Charron vs. John John Da Don [Lyrics]

[Round 1: John John Da Don]
They told me don’t come with gun bars cause I might lose the crowd
But gun bars got me to that main stage from the Proving Ground
So if y’all don’t wanna hear that kinda shit than start booing now
Good, cause since the first are usually the warm ups, this my shooter round
Toronto, thanks for having me that causes casualty
Y’all brought Pat Stay’s mistress to battle me, y’all must be mad at me
But Pat, if you want your side bitch back then send them racks to me
Or the Don is (orthodontist) filling his cap like he got cavities
Or the Don is, I know, Prep is where that came from
But if I killed him I can use what he had remember I’m Shang Tsung
Now usually I shoot from head to toe but I’ma change up
It Started From The Bottom with Charron like we was Day 1’s
Know why my feelings towards you got so much hate in it?
Cause you actually came gun bars, and got away with it
I told you I was a son of a gun, so I was raised different
It was like we was Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Cause my family housed a bunch of ratchets with all K’s in it
Tell me anything that Corey done shot
Cause if it wasn’t for Love & Hip Hop, we would’ve never seen Corey guns (Gunz) pop
Since he was false claiming Crip I make Corey blood drop
And the headlines will read, “Boy Meets World Goes To Jail”
Cause everybody will see Corey mug shot
I said the champ got the chain for a reason
I mean it, dude’s ill
Then there’s Kid Twist, Hollohan, Bender and Pesci, they all got true skill
But you ain’t even Canada’s top five, but it’s cool still
Cause if Toronto six man wanna take this L, aye I guess he Lou Will
Y’all gon’ see the difference of who kills and who’s killed
If I’m around your presence (presents) in danger the Grinch of Whoville
I will give you steal, you steal and steal
That’s how you make discount for his team like it’s a group deal
I feel like, shoving my black fist in your white mouth
I bet your crib got white walls and white floors with a white couch
My pen don’t make mistakes but I’m coming to make the white (Dwight) out
It’s gon’ to remind you of Forrest Whitaker in The Butler
Cause y’all gon’ see a nigga carrying a tre (tray) through the White House, then it’s lights out
Now go ahead and rebuttal cause I see during my verse you trying to think of something
And you prolly gon’ flip one of my gun bars but let’s pretend like we ain’t see it coming

[Round 1: Charron]
Yo, if you want me to rebuttal, then I may just take his health
You called yourself an orthodontist well you better brace yourself
Cause you talk about orthodontists, Hollohan and Pat Stay
But he wasn’t allowed in the ring
So if Pat was an orthodontist if I didn’t hurt his feeling (fillings)
I would’ve been crowned the king
Yo you bite every rapper, he don’t rep this
So you are the Grinch of Whoville cause all you do is steal your presence (presents)
You battled Kid Twist then Charron, ha, this guy’s cool
Your claim to fame is dating Bonnie Godiva in high school
But she dumped you cause you’re a mark that is cocky
She got sick of watching battles finding bars you could copy
But I’m confused, why are you an artist named Johnny?
You’re Clyde cause you bank on stealing and were partners with Bonnie
I’ll bury him alive, it makes me laugh
Now John seen a/Cena Undertaker like the tag team match
Pen game of Capone when he was pitching during prohibition
I don’t think they can stomach this, Homer Simpson
You’re a ho remixing, slogan spitting
Most your writtens are in rotation or bit/orbit; solar system
You couldn’t cross a boarder, now you go and visit
You’re a jail house informant, homie snitching
You think he’s thrown in Quinton cause I know they’re giving
Johnny Cash singing behind bars like Folsom Prison
We’re Canadian, yeah we got some slang
Don’t be asking “How’s John been aye?”
After I kill this diva like JonBenet
As a rookie John was slick but now John has aged
This PG hasn’t got sicker like Magic Johnson’s AIDS
You lost your URL spot to Tay
You speak Spanish, you should know your career is on delay (andale)
Your girl gave Gully brains, let Brigante tag
Choo choo, lot’s of trains
There was Drama when my Entourage busted on her face
You Turtle off when we pipe down girls that Johnny Chase
You have a gospel name, I don’t care if John said grace
You can’t have God on your side
Organik won’t let Hollohan on this stage
You force words that don’t fit and have a stealing disorder
We went to dinner, I got salad, he remixed my order
Like, “Let us (lettuce) see sir (Caesar)
What you got here that’s for me?
Let us see sir, let us, let us see sir, I’m ’bout to seizure
What you got here that’s for me?
Just give my crew tons (croutons) or y’all will be sorry.”
You know cause “crew tons” sounds like “croutons” so y’all will be sorry
So the waiter gave him a coloring book, Crayons and a story
Like I’m confused, I thought you were the one with Autism Corey
Yo if you stretch wordplay feel the wrath of God
I’m religious with the shit, you just babble on (Babylon)
They’ll make up excuses like “He’s a cracker Don (Krakdon).”
Till they wake up mourning/morning once they see this crack a Don (dawn)
See you’re only here cause you’re getting that cash
Ain’t nobody want you to flip this every match
So just know, after I’m done with whipping that ass
There’s still two more rounds of him remixing that trash

[Round 2: John John Da Don]
They don’t want gun bars
I know what they want
You’re Autistic Charron
It’s unholy not to cheer for you
See they don’t go crazy cause you’re that good, I just had to make that clear for you
Now next round, if you don’t rebuttal, you might hear a boo
Dizaster vers’ Math, just punch cause I’m daring you
Nobody really likes you
I know life must be hard for you
I bet you can’t even get a hitchhiker to get in the car with you
You let Shotty take Laura from you, now that’s horrible
No I said you let Shotty take Laura from you now that’s Horroh boo
It startled you
Then you became the biggest virgin hater
Looking like an anorexic Schwarzenegger, you ain’t deserve to date her
I bet he even told her, “I’ll be back.”
To get a gun to let the burner blaze her
Cause when he heard she had Shotty in her box he tried to terminate her/Terminator
I got a question cause there’s something I find real disturbing
How you date the biggest battle rap slut and you still a virgin?
That’s not a diss, she’ll admit she fucked a lot of guys
But Laura, if you let me fuck next, then I’ll apologize
I bet that made your father, mother, brother and your granny slap ya
Cause following Laura made your wins low (Winslow) now it’s a Family Matter
You still be going through her drawers you little pantie snatcher
Obsessed with what covers that sweet stuff you fucking candy rapper
You, Diz’, Day’ and Arcane should form some unity
Cause y’all all lost to Pat Stay
But what he did to you is too extreme
It remind me of the Knicks in ’94, how he ruined dreams
Cause thanks to Pat you went (Ewing) in the center of a losing team
I can’t believe people thought that I would lose to you but like I said you’re autistic
It’s unholy not to root for you
Battle rapper from special ed judging by your health
I guess you really was in a class all by yourself
Aye, Pat said you don’t bathe but he was just being mean prolly
But this 3-0 should help your B.O. cause that’s a clean body
Your first flow got swept, that’s a clean lobby
To bring back PH, I’ll get your Team Homi’d
Now go ahead and rebuttal cause I know during my verse you tried to think of something
And you prolly gon’ flip something ’bout Laura but let’s pretend like we ain’t see it coming

[Round 2: Charron]
Now when it comes to pimping out girls, you know that Corey’s greater
It’s funny that he said that I treat women like I’m Arnold Schwarzenegger
Cause I call up your girl to watch Netflix and chill
I’m like, “You should give me neck now”
So I treat her like Schwarzenegger when she won’t suck my dick I say “get down!”
But see when fans see a John John battle they mostly avoid it
Hitman’s the reason you hit 3 mil’, you’re a clone that annoyed us
We watch your battles to see your opponents destroy this
You’re Regis Philbin
While they reach a million you just give them multiple choices
See, you bit your style but bit off more than you could chew with me now
For not having an It factor you getting clowned
(Say it again!)
Did someone say “Say it again?”
Shout out to that dude in the crowd
I don’t need to say it again to this bitch I’m not renewing my vows
See, I used to like you better, you battled who ever
Then you got off track and turned bitch like Bruce Jenner
But wait, you claim you get pussy, that’s something I straight up just doubt
He thought a G spot was a place that gangsters hang out
But I don’t sell drugs, no green growing
And I don’t fight rappers, I keep flowing
And I don’t have guns, don’t reload ’em
I don’t shoot Clips, I 3-0 them
But I need to repent to the lord, I done some shit wrong
D.N.A., Suge, Magic, Ars’, Clips, gone
I’ve sent you five rappers from Smack and I’m ’bout to zip John
So it makes sense we’re in Toronto when I give you the Six God
See I’m the Smack killer, my resume is looking nice
Now I can finally add the Don, am I saying it right?
Bloody shoe, face in the dirt while I’m punting you
You’ll be throwing up gravel like you had the stomach flu
See the Don has no respect from all his peers
For thinking you Hollow man, I’ll make this body clear
I killed Shotgun now John appears
They should get Cortez and Rosenberg Raw up here
So I can finally kill off all of Smack’s bottom tier
General, let my colony spread
All I do is make one call and he dead
But all you do is bite you’re like a zombie instead
So it’s off with his head
I’ll turn him to John John Da Don (Dawn) Of The Dead
And against Twist you didn’t go HAM
You had embarrassing gun play
You got exposed trying to fuck with the Kid like Jared from Subway

[Round 3: John John Da Don]
He said he undefeated against URL rappers
You think that makes you tough
When nobody took you serious cause you can’t take a punch
Who cares about beating Charron if his stock ain’t never raising up?
Besides helping these events sell a bit (celibate) nobody gave a fuck
You happy you beat Ars’, Clips and Magic during their power naps, they didn’t care
And showed up unprepared
And you proud of that?
We all know Ars’ ain’t go as hard as he could have
So I’ma take his shit just to kill ’em how he should have
I’m ’bout to snatch every bit of confidence out your consciousness
That you tried to convince the world of yo’ accomplishments
I’ll be yo’ consequence
I’ll poor bleach in your retarded mother’s eyes until I blind the bitch
Then shove her in the oven until she blacker than Obama’s lips
Fuck with me, I know y’all don’t usually take sides and shit
But it’s like a drunk driver cause this ain’t a nigga y’all should be riding with
I heard before the cops could even frisk him he was trying to snitch
I was appalled the (Paula) patting (Patton) made you sing like you was Robin Thicke
You only beat Magic cause he ain’t come for the kill
That was a David Blaine act cause Magic wasn’t for real
And we all know Magic ain’t go as hard as he could have
So I’ma take his flow just to kill him how he should have
Uh, it’s B-Magic mothafucka better get to racing
Or be in an air condition like ventilation
Supersonics in ’95 when I get to banging
Cause that’s a 40 with the Glove like Kip and Payton
Clips was playing, he ain’t go as hard as he could have
See I don’t freestyle so I can’t kill you like he should have
But what I can do, show y’all I’m so fucking mean with it
I can bring that Supersonics bar back and do a whole ‘nother scheme with it
Forensics won’t know it’s mean when I dispose of this lame
Cause I ain’t leaving no prints (Prince), artist formally named
Kinda like Payton and Kip, with the roles that they played
Cause I use the Glove to point and the 40 to bang!
I’m just saying
All them niggas was taking you light
You’re non violent so ain’t no point of making you fight
Now please don’t, say The John if you ain’t saying it twice
And if you don’t add The Don you ain’t saying it right

[Round 3: Charron]
‘Ganik said, “Let’s save this for next year. I’ll give you the date.”
I said I’m not middle eastern I don’t think I could wait (Kuwait)
Sonny listen (Liston) these punches hitting, you in the dizziest state
Leave ’em with tunnel vision like El Chapo’s prison escape
There’s no way the Don will (Donald) Trump what I’m spitting
Couldn’t be a [?] than eating mushrooms and tripping
The Don’s basic, I don’t fuck with your writtens
Watch how fast I’ll out rhyme a don (Ramadan) no Muslim tradition
You think you have skill Don? Okay
You ain’t winning a little John (Lil’ Jon)
I’m just saying rap ish
The only time I play with ratchets is when I fake relationships for a Facebook status
But I’ll stop out four eyes til it paints the canvas
Mazel tov, when I put this foot down it’s breaking glasses
See I watch battles a friend like, “That’s the dopest rebuttal.”
You watch battles with a pen like, “My next opponent’s in trouble.”
You’re not the original Don
You’re not original Don, you’re a blatant clone
Your name is not my name cause it ain’t Charron
You stole from Hollow, straight exposed
Then John Snow dat; Game Of Thrones
You thief, think of every bar that you copped
If you walked out a convenience store with your rhyme book the alarm would go off
Caustic’s Paypal is your homepage, that shit must hurt
You take so many 16’s after your rounds there’s an Amber Alert
He that round he pretends he’s Arsonal, he’s B-Magic, you ruin everyone’s bars bro
Fucking John John The Don DeMarco
See I usually don’t do this but um
It’s a remix to his writtens
Only slogans he’s spitting
Johnny’s gonna get bodied for every bar that he’s bitten
See, you watch battles at home and rejoice like, “Which rapper should I emulate?”
Should I be A: Verb cause “showtimes” are crazy and hype
Or B: Magic cause the Lou’ is a place that I like
Or C: Major cause glasses make me look tight
But not D: NA cause with that tooth I wouldn’t be able to bite
A don is supposed to roll with the mafia set
All you do is take bars you have a Prez Mafia rep
Smack pays you less than other rappers cause you copy the vets
But you should know it’s in their slogan you can’t copy respect

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