Cortez & Math Hoffa vs. Rum Nitty & Ill Will [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Ill Will & Rum Nitty + Both]
[Ill Will] Okay, I hit Roc, Surf on his block
[Rum Nitty] Nah, they switched the bag on us
[IW] Oh, so now it’s T-Top and Brizz that get shot
[RN] That was the last option
[IW] Oh, so, now we loadin’ up that arsenal for Suge
[RN] Them niggas ran on us
Caught ‘Tez when the Mag’ sparkin’
[IW] Good, Will huntin’ with somethin’ to solve that Math problem!
[RN] I spaz on ’em
[IW] Slide by with the mask on ’em
[RN] Let it fly out the Camaro: that shit’ll transform him
[IW] I blam on ’em
[RN] While the cam’ on you, beam on a can’ for you
[IW] Red dot
[RN] Spot you under the eye
[IW] Then it YAM on you! What if it jam on you?
[RN] Still it’ll be suicide, I run down on Cort’, put the hands on you
[IW] Chopper shred niggas
[RN] It can stop The Blob
Will, I got the scope on this nigga
[IW] Yeah, I got the second in the view: I think I got the job!
[RN] If I cop the heat, he coppin’ pleas
[IW] I bet you’ll do
[RN] I come across like Ivo with the handle
[IW] Nigga, this trey done made the best look stupid
Tell yo’ BITCH-
[RN] Nah, tell yo’ muhfuckin’ MAMA we want the head
Set up the jaw plan
[IW] I am already set up in his home
[RN] He connected with your broad bands
Deuce deuce, Vienna Sausage: you get the small cans
[IW] Nigga, I’m from Pontiac, Arizona
[RN] What that mean?
[IW] I’m out the Grand Am with the tall can
Nigga I’m good in any hood, I be chillin’ wherever
13 in the coldest winters, had that shit in my sweater
[RN] Dome shot, your roof drop, tell ’em to get on my level (GO!)
Caught his ass, body bag: nigga, give me the shovel (GO!)
Get the biggest Beretta (GO!)
You can get it whenever (GO!)
Somethin’ loaded shut down the room
[IW] Hold on! Let me get it together!
Math? Cortez strapped? I highly doubt if Cort’ll point it
[RN] Nah, them niggas tender
Public defender: I highly doubt if Cort’ appointed
[IW] WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! I ain’t hear that
[RN] But if the beef brew, and I’m there in eight
[IW] Hold on: he said, “If the beef brewin’ you gotta let that marinate”
I’m at Cortez mama house like-
[RN] “Ven aqui!”
[IW] They say Math tough: well, show a nigga
[RN] Then I see
You press charges on niggas
[IW] But if I catch him, and the judge in chambers, I’mma put Handz on Math in court
[RN] That’s why I’m in NY, B
[IW] We killin’ you niggas
[RN] And you can’t keep it real yourself
[IW] Any ill will toward Rum and Ill
[RN] You gon’ have to kill yourself!

[Round 1: Cortez & Math Hoffa + Both]
[Math Hoffa] Ayo
[Cortez] What’s up?
[MH] So, these niggas battle each other, then teamed up on some other shit
[C] So what are you, DNA? And you a K-Shine? Man, both these niggas be suckin’ dick
[MH] Ayo, y’all niggas live in two different states
How you come up with this?
I guess Will was really in Rum crib givin’ his mother dick
[C] You the man? Oh, you not gonna give me a pound?
Oh, you not gonna give him a pound?
[MH] Man, FUCK Ill Will!
[C] Plus, I never liked Nitty
We came with them choppers: it ain’t a bike, dig me?
[MH] This a bucket list vacay: enjoy this nice city
Cause you goin’ home, stuffed in a bag like white Henney
[C] Yo, we the foundin’ fathers of Smack and this is Purge night
Go ‘head, bitch you get in yo’ bag? See what the purse like
[MH] Ayo, Rum, you my child
I fucked your moms on the first night
If son pop, he gettin’ e’rything: that’s his birthright
[C] Ayo, Call Of Duty shit: when I peel…
[MH] See what the perks like
[C] One round, he layin’ flat
[MH] See what the Earth like
[C] Baby boy, hit him in his back
[MH] What the burp like?
The grip’ll dig Will in the mud: that’s a dirt bike

[C] Okay, y’all facin’ Math and Cort’ today, we the co-defendants
Bang hammers, silence the room, before he throw a sentence
You can block a punch, but them shell cases no defense
I’m pushin’ 80 on Will like a home attendant
[C] Street nigga, gotta feel me
[MH] Punches I can knock him silly
[C] I pull it back, cock the milli’
[MH] Kawasaki, pop a wheelie
[C] Yo, this ice pick I got for Nitty
[MH] Stuck him up, high sadity
[C] He start to shout
[MH] Put it in his mouth, nigga: Akinyele
[C] That’s four hammers grippin’ on him
Same hammers twinnin’ on him
[MH] First we pull the fifthin’ on him, then we pull a Smith ‘N on him
[C] I’m lifting on him, airin’ on his side like some Pippens on him
[MH] Switchin’ arms lookin’ like we synchronized swimmin’ on ’em!
[C] I plant both these buds in the dirt, get it? Home grown
I’m lettin’ four, sale on his lawn, I can own holmes
[MH] If Rum raisin’, I scoop him
[C] What’s that?
[MH] That’s the Cold Stone
Razor to his ear to his mouth like the old phone

[C] Nigga you was never hard, deadin’ y’all, metal rod, send ’em off
Tell me what it hurts like; rental car
[MH] Man fuck lettin’ the fifth [?]
[C] Why?
[MH] Drummer boy, sticks bang
[C] They ’bout to see a nigga from the ‘Yak spill
[MH] Big stain
[C] Oh, you God, Will? I’ll erase him; Big Bang
[MH] It’s red rum as soon as I read Rum like he switched gangs
[C] I’ll catch ’em both in the whip, they gettin’ done wired
[MH] Will think he got it on lock, I hit the front tire
[C] Ill tried blockin’ off Nitty but the pump fire
[MH] BOOM!…Left Rum slumped behind Will like a drunk driver!
[C] And I appreciate y’all reachin’ out
But wait til round three, there’s some shit we gotta speak about

[Round 2: Rum Nitty & Ill Will]
[RN] These niggas came out with some little simple shit I like, you can get the shit tonight
[IW] On the real though, I just seen two bitches swimmin’ for they life, same shit
But I always thought you was a ho ass nigga
[RN] And you still is
[IW] But you gotta chance to prove us all wrong tonight
[RN] Hit him
[IW] Do it!
[RN] Do it!
[IW] Do it!
[RN] Do it!
[IW] Aye look, we in the buildin’ in New York and he still can’t do what Bachir did
[RN] You’se a real bitch, and ever since then you’ve been gettin’ smoked; true facts, back to back
You couldn’t drop one 30? Dose proved that
[IW] And I told you that! You ain’t gon’ get nowhere with that cocky conscious
Bullets hit Cor’ and come out another man like Bobby Johnson
[RN] Class in session
[IW] .40 open wounds like a staph infection
You get smashed in seconds, when I blast a weapon
.357, .45, deuce deuce and the Mac-11
Einstein Theory, these numbers gon’ lead Math to Heaven
[RN] Let me ask a question
[IW] Do!
[RN] What’s the meanin’ of E = mc2?
[IW] Energy, mass and the speed of light
[RN] Nah, these MC’s square, I end a G with a mask on at the speed of light
[IW] You gon’ see the light
[RN] We creepin’ by
[IW] Eagle eye
[RN] See ’em by
[IW] Bullets singin’ like En Vogue
[RN] Head shot it’ll Free Your Mind
[IW] And the rest will follow when it’s schemin’ time
[RN] I’m a cold ass nigga
[IW] Bruh, I’m a cold ass nigga
[RN] I know that killer
[IW] Aye, but at least we ain’t gettin’ punched and vaulted like these ho ass niggas
[RN] You know like-
[IW] Timid weak, bitch and tweak
[RN] Actin’ like they in the streets
[IW] Nigga please!
[RN] Grip the piece, forever I’ve been liftin’ heat
I’ve waved caps my whole career like Memphis Bleek
[Both] That was NAAASTY!
[IW] YOU got a Bonnie problem
YOU are not a problem
[RN] Fuck one or two pieces I get ’em by the caseload; we gotta dolly Llamas
[IW] How ironic you went to the west and got Muhammad Ali’d by Prince Ali Baba
Fuck that, on the real my nigga I think Smack and Beas’ tryin’ to play us bro
[RN] Oh that shit on your mind for real?
[IW] Dawg how you switch shit up when the contract was signed for real
[RN] I feel you but
[IW] Six different opponents, we ain’t really had time to rhyme for real
[RN] Well how long we goin’ I get to bodyin’ Cort’ soon as I get the Time To Kill
Fuck who we got
[IW] I put the .40 in your face fam’
[RN] Arms shoot across Cort’
[IW] Like Jordan
[RN] Off of Space Jam
[IW] We killin’ you niggas! But you can’t keep it real yourself
Any Ill Will towards Rum and Ill
[RN] And you gon’ have to kill yourself

[Round 2: Cortez & Math Hoffa]
[MH] You see how these niggas bringin’ up Dizaster, talkin’ ’bout “do it”
You wanna try us tonight? You must be high as a kite, like these guys wanna fight
Nigga I’ll knock you both out, go to your crib and Chris Unbias your wife!
[C] Bro, you told Brizz your mouth crazy?
[MH] Pause
[C] Yo I ain’t say it, he said it, I’m just statin’ out facts
As a matter of fact, Math
What you think his Jamaican plug had to say about that?
[MH] Hmmmm
[C] He called him up like, “Yo!”
[MH] Wagwan?
[C] “You saw my battle with Charlie and Brizz? Them shits was tough. Nigga I’m a killer!”
[MH] “Yeah yeah but bredren let me ask ya.”
[C] “What’s up?”
[MH] “You was drunk off the liquor?”
[C] “Nah nigga.”
[MH] “So wait, wait, wait, wait. You tell Brizz Rawsteen ya mouth crazy after ya tell Charlie Clips you’re finger fuckin’ a nigga?”
[Both] Bumbaclot
[MH] “Bumbaclot, log off. Left me ‘lone
Me not chat wit a batty man. Get off me phone.”
[C] Math, besides him bein’ a fuckin’ flame, what do you think about this nigga?
[MH] I think Will at the top wit the killers
[C] And whatchu think about Nitty?
[MH] The lil’ nigga kinda hot with the lyrics
[C] But what you told ’em?
[MH] I told y’all, you could battle for the spot of the illest
I solidify my spot with gorillas and we don’t rock wit you niggas
So what we got? Reaches and fuck ya mom jokes
I’m Popeye, give me the spinach, I’ll make them arms smoke
You could get punched in the face tellin’ the wrong joke
I let you niggas win this round, give ’em the wrong choke
[C] Go ‘head
[MH] It looks like Team Homi went lottery pickin’ and recruited these Shook Ones
Swave you gotta be kiddin’
I hit ’em with the drum
Havoc when that Tommy be spittin’
Let’s see if they mob deep when they prodigy’s missin’!
Rest in peace
[C] Hold on! R.I.P. to P
[MH] R.I.P., we gon’ miss the giant
But these pussies just be lyin’
Too close, get butt by the nose like 69in’
This Ill ‘matic wettin’ everything
Six and Ill Will take lives through Memory Lane
Man this shit changed
[C] Why’s that?
[MH] Way back we used to bring chrome
Flex tears droppin’ off Cam’
[C] What’s that?
[MH] Jim Jones
Now I can adjust, just keep these niggas out my swing zone
Cause I drop Rum to rock Will like Flintstone
These niggas want my pay grade droppin’
If this shit don’t work, it’s back to grade A option
[C] Facts!
[MH] Or that AK, mask on my face straight robbin’
When an extension’s at your door it ain’t Shenaynay knockin’
[C] Keep goin’! What you used to do? What you used to do?!
[MH] I used to eat with them heaters, I like my bread toasty
Thug nigga, bug in the jack, I think the FEDS on me
Ving Rhames, arm on your neck, leakin’ your head, Jody
Crack Rum top then pour him out for my dead homies
Last time I milly-rocked for you niggas
Mook, Rex, Tay Roc: I had to put Dots on you niggas
Show and Shana, more dots, shooters watchin’ you niggas
[C] Wrong move it’s lights out, you see the dots on the niggas?
Yo, and like I said I appreciate y’all reachin’ out
But round 3’s next and there’s some shit we gotta speak about

[Round 3: Rum Nitty & Ill Will]
[RN] I ain’t gon’ lie that last round was clean, shit was classic
Well here’s where the shit get tragic
[IW] You said y’all ’bout to take out a Prodigy, well all there’s left is Havoc
Now what ch’all wanna do?
I mean y’all doin’ all this shit, dancin’ around
I’m Math Hoffa, I’m so tough, I make niggas tap dance
You in your 30’s still tryin’ to get stripes like Smack pants

Do three of them thangs!
[IW] That’s Chef shit. That’s Chef shit. I’m not Chef

I heard a rumor that if y’all lose tonight
Math gon’ be blindfolded, broomstick, beat a pinata candy out yo’ ass
[RN] That ain’t cool bro, that’s how you do bro?
[IW] Chill…that shit true bro? Blink twice if you need us to lose bro
[Both] He gon’ need us to lose bro
[RN] Abuse, bro?!
[IW] Umm, mmm, mmm…
[RN] That ain’t you, bro
[IW] I mean, Don Demarco, bang, bang, bang…shit like that
Bruh! You can’t be puttin’ your hands on your bitch like that!
[RN] That’s why you got your face cut
[IW] Laced up
[RN] Over shit like that
[IW] The .40 make him curl up here or lay him straight out
[RN] Perm niggas
[IW] Leave him smokey in the back of his truck
[RN] Like he hidin’ from Big Worm niggas
[IW] In the areas I be in, you ain’t safe over there
[RN] Too many shots from Rum and ‘Yak by the next day you’ll find out
[IW] You can’t hang over here
[RN] If it’s problems I’ma dome shot him
[IW] Talkin’ like he’s so poppin’
[RN] Stop it, get off my Jimmy Hoffa you’re a nobody
[IW] I’ll throw it all away, fuck this battle shit, get clapped and shit
[RN] Slide with a lot of rounds for Math
[IW] That’s an abacus
[RN] They say don’t get in your face with all that tough guy stuff
Bitch I should-
[IW] Hold on my nigga that’s the reason why we almost had to fuck Roc up
[RN] Nigga fuck yo’ squad
[IW] Get jumped and robbed
[RN] Cause if I don’t get my plate two liters gettin’ cut
[IW] What’s that?
[RN] that’s a struggle bar
[IW] Fuck that, let me talk to you niggas
I brought the Hawk for you niggas
Top, Roc, Brizz
[RN] Cave your shit in!
[IW] It get dark for you niggas!
I got more heart than you niggas
Street smarts than you niggas
100 shots and you drop
[Both] Yong Dolphin’ you niggas
[IW] I’m offin’ you niggas
Pull up, park on you niggas
[RN] Knock him out!
[IW] Stood on his block
[RN] And C-Walked on these niggas
[IW] I ain’t gon’ say no bullshit
Cause behind scenes, niggas really family anyway
Talkin’ ’bout you’ll rape somebody wife like Chris Unbias, you like trannys anyway
[IW] But we killed you niggas!
[RN] And you can’t keep it real yourself
[IW] Any Ill Will towards Rum and Ill
[RN] And you gon’ have to kill yourself
[IW] Phoeni-Yak Town niggas!

[Round 3: Cortez & Math Hoffa]
[MH] I been had stripes like Smack’s pants
I get you focused with the upper
Will, this the real Will
He know, I been had the guns, the rose is for your mother
Somethin’ light
And Nu Nu! Nah, I’m just-
[C] But like we said we appreciate y’all reachin’ out
But this is round 3 and there’s some shit we need to speak about
Last week was Father’s Day
[MH] I feel away from you niggas
[C] Why we ain’t get no gifts from y’all
[MH] Look at what we gave to you niggas!?
[C] These niggas claim they from the streets
[MH] Look at the way we paved for you niggas!
[C] Nigga we built battle rap in the streets
[MH] We even built this stage for you niggas
[C] Through the Blood, Sweat and the Tiers
[MH] Look how we slaved for you niggas!
[C] We put clothes on they back, food, shelter
[MH] Even fake J’s for you niggas!
[C] We took battle rap from the corners to the arenas
[MH] We got here in less than four summers
[C] You think BET was lookin’ at your numbers?
[MH] Well you’re as dumb as them poor fuckers that’s watchin’ Born Legacy, not knowin’ this legacy was BORN FROM US!
[C] You fuckin’ faggots
[MH] Y’all lil’ niggas still mad over Summer Madness?
Smack, drop the bag, I’m doin’ summer classes
I should come with glasses
[C] Your first lesson is Ill Will
[MH] With these two eyes I see one W and four L’s that’s your fuckin’ average
[C] What else?
[MH] One bitch per decade, you still gets no pussy, that’s your fuckin’ average
I’m cuttin’ caskets, if I cut him where his fuckin’ abs is
If you could run away without your other half that’d B motherfuckin’ Magic
[C] I got the info, I’m knowin’ all the specs Rum
I’ll straight disrespect Rum
The scope, it got a wide eye view, that’s for the spectrum
His head done
Two Homi’s layin’ by the platter
[MH] Red Chucks
[C] With two bodies layin’ by the latter
[MH] That’s bed bugs
[C] Nigga look at ’em, they pissed off
Cort’ official, blow the whistle I’m lettin’ tips off
Oh you rep the Six, god? Well Drake will do the Crip walk
Mask off, ain’t no future, I’m lettin’ sticks talk
The clip broke I had to take the Maggie
I’ll punch him in the air
[MH] And I’ma take the alley!
[C] Yo, these niggas is gas, they straight loud like they came from Cali
But how you smokin’ this OG with this plate of arie?
I’ll make sure today, you sleep for good Will
He branded you cheap and these bullets free, you Goodwill
I’ll hang a rapper over the balcony, I’ll Suge Will
Drop ’em next
[MH] Fuck it, pocket check, I Suge Will
[C] So don’t ask if we top-tier, dummy!
We whooped these niggas ass for that top-tier money!

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