Danny Myers vs. Swave Sevah [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
First of all, all y’all niggas is cheerleaders
Ain’t none of y’all with the toolie sport
I ain’t seen not one of y’all kill shit, like these bitches in these bootie shorts
But I came here to 3-0 shit, I can’t let this nigga get a round from me
Y’all got a nigga that do nothin’ but yell…versus another nigga that sound funny
Well this might sound funny, No Country For Old Men
You get the pound from me
Cause off two mils, brought nothin’ but chaos soon as I found money
If I stand the rifle up, that shit’ll come to shoulder length
You’ve been growin’ them braids for 70 years and them bitches still shoulder length?
Well it showed it’s strength
Shots leave you bleedin’ on the curb serious
Yo mama gonna have to deal with that shit, like when my daughter got her first period
Soon as I spot Swave, I’m gonna go for his soul
You’ll see the strap come off of the waist like when you open a robe
Louieville Slugger in my right hand
The left finna have the gat dumpin’
But this bitch only comin’ after the Bat like Cat Woman
Mossberg, close range, leave his body mangled
This kick the only time I bring up a karate angle
.357 under my couch, run in my house you’ll see the gat shoot
You’ll get a long kick when I’m sitting like Bruce Lee in a track suit
This is the Game Of Death, I’ll fire at Swave with no emotions
The K clip got a curve in his back like Scoliosis
Four years ago, you was the most feared, you was on
But when it comes to bars you can’t compare Sev’ and D’s (70’s) like the year you was born
I gave 12K to Rex, that wasn’t shit, I got a bloody past
Me and my nigga got pulled over, we had dummy cash
I had to swallow the dope
I was a rapper trying not to acknowledge that white boy in me like Money Bagz!
I’ll send ya soul on a flight with a tummy blast
Ill Will can stand by and take the flight, that’s a Buddy Pass
Over the years, I watch my buddies pass
They was tryin’ to maintain they stripes
10 bricks in the trunk and cops behind me, I was a lane change from life
Swave, I ain’t set this battle up just to bring you stardom
I set it up so I could tell you to your face that I’m the King of Harlem!
I got a six-figure plan, I’m tryin’ to be a better, bigger man
But trip and I’ll be in ya bushes with the chopper like Edward Scissorhands
Big biscuits, rippin’ his skin pigment
I should go around his neck for the hangin’ with the pigs business
Now that might’ve went over heads but for those that did dig it
Well take a look at E-40’s chain and he know that I’m Sic Wit It
Bitch! I’ll stomp you out off a lil’ Henny
Now this dummy can talk next to my shoes like Little Penny
I’ll grab the semi from the shoulder holster, then I’ll burst eight
Then I’ll sneak the arm over the shoulder like a first date
Get ya verse straight
When the gat kick, the morgue will see him
Y’all gon’ see Sev’ end (Se7en) without Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman
This a deadly sin
Bitch, you got no cool options
The strap will give him fifteen rounds like old-school boxin’
Get ya whole crew boxed in, they on the ground with this shit
Old-ass Swave got another two rounds of this shit

[Round 1: Swave Sevah]
Ayo, Gorilla Warfare had an event called The Crown 2
In it, they had an award ceremony in almost every category and it was Writer’s Bloque they gave the crown to
Don’t get happy, ’cause the top ten battle rappers of the year and nobody crowned you
Now let’s make it straight, y’all niggas had a great year but y’all don’t really impress me
And although y’all had a great year, that don’t make y’all the best scene
See, y’all don’t even fuckin’ hang with each other, y’all a bunch of fuckin’ fakers
So Team Homi the underdog? Nah, y’all got it wrong
We the fuckin’ undertakers
I run with gutter, nothin’ to lose goon niggas, without a pot to piss in
Dream-shatterers, niggas will fuck you up for bein’ optimistic!
Nigga you got me twisted
You think you know, try to mind my business
Bounty on ya head, I make your mind my business
[?], I’m takin’ ya breath
This battle gon’ make the next volume of Faces of Death
I give you a permanent limp, you couldn’t disguise it with a ditty bop
You wanna tango? Well before we dance you should know how many niggas my Milli Rock
I pull that strap out, you gon’ beat ya feet
Look at him tappin’, I’ll slap him with an arm across his face, now he dabbin’
Ohh, you bustin’ them dope moves crazy
Hold up, wrong member
That type of shit you use for JC
For you? I don’t need a tool, he flexin’
Who he testin’, I’ll break him up, I’ll have his bones soundin’ like Bruce Lee stretchin’
Press him, hard to see us, drama seekers
Bar God? Well, what’s a god to a non-believer!?
So? He pussy like panty liners on Strangé
I set ya family on fire: flambé
Fuck the block, I’ll burn ya city, Pompeii
Let him trip, bring that rhetoric to my team of tyrants, extra clips
Barrels so big you can see inside him, let it rip
Death spread quicker than the Zika Virus
I’ll draw blood from his god like I’m Leonidas
I want to kill a god, make this mean
Shootin’ my Ladder up to the Heavens like I’m in Jacob’s dreams
Aye the Messiah of Metaphors, hehe
The sultan of similes
The lord of the line
Danny you all that? Nigga please
I tell you what you are, you’re a frail, tainted old dude
Who spent years tryin’ to convince us you one of them niggas
You like a male Rachel Dolezal
You don’t really give us the feel like a worthy great’s suppose to
Or does his face look like a dirty Danja Zone boot
Like the pair Danja would wear if he was kickin’ shit
Literally, like the pair Danja would wear if he was kickin’ shit
We don’t drive-by over here, save that stuff for the west coast
Run ya mouth while my gun is out and I’ma push in flames like you suffer from strep throat
Team fuckin’ Homi nigga

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
You couldn’t even hope for a narrow win
When I bring that double barrel in
The .9 milli extended hangin’, lookin’ like a pharaoh’s chin
Unless the nigga that taught you how to shoot yo’ shotty was from Yugoslavia
Ain’t no way your crew gon’ body us
Save the views
I’m with methamphetamine makin’ moves
Killin’ shit, this Crystal Lake is what I’m adjacent (a Jason) to
But y’all call me Michael Meyers, but it ain’t the same view in person
I’m Freddy, the Blair Witch, Uma Thurman from Kill Bill if you can merge them in a human version
Losing’s certain, I came to rap to my pupil
My ink is fresh off a body like tattoo removal
When I was petty hustlin’, I was tryin’ to sell more baggies
Trap was somethin’ that reminds you of Hellboy’s Maggie
I’ll shoot your father as he’s pullin’ up
You better jet, son (Jetson) or your pop car flyin’ inside of ya house like Elroy daddy
.22 bullets ricochet off bones
So when I send those there, them bitches will crawl under ya skin like ingrown hair
How many of y’all think Swave in his mid-20’s?
You under 40? Aight, cool, whatever…
Old nigga, stop lyin’!
You and Bumpy Johnson went to school together!
I’ll put the tool to Sevah, you’ll die of old age, very surely
You’se the first battle rapper to be managed by Berry Gordy!
Your wife’s a slut, I’ll be stuffin’ her tail later
She let me roll my thumb over the box like I’m summoning Hellraiser
The bitch flashed me a titty after I just said “Hi” to her
I thought she was a queen until she showed me a different side of her
First, she let me put my dick inside of her
Then she let me put my tongue in (Tongan) like a Pacific Islander
New York is three hours ahead of Cali, but we come from somethin’ special
It’s judgement day for Team Homi, y’all get punished on his level
My flight crossed them time zones
I had to travel to the future just to have Sarah Connor (Sara Kana) runnin’ from the metal
To continue that Terminator theme and show y’all I’m one of the best
I just said I caught a red eye to put metal under ya flesh
Bar God!
My strap bang on big niggas
He a little short, but his bloodshed
In other words, my tre 5’7″ (.357) like he Spud Webb
I beat this nigga face with the MAC handle
I keep somethin’ in the burban (Bourbon) for niggas that wanna Jack Daniel
Oh you can scrap, can you?
Well tell ya boys we into action
One punch will make you spill ya drink like a Poison Pen reaction
You was cryin’ ’bout Th3 Saga battle, still wound up an undercard
Why trip on battlin’ a Christian when you standin’ in front of God
I’ll punish squads, come and bark like I got a year left
If niggas don’t believe in God then why do atheists fear death?
I sear flesh, this brand of rappin’, makes me twice the killer
Team Homi let him sing? Well ‘Don’t’, I’m Bryson Tiller
I’m the nicest nigga
You do a lot of shows, well I’ll hurt ya tour
I’ll have niggas in front of your stage wavin’ cans like the Perfect Storm
Bitch I’ll burst the .4 til you on the ground with this shit
Old ass Swave got a whole ‘nother round of this shit

[Round 2: Swave Sevah]
Shake off the jitters, ain’t no time to be catchin’ stage freight
This match gon’ be surrounded in bars, it’s like a cage fight
Myers, niggas tired of ya spark, they want a proper fire
You get cold cut for playin’ that role bruh, you want an Oscar, Myers (Meyers)
You trash, for that you get the can’, I’ll Oscar Myers
Throw hands with somethin’ sharp in they fists, I’ll ox ya Myers
Face slice, play connect the dots wit’ ya freckles so when they heal the scar gon’ have you lookin’ like Daylyt
Myers I got so much shit in store for you it ain’t right
Yo dig this, I’m tryin’ to do this so when the coroner view your body for the first time you know what he gon’ say?
The fuck happened to him?” I’m sick of you
You so predictable you unpredictable
Your punches are caught between childish and typical
And y’all niggas think it’s lyrical
And Danny, slow ya roll my nigga, I’m givin’ speed tickets
Nigga claim he don’t be reachin’, nigga you Reed Richards
I’m the bad man from the Badlands
Shadowy figure with a sharp knife
Batman with a cat scan, I’ll expose ya brain on a dark night (Knight)
Bar God!
Ayo Danny why ya old ass out here rappin’ like he Poo Putz?
Nigga ma and you go back to the era of Crush Groove and Crew Cutz
You should know better
How’d you put it? “Lima bean in a time machine, I make you a vegetable in the future”
Let’s [?] sir, cause the setup was naaaah
The punch I won’t discredit
But I like when real shit connect, so this is how I would’ve said it
Ruger to ya medulla, I’m stretchin’ you if he shoot ya
If you survive, you’ll be a vegetable in the future
Aight, maye it wasn’t as creative, but you be reachin’ constantly
Just go peep his discography
And the fact that call yourself the “Bar God” that really bothers me
I don’t wanna hear you rap about streets of poverty
You’se a geek, be honest D
And you not a god that we believe in, you like Greek mythology
You buggin’, nigga think he gon’ walk up in here and have his way
What? With some “my gun so big” bars? Nigga all you do is fabricate
I’m on my killer shit, they wanna see that savage Swave
So I’ma put this god to rest, this the Sabbath day
My nigga PH would’ve loved this
Team Homi versus whoever, he was glad to say
So I’ma make this murder gory and leave ya body floatin’ in purgatory cause he told me he wanted to come down and meet you half the way
Team fuckin’ Homi nigga

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
I watched Swave Sevah versus Young Kannon and QP…and I had to accept the hard truth
Sometimes you must abandon lyricism cause certain niggas are bar proof
Like, you can’t beat Head I.C.E. with all punchlines
You can’t beat Goodz wit’ a lyrical gift
Sometimes you gotta step to them real niggas and hit ’em wit’ that criminal shit
Like, I’ll slap the shit out you
Team Homi gon’ jump me, one of ’em prolly let the Llama blast
But before any of that happens, I’m sockin’ Sara Kana ass
They like, “You gon’ hit a female my nigga?”
Nah, fuck that, I’m shell shocked
She got more man in her chest than that bitch nigga Xcel got
I told my wife I had beef witchu, she said, “Grab yo’ guns and let it all blast.”
She encouraged me to get this pussy, it’s like a hall pass
Y’all all trash
You hearin’ passion from a legend
Swave lookin’ at me like he askin’ for the weapon
Never had my pops around for Christmas, we was lackin’ for a second
The irony, my dad gave me absence for a present
You embrace this bully role your entire career
When I look around, nothin’ but crooks around
But what happens when that nerd with the glasses gets tired of bein’ pushed around?
Rifle on me, high powered shit
I ain’t ’bout to shoot these Sigs
I look through the scope and make ya kids the Target like QP did
Bar God!
I walk up on ’em flarin’ metal
These bitches is trained to go in ya head like Marinello
How dare this fellow, we was wild in L.A. before they showed the riots
You merely adopted the street, I was born in it, molded by it
You said, “The new niggas fucked up battle rap.”
That could be argued but it’s way deeper
If that’s the case, then you failed your duties as a gatekeeper
You an O.G. in this game, you used to be lovin’ this shit
Here come a west coast nigga, every battle, givin’ 100%
You damn near a grandfather, still out here thuggin’ and shit
Instead of settin’ good examples for the youngins to get
You didn’t leave a blueprint for the new niggas to shadow after
It’s crazy how you’re respected in battle rap but not as a battle rapper
The Harlem legends go Mook, Lux, Rex, Clips, like ten names
Head ICE, Big L, Huddy Combs…then Swave
You not even top 10 in ya own city, that’s gotta be awkward to you
You be tryin’ to talk to niggas til you get a nigga talkin’ to you
This is all for the dude, you was once a nigga that I idolized
It’s almost an honor you tryin’ to use me to get your career revitalized
Don’t be tired of lies
I ain’t shot my gun in months
A chest shot at close range feels like a one inch punch
You battled my man KH, so what he paid you
That’s my guy that’s it
Us Cali niggas just tryin’ to help y’all pay this high ass rent
I’ll have my shooter do the job, your whole party will die bitch
I’ll have you tighten up without touchin’ the strap like Marty McFly kicks
I’ll catch him, ’bout to hop in the shower, that’s when the snub will flare
If it’s beef, his leftovers is something that his tub will wear (Tupperware)
This wasn’t fair
Bitch nigga on the ground with this shit, old as Swave, you ain’t got another round of this shit

[Round 3: Swave Sevah]
Ayo you keep sayin’ you the “King of Harlem”, how dare you?
For that, I should heat up a rusty blade and press to ya flesh til it pierce through
Or strap you to the back of a Civic and drive you up Lennox til all I see is a red streak in my rear view
You keep sayin’ you the “King of Harlem”, how dare you?
For that, I should stomp you out up and down MLK
And while you hurt, make you eat dirt from Big L grave
You keep sayin’ you the “King of Harlem”, how dare you?
For that, I should gut you to leave ya body to lie in a blood pool
Or ship you uptown for my plug to use as a drug mule
Ayo you keep sayin’ you the “King of Harlem”, how dare you?
For that, I should make you feel our pain and let that Larkin blow
Kidnap ya youngin and send you his fingers in an envelope
Ayo you keep sayin’ you the “King of Harlem”, how dare you?
Aight, aight, so we gon’ do this mob style
Hostile, for the money we ragin’ bulls
Y’all see how Rex treated him once he was Paid In Full
Now I’ma tell you why
You know why? Cause he a big bitch
He think he a big man, keep runnin’ ya big lips
These big cans will send you to Big Ang’
I’m not tryin’ to make this battle debatable
I’m tryin’ to reduce Danny to compost and make him biodegradable
Yo, ya style is not relatable
Come and get sparked, pump to ya heart like it’s inflatable
The teacher’s back to test these students
See you got punches but you gotta work on ya exectution
Punchline after punchline, that’s all you givin’ me
And you jumpin’ around on this stage with all this energy
Danny, you a bitch to me, I should fight Myers
Roll on him and break his bones like Suge Knight tires
I got a question tho
What the fuck is ya definition of “pen game” and how y’all figure we ain’t got it?
And what the fuck is so extravagant and how they write they bars and the way we jot ’em
Do we not creatively express ourselves? I mean, is our shit too basic?
I mean y’all gotta think hard to get some of they bars and we put our shit in y’alls faces?
Well check this out, I’m a survivor, through any situation Swave prevail
Ask any nigga I ever warred with, I gave ’em hell
And I’m hard to catch, I ain’t spent too many days in jail
So why worried about Writer’s Bloque when I don’t leave paper trails?
Hold on, I got another question I gotta ask ya
How you almost lose ya marriage over battle rap when both of y’all battle rappers?
Hold on, I think I got a theory, I mean this is somethin’ y’all can do together
How you almost broke up?
Is it because she’s always promotin’ you and your stupid ass don’t never promote her?
Aight, well fuck that, return to your lovin’ mood and get back again
Renew ya vows and take on a second honeymoon, to a SMACK event
Ayo so basically, let’s review this
Basically, what do I think of Danny Myers?
He suck; vampire
Put him against us, he would (wood) burn; camp fire
If you told niggas you was gon’ win you’se a damn liar
I’ll snatch mobility out ya body before any of ya actions transpire
Team fuckin’ Homi

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