K-Shine vs. Danny Myers [Lyrics]

[Round 1: K-Shine]
Y’all know you let a nigga keep twelve grand out yo’ pocket Myers
Actin’, but all that baloney, boy you deserve an Oscar Myers
If they’d have got me, hot sake, I would’ve put a couple shots to fire
You was Taraji, cause you had all them Hidden Figures and you was actin’ like this rocket science
They tellin’ you, “Forget about ya money. Worry about the look of the shit
Promote the new battle” and you out there pushin’ the shit
I would’ve gotten next to Rex and start cookin’ his shit
With a black strap and clap Smack for rebookin’ the shit
Aye, wasn’t y’all Writer’s Bloque?
Boy you could’ve got light in the picture like a filter
He watched you feed the dinosaur like Wilma
Whatchu do? Cry to URL until it build up
You ain’t a boss bitch, we watched this client tell (clientele) like Rezelda
Cha cha, here’s another twelve, get familiar
I put this amount in (Mountain) Between Us: Idris Elba
Nigga chin check, y’all could split a deck like a dealer
I let this offer clean Danny’s shit like Matilda
They say, “Bullets ain’t got no name”
Well these is customized, knife, I’ve been off on my aim
I prolly cut his eyes (I) see a Cali nigga I think of The Game
Y’all wonder why, cause y’all see L.A. in his face, I see the butterfly
Question why, why was you worried if Hollow on the card?
Nigga you should’ve hollowed a dome
All that money you gave Rex, nigga you could’ve been a sponsor for N.O.M.E
They tellin you, “Swallow ya pride” you should’ve had him swallow the chrome
You worried about followers on the ‘Gram, you should’ve followed him home
A Cali nigga charged wit’ rape for the money like ‘Pac in a room
I let all y’all niggas share the minutes, I family plan him
If my man D see the ring, don’t think [?] stamped him
I took this fucker to a ghost, when the hammer blam him
Glock 9, turnin’ Danny Myers into Danny Phantom
Fuck the memes, boy if you see dis go (disco) move I keep toolies
Razor, push me to the edge, I’m Team Uzi
Two options, roll up the chops and heat kufi’s
Or let Danny slide off a whip; Grease movie
I told Beasley, “I’ll be here” and he gave me a turtle
Wishin’ and hopin’ I take it slow and steady when the race ain’t a worthy opponent
What is the block buildin’ if y’all losin’ components
And niggas takin’ Danny Green in the Spur of the moment
Boy pussy, zip ’em up, round one

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
You cancelled our battle, I’m glad Smack booked me my friend
You just had a baby, but I had to wait six weeks to get a pussy again
You ducked me in Cali, watch how you maneuver nigga
If you really ’bout it, let me hear you say that Blood shit on Hoover nigga
Watch how I school a nigga, all a sudden ya snub’ll bang out
You east coast niggas ain’t start bangin’ ’til after Colors came out
K-Shine (Sean) Penn, makes me wanna scream ’til his face red
Soon as I get the queue (Q) Tip’s get put on his pussy, that’s a rape kit
DNA samples part of yo’ rhyme, this how I look at rookies
Nitty called you out, this bitch said, “No” and I still took this pussy
Wait, wait, rape, DNA, never mind you a bitch probably
Actin’ all tough like you can’t get homi’d
I have a rubber grip on his forehead like Chucky tryin’ to switch bodies
An O.G. said I “should leave the streets like the rest of ’em should.”
The Grim Reapers outfit tells you that there’s nothin’ but death in the hood
And that bitch you wit’? Large mistake, even my balls was ate
That ho be snappin’ ’round the head like a barber’s cape
Shine, I ain’t set this battle up just to bring me stardom
I set it up so I could tell you in yo’ face I’m the king of Harlem
You gon’ shoot who? I get rid of them non threats
Ya bars simple, but you talk big, who said, “Little man complex”?
I bombed Rex cause he tripped after he got the chedda
Now I’m at you with a snub nose and a cocked Beretta
Ya blood stain gon’ be a permanent spot on the wall
You right nigga, you gon’ be a Dot forever!
N.W.X., I couldn’t wait ’til I spot you fellas
You always wit’ DNA but y’all gon’ get knocked together
Congratulations, you just had a baby there was laughter first
It’s crazy, how you seein’ this nasty shit after birth (afterbirth)
Gats’ll burst, Desert Eagle shootin’ his ass
I went up 50K like for nine minutes like Mook bitch ass
Do you believe in a parallel universe? I do
I’ll destroy you wit’ a Hawk, my friend died in an earthquake cause he ain’t wanna move
Sometimes you can be loyal to a fault
When I get my other half, I’ma give you some bread
And it’s really legit cause Denzel taught me, when you kill a Harlem nigga you give ’em 20%
We not America’s Gangster, gotta keep ya hands on the steel
You was suppose to be shot in Traffic like Philando Castile
I’m an example of skill, one of the last breathin’ that’s left
Hated to bring up Philando but I knew they’d be streamin’ his death
I’ll put three in his chest, you didn’t expect that I’d spit this way
With a line then a couple angles, is that what you pictured, K?
Clips will spray, where ever you and these bitch niggas stay
You’ll be drugged and forced to get the clap like Ricochet
You ain’t got shit to say nigga
You better reach yo’ .9 in time
The irony, he’ll never wake up again soon as these bullets rise in (and) Shine
I force a sword through your mother, then tossed the whore
This revenge for how y’all treated Snoop at the Source Awards
I’ve been in all sorts of wars, and you on the ground wit’ this shit
This wack MC got another two rounds of this shit

[Round 2: K-Shine]
It’s a small room K-Shine gotta rap witchu
First and foremost, don’t ever fuckin tell me what I have to do
Small room just mean you ain’t good if a nigga start smackin’ you
Bar God? Boy that gotta leave you wit’ an attitude
Cause all them lines and you still can’t find ya place on this map like longitude and latitude
The TEC’s is silent, domestic violence
I squeeze arms, wild boy with this Cal boy (Cowboy), you’ll see stars
I’ll put this Mack down on his bitch; T-Boz
Til his boo be (booby) hangin’ out the side; weak bra
Close range, no names, like a cheap card
Gun butt him, you fantasize about the whip like a dream car
It’s too many gods, the Bar God and a Reach God?
I put this fraud to a bar god he’ll reach God
Look around, there ain’t no crowd for the villain
Let’s see who will cheer (wheel chair) for the hero; Christopher Reeves
I bundled up for a strong wind but this a breeze
Two Draco’s the second one takin’ half of ya shit like Mr. T’s
But I bring the first chopper in this town like I’m pickin’ up Mr. Deeds
Nigga the 4 is (forest) flames, that was wild fire (wildfire)
You can get the jack knife or the razor’s edge like the Outsiders
How you ain’t retaliate for twelve grand? And you the father of ten?
Well I gotta call you out Myers
Danny turned bitch made (maid) for the kids; Mrs. Doubtfire
Now who in here really think I’m playin’ wit’ this dyke?
Will be the same motherfuckers tryin’ to save this nigga life
Perfect time for the TEC’s (text) like I’m waitin’ for the light
I come back ’round, twice, I’m back so, yikes
The barrel life him off the ground like he was playin’ for the Knights
Who we got? Another fuckin’ generous nigga wit’ a death wish
Boy, I’m at their door feelin’ comfortable
I clear (Clair) ten kids then get the niece (Denise) like the Huxtables
I’m Rudy playin’ before I figure what his buds will do
That’s like the intro, before this show, you better bust or move
Whip the Glock out, six to pop out, you in trouble too
They put him on the card, he be (Cardi B) tryin’ to figure bloody moves
Well I can put the tre (tray) in front of ya kids like lunch in school
But I wanna rock, I wanna rock, the Coward In Compton; Uncle Luke
Nigga you worried about bein’ everythin’ you not instead of tryi’n to be the best you
You damn near 40 and can’t make it to the main stage, and you stressed too
Next birthday, I ain’t gon’ slide up like a dancer, I crept through
You 37, we gon’ make .38 Special
Death too, I’ll assist a (sister) kid like a nephew
Have a nigga splittin’ these (knees) like he needin’ leg room
Face shot, have his face lookin’ like Deadpool
Cause it’s over when a nigga flip, he beat…next move

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
Bitch I’ll kill ya whole family, if not slaughter, barely survive
We’ll even see Shine (Shyne) Godfather Buried Alive
We’re under the impression it’s a risk to book this nigga cause he stay fightin’
You smacked Charron but Hitman diss your daughter and you ain’t try it
I looked in his eyes, I see somethin’ there, but it ain’t violence
Any time he in front of a nigga who who’ll knock him or knife him I know this K silent
I made one of the worst life decisions, for instance
I gave $12,000 to Rex, I could’ve gave that to my infants
But instead he duckin’ and hid from me cause he knew there was a distance
I could’ve bought Jakkboy Maine some shoes, maybe he’d write better bars
I could’ve gave it all to you so you and DNA wouldn’t have to share a car
I could’ve made sure we only book you cause you rappin’ ill
But they bring DNA witchu, cause y’all be comin’ as a packaged deal
What you lack in skill, you make up wit’ performance
You got the country blind
You’ll see a gorilla clappin’ rounds in both hands for actin’ Monkey Shine
You can perform all these bars, I’m up here rhymin’ the truth
Your anger issues clearly stem from signs of abuse
Some fathers are bold, others discreet
You was too small to do somethin’ about it and watch yo’ mother get beat
You was picked on, abused, day in and day out
Til you picked up a pen and pad and God gave you a way out
This what K ’bout, if hands don’t work he’s quick to grip heat
Your complex is obvious for your disdain of anybody that’s six feet
You’re a pipsqueak, that tough talk and aggression? All nonsense
What’s your Death Wish to a nigga who idolize Charles Bronson?
Dome shot, my only mission is givin’ him death
I would install another one, but he ain’t got enough memory left
When I first started hustlin’, I ain’t make much
I was dumpin’ ’em out barely, then I started zippin’ up sacks like There’s Something About Mary
It’s scary, I come to where you live with a drawn tool, I warn fools
I school you where you sleep like a dorm room
Projectiles go in and out…I promise I’m puttin’ a hole in son
That means y’all gon’ see a bullet come out of Shine like the Golden Gun
Do y’all Bond wit’ me? Horror shit
You can get shot or punched, I got more of this
It’s crazy how you can get a hole in your body or a fist (orifice)
You choke a lot, then try to say it again, in a worse way
How you on ESPN but can’t get it right on the First Take?
I’m the GOAT, this guy’s not a contender
Even with global warming, we wouldn’t see Shine hot in December
Ya throat sliced, then yo’ baby mama gettin’ poked twice
The silver be all in his bitch like Ghost wife
I’m tryin’ to homi this fellow
I’m strapped, but if you are too (R2), D too (D2) eager to cover your body with metal
Nothin’ but pain in mind
Fuck NWX nigga I’m bangin’ mine
No matter the weather I’m killin’ one of these niggas, whether it’s Rain or Shine
I flame the .9, leave you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got a whole ‘nother round of this shit

[Round 3: K-Shine]
Nigga, all that disrespect, save it
You got 30’d that day
And you still here, lookin’ for a quick mil’ (meal) like a rest station
I’d have been shootin’ lead to the room was (rumor) spread like my ex hatin’
And still keep airin’ the show, I got the best ratings
Checkin’ my alcohol level, this is breath takin’
All he seen was D in the Glove, he the next Payton
You can scream all you want, you still got death waitin’
Cause when you directin’ the lens, let’s see what the west craving (Wes Craven)
Yeah, you make the worst life decisions, for instance
Capitol One, what’s in yo’ wallet?
Did he (Diddy) take BIG money; Christopher Wallace?
That’s twelve grand, well that could’ve been yo’ kids admission to college
You put they future on the line for a nigga deposit
What type of fuckin’ business man makin’ investments without legitimate profits?
Nigga went off PayPal and a nigga that promised him
What’s in yo’ stupid bald head? You thought that nigga was honest?
Sticky fingers (Sticky Fingaz) shut him down (Shut ‘Em Down) like a member of Onyx
You make the worst life decisions, for instance
Why the fuck would you let yo’ baby mama battle rap?
You like, “Baby I love you. And I want you involved in every part of my life
So we gon’ put these kids to bed and we gon’ get yo’ bars up tonight.”
They even had a 2 on 2, they put y’all on the same card, damn, that was nice
But then you got writer’s block (Bloque) cause you gave the best bars to yo’ wife
Ya niggas ask you for help and you give ’em light
Cause all the fire she’s gotta have it like a Netflix remake with Spike
You make the worst life decisions, for instance
I knew there was somethin’ about you niggas I couldn’t trust Myers
Come to find out, Arsonal wasn’t the only nigga that’s a bus driver
See I looked at you and I said, “Somethin’ about this niggas suspicious.”
Like you got 12 hour shifts, 10 kids, when the fuck are you grippin’ yo biscuit?
You a fuckin’ Greyhound worker, the only thing you clippin’ is tickets
I tell my niggas, “Stay down!” and they all wanna ride
He tell his niggas, “Stay down if y’all all wanna ride.”
Keep that Greyhound shit to a minimum unless y’all all wanna die
Cause six will (wheel) steal (still) bust (bus) when there’s dawgs (dogs) on the side
I’m on Peter Pan lookin’ for him, with a 12 gauge
He try to book, I go to where he at and I’ll have his front tear when the shells spray
Wait, wait, wait, Peter Pan, Goto, Frontier, that was well played
That mean I even bus(t) companies if a nigga gotta trail ways
Ya frail ways, make ya somethin’ that’s hard to admire
Need to stick to who you are, instead of trying to give us this persona of riders
Nigga my man said it’s “on sight” he’s poppin’ on Myers
But I’ll steal off on him; Bonnie Godiva
That’s a true shot, 2Pac, Hit ‘Em Up, get ya crew shot, oowop, pick him up
Til you get yo’ money back you still a fuckin’ punk
You know my slogan, zip em up

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
I let my baby mama battle rap, and all of y’all was laughin’ that’s right
That’s cool, me and yo’ baby mama gonna battle tonight
Picture K-Shine and DNA in Compton
Niggas gon’ get to lookin’, start approachin’ ’em
Shine gon’ be like, “Eh bro, hey…what are you doin’?”
Nigga already got Ghost on him
But fuck both of ’em, you a clique hopper, in Cali that’s a no-no
For that I’ll spray Shine in the head like Soul Glo
Saga was in yo’ crew, you put his business out the most hatin’ way
I should flash the stick and clear you mind for actin’ like an Agent K
DNA be careful, this ain’t what bein’ friends about
He the type that when he get mad he gon’ run and put yo’ business out
We don’t condone that in Cali, you get peeled for doin’ it one time
Oh that’s right, you from Harlem, snitchin’ is in yo’ bloodline
Bitch you’se a faggot!
Dot Mobb grabbed yo’ ass, everybody was smackin’
You don’t get mad at them, but you wanna shoot me for rappin’?
So, so, let me get this straight
Verb was losin’, you was up there jockin’ Rex
Then a grown man stood behind you and did a backside pocket check
Well goddamn, what was he lookin’ fo’?
I don’t give a fuck about your sexual preference
My intellectual leverage can’t be beat by a weak conceptional reference
Can’t let this lame see me
I grab the TEC and let the flame eat him
This cartridge skip him to the next world, it’s like a Game Genie
But fuck all that
I’ma stand here and take time to ask you for your fans why you became “Pay Shine”
They miss that old Shine
The one that never choked and just smashed folks
What happened to that Shine versus DNA with the goggles on and lab coat?
You went from Calicoe, Tsu Surf and Tay Roc wit’ great skill
To takin’ a bunch of one rounders versus no names simply so you can pay bills
You niggas trade yo’ legacies for a check, you know how I look at you?
It’s like when Antonio Bandaras went from Desperado to doin’ voice actin’ in Puss N Boots
You think you bullet proof, that’s cool, that’s cool
I’m better with the blade cause I can’t miss
I get up close, give him five stripes on the side, now he’s K-Swiss
I don’t play bitch, you’re either gettin’ just a coffin
Or pistol whipped ’til Rain’ Man retarded like Dustin Hoffman
I am a fuckin’ marksman, you are a life that my Ruger claims
Big rounds that sit on his neck like Akuma chain
Fuck who he claim, I rep South Central where niggas truly bang
I march in with a strap in the studio and record the silence like Pootie Tang
Shooter gang, got on his dome then let the Uzi flame
His wig curl in front of his forehead like Tootie bangs
These are the Facts of Life, I send this nigga to the after life
I stab him twice, he’ll fade out like Martin’s career after Life
Fuck actin’ nice, AR with the bump stock so I can buck it faster
Or the baby Nina, he gettin’ killed by the toy like Puppet Master
I shoved a gun into him
I be killin’ these Harlem niggas when I run into ’em
I hope Lux watchin’ this shit so he know what he got comin’ to him
And Brizz, you beat Pass and came to the west for the win
But my G status should never be questioned my friend
Cause if I’m ever disrespected again
Unlike yo’ sideburns, this hook gon’ connect to ya chin
And even though you already on the ground with this shit
Thank the Lord he ain’t got another round of this shit

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