Arsonal vs. Pass [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Pass]
They said, “Pass, we takin’ this one to San Jose
You know it’s like a close nit venue you can’t just bring the whole city of Oakland witchu.”
It’s cool I don’t need that
Cause my raps so official
I got an automatic mouthpiece so I speak like a loaded pistol, I throw the missile
See this is bad man, listen, this the ass whippin’ Mistah Fab was supposed to give you
My nigga, I seen that shit wit’ Mistah Fab
Fab a legend no question
But both you nigga’s shit was trash, that shit was ass
Okay you say you travel, I’ma knock you off yo’ pivot fast
Now sit coach, cause I’ma teach you ’bout this Town Business class
Liquor had these niggas gassed
My niggas quick to grip the Mag or hit you wit’ the quicker jab
Or pull the blade now he ain’t gotta hit the gym to rip his abs
You damn near 30 still bangin’ that Crip rag man, that shit is sad
I’ma send him to 72nd and let my Mexican niggas split the Crab
Yo’ music garbage, you not a dope artist
Seen yo’ last three battles, boy you a choke artist
Your boy Rag Swag be standin’ there every time watchin’ you choke
Man you couldn’t even toss him a water bottle or a throat lozenge?
Man that’s yo’ patna? That’s yo’ problem
I’m a cold hearted nigga, my nigga, I go harder
Doper than a coke harvest, cut it like a pro barber
A phone charger wouldn’t keep yo’ bars up boy, just go smarter
I’m a boss, I need an office though
You ain’t hard boy, before you got chubby, you was soft as dough
Cause back in Oakland you was lookin’ hella cautious bro, just walk and go
You not Arsonal, you Arsenio, that’s just talk and show
I’m bored as shit with this sort of shit
That’s why I had to travel and battle away from home all year, just for the sport of it
Change my habitat, reach my metamorphisis
Now my metaphors in this is buildin’ fortresses
Floors above yours that’s why you floored wit’ this
The coroner caught your corpse is stiff when the rigor mortis hits
You can’t come to where we from bruh, them corner’s sick
They make you bite down on the double barrel, come off them quarter bricks
Now one shot and two holes in ya tongue like the Jordan Six
Man, you went to college? That’s cool, man fuck college
You just an educated fool from an uneducated school, man you know stupid as fuck
Is Ars’ serious nigga?
Man, oh yeah you say can’t spell “bars without puttin’ Ars’ in it”
Shit befo’ battle rap you prolly couldn’t spell the word “bars” period, nigga
Town Business nigga

[Round 1: Arsonal]
I said, once again I’m here, in another nigga’s state
I’m on another nigga’s stage, up in another nigga face
But this time I brought all jokers and spades, I’m tryin’ to cut another nigga’s ace
Ya beard look like it belong on some other nigga’s face
I dig in my nose with every finger then flick a booger in ya beard and tell you “take that” nigga
You old Joe Budden, Common, Carlos Boozer in the face ass nigga
This was strictly for a check, you ain’t in my weight class nigga
You remind me of the tranny from Orange Is The New Black, you just another fake ass nigga
Now, I got a gun so big
(How big?)
That shit this tall
I need professional assistance when it come to shootin’ it, where is Chris Paul?
Cause like a good neighbor, I’m in ya crib with my kicks on
Lookin’ for ya bitch, I heard she suck all the saliva out a spitball
It’s always the nigga gettin’ defeated (da feet), wanna play kickball
You ’bout ass wavy as the water in the toilet when the shit fall
Ya little brother like 13, I’ma still knock his wig off
He’ll be another nigga teen, finna get smoked, that’s not a menthal
Winter time, two shotty’s tucked, I got a mink over
At anytime this nine will lick a shot, it don’t think sober
That was fire, I gave y’all somethin’ to think over
I basically said he’ll get shots outta nowhere like his secret admirer sent him a drink over
Now what ya seed gon’ do when ya gone? I’m good wit’ kids
Tell Ars’ to watch her
Cause you gon’ live in that emergency room, like you are the doctor
Quick question, what happen when you give Ars’ a chopper?
This turn to the Maury Show, nigga you gon’ get popped on stage, bitch you are the father
God he dangerous, all black wit’ my shotty painted
I pistol whip him, his jaw broke, now he talkin’ in Shotty language
This ain’t no act, my shit Organik like the nigga that Avi hang wit’
The way your blood splattered and your leg was twitchin’
It looked to me you was sayin’, “AHHH!” in body language
Nigga my shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
You can’t spell “bars” without puttin’ that “Ars” in it

[Round 2: Pass]
I just wanna say one thing bro
Them fuckin’ air hover, scooter, glider, whatever the fuck-I hate them shits my nigga
For real bro, you tryin’ to flex wit’ it?
That’s what you decided to capitalize off man, that’s yo’ best gimmick?
I just wanna knock yo’ lazy lookin’ ass off that thang
Pick it up and beat you to death wit’ it
Now wait, all that disrespect shit
Everything you said you gon’ do in that verse fake
And I know none of that’s real so that don’t work great
And besides, it’s impossible for you to disrespect me
When I have no respect for you in the first place
So fuck yo’ expectations
I’m the west Wes Craven
I’ll snap ya necklace then leave you neckless, now ya head just hangin’
What’s up Blood? What up Cuz? That’s Bay shit
You just fake bangin’ in street shit
Makin’ it seem slick
All these rappers sayin’ they gang affiliated
Man they just fakin’ to me, shit
There’s a whole wave of niggas claimin’ to be Crip, but it’s makin’ us sea (C) sick
I mean shit
You gotta be the dirtiest, blackest lookin’ Crip in the gang nigga
That’s why they got you all the way in Jersey on some block tuck
Damn, he wanna be from Grape Street so bad his face just turn purple and it got stuck
Whatever, whatever, yeah that’s cool, that’s a lil’ line, that’s a throwaway
Got love in the 408, yeah I’m one of a kind, that’s in my city’s name, I’m from the O.A.K
Now wait
Man the fact you gotta tell us how you pop guns
Just tells me that you got none
Every time that you tell us that you a real nigga it just reminds me that you not one
Cause real words don’t run like y’all did in Jacksonville
Man, I seen that video boy that’s for real
Out here that would’ve been a stampede
Shit, my patnas already blockin’ the entrance and exits, tonight you can’t leave
You don’t know how they might react
Like, “Where that knife be at?”
Hit his spine, paralyze him, he gon’ spend the rest of his life relax
All you gon’ see is his head bangin’ and his dreads swangin’ like he’s tryin’ to bring hyphy back
Them type of cats nigga
That’s it, round 2 nigga let’s go

[Round 2: Arsonal]
You told Charlie Clips
“You said they gassin’ Pass , nigga this past gassin’ cause I’m really wit’ the shits”
Well that was silly as a bitch
I’m talkin’ silly as it gets
When I come around, all you see is the Color Purple, you’ll think Celie in this bitch
What’s under this tee boz (T-Boz), time for me to hit his Left Eye, it’s gettin’ Chilli in this bitch
Now that was cold, but don’t go chasin’ Waterfalls nigga
Cause it’ll get so Unpretty if you see your daughter fall nigga
I creep in this Red Light Special when it come to poppin’ y’all niggas
The doc ain’t have on no Scrubs but still tried revivin’ y’all niggas
I just gave him a lil’ TLC
Everybody need tender lovin’ care
Don’t get it twisted, this shit can get dreadful, I mean a nigga love his hair but that ain’t what that bar meant
Pistol under the garment
You was on your high horse now you at ya lowest (Lois) for tryin’ to be Clark Kent
But you ain’t Superman and you ain’t hard to find if that Ruger jam
I’ll have your name, face and plate sent to my phone like you the Uber man
I’m waitin’ on you, they hatin’ on you cause you a loser and you said you beat Clips, you lyin’ (Lion) King like you part of Timon and Pumbaa clan
I’ll abuse the gram, I slid in ya bitch DM’s like, “Excuse me ma’am
But I’m a fan of yours, I mean like really ma, I truly am.”
But that’s just to get behind her and flex, call that a Zumba scam
I got a whole lot of tips to distribute, just like the hookah man
I’m straight sour, you more like Reggie, don’t get the joints confused
You clearly lost your last three battles, you ain’t got points to lose
My gun ain’t always present some time, I always point the Rug’
My strap on me all day like your dyke bitch wit’ a point to prove
You the type of nigga to go to Wendys ask for a water cup, get caught puttin’ Coke in it


Jersey man, time

[Round 3: Pass]
Aye bro, you not supposed to be what you ‘posed to be
The king of disrespect, that’s how you strategize it?
I’m here to reject this whole image, you project and how you glamorize it
Like what’s the point of sayin’ some disrespectful shit if you not gon’ be a man and stand behind it?
Like when you battled Fab, and you disrespected Oscar Grant, that I don’t understand
Maybe I just missed the point then
This some shit you been avoidin’
As a black man with a voice you a disappointment
But this a point and you can be a martyr if you wanna get annoited
Man fuck this battle, nigga take this lesson, I’m tryin’ to make an impression
The fact that we made it to 27 and 28 is a blessin’
I’m Oakland, you Newark, but as black men we was raised in the same state of depression
Fuck that shit nigga, Oscar was murdered
At 22, by the ones that’s supposed to protect and serve us
That’s some shit?
That’s how you gon’ disrespect him?
That’s unforgiven, cause that’s another victim
That’s another brother and this the kind of support that you fuckin’ give him?
I’m disgusted wit’ it
What you did? That’s some white man’s puppet shit
What? You did it just to get attention to ya public image
That ain’t real, raw or authentic, that’s a fuckin’ gimmick
And that night, you seen how them boys in the Bay Area ride
You was surrounded by so many pissed off goons you was damn near buried alive
Tell the truth, you barely survived
So what’s this disrespect all about?
Let’s sort it out
Shit, you can say whatever you want when you just paid ten niggas to ride wit’ you just to escort you out
You do that wack shit to get a mention
That’s a fact this an intervention
What? You got Munchhausen Syndrome, you just act sick to get attention
And what? These so called OG’s, what you don’t wanna fuck wit’ me?
Then I don’t fuck wit’ you
You co-sign him doin’ this sucker shit then you a sucker too
I’m from the Bay where you can get punked for your attitude
Got a pump, your body get dumped in the avenue
Oh yeah he’s gettin’ a dose of his own medicine folks
You feel the pain in ya chest, from the stress and it’s gross
Man, look in the mirror you gon’ see who you disrespectin’ the most
Town Business nigga

[Round 3: Arsonal]
This payback
I know this bitch nigga from way back
Swear he from Oakland but still can’t tell me what’s really underneath Sway’s hat
You talkin’ that Town shit I’ll come to your township with a round clip, nigga save that
I bring so much heat to Oakland in October you’ll think I’m bringin’ May back
Now a lot of y’all say I choked against Shotty
I had a terrible pause, see
A nigga just kept gettin’ stuck like I had cerebral palsy
But dawg me, I ain’t perfect, and I ain’t gon’ act like it
I’m a work-a-holic
UW, KOTD and Smack like it
You? You strip club ass and you can get smacked like it
I’ll help deliver your baby just to tell you the gender then jack knife it
I’m disrespectful, how many times must I stress to you?
That’s why I only be tryin’ to Facetime ya bitch when I know she layin’ next to you
I be in ya livin’ room, on your sectional, watchin’ that bitch be all flexible
Use one of your church socks as a condom, tell her to keep it as a collectable
Then turn this shit into a math class
I tell her, “You plus me is too professionals”
I made her suck my dick cause she said she on her period, that’s a decimal
Add seven days, come back, she too accessible
So I end up givin’ her a 69, but to pass that class, that’s not acceptable
I say yo, “I think I seen Pass pass by, at the festival.”
She said, “Ars’, that nigga Pass pass by, he homosexual.”
So I tried to let her hit the Girl Scout cookie, give her the medical
She said she only likes to fuck wit’ Conceited she’s into Reginal
My .22 love cock, so she get stored by the dick
She’ll bust on any random nigga, she a thot like a fatherless bitch
We role playin’, she suckin’ it like it’s part of the script
I told her my shit like a Rubix Cube, the more she play wit’ it the harder it get
She said she too little to ride my dick, I said, “You best try.”
But she don’t like to get on top Pass, and guess why
She said she never did it before, she shot her best lie
But in all actuality, the bitch just lazier than Forest Whitaker’s left eye
She left you, she don’t want you, you got neglected nigga, give me her
I got work in South America, I’m connected in Bolivia
These hollow’s is loaded, they get ejected from a semi bruh
So what I’m tryin’ to say is, I’ll put a tip in head like I’m bein’ tested for chlamydia
Now you said I can’t disrespect you
No disrespect to Fab but I disrespected the most disrespected nigga in ya city, you really don’t think I’m gonna disrespect you?
Or give respect to you bruh?
You really think I ain’t gon’ disrespect you?


I disrespected the most disrespected nigga in ya city, what make you think I’m gonna respect ya nutty ass?
You only ride when the real riders don’t show, you on a buddy pass
You not my buddy, Pass
You was there front row when I killed Caustic, you seen your buddy pass
When I scream “BMF” it stand for Big Motherfuckin’ Firearm, not Blowing Money Fast
Once again, I’m here, I’m in another nigga’s state
I’m on another nigga’s stage, up in another nigga face
(Ayo your daughter’s doin’ Facetime bro)
I just killed this nigga 3-0 it’s a clear win
Clear baby
My daughter on Facetime, Kylie did daddy just killed this nigga 3-0
(Yeah baby!)

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