Charlie Clips & Goodz vs. Shotgun Suge & Arsonal [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Arsonal & Shotgun Suge]
[Shotgun Suge] Let’s get one thing straight!


[Arsonal] Hold on, hold on, hold, on. Y’all can hear me?
This battle finna be a BREEZE big fella
Let’s get it
[Suge] Let’s get one thing straight!
[Arsonal] We in another nigga’s state
Up in some other nigga’s face
[Suge] Taking another nigga’s bank!

{Suge does a pocket check on Goodz}

[Arsonal] Pocket checks off rip nigga
We came to talk shit and give Charles’ Clips
Massive slugs, black bat and gloves for the strong grip
[Suge] Walk down, the shooter and the driver shit
Hit his car whip, he react, I turn Double Impact into Saw 6
[Arsonal] Let’s play a game
[Suge] Ars’ I ain’t gonna play wit’ ’em
K hit ’em
Point blank range against the wall to make sure every bullet stay in him
[Arsonal] Nigga the way they gettin’ Beat, you gon’ think they had Dre wit’ ’em
[Suge] 30 in the MAC-11
[Both] You’ll think Steph had Clay wit’ him
[Arsonal] I said, you from the Bronx, right? Boogie Down?
[Suge] Fully rounds?
[Arsonal] I run up on him hoodie down
[Suge] Who you think you is Ars’?
[Arsonal] I’m A Boogie now
I’m not a regular person, I’m a bully now
Suge already tapped his pockets
[Both] Time for Ars’ to see what’s Goodie now

{Arsonal pocket checks Goodz other pocket}

[Arsonal] Somewhere in this battle, you gon’ get yo’ pockets tapped
We gon’ fuck around and get eliminated
[Both] In the second round and be in the same place The Rockets at
[Arsonal] Y’all was tryin’ to get waves, we was tryin’ to cover our face
We gotta different use for stocking caps
I cock the strap-

{Suge checks Clips pockets}

[Both] See I told you you was gonna get your pockets tapped

[Suge] I got something that’ll slow him down, that’s a Con’ bar
[Arsonal] What else?
[Suge] Or he can get stole, that’s Da Don bar
“Code Pablo” meaning “bomb car”
[Arsonal] Then I’ll take the game outta Charles like a Monstar
[Suge] I’m in the Bronx for the shakedown then I’m out
That’s from [?] up
[Both] Got his face down in the couch
[Suge] Nobody safe in the house
This strap will leave Goodz with a sour taste in his mouth
Aye Smack, send the payment, I’ll ship Goodz (goods) that’s how I’ll handle you, damage you
Oh you wild? This .40 cal’ a tranquilizer for Da Animal
[Arsonal] I made my own shank, I wooden handle you
I’ll swipe up and swipe down and do it again
[Both] Just like a scammer do
[Arsonal] Tell Twizz “Come here” so you can get a better camera view
Put his face on the stove I’m tryin’ to scramble you
It’s gon’ look like I’m cuttin’ ham how I [?] you
Damage you, Hannibal, chew him like a cannibal
Jersey nigga

[Round 1: Charlie Clips & Goodz]
[Charlie Clips] So who we got? Two Bloods

{Goodz answers his phone and turns his back on the crowd}

[Goodz] They Crips
[Charlie Clips] They Crips? My bad. Aight cool cool
Two Crips that pretend to be brothers
But everybody in this buildin’ can tell that the love is missin’
I killed Arsonal wit’ a Shotgun and Shotgun wit’ an Arsonal, how ironic
But today, I’m on another mission
Cause I got my brother Goodz in the house…
…I said I got my brother Goodz in the house….
[Goodz] My bad Clips…ya mother trippin’
[Charlie Clips] See Goodz you wanna play all day and I wanna spray all day
We look alike but it’s a fuckin’ difference
Them south songs taught me how to take my mask off when the snub is spittin’
My Future side piece will not be in love with Pippen
I don’t know what this gun title but I brought it for Gun Titles
The bullet would’ve Surfed through Roc ’til one of his lungs is missin’
[Goodz] Aye you smokin’ Roc(k) for no reason
[Charlie Clips] I got a drug addiction
The old Grant Hill from the baseline
You bring the drum and then add another Piston
They won’t remember they Crips once all of they Blood is drippin
Make ’em take a bottle to the face and then get shot, the way we club is different
[Goodz] Chill, chill, chill I ain’t rap yet my nigga
[Charlie Clips] You sure?
[Goodz] Yeah
[Charlie Clips] I’m buggin’
[Goodz] You look like your dreads been stank for the last two years
Shotgun Suge? You look like a filthy Winnie The Pooh bear with some chewed ears
[Charlie Clips] You still wanna play all day
[Goodz] Nah I wanna spray all day
[Charlie Clips] Okay
[Goodz] Tools flare all day, Alopecia, no matter what spot you pick, you gonna lose here (hair)
I’m into nice clothes and diamonds, I don’t care what you wear
Still smooth enough in that clutch to switch into new [?]
[Charlie Clips] I should leave you wit’ a Ghostface cause it look like you rock Wu-Wear
[Goodz] Now you wanna play all day
[Charlie Clips] No, I still wanna spray all day
Strap around his top like some new Airs
Put Ars’ in a box
[Goodz] And I’ll put Suge in a box
[Charlie Clips] Fuck it then
[Both] We got two pair
[Charlie Clips] And I got a stock
[Goodz] And I got a stock
[Charlie Clips] Fuck it, then we got two shares
[Goodz] I hate niggas like y’all
[Charlie Clips] Why?
[Goodz] Y’all like Steams when he hear a hot bar y’all move weird
[Charlie Clips] Speakin’ of Steams, just imagine if I reach in the jeans
And had the gun throwin’ up on stage like Chess when he speakin’ to Steams
Or how ’bout I, hit him in his chest and shower him wit’ bullets and add the heat to the beam
Then blow his words on the mirror like when you speakin’ to Steams
Aye Suge
[Goodz] Goddamn man
[Charlie Clips] Aye Suge, you tapped my pockets a minute ago, that shit wasn’t as funny as you think
You gay, you just wanted to rub my leg cause all my money in the bank
[Goodz] I don’t know what the fuck Clips talkin’ about, but you can tap my pockets now and in real life
[Charlie Clips] You soft
[Goodz] And it’s not because I’m soft, I just want him to see what some real money feel like
Muzzle on a bulldog it don’t bark but it still (steel) bite
[Charlie Clips] And what we pitch will make ya nose bleed so Get Out cause we movin’ real white
What it feel like? Goin’ against two niggas that do numbers against y’all zeros
Let us know if it’s beef
You can get the can for free without the large hero
Y’all not goin’ against humans, y’all goin’ against Sphinx
I’m talkin’ god pharaohs
Two niggas that don’t play and could still pull strings like Guitar Hero
I should tap this nigga Suge pockets
[Goodz] Chill, chill that might get uncomfortable
[Charlie Clips] Whatchu think is in there?
[Goodz] A box of fish sticks, one dollar worth of cheese, some keys and a Lunchable
[Charlie Clips] Ars’ if one of ya dreadlocks touch me durin’ your performance, I’m snuffin’ you
Nah, we really friends outside of battle rap but for the next four minutes, we don’t fuck witchu

[Round 2: Arsonal & Shotgun Suge]
[Shotgun Suge] Aye Ars’ you know I’m reckless this murder ain’t thought out
[Arsonal] 30 clips that we bought out
[Shotgun Suge] I keep squeezin’ the pen like I’m pourin’ my heart out
[Arsonal] Nah cuz, do ’em old school like the cassette tape
[Shotgun Suge] Listen king I’ll corner your queen like it’s checkmate
[Arsonal] Eyes open then his neck break
[Shotgun Suge] Expose Goodz like a sex tape
Your dad was a snitch, you like to party wit’ the ops
It rubbed off on you
[Both] But you was hardly witcha pops
[Shotgun Suge] Aye Goodz, you his angel, now his Angel gotta talk to Charlie in a box
Don’t cross these lines it’s the boom zone
[Arsonal] Glock 17, black and silver, shit is two tone
[Shotgun Suge] Get him in one room like a group home
[Both] Bed of nails, I hit his bitch wit’ the tombstone
[Shotgun Suge] Charlie Clips fell off so what’s the gas for?
[Arsonal] Goodz, we don’t give a fuck about ya swag, that’s what Fab’ for
I hate how you rap so slow and make it drag more
[Shotgun Suge] Roll bounce, these blades is
[Both] Bigger than what he ask for
[Arsonal] Man I’m from Newark, I know Redman, my Timbs muddy
[Shotgun Suge] Steph Curry, the shot pretty but the kick ugly
I’m in his hood the dope pilin’
Aye Clips, ask Couture
[Both] I could’ve fucked ya bitch in Rhode Island
[Arsonal] Facts!
[Shotgun Suge] I had a date for it
That bitch wanted to cook me dinner, I couldn’t stay for it
Facts, I took that bitch to IHOP
[Both] And made her pay for it
[Shotgun Suge] Don’t believe the hype, he wild cheap
All that Gucci, Louie, Prada come from Canal Street
Aye Goodz, you good wit’ the hands?
I’ll hit him wit’ a nice jab
He shop at West 26th
[Both] And 19th, that’s a light bag
[Shotgun Suge] He broke, type to be at Neiman Marcus switchin’ the price tags
You a fuck boy, girl call him a “fun boy”
I’ll fuck her, then pour Pepsi on a bitch like NBA Youngboy
If we was gang bangin’ you know he switchin’
[Arsonal] What else?
[Shotgun Suge] I’m on his porch like he know I’m grippin’
Fashion punk versus street nigga you know the difference
Somebody tell Goodz to meet me [?] wit’ no equipment
What his life like?
[Arsonal] Nah, nah, nah you had that bitch Couture in Rhode Island so what his wife like?
[Shotgun Suge] Mad nice
[Arsonal] Oh me and Calicoe had her backstage at the BET Awards under the bright lights
Oh, we told her to “obey her thirst” Netflix and Sprite night
[Shotgun Suge] What else?
[Arsonal] Oh, you wanna fight, fight?
[Shotgun Suge] You tryin’ to go night, night?
[Arsonal] Nigga!
[Shotgun Suge] Jersey
[Arsonal] Jersey

[Round 2: Charlie Clips & Goodz]
[Charlie Clips] Once again I’m here in another nigga’s state
On another nigga-
[Goodz] Wait
Ars’ I’ll punch you in your motherfuckin’ face
[Charlie Clips] Shotgun Suge, it’s nothing Dr. Miami can do to that motherfuckin’ waist
[Goodz] Cause the fact from right here and right here got so much motherfuckin’ space
[Charlie Clips] Arsonal, your dreads look like they came wit’ a pair of Jordans
And the owner didn’t have a bag so he put your locks in a little case
[Goodz] Shotgun Suge, you got a big body wit’ a little face
You look like 75 peeled potatoes in a pillow case
[Charlie Clips] And Arsonal, you look like Ace Hood’s son, Little Ace
Remember I compared you to Shaq
I’m confused cause I thought Shaq would never fuck wit’ Penny
Watch ya mouth, or ironically you could lose half of ya circle if I dumped the semi
I’m tellin’ you niggas sober, just imagine if I had a cup of Remy
[Goodz] Right. Haha
[Charlie Clips] Fuck you laughin’ at
Word is you ain’t that nice wit’ that cup of Henny
Oh I got a bet fo’ yo’ ass and I advise you not to lose it to me
$100, you can’t kill ’em without that Henny
[Goodz] Bet
[Charlie Clips] Aight, prove it to me
[Goodz] I need this $100
You niggas don’t even look right together, this was a bad team
Two dirty Jersey niggas, I guess this was a cash scheme
That red dot too noticeable
I put in work with a black beam
Palmin’ toolies like horror movies
Soon as you see that mask Scream
Sleep on me, it’s gonna be more than a bad dream
If these arms touch you, you it
Your whole team tagged for bein’ the worst tag team
Act wit’ it, you got your strap?
[Charlie Clips] I got it
[Goodz] Cause I’m just lettin’ you know I’m strapped wit’ it
Retarded kid at the end of a show it clap different
Black biscuit, loud when that MAC spittin’
You screw that silencer on it sound like a cat hissin’
Oh your ratchet talk? I let mine talk back like black women
Suge you play tough but, that ain’t really you, you Catfish-ing
Ars’ you be frontin’
Wouldn’t even fight actin’ like them triggers will blow
So disrespectful in ya verses, but in person you one of the nicest nigga I know
Put these dudes on a panel, you food so I’ma can you
On any battle rap stage for us to lose we don’t plan to
Clip long as a remote, watch me cruise through the channel
Strong poles, long nose, the shit say “Murda Mook” on the handle
Don’t make me get to Dot-ting you niggas
K-Shining, Cave Gang carvin’ “Tay Roc” in you niggas
Two arms pointin’ for them digits
Get to clockin’ you niggas
I mean I fuck wit’ some Crips but what’s poppin’ my nigga?
Oh yeah, I get to poppin’ you niggas
With no cotton, let it peel (pill), start poppin’ you niggas
I’m so mad I should tap Smack pocket
[Charlie Clips] Whoa, you might wanna be easy there
[Goodz] Why, whatchu think is in there?
[Charlie Clips] A Summer Madness 4 guest list, one of Rain’s videos, and a patch of Beasley’s hair

[Round 3: Arsonal & Shotgun Suge]
[Shotgun Suge] What’s up witchu cuz?
[Arsonal] I’ma keep it real witchu nigga
I don’t even know this round
So you can quit while we ahead or you gonna have to hold it down
[Shotgun Suge] Assault rifles, loaded pounds
Silencers wit’ soda sounds
[Arsonal] I still ain’t got shit for you cuz, I’m thinkin’ of bars for Loaded now
[Shotgun Suge] .40 Cal’ laser red, hater dead
Face shot, have his mouth where his nose at, he gonna be landin’ his casket lookin’ like Potato Head
[Arsonal] I can Hulkamania leg drop him
[Shotgun Suge] Nah Ars’, razor’s edge
When I tap this nigga pockets I was tryin’ to break his legs, not take his bread
[Arsonal] I know a nigga that’ll smoke him like an 8th of Reg’
I’ll fuck ya bitch on yo’ pillow top then make the bed
[Shotgun Suge] Catch him at the Steak & Shake, wake up and smoke Clips like it’s wake and bake
[Arsonal] One slug, I send his mother in the tub, that bitch a Bathing Ape
Choke slam the bitch and brainer until the table break
I had to keep on hittin’ that box to get the cable straight
[Shotgun Suge] Man, I’ll let the TEC slide
If Ars’ give me the sign like a deaf guy
[Arsonal] Let me guess, you got a gun so BIG it’s from Bed Stuy
[Shotgun Suge] Tryin’ to blind him, dead shot, I need at lease (Lisa) Left Ee
[Arsonal] Goodz, you faker than that picture of Suge workin’ at Best Buy
[Shotgun Suge] Your daddy was cold, but ya mama strong, she’ll be okay
[Arsonal]You call Eric St. John your brother like you helpin’ him to see the way
[Shotgun Suge] Try to keep it in the family, hopin’ y’all was gonna see the play
[Arsonal] But a snitch could always prove he ain’t lyin’ when his son travel wit’ the DNA
Man, which one of y’all better than mine when it come to literature?
I’m walkin’ sinister, pure evil I off ya minister
Walk in ya church, find my target, spit at ya
Disappear meanin’, I (eye) lay low, Forrest Whitaker
I’m packin’ lead, but I’d rather use my two sided dagger head
[Shotgun Suge] One side sharper, tell him ‘Meet Me At The Alter’ I gave him the Jagged Edge
[Arsonal] Man, niggas said you spit fire my nigga, tell ’em the dragon dead
A gunshot will wake him out his sleep
[Shotgun Suge] A headshot will put him back to bed
[Arsonal] Me and my man walk in
Clips bein’ all reckless he got his hands talkin’
[Shotgun Suge] A whole buncha niggas wit’ sticks and drums
[Arsonal] Look like a HBCU band marchin’
I do you greasy for the wrong reason I land mark him
A 100K will make my man off
[Shotgun Suge] Nah, for that 50 number I do grizzly I Zach Randolph him
[Arsonal] Man, my shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
Jersey nigga

[Round 3: Charlie Clips & Goodz]
[Goodz] URL is my strip, and I’m back on the curb now
Y’all niggas know how I do, this shit ’bout to get burned down
[Charlie Clips] Hold, hold, hold, let me take it from here
Where you goin’?
[Goodz] Over here my nigga cause you ain’t got no third round
Don’t touch me, don’t touch me, don’t touch me
[Charlie Clips] Word? You let these niggas turn you against me?
Okay, everybody gonna learn now
Freestyle off the top since you pushed me
Irving Plaza, this club mine
We stomped these Grapes cause we love wine
The crowd screamin’ “3-0”, notice when you do that you get the Blood sign
Live from MTV I’m back in the hood clown
Ars’ and Suge, good? How?
My nigga Trick Trick in the building
Nah I’m jokin’ but I bet Ars’ don’t know Suge now
[Goodz] He’s gonna black this round. Watch
[Charlie Clips] I should take your baby moms back to my block and then let my whole hood pound
Make her strip then watch us all fill her (filler) like one of Suge round
Nigga I’m Clips, I don’t need three, all I need is one good round
But I’d rather put a bomb inside ya trunk
Scratch that, it’s in the hood now
So Ars’ go to check the engine, you hear that little vrrrm sound
And I’m his manager cause I watched him blow up before he let the hood down
Razor blade on Shotgun cheek, gettin’ more than a hair bump
Watch this Rogaine respect for a nigga cause they gon’ lose they top soon as they get near (Nair) us
Goodz be darin’ niggas to die, I’m shootin’ some shit to lift a deer up
And Jersey wit’ the extensions, like O-Red before the haircut
My young shooter, 17 wit’ a .45 that mean his tool grown
Ars’ if it bust (bus), I think you should slow down, you know the school zone
If I shoot, all his niggas, think Suge gettin’ microwave pizza, a lotta Tombstones
Watch this fat nigga weave these Jersey bars, Ah Di Boom’s home
Hold up, y’all know what?
I’m so muhfuckin’ mean wit’ it
No, no, no, the way they disrespected Surf, I can’t do a whole ‘nother scheme wit’ it
You two niggas have gotta be the worst friends since God decided to make the Earth spin
Ars’ you kill nigga’s kids in battles, but what you did to Surf oh that was the worst sin
See you rode his wave cause the currency was right, but you turned out to be the worst friend
Cause when he was drownin’ in Detroit, you wasn’t there to help Surf swim
Ars’ lookin’ like “Nah bro. That wasn’t true.”
Shut up Ars’ you a sucka too
Y’all pretended to be family, Crips that became Blood outta the fuckin’ blue
Whatchu said Ars’? “Let Surf carry the strap. He got a few gun charges. I mean it’s nothin’ new
You know I ain’t goin’ to the club. I got word Trick Trick was comin’ through.”
Surf didn’t have beef in Detroit, so he only brought a gun because of who?
Exactly, you wouldn’t be makin’ that face now if it wasn’t true
He on his third gun charge and your situation was number two
So when you think about it, Surf is really doin’ time because of you
You damn dummy
Life is not a fuckin’ joke, but if it was it wouldn’t be that damn funny
All that pocket tappin’, why don’t you go in one and send that man money?
If Goodz get knocked I’m on the block tonight servin’ every damn junkie
Until the fiends holdin’ onto my legs for the nicks (Knicks) lookin’ like Vangundy
On some G shit, I love battle rap, but all these fuckin’ bloggers and some of you fans is startin’ to make it strange
Y’all pretend to hate my name
Cause I’m Dhalsim I can stretch punches and make ’em flames
What’s the real problem with y’all, cause I bullshit in battles?
And still get a lotta them and always makin’ change?
I’m Chris Unbias, just a light skinned nigga that like to rape the game
I’m from Harlem

{Smack calls time. Crowd starts chanting 3-0}

I said I’m from Harlem, where you can get killed over some Instagram post
Even the tweet real, tattoo artist, I draw on niggas and tell them to keep still (steel)
I was born and raised in the jungle where niggas is clumsy and let the heat spill
Ask about us, we get it jumpin’ in the safari (Safaree), that’s word to Meek Mill

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