Danny Myers vs. Glueazy [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Glueazy]
Yo, the last time I was here I battled Geechi, now the gun reloaded
K-Shine backed out, I took a battle on one week’s notice
Yeah, I’m focused, like I’m James Bond mixed with Genghis Khan, an all around beast
You get 30’d bad like Curry mad, you lose ya mouthpiece
I’m ’bout beefin’, outside of your house beepin’
With a broomstick in ya room quick like housekeepin’
Lose lips, you pussies gon’ leave with ya mouth bleedin’
I already put Geechi in a box, I’m Crip (crypt) keepin’
Lip readin’, I’m tryin’ to see how you sayin’ you got cheese
When against Rex you went straight through twelve like a kid genius
Bitch please, I don’t think you know how much this means
Cause you’ve had a low self esteem since you lowered yourself to Steams
Screamin’ URL don’t book him enough
Shut the fuck up
Work with the hands they dealin’ us, stand there grillin’
So I can slap you so hard AngryFan gon’ feel it
Pussy yo’ bitch ass ain’t from these streets, this shit crazy
My whole gang came from the trenches like Dick Tracy
Lead burn, make his head turn like a thick lady
Two nines, raised by both sides like a mixed baby
A lot of bangers, I hit you dead between yo’ eyes
And Jealous Ones Envy, I read between the lines
You get shot up, or knocked out
Either way you’ll wake up to see the god
Hugh Hefner, bitch we already thought you was dead before you died
You a straight up a loonie
I will raise up an Uzi that’ll have to peel ya face off like the makeup in movies
He be dancin’ when he rappin’, that shit is straight up buffoonery
You must think doin’ the Truffle Shuffle gonna shape up a Goonie
I’m Gluey
Glue official, group of pistols
I’ll let two burn on you
Chris Unbias, fuck wit’ the kid the whole group turn on you
But where’s ya crew Daniel?
My tool will put two in Daniel
And two hands will twist up ya dawgs like balloon animals
I will ruin Daniel, but let yo’ bitch come near me
Or you wife will get the strap like DJ Envy
100 guns, 100 clips, I never seen one empty
On the Westside, Ready To Die like a young white Biggie
But who’s stoppin’ ’em?
Catch him in Vegas: I’m 2Pac-in’ ’em
Def Leppard: that one arm drummin’, but Glue rockin’ ’em
Mufasa, Glue droppin’ ’em
Yeah, ya lose oxygen
You got ten kids at home right now…who watchin’ ’em!?
He got like ten kids by ten baby mamas and you barely make ends meet
So I don’t care how real he act, necrophiliac, he a dead beat
Lead speak, give us V103 like Grape Street
Every time I see you there’s a tear in yo’ eye like Jon B
“Every time I see you”, you know what I’m sayin’
You fuckin’ cry baby, why lately we ain’t see you?
It’s cause URL ain’t bookin’ yo’ and we don’t need you
West west y’all

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
I can let the .8 bang you or use my bare hands, you’ll get straight strangled
Or hit this bitch with a NASCAR, like fuck the race angle
Your kids are mixed, I thought about that when I took this rap rookie
We got somethin’ in common, cause I too like to black pussy
I’ll snatch ya mother, wrap a cable around her neck
You can say bye to mom or you can pay and she can buy out the cable like Viacom
Fire arm, all night, you don’t wanna try that temper
The blade will be draggin’ (dragon) somewhere around your skin like a Triad member
You a white boy from the South!
Y’all some nasty, shady liars
I said, “Fuck yo’ cousin!”
He said, “I already got a baby by her.”
Do you believe in a parallel universe? I do
Death can be relied on normally
My homie grandfather died in World War 2, then he died on Normandy
I’ll take ya daughter’s virginity on top of yo’ grave
I wish you’d slap me, she’ll leave the flowers (deflowered) on top of yo’ tomb like, “I miss you daddy.”
Nigga fuck you! This just how us veterans rhyme
You take a shot back operatin’ his spine
Cause you just a fat fuck that plays a certain role when the cameras on, bitch you Loretta Devine
Nigga, beef is forever, we sweep at whatever
The doctor got name flips, he tellin’ Glue to “keep it together”
Ask P, you only got this battle from a lucky call
But I ain’t takin’ no shit from a life sized Chucky doll
I’ll drag your granny wildin’
I’m only askin’ once before that burst appear
But if she don’t give it up she’ll be done over that purse severe (persevere)
I was waitin’ on y’all niggas to say somethin’
Well fuck, I’ma say it then
The south is the reason hip hop is in the state it’s in
In ’98, DMX had the coldest beats on the street
Then No Limit started droppin’ a CD a week
Ca$h Money soon followed, New York I fuck wit y’all niggas
The south couldn’t out rap you, but they sho’ out hustled you niggas
Then y’all started soundin’ like them niggas, let me talk from my centerpiece
50, Bobby Shmurda, Desiigner, all with the mimickin’
The south was gettin’ more money than Los Angeles, I’m just joggin’ my memory
The west may have lost its wallet but New York lost its identity
But I got y’all, I stand before you and target my enemy
To bring him down usin’ my death is part of my chemistry
Please pardon my ministry, these are the rounds that I harness
He was raised with blacks but it took me to surround him in darkness
I’ll put a round in yo’ carcass, I suggest you don’t play wit’ Dan
The clean up crew will be parked outside ya house like a surveillance van
Keep fuckin’ wit’ me, I think he tryin’ to test where my patience stands
I’ll run in his kitchen and leave Glue on the cabinet like the maintenance man
Deuce five in the shoe, you’ll be gunned down from a simple look
I reach for the ankle like shootin’ a jumper and comin’ down on a nigga foot
I need forgiveness, believe me, when I leave a scene it’s vicious
The smell everywhere, detectives gon’ swear I was cleanin’ chitlins
If he kickin’ it, ya homie gettin’ shot after I air somethin’
My gun a PS4 controller, it got a “Share” button
Listen Justin, I want the one on one but niggas get done shifty
But you look shady, so in just in (Justin) case I brought the gun wit’ me
Run quickly, one to his dome knock out his clarity
Then I proceed to go to his children like a charity
I ain’t sparin’ him and he on the ground wit’ this shit
This wack MC got another two rounds of this shit

[Round 2: Glueazy]
Y’all wanna hear a story about ya Bar God that’s so funny?
Do you?
Why at BL4 you was in New York wit’ no money?
Tell ’em how you wore the same clothes for two days straight you was so bummy
(Yeah you did, you just changed ya hoodie)
Or tell ’em how you came to me, I bought you pizza to eat you was so hungry
You were mad you had to pay for a cab, I called Chico and got that right for you
I didn’t have to do none of that, bitch I was nice to you
Soon as P told me to write for you it was goodnight for you
The knife was new
So this is the second time I got a slice for you

[Danny Myers]
Aye man, I bought you pizza too!

They hypin’ you, but you be out here hypin’ yourself
You say a hot bar and go “Ahhhhh!” try to excite yo’self
He wanna diss me for bein’ white, when he light himself
Bitch you a smidgen of melanin from bein’ white yo’self!
What worse than “cracker” he a nerd rapper, bitch you said it yaself
You were the man on AHAT but here you sat on the shelf
Plus you gave Randy 12K wit’ yo’ idiot self
But it’s cool cause when the cops come, we got guns, so we gon’ need a white boy around to get rid of the twelve
Yeah, I let it spark on him, pull a bulldog then let it bark on him
Danny dead, tannin’ bed, it’s gettin’ dark for him
I just wait til he parks his whip then move on him
Tool on him, you get clipped before you get to the store, I’m couponing
Who want it? This swammy will take ya family out
I more than win if we ever war (wore) again like a hand-me-down
Big poppa, twin choppers, I’ll take ya family out
Uncle Jesse, I came to raise these twins up in Danny house
How you the president of AHAT but you signed to Smack?
Bitch that’s a fact
It’s always the same song wit’ every ratchet that he claps
Kinda remind me of Twork
Cause in the hood he gettin’ known as a rapper that’s on Smack
But these head lines gon’ make sure you always battle in a hat (AHAT)
I’m strapped in
Yo shit is trash pussy, fuck ya career, your shit was ass pussy
I laughed at it, act bad I’ll beat yo’ ass pussy
What’s crackin’?
{Slight stumble}
I’m not your ordinary Joe I’m not your average rookie
Behind these bars I make kids book, that’s word to Tookie
So you gon’ stand here and fight me like a man dawg
Cause I ain’t one of yo’ baby mamas you can put hands on
You stand strong, you came on a plane and got yo’ blam on?
Now I got four mil’s for nothin’ like Cam’ron
Rap City shit

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
I’m shootin’ at you from your neighbors house
I’m all at his window with the Glock smokin’
These bitches comin’ from next door like the excuse for when you got roaches
Speakin’ of roaches, if I hear you got some dope for sale
We’ll have eight arms buggin’ at Glue trap like a roach motel
Yo’ bitch pussy stay wide open, she take my team
The lips don’t ever close like Draymond Green
I got it on me, you won’t make it to the next class
I’m allowed to let it flash in the buildin’, I got a press pass
You fall under the category of “white boy wit’ a hood pass”
You get love on Smack even though you’re not as good as…
Charron or Pat Stay but they don’t count them cause they not Smack
You gon’ fuck around and make Real Deal take his spot back
You cannot rap, I am the GOAT, fuck tryna be
You remind me of Loaded Lux, y’all Duck Dynasties
Don’t he look like he hunt for food?
Well here’s a message told clear to you
I don’t give a fuck if you are a hunter, I’ll kill everyone you hold dear (deer) to you
I don’t wear Timbs, but I’m ’bout to buy a pair to use the rubber part
Cause it’s only right I introduce a Timberland (Timbaland) to this Bubba Sparxxx
You are a fuckin’ mark
You pay your black friends cause you like goons
But y’all supposed to get two black eyes instead of a rat coon (raccoon)
URL, reminds me of Syria, I’ll provide the facts
Cause these y’all people but y’all be gassin’ these kids…but aside (Assad) from that
Street, Music, Art, Culture, I’ll bring the Knowledge back
The most important part of this shit, do you acknowledge that?
But I got it Smack, us lyrical niggas that spit that college rap
Don’t appeal to them dumb down niggas that bring them dollars back
But the irony in battle rap, you ain’t even got to rap
Cause this culture is being based on performance and that’s not an act
Let’s have a boxing=; match
You gon’ face a serious fate
You gon’ hate this double cross like a bitch when her period late
You gon’ hate this double cross like when you trust a nigga and give him yo’ weight
You gon’ hate this double cross like Jordan when Allen did the shit in his face
I’ma quit dissin’ his race, I’m ahead of the mission
All my opponents look the same to me in Predator vision
I got paid to split yo’ head, I ain’t got no hate for the fella
But I’ll need Glue in staples to keep my paper together
Now if we scrap and you got seven niggas witchu? I’ma be back
Cause I’ma at least 4, 5, 6 and then G Rap’s
Do you believe in a parallel universe? I do
I saw the devil out the blue
My nigga earned a living wearing steel toes til he was killed from a metal out the shoe
Yo’ girl needed a daddy and I love gettin’ paid off pimpin’
I’ll put that bitch on a blade to give head like the Braveheart ended
We don’t need guns, we gon’ beat yo’ ass and we ain’t gon’ wait
Watch when we take off these straps
The jump gon’ be crazy like ankle weights
Bar God!
My heart dark as Noob Saibot
His bars don’t stick because of Glue dry spots
Acid barrels and cement shoes always ring wit’ us
Bitch nigga, bloodhounds can’t smell where I done sent (scent) niggas
Let y’all region vote, but after that keep yo’ mouth closed
They won’t say you cold even on a South Pole (poll)
I won’t lose, even if a few cheat me
The irony is it’ll be very difficult to give it to ‘Eazy
Yo’ girl suck my dick at the park, I lost control hater
That bitch made me come (cum) off the bench so know yo’ role player
We’ll bless his soul later and you on the ground wit’ this shit
This wack MC got a whole ‘nother round of this shit

[Round 3: Glueazy]
Y’all ever wonder why I don’t say shit when i face racist comments and jokes?
Cause I know any sign of real disrespect he’ll get shot in the throat
I’m not wit’ it tho
See I ain’t even wit’ the drama no mo’
I’ve been raisin’ a black kid for six years Danny, and I ain’t even wit’ his mama no mo’
You think he cares what color I am when I’m the one who puts the food on the table?
Clothes on his back, exactly, what yo’ mouth bitch, know how to act
Cause now my son is his half brother
So act up, any attempt to G check me gon’ be lackluster
My pops died when I was five and he was 35, and sometimes my mind’s blurry
But now I’m 34 with a four year old so now I’m worried
So go ahead and let all the racist lines flurry
But think twice before usin’ one
Cause you worried about losin’ to a white boy, I’m worried about him losin’ one
Confusin’ huh?
How I can go from dad to murkin’ rappers
To bare (Bear) .45’s like Urlacher
You full of crap, I pull a strap like a purse snatcher
I hurt rappers, wit’ a blade, they be thinkin’ I’m Rambo
I put it in, break it off, just to make an example
I gotta tape it up again, when I blow you and jab you
Professor from And 1, I’m just a cracker with some tape and a handle
I am you, Gluey the god let’s get it poppin’
Rappers get addressed (a dress) wit’ a ring like Dennis Rodman
Still keep that .40 to bust like Dennis Hopkins and I’m plottin’
Dance wit’ a can’ I’m ditty boppin’
This shit’s stoppin’, I just came to better myself; cliff droppin’
Gotta make sure my legacy felt, you dick hoppin’ bitch
Prolly cause you never yourself
But now the boy wins, conjoined twins that’s for gettin’ too ahead of yaself

{Glueazy has to stop due to microphone problems}

The steel on me, you get it first like TMZ
You act out, I black out like an EMP
That’s music to a cracker ears like CMT
I gotta steal 50 (steel .50) like Rone DMV
Look they only gave me one week to get my flow and delivery down
He been sittin’ for nine months, maybe it’s time to deliver those rounds
I’m sittin’ him down, Gluey out here flexin’ again
But Glue works Tsu Surf, I’ve been tryin’ to put the best in the pen’
But you standin’ here, west coast, he a disgrace
You don’t ever let a white boy scream in ya face!

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
Bitch fuck yo’ squad, we killin’ all them niggas when we approach them bums
But you gon’ get special treatment and take extra shots like a coach’s son
I poke both ya lungs you fuckin’ racist
Don’t move another inch
He don’t like no rappers from Sacramento but he got posters of a Brother Lynch’ed
Ya own city is segregated and that’s wrong wit’ me
Cause Carolina packs the blacks in certain districts, now do you zone wit’ me?
Chrome .50, ya father get strangled ’til he die
Once I sacrifice a loved one, I put the Triangle in ya eye
He hit me wit’ some bars, he on my head
But I’m like, “Let’s go off his”
My nigga got the K, I square up I wanna test those paw prints
Soon as he hit me the homie shoot him
I am willing to eat the clock to move the sticks that’s the west coast offense
I caught him slippin’! He wasn’t strapped and I’m gunnin’ off scandalous
That means if ‘Eazy had protection he wouldn’t have died in front of Los Angeles
Who said you fuckin’ sick? Never mind, the Glock finna pick him up
How ironic it’ll be just in (Justin) time if he don’t get to the hospital quick enough
I sold kilo’s of heroin, trips outta state, I never dirt hustle
You never realized the weight of selling weight until the worst touch you
They gave my nigga 15 years for seven grams, I was at first puzzled
‘Til he told me there’s Big Trouble In Little China like Kurt Russell
Are you a gangsta? Ain’t scared of nothin’?
He kick is hellified?
Well I be y’all the fo’ be up (phobia) reason this bitch is terrified
You was verified, ever since a rookie you was killin’ dudes
You like Poligrip, cause even the seniors were feelin’ Glue
Aside from killin’ you, DMV can’t see the west
I say, “Fuck them niggas” I would smack Twork but some places don’t allow you to touch the strippers
“But Danny, Twork a beast and he’s stronger than you”
Well sure he is, but he also knows (nose) rounds be in his face like his jewelry is
I assure these kids, the old man’s still got it
Stop bringin’ him at me, if you don’t believe me then one of y’all niggas gon’ swing on yo’ daddy
They called us “3/5th of a man”
Raped our women and snatched our kin from us
They act like gods among us and should be called “heroes” for that Injustice
I tapped into my third eye, I was in tune with it recently
No human with decency is immune to its frequency
But soon it unleashed to me, the power to consume the beast in me
I assumed the role of tombs beneath MCs
You got heart for takin’ this battle, niggas don’t wanna jump in the ring
Ever since White Men Can’t Jump niggas been duckin’ the king
Glue frontin’ like he don’t know me
Check the work, you the lamest fag
He’ll recognize me when I pick up this stick, it’s like a gamer tag
Havin’ pen game is all in the details G
I give y’all extra content and they still try to give DL C (DLC)
This why I don’t play game wit’ you niggas, but we can play wit’ the knives a bit
Jug his throat, blood gon’ be gushin’ out like a geyser ripped
Break the knife off in you, real deep, you won’t survive a lick
Surgeons gon’ get a weapon out of Glue on some Macgyver shit
Fuck you Justin Driver! You can’t punk Myers
You thought you would get a buzz behind these rounds? You must be drunk Driver
Gun fire, we film your death, sell it for 10 cents
Then title the shit whatever we want like incense
NOME, Summer Madness, them cards I could’ve been wit’
But if I mishandle Glue’ I can’t leave an imprint
I was in Heaven talkin’ to the creator, it was plenty odd
I said, “You gon’ send Jesus Christ down first, right? And then me God (demigod)?”
I blacked out, woke up in the form a demigod
But my human side forced me to join a semi squad
I’ll come to Carolina and do you vicious that day
I’ll burn you in Salem then laugh at ya life which is (witches) at stake
I should spit in ya face
And he on the ground wit’ this shit
Thank the Lord he ain’t got another round of this shit

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