Copywrite (Shredder) vs. Danny Myers (Raphael) [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Raphael/Danny Myers]
Finally Shredder I’m ’bout to send you to a separate Hell
He must be suicidal, he spent his whole life tryin’ to catch a shell
But right now, I got an appointment to kill
But like my weapon sai, I be on point with the steel
Still, I rock steady (Rocksteady) you’ll be bopped (Bebop’ped) for that lame shit
I’ll put your brain on your stomach with a Crane (Krang) kick
Same shit
Cold pizza, I have to eat that for dinner
Your bitch keep my wood in her hand, I had to keep that from Splinter
You’se a pushover, I’ll bring a roundhouse and a hook over
When you look over you’ll realize you’ll be under my Foot, Soldier
I shall (shell) not lose, I’m swingin’ until the bell stop
April gave me head in her Adidas, we call it Shell Shocked
What if you was in, a turtles body, half human skin?
Transformed by mutagen breaking sewers in
Your brother’s hiding from people cause they don’t know what to do with them
Your best friend is a rat homie, I done seen a few of them
My whole life I had to jump hurdles
How you a ninja master but gotta jump turtles
Subliminal message, they comin’ with a plan
Ironic we the outcast but runnin’ from a Clan
Damn, this the life of an amphibian
Yet I’m still in love with the feel (Phil) like Aunt Vivian
[?] a nigga get injured hard
I’m sharp for the whole round that’s why I’m a ninja star
And you on the ground with this shit
Weak ass Shredder got a whole ‘nother two rounds of this shit

[Round 1: Shredder/Copywrite]
I’m amazed at the fact that you came into rap
Fuck aimin’ a gat
I’ll leave you like Krang with his brain in his lap
Don’t think you’re gutter just cause everything you ever learned came from a rat
You prolly learned info ’bout robberies I did so
Say adiós, body blows, bye to yo’ kinfolk
Karate [?] and tryin’ to beat me in a race is like well…you versus Usagi Yojimbo
Eternal truth through [?]
I’ll turn this FAKE ASS Murda Mook into turtle soup
Heard the group fell and collapsed when I put a shell in the front bigger than the one on your back
With rhymes we spar like Chinese stars
They use Saki for a boss like Chinese bars
Try to watch me when I run from high speed cars
Never scared, that’s my daily exercise retard
You in the sewer with piss and shit
While I’m in the Technodrome with a bad bitch who licks my dick
My hatred’s so real, each blade I throw kills
Each month of the year I make April O’Neil (kneel)
Bend that bitch over then I make the hoe squeal
And I have the type of skill to have Casey Jones killed
You runnin’ to home ringin’ the bell at the door for help
Take your green now you just a shell of your former self

[Round 2: Raphael/Danny Myers]
They never let me say this on TV, but you’se a fag
I fuckin’ hate you
I should pull out this blade and gut shank you
You probably enjoyed it, every time Splinter duct tape you
And all those times you caught her slippin’ you never fucked April
But you rap now
You wack, you not gon’ smoke me
You wear that mask to hide those scars from Hamato Yoshi
Plus, I’ve been hearin’ all this shit since bastards talkin’
But I promise to never let it [?]
Fuck these nunchucks and swords, it’s time we cocked and blast
I show up on ya steps in a Casey Jones hockey mask
Don’t call ya little goons, I’m not puttin’ on shoes when ya block gets smashed
But first, I’ll put hands on the Foot then sock his ass
My kicks mean, this is when Mike Tyson punched Mitch Green
I appear to stand out before I hit Reeves
Instead of chasin’ me you should be tryin’ to get green
That means you should chill a (Chilla) bit on them sick schemes
You trash, but you claim yo’ shit hard as fuck
But on the first turtle movie you DIED in a garbage truck
My guard is up, a master of ninjutsu
I’ll spin kick you, this is what fuckin’ with king gets you
I’ll chin lift you, my bars flips bends gristle
Extend tissue, now it’s feelin’ like ten hit you
A fin dents you, enters your skin, rips through
Splits you, ten [?] the pit you gettin’ sent to
Bitch you are fuckin’ wack and you on the ground with this shit
Weak ass Shredder got a whole ‘nother round of this shit

[Round 2: Shredder/Copywrite]
Listen, you little shit!
Pipe down we all can hear you
He’s only loud cause turtles have no ears to hear through
This bitch gettin’ choked
Just cause you green and in a shell, don’t mean you gotta be LOUD when you gettin’ smoked
Just cause you loud don’t mean those flows have feelings, see
He’s Little Caesars, cheesy with no delivery
I’ll make this battle messy Sally Jessy
You so broke, the only time you sold Coke was when you out of Pepsi
I got dumb bars, he’s zero on a crack scale
En garde, I come hard like De Niro reading Black Tail
Choke this weirdo in his pastels
Eat a hoggie, smoke a half L, that’s a hero in a half shell
Who ordered the cheese pizza? Extra ether, test the teacher
Break his fuckin’ shell now take this fuckin’ L like you want extra reefer
I’m a crook, type to con a church sermon or pew
Solid jooks can’t be taught in books, no learnin’ for you
Honest, look I’m so truthful
Got zero students, no pupils
I’m like the comic book version of you
I’m a cloud of thunder, wanna beef? Then you can dial my number
We can kill a cow, you wanna?
Ninja fuck it; COWABUNGA!
Drop him with a machete, you not ready
You not even top 20 with pigs on ya side like Rocksteady
You’re the type to throw rice at a cop’s wedding
Turtles are disgusting creatures, tell your kids, “Do not pet him”
You set the bar low, far as bars go I’m jumpin’ hurdles man
You aaaarrrre slooooow, even for a fuckin’ turtle

[Round 3: Raphael/Danny Myers]
Bitch if you killed April, you’ll be beat to death with a night stick
I ain’t Tyrese, but Four Brothers will avenge the death of a white bitch
This mic shit, gave me a passion for this rap thing
Me and my brothers, beat our fists in the air like it’s a black thing
I’ll line up ya weak ass jaw then lead it twice
Jesus Christ ya spleen get diced faster than Michelangelo eats a pizza slice
You’ll [?] life, Raphael came to harm the boss
Soon as he take this armor off watch an arm come off
You run with Rocksteady and Bebop, well now you’ll get it fatal
Since you ride with a Warthog it’s only right you get a Halo
I’m unstable, I grab the pistol and get the [?] dumpin’
Then hide under the sewer after I let his man hold somethin’
People think fightin’ gave me a precise sight, nah it’s somethin’ different
Growin’ up my whole life in them sewers, gave me tunnel vision
Such a feeling, imagine a rat training cuddled children with green stale colored pigment
An art form none can mimic so how do you think you can ever stand up against it
This is Mortal Kombat, I don’t think you seen the picture
Leonardo give you the Katana like Mileena’s sister
You can get ya whole squad versus me and my fellow bredrin
Your staff will be wrapped in a bandage like Donatello weapon
You come up with all these stupid ass plots and most of ’em fail
Well I’ma beat you like anime (Anna Mae) since she wanna leave my Ghost In A Shell
You on the ground with this shit
Thank the Lord Shredder ain’t got another round of this shit

[Round 3: Shredder/Copywrite]
The tyrannical Shredder, slash veterans
Mask better than Hannibal Lecter
Call an animal shelter cause you dyin’ fast
You tyin’ rags soaked in period blood around your eyes for masks
Here’s a surprising fact we learned about turtles back in science class
They’re quiet fags cause male tortoises hide their dicks inside their ass
But while I’m here I use the planet as a platform
To plant panic in faggots and bash them with a mask on
I’m talkin’ bashin’ each individual member of your brain skull
Til all four brains hold and your bandannas form a rainbow
Take the Foot clan to April’s, make it a train station
Bring Krang placed in his exo-suit, make it a brain station
Hey SHIT FACE! I usually work for paper
But I’ma do this jerk a favor
Turn my shoulder blades into a turtle grader
I’m nocturnal, I’ll bury you in a plot, fertile
Put the nail in your coffin and make this bitch a boxed turtle
Urkel, hot [?] you old turtle in the face bitch
They ain’t a red belt, that’s a girdle on your waist
Murder is the case bitch, when I’m leapin’ out the blue
Black belt, beat you black and blue
Leaves without a clue
Got this creature and blood secretion on these cleats within my boot
That’s the Secret Of The Ooze
Get up, pack an extra clip
That’s the Secret Of The Uz’
How I get the crowd to flip
That’s the Secret Of The ooow’s
Leave no one to tell, just a soul, comatose with a smell
Nothin’ left but a

[Danny Myers]
Ghost In The Shell

My man

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