DNA Funk Flex Freestyle #011

These niggas talking like they wanted war
Test D.N.A. that’s what they got Maury for
Got her legs out looking like when Jordan score
Said she busted for hours like she on the tour
Wanted two kicks, niggas said he bought her four
Now he feeling like Ray Lewis, he bought her more
I Got my niggas moving work by the corner store
Someone’s d’ serving you but ain’t a four for four
Law, we gon’ go and let those 380s shoot
This other hammer is from down south, my Trae Tha Truth
You niggas couldn’t hang with us if we made a noose
Now they got me back spazzing, a great masseuse
Shit, I’ma get this money like it’s 82
Shit, I’m gonna wear these J’s ‘cas they baby blue
Shit, I’m gonna keep on winning, know you hate me too
Call my nigga raise up and make him raise the roof
Gotcha girl like Kobe on both knees
Fuck cheating I’m Manu, Ginobli
Now we moving four quarters, OT
And now we ain’t in the cold, because he OD’d
Still box a nigga, Mosely
Still sock a nigga, Mick Foley
I show you where those cans is, I don’t know cheaps
I weighed out my options with the old heat
Still got them young guns, we don’t know Kneef
You still got them seats right by the nosebleeds
Niggas dream-chasing, yall don’t even know meek
Shit, It’s New York City nigga, we don’t sleep
Shit, Niggas say they good, but we more than nice
Talking bout we got shit, what we on tonight
My niggas doing drive-bys on a motorbike
See if he can bear cans, thinking that corona lite
Light, I switched up to another grind
They say niggas act up in the summertime
Bout to catch a case, niggas front on one of mine
Yeah its all cool, I’ll goon on the other line
Line, well I’m the bomb like napalm
Niggas want more? I’m at your door like Avon
Just bought a Mack, all black like Akon
Stepped on the scene for the green like Draymond

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