Dizaster vs. DNA (2016 Rematch) [Lyrics]

[Round 1: DNA]
Right now I am like, “Finally…
After five long years, Bachir is spending time with me
Through all the “time flies loud” and me saying “something something”
I enjoyed our rivalry
You swung on Math, I never knew you saying, “I dare you” could make a man act violently
So if you have any anger issues Dizaster, you can tell me privately
After he sucker punched Math
He was like, “Aw, fuck. I can’t wait to put this in my diary
He asked me to do it so I did it. Technically he invited me.”
Well if you wanna punch just punch, if not I’ma feel like you trying me
You begged for Iron then you lost to Iron, the irony
I can get him murdered for half the price
Squeeze the ratchet twice
And D’s will give ’em tips, that’s Shaq advice
Beretta blow, it’ll snatch his life
You never know, when the Mag’s in sight
So I just let it go like the passive type
I get hype with the steel, get his casket right
Plus I got a license to kill, that’s Gladys Knight
You swing on me, I’ma weave and give him half the knife
Cause I ain’t trying to bust a rhyme (Busta Rhyme) When Disaster Strike
But you let Alki David put up $100,000 in a battle you lost in
To an industry rapper
How can you rap and be a legend?
You got destroyed so badly in that battle I had to come to L.A. and do my Cassidy impression
“Dizaster I killed you dawg, no I really killed you dawg
Shut the fuck up dawg
I was sipping Belaire getting sick and I think I scared you
Cause you swung on Math and not me and I double dogged dared you
And that battle dawg you was straight trash and I recycled bars
I killed you with shit from my 2008 bag
And still think you wearing a Drake mask
So I’m just waiting for you Lil’ Wayne and Nicki to skate past.”
But enough jokes, let the machine blast
If he leave fast, five will make ’em stand still, freeze tag
I’m dumping the mil’, let three blast
So if you see son with the steel, it ain’t Steve Nash
How you been watching every game and he ain’t the best in the league, Pass?
Get him a League Pass ‘fore I make you and everyone in his league pass
You vers’ Cassidy, we thought you’d smoke him like he’s trash
But as Diz’ continued (discontinued), we all seen it was a dream Cass’ (Dreamcast)
You know they discontinued Dreamcasts? Let ’em come play
You brag about beating Gjonaj, that’s shit I never would say
You lost to Arcane, Cortez, Pat Stay, that’s where the evidence lays
So your soldier ain’t the same facing veterans day
Ain’t y’all two niggas fight? Right? Right before Total Slaughter?
Cause he decided to go on Math’s side and got tight cause ‘Lyt set in
And then y’all staged a fake fight with fake blood hoping that niggas on my side dead it?
You was scared to come to New York
Cause if you was there you would’ve known your life ended
I mean he pretended to be dizzy after seeing where Lyt headed
Now I’m back to these bars like I skipped probation
If his clique go aiming then disco blazing
Your niggas tried to hide til you see the fifth go waving
But once I showed the (shoulder) pop they told me where Diz’ located
And now we dislocated, you think the mystery opponent is a disadvantage
But you better with general bars
This is actually to Diz’ advantage
I discovered you don’t do well with people discolored
And I can freestyle so I ain’t gon’ bring Diz’ comfort (discomfort)
I don’t care who Diz’ infect
I’ma clean ’em up, disinfect
A lot of y’all disagreeing til you see Diz connect
A lot of people dislike what Diz’ likes
So when you hear a Diz’ bar you question how Diz’ said it
And instead of giving Diz’ credit we discredit
I will disassemble, anything Diz’ assemble then give Diz’ a ray
I’m disloyal but loyal to them Grapes cause those are them niggas who Diz’ obey
So if Diz’ play then I’ma Diz’ play on making this the worst disappearance
And the only thing y’all niggas gon’ see after this battle is a Diz’ appearance (disappearance)
Nigga you tried to act tough, and I was there when you spit in front of Eurgh
I mean I watched the shit
It was me, Charlie Clips, Arsonal in the hotel lobby
While your man was acting like he was in a karate flick
He was like, “DNA, he owes me 60 pounds
And if I don’t get my money, then I’ma start to hit on him this way
I mean I’ma a calculated bully. So I decided I’ma pick on him this way.”
Started practicing, shadow boxing like, “I’ma kick on him this way
And if I still don’t get my money then, pssst, I’ma spit on him this way.”
You’re not tough Diz’ you’re just bi-polar
You swear that you the dopest and you the hottest
The reason you ask for a mystery opponent is cause your ass can’t stay on topic
One minute you spitting rapidly, then you wanna battle happily
Then you wanna battle Canibus, then you wanna battle Math, then you wanna battle Cassidy
It’s like “I’m Diz’ I start whiling in it, I’m freestyling with it
But your brain can’t calculate how your brain and your mind is moving a thousand miles per minute.”
Like, one part of his mind is like, “Fuck DNA.”
The other part of his mind is like, ” We got 4 million views together. I love DNA.”
Then the other side of his brain is like, “Drake was there and gave us 15 hundred
So I wanna hug DNA
I know he’s cool with Math and Cortez so I don’t trust DNA
I kinda hate this guy
He mix up words like “macklemare” and “blank screen” I wanna erase this guy.”
I wish I could be Quinton Miller and if I could I would Drake this guy
I hate this guy.”
It’s round one it’s getting hot in here, L.A. y’all know my slogan
(Get him the fuck outta here)
Hell no, get this dude that sucks the fuck outta here
Get you swinging on Math and that jump the fuck outta here
You spitting on Eur’, thinking that’s tough the fuck outta here
I mean, I thought we was friends but you might try me, get this dude I don’t trust the fuck outta here

[Round 1: Dizaster]
Look, congratulations bitch, you just won a blind date with a terrorist
And what I’m ’bout to say don’t take this as arrogance
Cause I didn’t know who they paired me with and I’m okay with it
Cause I was raised Arabic, I’m used to meeting all my bitches through arranged marriages
When I set up this battle, my request is that I don’t know the name that I’m getting
You know me, I like my opponents like my Saudi Arabian women
I want their face to be hidden
But when the veil’s lifted and the lights come on I’m like Lebron
But when them lights is off, I’m like Jean Claude when he lost his vision and his sight was gone
Cause even though I’m at a disadvantage against all night, this fight’s still on
I walked into this like a Bloodsport, not knowing who I was firing upon
But I’m like Mr. Miyagi cause I’m so strong
I can catch a body on the fly wearing a blindfold on
Damn I’m too good for him
At first I thought it was Caustic, turns out I was wrong
Figured it would be you dawg since you’re used to sticking your giant nose where it doesn’t belong
But no I got you instead, DNA
When the fuck are you gonna stop battling?
Don’t you listen to any fucking feedback that you get?
Fucking, twitching for a match up, fucking ’bout to relapse for a hit
He needs rap for a fix
You really need to fucking stop Dina
Fucking, if you don’t get clean after this you gon’ be the first battle rapper to get sent to rehab for this shit
Imagine him, “Hi, my name is DNA. I don’t do drugs
But I probably should quit battling because I do it too much.”
Are you fucking stupid or what?
How many battles could someone do in a month?
Every day, I go on my computer, and a new battle from you on YouTube is up
Titled under, “DNA versus…who gives a fuck!?”
It’s like trying to get an opponent for you is a constant struggle
Like doing the fucking Carlton shuffle with carpal tunnel
You Michael J. Fox don’t got arms to scuffle
You just a square trying to box with words you a crossword puzzle
Of course you deserve to be anonymous, they should put you in a dark little bubble
They took your face off the flier cause having your face on it would be a waste like a Versace buckle
Which makes sense cause I don’t gotta waste/waist lines at all to son/sun you
You can’t get nobody above you cause you been a ghost your whole life
But you know what that’s like, “DNA, everywhere I go I got my mic
I battle with him, I battle with them, I battle with everybody, I battle with my friends.”
Yo, that was the worst impression of me that I’ve ever heard
Fucking word
Fucking weirdo, now that it’s you I have to devise a new game plan
Cause I’m battling a dude with a fucking IQ of a fucking Geicko caveman
Where the fuck did you find this strange man?
Yo I bet you and Michael Strahan have the same type of DNA strands
Fucking, bunch of fucking losers
It’s the same shit with all of these dumb fucks
“Ayo I throw a four leaf clover in the sky. What’s that? That means your luck’s up
I got a Mario shroom on the block. What’s that? That mean it’s 1 up
I get green for the grass and the roots? What’s that?”
That doesn’t mean nothing shut the fuck up!
Honestly, seeing you here is a bit surprising
Not because you the one they picked because I barely recognized him
He looks a little different without K-Shine standing there like a little bitch beside him
I fucking need some oxygen I can’t think right
Fucking, flipping my shit and I’m freestyling
Yo, you look like 50 Cent mixed with Tyson
And you look like 50 Tyson!
Just a fake ass rapper from the fucking east side that gave birth to a bunch of fucking breed of wiggers
A bunch of fucking kids who now think cool to be some killers
Got kids like Charron walking around now thinking it’s cool to keep the blicker
“Yo, yo, yo I’m a Grape Street Cripper.”
You see the shit online and mention it and they think you’re bitter
I guess a 140 characters online ain’t enough to say some real shit on Twitter
I guess it’s the way of our thinking differs
Since you dumber than me I’ma have to scoop down to your level so help you see the picture
Ayo, you in denial/the Nile like the Egypt river
See these Benz/bends got you thinking that you an experienced swimmer
You dove in head first but the current sea turning you into thirsty drinkers
I give you fresh substance straight from the spring delivered
But you’d rather leech off of these fucking schemes of fillers
Just stuck to the same old recycled fucking TV dinners
You got nothing in your scene, it’s nothing but a bunch of fucking fake ass dudes talking about they squeeze the trigger
That’s why you can’t find a decent spitter in your city since the last time you seen Big Tigger
And guess what, hip hop is dead where you from
Your infrastructure is completely withered
It’s nothing left but a fucking generation of PG steppers
That look like they were manufactured from the same 3D printer
You went from Talib Kweli to popping the ninas on the block with the heaters
In the same old fucking monotone garbage ass sequence
You were our forefathers, now you the fucking reason why the art is depleting
Yo, every time someone spits a stop, pause or repeat it
It makes me want to fucking stomp out Conceited
Yo, cause he ain’t nothing, he ain’t no real lyricist
Yo, he’s the average fucking pyramid scheme that you come by
I see you reaching up high and try to be at the top of the food chain with the elite alumni
But weak genes never mix with the secret bloodlines
The closest you get to the top of the food chain
Is making some blood sacrifices, I’m talking about losing at least a left eye
So when you leave here you will only be able to see from one side
Yeah, I’ll fucking stab you with this pen in your head
So I can carve every single punchline
And leave my initials carved between your chumps eyes
So when the ink becomes dry, you look like DC Young Fly
Yo you fucking pussy, your mom is an autistic bitch, what you think we forgot it?
Your mother is r-r-r-r-r-retarded!
Of course I’m gonna bring up a slick comment
In fact you can almost depend on it
This Christmas I’m buying your mother a brand new wheelchair with 20 inch rims on it
Fucking have a little LCD screen built with windchill wipers equipped on it
So when she speaks it automatically turns on and wipes the spit off it
Yo, ain’t shit y’all can tell me
This is west coast, home of Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, Makaveli
You’re from the fucking home of Donald Trump and Martin Shkreli
Ain’t shit y’all can say to us
Cause we gave you shit like NWA and Kurupt
And you gave us Ma$e and Puff
You’re famous for taking it in the butt
Fucking, DMX I could probably book him for a bag of angle dust and 80 bucks
Fucking, seen KRS-One hanging out at the bus stop the other day ’bout to take a bus
Then a homeless dude walked by him and threw some change in his cup

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