Tsu Surf & Tay Roc (Guntitles) vs. DNA & K-Shine (NWX) (REMATCH) [LYRICS]

[Round 1: NWX]
[D] Previously on NWX versus Gun Titles
[K] Y’all remember I was about to fuck these niggas up cause y’all was talkin’ mad shit
[D] Well all I remember is button shirt, bag zipped and Surf puttin’ Roc(k) on yo’ ass like the Fast 6
[K] Nigga when?
[D] When that nigga called Paul Walker from Heaven and made him crash whips
[K] Nah see, you got it fucked up, see I remember a nigga sayin’ “suck my dick” and I almost made him backflip
[D] Well I remember before the shot and after the shot
[K] I wasn’t worried ’bout that shit
[D] Well you should’ve been
[K] Why?
[D] Cause that’s the part in the battle when we was gettin’ our ass whipped
[K] Well this time I’m back sucka, with a big mil’ (meal)
[D] This the last supper
[K] I ain’t even wipe the tray (trey) off I’ma bad butler
[D] Newspaper, shells everywhere
[K] I’m a Crab lover, you want the knife or the first round?
[D] Pick, that’s a draft number
[K] Tie him to the front of the car
[D] And let him drag under
[K] Two letters, I’ll let a hundred meter (meet a) mark
[D] Like a track runner
[K] Leg shot
[D] Lebron James
[K] I’ve got his Calves covered
Two niggas shootin’ Roc(k) without lookin’
[D] We the Splash Brothers
I caught him on a Dark (K)night
[K] I pulled up with a Bane mask
[D] Time of death
[K] 9:11
[D] That’s a plane crash
Same casket, same morgue
[K] They toes get the same tag
[D] Well if you feelin’ the shot then put a mil’ (Amil) on The Roc
[K] Dame Dash
[D] Two buck fifties
[K] Come and get yo’ stage pass
I bet he couldn’t stop these autos with break pads
[D] If he escape fast then let the .8 blast
[K] I got somethin’ big stashed; Drake’s dad
[D] Last battle, that shit was all gas
[K] This battle is shoppin’ sprees; I bring ’em all (mall) bags
[D] In the battle
[K] Suck my dick
[D] After the battle
[K] Toy’s flash
[D] Before the shot?
[K] Irving Plaza
[D] After the shot?
[Both] Troy Ave!
[D] The .40 get to bustin’, I get his whole team shot
[K] Nina lickin’ next, she tryin’ to get a G spot
[D] I’m shootin’ Roc right over this square
[K] Tree top
[D] All my pieces hittin’
[K] I even got a green dot
[D] Muah, to make him kiss the pound, welcome to D-Block
[K] Nah, to give his [?] kicks, welcome to Reebok
They’ll Reminisce Over You; Pete Rock
[D] Bodies off the wall, they’ll cover Surf with the sheet Roc(k)
[K] Strap on the back like new Airs
[D] Bomb stuck
[K] Two arms up, who cares?
[D] Milhouse, I’m leavin’ lens on
[K] Everything blue here (hair)
[D] Nah I’m leavin’ shirts red and bottoms gone, I’m thinkin’ Pooh bear
[K] What if they got two Glocks, two pairs and Tsu there?
[D] Then I’m gettin’ him, Daylyt, Rex and Mook aired
[K] The look on the crime scene when the cops swing through there
[D] That shit was the Domino’s logo, it was just three Dot’s and two squares
[K] Hold up tho, I mean since you here, why the fuck they think you panic a lot?
[D] Cause I control my temper and don’t fuck up the only chance that I got
You on the other hand wanna fight in every battle
[K] Bro I don’t give a damn ’bout this spot
It’s Space Jam, I got my talent back soon as I got my hands on the Roc(k)
What we got? Another former Zip ‘Em Up/Cave Gang/Dot wit’ a death wish
[D] Then he turned Gun Titles
[K] Stupid nigga set trip
.40 in the left hand
[D] Forgot the “is he dead” kick
[K] I’m waitin’ for the lead out, trip him by the exit
Grab him while he fallin’, grip him by his necklace
Son tryin’ to Slide, it’s finna get Electric
Shootin’ [?] forget about the breadsticks
Stomach shot, they can’t tell his dinner from his breakfast
[D] You got that Puerto Rican chopper?
[K] No I got this from Cali
[D] To tape a Raptor nigga up
[K] Leave that option to Lowry
[D] Gauge liftin’, Tay missin’
[K] Put his top wit’ a [?]
[D] That’s Chris Paul to Blake Griffin
[K] Toss Roc in the Ave
[D] Let’s get the fun started
[K] Hammers you want, here’s one cartridge
[D] Arms up, get the rock in the head
[K] I’m unbothered, lead the league in pump, rock and roll
[D] We punk artists
[K] How the fuck y’all Gun Titles
[D] And you can’t hold gun charges?
This is round one, it’s gettin’ hot in here, what’s your slogan?
[K] Zip ’em up
[D] What’s mine?
[Crowd] Get ’em the fuck outta here!
[D] Hell no, get this nigga that sucks the fuck outta here
Get this stupid nigga Roc sayin’ he wasn’t Zip ‘Em Up the fuck outta here
[K] Get you bein’ gay wit’ your hand on your hip the fuck outta here
[D] Get sayin’ you gon’ knock Shine the fuck out, 60 feet away the fuck outta here

[Round 1: Gun Titles]
[Tsu] I’m tired of watchin’ fuckin’ 2 on 2’s of this nigga
Talkin’ ’bout how his heater spray
Freestylin’, sweatin’, machetes that shoot either way
[Tay] K-Shine just standin’ there
[Tsu] Doin’ nothin’, and you don’t even see it straight
That make him just like your mother
[Tay] What?
[Tsu] Another bitch gettin’ checks off of DNA
Well, I’m in the crib, hand held camera wit the lens and the snapshot
Scope for bird eye view, I’m here lookin’ for a jackpot
[Both] E’rybody dead
[Tsu] I’m buckin’ all, fuck ’em all, see a C
[Tay] Don’t shoot
[Tsu] This panorama (pan will ram a) head to the fuckin’ wall
[Tay] Aye…you was fuckin’ soft, dip on your man when he’s about to get his head beat
And you shouldn’t be on stage leavin’ DNA hangin’ like a deadbeat
[Tsu] K wrapped into Big T, I swear I’m tryin’ to leave ’em all dead
[Aye] This a Perfect Day To Die, I could make it rain baldheads
[Tsu] Pourin’ slugs, no pornhub, we came squirtin’
[Tay] In the Cavalier with the heat
[Tsu] Saga got the King James version
[Tay] Aye Surf, I got about 30 in this clip standin’ out I’m at ’em
He dead by tomorrow, what’s the rant about
[Tsu] Ennis, [?], Durant, shit I’ll run it back
Either I’m lyin’ (Lion) or that’s a whole lot of Thunder Cats
[Tay] Okay, but what else?
[Tsu] Well, was Thunder Cats, don’t ever try and play me, I don’t need to get traded
I’m a Warrior, get crazy with this K, D
[Tay] Facts, aye look, I should take this nigga back like this is our business
Nigga I will black ya eye, make you an eye witness
They won’t be able to identify niggas
Ya head, dent if I hit it
[Tsu] Big rounds on on the ground
[Both] Unidentified visits
[Tay] If you a foe
[Tsu] If you a foe (U.F.O.), I’m comin’ wit’ ’bout 60 when I’m sendin’ mine
[Tay] One in the chamber
[Tsu] What was left in the Area?
[Both] 59
[Tay] It’s never over, even when he dead, if he got me mad
[Tsu] I interrupt the choir, chainsaw and a hockey mask
[Tay] My DC niggas say Joe
[Tsu] Well I’ma do Joe sloppy bad
[Tay] He walk up to the casket
[Tsu] Rest in peace Houdini, I’ll split that box in half
[Tay] Aye, I beat ya angel with a bottle of Cris’
[Tsu] Levitate her
[Tay] Inf’ beam, I’ll put ray on ya bitch
[Tsu] Elevate her
[Tay] Monk style, I’ll put a dot on her head
[Tsu] Meditate her
[Tay] Aye Surf get her arms
[Tsu] Get the legs
[Tay] We gon’ separate her
[Tsu] See, he we go again this shit can get mean
Like if I keep goin’ with the muhfuckin’ scheme
18 wheeler backin’ up, beep beep
[Tay] Respirate her (respirator)
[Tsu] Switch the IV with Pine Sol
[Tay] When they medicate her
[Tsu] Damn, that bitch survive
[Tay] Fuck Surf, we underestimate her?
[Tsu] Louieville Slugger to the head
[Tay] They gon’ have to reeducate her
Aye hold on, all that social media, for the bitches, the grip in the place
I’ll Snap for that Chat and have my dawg (dog) lick in ya face
[Tsu] Wait Roc I got a great shot, double barrel, double scope
I see ’em both like face swap
[Tay] Whole team got the toast, we ’bout to do cheers over there
[Tsu] Put this nigga from Corona in a box like
[Tay] “Yo, the beers over there.”
[Tsu] This shit bulgin’ out the pants like a boner
If I gotta let it fly yo
[Tay] Cinco De Mayo
[Tsu] I’ll bring them 32 packs to Corona
[Tay] Aye I heard you moved to Flatbush, Bushwick, when I find you they gon’ have to chalk you out
You get beat around the bush like…some shit I don’t wanna talk about
[Tsu] I’m in the car, .40 in my lap wit’ the phone waitin’
[Tay] I got the Jeepers Creepers mask in the hallway, where they both stayin’?
[Tsu] Two .23s, why need shooters, I got zone patience
[Tay] Aye, I’ma lock pick his door
[Tsu] Eeeeeeee!
[Tay] Nah, we gon’ take this shit outside, I got home trainin’
Look, I send the Cave rollin’ through your neighborhood
60 deep
You either get jumped man or niggas die when this kick release
I pull my (Puma) deuce deuce from the shoe on this cat and blast away
You ain’t hear me? Aye D the (Adidas) the shells will do him like Jam Master Jay
[Tsu] Adidas, Jump Man, Puma, this the part when I sneak another bar in
Suppressor holes on the nose, the K Swiss when I grip the pipe
That chopper got LA Gears
[Tay] That’s different lights
[Tsu] Aye Roc, why Shine ain’t Dot Mobb no more?
[Tay] We had to take his soul (sole) out, it wasn’t fittin’ right
[Tsu] Aye D, the victim of BK in the box
[Both] That’s British Knights
[Tay] Gun Titles, whatup

[Round 2: NWX]
[D] Aight well, I mean after that shit we up 1-0
But, why the fuck every time we battle, it’s like niggas just zone out on you?
Them niggas be actin’ like you got no lines
Shit, I’m a fan, I remember when you used to slide up like a dancer
You ain’t that same nigga from ’09
I remember when you used to give John John that “is he dead” kick
[K] That was fire
[D] I mean am I buggin’, or do y’all niggas wanna see the old Shine?
Well if that’s the case I’ma step aside
Kill these two bitch niggas on own time

One thing for sure, two things for certain
This fo’ Roc, this for Surf and
Oh y’all waitin’ for name flips, I’m puttin’ work in
Fuck flippin’ a name, I’m tryin’ to flip a person
I said I was gon’ knock you out, like you was ready to ride
Boy I had that Big Poppa, hope you Ready To Die
Long nose, I gotta hold it down, like I took it in stride
But my deuce will turn Roc if you look in my eyes
Fuck ya hard bat, I’m on that time today
Give it up when ya cheese gettin’ jacked on montereys
Wind shield, mirrors, doors when that Llama bang
That’s how I had that V surfin’; hydroplane
Mind on flame, I’m sendin’ him the torch
It’ll shoot him in the backyard and sit him on the porch
Only need one bullet and it’s finna get ’em off
The one sent was a head shot, that’s a penny for ya thoughts
I’m thinkin’ family visits, house pop ups, we doin’ all that to get you, all on principle
He thought he was Saved By The Bell, D, I let ’em all out this missile
He try to run his (runny) nose, it’s not (snot) smart, they blowin’ all his tissue
I’m thinkin’ baby wit’ a fever
[D} Give his forehead the nickle
Y’all make the worst
[Both] Reach decisions, for instance
[K] Ayo when you lock pick a door, cause you just did this
Ain’t you supposed to be creepin’ Surf?
I mean, every time you lock pick a door, why it be squeakin’ Surf?
I mean when you hear the
{D] Eeeeeeeerrr
[K] Do you stop, peek in first?
[D] Even when breaking an entry you be reachin’ Surf
[Both] You make the worst reach decisions, for instance
[D] The whole world wants to know
[K] Not just the city, the world Craig
[D] You know, what the fuck is a “denany” Roc?
[K] What is that?
[D] Is that your aunt, is that your grandma?
[K] Is that somebody in your family Roc?
[D] Is that code word in Baltimore
[K] For, “Yo, I need some candy rock”?
[D] See that right there is when being gassed comes in handy Roc
[Both] Y’all make the worst reach decisions, for instance
[D] If Smack, Beasley, Chico and Norbes was givin’ out Reach God Grammys, y’all would get them awards quick
[K] And if they had a dollar for e’ry time y’all reach, y’all niggas would make the Forbes list
[D] But they the gun bar kings, they got a large clip
[Both] Ahh shit
[D] We figured out whey they call themselves “Gun Titles”
[K] Cause you rap about the guns
[D] That this nigga get caught wit’
[K] Go Jackie Robinson nigga when you Murda Tsu
[D] Well I never Dodge a Jersey nigga he get the .40 too (42)
[K] I’m thinkin’ Hardball with a .380
[D] Surf said you ain’t been in them streets lately
[K] Til he the one dyin’ in Jersey; G-Baby
[D] Tell this man “Stop”
[K] Pull up on his damn block
[D] Big dog that’ll put him over the fence
[K] Sandlot
[D] He just sayin’ that he ’bout steel
I get who’s bangin’ in that house killed
Now they dead people just
[Both] Two Angels In The Outfield
[D] But Surf said it’s like basketball, right?
[K] So tell ’em put his hands up
[D] I wanna have a competition
[K] I got a couple treys
[D] Nah, I’m thinkin’ slam dunk, that nigga Roc said he tough
[K] He ain’t tough enough
[D] Well whatchu want, the Tom or Hawk (Tomahawk)
[K] I’m thinkin’ double pump
[D] When mils get involved they don’t want that problem again
Toss ’em in an alley
[K] Ooops
[D] That ain’t no mistake he gettin’ stomped with my Timbs
[K] What if they pull up to the Charger or Benz?
[D] Well then I been harder, I’m Vince Carter
[Both] I got the arm in the rim
[D] It’s time to retire, we cruisin’ on y’all niggas, like Knight with the Rider
Two Cannons, Nick you won’t like Mariah
We ain’t worried ’bout the gas, just
[Both] Makes it easier when we light ’em on fire
[D] Round 2
[K] It’s gettin’ hot in here
[D] What’s your slogan?
[K] Zip ’em up
[D] What’s mine?
[Crowd] Get ’em the fuck outta here
[D] NWX man

[Round 2: Gun Titles]
[Tay Roc] Last battle I said, “Suck my dick” and you was trippin’ on me
But if a tranny would’ve said, suck his dick…you would’ve did it for him
So now, suck my dick, that’s all I’ma rhyme about
[Tsu] And on neighborhood Crip, if you touch him I’ma knock you out
How you feel about that last body Roc?
[Tay] Great victims
[Tsu] I love bitches, but we treat these bitches
[Tay] Like we hate women
[Tsu] Domestic (the mess stick) on the wall when the K spittin’
[Tay] Nobody cared about him
[Tsu] Just his mother with DNA on her shirt like a rape victim
[Tay] New gun connect
[Tsu] Show me some shit, you just a bitch
[Tay] You wanna hit a nigga
[Tsu] Back to back all summer 16, use this
[Tay] It gotta be charged up
[Tsu] But when it pop you don’t miss
[Tay] And if he use the scope it give you Views From The 6
[Tsu] I got a new K, I ain’t tryin’ to miss him
[Tay] If you a part of NWX, then you dyin’ wit ’em
[Tsu] They can’t solve the case cause DNA from the crime is missin’
[Tay] Only nigga that survive is Sage
[Tsu] Cause God was wit’ him
[Tay] Fuck that, the Magnum blast the pastor pass it
[Tsu] Then let the lemon squeeze on T (tea)
[Tay] We’ll split him Half & Half
[Tsu] If it’s beef, don’t let me get my hands on a semi
A.D. (Aye D) I’ll put you before Christ before Anno Domini
[Tay] I ain’t even gon’ charge him
[Tsu] This there, a cheap lesson
[Tay] Kidnappin’ his daughter like
[Tsu] This ain’t no body (Nobody)
[Tay] Don’t be Keith Sweat-in’
Call him off the trap phone like, “I don’t want shit nigga. Keep steppin’.”
[?] or the Locs, either way you gotta get it from the C section
These niggas be goin’ on dates
Bowlin’, walks, movies, I don’t know who be movin’ weirder
[Tsu] Well I’m from the gutter, clip longer than a walk in the park
I’ll send a ‘matic (cinematic) through a movie theater
[Tay] Fuckin’ they whole crew, that’s how this nina gettin’ down
[Tsu] My aim impeccable, if I miss somebody I ain’t seen ’em in awhile
[Tay] I started in that Lionz Den like K vs Goodz
[Tsu] I had Roc(k) outside with that Shotgun like Tay vs Suge
[Tay] Aye, tell them niggas from Detroit, we’ll crash at they crib like they stuck wit’ us
[Tsu] From the shoulder, I click it like I don’t want a ticket and make ’em buckle up
Wait, wait, he got a lil’ weight, take an extra clip, double up
[Tay] I’m tryin’ to give Marv a list (marvelous) of reasons not to fuck wit’ us like
[Tsu] Them motherfuckin’ weapons will bang
I’ll send ’em questions (Quest’s chin) in a box like the Jeopardy game
[Tay] Or Wheel (Will) Of Fortune
[Tsu] I’ll pull up to where they sell caskets like
[Tay] “I would like ’em all.”
[Tsu] Then fill every box like
[Tay] “I would like to solve.”
What’s up with them Cake’s Up niggas?
[Tsu] Cakes Up? {sighs} Chess/Steams
Any night I’ll put ’em under a cover
[Tay] A rook’, he (rookie), he a silly rabbit, I’ll put one in his brother
[Tsu] I would put his queen in a pawn (porn) but I know that he love her
[Tay] So if I gotta steam Steams
[Tsu] I be lookin’ at Chess like Bishop when I’m huggin’ his mother
[Tay] That’ll be Steams dead, that means it’s just one left, better
[Tsu] I be ridin’ ’round lookin’ for the Cakes like it’s sundress weather
I’ll be honest, I ain’t even watch Clips and John John
Cause every time I think of Clips and John John
[Tay] It just make you think of
[Both] Puttin’ clips in John John
[Tsu] I’m walkin’ ’round wit’ a Super Soaker backpack, hollow tips splash out him
[Tay] I already sent that spic wet back to Brooklyn
Now that’s Math’s problem
[Tsu] I’ll pull up with blue flags for wherever you be K
[Tay] Tag him in blood on the wall for everybody to see K
[Tsu] You not a G, D, (GD) I’ll pull up everywhere you be D
[Tay] And let a ‘matic ring
[Tsu] My Spanish papi will come load it, I call that my Latin King
[Tay] Gun Titles what up
[Tsu] Jersey

[Round 3: NWX]
[D] I mean y’all gotta bear wit’ me, wow, I actually got to a third round with K-Shine, let’s clap it up
Cause that damn sure ain’t happen last time
[K] I was gon’ kick some fuckin’ ass, you know Fab with them Bad Vybes
[D] You the type of nigga to have a four quarter game, drop fifty and then fuck it up at halftime
[K] Oh y’all niggas think that shit is funny?
[D] I do
[K] Until I do what I did the last time
[D] See that’s your fuckin’ problem, all you gotta do is rap Shine
[K] Nah, they ain’t sure until they see (sea) shells like Laguna Beach
Keep it up, Reece’s cup, it ain’t hard to get two a piece
[D] I’m on the same page, Dwayne Wade, if he don’t move from Heat
[K] Cops gon’ find Surf in (surfin’) a net
[D] Like a computer geek
[K] Let your Ruger speak
[D] They get a round on the net soon as they land
[K] Waikiki
[D] You can get the stick over your pride Roc
[K] Rafiki
[D] I keep my trey next to the kids
[K] Dashiki, pistol whip her then get Tsu mo’ (Sumo) butts; Rikishi
[D] They tried to say we got killed in that last 2 on 2
[K] That shit put me in a bad mood
[D] So I was talkin’ to Beasley
[K] About what?
[D] Turnin’ these niggas to fast food
[K] I’m in Jersey lookin’ for ’em
[D] That’s crazy I was in Baltimore, when D’s wit’ the mil’ I’m goin’ 4 for 4
[K] Make sure you put the dagger in Roc, split him three ways
[D] Well you can have it your way, let’s find out where they be K (BK)
[K] You was under the wing stop
[D] That nigga Shine almost made your jaw bleed
[K] I want the nigga that said, “Suck my dick”
[D] Then I want the nigga with the palm tree
I’ll hop out the Bronco
[K] Then these arms squeeze
[D] With the mil’ (meal) through the window if you don’t tell us where they are Beas’ (Arbys)
[K] You went deep and still caught the bullet
[D] Touchdown
[K] I then gave his boo everything
[D] Like a tough crowd, two K’s
[K] Two treys (trays)
[D] Them niggas lunch now
[K] Let them share the cig’ (Sig)
[Both] Like a bust down
[K] I ran up on Surf in the V, like, “What you frontin’ for?” He tried to peel
[D] I blew at the wheels; that’s a hoverboard
[K] Passenger side
[D] Driver’s seat
[K] Like do not touch the fuckin’ doors
[Both] Or we pullin’ from both sides like tug of war
[K] Llama split, that “suck my dick” shit almost got him punked
[D] TEC blow, the shit I let go will tear a block apart
[K] Big heat, I’m tryin’ to Jeeps into shoppin’ carts
[D] Well put they organs in it
[K] And grocery shop wit’ the body parts
[D] These niggas been soft
[K] Niggas been gay, I got the drop from the start
[D] We catch they daughter’s by the swing
[K] Leave ’em shot in the park
[D] Surf the number one hit
[K] Top of the charts, but it’s Central Intelligence
[D] We came to shoot Roc(k) in the heart (Hart)
Y’all niggas should’ve learned from Joe about butting (Budden) in
I got twenty shots for Roc
[K] I got another ten
[D] Surf don’t jump in the way
[K] Unless you wanna win
[D] I’m shootin’ Roc invisible
[K] Like Sheppard in Above The Rim
[D] I got a new hammer, fresh off the shelf, this shit is not for sale
[K] It get ugly wit’ these Rockets, it is not Cassell
[D] Gloves on, ain’t nothin’ funny ’bout these prints (Prince) I am not Chappelle
[K] Dum Dums, I’m tryin’ to give Roc(k) The Bells
[D] We roll wit’ a bunch of Bloods they got them shells
[K] Big hats, wit’ two clips, this is not Pharrell
[D] We see your Warriors gettin’ choked, this is not Latrell
[K] After the shot
[D] Hit ‘Em Up
[K] Before the shot
[D] ‘Pac in jail
These niggas get the stick by the tree that’s Django’s wife
Or two heads in a box
[K] It’s tango night
Big chopper, I lean left even when Kango tight
[Both] So I guess It Takes Two to make a thing go right
[D] Two shots, 2Pac
[K] We be Hittin’ Em Up
[D] This shit is like a new slot
[K] It be givin’ ’em bucks
[D] See I like this K-Shine when you givin’ a fuck
[K] Get ’em the fuck outta here
[D] After we done zippin’ ’em up

[Round 3: Gun Titles]
[Tay] Aye Surf this battle rap shit is kinda gettin’ ass
[Tsu] So we should try some new shit is what you tellin’ me
[Tay] We should try a new game
[Tsu] What kinda game?
[Tay] Called Guess The Celebrity
[Tsu] I ain’t really into a lot of games I’m more into tools
But fuck it, these niggas terrible, tell me the rules
[Tay] Alright look, I’ma name a celebrity and you gon’ tell me why you think I’m them
And if you happen to guess wrong then fuck it, I’ma fill you in
[Tsu] That’s cool, I can start?
[Tay] Yeah you start it
[Tsu] Alright cool
I’m Floyd Mayweather
[Tay] Why? Cause you go hard in the ring wit’ the quickest of jabs?
[Tsu] Nah cause that .40 ain’t got no loses and that mil’ fit int he bag
[Tay] I’ma be Fetty Wap
[Tsu] Cause you tryin’ to grow dreadlocks
[Tay] Nah, for one I (eye) Trap his Queen in a headlock
I grab her by a Remy, boy, pull it til I perm it straight
Check the murder rates
[Tsu] Since 17 I had .38s
I’ma be Puff Daddy
[Tay] Puff Daddy, what the fuck? You tryin’ to bring back old days?
[Tsu] Nah, I can actually kill a group and bring ’em back on stage
[Tay] I can’t top that, I’ma be ahhh, Kanye West
[Tsu] Cause you worldwide known and your music get crazy plays
[Tay] Almost, nah, cause I walk around wit’ two new baby K’s
Hot box the G ride, it be smokey when I whip the Coupe
Shots have ’em twitchin’ like Smokey in the chicken coup
Aye, I’ll grip and shoot, catch all kinds of bullets
Mind ya business
Or Ezel, you catch Smokey shit from behind the bushes
I’m quick to pop, you know me brother
I had six bullets but it’s ten of them
[Tsu] Make it enough like Smokey mother
[Tay] I said it right, fuck last battle, these niggas dead tonight
Throw a punch, you’ll be shocked at the counter like you ain’t check the price
[Tsu] If that ain’t register, I’m comin’ back and I’m bringin’ both Macs
Don’t leave ’til it’s gross or (grocery) re-up and go back
[Tay] Boxes on boxes on boxes like that’s where the cargo at
Red beam on his head like that’s where the bar code at
Look, I’ma take his daughter, record her, it was protocol
[Tsu] Nigga Roc like O Dawg wit’ the tape, he tryin’ to show it off
[Tay] But I was just tryin’ to take her to the highest peak, that’s when she goin’ off
So the (soda) Mountain Dew (do) seem high enough to throw her off
[Tsu] I could get a fan to clap her like, “Here, hold a strap.”
Whoever you see air ’em (Sierra) miss (Mist) we gon’ back
[Tay] I take both of you niggas out, I’m tryin’ to save two bases
And see if when this Cal’ rip Ken (Ripken) (can) your Babe Ruth take it
[Tsu] If I gotta pull up in that van, damn I’m sendin’ at least three niggas home, that’s a grand slam
[Tay] It’s like a Michael Meyers movie, every time they look up I’m behind y’all
[Tsu] Long arm reach out with the glove, that’s a fly ball
[Tay] Aye Surf, I don’t be into that basketball shit, cause I don’t really play
But if I was any of them niggas
[Tsu] Who would you be?
[Tay] I’d be like Stay
[Tsu] Who the fuck is “Stay”?
[Tay] Well you know Stephan Clay, they got a shot, they just lookin’ better
So I ain’t say “Steph’” or “Clay”, “Stay” is them put together
These shots numb ’em and blind ’em, he’ll never feel pain again
Feel like he moved to southern California, they’ll never see Rain again
[Tsu] If I kidnap Saga mother, that bitch gettin’ beat tonight
Tie her up and feed Whitney Houston to the Preacher Wife
[Tay] I got a weapon, I send this guy to Heaven
We done touched more eights and nines than Saga reverend
His bitch cheap, a chicken box how I got to head
[Tsu] His baby mother will jump that’s probably not ya kid
[Tay] I’ll catch him at the light like Harold, I’m thinkin’ ‘Pac & BIG
This Glock
[Both] Like that tranny you know they both rockin’ wigs
[Tay] Bald heads, like Uncle Fester, it be choppin’ when it ring
[Tsu] Any Wednesday I call my Cousin, It could get poppin’ wit’ the thing
[Tay] I’m at ’em (Addam), like “Where’s Family?” them hammers come out
[Tsu] In other words, if I get my hand in that house
[Both] Gun Titles what up

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