Loaded Lux vs. Arsonal [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Loaded Lux]
Peace King Disrespectful
But shit talkin’ don’t make you no dope rapper
Now, now, now yeah we know you done got you some stature
I can see that, we opened the books, now I’ll be closin’ the chapter
When you send ’em to the front line but they get it backwards
I’m not like most is (Moses), cause if you ain’t read (Red) I can still split a C (sea) apart
When the snake don’t turn and stick with the staffers
What’s a stature to the rapture?
A ratchet nigga gettin’ fixed, this a fracture
I was a Panther I did the pastor
I wouldn’t know, beatin’ everythin’ sin say (sensei) don’t make you no master
This what he after?
Initially casin’ me on the low
Now he got some capital you think you the alpha, bet
But you owe mega (Omega) and the house come to collect
You know it’s about respect
This eighth, he started out hangin’ with a- well I got news (noose) for him it’s goin’ out on his neck
And it’s goin’ out on the net nigga
When a favor turn into a charity bout to the death
Aye Jersey, y’all only support him cause y’all gotta
Him and Ray, Charles, they don’t see y’all when they got them bands and they movin’
Whole 24/7, it ain’t one shot of y’all, not a land in the viewin’
I could see it be for protection, look how random the crew is
And he went truant, ain’t even true what he draw the van with the students
Sayin’ what you’re soupin’, when a nigga souped up..til the Sandman gotta swoop in
He hoopin’ but the man need improvement
I go interiors where they decorate him and get the Raymour & Flanigan movin’
You standin’ here stupid
All this Hollywood chicken you get
Back to the hood lookin’ like he can’t dance to the music
Roscoe Jenkins in here actin’ like he too good for the family reunion
Handsome what is ya doin’?
Your movements look fear based like that time [?] had you rappin’ in back of the staircase
Yet you was scared straight nigga
All day and you couldn’t even wish me a happy Father’s Day?
I swear you show your love in a weird way
Instead you gon’ be up here talkin’ ’bout my work, ya showin’ off for ya friends
You didn’t have to sneak me into Career Day
Why they can’t ever rap at me straight, you know?
They gon’ come up here personals, angles and jokes
They gotta force they names into the conversation of GOAT
We’ll go wit it
I rap, I touch my nostrils, they sayin’ it’s coke
Or maybe it’s dope
Cause every time I’m in a Smack lineup they nose, I crack his head, come get this smoke nigga
Can you smell the incense?
Aww baby, the Asiatic black man’s back hand, back healin’ business
What is this?
I imagine you think that’s why I booked this Kung-Fu Kenny look
Not at all
This just cause I came to cook my dawg (dog)
No offense, but will he (Wile E) Coyote Ugly a friend?
Bar shots Above The Rim
2Pac, Birdie roll, run and go stop when he meet me (meep meep) I got to drop
And I’m goin’ loonie (Looney) wit it, nigga Tune in
You ’bout to get tuned up a bit
Construction kit
They was pumpin’ you gas, guzzlin’ like diesel, you fit to be truckin’ in
That’s car troublin’, drive strugglin’
Look what happens when you tryin’ to line up your connect and the Wi-Fi bufferin’
Y’all sufferin’
The divine spark back thunderin’
[?] watch (Watts) happenin’ to his functionin’
I mean with this little punk ass Pay-Per-View charge that I’m up against
You can’t be a live wire, still dyin’ in ya hood on ya cable
They gettin’ stuck again
Oh cause (cuz) you thought you was set when they jumped you in
Monkey wrench, this is battery
I got to sock it (socket) to him on his own outlet, let me plug him in
Dead China man in the trunk, tuck a Chin nigga
Or risk (wrist) watchin’ and get clocked work when I’m punchin’ in
Let’s rumble then
Once again you here, lucky him
Fuckin’ when I can’t trust this since he made it us and them
Aye Harlem you know everyday they be hustlin’
Then Raw say, “Don’t forget about lil’ bruh and them.”
So I treat it like the man a kin to me (mannequin)
But you really a doll baby
Chucky for a friend will back stab you after you cut him in
You can tailor made, look where his money went
For me to custom whip it up for him to let him model it
Bitch nigga ya not followin’
You ain’t hip to it?
That’s when I’ma come around
And waste (waist) him with the belt on the line, that’ll buckle him
You chucklin’?
Ars, run your lips, with your voice up
All boisterous
Little boy stuff
What he on
But bars? Every time I hear yours they be off
So maybe you should already be gone
What you lost nigga?
“I kick your mother down the steps, ah shot your daughter around her neck
Hit her with Spongebob clarinet”
We talkin’ BARS? Or Ars’?!
“I’ll kill ya dead daddy twice, bring him back to life
Fuck ya mother in his casket, have Lux bring it.” Nice
But we talkin’ Bars? Or Ars’?
Let me escort ya
If I got to give you this food for thought through a feedin’ tube
I bet he remember who taught ya (torture)
Aye, this one gon’ be a scorcher
This Miyagi drawin’ down on Daniel-san block
I could’ve worked with you on your jump shot
He went another route, I’m comin’ out
These bars, beatin’ him like a drunk pops
You a Blood and you trust cops
Ya fake ass probably got butt shots nigga
You can’t say nothin’ about a Harlem nigga snitchin’
While you out here tellin’ niggas business you do business wit
Oh ya girly, this what he picked up on his travels, huh Jersey?
You all over the place baby
So what nigga? I’m other worldly
In other words, I’ll whirl him into a hole, now that’s cold
But I want him to feel the shakes when I’m comin’, Big Shirley
Nigga seriously
Aye this nigga couldn’t tell a vision (television) til I first show up
That’s pilotin’
King Roscoe, ya culture roach
He buggin’ in here tryin’ to wing it wit me
Don’t get fly for them
You old camp food nigga
Who kept the fire lit?
I’m the embodiment of body strength
And I’ve got it by the length, width, how to get it outta limits, I can send it
You’re now present with the cosmic gift
Fuck your accomplishments
And all these niggas who sponsored it
The monitors
Now watchin’ it
Pure consciousness vs common sense
I’m confident
I can’t tell your conscious that I’m your consequence
It’s cognitive
And yours ain’t at a level that comprehend
I forbid
These sciences, I train wit inside the gym
I put pain in, you can’t trade shade with a shot of Jim
That’s blindin’ him
He caught the fade whenever got a glimpse of the lights
The way they hit the ring loud it’s no bell (Nobel)
But everything I pull it surprisin’ (Pulitzer Prize) him
I am him
This is new work and it ain’t friendly
But I know every time y’all [?] it ain’t me
But y’all treat me like royalty, look how they feed Grapes to the king
Where’s the loyalty?


[Round 1: Arsonal]
Arsonal versus Loaded fuckin’ Lux on UDubb Network
You really got played
And if you say some shit that I don’t like by the third round all them gon’ know how much you really got paid
Now Hov tweeted yo’ slogan nigga
Farrakhan brought your name up
But you was in that same project buildin’ in Harlem bein’ the same Lux
You standin’ on my stage right now preachin’ the same stuff
Man he said it, Andy Pettitte couldn’t teach him to change up
They said they want that gray sweatshirt Loaded
They need Lux to be A Boogie
But must I remind y’all Trayvon died in that same gray hoodie
I know you nigga, and Brother Polite been talkin’ to you too politely
Fuckin’ yo’ mind up
You went from mean to this nigga Beloved, I’m tryin’ to find Lux
Not the preacher, not Rich Porter or the Black Panther versus Da Don Lux
I’m lookin’ for that lil’ cold hearted nigga that used to watch his step daddy fuckin’ his mom up
Yeah that’s right, this nigga mother was a punchin’ bag
And them nights daddy came home on that drunken swag
He was standin’ in the doorway already cryin’ cause he knew he was finna do somethin’ bad
He figured if he left you alone you’ll heal on your own, he treated you like a fuckin’ scab
Now you had to watch yo’ mother side nigga beat her fuckin’ ass like he yo’ fuckin’ dad
But that’s the lil’ nigga I need to address
Project yo’ voice, let it stream from yo’ chest
Yo baby mother fuckin’ V12 and that’s what’s keepin’ you stressed
You treat life like a game of chess, but yo’ queen keep bein’ Fresh
Honestly king, that’s why your opponents always keep you in check
Cause of your mate
Y’all just caught that, some of ya late
I said Lux, we from the era where niggas had Nintendo beef
We was in those streets, supplied the snorters, but you was with those creeps
Lionz Den, December of ’08, didn’t you sniff those weeks?
But when his nose bleed he get upset, nigga you picked those seats
All you did was learned the game of chess, read some books nigga and flipped yo’ speech
Extendo’s speak, you gotta be tougher than Kimbo cheek
You won’t get no sleep
We watched yo’ career take off, go through the clouds and then crash, I told you about those window seats
Man listen, you see me out here tryin’ to transition
You on a gram dissin’
You throwin’ punches but my shit’s land different
You shootin’ but my piece is hittin’
Nigga we scam different
You an important factor but you never left yo’ hood, you just the transmission
And you do this shit for the dead presidents, so let’s talk Dead Presidents
The movie, I ain’t talkin’ money now
Yo’ daddy was Anthony, your mother like that bitch Juanita, she just kept bringin’ Cutty ’round
You thought yo’ daddy was some fly nigga til that side nigga start throwin’ money ’round
And it’s funny, that it’s like deja vu cause yo’ son ain’t even-
You know what? It’s funny how you don’t post no pictures of that little motherfucker
And I find that to be a bad thing
So I did some research and I found out yo’ baby moms was in the fast lane
But you was so excited to be a father and do the dad thing
That you overlooked the paternity test you failed and you out here callin’ this lil’ nigga yo’ son and he don’t even got yo’ last name?
Fuck is you talkin’ ’bout boy? He’s a bastard nigga! He’s a bastard!
You always talkin’ ’bout everybody else pops
But I ain’t e’rybody else pop
When they thought he was addicted to Smack, me, I was the nigga who helped Roc
I was the Lion in yo’ Den nigga, I was leavin’ ’em shell shocked
When yo’ pockets came empty nigga I was helpin’ yo’ sales drop nigga
I was the nigga who came up with the idea Hollow Da Don vs Loaded Lux
I was the nigga who proof read yo’ contract once they wrote it up
I was the nigga who started wildin’ and then battle rap opened up
My blue collar freestyle was the only verse that woke ’em up
I let the Llama spray
I pull up to where ya mama stay
Like, “Juanita, your son out here callin’ niggas ‘handsome’ bitch, that’s kinda gay.”
Man, I walk in yo’ son room and shoot his daddy on Father’s Day
Bombs away, Pearl Harbor, any given time of day
What have you loaded Lux?
Pistols you ain’t never handled none
You wouldn’t know how to hold an AR if I hand you one
These labels don’t wanna sign you, where does that energy channel from?
Cause I’m better than you on wax and off wax, ‘member I’m Daniel-san
This what happen when you sit Hussein Fatal at 2 Chainz table
I’m Immortal in Kombat, they watchin’ Liu Kang slay you
I’m UDubb, where yo’ league? None of your troops ain’t able
Beloved, you was lyin’ then (Lionz Den) now the truth can’t save you
Why you ain’t never battle in the Lionz Den? Should I ask Sub Zero?
But why you ain’t never battle in the Lionz den if you was doin’ it for hip hop?
We made yo’ shit hot
Me, ICE, Goodz, K-Shine, Clips, Roc
You only get mentioned in yo’ era cause you had a good team, bitch stop
But we was helpin’ you win, so to a Kobe you just a Rick Fox
Nigga it’s funny how the street shit can transition into B-ball
Every man for himself this shit an all out free fall
Fuck my coach and the plays he call
I ain’t puttin’ my arm down after I shoot; Sanaa Lathan after the 3 ball
So, so, so, so, so, so what do we have here? A nigga dressed like a chink
Who say a lot of nothin’ but y’all think he’s so smart
A nigga who whole life revolve around chess (chest) but ain’t got no heart
A nigga who wouldn’t look at a bull’s eye but like to throw darts
A nigga who never touched a key in his life but he think he Mozart
So it starts
All the weird hand gestures and the slow remarks
You learned that from your old head in the pool hall who be throwin’ darts
But how you plan on beatin’ the Million Dollar Man in the ring when you got Owen’s Hart (heart)
See, we got bananas for everybody down to the last monkey on Noah’s Ark nigga
Man, my shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
And you can’t spell “bars” without puttin’ that “Ars'” in it

[Round 2: Loaded Lux]
I said bars or Ars’?
Previous little gang members who don’t put in no pain
Aye cuz, what’s crackin’ other than the egg in the skillet you fried mornings?
Side talkin’, he got 100 pistols in your videos, it’s silly though
Cause you ain’t gon’ lay down nothin’ on a track but a rhyme for us
Why force it? I keep it tall I’ma always have size on ya
That’s why your kind descending (condescending) like tellin’ Fetty Wap, “Aye! You ain’t the only one keepin’ on him.” Nigga I’m on ’em
He can sell you a script, but when a dead man talkin’ it’s usually Tales From The Crypt
First the Dot Mobb break up, now everyday I wake up, somebody out here breakin’ the code
What’s all the fuckin’ fussin’ fo’, huh Ars’?
Cause I opened up a door?
To the kitchen? And I still pops up cookin’ for you, but son let’s keep it raw
You hot cause you called out the kettle, blackin’ on you cause this pot got you steamed?
Well keep it on the stove like the oven door, you wasn’t sure
Clips ain’t the gamblin’ man, no it’s Ars’
You know I told the queen my old ace jack gonna come at the king
She go, “Well what’s the odds?
That he can cut it?” Cause it’s money on deck, don’t mean you can flip it, look at how he turn the card
Yeah y’all, Hollow should’ve been thy name, oh my God
She said, “I think he got the wrong bookin’.” I said, “Shit that’s Allah
Cause he still gon’ get this church with the Koran.” Oh my gosh
He want no mas, smoke wit me
Tell your general who the surgeon warns
These worship wars, I do religiously nigga, on ya lawn
Convert ya lord, earth to niggas who can’t see the serpents horns
In certain forms
But whether (weather) man like my reign (rain) or not, I learnt (alert) the storm
And I turnt him on, to ways I earned along with ways I birthed ’em all, my word is bond
In perfect poems, research the log nigga
This punk ass league ain’t nothin’ but a drop of ink off the blueprints I was workin’ on
You ain’t make the resurgence strong nigga
This shit? Look nigga I kinged you in a shop
I took Surf from a pawn, that got Suge’r shot
Oh (O) you ain’t read (Red)? Nigga you was in the mix just gettin’ taped
He ain’t even have a Clue, I was makin’ this sport Fabolous puttin’ Jersey on nigga
That didn’t even need a punch wit it
He know he mine
That’s why you can’t even spell your name without puttin’ that “son” in it nigga
I feel sorry for your daughter
I gotta go in here and rock a kid Foundation cause you Make A Wish
Yeah daddy goin’ down like a shaky pimp
Then they raised the rent
Til they convinced, “He can’t see the light” but he think he lit
When bankin’ on chasin’ chips how ya lost on a Vegas strip
They shaved the rent, then they repent
You better change your pitch
When you see these (CD) players, start blankin’ for the record
This don’t come with laser print
Make ’em quit
Now Ars’, normally wouldn’t tell you it’s the thang to quit
But when you ain’t win ya last…maybe ten
I don’t know, Swag, you more of a business partner than I can say a friend
So tell me the bag was for extra pay and it was fixed
You know what I mean? Uh, how else you explain it then?
You jumpin’ ’round makin’ grins
With that fake pretend facial cringe like that shit he’s sayin’ slick
He ain’t sip, you know I know Ars’, I’m takin’ tips
To make attempts on an American Idol’s life
Play Dough, it ain’t gon’ feel like Clay when it ache and (Aiken) shit
But it ain’t your shift
Cause you ain’t commit baby your Will power like Jayden Smith vs Jadakiss
And them flat lines, they gon get you aired out
These ain’t the re-tirements Mako fix, this may go quick
You like cars, right Ars’?
Hold up, that got your name in it
Well let’s take a lift, or should I say a Lyft cause whatever you whipped up I’m fender bender break ya shit
You basic bitch
Who you in here basin’ with?
I told Calicoe, it ain’t about how many fights you had, it’s who ya fought
But what’s the difference between him and my apprentice?
You on a 24/7 with slo-mo shots that you gettin’ sexy with a pool full of niggas
Or should I say, skinny dippin’ wit six bitches
No we not judgin’, aye Loc, you so crazy
I can see you now, Martin voice high with your man in the hotel lobby
The way the water was glistenin’ all over your body
I said, my nigga, you knows how I craft this shit
It’s craftsmanship
This where practice get, classic bitch
You’re an embarrassment
Fuckin’ savage to the sport that I married in
I horse niggas that how I carried it
Arrogant, fuck what you averagin’, I’ll shatter it
I mastered it, pure passionate
Ask him if he think it a mistake when I say I’ma show him how much of his face is accident
Don’t assume you got access
If I gotta knock you into another world nigga, you better come off an axis
I go into a city and turn new revenue into rappers
You ain’t payin’ me nigga you payin’ taxes
Look I love you, but you can’t be in here like you Andre The Giant off the turnbuckle and don’t rumble
You say to money, “Whoopi! Well Sister you gotta Act.”
You can’t pound this, [?] gun so big it need about three duffles
And then you get into real trouble and start blowin’ the hustle
You and G Mayne Frost got into a shovin’ match and you didn’t go get the shovel
Now I don’t got a lot of questions, well maybe a couple
Now in the footage you go, “Eh, don’t do that.” Then he did that
And then somewhere in there we lose you in the scuffle
Now what I wanna know is, was you fast or was you furious nigga?
Cause they out here sayin’ you flew the coop like Vin Diesel stunt double, nigga
Talk to me baby, talk to me
The way you in here fail it ain’t fair
I swear if you see me and a bear fight, don’t worry about me, help the bear
You’se a waste of my motherfuckin’ time nigga
And you’re cuttin’ into your mother’s fuckin’ time nigga

[Round 2: Arsonal]
Fastest way to Harlem is the A right? That’s what you say, right?
These theatrical performances is why they pay right?
But you’re copyin’ all your antics off a weirdo, that’s how you play, right?
Shit, nigga you should’ve came dressed as a vampire, we all know you afraid of daylight (Daylyt)
But let’s get off that
Y’all want me to prove it? Let’s talks facts
Don’t be afraid to talk dirty my nigga I talk back
You should wanna be a better father to yo’ son nigga
Look how Khalid handle a side now
The bitch raisin’ yo’ son got a felony that’s why his mother ain’t got a job now
She got caught, cause it was another nigga behind the wheel cause his daddy ain’t want to drive now
She bust the checks, you supposed to maneuver the V, Bonnie & Clyde style
What you gon’ tell yo’ son nigga
How his son was robbin’ Peter to pay Paul?
Or make up some all American story about how she competed and played ball
Was weeded since yay tall, succeeded and stay hard
Or is you gon’ tell him how you B. Dot, Daylyt and King Los all worship the same fraud?
Is you gon’ keep it real wit him? Or say some shit to dismiss him so you ain’t gotta deal wit him?
You ain’t gon’ be happy until a nigga like [?] decide to chill wit him
But you try to paint the large picture and prove Cal’ pops was some lost nigga
No field nigga, house nigga, boss nigga we all niggas
You just auctioning off your soul, tryin’ to sell it so you get on quicker
Brother Polite don’t equal no god nigga
You said you used to battle off the roof and the loser had to jump
Man it look to me like you battlin’ fo’ yo’ life
You lookin’ more and more like Pookie every month
But see I know you Lux, and I listen to the sermons different
Oh I know about all your surgeon visits
And according to Harlem hospital, Usher ain’t the only nigga out here that was burnin’ bitches
Three shots up in his ceilin’, listen my words is different
I said three shots of penicillin, he on his third prescription
Oh his nerves is twitchin’, Donald Trump mask, the Purge against him
This point will end ya quick, Derek Rose edition
I’ma get ’em all to look in yo’ hood, I got a service engine
No extension, it’s sawed off, it had a circumcision
You think these crackers gon’ keep it real wit ya?
All this righteous shit, bullets still hit ya
Oh you think cause you rock a lil’ bit of Tommy Hilfiger
Society want to deal witcha
Man, you out here tryin’ to break yo’ people down
Man, we don’t cry over no spilled liquor
I need you to look in the mirror at 4:44 and tell me what you see John…still nigga
Don’t matter what you grow up to be John, still nigga
You ain’t pullin’ that Calicoe shit on me John, how it feel nigga?
I’ll reach for that iron then clap it, y’all gon’ see Ars’ spit wit a Tech 9 in front of Lux
It’s gon’ remind you of that Lionz Den classic
Mask on, windows up while the tires spin backwards
I shoot with one arm out, chin down, that’s a violin tactic
I said Newark my birthplace, preacher man, you better button up your shirt straight
My nina ain’t just to bust, lil Spanish thot on the first date
They ask me, “Ars’, why you keep rappin’ ’bout guns in yo’ battles?”
Cause it’s hammers in my work place
And this the nigga that put the Tech 9 in front of me in the first place
So I guess I gotta expose the fact that you a fiend
Since you won’t admit yourself
Four years ago you said, “Harlem hospital givin’ beds out.”
But you still didn’t admit yourself
You’d rather risk your health then to go get some help?
Mama say get yo’ belt
You was out here servin’ fiends, now you in here takin’ hits yourself
You supposed to be a king nigga, you goin’ against yo’ team
You in this yourself, tonight you alone my nigga
Fuck V12, you in this yourself
You know the difference between me and you?
You fake and you soft
I’ve been doin’ you free favors my whole career and I’m still breakin’ you off
It don’t matter how much this card cost
I can break even or be takin’ a loss
As long as I give these fans what they desire, that’s what make me the boss
Vs Hollow you said, “I need 40 shorty” and I made that happen, right?
For just you
My word is my bond, I live by that code, that’s what I stuck to
But now ya back and you’re back workin’ for me
So now it’s, “Fuck you”
Cause I’m the lil’ brother my big brother been lookin’ up to
I was drivin’ that school bus for a livin’ nigga
You thought I was havin’ fun on it?
Well I ain’t enjoy my days til I pulled up to that buildin’ in Harlem and you put yo’ son on it
Nine in the percussion family, his baby brother got a drum on it
It’s automatic it spits so quick if I remix it I’m puttin’ Pun on it
Nigga you threw me in the ring Lux, you ain’t teach me to rhyme
Bitch nigga, I saw you runnin’ from Iron Sheik in his prime
I let you speak to a nine
Head shot, doctor will be tellin’ yo’ mother that a Hollow clearly beat you this time
What ch’all thought? I was gonna respect you?
Like you was somethin’ special?
I’ll walk into yo’ church and slap the shit outta whoever you sittin’ next to
Nigga, yo’ son’s sand castle, that’s what I step through
Snoop in Baby Boy, “I hate you too little nigga. You ain’t my son.”
I don’t even treat him like my nephew!
I was a different dude, always abided by them different rules
I was taught, “Squeeze questions, leave questions way after you ditch the tool.”
Robberies on different dudes
I was on the move with sticks before I learned to stick and move
Nigga, you ain’t droppin’ wisdom fool
You a false prophet, tryin’ to profit off those with lost priorities
It’s all logic the plug has to be involved, they all sockets
If you wanna enlighten and bitin’ when writin’ get off topic
You must switch the subject to fully school a nigga, boy stop it
You ain’t took Math yet, you still walkin’ through these halls boppin’
You ain’t battle nobody from the English decent, your card’s droppin’
You out here spittin’ science fiction predictions while Lord’s watchin’
[?] leave you cut out for these punches; Bernard Hopkins
I was in Manhattan for the day, I’m mackin’ wit your bae
(Oh they talkin’ while I’m rappin’…LOOK AT ME KING!)
I was in Manhattan for the day, I’m mackin’ wit your bae
Pickin’ her brains, I’m tryin’ to figure out the address where you stay
I get to clappin’ with the K, head shots, they gon’ be missin’ you dearly Beloved
Bow y’all heads, we are gathered here today
Whole neighborhood had your back son if you was cool
You had a whole bunch of strangers ridin’ witchu like an Uber pool
But nobody in yo’ inner circle thought you was cool
Y’all just a whole bunch of squares that finally came together and formed the Rubix Cube
I said, if you want wreck in this motherfuckin’ ring
Get tangled, I’m well rounded
Man, all them stupid ass Chinese man angles don’t work on a nigga that’s well rounded
My shit is real, I wish V12 would shut the fuck up
John, your lucks up nigga

[Round 3: Loaded Lux]
I’m back to make the UDubb ultimate again
Yeah, yeah they done turned this sucker shit into a lick
Let get ’em shakin’ in they shoes
My tongue will take you to the groove
Look at ’em, they waitin’ on a move
Cause I ain’t here playin’ by the rules and it’s makin’ ’em confused
Ain’t the bus driver ‘pose to be takin’ niggas to school?
It feels like vibes changin’ in the room ya know
(Stop pickin’ on him!)
I told him, “Just pick a forum”, that’s destiny I can’t pick it for him
But I’ma kick through the picket fences
I’ma pop on his grandpops, I’ll blame it on ya old head
He got you out here like it’s green grass, blue skies when it’s code red
And O-Red who you should hand it to nigga
Ya show dead but ya gon’ [?]
Ars’ fans, don’t give up on holmes yet
You go there and you vote for him
Cause y’all the reason this nigga came in here and broke a leg, both of ’em
His road runnin’ out of lane
I’m ashamed ya got a name on my platform
Endin’ up this kind of lame, it’s not the same
The nigga comin’ to Blackout at events and ya fallin’ off the stage
And ya keep comin’ back out here again
Like we don’t see you fallin’ off and it ain’t staged
And nigga you gonna back up like this?
God d- this worse than the time Trick Trick was movin’ forward to the stage, nigga
I’m just sayin’, they lookin’ forward to his grave
You ’bout to end up dressed up like the roles Martin played, it’s all the same
I’ll explain
When the Grapes viewin’ you at Big Momma’s House but they got to hear mama pain
I’m just sayin’, nigga
Is you really in retirement though? Is that actually a fact?
How you gon’ stop battlin’ for a rap career and you battlin’ wit that?
I mean I heard ya shit nigga
Really? Rap songs?
I’d rather hear House Party back on
The way I was skippin’ through the records like Chill bumpin’ the table while Bilal gettin’ his scratch on
I’d rather put a track on for an hour straight of a hacksaw scrapin’ a blackboard
I’m choppin’ it up about you brickin’
Breakin’ it down right in front of you and I got a class full
That’s what you ask for
Daniel-san, I could try to clean it up but you know damn well
As soon as I put that wax on it was wax off
That’s what you asked for
You should’ve bought some time
Paid attention, you’ll live a richer life
Stop toyin’ with learnin’
Don’t play school if it’s your (Fischer) Price
You know I’m a teacher that don’t need tenure, right
You know I don’t wanna see lil’ Kali endin’ up like a Jenner, right?
Didn’t mean to offend ya twice
I’m in here just strikin’, I’m a master
They want Bison to punch lightening
I’m mic’d in for the kid in the slums fightin’
He just want a bottle, Cus D’amato, I’m a young Tyson
I get to ambushin’ with ambition, kickin’ these handwrittens
Minus the man mittens
Ars’, you was takin’ random leave for family need
2013 you called me out against K-Shine
Stage 48 was the scene
Now it’s first 48 on the screen
You that same punk kid usin’ this gang shit to chase a dream
But it ain’t what it seems
Big brother see ya hand, ya Peter Pan
But y’all never land (Neverland) with this make believe
Let’s change the speed
The mind is the real threat, build pecs
I pull a chi in with a breath
Ya Chia Pet ya just here (hair)
I know he came to make a movie and I can’t Judge Dredd
Might look like a Predator but he Alien to the skill set
You dead if you don’t feel that
If dimwitted, I’m tellin’ you it’s the state of mind he in
Ya slow, I gotta show you what you might’ve missed
Ya goal ain’t got the Midas print
That’s my fault though, Lionz Den designer glitch
I’m back chimin’ in
I check [?], ya lifespan just…lookin’ like some tight spandex with the vagina print
This pussy been pokin’ at me
And I’m ’bout to slide inside the grid
Realign the fiber wirin’ to find the chip
On my shoulders it’s taken toll, Ars’ breakin’ code, I gotta encrypt shit
Let’s modify a bit
You was guided down, Bobby Brown, started out poppin’ shit
Ya can’t put down that crack no more, well that’s your Prerogative
Somethin’ gotta give
This a legend vs allegedly, you retirin’
I hope so nigga, yo’ shit tirin’
You a novice at bein’ clever I promise you that I’m better
I’m positive
Ya boys pay me the coins cause that’s the only way off me you gon’ get some type of dime in this (dominance)
It’s obvious this brother throwin’ the season in
Cause I’m hungry
I told him to put that bread together and let us (lettuce) see what tomato give, the Godfather flick
It’s contracted killers and silent operatives
He sense swag and a copper friend finna lock me in
So you not the boss, that’s just politics and you got a partnership
And all this goin’ noodles like you pullin’ the strings then we meet boy (meatball) you ain’t the source, see (saucy)
Aye that’s what bein’ impostors (in pasta) get a mobster clip
His posture’s stiff
Ars’, you makin’ music or tryin’ to Crip?
Oh you just playin’ violent, I see
Well that’s instrumental to violins while ya rip, why pretend?
Booby fake, you was gettin’ college in (collagen)
But what’s a scholarship to the [?]?
That’s a power trip
These chakra’s lift that shock will shift an organ glitch, call it quits
I bring water (war to) shit, ain’t diarrhea that’s direist
My die will fit for high intense, you hide intent
I hope viewer discretion advised the kids
Ya now lookin’ at a pump fakin’ professional goin’ against the grain right now
Cause home is not a place to be tryin’ this
Mind ya biz
Tay Roc you a light attempt
Stand down this mice to men, I ran down
Look nigga, the only thing you could do for battle rap now is mic us in
Jordan back nigga, Mike is in
And I fight to win
So you go out here and find us a finalist
And you tell him I’m in this to be ominous
Keep an eye on me nigga, iron fist
Tighten grip, giant wrist, a might hit
Loyal to death, I’m like a German scientist with the signin’ pen
Damn, and I do timed events like a Zionist
He don’t know who he rhymin’ wit
Man, I will battle anyone on the card with this hand of Jesus nigga
Don’t you ever throw rocks at the sun, you can’t reach

[Round 3: Arsonal]
Unlike you I got to pay for all of this
Ya know, this is my final round of battle rap please applaud me
I got to end with a strong finish
You said, “Hov givin’ out niggas a million dollars worth of game for $9.99”, I’m in the wrong business
I heard that, shit, still to this day I ain’t let that song finish
I ain’t gonna have to go to trial for this body nigga, they all witness
Now is you a Free Mason or a nigga that just be free basin’?
You livin’ 2 Fast to be Furious, you see what happened to Paul Walker when he was speed racin’
You dream chasin’
While I’m out here askin’ Freddy if he seen Jason
Nigga these nightmares reality nigga, I don’t need nathan
I will shoot you in yo’ motherfuckin’ forehead if you every try to underhand me
And just cause I stood over yo’ body to do it nigga don’t mean that you don’t understand me
Do you understand me?
You got murdered nigga! Not with the Calicoe but the Clip had Hollow’s in it
I said Murda Mook, Calicoe, Charlie Clips, Hollow
Isn’t it ironic and kinda iconic that at this time and minute
If you define and get it you’ll see that an arsenal (Arsonal) contain all of those contents in it
You disguised your image
You manipulated the 5%ers
Started usin’, I watched you powered ya face up, tryin’ to hide a blemish
You a conscious brother, but your conscious isn’t
You’ll meet with a shotgun at the line of scrimmage if you don’t mind ya business
Tretch told me yo’ mother was some skinny bitch who used to be suckin’ Vinnie dick behind the benches
Knowin’ that yo’ father wasn’t yo’ father but she still had him at them doctor visits
She all kind of vicious
Every nigga in the hood been in her, she a Honda Civic
Callin’ my phone for a fix at 5AM, usin’ all them Obama minutes
Oh, Grape Street been gettin’ money cuz
Your folks was buyin’ crack off of my buddies cuz
Losin’ weight off that rock I done seen your pop go from Sherman Klump to Buddy Love, nigga
And you followin’ in the footsteps of daddy, copyin’ what he does
Yo’ daddy lookin’ at his son seein’ a reflection of what he was
So what I know a cop named L? What I’m supposed to feel funny?
If you ain’t got an inside man nigga you ain’t never made no real money
Come here L, I know when them crackers comin’
I know when them raids comin’ and when them crackers tryin’ to steal from me
I got a nigga wit a legal firearm that’ll drill for me nigga
Nicky Barnes, Frank Lucas, them niggas pocket’s stay swole
Bugsy Siegel was lethal and gettin’ it by the case load
Even El Chapo payed copo, hella pesos
What I’m tryin’ to say is every gangster you ever heard of had a cop on his payroll, nigga
I empty off the clip and then off him with a two piece
So criticizing those I keep close only make you weak
Nigga get yo’ facts right before you start markin’ on loose leaf
Cause L Wisdom ain’t really even a cop he like Martin off Blue Street, nigga
I’m tired of the games he play
You’ll end up another sad story on a rainy day
Or then it’s back to that shit you was sniffin’ to take the pain away
Don’t end up like the Russians did Lonzo endin’ of Training Day
This shit here like Jumanji, a real dangerous game to play
You under Brother Polite, new covenent
Where consciousness meet commerce
Well right now you at Newark Symphony Hall nigga, where your conscious can meet Converse
Y’all wanna know why I’m really retirin’ battle rap?
Y’all wanna know?!
It ain’t y’all fans or the rappers, it’s these niggas, these league niggas
Supposed to be my brothers to help me feed niggas
Organik called my phone and said, ICE can’t be on yo’ card, I couldn’t believe niggas
Cause I just went and did y’all event cause I’m a G nigga
I’m tryin’ to figure out, y’all think we wanna steal y’all rappers, what y’all concerned wit?
If one hand was washin’ the other we all could learn shit
Smack you my brother but them contracts burn quick
Cause right, you can’t copy respect but you can earn it
That’s why I wanna know why niggas like DNA got over 100 battles and ain’t got a house for his family
That shit ain’t addin’ up
It’s cause punk ass leagues like Lionz Den don’t give a fuck about the battler, nigga
As long as you takin’ they chump change they ain’t mad at ya
You did two battles on my league and I gave you enough money to feed the whole Africa
So don’t you ever in yo’ motherfuckin’ life say I ain’t help you feed yo’ family nigga
Cause truth is
I put just as much food on yo’ son table as you did, nigga
What have you done?
For yo’ son…that I ain’t do?
I ain’t buy him that fool’s gold
But I bet you this motherfucker’s Alpha N Omega check sponsorin’ his school clothes
What have you done, for yo’ son, that I ain’t do nigga?
I put money in yo’ pockets that you couldn’t afford ’em
You need to introduce to Uncle Ars’, tell him the nigga buyin’ him all them joys
What have you done for yo’ son that I ain’t do nigga?!
My shit is real, my shit is raw, my shit is authentic
(And you can’t spell “bars” without puttin’ that “Ars” in it!)

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