K-Shine vs. Charron [Lyrics]

[Round 1: K-Shine]
Charron versus K-Shine…we should have a great time
I mean you gotta battle rap legend versus another legend, okay John
I mean he a legend, not because of his great rhymes
He a legend cause he was the first nigga to be on Don’t Flop and Smack at the same time
Man I’ve been waiting all week to put this nigga in a business suit
Ladder on the side of his house, I’m ’bout to fix his roof
Gave his dawg pounds (Dogg Pound) for thinking they was finna Snoop
But he got to bow at the door like Gin & Juice
Oh y’all like that Snoop shit? That was just a cover up
To be on his dawg house with the button up
Big clip, it hook from the bottom like an uppercut
Think ladder and it spit faster than Busta Bus
Fuck is up? Smacking my hat, that’s what you wanna do?
The first time was shitty situation, don’t make this a number two
Nigga, play it cool, act like you got enough to lose
Or dis will be da end (disobedient) like fuck the rules
I clap tooleys, what you got that little gat? Shoot me
I don’t care if you got the steal, don’t jack move me
Don’t be surprised if you run into a black Uzi
Or a couple deuces cross your eyes like the Batusi
Beams for everybody, dot, dot, dot, that’s cooties
Shoot your moms, have them doctor you pops, ask Rudy
Your sister shot, she just drop, that’s Smoothly
And I put all the brothers in the cast, black movies
Nigga I was trained to bust for nothing, this is no fear
Be cool or the Miller Lite, smoke his top like a cold beer
Box of new twins and I’ll show you the old pair
Pokemon Go I’ll squirt two (Squirtle) outta nowhere
Mini Eagle, I call it “Baby D”
It’s eating through a rapper and it blew/blue you in a box, I’m
’bout to Uber app you
Immediately I caught me spark when they said you the match up
Cause you ain’t even sick as the thought, y’all just soup and crackers
John John said don’t hit you cause he fuck with you
I said if you get too comfortable I’m snuffing you, bar after bar
Nigga I am comfortable I show you I can fuck you up without touching you nigga

[Round 1: Charron]
I came here to start snapping his spine
I can’t believe I heard Pokemon Go while I was battling Shine
Cause last time in the venue, I got suckered, he ran just to hide
This time, it’s Pokemon Go; I’ma catch him outside
It’s battle rap’s worst attitude
Against Chess, dramatic move
Tay Roc? Had a feud
Apparently one time you even slapped a dude?
Only women on their periods are fans of you
You were acting like a broad in Atlanta
Who you trying to pander (Panda) to?
I dropped a 30 on you, he was getting real pissy
Kobe’s retirement, this gon’ end with a 60
I got a box for Eric and Terrance if you set want it with me
Let’s keep it a hundred, I’ll run through K Camp like the artist repping this city
You got gun bars, your reps really iffy
Your gun jam? I’m nuts, you’ll be dead in a Jiffy
Last time he called my bluff he was decking me quickly
But I’m a 17 in blackjack, you gon’ regret that you hit me
He may try to slap me again, thinking that I’m fucking soft
But there’s no sense in dying cause this time I won’t brush it off
You don’t air Mags, that’s a lie I bet
Let’s go back to the future, how much time is left?
Marty McFly kicks, I’m putting Shine in check
Some say he’s top five, is that cause he’s a street spitter?
That top five faker than my cheek picture
This time I throw back, that’s a flee flicker
They’ll see him eat shit in the ring like Steve Stifler
You choke in battles, think quicker
He ain’t good on the fly; cheap zipper
I got freestyles, personals, bringing a clean mixture
I can see Shine at any angle, that’s the Big Dipper
This time right off the bat, I’ll be quicker
I’m in the Bullpen…waiting to finish it off like with a K like a release pitcher
Split personality, lost my mind, fuck Jekyll, I’ll make your doctor hide
We’ve seen you do antics, we’ve watched you mime
But there’s nothing you can say to escape a box this time
You’re an ass grabber, that’s why your squad’s behind
Killing this faggot, you put the “homo” into “homicide”
But he’s a snitch, he’ll run to the cops and cry
He’ll sing to help arrest (a rest), that’s a lullaby
All you have is gun bars, but I ain’t popping nines
I don’t need to leave him full of clips (eclipse) to put a stop to Shine
A white boy doing gun bars, don’t wanna be that guy
When I’m around 100 Bulletz and you know I let caps fly
You’re killing your career, this midget’s stressed
Since you’re the size of the youth in Asia (euthanasia) this will be an assisted death
Play a hard ball, then cal. rip Ken (Cal Ripken) next
Two caps to your chest when a kid’s depressed
Leave him a bloody Crip since he throwing up different sets
Infrareds got a Mobb that’ll leave Dots
That’s karma for what you did to Rex
People got him changing colors, that’s a litmus test
They’ll have K fed with the ratchet like Britney’s ex
You’re over saturated, you just battle for wealth
I could’ve got Verb, Calicoe, a better match for myself
But I’m the Smack killer and I got smacked up myself
So I guess it’s in the cards to play the hand I was dealt
Smack Killer

[Round 2: K-Shine]
Yo, that was a hot round I can actually say
You started off with a rebuttal…they was happy like, “Yay”
You had a little smile, rebuttal after rebuttal put me back in my place
I mean you rebuttaled damn near everything except the smack in a face
See Obama said there’s gon’ be a change
But I don’t believe in the hype shit
Cause every time I turn on the news it’s dude that look like you that’s leaving us lifeless
They got brothers scared of they own skin
Like that black power ain’t priceless
Well since we in Atlanta, if I give Hawks to Dwight Howard you like it
They said don’t bring him no black bars, that’s not gon’ work
I said, “Cool. Maybe I should pop off first.”
Nigga, Trayvon got killed with a can
They got him murked
A cracker follow me in the hood, I’d have shot him first
Caps red, faces blue; Papa Smurf
You the one I tie around necks; collared shirts
Lately I’ve been feeling the pill/peel like I gotta murk
He thought he was unstoppable, he ended up in Saga church
You make the worst. Life. Decisions
For instance
Yo, where’d you get that fake steel from?
I mean, you was real hype, you even had me convinced
I was like, “This nigga ’bout to peel one.”
Nigga if I would’ve pulled out a gun it would’ve been a real one
If I had 100 Bulletz on my side I would’ve killed something
Nigga, I was at his hotel, with one thought, shooting him
I even called Clips, try to figure out what room he in
Hov at the bar, I will put the deuce to him
I will have your hero in the sky with no mask like Superman
Yo that’s a Juice shot, 2Pac, Hit ‘Em Up
Give his crew shot with an oh whop, pick him up
I just got off the plane and wrote the round, forgive me but
In the next round I swear to God I’m gon’ zip him up

[Round 2: Charron]
You blame me for the death of innocent black people
I mean for that dumb shit y’all should be roasting him
Bernie Sanders was a white guy who tried to help out
But y’all voted for Hillary so they wouldn’t really vote for him
I really want the death of every crooked cop, that’s a true fact
Y’all say, “Hands up, don’t shoot” I say, “Guns up shoot back!”
You’re getting paid for being trash, I’m Glad he knows
Claim you clap with your fake ass; Amber Rose
You lose fans a loose cannon a dude that’s exposed
Your career’s never been stiller (Ben Stiller)
Now there’s nothing left like a Zoolander pose
You act bolder, but you’ll always be a man that’s known
That ran from Roc/rock and had to pick up his hat like Indiana Jones
When I got slapped I was so hurt now I’m feeling like Goldberg
If he throw first I’ll give him something from under that counter like an old clerk
Who you gon’ murk?
New York rappers I throw dirt
I’m on a roll, I left everyone in your home work
Listen pipsqueak, when you see this midget six feet it won’t be a growth spurt
They won’t believe I’ll bury him, that’s so ridiculous
But I’ve been making bank off these sold out businesses so I won’t kill him
But someone on payroll gon’ finish this
I’m using green to take oxygen from Shine that’s photosynthesis
Listen Professor Shine, your girl left ya
Fuck a science degree
You know about chromosomes so don’t ask your ex why (X/Y) she’s with me
You battle every week, you need breaks you keep dying
You’re in a coffin every three days
Last time we seen Shine out the box was the Pulp Fiction briefcase
You were scared of the cap gun, you thought it would harm ya?
I’ll tell you what I do with a real gun, you ’bout to get this karma
Right now he’s panicking, teeth fucking chattering
Slim Jesus ’bout to leave him holy like the Vatican
Gun so big, hold it like a javelin
Kickback BOOM, look like I’m smacking off his hat again
I’ll beat him at his own game, move over
Put him to sleep with a Big Mac, that’s a food coma
Desert Eagle, AR, I ain’t saying I got that work
I’m just listing Gun Titles to give him flashbacks of Roc and Surf
I’m more sadistic, mortician with Dexter Morgans image
Church robbery, you have a couple organs missing
I hope Th3 Saga don’t watch me body this four foot midget
Cause if he sees this rape he might relapse on his porn addiction
You choking every two on two, it’s often awkward
Then you get saved by DNA, you are not the father

[Round 3: K-Shine]
Yo that round got through crazy
But it wasn’t enough to win
Swaddle baby
It’s the round where I tuck him in
He think he Nutso (nuts so) I’m clapping off his roof, Above The Rim
Draymond Green, I’m ’bout to go nuts again
You smacking my hat, that wasn’t what the game wanted, cool
Coca-Cola I got a pop with his name on it
DNA said “Don’t swing. Straight bar him.”
I’m a shooter at the plate D, James Harden
Schoolboy, you ain’t never spend no time in the state
Parolies with me right now with a line and a bait
The Mac jam, then I take the nine off the waist; lap dance
The way that bitch unwind in his face
The Llama was fake, talking ’bout them Desert Eagles that Llama was fake
You better have a real pound for a prop
I send one, boom, then I go counter the shot
The first one open him up, the second pow he will drop
Playstation 1, I open his lid then put a round in his top
I give his back shells like Ninja Turtles, I got the ooze (Uz’)
Boy you better go ask Stella, I got the grooves
Switch hands, young Mick Jagger, I got the moves
Cooking with this Mac in a box, I got the blues
Hurricane Katrina, I’ll bring war to (water) your street
When it comes to these rounds, I/eye black fuck a cornier (cornea) scheme
[?] and Lebron, I could’ve said cause it made your Warriors sleep
But it’s cause you think it’s a game five til y’all give get this 40 a piece
Nigga that’s a Jew shot, 2Pac
Hit ‘Em Up with an ow whop, pick ’em up
NWX, the rest of you niggas slogan
And y’all know my slogan
(Zip ‘Em Up)!

[Round 3: Charron]
I almost had to cancel, I’ll be the one to admit this
I got an offer in Hollywood, more than a couple of digits
But after what you did, you’re number one on my hit list
I’m not the URL, I don’t reschedule my Unfinished Business
Why you in a horrible mood?
Is it cause you’re 4’2″?
If you’re not Happy? Which one of the Seven Dwarfs are you?
He’s insecure of his own height so he throws fights when you cook him with bars
Just cause you live a low life don’t justify the low life pussy you are
It’s always the small dudes that try very hard
You’re miniature so the minute you’re afraid then it’s time for a spar
Why do leagues book you? You’re known for fights over bars
If you can’t handle when I holographic (holler graphic) material don’t put Shine on the cards
So grow up or you won’t have a career
I feel like I’m against Dracula here
Cause Shine’s his worst enemy and he can’t take a look at himself in the mirror
So I put him in an arm lock and I’m not letting go of him
Until I rip a bone apart (Bonaparte)
Since he has the complex of Napoleon
You’re a cancer to battle rap, I can’t wait til you leave
Your disrespect is why Rex said you can’t stay with the team
You missed your fucking flight and were paid from the league
So how are you Shine when all you do is throw shade at the scene?
That’s why he’s starting those fights
He screams loud cause deep down he’s scared from his height
Besides the slap you’ve never scrapped, DNA’s been your partner for life
You should team with John John, that way you wouldn’t be all bark with no bite
I thought that would land, I thought that I knew this crowd like I knew the palm of your hand
All of NWX is dying in fashion
Even Big T, we’re super sizing his casket
The league owner said the holocaust is fake
I know they’re trying to gas him when I burn his whole camp even John John can’t deny that it happened
I’m an assassin, prepared to fight
Take it to that degree I’ll son/sun Shine we ain’t fair in height (Fahrenheit)
You and that teenager were Do-Si-Do-ing
You were looking shaky inf front of Chess (chest); motor boating
Yo, but he’s the tough guy so they won’t admit I’m beating him
Since I’m white, don’t just say I’m a joke artist and call me a comedian
But I think the URL are comedians, I’ll let you know what I mean
Lux is Richard Pryor, an innovator to the scene
Mook? Dave Chappelle, one of the G.O.A.T.s but rarely gets scene
You’re Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy, Kat Williams, a mix in-between
Cause you a midget that loves trannies and couldn’t even beat up a teen
You want rights? I’ll sign the Declaration
You got backup, this is spinal separation
You mad right now, you made me wait yesterday, you needed time and preparation
You missed your flight but you still gon’ die this your Final Destination!

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