Loso vs. B. Dot [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Loso]
They say you can’t beat B. Dot if you go first
Well how hypocritical, a Christian who can care less about what second coming
I mean the doubters tell me they on yo’ side, well how fittin’
Y’all better follow suit cause I’m addressin’ somethin’
But first, I forgot to tell you “Peace, king”
I wanna thank you for the revolution
I mean countless times I be watchin’ yo’ battles and think, ‘Man, I gotta give respect to what you doin’.”
But does it ever concern you that the people you be tryin’ to reach
Have no idea what you talkin’ ’bout?
Well you just left ’em in confusion
Cause anybody can just come up here and talk about what we got a problem wit, I’m the only one that sends them a solution
And that’s the difference in our music
I saw my God push a T (Pusha T) that broke these two chains (2 Chainz)
And now I spit with some Common Sense
He be thinkin’ if he rap for the West he can make Good Music if he leaves out the Consequence
Aye boy I am shocked at this
Charles Burnley is it?
Mr. Pro Black and you gon’ earn us our rights
Wait, wait, wait, wait, your name is Charles Burnley? Well that’s the whitest name I ever heard in my life
For three years I had to watch them go crazy as you condone lies and evil
Thinkin’ like man, it can (mannequin) be the reason you a model for those closed minded people
Aye, but y’all gotta pay attention and the rest you would get filled
It’s just funny, he thinks Jesus never died on cross but yes you would (wood) get killed
You an actor turned rapper, I was thinkin’, “Is this straight?
He wanna discredit all those believin'” I’m sayin’, Is this a mistake?”
But no Biggie, I Hit ‘Em Up for tryin’ to diss Faith
But he ain’t wanna dead the beef like the fifth plague
Oh this what you wanted, right?
A Christian rapper so you can blame God for everything until the crowd it seems relateable
But tell ’em ’bout how you lied about retirin’ just so you can write for seven months to come up here and make it debatable
But that needs no explainin’ though
It just shows me that you fear me with the rhymes
I mean he’ll probably bring up past transgressions from Christians to try to steer you out of line
But if sin a cool (cynical) thing to rap about well then clearly you out your mind
Ah man I remember it like it was yesterday
You told Danny Myers, “I don’t glorify gang-bangin'”
I started clappin’ for the kid
And then I saw your Cortez battle and, brother, that’s exactly what you did
You got on Facebook Live the next day to explain it away
I hate you with a bitter amount
Then switch profiles just to reject ’em
What, you runnin’ KD’s Twitter account!?
Aye, I know I got little to shout cause of my imaginary gun bars
But what you do? I’m sick of it
Dot stop reachin’ for acceptance or are you with the itch?
See, when I say, “Pick a side” it don’t mean what comes with a dish
Ya lack honor see, bad pharmacy, you always flip the script
Nah, I gotta ask though, what you sit with the long nose or is it temple of cosmos?
Do you palm and squeeze biscuits or are you polytheistic?
Are you reppin’ divine truth or are you set with the Piru?
Nah forget that, this lil’ gimmick right here, he wanna act slower
Y’all can adore this Blood if you want I’m still not gonna let him Passover
Cause you a fraud, a hypocrite, the worst of ya kind
I know B. Dot wanna be y’all til he end up in a hearse with a ride, but
Shout out my homie Seven, he’s an ex-gang member that became a Christian and left that whole thug life
With one song he educated me and the homies exactly how this Blood write
He told us that Brotherly Love Overcomes Our Destruction
That’s the acronym of a B.L.O.O.D., right?
Well, Jesus Christ shed his blood to save you and me, I guess he’s the only one doing Blood right
Cause I done seen his blood heal Crips and they left different
Now these Crips all ’bout his Blood like they set trippin’
Aw, I pressed in it, and found out your foundation is lookin’ shaky baby
Primarily cause you ain’t used to me, and it really happened, Jimmy Fallon
All that talk shows me your Roots ain’t what they used to be
Aw, but let’s talk you and me
You preach peace and you preach piece, that’s how I know that this man wrong
The difference is what I stand for is the same thing that y’all stand on
That’s Jesus
Aww, but they gon’ say, “But Los’, he took you and Verb back to back for the money
This ain’t the best Dot that we got here for the verse.”
Man, who cares what the cash is (Cassius) son he (Sonny) he listin’ (Liston) reason why you gettin’ knocked out in the first
Aye, have y’all ever noticed he won’t ever write another round about another belief system?
That’s cause he’s only threatened by the truth
That’s the boy main rap campaign
But tell me, if this ain’t a book of facts B. Dot then why do all men act that way?
‘Cause if Bad Newz havin’ legal issues, I’m on the phone within a second
Chef Trez is in the hospital? Then I’m throwin’ up a blessin’
Bill Collector just lost his daughter, tell me, what’s your plan, mister?
He’ll probably just say, “I don’t know what you’re goin’ through, but you gotta trust your ancestors.”
You block everybody on Twitter that disagrees witchu
It ain’t fair to shun a fan
Make a mental note: you can’t love or reach people you don’t care to understand
Aw, but that’s why everybody in the stands, they ain’t copied, yo’ gimmicks
One look at us and they can see that you dyin’, I’m livin’
If you a god then, I’m sinnin’
We both married to the mic (Mike) but you robbin’ (Robin) I’m givin’ (Givens)
Aye, that’s where I was supposed to stop it at, but since Qleen Paper ain’t show up
I figured I’d just leave a comment on what someone left a comment at
‘Cause over here, we separate my guy from promo
So if you don’t wanna hear ’bout how my God has rose, though
Livin’ inside my soul glow
That I don’t cock the fo’fo’ or push rocks of coco
Then you can stop watchin’ Loso!
Like I said, I came with charisma, punches and a flow that’s cold
He knew he was gon’ lose round one
I don’t care how much face paint you have on I promise I will not let you lose your soul
Round 1!

[Round 1: B. Dot]
Black African power
This battle is for those that oppose and wanna keep the African mind on silent
I won’t stand too close with all this religious talk from Los’
I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a bomb inside him
I mean he claim he Christian, but if we listen, there’s a little Islam inside him
I mean he willin’ to die for his religion, well that’s suicide jihadin’ (ji-hidin’)
How many rounds is he winnin’? Zero
It’s gon’ be a Dark Thirty like I’m on a mission to find Bin Laden hidin’
[?] after this you practically Ramadaning
You might as well ask Allah for guidance
Muslim or Christian don’t make a difference
I point one in your temple like you should’ve thought about it
Let’s be honest ’bout it
You’re monetizin’, claimin’ the profits guide it you prophesying
Laughter, typical pastor, money minded
Only here for the profit sizes
And I can’t knock it Pilot
You and your Christian spirit flyin’ on that Soul Plane
But better yet fuck the jet, y’all all carpoolin’ in that HOV lane
It was so strange how the roles changed
That’s when it got suspicious
You supposed to be in the backseat enjoyin’ the ride
But your ego and pride pushed you to plot decisions
All that drive inside, he pushed Saga out the driver side, y’all swap positions
All so you can become the crash test Christian
Willin’ to risk it all in this Dot collision
This ain’t gon’ work out
We seen you and Jimz, we figured you not conditioned
Yet you and Hymns went against the fems and that was an awkward gimmick
Cause y’all couldn’t handle the pussy like OB/GYN’s up at the Compton clinic
This gon’ get awfully ig’nant
I surmise you here to chastise my thoughts on Kemet
Well let’s get right into this shit
These offensive lines create holes in your theory ’bout as wide as the ones ran through by Emmitt Smith
Check the Genesis
I find it interestin’, someone so intricate with they penmanship
Can’t see things at face value, how you not spot all the blemishes in your written script?
Your God said, “Let there be light” on the first day but didn’t create the sun til the fourth? Ridiculous
But I guess you ain’t catch it on the first take, you quit and skipped the shit
But here’s the cool part, I’m undisputed cause I’m too sharp
You thought, you can’t be conscious with gun bars
Black lives matter and let the tool spark
You got a fool’s heart
And I got a conscious mind designed for any riddle you implore
We both plant seeds but I’m a Warrior in the Garden
You a gardener caught up in the middle of a war
What little that’s in store?
I mean Loso ain’t sold nothin’ original yet
You can miss me tryin’ to diss me with your fear of Hell and well all your biblical threats
You wanna get physical? Bet
I’ll hit the gun store, cop two new burners, an identical set
I figured since every Bible you’ve read has been a translated duplicate, you should get some original text
I’m gettin’ him stretched
But what y’all think they brought me down to the A fo’?
And put the cameras on the tape as I Fade Lo’
The blade though? I take it to heart like advice when your mom’s spazzin’
I got a wild style, slice a vowel, cut the beat like Con’ rappin’
I’m with all action
But you can imagine
But you gat clappin’ that’s a great exaggeration
They say, “Well, he good with imaginary gun bars”
I say, “It figure nigga, he Christian. He got a great imagination.”
But here’s the agitation
You never heard gats blazin’, close rangin’ it
Felt like it was torchin’ your face
Or been in the whip with the pistol, the cops givin’ chase
They comin’ down your lane, your lil’ bro take the charge so you won’t get forced with the case
This ain’t Bible study, clack clack is not a course you can take
You makin’ gun sounds like {click click} mind your business nigga that sounds like you don’t even got a horse in this race
Of course he a fake
And he want somebody that’s dead nice, that won’t be said twice
I’m amongst the elites, I get advice from big homies like Head ICE
He told me, “Wolf love B. Dot. I don’t fuck wit this nigga Loso
But I couldn’t be the shooter though
Cause he’s a snitch. The type to get hit, then run and point for the Wolves; Rick Rubio.”
I even talked to my nigga Brizz he told me, “B. Dot you know what it is
In order to find this nigga Loso
You gotta ride through Tampa, Florida with some Piru niggas in a fo’ do’.”
Word on the street, you can always catch him in front of the church like a hobo
Just pull up slow, slo-mo, low pro, there bro go, went dolo
Let that fo’ go, BLAOW, wet his top like Soul Glo
Wow, look at his skull go
Now, we view everythin’ from the top like a Go Pro
But no, no, I let you use the machete, you don’t even need the fo’fo’
If he come deep with all of his peeps, just cut him in half, flip him around now he’s solo (so low)

[Round 2: Loso]
Aye, you was spazzin’ when you was mimickin’ those rappers
That’s somethin’ you don’ just drive up on the shelf
But why do we go crazy? I mean B. Dot always been known bein’ better when he’s copyin’ someone else
Aww, listen, peace to my sisters that be watchin’ my battles
They figure me spiritually gifted
Plus I’m handsome so they be showin’ the man some interest
I mean I love all my queens but I wear this ring, please don’t act like you missed it
Well I won’t do you like this hypocrite
You know, criticize Danny Myers for multiple baby mamas but look up to a polygamist
Oh you feed that desire still wanting you a mistress
So you manipulate they minds as if the contrary is religious
But see, that seems suspicious
Cause if the black woman is god how is one not sufficient?
Now I admit that I inherit this from the scriptures
But he gon’ say that’s a Eurocentric mind state that you got to dismiss it
But one thing we can’t dismiss is the emotion of the missus
And if faith healin’ the sickness, why would I disregard God who wrote the prescription?
See this is the difference, I really live this
He bring up scriptures that he just briefly visits
Takes them out of context and goes and just twists it
Like for instance, when you told Danny Myers, “Oh you treat her like a side piece cause she came from your side”, no ya idiot
You gotta come to the truth
Remember in creation how God made two out of one? Well that’s because in marriage you ’bout to see him make one out of two
And that’s the truth
I know some of us may not want to hear it cause we wanna be thugs
But if you ever had a mother or a daughter then you know what it’s from
You right we believe she came from my rib, that was the plan from above
To come from my side to be my equal, under my arm to be protected and in my heart to be loved
But you ignorin’ it right? Oh polygamy’s good for the culture
Well why you up here formin’ these lies?
Better yet, why you can’t be content with just callin’ one wife
You know Shanequa, Yolanda, Sara, oh you may not hear it but your daughter just might
Look ’em in they eyes B. Dot, tell ’em why there’s not a lot of love in the end
Any little boy can sleep with a hundred women, a real man gon’ give one woman 100 percent
My brother, you been brainwashed with these gullible lies
But no wonder you treat the black woman like you a polytheist
Well, you was taught to have multiple gods
Aw, you know everything you told Danny Myers in that round was false and the crowd was still celebratin’
But what that just showed me is that nobody cares for the truth if the lie is more entertainin’
Look them in they eyes B. Dot, tell ’em why they shouldn’t be livin’ wit a smile
Oh because they African? Well who knew bein’ a queen would have them livin’ in denial (da Nile)
From now on, you follow me, get to stalkin’ on my moves until they all got it
Orthotics, you should embrace (in brace) walkin’ in my shoes
Man, the hell he thought was gon’ happen tonight?
Me not bring up what got him in the venue?
Boy I got the correct drive at hand to steer you in the right direction so your soul I will attend to
And you pretend dude, to be very in love wit, Harriet Tubman
But think about it, that’s to leave ya blind sister
Oh you can’t apologize for you birthin’ them lies, well you better try mister (trimester)
Cause sayin’ that the black woman is a god is a reach to someone that neighbors
I mean you can’t give credence to somethin’ that’s been created
Boy presupposes a creator
Aw, but that’s your belief brother
I guess you ain’t gotta rival mine
I’m just sayin’, every moment a different god, oh that’s what you do in your idle time
I am not [?] tryin’ to say we was duckin’ him
But I wasn’t fearin’ a thing
I was gon’ take you to Egypt and try angles (triangles) on all sides just so you can see I mean
Like I may send (Mason) structures that your gods (Gaza) think are too complex
Oh, you ain’t hearin’ these things?
Well don’t you follow Brother Polite? Well you should be use to these pyramid schemes
I ain’t fearin’ a thing for the one that was hatin’
He didn’t think it was fair oh (pharaoh) until I brought it to him, it was a wrap like mummification
Listen, I was just wonderin’ Satan
How you write a whole round givin’ somebody else direction
When you don’t own a compass
I mean you wanted to get revenge by how they were done wrong but you didn’t do it justice
Man, do you think I care about who they say who really won this?
Brother, I wrote that round so these queens know who to follow and not to trust in
You are nothin’

[Round 2: B. Dot]
That was cool, but if I say the black woman is god
Mind ya business nigga that only appeal to blacks
All my queens I need y’all to look up Henrietta, she died a while back
But her cells they still extract
And give them to other races and replacements for the things they lack
See this is scientific facts
This isn’t just rap
I’m not talkin’ ’bout the nigga from Queens when I tell my queens that they DNA is bridgin’ the gap
But we won’t get into that
A tree of knowledge can only grow from a seed of wisdom
And they figure me some defeated victim
But I’m neutral to the cut
I gotta add that mine is, dots on either side of the slash that’s how I see the vision
They got us twisted
Cause they religious they wanna fit in until some belief or system
The indigenous venerate nature, they, deified
And anthropomorphize nature as nurture to ensure that we don’t see a difference
You need to listen
Better yet you need a lesson
Fuck ya reverend, I supersede Jesus’ wisdom, you need a whippin’
Til ya start acknowledgin’ esoteric astrology, the Bible be
Talkin’ ’bout the age of Pisces so you might see
Jesus name inside of a fish on the back of a whip bumper stickin’
You need a fixin’
Come get your Neo-soul saved by the one in The Matrix
You’re basic
Your claim as ancient Africans ain’t get, plagiarized through the pages of the gospel
And what you like to present on these stages
You gotta give him his props, what a brave kid
He was anxious to take this, knowin’ it’s dangerous
I guess he felt safe wit’, my retirement, which is really a vacation
I switched lanes quick, to allow this lame to drive down the road that I paved with brave statements
You wanted this match way back, I had to decline at the time you was nameless
But see the game is, you allowin’ to shine
You created counterpart of contention
You ascension is what the aim is
And look how far you came since
It was all my intention for you to be famous
I figured I’d plant the seed and allow a flower to bloom before I make these arrangements
I know in my absence they would use your Christian act as a replacement to fill the vacant-
-cy/See they painted the picture and framed it like a mosaic
A colorful decoration
And you the light the amazement
I’m the dark part of the art that gets shaded, how jaded
To have me portrayed as some tyrant giant Goliath
Or peep how the double entendre explains it
I’m givin’ you this opportunity and lettin’ the toolie speak, I’m slingin’ the shot to King David
They say, “Dot, he got hot in your spot.” I tell ’em, “Aw hell save it”
Even if that is a real statement
The only reason he caught fire in my lane is cause I was trail blazin’
But congratulations, you’ve made it, to the big game and you was just tail gatin’
I mean you waited, you studied the style, it took you awhile but you held patient
Look at you now
The way you interact with the crowd, you got my conviction, fast cadence
I told him I was Heaven sent and ever since he been sniffin’ around tryin’ to pick up my fragrance
Amazin’, a nigga with so much faith needed to see it done by someone before he can believe he can achieve it
I can see him now thinkin’, “Well B. Dot didn’t have to PG it
And I wanna be like my idol, try to go viral or KOTD it.”
But his concepts were Illmaculate, he entered his own course and made him conceive it
Day, Danny, Cortez, well those is three wise men that had to go see him
Can y’all perceive this?
Or do I gotta bring it to your face and 3D it?
Who’s more blasphemous between us if he the one treatin’ me like I’m Jesus?
Don’t need your third eye to see this
We can all feel the resemblance
Nigga your whole career was built off my template
In fact, I’m the nigga you contactin’ when Smack wanted you contracted
Why do you think he’s still independent?
I got the texts, let me guess, you havin’ a hard time rememberin’?
I figured you’d be offended
Aye John he thought it was suitable to cut ties wit you, so I was there to mend it
Is this a business or a friendship?
Are you the teacher or the apprentice?
I mean if his career’s ridin’ highest it’s only rode it cause you the engine
Not to mention, it’s like the mafia movies truly
And John, you the Godfather too (2)
I mean he runnin’ around searchin’ for sunny (Sonny)
Grounds creatin’ distance gettin’ far from the truth
But who marketed you?
We know it, you’re runnin’ around league hoppin’, deep throatin’
Even if the Christian mafia vote, the Don can step in and veto
Why he chose it?
Was it the deniro (De Niro)?
It’s your brand, oh of course
Well this is that sacrifice when Corleone had to take out the prize horse
What you thought? We wasn’t getting tired of the nerve of you?
Runnin’ around like you the greatest thing since Murda Mook
But he the only reason we heard of you
You went over to Rare Breed, okay that’s cool
J Murda who? Then they set you up with the rare breed deja vu
J murdered you
I’m surgical nigga, I’m cuttin’ through to see if it’s deep
I mean I tore a (Torah) hole in ya, not to knock what you preach
But in order for us to believe what you teach
You gotta prove you can reach it and speak
The ancient language before it was translated to Greek
And I got the blessin’ on me
To bring y’all the ancient language through the testimony
{Speaks Hebrew}
That’s Hebrew for “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy”
And the Sabbath day is Saturday, so he in here gettin’ worked when he should’ve been home sleepin’ homie
Can’t y’all see he’s phony?
But he wanna condemn me to damnation
Cause I’m pro black pan African, I represent my damn nation
These the type of niggas we fought on the plantation
Don’t speak Hebrew so he knew he lost in translation

[Round 3: Loso]
Every time you battle bro, you for like six to nine minutes
I told y’all I wanted strict time limits
Not just Stricc time limits
Aw, but you know what? I’m actually fine wit it
Cause contrast is the mother of all clarity
And this the round where I separate the comparisons and fixate the difference
Stop askin’ if we get along
Boy I wouldn’t jail (gel) with you if we were inmates in prison
I wouldn’t leave battle rap like you did either cause I am not disloyal
You retired from the ring and started rushin’ (Russian) back, you wonder why it’s lookin’ rocky for (Rocky 4) you
Aw, but this is not for all you
The man keeps missin’ the big picture
The man thinks he’s king
Like you could’ve paid Chilla a thousand dollars to write your rhymes
And it still wouldn’t get the grand scheme of things
Aw, but you know what? That’s what pissed him off though
The hustle [?] me, I punch through troubles that lump the better me
I started from the bottom, went all the way to the top and it struck his energy
Cause he saw me make moves without that conscious thought, now that’s muscle memory
You know what? This was supposed to be Lux’ new legacy?
Until death came, the truth is you should’ve stayed inside
If you knew better you’d do better
Hugh Heffner, we knew this would be the way you die
Aw, but you know what? The definition of “hypocrisy”
Is when you said, “Christianity stole everything from my mother’s land”
I mean we hear you and all, it would just mean a lot more if you wouldn’t steal your style from another man
Please help me understand
How y’all critique me but let him be when he rhymes
Oh but it makes sense, y’all gon’ crucify me like my savior, I’m supposed to have a thief on my side
Please tell me that this is a lie
You did not go out and hire the same exact manager as Loaded Lux
But I don’t even know what to say son
Like I’m not mad you wanna be grey hoodie Dot
I’m just mad you wasn’t that since day one
I mean you see me, you see a luxury, inventing yourself
We see you we say, “Lux, you’re reinventing yourself.”
But let me get you some help, cause every time you get on stage, you always wanna start discrediting my God and my Lord
And for three years now you done spoke like you know a lot about what I believe in brah; good
This round I wanna see if you know a lot about yours
What’s your belief’s like Charles Burnley?
You hate that white Jesus who’s in-doctrine enslaved your people in the 1500’s
Well you know what? I hate that Jesus too
I know I sound crazy, as long as you not talkin’ ’bout the real Jesus
You know the brown skin Middle Eastern Jewish man that established the basic tenants of the Christian faith around 1 AD
See, son ain’t me!
When I entertain I still educate
What ya cocky for, I got ya numbered, be Humble
Sit down on K. Dot, Damn, I got ya covered
Aye cause I know how to rap and I read my Bible, I don’t care what you heard
A shank dipped in venom, pick ya poison, a brother with wordplay or a brother who don’t play with the word
Aw, but you know what? Let me say what I heard
Cause against Cortez you bragged about opening up an account in the worlds largest black owned bank
But I don’t like that take on it
You think America cares if you bank with people of color?
Check the dollar bills, it still got a white man’s face on it
And your wife knows it too, that’s why it cuts her deep to see you all lost in the sorrow
But it makes sense cause what you makin’ is peanuts
No wonder you’re lettin’ George Washington Carver (carve her)
Why do I even bother? Cause mentally, you’re out of it
You be screamin’ “Black African power” and never step foot on that continent?
Boy I am shocked at this
Listen, you and your father are not from Africa
You’re from San Fernando Valley, that’s livin’ on the other side
That’s six or seven hours fly
What good is bars on top of bars if your foundation is lies?!
I know, I know, that was a line from Mr. Tsu Surf against Mr. Slow It Down
Y’all lookin’ like this round ain’t lethal
I just figured I’d flip that since you love ridin’ the wave to Con’ these people
Let me remind these people, you said, “This is Shaka Zulu vs Montezuma”
I remember, I thought it was hot and cool too
Until I stopped and Google
Found out Shaka Zulu killed more Zulu’s than all of his ops
Now who knew, in the midst of us you’ll run this
Shaka Zulu was like the black Christopher Columbus
Boy, you know how bad you sound when you make yo’ black ancestors
Tryin’ to say, “Oh, they couldn’t reject their oppressors god”
No ya idiot, if they did believe in Jesus it was because of who he was, not what was fed to them in lies
Aw, but this is the black man, right?
The one that has optimal potential?
And then you know it’s just tappin’ into the culture
Wait, wait, wait, have you seen what your people been goin’ through lately?
I think it’s a good time to start tappin’ into it don’t ya?
He wants to ask, “Where’s my God at?” At the same time sayin’ my God don’t exist
But ain’t you supposedly a god my good brother?
Well when you finally gon’ fix all of this?
Cause if the black man has 360 degrees of knowledge and that’s what they teach you right, man
Then explain to me why you haven’t executed a plan to free yo’ people from the evil white man?
Nah, a’ight then
A’ight he wanna tell every black Christian man that they’ve been white washed
But that you get a fat hell, go to that Hell
I wanna see this man fail for tryin’ to blackmail every black male
And he knows that well, cause he gon’ pass it off like, “Nah”, the man is an impostor
He knows that the key is that he gon’ have to mask it like the Phantom Of The Opera
Cause life after death? You ain’t got the answers to the problem
For you death is just a period, for me it’s just a comma
Like I keep sayin’, I rep one person and that’s God to son
Y’all should’ve taught this gang bangin’ Blood, Black Panther, preacher I am not the one
And I respect y’all boys for havin’ his back when he stand before alls
But where all that Kemetic Science gon’ be at when you stand before God?

[Round 3: B. Dot]
Classical Romans and Greeks were the first to force they beliefs
If you ain’t believe what they teach, you was seen as a heathen a beast
The Syrians peeped and trade routes was made throughout this area’s reach all for political peace
I need you to hear it, it gets deep
Cause him and Saga always talkin’ ’bout African Christianity and King Ezana
But never talk about Frumentius the Assyrian Christian who was enslaved to his father
Ethiopians was goin’ hard in the paint, worshiping an African deity WAKA ’til Ezana becomes king
Frumentius tells him to stop it, converts him to Christianity, all for political profit
He be kickin’ that nonsense
Be he feeds off the fact y’all lack historical knowledge
He think he a scholar, all because he went to some biblical college
But he fails to acknowledge so I’m here to get this stuck in your conscious
West African decedents wouldn’t be Christians if we didn’t get put into bondage
Do you know what Maat is? The 42 laws that’s embedded
I mean you got 10 commandments but 8 of them was plagiarized from Kemetics
How pathetic
You ready to put your faith in man cause he claimed God said it
This Christian shit, runnin’ on it’s last leg and it’s prostetic
I’m here to dead it
They drown that book in the deep end, I need y’all to peep then
He claimed Jesus Christ sacrificed his life, well it depends on how you see things
And me, king? I got a deep lens
What good is a sacrifice if you get it back?
See how they pretend
He died on Friday, came back Sunday, that nigga took off the weekend
And I’m just speakin’ from your narrative
I mean establishing his existence is imperative
Your faith was passed down through inheritance
My African treasure was stolen by those who parroted
The irony of takin’ African tradition and twist it and sellin’ it back through the piracy, don’t lie to me
I need you to stand here and look eye to eye wit me
Psalms 82:6 “Ye of gods, how come you don’t see the god in me?”
Ya gotta be confused
That’s why you criticize dudes like Bad Newz and the obstacles he heard over the street
But that’s a good father
So when he pick up his daughter, to ensure nothin’ will harm her, he keep a burner in his seat
I hope you never have a daughter, she get kidnapped by a rapist and they ain’t heard from us in weeks
She ain’t gon’ fight back she just gon’ roll over cause daddy told her she’s supposed to turn the other cheek
All that Christian shit is weak!
We gotta teach these black babies how the Glock’s be bustin’
Cause they may get shot by a cop for nothin’
I have my baby sister breakin’ down a pistol
A lil’ black girl fixin’ a toy like she Doc McStuffins
I know I get in trouble
The law, statue and mandates, I know you came with litigation
But I’m from Pacoima, land of the Piru’s who feud with the blues over a crazy situation
But you know Loso and his god, they came to save the congregation
Well why don’t you tell the crowd how as an evangelist, you shoulda done better wit
Savin’ the soul of your relative that died during a gang initiation
Now that’s a crazy indication
That you nor your imaginary friend does nothin’
Every time you talked about savin’ a soul, nigga you was bluffin’
Don’t be worried about it, if Blood bloodin’ or Cuz cuzzin’
You should’ve been worried about savin’ the soul of your blood cousin, but you wasn’t
You was too busy disrespectin’ the ankh that represents life
And glorifyin’ a cross that represents death but claimin’ that it represents Christ
You knowin’ it ain’t right
Glorifyin’ a Roman torture crucifixion, that’s how you know they wicked
That’s like the family of Nicole Brown goin’ around with knives around they neck after OJ did it
This is a closed case isn’t it?
But I got some more questions to ask him
If the internet started crashin’ and all books were burned on the planet
Is there any archaeology still standin’ to be examined to determine what your god has commanded?
You see how it gets problematic?
These questions I pose to those that oppose they often plan it
You claim to be enslaved til the pyramids was made like magic
Well granted, if y’all was that architecturally advanced with the granite
In Israel, where is all the temples to match it?
This is tragic
A nigga worship a god that saved Saga from masturbation and jerkin’ his chicken
But can’t save blacks from mass incarceration gettin’ jerked by the system
Left us here for 400 years in a worthless condition
And y’all just gon’ scream, “Oh don’t go HAM B. Dot”
We just curse it hurts just to listen
Y’all turn you back on tradition
He not African he can’t tell you about your spiritual systems
[?] where do you think they got all their wisdom?
Look at the plot as it thickens
Abraham, the father of his religion was ig’nant
Til he went in a cave and came up out of it with all the knowledge within it
You know what? Fuck it, I’m finished
Even if I don’t convince this crowd tonight
Black African power I made my ancestors proud tonight

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