Real Deal vs. 100 Bulletz [Lyrics]

[Round 1: 100 Bulletz]
It’s the battle of the most underrated white rapper
Hell nah I ain’t with that trash
I just thought I’d say it first before you spit that trash
Race jokes and played out rhymes, that’s what you on?
Then point it at the top of his head, Jimmy Neutron
You can have a seat or get slept, that’s a futon
We all getting Deal on sight, that’s a Groupon
Mr. Weller move on, go swallow anthrax
See a big clear body, Notorious hologram rap
Your tough guy punchlines? All a damn act
Crack Deal so good, it bring Hollohan back
You better call your man fast
YTG, the crew is lethal, super evil
Timmy Turner, show up at your school to beat you
Got a big nose looking for a deal like Jewish people
I said you my equal?
My last two King Of The Dot battles been unreal
I put QP in a bag and I drug Deal
For trying to stunt Real I’m punching from the jump like Ong-Bak, a done Deal
No heartbeat since the contract; blood spill
Four arms reach; Mortal Kombat
If you “The Chef”, boy RD (Chef Boyardee) gon’ get the long cap
So fall back, you let the heat wave?
Quit lying Chef, you not cooking
Reality shows you never seen the Iron, Chef
But you said, “I’m Bobby Flay with a pot of yay”
Then chastise the trap type rappers
Hit up the URL like, “Ayo Beasley, let me be your little black/white cracker.”
You probably suck Norbes dick to get a match right after
He outside the event with a sign that says, “Smack lives matter”
How you Real with a fake accent?
And your music is weak
Call your next album, “Real Deal Presents: How To Ruin A Beat”
Just be you when you speak
Cause if the kid detect any disrespect, no gripping the Tecs
It’s Real Deal Holyfield if the fist connect
You ain’t seen Bulletz do a teacher this bad since Virginia Tech
I said the whole battle you getting checked
By the end of the third you’re rep is tarnished
Angles or punches you dead regardless
Think I Am Sam, the pen/Penn retarded
They sent a marksman
At Don’t Flop I cooked T/tea on a kettle
Your head shot on the wall after I give this teacher a medal/metal
They assuming I’m Illuminati to be at this level
I never sold my soul but I just sent a Deal to the Devil
I said, what up King Of The Dot?
I wanna thank y’all for reaching out
But wait for the third round, there’s a lesson I gotta teach about

[Round 1: Real Deal]
I said Madflex, you was right
I told Organik I won’t write a fresh verse until he triples the bread first
Like a rich white girl, all I’m worried ’bout is that next purse
Hustler like Larry Flynt, only difference is the legwork/leg work
Y’all make me rock with this corn/Korn?
So I brought up biscuit/Bizkiit for your Significant Other and I ain’t Fred Durst
I said, I been a different rapper since a whippersnapper
I’ll give ’em Hell and bless ’em, like having your Christian pastor spit a scripture backwards
You must be joking, side splitting laughter so hard I think a rib is fractured
Different levels, this is bachelors, you better doctor it (doctorate) before you get to masters
I grew up in a hole in the wall, so ironically every night I’ve been getting plastered
But I’m on deck to shine homie, like some finish lacquer
A young star getting Chips like the 60’s Packers
Hand to hand, lights out, this the clapper
You beat me? You freebase like you hit a batter
Beef? I settle it with metal like Metallica’s shit with Napster
Your wife is flying in as soon as touch down we gotta kick it after
Fuck Priceline and flight times I can personally hit up Shattner
Cause I been a boss longer than Kenny Chesner been dicking tractors
I said, my last time in Toronto I was at 100 Bulletz crib
His wife on the coach trying to draw me in the box like a check mark
Rocking pink wanting me to tap like Brett Hart
Fat gut, stretch marks, you put that bitch at left guard
You could fucking moonwalk behind her every play and get yards
They said after high school she blew up like the Death Star
I’d dog that bitch, she said call her (collar) so I bought her one from PetSmart
Best part? Bulletz is in the next room, entertaining the Rug Rats like Reptar
While she called me “king” and gave up the head like Ned Starks
My dick all in her space she’s like, “I’m with 100 Bulletz I think this is a mistake.”
I palm her head, she’s like your last battle, chokes a lot but I don’t give her any breaks
I violate her with my Spawn when I finish on her face
I got her eyeliner looking like a widow’s at a wake
Straight disrespect
I’m at your local watering hole while his whole fam’s around him
I catch him at his bar stool and smack a stool sample out of him
Let’s get it popping, choppers at your crib like the Feds is watching
You get what’s in store one way or another like taking a klepto shopping
I made a legacy with this pen, you ask around they’ll say, “The Chef be talking”
You just power forward with that Bull shit you kick on camera like Dennis Rodman
Any problems? Kenny Loggins, The Heat Is On
Ironic, Bulletz will need a vest and that bitch better be Xena strong
Tommy in the front seat, lift that joint like Cheech & Chong
Big shit, this clips like In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida long
See I’m different, what I write’s sharp
Bulletz should’ve veered left
You said, “Let’s just do this for the experience”, now it’s a near death
I’ll be the first to bring a magazine to your door like a Sears rep
Your whole team can take a boot to the face like beerfest
Your entire existence as a human being says you should’ve took the red pill
You’re a 37 year old rapper slash producer
Who still walks around the venue telling people, “Let’s build.”

[Round 2: 100 Bulletz]
A fake rapper with “Real” in his name that’s a very smart ploy
He at school like, “Mrs. Hill, yes. We ALL care about Roy.”
In the URL it’s sssmmmmack, watch him air and spark toys
Trevor acting on cam’, this the Trailer Park Boys
That’s why you keep losing
You flipping back and forth but you ain’t Charron
Try to cater to different audiences with an image, a voice that ain’t your own
Check the tapes this fake expose second rounds facing Rone
Then Illmac’ killed you
I ain’t seen a midget do that much damage since Game of Thrones
Face it bro, I.C.E. left you stone cold and that’s the bottom line like an underscore
You got bodied by Syd Vicious, vers’ DNA and Chilla got sonned some more
Been rolled on and got lit up at the same time, that’s a hoverboard
This teacher only ever been good with Magic, you Dumbledore
I wonder, you’re a teacher but what you teach?
When I look at your performance it couldn’t be English
Cause you was never good with The Saurus
Half battle rapper, half teacher, confused professions cause he ain’t bright
For dodgeball he make his students watch Pesci vers’ Daylyt
He call multiple choices “John Johns”
Then you hear a “Don DeMarco” if you get the answer right
And when it come time for Math, he trying to show ’em how to fight
I said what happened Mr. Weller?
You’ve been average for years
For Ancient History you prolly show them your battle career
I mean I remember when this rapper was feared
Always showed up trying to kill
They said, “What happened to that classic old reel/Real like silent films?”
You actually said, “They think just cause I teach I don’t push rocks to clients”
Yeah, we believe you Trevor, please, stop the violence
If you got that fish scale, it’s raw sushi
Trevor, you wouldn’t wake up in the trap in a Saw movie
You don’t cop Uzi’s, you best friends with Fresco
You can’t tell me that he not for real
I find your crib then strike a Deal in the driveway, that’s a garage sale
I said, quit your tall tales
If I hear one more time how Mr. Feeny gon’ let a couple peel
I’ll walk up to Real, like, “You want the switchblade or the straight razor? Let’s cut a Deal.”
I said, what’s up King Of The Dot?
I wanna thank y’all for reaching out
But wait for that third round, there’s a lesson I gotta teach about

[Round 2: Real Deal]
The fact that I am a teacher and a rapper makes me stand in front of this Canada crowd grateful
I grew up DIRT POOR
I put my fam’ in a house, I got bands and accounts, my finances are now stable
The shit I seen growing up, you’d think a man would come out hateful
I seen a lot of people go through it, like the Spanish Announce table
I grew up as muscle work for the homies
Chin checks and smashed in windows
Cops already knew, it was the fifth if pigs ever asked for info
My mans operation grew, he asked The Chef to bag up indo
So I gave him a hand with the bomb like the Inspector Gadget intro
I went to the trenches to the booth like Howie long, all legit
Put my fourth album on
My man is still in the trap, making sure the powder’s strong
He trying to turn China white like Mao Zedong
See that’s the difference fat body
I was raised off grit you was raised off grits
You only rap cause someone told you “you could cake of this”
You got Baywatch tits
And your stomach’s on some “I just got laid off” shit
It’s not working
All them weight loss tips you must take off Clips
Look at him, he ’bout to tear up
Look at your beer gut
Looks like it’s seen more cases than the D.A
It looks like your diet guidelines are “Splurge on the weekends…but every weekday is a cheat day”
Like your fucking head is fat- you have fat neck
Like, what’s the cause of all that?
If I smacked you upside it, it’d be called a ball tap
You can’t even rock a skull cap
That shit looks like a walrus ballsack
I can see the ripples right now thinking up rebuttals
Tell me why the fuck the back of your head is doing the “truffle shuffle”
I said enough of the jokes
If this bitch is talking bold shit let’s rock and roll
I’m ’bout the action, I’m above the lip like Cindy Crawford’s mole
So one a piece, well, I ain’t trying to set up a rubber match
You get a beating so thorough, not even Devin Hester would run it back
Your family holding hands in the ER like, “Well, when is he coming back?”
They hear the extent and they look at the Dr. Strange like Benedict Cumberbatch
So anybody in your crew got the heart to square up is dead meat
You’ll get folded up, nice and quick like army barracks bed sheets
But hold on, you grew up three hours from Detroit so…you moving rocks now?
You shooting Glocks? Wow
Take it easy Bulletz before your super soft crew gets stomped out
I frolick where you hang out
All that tough talk dude should calm down
You fronting, ain’t no gang banging really going down there like the Duke Lacrosse house
I said, Organik, next time bring me someone on my skill level
Cause they said there’s a keg in the other room
Toronto I’m ’bout to leave and get a cup, like Phil Kessel

[Round 3: 100 Bulletz]
I said your Okwerdz battle; body bag
You was he heartless with it
You said, “I bet you wish your father’s battle with cancer could be promo”…that’s hard as it get
When you said, “My son will be back stronger to kill you like your dad’s cancer”…his will started to give
But a few years later, your mom died of cancer
R.I.P., do still stand behind the bars that you spit?

[Real Deal]

[100 Bulletz]
That’s good cause I made mistakes against Arcane, I’ll never repeat that day
But swear to God you don’t bring up your sister’s death for crowd reaction…

[Real Deal]

[100 Bulletz]
…it kinda seem that way
I mean when you told Head I.C.E., “You said you’d bang my sister, she’s dead, you’re next” was that in good taste?
Truthfully, there’s a difference between paying homage and trying to break a losing streak
Usually, if you do it one time I guess that’d be cool with me
But against Aye Verb you also said, “I wrote these rounds to kill you in the same tablet I wrote my sister’s eulogy”
I mean, exploiting your sister’s death for a cheap reaction, is that the man you grew to be?
And now a teacher with no principles think he can start schooling me?
I mean, who is he?
And why y’all still relating to this guy?
When he got no respect for anyone related to this guy
You “The Working Man’s MC”?
If you so relateable then why you keep reminding us that everyone related to you dies?
I mean, you work around disabled kids and tell retarded jokes
Teach in the inner city but you racist, how a teacher got no class?
How can The Chef be this tasteless?
Face it
You’re pathetic and unfit for parenting
You said, “I got a son now cause I don’t pull out
And me and my four year old son will run a Trevor train on your mother”
Yo I’m sick of airing him, just another shameless, sucker, lame ass, dimwit, arrogant
Stubborn, heinous, udder brainless, bitch American
Bringing up your dead sister to get a win is embarrassing
That’s when I saw this teacher turn bitch; you Mr. Garrison
And the fans- the fans doubting…but I’m looking for trouble
That’s a crisis actor
Y’all predicted the end but it never happened like the Mayan rapture
Now I’m back snapping, chiropracting
No I’m back snapping; spinal fracture
No I’m snapping like…{snaps his fingers repeatedly} I just put it down but can’t find it after
I’m back snapping like Batman versus Bane in the final chapter
I’m back snapping like Math rapping in Cali trying to fight Dizaster
I said word to God they put Matthew in front of a Mark like the Bible chapters
You die clashing with these writtens, keep hating
I’ma keep winning
Punch like Chris Brown when he meet women or Anderson when he beat Griffin
Think John Q’s son, my heart beat different
I’m making waves like Big T swimming
You can’t hold me down
I’m Cassius with his back to the ropes
Or Nelson Mandela before he leave prison
You should’ve worn a Teflon Jason mask and a bulletproof hoodie too
Cause they was right, guns don’t kill people, Bulletz do

[Round 3: Real Deal]
So you write articles breaking down MMA fights
Like your wife’s getting dressed for date night, you’re like
“Hold on babe, let me get this Reddit page right
Shane Carwin has a deadly straight right
But Brock Lesnar needs to learn how to block better
You can’t just keeping heavyweight strikes.”
I bet growing up you were the “I know karate
Throw a slow motion punching, I’ll reverse it demonstrate” type
I said I been rocking platforms like this was my glam rocker phase
You send me beats, they in my Spam box but hey
Who the fuck do you think you are fam? Dr. Dre?
Matter of fact, if I ever got the word that your man caught a stray
I’ma put a party together like Gandalf The Grey
That was a Lord Of The Rings bar just so my nerdcore can ride
Here’s another, y’all gon’ see him with this right hand cross his face like the Uruk-hai
He must be trying to get that 4-5 like an average running back 40 time
But the gauge is with me so if the twelve come out it won’t have a Jordan sign
You’re right, if that’s too Smack for you
He did a PG for Smack like, “This’ll help my fans reach a whole ‘nother multitude”
He was on his high horse, then they halted you
They shit on you, insulted you
They said, “100 you was money that day”…and then they vaulted you
They saw you rock under all that pressure and you didn’t crack, they still found a fault in you
It was like the movie Sandlot
It was the nature of the beast but you were on the ball man that should’ve catapulted you
They gave you a release date, you circled that body like a vulture do
You did it for the culture too, you made the Trek and you don’t feel no type way?
Fuck, you a Vulcan dude?
But up here they do you even worse
Your King Of The Dot record is like 17 and 2
But when they talk about a title no one ever speaks of you
You hope they have a change of heart like Ebeneezer Scrooge
You made your bed, lie in it, it’s Tempurpedic too
Cause you’re soft and you’re built to conform to the heads that sleep on you
Can you imagine a staff meeting
They’re like, “If we can’t find a challenger this whole event’s ruined
Pat won’t do it, Diz’ is booked, fuck…what’s poRich doing?”
Then someone comes in like, “What about 100 Bulletz?”
And Gully’s like, “Can we keep this shit moving?”
Organik’s like, “For the record, I’m good” like Rick Ruben
What the fuck you been doing?
Being an armchair activist, pointing out my country’s policy with its cops
On a social media soapbox, like “Whether Trump or Hillary their economy’s gonna flop”
Your president right there downplays every accomplishment that you got
You so wrapped up in America you can’t see you getting fucked by the politics in the Dot
I mean, your name’s a 100 Bulletz and you can’t get a shot
That’s strange bro
Maybe you should realize, real eyes, realize and stay woke
I said Toronto, it’s your boy RD Da Chef I made sure every line cooks
Cause this is my meal ticket
Hey Bulletz
At least you lost to somebody Real…Deal with it

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