Chilla Jones & B Magic vs. T-Top & Brizz Rawsteen [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Chilla Jones & B Magic]
[B] It’s B Magic motherfucker, and Jones arrived
Wild 2, blackface nigga will pop a Cal too
T-Top not invent all that rough shit, just sound cool
I show you what’s popping like paternity test, now that’s child-proof
[C] Bro that’s not how we rehearsed it
I was supposed to let my style loose
Gasol brothers; hit Top, then this mark get a POW too
Show Brizz the cal, if he doubting that I shoot
I squeeze the cap to twist and open Top, and show this child proof
[B] It’s loud too, he brought Rawsteen to bang for him
Get shot at while I’m busting like Wayne tour
And tell that nigga T-Top, that this ain’t the lane for ’em
Chopper tornado his wig, now that’s brainstorming
[C] But that’s not how we rehearsed it
But I feel something insane forming
And run up on Brizz like we ain’t warring
Pull that thang on him, pistol under his jaw let it bang on him
Leave a stain on him
Top, watching your thoughts rain on him now that’s brainstorming
[B] I say aim on him, pull out the chrome like this a shady
He’s a 90s baby, I’m not surprised he don’t know about the 80s
Unpopular ass niggas, couldn’t find ’em on Google
Word is Bono; which means we ain’t rocking with you two
[C] And now Smack, got us big dogs stomping with poodles
Beside the drug shit; who think what Top rhymin’ is noodles?
Beside the torture shit, who think Brizz could stop these vets?
We cooking Raw in front of y’all like a hibachi chefs
[B] I say imagine that Chilla, they play with this, I spray the fifth
Rawsteen gone get these shocking punches; I Raiden shit
Two K’s, and the connection make faces glitch
Give Top 5, dead or alive; that’s Jadakiss
[C] Stop grinning, a Glock have Top spinning on some Dreidel shit
I’m on deck, to give his cap 10 like a naval ship
This shit ain’t gone work out, cause you ain’t in shape for this
Fuck Haze and bricks, you should be rapping ’bout your favourite dish
[B] Tell em bro
[C] Saying shit like “Ey King, may I have 8 steaks to table six
[B] What up
[C] Mashed potatoes with the bacon bits, eggs and grits, bagels, chips, tomato dip, whatever else my plates can fit
[B] And this nigga in the middle of Subway like they make the shit
Round 1 nigga let’s get it
[C] Let’s go

[Round 1: T-Top, Brizz Rawsteen + Both]
[T] New York City this our opening verse
[Br] They finally giving y’all chance to show y’all worth
[T] Y’all needed this little cheque cause we know y’all hurt
[Br] We just came here to show y’all work
[T, Br, & crowd] Now let’s put it in
[Br] Chilla Jones and B Magic motherfucker, the show arrived
[T] Well they ain’t that tough Brizz, I know them guys
[Br] Tell them to use their head or get a hole inside
Ch, boom, open wide
[T] The 40 stamp him over that paper; I get him notarized!
[Br] Big gun
[T] Shoulder wide!
[Br] I hit his head
[T] I hold this side
[Br] Two players
[T & Br] We had two split screen like it’s GoldenEye
[Br] This shit is absurd
You’re trash, and your shit is the worst
[T] They gave us a crip and a nerd
[Br] Shit, I’ll cripple a nerd
[T] The only list he’ll make this year is “injure reserved”
[Br] We killing niggas, y’all walk right into The Purge
[T] But this the part of the battle where your feelings get hurt
[Br] You mean, besides the fact Smack got him kicked to the curb?
[T] Nah, this shit could get worse
But they Writers Bloque
[Br] You mean the team that like to write a lot
[T] The way they all careers going it don’t matter if you write or not
[Br] Ironic you got bars but won’t survive on a rider’s block
[T] Yo’ bitch ass been cleaning clothes and whitening socks
[Br] Magic’d have a Blue Belly shirt probably tied in knots
[T] So thinking y’all gone win this battle?
[Br & T] Mmm, probably not
[Br] Magic, I ain’t trying to hear your shit stain verse
I let a clip bang first
[T] And if that shit ain’t hurt
[Br] I get to fucking up Magic on stage like the trick ain’t work
[T] I said it’s Magic time
The stick and the gat
[Br] Raaah!
[T] Make him disappear; that’s a magic wand
[Br] Tie-dye nigga
[T] Alakazam;
[Br] Get your shirt tie-dye nigga
[T] You Carmelo
[Br] And this bitch La La nigga!
[T] I tell them let’s bet it
[Br] Top paper or roll paper; either way you getting smoked
[T] I tie a chain round him, then throw him overboard like I’m anchoring a boat
[Br] God damnit, I stick a hot wire hanger in his throat
[T] Shit I bang him with 4
[Br] I stab a nigga mom and stick my finger in her hole
[T] Well I shoot him in the streets and leave him planking in the road
[Br] I kill Chilla for them bars nigga saying that he stole
[C] Well if Magic got the juice I treat him like Radames and put the shank up in his nose
[Br] Bishop!
[T] Now who saying that it’s close
[Br] It’s at least 4 burners on Top
[T] Now who’s playing with the stove?
[Br] Punchline, punchline, nameflip
Every other battle it be the same shit
[T] No, punchline, punchline, nameflip
Ironic you battled that nigga and said the same shit
Concrete nigga

[Round 2: Chilla Jones & B Magic]
[C] Last round we gave you all crack
Made you fall back
Shows y’all we out y’all class; without a hall pass
If I could punchline like Magic, we would get rid of y’all fast
But what’s the secret though?
{B] Peep it bro
It’s a skull cap
[C] Word? shit
Well let me give our flow a try
[Chilla wears the same skull cap Magic has on]
It’s C Magic motherfucker, the show arrive
Chilla’s home, giving niggas the blues until the Thiller’s gone
It’s singing traps souls in the ring, it’s a [?] clone
Y’all battle cheques light, in one night your Skrill is blown
We make double these fakes, without the Silicone
(You know, double D’s, D’s fake; silicone)
I leave him lying in the field like a Silver dome
On any block a nigga rock with the milly on
The fifth’ll clap get the kicking back like you feel at home
[B] Alright Chilla with them punches you kinda mean with it
[C] Well it’s ’bout time you throw on this King fitted and scheme with it
[B Magic wears the King Pen fitted hat]
[B] Yo yo, Okay G, if I sense an Ill Will in your tone I make your block spin
You cheffing, and Raw letting Steams out the pot, bringing knots in
You think your ave gutter moving snow, I make it hot when
It bangs then his chest cave in, that’s how I rock man
[C] Wooh!
[B] I say let me chill a second, I’m cleaning house, I’m locked in
This big K put you in danger, get you boxed in
You ain’t prepped for these super writers, you will not win
Then it dawned on me, T top 10
[C] Me neither
See they ain’t think we would experiment with this type of thing
They said us on the same team is cheating cause that’s the hype it bring
[B] The writer’s mean, especially when displayed on a rival team
Evel Knievel; you jump then that fire ring
I put wings on that nigga’s ass like Designer Jeans
At your door with the nickel son; like a Shining scene
[C] Tay punched your head off, and you ain’t even try and swing
You couldn’t shine with Roc on you hands, without a diamond ring
Punches be swarming in secs, with all kind of sting
Boy, you got the face of the hyena off Lion King
But we can let the iron ring, hundreds of shells
Or if we brawl it’l be Raw in front of the L
But oh well
[B] It’s Chilla Jones posted up with these 45’s
Just know it’s Magic when they tell you that the show arrive
[C & B] Round 2

[Round 2: T-Top & Brizz Rawsteen]
[Br] See you got your slogan fucked up nigga
You must of fell from top tier, to the Proving Grounds
That’s cause you went from battling top tiers, to battling niggas in the Proving Grounds
[Br] Now see that’s like going from a championship game, to a shoot around
[T] Hold on Brizz, speaking of shoot around, I don’t move unless my shooter round
4 pipes, he taking more smoke than a hookah lounge
[Br] Dot on his head
[T] Dot on his face
[Br] Niggas taking Mook around
[T] I heard you work for Uber clown
[Br] Oh, so you Mr. fell from top tier to Uber now
[T] Dawg that’s super wild
[Br] Ey Magic, you rolling 60’s?
[T] Shit, you better roll in 60
[Br] My A tres got a hundred round drums until it rolls in 60s
[T] You talking shot through the door like when they put holes in Biggie
[Br] Nah I’m talking shots through his mouth like when they put holes in 50
[T] Well I could leave a bitch leaking out the trash bag like I put holes in Missy
[Br] I’m sending big rounds dawg; I ain’t throwing frisbees
[T] I mean there’s so much shit that I could say to Magic
[Br] I’m surprised Smack offering this stage to Magic
It’s like he aiding Magic
[T] Nah Brizz it’s like it’s AIDS and Magic
[Br & T] Cause he been on the bench sick, don’t nobody wanna play with Magic
Ain’t nobody wanna play with Magic
[Br] Chilla, you a major faggot
You rather the fame than actually getting paid for rapping
[T] Hitman came with stacks
[Br] Damn near paid your taxes
[T] And you turned 8 racks just to wait for the Madness
[Br] When two years you was on the bench waiting with Magic
[T] A waste of some talent
[Br] You know what rhyme with Chilla Jones?
[T] What?
[Br] Shit, I’ma kill Jerome, the nigga 34 but he still at home
Lost his last job, got caught trying to steal a phone
Was with queen bitch, but she left him so now he still alone
I know at least one of these bars probably hitting home
[T] Y’all know what rhyme with B Magic?
[Br] What?
[T] Choking, nigga!
I mean it’s crazy how now Magic suck
[Br] You went from having the magic touch to us having to get Magic touched
[T] And by that we mean having to fuck Magic up
See I’m the one that rap about what I been through often
[Br] Darkside, Parklife; we done Ginsu artists
[T] With two straps it’s nothing for me to hit two targets
[Br & T] See we the ones Writers Bloque come to see to get they pencil sharpened!
[T] Darkside
[Br] Darkside nigga

[Round 3: Chilla Jones & B Magic]
[B] I say yo
It’s Writer’s Bloque motherfucker
We roast niggas
[C] Third round, pressure on, don’t choke nigga
Hold up, there’s one battle that haunts me nigga
Act big while it’s my… [sighs] it still taunts me nigga
So before we lock in and get to knocking these frauds off
You my nigga… but I got to get the rest of these bars off
Fuck a fade, I untuck a blade, that a..
Fuck a fade, I untuck a…
[Crowd reacts thinking Chilla is stumbling]
(Relax, chill)
I say fuck a fade, I untuck a blade, that’ll scrape a vein
Pull out a strap, put caps in his mouth, like David Blaine
Fold ’em, then fly him across the room like a paper plane
Y’all see Magic in a box, like David Blaine
Shots off the balcony, but I ain’t tryna make it rain
They have my style, and straight jack it cause everything I say is sane
[B] You alright?
[C] I’m alright bro, I just, I had to get that off
Now that I got that shit off of my chest
We got a minute left, it’s ’bout time we bar them to death
[B] Alright look, this an end for you niggas, game over
[C] We leaving blood up on the wall like a gang poster
[B] Them niggas gassing in the back like a flamethrower
[C] Shit, I light up they whole pack like a chainsmoker
[B] It’s like how animals attack, how we came over
[C] Y’all play a lot of Heath Ledger; we ain’t the same jokers
[B] My gun so big, you heard of a Range Rover?
Well it’s so big it came with the same motor
[C] Aim toasters, you’ll get hit with the 4 5th in the chest
I’m official, I let it whistle when I give you the tech
I’m letting these pounds go; nigga this the Connect
[C] Pistol in vest, magazines if we issue the threat
[B] These niggas cadets, show me where your generals at
I pissed in your chest
Niggas ain’t getting it yet
Chilla tell them what I mean by “I pissed in his chest”
[C] It mean he’ll get two Tres to his Mitchell and Ness
[B] The flow sicker
Box nigga’s head like a vault picture
The four you see is orthopaedic; a soul lifter
38 snub the choice; I’m a nose picker
Seen the pound, and the bitch froze up like a soul sister
[C] You know Chilla, pull up fly, no zipper
The slow spitter that’ll mop the stage up with you if the flow swifter
Question, but who you know’s getting a bill for every line like a coke sniffer
What goes around coming back around like a pole splitter
[B] We told them once
[C & B] These motherfuckers scared
[C] I’m from the bean
[B] I’m from the Lou
[C] That’s how a motherfucker play it
[C & B] Beat me? Can you believe what these motherfuckers said
You must off slipped, fell and bumped yo motherfucking heads
[C] Bosstown!
[B] Bloque shit nigga

[Round 3: T-Top & Brizz Rawsteen]
[T]Yo Brizz, for this round I just thought of some dope shit
[Br] Oh shit, Top please don’t come with them coke flips
[T] No shit, I purposely wrote this for those pricks
[Br] Good, cause I’m tryna hear violence and some mo’ shit
‘Bout how a nigga throat rip
He gone need needles in the neck when the bones split
I put on a movie for Magic, he see the whole clip
[T]Y’all know what I feed Chilla baby?
[Br] What?
[T] A whole fist
Then I put the family in trucks; let’s take a road trip
You broke, need to borrow a buck nigga, whole lisp
[Br] It’s over for you niggas, you had your turn
Now you couldn’t get past if you had the magic word
Bitch you wouldn’t be wavy in St. Louis if you were Magic Bird
[Br] And you had a perm
Chilla, I hate the slow boring way you rap your words
[T] Is that cool?
Cause I skin him, start at his chin Chilla then give him matching furs
[Br] Y’all can rap, but this takes more than that, I guess there’s some things you have to learn
[T & Br] You know the saying: Play with fire
[T] And yo ass get burned
[Br] I couldn’t wait to get to Irving Plaza and murk this bastard
I whoop his ass from nines to fives; I’m working Magic
[T] See y’all came for the perfect classic
But we came with the perfect clasket
[Br] You mean casket?
[T] No clasket, it’s big enough to make everyone in their class fit
[Br] You mad bitch? Cool, jump and get yo ass whipped
Raw make your nose bleed; oh that’s a bad hit
[T] And I be on my trap shit
So I can flip six packs, or make a nigga six-pack flip
[Br] Man, fuck all that rap shit
It’s no way niggas match up
[T] We getting paid for the match-up
[Br] Had a classic with JC
[T] But you paid for the match-up
[Br] Ran into DNA
[T] Then you paid for that match up
[Br] For two years was living like a slave tryna catch up
[T & Br] Now look at you
[T] I turned down Math, then you battled the nigga
[Br] Man I turned down Cortez, then you battled the nigga
[T] Well shit I turned down Dizaster then he battled the nigga
[Br] That’s bad dog; always taking scrap from a nigga
[T] Before we came you was already known
[Br] Then you got your spot took
Ain’t that the same thing Kobe did to Eddie Jones?
[T] Bitch stop acting like yo ass could fight cause your raps is nice
[Br] And if your raps was nice it probably would affect your asking price
[T] Then you wouldn’t have to battle for half the price
[Br] Y’all both been on this big stage, but forgot what this actually like
[T & Br] We all in the same race we just lapped them twice
[T] Darkside
[Br] Parklife nigga

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