Charlie Clips vs. Ill Will [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Charlie Clips]
After the DNA battle, I thought it was over
But like I told ya, him and JC got some hard fans
But if I battle Ill Will who gon’ die? Ill Will like it was God’s plans
So tell Ill Will he better have an ill will before I send him in God’s hands
Or Ill will get to meet Ill Will when I send him next to Nas’ man
That was hard damn, I’m back on my bully
This my yard fam’, I get him to move five
Tell my shooter, “It’s a food drive. He get the large cans.”
Some big shit, you gotta shoot with Shaq fingers or one of God’s hands
Gun on his throat, I put his vocals on a Mac, that’s Garage Band
What you gonna tell y’all fans? My name is Charlie Brown?
Okay cool, let’s skip the politics
‘Cause today, you getting schooled by Brown…University, this a college trip
I don’t give a fuck who your camp is (campus)
All these niggas gon’ scream, I load some brolic shit
Now that’s crazy, ’cause I got a bunch of niggas that yell (Yale) without a scholarship
Question: who hot as Clips?
Matter of fact, don’t answer that y’all
Silly me
Some of you fans be switching sides, like y’all got Ill Will killing me
Like this fan, had the nerve to ask me
Like, “Yo, what if he gets slick with you?”
I’m like, “Really, B?
Well, if he gets slick, the Colt 45 get slick back with Williams
That’s word to Billy Dee”
Y’all niggas got Ill Will killing me?
Nah this the man I’m planning to kill
What you gonna talk about me being on Wild N Out?
Well shit, if that’s your angle I hope you planning to chill
Against Young Kannon (Cannon) I was in my zone
I even had my hand in his grill
So why talking about Wild N Out when I was wildin’ out on a Kannon for real
Nigga go ‘head and talk about the show, turn it into a punchline, cool
But I got a hitman, he real conceited, he want to know if your punchline true
He remind me of DC, not Young Fly, the sniper with the one eye view
Remember, he out the window, so they barely saw the cannon like Drumline 2
You should’ve knew this was a wrap, you should’ve knew this shit was a grave for you once y’all name got set in stone
I don’t know where you live, but my crib is nice, basically I’m better holmes (homes)
Let alone, I be in my crib with all type of guns in a heavy zone
Today should I go with the four or the nine? I feel like Jerry Jones
But see it’s lines like that right, you know what?
That was for Toranio on the real, but I’m so muhfucking mean with it
Since you look like Cal’ boy (Cowboy) I might as well do a whole ‘nother scheme with it
By me doing that alone right there let you know who raps is better
I be confused like, “I wanna go with Romo, even though Dak is better.”
So I turn Dallas into San Fran’, now that was clever
‘Cause in order to get 49 you gotta put Romo and Dak together
Talking ’bout you wanna bring war to Clips
Nigga you must be out your mind
Y’all ain’t catch that? Water, clips, my bad, that was an alka-line
Some of us grew up in the projects, let’s keep it real we ain’t have dat water in that order
I don’t wanna kill him and force it (faucet) but he getting lead, that’s tap water
Y’all know what? I’m so muhfucking mean with it
Since I’m on stage dressed like water, I might as well do a whole ‘nother scheme with it
I said yo, I said you still think you gon’ bring war to Clips?
C’mon Will we know that’s not true
You wouldn’t dare park (Deer Park) in my hood or try to stop through
You can rock 6 Flags all you want, your ride getting wet nigga, even your block knew
Once I lift the pump that was the sign he getting his top blew
I’m not you, nigga don’t hate me nigga, just hate the skills
You mad cause I’m getting bread and Smack the one who gotta pay the bills
I don’t really wanna kill you, but Kermit with the hoodie in my ear like, “Make the kill”
Head shot, Jay-Z in “Pound Cake”, Jesus take the wheel (Will)

[Round 1: Ill Will]
Aye that Kermit line was fire nigga
But, bitch, this me
Why don’t I put this 40 on your lip then (Lipton) sip this tea
Okay, okay we here now?
See, that’s what I’m saying to you
But I need y’all to do one thang for me
When I say “Charlie!” I want y’all to say “Ain’t nobody fucking playing with you!”
Let’s try it with you one time, “Charlie!”
(Ain’t nobody fucking playing with you!)
Man, we in motherfucking Irving Plaza
This the same place Troy Ave was at
Bro I swear on God, my son, everythang, if something pop off I’ma react the same way Troy Ave would act
Bitch boy Bitchy McBitchums!
The son of Snitch man Snitchy McSnitchums
Aye, my pops 3rd Ward Calliope Projects nigga
I don’t play the victim, but I got the juice now
I came travellin’ with my old man’s steel
So what I got in store? Head shot…like Old Man Quiles
I told my brother Nitty, it was training day, now I wanna see what y’all about
I could choke him with Denzel pen, still wouldn’t nothing dope come out of dog mouth
Hit him with a Sig, ‘nother Sig, like you need the cancer
If I come knocking at yo’ do’ with a li’l Roscoe, you better let Gina answer
I beat Bigg K, stopped Shine on his streak, I’m the fucking man
I killed Ars’ and had another one for Cal’ lid but he fucking ran
Major key alert, Clips ain’t that nice, so what the yapping ’bout?
Roc re-matched you and put you Under The Sea by Sebastian’s house
What’s up with you Harlem niggas?
Lux can’t find himself, Mook want a million, and you never ready
Y’all know the problem
It’s ironic, Frank Lucas handled Magic better than you and y’all both from Harlem
That’s why you ain’t considered amongst the greats
Plus you don’t know what we be on
Sawed off, have Clips everywhere like Vietnam
That funny shit? They buy that
These have connected to a lot of Chins, they triads
There comes a time when people want to know what it is Clips
I’m not the type of nigga you want in your crib Clips
I ain’t turning off Lion King when I cut off the kid Clips
Full Clips, now that’s what you never bring
Best believe we come to yo’ block, we shot everything
I told my little dawg, “Here. Here’s a fire stick. Sit down and watch everything.”
The ditch digger
I don’t really think you get the big picture
I’ll shoot you in front of yo’ bitch, make her do a song with me and rap about how my dick bigger
Bitch nigga, homi at, insomniac, yeah I stay up
Battle rap Mannequin Challenge
In other words, I’mma freeze Clips on the way up!
I don’t give a fuck about careers
You talk about coming in my house while I’m sleeping, nigga?
I’m busting out the pairs
I got clips for Clips
Might be one, might be two
Yeah, I’m busting out the pairs
Bananas in Pajamas: oh yeah, I’m coming down the stairs!
I don’t care who you friends, family or who you kick it with
You’ll still get dropped like that
101 TV days can’t stop this MAC
You talking ’bout robbing me nigga, taking anything
Look brah, I’m still in the streets getting cash, with a rocket for a dummy
You get iced on the side talking ’bout “I got a pocket full of money”
Ill flips, Will flips, past shit, that’s Charlie’s angles
.45, .357, Mac-90, these bitches ain’t Charlie’s Angels
You ain’t never been in Pontiac, I be all through Harlem, don’t forget that
I’ll pull up, Lord Willin’, bumping Clips (Clipse) with extended clips like “Where Clips at?!”
Catch him at a soul food, vegan restaurant like “Clips, is that you?”
Eagle in the jacket got this bitch looking like a Triple Fat Goose
I’m at you, all through your house, like I know y’all family
Calm with the steel like Wolverine gone off Xannies
I seen your moms I was like, “Hey!”
She asked me to go in jaw so I did, I felt like Ashtray socking Loc Dog granny
I make house visits
I got a team that get surgical while I hold the ‘cane like House did it
I read your Wikipedia and they said you was a Blood
What?? That’s some Steve Harvey shit
You right, you a sorry bitch
Soft as Barbie tits
Gut shot, got him throwing up blood…now he Bharlie Blips!
Man, nigga fuck yo’ career
I still think you fat and funky cuz
Nigga act like he wasn’t scared of the bars til he figured out who his bunkie was
YakTown in this bitch!

[Round 2: Charlie Clips]
I said yo, I had a talk with my brother Leon the other night, real shit
I said, “I love fucking battle rapping. I love the fans
But sometimes you can’t trust these niggas, you got some real fans
But some niggas be switch sided.”
He said, “Bro, man fuck them niggas.”
I said, “Nah, you bugging. What about the battle rappers?”
He said, “Shape up your skills, stay sharp so you can cut these niggas.”
Leon said, “If you spit ‘cane on nights like this, there’s no longer no reason to duck these niggas.”
Now you was 30 when The Five Heartbeats came out
So out of everybody, you should think that last line was fire, boy
Amazing, you went from pushing keys like duck to coming out singing like choir boy
All them John John-stealing lines niggas be spitting, they need to retire, boy
See, I’m a boss, I watch my niggas get the steel: I feel like Syahboy
Think about that for a second
Y’all ain’t gotta cheer me on, long as y’all get that
I could do another scheme with it but it’s not the time for me to flip that
If it’s beef, I’ll have a car circle round your crib without the Lyft app
Neflix And Chill, this ratchet in my crib is ready for the kickback
It’s drama season
Dizaster high off shrooms: you’ll see a Llama speaking
Gun in my waist and it’s pointing out here, but it’s not the Weeknd
What you think holmes (homes)? I’ll crack your roof, your ceiling will do a lot of leaking
We at your crib, ratchets waving at the house, like Obama speaking
When you try to duck the whip, we hitch a ride, now your mama leaking
What’s wrong mama? She don’t know, there’s all kind of reasons
It’s 4:00 AM, me and the ratchet outside doing all type of creeping
But the side texts (Tecs) gon’ do this nigga dirty, all kind of cheating
You look like, you could be from St. Louis
Along with Aye Verb, Hitman, Magic
I know what y’all thinking, “Clips, you killing me.”
Like, he could be Yung Ill, old as Ice Pack or maybe RemyD
Fuck I gotta slow it down in Lou’ titles or something?
I said if a Verb hit, man it’s gon’ be Magic
You gon’ be screaming out, “Clips you killing me.”
Look at you, you old you can’t be Yung Ill
Your Ice Pack is your remedy (RemyD)
This is New York, where the two piece come with a biscuit, welcome to Kennedys
The lead pull, opposite of Red Bull, what’s in the can is trying to take your energy
You gon’ die nigga, you look hype but you just a shy/Chi’ nigga
C’mon, y’all know the city where Big Kannon is under Big T
I mean it’s Common y’all could relate to me
Who they got out there? Young Kannon, Twista, and Chance The Rapper, y’all can relate to me
Fuck, I gotta slow it down and put it in Chi’ titles or something?
I said the Big Kannon under the Big T
It’s Common I keep that eight with me
If I see your bitch, the Young Cannon will twist her (Twista)
There’s a Chance The Rapper don’t wanna take with me
What’s the problem? Nigga I’m from Harlem, y’all don’t wanna Shake with me
I don’t need a gun cause I’ll hook on the spot, they thinking Drake with me
Look at this nigga mad, heard you hit your girl
Yeah I heard you slapped your girl, you heard it I was fucking your bitch, that’s crazy
You would push her (Pusha) cause you heard she fucking with Clips (Clipse)
The crazy part is all she did was lick my balls, she wasn’t even sucking my dick
That’s crazy cause your relationship is in limbo for her going under the stick
I hate these fucking top Proving Ground, mid-tier niggas, I want them all dead
They ain’t even book you niggas rooms, four of y’all sleeping in Norb’s bed
Chopper with the strap, I aim it steady and hit his forehead
The Internet saying “Damn, I handle the Bigg K better than Cortez”
I don’t like you nigga
Like I said my nigga, don’t hate me my nigga, you can hate the skills
Don’t get mad at me and Smack cause he the one that gotta pay the bills
You said “Sip tea”, well Kermit still here and he telling me to go and make the kill
In the words of Jay-Z, “Jesus, you can take the Will”

[Round 2: Ill Will]
I called my brother Swave I said, “Dawg, I got your boy Clips.”
Oh said, “Oh word?”
I said, “Hell yeah, who you got?”
He said, “Homi. Harlem and you my brother.”
I said, “What the fuck that mean, nigga?”
He said, “Harlem and you my brother, nigga.”
I said, “So you ain’t on no side. You split decision you gon’ let him front for Harlem and I leave him back in Brooklyn?”
(But he not from Brooklyn he from Harlem)
You right I said it wrong
I meant I’ma get on the side of him and the split decision is to leave his front in Harlem and his back in Brooklyn
I don’t really bump hip hop, music to my ears is Calypso moving through the air, know what I’m saying?
Fuck slowing it down, speed it up
I don’t bump, what I got on my hip, pop
Music to my ears is Clip’s soul moving through the air
You don’t want me to go back to the old me, cause I think all you weak
I’ll give you all the heat
I was a nightmare on any block
Robert Englund ain’t want me to fall asleep
I’m Hilary cousin, Fresh Prince of my city, don’t taunt me fam’
If Will feel he tripping, I go back home to get the [?] he don’t want these cans
I let your Uncle, feel (Phil) the right, nah he don’t want these hands
Then you’ll see Clips from Will pop’s like, “Why he don’t want me man?”
Speaking of why…I got a few “whys”
Why is your name Charlie Clips if you ain’t never got a full clip?
Why did you go on Funk Flex spitting that bullshit?
You do you say you going off the top like it even matter?
Why did you become a vegan awhile ago and you getting fatter?
Why did you let Couture go on BET with that wack shit?
Why you ain’t help your spouse up?
Why am I guessing which room you in when I can blow your fucking house up?
It’s funeral time, this how you lyrically leave a vet leaking
I’m sharp off the tongue like Bernie and Shep’ speaking
I told Jay Rell, “I spit dope so why D.I. nigga? I’m Butch Jones”
But I’ma chill, hold down, puff and leave ash to this world I’m Wolf Jones
I’m back, finger-fucking a nigga til she climax
This chopper big-
I’m back, finger-fucking a nina til she climax
This chopper big, Clips come watch it in IMAX
This your D-Day, yeah I’m exposing a ho
No, he going fo’ sho’
That 40 have Chucky leaning like Charles Lee Ray pouring a fo’
This the School of Hard Knocks, we gotta stop the truancy
Give ’em tips, it’s not gratuity
After a lil’ fame I’m Lil’ Wayne, this black life ain’t got shit to do with me
This me and you, fuck them other suckers
I still think you an undercover
Empty, reload then bust a motherfucker
That shotty got e’rybody in the house butt naked like, “Nino don’t trust a motherfucker!
But this nigga said, “17:38 military time, the semi busting”
“Gut shot, got him leaning back like Remy dumping”
I’m like, “Cool!”
Then the dumb nigga said, “Silencer on the strap, when I shoot it, it go pa-poose, sound like I’m calling Remy husband”
That was fire?
If it was fire, then that’s cool!
I just wanna know what the fuck gun goes “poose”?
But you ain’t gotta tell me if that’s the case
That ain’t where the shit stop, ’cause I’m really with the shit
So when the semi’s splitting shit, and I get in some shit
I put the silencer on the strap it go “jah roo”: sound like I’m calling 50 nemesis!
You mad nigga, well I’m glad, you can Cry Me A River, really doe
Head shot will have him leaning on one like Justin in that video
Aye, you say a lot of shit that be nasty
But having a whole round about a nigga balls, that’s nasy
You had a whole round about a nigga’s junk, and they was consecutive
You talked more about nuts than a Planter’s executive
Man, skip this bitch, hit his jaw, dent it twice
I let the fo’ clap him like a Simpson’s fight
Two Girls One Cup, I’m so sick of Clips, but I can end these black lives
And start ’em on some George Soros shit
Cock back leave your torso split
DZ’s hit your chest on some Zorro shit
Every nigga I’m riding with, got more than two arms we in the Goro whip
Aye Smack, this my land now
Cause I see the possibility lines
So I’ma proximity mine a [?] of time until everything in my proximity mine, you feeling me slime?
But this nigga told Fab’ he be moving the work
Bitch shut up, you don’t be doing shit
I see it all over your face
But if I even ponder, Stevie Wonder, over those keys I have your head all over the place
But you?

[Round 3: Charlie Clips]
I said April 2009, what a time
My battle with Tay Roc dropped, the whole world got a chance to hear from me
August, 2011, what a time, what I did to Aye Verb had every battle rapper scared of me
Niggas wasn’t even friends back then but they was hanging out
Having conversations on how they was gon’ prepare for me
Now we in 2016 I’ve been bullshitting, battle rappers is no longer scared of me
What I gotta do to make these niggas scared again?
I see a gotta take a nigga like Ill Will and then chalk him out
See you and your hype man be going crazy but we gon’ see what that heart about
Cause after tonight they gon say I Am Legend, right now y’all don’t know what I’m talking ’bout
But remember in I Am Legend, it took Will and his dog to bring that monster out
I’m Goku in that hyperbolic chamber nigga, nigga the air is real
Gravity on 10,000, doing push ups I’m prepared to kill
Be on the lookout, let these niggas know this ain’t a cookout
I seen y’all prepared to grill
Well 100 niggas in Pontiac can die just for you staring Will (steering wheel)
I air Mags, look at these broke niggas, they wanna get high, but they share bags
Nickles and a zip lock, ironic, Pontiac be moving air bags
Don’t you dare laugh, cause killing you is my real assignment
I’m a bad mechanic in Pontiac, I’m ’bout to fuck up Will alignment
If I’m in Pontiac and I catch you in traffic, and you try to jam me nigga
Two Glocks out the tool box on the Pontiac that come in handy nigga
Oh, oh, oh, what? Is ‘Yac Town in this bitch?
You stand behind him cause that’s your family nigga
Well niggas die everyday behind the Will (wheel) B that’s word to Brandy nigga
What you say?
Okay I see you talking so this is what I’ma do
I’ma turn Pontiac into the exhibit/Xzibit once I grip my nine
See they gon’ find you in hood that part slipped my mind
But they gon’ find you on the windshield, hmmm around six they gon’ fix my ride
It’s crazy cause I rearranged Pontiac like it was Pimp My Ride
Mannequin Challenge, but no nigga not from me, I done froze your peeps
You don’t notice every time you the main event half of the crowd start to go to sleep?
What you be paying this nigga? $1,500 to end the show?
I mean, whoa that’s deep
I mean you actually think it’s Good-Will get you the clothes for cheap
I’ll catch this nigga with the Smith while he on his Pursuit Of Happyness
Kick the bathroom door and you’ll see Will crying, life’s a bitch
So is the movie Hitch, I’ll have Will lying
Six niggas with me, that’s 7 Pounds I’ll have Will dying
And this Smith in my hand cock (Hancock) y’all gon’ see Will flying
No, no, no, no, no hold up, slow up
I’m so motherfucking mean with it
Nigga Will Smith got some many damn movies I’ma do a whole ‘nother scheme with it
I’ll have a bunch of Men In Black at your door and they all aiming at your mug
Y’all wanna die for Will? Suicide Squad
Taking all these slugs, he’ll go from Deadshot to shot dead
In Detroit, I’ll chase him with the snub
Now it’s the Ali movie, cause they found Will shaking in the Glove
Hold up y’all, pardon me y’all, my spider senses is going off
Pardon me y’all I really got to feel it
That your aunt and your uncle been on my dick but you ain’t riding with ’em
You mad cause you got suited to black out and every line is Venom
I will give William da fo’ (Dafoe) even though he not the villain
That was crazy, check this card, I got an Arsonal of views, I mean a lot of millions
I’ll make your bitch give me and T Top, that’s a lot of children
Fuck the bar, I brought my own bottle of Rum inside the building
I get drunk push Tsu aside (suicide) and start robbing (Robin) Williams
Now, we know I’m on TV doing my thang
But I took this battle for those that was doubting me
Cause I got word ’bout these bitch ass niggas and these hoes here was doubting me
So you know what I did, right?
…(What’s that?)
Y’all don’t know what I did?
I had a shooter Rose from the balcony
I was gonna shout you out D. Rose but they fucked it up
But I’m still gonna have to clap a bitch
I know your legs hurt but I’m make you take a knee like Kaepernick
And since we on the subject of Knicks and we still clapping
Remember he’ll finger fuck a nigga, so he’ll probably feel (Phil) Jackson

Get ready for his rebuttal, it’s gonna be hot

[Round 3: Ill Will]
Aye, that’s D. Rose up there?
Aye, you like that shit Clips said? That’s what’s up
You did, I hope your leg stay fucked up
This nigga always get mad when somebody talk about this pops
Look, nigga save the drama
So yeah nigga we ’bout to talk about yo’ punk ass daddy…baby mama
Have y’all ever seen-I’m-I swear to God I’m-
Have y’all ever-has anybody in here raise your fucking hand if you seen Clips mama
Dawg, this nigga mama so fucking fine, bruh
I swear on my son- I’m not even rapping right now, she fine!
Like nigga she bad, I just wanna go in like, like put my hands around her hips
Go in for a kiss
Suck on them tits
I’m a nasty nigga so I’ll prolly do something like, shit…cum in her pits
Make her do this
I don’t know man, I don’t know
Aye, but you mad nigga? Well I’m glad nigga
Now we know why his pops was snitching, he was trying to get back to that ass nigga
But I will beat the fuck out him
But he will prolly press charges, that’s what fear do
But my first shotta, Surf mama, he pressing nines as soon as he hear sue
My stock lifted, I don’t wanna talk, why don’t you and the Glock kick it
You wanna fight? Clip will be fucked up off the fade like Michael J. Fox did it
You completely fallen off as a battle rapper
Same recycled bars, same-nigga you need to sell something
You got something in the arsenal/Arsonal so much you got me thinking you and Darrell fucking
“I got something in the arsenal/Arsonal” y’all gay
But c’mon Clips we just miss that old Clips
That, that, “Oh shit! That’s some GOAT shit!”
You know, just damaging
Now I don’t know who fucked up at the lines worse with Magic, you or Nick Anderson
Nigga you ain’t the same, but fuck you
Tell your bitch to come here and bring that head over
You know she a thot, my dawg tagged off the neck like a dead soldier
I’ma scheme, I used to sell five dollar rocks the size of lima beans
Now I’m all grown up I got all kind of green
Pills too, I can flip the script quicker than a drama queen
Fuck you mean?
But Clips, I got a bullet just for you, your size
Trip, I give you a round where ever you at, I’m your tour guide
I wanna know if you the GOAT, I need more than proof
I’ll shoot you while your whore with you, just this young nigga that can afford to shoot
You and your man’s connected? These 2K’s will turn y’all to orange juice
So fuck it, we gon’ go your route nigga
But I ain’t gotta guess what room you in, I’m already in the house nigga
I’m in the basement, waiting, he under-prepared
Watch your step Clips cause them People Under The Stairs
You get the rawest of deals, I hit your jaw with the steel
He in the hospital, they like, “It’s Charlie Clips. Sike I lied!”
He like, “Naw, this for real!”
I’m an all around crowd pleaser
Keep talking that work you gon’ get the tips over the keys like a lounge singer
You know, THAT problem
You done finally came into that ‘Yac problem
Where the gat solve ’em
The nine put the the-
Hold on, hold on, hold on
Naw, naw, I ain’t chocking I just wanted to see if he’ll help me solve a Math problem
Aye but look, I ain’t going on and on, I just wanted to talk about that cause
It was so funny watching you act like you ain’t know what was going on
Math was right HERE, getting jumped like a motherfucker
You were on camera looking dumb than a motherfucker
But when Rex checked you about your pops I could tell you was pissed
You wanted to bomb homie
Bitch tried to man up for her pops and go to war like Milan told him
But bring that Milan shit back, cause I don’t care what Milan told him
I’ma be getting mushu after dragging (dragon) Clips like Milan homie
But look, ain’t nobody playing with you Clips, yawn all you want
Your girl ain’t even playing
A year ago he was probably like, “Baby, guess which room I’m in.”
“Boy I’ma kill you.”
Year later, “Baby guess what-
“-nigga we got bills due.”
You childish and I don’t feel you
I know you Harlem but you too bitch like Alpo cooling with your father
The whole world watching you drown like Truman in the water
I’m on my way Clips, full locomotive train Clips
If you better than stop it then
If you got beef with me you better walk out the house with Colossus skin
You Beast? No, I think you a Shih Tzu
Cock back you Hank McCoy, your shit blew/blue
My nigga Clips, is you a thug or not?
Cause I’ll Storm in your house and cover you with the steel, now you Juggernaut
Smack put me on the bill, I’m Gambit I make the card hot
It’s my throne, I’m who they feel here
Charles Xavier is the only nigga taking Will (wheel) chair
Take that shit to Wild N Out, make sure that where that shit stay
November 20th is now known as What The Fuck Happened To Clips Day
But I killed you nigga and I’m still your folks
I just want you to know you going against Will your will get wrote
Nigga say they the best but I killed the GOAT
Any Ill Will toward Ill Will…

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