Ooops vs. Xcel [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Ooops]
They say, “Ooops you got Xcel. Do what you gonna do
But disrespectin’ X, name flips, talkin’ to him, that shit just so predictable.”
I said, “You know what? You right. I’ma scrap all that shit.”
Y’all got me fucked up
I ain’t gon’ disrespect him, but talkin’ to him? Name flips? I brought all that shit
See, you been rappin’ consistently
I took a year and a half off
We both main event…oh I’m takin’ too long?
I could show y’all some shit that ain’t fair tonight
Cause ‘Cel see us (Celsius) and get mad and stop, still ain’t fair in height (Fahrenheit)
But I ain’t mad at y’all for bookin’ a battle
I’m lookin’ at you like, “Why would you take it?”
They came to see you get exiled or get X-Filed with the Cold Cases
Tonight, you ought to control your space boy, you better rationalize
If not I’ll shift and press X, that’s how you capitalize
So Roc, you heard I was back? Well here’s what it’s all about
If you keep gettin’ hype off X, you gettin’ drug out
What good is a Ill Will if I sever ya ball joint
What’s a Poison Pen if every ounce of cyanide that’s in this ball point
I said I survived shots from that MAC, but it didn’t damage my run
Here’s the retaliation, where you from?
You get talked to like everybody else
I’m in Mass communicatin’, but at what point do you stop the lyin’ and shut ya damn mouth?
Cause if (e)X communicate, no problem, he gettin’ cast out
You catch these identical punches for claimin’ you royalty
Then y’all won’t hear a sound from me cause these copy rights will infringe and recompose every word you wrote DOWN for me
Cause I’m a politician I ain’t supposed to talk like- man I’m creatively molded
So get hyper X and tension (extension) will get your limbs folded
So when you see that white dude with a suit ready to shoot
It ain’t American Dad but we ain’t seen the star in X since the confederate flag
So go ahead and talk that shit
I knew you wit Team Homi they said he might flex
I ain’t gotta say nothin’, move to the side that red beam on sale they tryin’ to price check
See I ain’t come here to talk that shit about what I’ll do
I’m just lettin’ you know I’ll defend myself if you make me the target
Somethin’ happen to this politician, a head shot will have ‘Cel (sale) everywhere like a flea market
I told y’all I didn’t come to play a motherfuckin’ round
If I’m lyin’ I’m flyin’, my feet ain’t left the motherfuckin’ ground

[Round 1: Xcel]
I said, if X raised (X-Ray’ed) vision, we gon’ see inside him clear
Bro we respect the message, as far as skill, ya not as feared
Plus them stories you got to share, that have them brought to tears
Bout how your DNA tried to get you the fuck outta here
They often cheer, but you know what I thought was weird?
Cause he’s sick y’all let him spill his guts when he’s not prepared
You bank on that, to save you bro
Well I account for it
I brought my gift for what you built, it’s like a house warmin’
You fought cancer? Well this bout shouldn’t be difficult
It won’t be the first time you dealt wit ‘Cel (cell) killin’ you sick
I can assist in removin’ ya pride so act malignant
The cause of your tumor benign (be nine) demandin’ rights
Demandin’ rights? We stand and fight, for laws
But we got the stock in under arm
I’m all Curry, Warrior mind state
So if the cops let shots flurry
I need you to organize a hit, don’t march for me
Cause all them protests, and still the point don’t get across
So for me? Fuck a picket sign, pick ’em off
I put pain in, I stain the glass in ya perfect picture
Address me wrong? Get this return match, return to sender (cinder)
Killer instinct, burn a nigga, that’s word to Cinder
This combo break a bone, your spine will get recentered
“Ultra”, that’s a word that describes my flow probably “Glacius”
Cause these punches will leave me a cold body
I was never rushin’ (Russian) to be in the stars; I ain’t a Cosmonaught
I’m a rapper that been in the field since Rock N Jock
I got the crops to feed mine when they face famine
But fuck that, we back to you, we was never in great standings
I lay you down, for real life shit or fake glances
And put three in yo’ cap, my niggas don’t take chances
The Hawk sharp, undisputed, I let you debate sharin’ and skip the talk
This body language, translate, your fate damaged
Team fuckin’ Homi

[Round 2: Ooops]
I knew Xcel had a fire pen, I knew it would flare up
Y’all seen what I did vs ‘Lyt, enhance your vision
Showed you a different Day, passed that mask era (mascara)
They knew that I would talk to you cause I got a lotta shit to say
But I would never call you lost if I wasn’t gon’ be that GPS to help you find yo’ way
Whatchu know about bein’ prepared for a battle, but life have you forgettin’ every line?
I mean whatchu know about tryin’ to fight back the tears but lose every time?
See against Loso, you talked about some shit that I did
But I still haven’t worn thin
Remember I’m the one that went from bein’ pepper sprayed and tear gassed to bein’ sworn in
I remember needin’ capital for an office now my office is in the capitol
Best thing about grass roots, organic, it’s all natural
You got an amazin’ pen bro, with a contradictory message, when will you stop it?
I’m a Rare Breed that came to help you uplift your goals or Lift Your Soul, you choose the option
See, while we on this platform, you gotta do more than rap
You gotta actually teach ’em
And if they gon’ continue to book us, then why not read ’em?
See growin’ up? I was taught to be strong, keep it within
I had two distinct choices, to be of Mice Or Men
But it seem the more of them I try to save, the more of ’em die
I mean the youth with no parents forced to survive, the hood lookin’ like Lord Of The Flies
But on the hip, that’s where the Great Gatsby (gats be)
I tell ’em, “That ain’t the life to choose.”
Cause I’m the one explainin’ to the parents why they kids had to Catch 22
See it’s like Animal Farm, we all livin’ inhumane
Think about it, I mean we speak up get shots to the attic for bein’ poor black and frank (Anne Frank)
Xcel, you’ve excelled, even when they tried to clip ya wings
Not to kill, stop Mocking Birds and show ’em Why The Caged one Sings
You know what it’s like to be homeless bro, I mean you was livin’ street to street
That’s a message that’s fire boy, I mean we just happy you ain’t still livin’ off 106 like Syahboy
I ain’t sayin’ rap about how you excel through every homi’ and verse B
I’m just sayin’ show ’em how you made it out the trap when the streets ain’t show no mercy
I told y’all, I ain’t come to play a muhfuckin’ round
And if I’m lyin’, I’m flyin’, my feet ain’t left the muhfuckin’ ground

[Round 2: Xcel]
If this is a sign that the game ain’t here to sponsor ‘Cel
Cause y’all know I hate politics and I don’t take to the stardom well
And I challenge every power that be, so from the stars I fell
Lucifer, I sat with the God, then shit went on to Hell
But that, sparked a fire inside, now shit’s grown
To an inferno that burn the rock niggas; brimstone
I’m far from pussy, it’s like I choose to live my life in the friend zone
Alchemist can put beats on him or get the big chrome and settle in
But what I peel, grim, so tell ya men I bring that SK into anyone and push ya melon in (melanin)
Assassin, I stay in the hood, movin’ shadow, too super tactical
Nigga nothin’ I do is irrational
Bein’ upfront, I don’t care who you choose to back you
Cause all your friends would be dead if I waved this Uzi at you
Or get a young boy to scrape you dawg
Get a round from an unknown nigga like a Day 2 card
I’m loose leaf equivalent to Bruce Lee, I’m dope
Take me in vain (vein) and end up where Bruce be (B)
Bruce? Please, a killer is somethin’ that Bruce ain’t
But the pictures that dude paint got you niggas on Bruce Frank
My Sixth Sense, says Bruce will is (Willis) facade
I hope there’s more (Moore) wit him
But Bruce Almighty, well sit him wit God
I mop the floor wit him, now war wit him? Only gon’ get him scarred
And sewn up I’m Sweeney Todd
I showed up for the Fade but left his throat cut
So what?
So what you counsel men? Your car come by I’m riddlin’ cause I need counselin’
Prozac, all kinds of Ritalin
That .50 cal’ revolver a monster, I give that shit a spin
Then sell Aaron Judges, I ain’t a law abiding citizen
So I can spill Ooops on purpose, drape his body over the stage, then call curtains
These God verses, nigga you testin’ the wrong person
I electrify cause I had power lines on all circuits
Team Homi

[Round 3: Ooops]
It’s weird when the streets take us in
It’s like how we earn our Modern Family stripes
See we sit calm through the drama cause we got immune to that Big Bang, that’s just our Modern Family life
But ’round my way, they don’t even jump off the porch
That’s where they learn to shoot from
Every monster in my hood got a gun; Area 51
But think about it, when you losin’ friend and friend, they really wreak havoc bruh
I mean they lose a man attach a gun, now they shootin’ from both sides like Gallagher
But if it ain’t gun violence it’s health care
If we can’t afford it we forced to watch our organ fail
Tryin’ to move our family to the other side of the city but they dyin’ like Oregon Trail
But you say shit like, “Boston had contaminated water before Flint.”
Is that true? Well did you fight to get it purified?
I mean did you protest, fund raise or even had a water bottle drive?
See niggas be talkin’ on this stage; rhetoric
I’m mean-
But y’all push that work to the side
Everybody talkin’ ’bout black lives matter but don’t do shit to preserve black lives
Organik, Gully, we can’t talk about injustices on this stage
We need to
Cause the shit go hand in hand
They told me that I need seasonin’, well I told ’em my flavor is that Sandra Bland
But if you don’t wanna hear what I got to say, go to the back and PIPE DOWN
I came to the 4013 to black, but my skin tone is that Mike Brown
They do it different bro
They do it different, they here for the views, they just wanna get seen
With me and you? We still pissed off that Tamir Rice ain’t make it to 15
So now I’m standin’ in the face of injustice, everyday, like, “Who gon’ get me?”
I mean wit a hoodie on, Skittles and ice tea just to let ’em know that Trayvon sent me
But what about me bro?
What if somethin’ happened?
Y’all gon’ ride?
I mean, even with my title I don’t know if I’m safe anymore
Cause Oscar showed us that even when you play right (write) you still get the metal, that’s a Tony Award
So bro, they can glorify all the dumb shit and talk about all this gunnin’
Just remember, a political office the only thing that had me runnin’
They took our real lives, wrote these laws just to put us behind bars
So I took our real life bars and start writin’ the laws
So don’t get mad at me cause I ain’t settle for shit
You write bars, I write bills, there’s levels to this
I’m back! And I swear I ain’t here to play a motherfuckin’ round
And if I’m lyin’, I’m flyin’ my feet ain’t left the motherfuckin’ ground

[Round 3: Xcel]
They root for your pain
Cause you planted that seed that makes them grow witchu
Even I subscribe
Then I thought like, “Why?” I got my own issues
Now I won’t knock, your political moves
Cause that shit is great but kid you ain’t the first one to look death in the face
See I was born, sick as a kid, my heart was not the best
So before I could speak I had people probin’ inside my chest
I get better, then I regress
They told mom, that type of stress would do me in, by ten, she’d be layin’ her child to rest
And that’s why, I’m not moved by the shit I hear from him
Nigga you seen the reaper face, I took 21 years from him
Yo, we made a lot, like 15 when I used to pitch grams in the summer of ’01
My city was lit and it was war
And I was lackin’, caught up wit a bitch, fam’
Her man moved, went to throw his clip then the shit jam
And I was homeless, so I really seen the bottom of both barrells
Nigga I fight demons so my seeds don’t beef with those shadows
My stress legit
I watch my son have depression fits
And I’m scared he may take his life before I better it
So fuck an angle in the ring, it’s real shit I wrestle wit
I’m a man, so I ain’t gotta rap to get respect for it
But you? Nigga you turn these battles into pity parties
So this round I had my own
I prolly got y’all feelin’ sorry but that’s context
Y’all really pay tickets to hear dawg stressed?
I mean we all got pain, we all got somethin’ on our chest
That’s why, talkin’ ’bout them everyday struggles is not complex
So chill, realize this stage was a plate
Another card, another meal, put whatever at stake
Nerd rapper or a street nigga, whatever the case
I eat ’em like Mikey Life made me this way

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