Bender vs. Pnut [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Bender]
Y’all fed a Pnut to Ganesh, figured I’d write somethin’ sleek
Take another week to fine-tune, and adjust the kicks
Then I thought “I got this in the bag”, so I kicked back and poured another drink
Then Trump and the Cubs both caught the dub in a week, now I don’t know what the fuck to think
Homie, listen
You know I been in a Polish prison
I splattered rappers on the canvas long before I ever sold my art, just know your part, hold position
‘Cause after tonight, you’ll be livin’ in a cave, tryna fix a broken heart like Tony Stark
You hear that? Tchaikovsky, I crack a Nut open and curb-smash it
Crackin’ your windpipe, have it smellin’ like burnt plastic
Turn savages, Germanic tribesmen, dirt nap him
You even steppin’ close to this mic, you deserve stabbing
I’m hard to execute like, surf backflips
But come with it, I’m tryna make this your first classic
Brain sadistic, crazy with it, pure madness
I’m cuckoo, see me run in Nut house like Nurse Ratched
I love these Kurt Rambis nerd glasses Peeny
I bleed acid, your heart pumpin’ a Appletini
This man been creepin’ everything I ever said on the web
Bootleg Nike, you see this knockoff checkin’ my threads
You fuck around with me? Nut you out your tree
Gorilla pimp slap, I’ll smack the tongue right out your teeth
I ain’t for that monkey business, so bless the soul I’m here to send
Yo rest in peace Harambe: that kid shoulda never went near the pen
You’re repulsive as fuck, just acknowledge it
If you ever get laid it’s on some Mr. Cosby shit
I seen him at the bar, thirstin’ on a fit Somalian
Waitin’ till she took a drink so he could fit some molly in
Expensive heat baby, I’ma turn him to smoke
Chicago broke their losin’ streak, tonight you cursed with the GOAT

[Round 1: Pnut]
Yo what’s poppin’ champ?
When it comes to shit I’m talkin’ that
Pop a strap then work the body, it’s a boxin’ match
Get a loss attached and, rock durin’ my run like joggin’ pants
They gave you me? I’m not as amped, samba chant
Bang the drum, get, wet by the roots like potted plants
Long attacks, that hook? Make him jerk, that’s a song and dance
Team Ganik, yeeeeah y’all can rap
But, I’ll scrape this pussy, it’s called a Pap
So Benny, better jet, I love Canada, but hate Benny, and the Jets
So I’m lookin’ for him in the Chevy with the set, steady with the TEC
If Benny interjects two things gon’ be in the sky: B-B-B-Benny and the jets
See me? I ain’t what the enemy expects
If he’s sendin’ me a threat, remedy direct, Kennedy effect, send me to the net
Roll with metal till he’s stretched out like a penny when it’s pressed
Use the llama, Futurama, Bender left empty in the chest, quit pretendin’ he the best
‘Cause even if Ben’s ya’ homie don’t defend his multis
The force is with him like, Ben Kenobi
Pepperoni, cold rounds, pull a weapon slowly
Then, eat the potato, get fed pierogis
Food for thought, this can go from Sara Lee to ceremony
If Bender’s lonely, find where he stay, aim for his shack, I’m friends with Kobe, Ben’s a phony
You, ain’t God with the flow, pretend he holy
His arm is bull, he said ‘jabroni’
Get a rock and sock like I trained with Foley
Knuckle sandwich with all the fixin’s, I’m talkin’ bread, bologna, cheddar, Colby, spread, aioli
You’ll go from painting with different mediums to needin’ them to tell ya’ stories
You know them stories about how, “I used to be on the same level Saurus at, or more than that”
But nowadays I’m comin’ wit’ a sword attached
That blade swing forth and back
It hit ya’ skin, then slither in without a Sorting Hat
Fuck Bender, y’all keep talkin’ about him and sayin’ he the best
But nowadays, chess game, he’s only playin’ for a check

[Round 2: Bender]
You know what rhyme with ‘Team Gully’?
(What?) ‘Real ugly’
Busted-ass squad lookin’ like some Sea-Monkeys
Seems funny, this is GZ’s best? I mean, buddy
Bunch of bottom tier bottom feeders, y’all be lucky I need money
Do you think they came here to hear you and I rap?
Well you half right, Gully signed y’all to a suicide pact
You damn right I slept on you, you could use a light slap like a Jehovah’s Witness droppin’ by to ruin my nap
Sorry A. Ward
Gully, you little hand-sniffer, you brought Gjonaj and this guy?
Shit, we got Marv, Clips, and Real Deal
I mean you did a battle with the fake Shotti Pnut when I was rockin’ shows with the real
Now pardon me, what’s a Party Nut to a party fiend?
I’m Charlie Sheen locked in a pharmacy, the hardest schemes
You, strictly pussy bars like Carter Deems
I won that chain in my second year, chump who’s you?
Lexx, I ain’t got no bars for you, but fuck you too
Fuck Team Gully, I’ll treat you like some, Kurdish women in a Turkish prison
I treat you like the Romans did to early Christians
Word to pimpin’, ’cause any verse this nerd is spittin’, is a poorly written word of fiction
Like the King James Bible first edition that the church has printed
Sorry A. Ward

[Round 2: Pnut]
They say a big name’s around a bend, so I don’t give a round to Ben’
Oh he nice with the writtens? Cool, so are fountain pens
See I don’t care about your multis and the sound it sends
Sorry player, that shit may a’ wowed ’em then but this ain’t 2010
See to beat me, you’ll need more than a crowd of friends and nouns to mend
I shall ascend, wind up in a chalet blend
If Al begins I’ll offend
Bring nina wit’ me, he’ll get it the first time by her like a housing trend
See now and then I, fuckin’ wonder what it’s like for you to face someone with the likes of you then realize rappin’ ain’t right for you
So why write for you when I can write for you like, “This is right for you”
I’m twice removed, ahead of Ben’, that’s a generation gap
Leave bloodstains on this decorated champ that’ll never make it back, I don’t stress the way you rap
Fredo killed you and got a L.A. W, that’s a legislation branch
You wanna meet God? I’ll elevate the chance
He’ll be famous from the ‘Tube, then connected to it like a ventilation shaft
I get it, y’all cool Bender, most would shake at the thought
But you ain’t takin’ my spot, I’m raisin’ my stock from the states to the Dot
To go from a face with some dots to the face of The Dot
With the pace that I got, I bank off bars I’m playin’ the slots
So place your bet, bayonet, get a shank or a shot
That hook, lead to stitches, I’m crocheting a lot
Get laced wit’ a pot, they stopped askin’ if I’m Cajun or not
‘Cause when I got you in my crosshairs, let’s just say I’m Asian a lot
Your age is a lot
But I won’t call you old, let’s just say you should probably call it quits
When your beard has frosted tips and you’re about to lose to a chocolate chip
You and Bonnie have one thing in common: awesome tits

[Round 3: Bender & Loe Pesci]
To watch your top performance, was not just borin’
I needed my eyes clamped open by the doctors in Clockwork Orange
I can’t believe that y’all recorded this walkin’ foreskin talk that horse shit
In the middle I started daydreamin’ of gettin’ waterboarded by law enforcement
I decommissioned him, you think this’d be an easy win for him? Don’t be ridiculous
I’m from that evil secret syndicate
AGL, bad move you should’ve reconsidered this
Ya’ team mascot, a bad look: Cleveland Indians
I know Pnut punches sweet, I eat Caribbean, heat unlimited
Speed ball, acetaminophen
(What the fuck? Where did this guy come from?)
How you call him an up and comer, when he been in this shit
Before Queen Elizabeth was even a senior citizen
I get your bitch wetter than a Drake verse, digest that
I’m all up in the guts like a tapeworm
Shit, I got a girl and honestly, she’s into freak things, she don’t even feel pain
The safe word is Gully’s real name and she don’t know Gully’s real name
It’s Gulliver, right?
So wait, you paid for your own flight to go to Detroit to host a couple of battles?
Who booked that, and couldn’t pay for Gulliver’s travels?
Damn, anyway back to my bitches
I got this girl, even if she ain’t really in the mood
She’ll dump one on your chest like the Biggie interlude
Listen, I got a ratchet with a couple boyfriends, she could dump a few
And fuck ya’ crew, before the sirens ring and them boys come through
She already dipped with the biscuits like Dunkaroos
The next one who spits some word association on some ho shit
I show up to the club and, piss in his bottle like a road trip
I did not call Day the n-word on a message board
I did not create a thousand accounts on rapmusic to vote against Ness at all
I didn’t rape my sister, I ain’t no molester dog
Arcane bought bad information, and I’m not talkin’ ’bout them Bender songs
I’m not sayin’ that I’m obsessed with Latinas and I’d murder Jonny
But the only way to describe my verse: perfect body

I even got some nerd rappers that are shooters as well
So heavy on the hip they gotta loosen the belt
This team aerial combo will ruin your health
Bender was tryna beat Bonnie’s bars, I’m like, “I’ll come do it myself”

[Round 3: Pnut]
Fuckin’ round was weird but seein’ you together, you look so sweet with Loe
Tag him in, you in hot water, that’s how you Sweet N’ Low
See me? No one jumps on stage, it’s only Nut in the place
And we ain’t seen that motherfucker since he had nut in his face
You spit a whole verse and reserved the punchin’ that emerged in nothin’
It’s disturbin’, strugglin’, heard he’s strugglin’ ’cause the shit I write is, midlife crisis, ’cause I’m about to 30 somethin’
I heard he crushin’ but the fans are fooled with his plan to rule with expansive tools
Like big words that command chants and oohs
So go ahead Bender, tell me again how the planets move
A granite shoe, how plants are food
Aztec-Spanish feuds and any color after blue, I can’t stand this dude
It’s like his verse is a fuckin’ reenactment of every lesson plan in school
But not me, see, I attract my demand and pull
Dressed as a sheep with strands of wool
So now, the wolf arrives, with blueish eyes, it’s you and I, from sunrise till two to five, suit and tie
Mean business, strong thing, sink two inside they euthanize
You can die, left curled on the side like Jewish pride
Who am I? Nah the question is “Who is Ben’?”
Beside a has-been that you, defend
‘Cause for King Of The Dot, the biggest names were Pat and you
See they patent you and that push up padded you
But as, time passed it was Pat passin’ you
Then Lush was hired so the past was you ’cause, Pass was you
Then Pass would lose so did Pat so Pat was through, past the news passed
‘Cause URL, so when Pass removed it’s back to you to patch the gap in you
See in this game, two things make you great: the pad and you
So recreate the past in you ’cause, it’s passin’ you like, every chance they pass to you
Get cracked in two, if there was a battle between Pass and you?
I’d say “Pass in two”, then pass him too, I’m after you
It won’t stop ’til I see Pat passin’ you, packed into the casket used for patents who
Said I can’t rap wit’ you?
You should get, fucking slapped at all
You take a dive I’ll make a splash: cannonball
But after all, you’re givin’ me the shot
So of course I’d win it
‘Cause there’s a difference between someone that’s known to tank and someone who still has somethin’ in it
Fuck Daylyt

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