Mike P vs. Nu Jerzey Twork [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Mike P]
Yo, yo, y’all hear me?
Aight, bet it’s main stage!
It’s ‘bout time I start to settle in this league
And since I’m here, well, I can now see all the levels this could rea-
Twork, are you ready for this MOVIE?
It’s kinda like Get Out
It’s ‘bout to be hell if you don’t leave
Drop tiers (tears)…soon as the white boy puttin’ metal to the T (tea)!
Let’s get it poppin’, Twork!
This one counts, Twork
Show the muscle, or get a halo
That ring on your nose ‘bout to float above you
Pressure’s on, and Twork, you gon’ choke in this big bitch?
‘Cause I brought magic…to my aid (AIDS)
I’m in Irving (Earvin) with some sick shit!
PLAY ME, Twork!
It’ll make me worse
I ain’t no joke
I’ll rock him (Rakim) wherever he be (B), partner: that’s an ‘80s verse
Strap give your chest a small gap: that’s a baby shirt
You barely poppin’…and well, that’s all because you lazy, Twork!
My job for now? Cook in front of the crowd, it’s Benihana night
Yo’ dumb ass flew to NOME just to die: kamikaze flight
White boy, seasoned when he cook, ask ya hottie wife
I slapped that ass with a dab of ranch…li’l Sriracha spice!
Mamma mia! Pizzeria! Give ya top a slice
Best book, or throw a left hook
Man, you boxin’ Mike
They told you, “Bring iron in the ring”
Well, that’s ‘cause you boxin’ Mike
And…well, now you gettin’ cooked in front of the crowd: it’s Benihana night
I said, I’ll leave a peasant runnin’ if we bum-rush
Creep with the fo’-fo’, low, then the lead up bust
Deuce-deuce, doot-doot! Then a mean gun-butt
National news, Twork (twerk) on TV: BET Uncut!
I said, let’s see if Twork hell-tailin’
‘Cause I got a clip long as a URL trailer…inside a URL trailer!
They can see we winners
Throw me a plate, I got somethin’ different for every square: I’m a TV dinner!
But now I’m debatable…
Now I’m Mr. Debatable? Word?
Oh, I’m Tsunami with the bars?
And you G? Oh… (Yu-Gi-Oh)
Well, I’m Exodia: I’m piecin’ bodies on the cards!
Chill out! He’s just a kid! The raps punk ya!
Y’all ain’t know I’d throw money all around the room?
black (Blac), Youngsta!
I said, I took a chance bein’ Ryu vers’ Tink, and y’all fucked with it
So can I try it on the main stage? (Yeah!)
Cool, but it’s on some other shit
This time, I’m Vegeta, I brought a savage back
‘Cause I can’t BELIEVE that you think this is a match!
I’ll let a Galick clap
Arms to the side and blast: Final Flash
Leave ya cabbage cracked
Stand over the body, and point a five in his face: Big Bang Attack!
I said, the chin-check drop money in his crib like when the rent come
I’ll put him to sleep for life
He’ll be in bed numb, brain-dead and then some
You strapped in…but how you gon’ clap me in a coma…if you IN ONE!?

[Round 1: Nu Jerzey Twork]
Don’t take none of this personal, Mike
It’s all business
You did an hour-long video cosignin’ me
It was marvelous
So, as for my success, here on the URL, you played a part in it
You had my back…but now you gon’ have to pardon it
This called WINNIN’, and you LOSE a lot
At least you do ya thang
You been on a roll, and now you on NOME
I guess I gotta give you ya props
But you know how you ride a bike with no brakes?
Well, I’ll put my foot down, and ya whole movement stop!
I said, Rugers pop! I air ‘em at you
Give you no choice but to link up, like sharin’ shackles
Big bird…the kickback on the long nose could tear a dactyl (pterodactyl)!
I stick a dynamite in the can, the barrel blastin’
Mike, all that shit in ya raps!? You better back it!
BOW…I’ll leave you tryna find your rounds like Velma glasses!

How your life feel? Vacant?
I been around you all this time, just to find out that you not my son…and I might still raise it
Don’t leave a dime! You’ll get the beats
They don’t even know if Mike WILL made it! (Mike Will Made-It)
The nigga dies!
I pull out the pet toy: this shit a Digimon!
You see my sleeve? It’s like Slip n’ Slide: I got a trick inside
POP…two pound in your face, like, “Nigga, pick a palm!”
Bigga .9 with the Camden Ford, hopped on the River Line
We both got guns, but (h)ours different: Pacific Time!
The gun big, but the bullets will pick you apart: they critter-size (criticize)!
Little 9, long ratchet grip, long ladder clip
I’ll make you tell me you think less of yourself…and add a quit (inadequate)!
I’ll flame Mike!
If I tear you in two split pieces, you’ll get your brain sliced…it’ll make you think twice!
I’m lackin’ patience
If I said it, it’s under oath
I can’t retract the statement
This shit a affidavit
I swear to God, it was four rifles on the table in a act of plankin’
I’m official (O’fficial), I could train a (Katrina) shooter
I knew all lens (New Orleans) from the calibration!
This Cal’ abrasive
What, y’all ain’t catch that?
Knew all lens? New Orleans-
Nah, that’s boring
I’m offense
And since you fake, Mike, I’ll knock off your jaw then (Jordan)!
I’m making you pay
I told Dougy I’ll “lift his guys up (gossip)”
That was a reach, but now I’m cuttin’ straight to the chase
‘Cause if they talk behind your back, it ain’t nothing they won’t say to your face!
Your head explode
Y’all sent me on Paper Trail
Well, I’ll give you just ten (Justin) tips (T.I.P), and you’ll be Dead and Gone!
This New Edition my Candy Girl
I never let her ‘lone
Or Lauryn Hill – (*kiss*) – this The Sweetest Thing I ever known!
I’m grippin’ mine, liftin’ mine
Snatch you from every bit of pride
Dog, that ain’t far-fetched – I’ll bring the stick in your house
Nah, the pop’ll kick at the couch like, “Nigga, get a job!”
Bigga .9-
These suckas ain’t nothin’
I got slit in the throat, hit in the leg
I done felt enough of pain, brother
Buck a thing, tuck a thing
The snub’ll bang somethin’
You think this the only one? Well, nigga, you got another thing comin’!

[Round 2: Mike P]
They say you rap crazy, Twork…
Twork’s crazycrazyTwork!
Well, you do
I mean, what can I say? I was overzealous as a fan
I was the first person to talk about you, blog about you, how you be sellin’ in the stands
I peeped the moves…the footwork…the pure rebellin’ in your stance…
I mean, you wouldn’t even have that much hype around Dougy if I ain’t tell ‘em you could dance!
Let’s keep it real! I shed blood for this league
I am not the villain
I’m here off work, he’s here off hype – stop the feelings!
Two vets backed out of this match
You are a spot to fill in
And now you here to fight somethin’ sick…like amoxicillin!
Fuck yo’ style!
I said fuck yo’ style!
It’s easy ‘cause they barely even know what you said
But you say it loud and bounce around so it go over-
Man, I’ll try it
(*Twork impression*)
“See, if it’s money…that ya owe, well, I’ll click and BOW! over the bread
And…whether (weather) or not you can stand the rain, this four cast (forecast) a cloud over your head!
I said the kid yellin’!
I see the Shakur nose ring, image the kid sellin’
Well, Death’s Around the Corner
We troublesome, meanin’ I’ll Snoop on your Westside
For tryna be 2Pac, a lip (2Pacalypse) swellin’!”
Get jealous…or move somethin’
It’s all sayin’ vers’ a Saiyan
I put in ‘twork – fuck you thought?
All weighin’ with the bacon
Deals over sos pwa and rice, parlayin’ wit’ the Haitians
I was the One…bouncin’ off the street like Matrix simulations!
Yeah, you authentic, artistic…’til a bullet make you autistic!
I never thought I’d see a bigger bitch dig a ditch and fall in it
Rock salt, broken glass, nails, bullets augmented
So when I clap at you, think Ave battles
There’s a bunch of shit in these rounds that DON’T BELONG in it!
It’s on now
Twork fucked up tryna cross the God
I’ve stopped people’s drives from going forward: think crossing guards
You got a blade that’ll mox a ceiling? Well, all in all
I got a shotgun mounted to sheetrock
It’s crazy…shit come off the wall!
I said, you’ll get tossed, somethin’ without the pin, it’ll hurt things
Burst things
It’ll put you up into the worst scene
Look at Twork work – is Twork worth the first-string?
Nah! What I acquire (choir) behind God, the church sing
Check the knife, Twork
Slice Twork, exert steam
You could work, Twork
Can Twork work wit’ hurt dreams?
Is your people gon’ do shit? Twork, PLEASE!
Your whole crew lit poppin’ bitches – look at Twork (Twerk) Team!
I said, if Twork think shit sweet, tell him I ain’t the boy to play
I’ll knock the sense (cents) outta that statement: coin a phrase!
If Jerzey sure (Jersey Shore) Mike the Situation, I’ll be fist-pumpin’
You’ll never see the same catch twice: I’m tryna glitch somethin’
Twork outside, work that ride, hit the stick, jump in
Highway scams: I’m in the streets tryna hit somethin’
T-Top: get choked out live for tryin’ to Flex somethin’!
Then I’m outside wit’ the pitchforks: it’s like I’m witch-huntin’

[Round 2: Nu Jerzey Twork]
Let’s talk about Alissa…and how you cherish the chicken

[Mike P]

[Nu Jerzey Twork]
Ell-EE-ca? EL-ica? Don’t give a fuck
You on Facebook marryin’ bitches
My partner did the same
For four years, I had to carry the business
So when I see you trickin’, I find it very offensive
I married the money
Why the fuck would I throw rice when I can put the heroin in it?
I can’t get through wit’ this messin’
So back to battle rap, I’m gettin’ ready to suit up wit’ legends
You wanna know what my comp’ is (compass)? Well, I’ll give you a direction
This grenade: I pulled out the pen (pin) and blew up in seconds
I made it pop
Pull a bird, get your bell pecked: that’s Drake & Josh
For blood, I watch it trickle down: that’s Reaganomics
If it cross your heart, hope to die – let’s make a promise!
The clip swift, quick release, then drop out: that’s brake alignments!
I hit every nigga the four sees (foresees): that’s Necrodamus
I was on Chuck E. Cheese
I was a little nigga when that was open
And I say that to tell I never rat, and the only thing I got from a rat was a bag of tokens!
Double back!
Nah, double that, was 15 wit’ a 30-clip, the ladder pokin’
Whatever I give to you I’ll throw in your face: it’s braggadocio!
MAC bulky
Used to have to hold on to the belt, the strap broken
Still I’ll have your life monitor looking like flat vocals
Mini cross, and the dog on the side, it catch rodents
Wit’ the arrow at the end of the bow like a Black Cauldron!
Class joke – that mean I’ll put the metal in your mouth
The arm extended like, “Help a brother out.”
I’m dope with this
Off the tongue, back in Essex, I spent the weekend at home for this
Came home, it was right back to that piece in the holster grip
You can think I walk around naked…and D’s sent expose ya (indecent exposure) shit!
I load the fif’
I’m goin’ out blazin’ with the thing!
Walk in the crib wit’ the tre (Trey) singin’: even the ‘Neighbors Know My Name’!
I’m the first snappin’, I’ll dirt-nap him
Get shot in the throat
I’ll put a tag in the front of your neck like the shirt backwards!
The worst happens!
I never knew how it feels to care
You’ll get killed in here
What’s in the cans? Dice
That mean I’ll peel the pairs
You from New York, right?
Well, think Highbridge: you was flat-out street, but it all goes downhill from here
Yeah! But you from L.I.!
You from L.I., I’m forgetful as fuck
Had to get you punch-drunk ’cause Long Island ain’t even give you a buzz!
I’m ’bout thuggin’
I’ll pull up to Long Island on a crowd of ’em
The trunk beneficial…that mean I’m gettin’ somethin’ out of it!

[Round 3: Mike P]
Aight, yo…
I said, if you fuck up tonight, you don’t even have to say you sorry
I mean, you fucked up vers’ Glu’ twice, Dougy twice, and still made it…hardly
I’ll blow his brains out for all the followers that made him godly
All you’ll see is Twork (twerk) in every spot of the room like Jamaican parties
(Shits be jumpy, bro, shits is jumpy)
I said, evil in these pupils, you’ll notice soon as the eyes catch you
Snap ya fuckin’ arm outta your socket if you and I grapple
Rip your backbone out your neck, throw the spine at you
Blades stuck on top of ya head, look like a pineapple!
I said, burstin’ his cap, no rehearsals for that!
Christian music: it’ll stop Twork (twerk) in his tracks!
He get a metal round
BOW! BOW! Where all the yellin’ now?
Ho to housewife: a ring got Twork (twerk) to settle down!
Steel-toe to TWORK TWICE!

Put my foot down like I’m kick-startin’ a DIRT BIKE!
Blade weapon…you privileged to get it: it’s like your birthright!
Put a butterfly into your cocoon: I could REVERSE LIFE!
Eye on killin’ him!
Break him down ’til the hype start dwindlin’
hate this snake shitpythons slitherin’!
Ain’t no “bygones be bygones”
Look, I draw different!
Get jumped from a foul line like Zion Williamson!
You ALL frail!
Get yoked for tellin’ tall tales
Hang you over a guardrail ’til you admit that God real!
MY shit!
Try to steal my spot to shine, ain’t no choppin’, 5
We treatin’ a thief’s hands like the cartels!
Trouble if you pop
Italian Stallion, break up that lil’ couple that you got
I saw your boss bitch
Soft chick, all lips
CrossFit: I was jumpin’ on the BOX!
She got the sack and all, mackin’ on
Twork backin’ off
I’ll break shit ’til a plate shift, face lift, and crack it off!
Be in your hood blackin’ off
Get right or get left hooks in the street
I punch like Floyd wit’ the jacket off!
I don’t play safe!
Bro…I could care less where you got it from – your name’s gay
It doesn’t matter if it means you’re in the street movin’ weight
Wait…do you know how hard it was to get my people here wit’ a straight face?
Having to ask if they wanna see me and some guy…Twork (twerk)…on the main stage?
It was tough…
I said, but fuck your goon clique, you too bitch
Two fists, could move with
Got shots for days, it’s Doctor Strange: watch the room shift!
I do shit, your boo chick, too lit, could do tricks
I had her backed up against the wall like the pool stick – Hadouken!
I said, and fuck Brizz Rawsteen!
Where Brizz at?
I said, fuck Brizz Rawsteen!
Stop duckin’, man – knock it off!
Bat knock a noggin off…
Time, man – fuck outta here

(*During Mike’s watch party of this battle on Caffeine, he spat some extra bars he had written for Brizz in his 3rd round, but couldn’t remember at the time of the battle*)

You’d be paralyzed, they’ll bring the chair with the wheel out for you
Ill gon’ 30 you, they’ll have to bring the Will out for you

[Round 3: Nu Jerzey Twork]
I said, I innovate
All these attributes I demonstrate
Gave you the ingredients, and they put it on the Tube
And then it blew up in the chemist’s face
And got you thus far…center stage
Well, if they want me to break you apart, tell them to send a great (disintegrate)!
(They so sleep…)
Let me reiterate
I guess they think I gotta force it ’cause my pen a trait (penetrate)
I get live wit’ a Larkin
Holocaust, have you all piled in a coffin
Jesus…speakin’ of Jews, you ain’t know fuckin’ wit’ Jerooz, a limb (Jerusalem) hit!
I hold the Cal’ very often!
Berettas barkin’!
You’ll get clapped in here
I’ll feel the mood of the room change
Guess whoever I’m pointin’ ’em at must fear (atmosphere)
I overdo it
You got a vest? Well, the bullets stressed: they goin’ through it!
Chrome the Ruger, or the Glock
I wanna see him choose
Or get your head split in the middle – now he torn between the two
I’m strapped in!
I’ll clap you in a coma!
I could snap at any moment!

Get pistol-whipped
Last thing he- hold it down
Get pistol-whipped
Last thing he seen was a mean blikker
This shit fuckin’ SMACK rappers, like Queen of the Ring bitches!
I said, I’m climbin’ up- ayo
Hold it down…
I said, I’m climbin’ up the charts
Yeah, it’s battle rap, but I’m really firin’ ’em off
Whatever the four give (forgive) you…you gon’ have to find it in your heart!
Jersey, Jersey, Jersey, Jersey…
(*Twork chokes, to the shock and surprise of the crowd*)
Hold it down!
I said, whatever the four give (forgive) you, you gon’…
Whatever the- hold it down
I’ll clap you in a coma!
I could snap at any moment!
Get pistol-whipped
Last thing he seen was a mean blikker
This shit smack- d- aahhh…
(*Twork Jersey’s again, this time forfeiting his 3rd round altogether, and he and Mike dap each other up*)

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