Pass vs. Chilla Jones [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Pass]
Before I say anything, I want to say this
That used to be a cool ass shirt my nigga
It was white and clean look what you did with the shit
Now you got some random ass dude holding it for you
Man and this nigga’s a bitch
You a nice guy Chilla, I still think you wack
You letting this battle rap shit go to yo head my nigga
I gotta bring you back
Just don’t give me no raps about how you clapping chrome
Boy if you don’t act proper I’ma turn into Math Hoffa
That mean I’m smacking Jones
My niggas go into the field trippin’, they crackin’ bones
You go in the field trippin’ you lost, you need a chaperone
You rap like a white boy trying to sound black
You ol’ cracker clone, I don’t care how hard you tryin’ act Jerome
We all know you soft, your voice crack when you try and get loud
You the black Charron
The fans like “Damn man, he ain’t even getting at Jones
But still them words clever” You know why?
‘Cause fuck this nigga I’m trying to go at Canada’s best
Y’all deserve better
Like Pat Stay? He cool…Illmac gon’ flame on him
Tell Bishop when he stop being scared we can arrange on him
Tell Skelly that an Oakland nigga already banged on him
And tell 100 Bulletz I got 100 bullets with his name on ’em
I don’t hold back, he shook…let him take off
Go in my notepad and look…I beat his breaks off
Give him a cold jab, he booked…rip his face off
Then I throw back the hook, bitch I’m Nate Dogg
I done been in wars with Iron, Hollow, Brixx, Daylyt, Clips
That don’t even count all the ones on the damn block
So tell this man stop
Boy I sonned the niggas that fathered your style
Boy I’m your Grandpops
But whatever this ain’t URL, this don’t count right?
Man sit the fuck down…you gon’ get this work and clock out
Or get clocked out and shut down
This KOTD so you getting knocked out when I touch down
So what, you gonna say “I never stood in front of 3 rounds like these?”
That’s funny…what exactly are ’rounds like these’?
I done stood in front of real life real live rounds
That’ll make your clown type freeze
Rounds that’ll put niggas down, plant them in the ground like trees
I’m walking through Chilla rounds like “Nigga that’s a downright breeze”
Town Business, nigga!

[Round 1: Chilla Jones]
So it’s Chilla Jones vs. Pass
This who I’m matched with to match wits
But I’m at a disadvantage…y’all gonna say I’m predictable using Pass flips
And by now we all know that my skill level is pass flips
But what you about to hear…gonna be way crazier than them past flips
Now I heard mad shit, like you’ll get buried if Pass end ya
Somewhere in the woods, past tents
Heaven will be where Pass send ya
You’ll be living in the past tense, well I’m ’bout to get Pass injured
Cause all I’m feeling is Pass tense
Shouts to [?] cause you wouldn’t hit the passenger
Cause bullets is gonna past tints
See Pass…tends to rap aggressive
Oh you think that acts impressive?
Well if we box I’ll bow your ribbon like we rapping presents
I don’t slack a second
Get out of pocket with them offensive lines, I hope somebody got Pass protection
I’ll grab the Wesson if he pull out the blade
Step back, you wanna see if that jim work out?
Be my guest, Pass
Y’all crossed enemy lines and y’all trust Pass
He had me interview backstage, now I’ma press Pass
Like give it a rest Pass, I’m going behind your back
These arms extending to hit yo’ chest Pass
You lucky, Magic would’ve gave you his best Pass
I’m a genius and sir should’ve known I would test Pass
Don’t get gassed
Cause I don’t give a fuck if a strap beside ya
Cause you a sucka, who think Pass a fire? I’ll clap a liar
Bringing to life, every [?]
Think this shit a front if you want, but don’t dare me Pass
Rifle got a scope, and a real scary blast
That hit you from 50 yards, you better hail Mary Pass
You getting buried fast
The shit’s depressing, I spit perfection
Make a fake run, that’s play action, you get the lesson?
Ironic, how the kid will steal Pass like an interception
But drop Pass with one hand like a missed reception
Quit this profession I done mastered this
Why would you risk getting cut? Oh you a masochist
You want the cans? Oh the hands? You pick it like an activist
That mean I’m peaceful but I’ll still give Pass a fist
Run through your pad and shit
Sleep you, then go through stash
I roll up and start smoking your grass
Then hold yo’ ass out a window
The slumber he was in, he awoke from it fast
I guess my therapist was right, shit I just gotta let go of the past
Your fans wanna see Jones in a bag, they hope you spaz
I respect it, you battle and make music, but BOTH are trash
Why would y’all promote his ass?
He don’t even hone his craft
Most of us, look down on his drive, that’s why we over Pass
It’s over Pass
You might’ve battled dudes who sound like me
But you ain’t never stood of three rounds like these

[Round 2: Pass]
Shout out all my niggas from the 6, nahmean?
I’m from The Town we say “Yadamean”
It’s not a thing to a god or king
I gotta bring the shot and ring
You can’t do this, nigga I move too sick, you need Dramamine
But you don’t know what that drama mean
You a drama queen, that bitch go BOOM like badabing
Niggas shoot like they forgot how to swing
That chopper will chop him up, turn his collar to collard greens
You ain’t no street nigga Chilla
You spend your free time behind the scenes
Trying to think of corny lines that reach that sorta kinda seem
Like they coincide with a common theme
But that’s really just some random shit, that you thought the rhyme was mean
But me and my potnas was plotting on hitting licks and robbing clean
That’s the only time I was trying to scheme
Real Oakland niggas, rocking hoodies in the summertime
But you only shine some of the time
I’m consistent year round, I’m a seasoned vet and they fuck with mines
You dig it?
See for a hundred bucks, don’t be running up for a 100 bucks
One of my youngins gun will buck, you better run or duck
Cause one to your temple really give you a numb skull, don’t be dumb as fuck
When they talk about the best, you just ain’t done enough
Your whole career you been an up and comer and yo’ name still ain’t coming up
For real Chilla, you better chill Chilla
I’m too cold I’ll chill Chilla
You got gun bars in-between your schemes, it’s kinda ill Chilla
But you not a real killa so that gun talk is still filler
Do me a favor, just keep that mouth closed, don’t nobody wanna see that hideous grill Chilla
For real Chilla
Where is your bitch ass from where you got some little ass teeth and some big ass gums
For real man, I’ma speak the truth
I know why hoes won’t sleep with the dude
Soon as you take off your hat you look like black Beetlejuice
Look at this poor slob
You got the swag of an empty paper bag and the personality of a door knob
Goddamn you can say an irrelevant ass scheme and you think you dumping or something
You think you got the battle popping when you up in the function
But all you really doing is shadow boxing
Punching for nothing
Town business nigga

[Round 2: Chilla Jones]
I told Organik, not to book me
Cause I wanna sit for the event
I said, “How much are tickets bro? Cause I’ma support, shit.”
I would’ve given every cent
He said, “C’mon Chilla you family. I’ll just give you a Pass.”
I said, “That’s a bet. Just hit me when it’s sent.”
And then I saw the flier…I should’ve known this is what he meant
But it’s Chilla Jones vers’ Pass
It’s who I’m matched with to match wits
But I’m at a disadvantage
Y’all gon’ say I’m predictable using Pass flips
So this round, I’ma show y’all my skill level is past flips
Now lets talk about the last shit
World Domination 4, he ain’t show up to his battle he flaked it
For that, he was practically hated, but I’m just happy he made it
They say this match up is dangerous
He raps fast but he basic
He gets reaction from cadence but doesn’t actually say shit
In Oakland, Pass is the greatest
They say, “Vers’ New York he overly sick.”
They say he beat DNA cause what Eric had mostly was flips
Then it’s ironic cause-
Then they say he stopped Shine with the flows that he spit
Then Charlie blacked on son, well that battle was totally Clips
You know why?
You always have the same approach with these shits
You always take the same approach with these shits
Try showing us some stuff we saw bro
I always switch it up
I don’t play the cards I was dealt I deal the cards and I be shuffling ’em all though
It’s like, I got split personalities that work perfectly together
So it’s like I’m Shuffle and I’m Marlo
But why would you pick me for a rumble in Toronto?
I handled 100 Bulletz you had trouble with a Hollow
Now follow
You gon’ have to leave me lying to prove I’m not the truth
I stand out, showing my ass, I’m not a prostitute
But let’s say Pass run up on me with a Glock to shoot
I’ll make him take that action elsewhere like Papa Wu
But there’s a question I got for you
Who in Cali is the best?
I mean there’s Daylyt, Dizaster, Dumbfoundead, The Saurus…where would Pass be with the vets?
I would’ve put you in front of Caustic
Til you battled in Nikiya’s basement and you fucking lost it
Now you just an older cat that we respect but it reminds me of the Kardashians
Follow me, cause Daylyt would be the star on the path to see success
But y’all know why he would be the ugliest sister?
But saying is because his name is Pass is incorrect
It’s cause Daylyt’s the star so even if you take him out you’ll never be the one known for carrying the West
Boss Town man let’s go

[Round 3: Pass]
I’ma keep it a hundro
I ain’t never heard a real nigga from Boston say “Boss Town”
Man where the fuck is Boss Town?
Fuck you, send your boss down and tell him to wear a helmet
Cause my team in the field with the stick like this lacrosse now
First off how many of them same fucking kinda lines you got?
It’s like you trying not think outside the box
Like try this, you won’t go to the trap and buy the block
They don’t even let you by the block
You get X’d from American History when they make this nigga bite the block
Your probably shouldn’t ride the block
You know the ridas block, cause if Shotta had nothing left in his head nigga that’s Writer’s Bloque
Oh that’s your crew? Cool
Nah fuck Writer’s Bloque I’m erasing his team he think he safe in the Bean
We in Toronto looking for that Canadian weed flip
Oh you got 84 grams? Well I’m breaking his teeth quick
Then I’m taking his three zips right when I’m finished taking this three zip
I don’t give a fuck about how nice your pen is
I’m quite limitless, I’m nice as Christ images
You can’t judge yeah you got bars but but no conviction, bitch I’m giving life sentences
And don’t nobody give a fuck you got a co-sign from Termanology
That nigga a square too, he ain’t never been certified to me
You earn the shot at me just make sure the burner is working properly
Ain’t no skin off my chin, fuck dermatology
I already Shook One part too that’s word to Prodigy
I’ll wipe you off the Earth’s surface you can learn astrology
Before you see this lame winning I’ma leave his brain spinning that’s reverse psychology
Oh wait, oh you feeling really strong?
You silicon Chilla Jones, you still a clone
You do whatever Organik or Smack tell you
You think he really on but I give your boss ten if your masses choose it
To sell tix shit he a feel at home, wait
We was born different
Even more different, our core different
See I’ma make sure that four fitting cause forfeiting is foreign business
So fuck whoever forgive him
It ain’t no apologies for ‘fore the four licks this four give him
Wait, he’s well done, stick a fork in him
I’m on a war mission
War villain I’ma leave him on the floor twitching
Before his corpse stiffen so the only one I see in Chilla body is the mortician
Wait, I’m ripping him now, I consider you a clown
It ain’t dap, you hear a clap if I give you a pound
I’m from Oakland, Boston will never be considered The Town nigga
Town Business!

[Round 3: Chilla Jones]
Chilla Jones vers’ Pass
This who I’m matched with to match wits
Y’all know my disadvantage…y’all gonna say I’m predictable using Pass flips
But you know what’s fucked up?
Y’all give niggas like Pass a past for that exact shit
They all mention lines that I said to convince y’all I ain’t that sick
They all try to break down my style and how I stretch words when I rap shit
They all say I’m boring with no performance, well how the fuck I got all these classics?
They all mention Laura Tarsi cause that’s a way to make y’all react quick
Then y’all go online and say I lost cause, psst “Pass was fantastic”
Even though him and the last ten faggots used the same wack ass tactics
I could’ve smoked you
All Pass flips
But what I’m gonna do
Is take the word “pass” and one of it’s definitions and apply it to you
Now in sports, what’s a pass?
A way to confuse the defense and advance the ball
Without a pass most scoring plays in sports to have a chance at all
You understand?
You’re somebody known for bringing their top game
So I’m using Pass to get a shot…at the King Of The Dot chain
Aye, Organik
I understand that Math’s at bat, plus Shotty and Rone’s in line
But in this league who this year got a resume that’s close to mine? I’m working overtime
Edged Bulletz, tied Diz’, then I roasted Con’
So after they get their shots it better be Jones’s time
Now I notice I’m…winning
With no Pass flips and that’s fucking insane
But you know what? I never said I wouldn’t flip your government name
So y’all know why I’ma beat Alex Jenny? Well I’ll explain
That’s cause I got flare and Alex plain
I’ll pay Dizaster to crash Alex plane if Alex playing!
This how the game go
You see me fry Day and leave him Smokey
I could’ve beat you many ways, I’m Debo with the bars so how could I lose, wait
Y’all think Jenny, Craig? Any ways
I was told you ain’t as bold as you rap Alex and you’re a front
That you used to get dragged on your porch and jump
Left with sores and lumps
I heard this at Battle Of The Bay 6 is a tourist chump
I heard yo’ patnas had to come and save Jenny more than Forrest Gump
So you’re a punk?
That shit got me trying to stay so calm
Cause if I spaz they gon’ have to play slow songs and say “so long”
It’s Town Business”, right?
Well this where being from The Bay goes wrong
If Jenny From The Block, y’all talking ’bout a J.Lo song!
And I’m gone!
You did good in this battle, but you gon’ lose it now
Against Mr. Jump To Top Tier From The Proving Grounds
Boss Town!

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