rock do not respect you
Too much day light in your face white boy, sun blocking won’t protect you
I’m the prophet, if he profit his pockets is what we check through
Real Shotty still bodies, Colossus is what the Tec do
I’m Brown as the real Bobby
His plate is what we ate off like the real Nazi
Get put to fucking sleep when I peel bitches, I’m Bill Cosby
But for the longest I’ve been eyeing he
Waiting for a stage, a place where it was just I and he
Bars debating if I should give Iron these
Knowing his heart is ’bout as soft as his bro daughter
I’m slaughtering Iron niece
To cut my legs off, that’s exactly what Iron needs
But he can’t, cause I stand strong as a man with Iron knees
Hire these
To the fucking Batmobile

[Round 3: Iron Solomon]
Yo, you came in the game strong, claimed your throne
But now you taking losses we can’t condone
1-3-9 in Lennox ain’t his home
But you still got a Big L from that Danja Zone/Dangerzone
That’s why you had a hard time behind these bars out the gate
Think house arrest, you get knocked you step too far out your place
So give me room or I’ma cut you, trying to carve out some space
I’m like you having tattoo regrets, yo get this mark out my face!
Yo, I mean, who’d he top to get to this tier?
Am I missing something? Who dick he sucking?
He gotta be swallowing cause he ain’t spitting nuttin’
I go, there’s a big eruption
Your flow, is an interruption
The hard shit comes between your soft rounds, this is titty fucking
I skip discussion
You feeling froggy then get to jumping
I’ll bang out with all you pussies, I’m a shitty husband
But this kid be cuddling with his lame ass wife
The next day he gets naked to prove his gay man’s pride
He run with New York crews, but claim L.A. gang ties
I’m just struggling to understand your strange ass life
You flip your image outta left field, that’s the game plan right?
See one light at sun rise, Day will change that night
We seen ‘Lyt switch up but he ain’t that bright
You from The Matrix why we never seen the same cat twice?
See one Day’, be pulling out and shooting the heater
For the other Day, pulling out is what he do with his wiener
This shit’s community theater
With a gangster who’s getting crazy
By playing dress up with Randy and Mr. Lahey
It’s always some fuck shit when dude is involved
We think he’s truly evolved then the illusion dissolves
There’s two yous, you get a dub when you doing your job
But when he knows he won’t win then he loses his drawers
Between creative and corny, you walking a thin line
Trying to juggle this circus act with balance you can’t find
Doing six second videos throwing up gang signs
In California raising (raisin) suspicion ’bout yo’ Cripping through them Grape vines
When the Watts [?] Grapes split into the Locs and the Mexicans
You think they pictured YOU as the future of who spoke for they section?
A Crip so small minded he gotta troll for attention
With no ending to the length that he’ll go for a mention
Toward what goals are you heading?
To be known as a legend or a vulture who fed himself off this culture we repping?
Which role are you peddling?
Where are these roads intersecting?
He’s so lost he gotta ask Calicoe for directions
Have you spoke to a reverend?
No? Devon?
Well let us pray
We’ll get your soul into Heaven
Just answer me this question Day
Tell me why is it that this pussy must behave
Somewhere between a dickhead and as asshole to feel he’s entertained (enter taint)
I mean we seen dude do crap on a stage
You just can’t do, I thought yo’ ass was washed up after that sham’ poo/shampoo
That’s why your movement has been stressed
You can’t take shit Seriously all you do is in jest/ingest
You know the difference between being me and this mess?
After battles I get press
After battles you get dressed
See little girls who need attention become go-go dancers
Class clowns act out cause they don’t know answers
This actor gained dollars rocking masks and costumes
But lost sense of who he really is and that’s the cost to him
Bankrupt, robbed by your own spending
Your credit, there’s no mending
I’m catching you on your way down, this is goal tending
All your shit backfired, Mexican plumbing
You’re like every porno ever, your ending is coming/cumming
Began as a grown man and regressed into nothing
So I’ma count your life down, think Benjamin Button
I’m an 80’s baby, to me the 21st century is fucking weird
I put a decade and a half in this game, sweat, blood and tears
The real work I wanna see through, is becoming clear
I learned a few new life lessons, last couple years
Like a king with an uppercut to get undermined by a sucker punch
If it lands, a lord’s lease on this stage is just month to month
Cowards are weak, but money is power
They pay 10 grand for Day’s crew, they paid 20 for ours/24 hours
See how quick it could change, your status switched in the game
Now watch me clock out your 15 minutes of fame
Your moments over the second that this goes online
And Day’s days are numbered when the host calls “time”

[Round 3: Daylyt]
I said, what I did versus Oops, I like to call this the sequel
And sacrifice some of my third verse just to talk to my people
Most of y’all muhfuckas have no idea of what it means when the real niggas say “Real nigga shit.”
Cause when a black nigga hating on a black nigga that go back to the house nigga and field nigga shit
In a new sense they killed niggas quick
Left kids in the field with a click/clique guns filled with a clip
Thought we was past the lashings but now these niggas will kill for a deal with a whip
They jealousy is jealousy
Bottom of the Amistad boat’s motion which got us feeling sick
In videos we waving guns like we wild boy, but we run from the cowboys like the real Emmitt Smith
In a sense, who knows what’s to be deleted but still get a whiff
Racism, they said they was finished lying
But the race to the finish line is what we still dealing with
I said Martin Luther King had a Dream
Til one of your people left his dream’s blown
He got scratched off like a mad itch, it was a bad stitch and yet it seem wrong
We lost our leader, now brothers telling, “No more lean on me, just get your lean on.”
The problem with us is there’s a lot of blacks on activists
And not enough black activists to make the team strong
When I was young, I grew up off of Good Will clothing
Brand new shirt with the sleeve gone
For food my father had to run into local routes and get his Steve on
You had the childhood life kids like me would dream on
I grew up asking my father, “How you get to Sesame Street?”
This nigga daddy helped write the Sesame Street theme song
I said, Daylyt killing Solomon, how ya do this?
When you was completely assed out from the get go, but you knew this/nudist
Soon as you start rapping I’m thinking, “Please, that shit ease as a sneeze.”
I’ma chew this shit
And if he fall I’m thinking, Chinese god, I’ma Buddhist/boo dis shit
I told you, I’m back to fold you, I got a new hunch
My whole squad lift up trey, this the group lunch
I ain’t never seen a mark like this, this a new punk
Niggas this scary gotta get booked, this is Goosebumps
I said it’s true chump
I’m fro Watts where they not respecting a brother pride
You ask a nigga from Watts, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”
Cause he got his shit pocket checked on the other side!
I said, my crew rep the hard route
Your crew rep the small route
It’s true, you a Goof Troop so you better fallout
My tool let ’em all out, crew set to draw out
One through your roof, roof, roof, Who Let The Dogs Out?
It gets live, bitch high the bitch die
I got a World Domination pistol you get hit with the big 5
Life, medals are bronze, silver and some are gold
Days, some are hot, winter, some are cold
Life, some are gangstas, some are bitch, some are bold
Before I go, Solomon I got one question for you

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