Shotti P vs. Xcel [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Xcel]
Gully, my bad bro
Cause that Realiztic shit is not the way I rock
But life drove me nuts, I gave Jesus the wheel, he couldn’t make it stop
Excuses fake or not, shit can degrade my stock
So since I’m back with the bars, it’s right I take a shot
I was just in Michigan too, now you in Boston G
That’s Helter Skelter but here Duck Down, cause we don’t Rock with P
You stopping me? You ain’t thinking responsibly
I go for blood, ‘Cel/cell have you leaking on every artery
Wreck Shotti P with technology follow me
I take a Mac and sip P with Steve Jobs my G
Nikayah said I phoned you, to give dog the beast
The future, from what I see/C P you/U are obsolete
Dog with me, all that pride will get you broke to bits
Hope you legit, and not acting out some quotes from a script
My focus can drift, if the wrong words flow from your lips
Get ‘Cel sick, think Elvis; You’ll die over this shit
See his guys showed him this, he ain’t know what war bring
I show him empathy, poor thing, then pour things
Think Temptation lead singer if I go to draw king
Cause I bet you’ll slide out first while I let the four sing
Random quotes on ransom notes, no limit is off G
Shit I even vacationed March through May
Take off Spring, brings static we all cling
Fuck a joke, bro I won’t play with you
Talk to my Taurus that’s what I call a debatable
I feel a way my dude, you could call it hating too
But how is he a new hero? He’s incapable
I know all your folks don’t get it
Yeah my bars fly over your head, but all my shots go in it
Think Jagerbomb; cause what I bear bro, the shots go in it
Open that body bag up and let Shot go in it

[Round 1: Shotti P]
If you watch me versus Skelly, you saw how that shit got out of hand
Now usually that stunt will get you stomped out, but I understand
It was obvious why he lunged out, just thank God it was hurt feelings
And that’s the reason why the fun stopped, because it could have been Curt Schilling
Another white boy bleeding from one sock
But that’s how you commit a homi, make every punch feel like the earth moving
Now I’m catching a body in the middle of Mass, like a church shooting
But you Xcel the god, am I supposed to believe in that, nigga?
Boy, you just acting like a GOD, you Morgan Freeman-ass nigga!
But I get it bro, life made you this way
If life made you this way
Then let’s see what death would do
See I respect every body in Team Homi… except for you
He don’t rep a flag, he ain’t gangbang, nor letting the cannon shoot
But when I put on the mask, the game changing; Crash Bandicoot
Bitch I came prepared, so you want to rap or scrap?
Cause we can make a change of plans, nigga raise yo hands
And shit’ll jump off ‘Cel/cell like Shane McMahon
Let’s leave it all on the table, that nigga Bangz is my son
I’m the nigga he look up to
And tell Pass, he don’t get a pass, I’ll fuck that nigga up too!
I’m from Detroit, where bullets fly and murder happens
Funny acting niggas die, I should Bernie Mac ’em
Think Boston Harbor, when he see/sea monsters, he’ll know what happens
I’m leaving the god in the water like Percy Jackson
Look at him, he probably think this is a step back
But battling me is a set back
But I don’t play though, you can die in the ring; Celebrity Death Match
Try to act tough, nah my nigga just rap
Or I’m beating shit down his leg, for everything that X lacks/Ex Lax
King Of The Dot, will I get charged for beating up a bitch nigga?
Cause Realiztic told me you be beating up your bitch nigga
You think that makes you a man?
You a little ass boy, and that’s a big difference
Just imagine a random nigga whipping on your little sister
Is should pop his lead put the mil on him like six figures
Since he a Boston kid, I’m here to Pun-ish your son like Chris Rivers
He thought he was ready, but I knew I had the better style
Nigga I’m from Seven Mile
So you know it get even more disrespectful in my second round
Dub nigga

[Round 2: Xcel]
I said speaking of Shotti, Nikayah I wanted the Horroh dude
But my phone be fucking up, he probably heard me wrong it’s cool
So I make something out of nothing, cause that’s what a god could do
I compare Shotti and Shotty for a bar or two
Call your goons, let your faculty trip
My Homis moving cemetery yo shit, now your clique the Zombie Zoo
Dog be cool, if you don’t we pull up
Bolts locked, scope stocks, chrome cocks, AKs that go chop
Basically, if war’s where it goes, watch
Hit yo block, and give Shotti/Shotty an arsenal/Arsonal;
Y’all better hope he don’t flop/Don’t Flop
Your jokes hot, but with the bars, you barely aight boy
Ain’t it bugged out that you the light version of a white boy?
With me, I’m no joker, go bat shit on a dark night/Dark Knight
With sharp knives, and I twist ’em while I got them (Gotham) in your heart right
Then pull down, the blade serrated, it’ll rip him to portions
Y’all peep that Batman shit? Well you’ll be tripping for sure when I show
You put my name in like some signal of war
If he wasn’t supposed to die then why would you commission the/Commisioner god then (Gordon)
I force in a blade through yo cheek, get that forever smile
You tried to play the villain and died, think Heath Ledger now
Settle down, understand who you are, this my shit kid
Boston, we had dirty water before Flint did
Headshot him, run up where he rest spotting
And give this Michigan nigga another lead problem
Your threats stopping, offensive lines go with a stretch option
I go for your jugular, to show who’s the next problem
Boy, there’s no remorse when I’m attacking ya
Take the battery out the back of ya
The fact is bruh, the fans counted me out, and them jacking ya
Got me pissed, so I got to bag P/pee like a catheter
You punishment, I’m just doing what I have to bruh
They could have seen DNA get spliced; think Gattaca
But you standing here, so you get this kill shot
Hold the steel shot, run up be like, “Be still Shot”
Shit he cooperated too… and nigga still shot
We clear the room, turn a motion picture to a still shot
Team Homi nigga!

[Round 2: Shotti P]
This nigga trash man, just a bunch of light punches and boring schemes
They should of replace your face on the flyer with the Jordan meme
No wonder you been dropping tiers/tears
I saw him on BET, and he was so bummy
And I was like “This nigga’s raps gotta be fire.”
But then I found out this nigga’s a pathological liar
He no-showed two GZs, claiming that his kid’s sick
I heard you lied about it, and if you ask me that’s some bitch shit
You be on the phone with Gully, storytelling like Slick Rick
So you skipping battles, you trying to hold a staff
Yeah that’s how I know he wack
But if it ain’t GZ it don’t count, so I ain’t condoning that
King Of The Dot don’t need him, you don’t sell ticks/Celtics
Y’all can Len Bias, but I’m ODing and he still lying, well so be it
The fans can see the snake in ‘Cel/cell like a Nokia
Hang it up, last year Danny put his career on life support
I’m just up here two-stepping kicking a lifeless corpse
You just keep dying, like you setting trends
Y’all seen his battle with P-Nut?
Don’t watch it, it’s not some shit I recommend
Nigga, P-Nut killed you: you should have rolled to Oakland with an Epipen
But, in the ‘Yac, he said he homeless, though…
Man, that must really suck when it’s cold out
But how can you be a man to your daughter when you’re not even a man in your own house
Nigga knock it off, quit this battle rap character nigga
I fuck with Boston, but I’m from a different Area nigga
Detroit city the most segregated place in America nigga
And I got King Of The Dot’s first airhorn, I’m breaking barriers nigga
But you just another Facebook fraud, trying to drop knowledge
Every time you make a status, you bugging
You’re not a god just because you look like a praying mantis
He thought it was cool to hit on a women, since Ray Rice happened
So watch me whip a nigga on stage like a Daylyt antic
It’s Zoo Faculty, and your crew only as good as your weakest member
So I’ma put him on a T-shirt, that’s the only way he’ll be remembered
Clip so long, that bitch looks like it needs a render
Pistol grip and another gun charged like a repeat offender
Murder is my hobby, and you about to die for fun nigga
That’s exactly what you get, for messing with a Dub nigga
Dub nigga

[Round 3: Xcel]
Yo, we got another nigga, on stage doing this extra shit
Rap about B.E.T., my durag on UFF and shit
I did get extra pissed, but now, my first question is:
How can you talk down about an opportunity you’ll never get?
See the fans say I’m stuck in place and I never see that tier
But every battler knows my bars strike mad fear, get that clear
I rap weird, beauty store; I’ll get bagged here
Fuck is you talking about nigga? This ain’t last year!
I see your facade, you here for they laughter: Phylicia Rashad
I know this bitch, a clear apple, banana to your apple
I could aim a pear/pair at ya and you could watch him swallow a slug, no Fear Factor
Hold up, Shotti, slug? Y’all know I had to fuck with him
His name’s Shotti, so he should be used to having slugs in him
Burn these, leave your whole party blue, when I’m dumping them
Leave his right red, guess now he’s republican
Take your jaw, put blood in him
Leak your jeans; that’s blood denim
I’ll rusty shiv your liver, they’ll transfuse the blood in him
You and Wesley Snipes, got more in common than being black nigga…
Cause we both watch y’all stand behind bars from the tax/Tax nigga
You did, but still
Matter of fact, I could give you a flash back/flashback
If I back out a calico/Calicoe with ill will/Ill Will and make you rap nigga
Why is that nigga? Just because I’ve got the power to
I make food out of you, then devour you
I’ve got a thousand dollars, you’ve got hype from a thousand dudes
You in the danger zone/Danja Zone now, hope they brought the towers/Towers through
Wow that’s rude, a lot of danger? Towers through? I’m that nice
Spray your whip, if anyone in your car tell/cartel, then black ice
Team Homi!

Round 3: Shotti P
Last week, I heard you got in a car crash man
But you made it to the battle, I’m glad to see you still alive
Naaah I lied, I kind of wished this nigga would of died
Round 2, X got exposed, just so y’all can see his lies
But this round, I’ma break down a Homi without the CSI
There’s no way in hell, Xcel was killing
You are not impressive, you should focus on your delivery
Not about how your bars perfected
You fucking boring, that’s why all your battles look like sparring sessions
Enough of his footage, and you might end up a Narcoleptic
Now that’s real shit, he was sleeping on me, just cause we on his home court
He didn’t know I’ll go Kimbo and fight niggas on their own porch!
I got lil’ niggas on ten speeds, doing drive bys
They’ll shoot you for a Yoo-Hoo and some hot fries
You are not live, so make a choice, how you wanna die nigga?
YouTube or Fox Five?
But you wanna know the real reason I can’t rock with you?
Cause you think selling Lucys and doo-rags is profitable, bro
Ain’t no way you can convince me, you not the nigga on the doo-rag pack
He only Team Homi because Ill Will needed a spot here to buy his doo-rags at
I swear to God, this nigga think he Papoose, and he be dropping wisdom
Well back to the bars, fuck the jokes, this nigga already is one
I’m from the same city as Calicoe, Miles McCody and Marv Won
And Boston ain’t seen this dope since George Young!
You are nothing but excuses, like he ain’t stealing money from leagues, that’s just rap gossip
He don’t like hitting bitches, he just really into slapboxing
I should slide the piece to wifey, it’s too late for you to act sorry
I’ll get bae to cap a nigga like a frat party
Watch me school him, cause he can’t fuck with me when I get to spazzing
Addicted to smoking a nigga boots, and I can’t kick the habit
Pornhub; You’ll see all types of different ratchets
We’ll/wheel pop up, clicking at X window like the system crashing
But what’s really cracking? Think Pet Detective; I roll with animals that I’d die for
I’ll pull the bitch out a nigga; Fingerless Iron horn
Last time I was armed with a beam like Side Borg
Now it’s Red Dead Redemption; The Shotti knocking niggas off they high horse
Murder is my hobby, and losing is never fun nigga
That’s exactly what you get, for fucking with a Dub nigga
Dub nigga

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