Xcel vs. Madflex [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Madflex]
I said Bishop got ‘Flex to Boston
I said, “I saw you in London bro. Young Scafflex wit’ a button coat
You a Gladiator; Russell Crowe
Bar for bar the best thing in the club since rum and Coke.”
I asked him, “Who you got for me?”
“Xcel!…Cause he get love at home
And that man is a bargain the budget’s low.”
I told him, “I’ll do it Bishop
Aye tell me one thing, don’t hang up that phone
Why should they take that fuckin’ mirror down?
There’s clowns in this crowd, they just yellin’ out ‘now’ and I’m pretty sure they don’t fuckin’ know.”
Nah, fuck it though, Xcel
I’ve been waitin’ to come to Boston, man
Xcel, this kinda perfect
Blackout, you don’t know who you fuckin’ wit’, ooh: Tyler Durden You’ve been out the loop: I write in cursive
You ’bout to shoot, I keep to (two) myself: I’m a private person
Ya style flat, like real flat, you’re like an inverted version of Miley twerkin’
Nah Xcel, like real real flat, like flatter than the Earth is to Kyrie Irving
Can we keep it real?
Xcel you an easy kill, equivalent, limited edition kinda sleepin’ pills
It’s bad judgement all your sentences run way too long
I mean, they probably used his fuckin’ style to free Meek Mill
I’m really ’bout this shit
I’m takin’ Action without missin’ a beat I’m The Alchemist
Yo, Lexx, he Team Homi?
Now tell Mos Def that he no threat and he bringin’ back the old ‘Flex
Homi on a Homi then I’ll pay somebody just to hold the blazer like a coat check
He trouble on stage?
Nah that motherfucker dug his own grave like Imhotep
I’m so fresh
You speakin’ through the voice of a trend
Ayo I didn’t wanna kill this kid Poison Pen
But I got poise in pen that X change a two piece for two eyes (I’s), y’all get it, Boyz II Men?
And when his name drop they gon’ love it, it’s gon’ feel like Royce & Em’ one time
It’s all love cause PH was Team Homi
Come on back it’s Kevin Nash I got the Razor behind me
Blade in the body goin’ together, they like Brady and Gronky
Raiden and Jo- nah fuck that, they go together like Swave and karate
With a chop comin’ from Oakland, contracted for a close shave like Jason Giambi
J do you copy?
Yo 60 battles y’all ain’t heard of this kid
And the camera get abandoned, the birds circlin’
But I got way more up my sleeve than convertible wind
When his Life come out his chest like the shirt on his skin
Let’s really talk! C’mon!
Let’s really talk, you let me know
You’ve yet to know the Pedigree in ya head between ya legs without a wrestling hold
First hit, oh shit!
Second hit with the broke fist
Then he tagged up with a short right like the Pesky Pole
Let him roll
He lyin’ there, shit look just like his battles: no breath control
He buckled with his arms out, that’s a savage feature
Last time I saw you, you got zipped up by Nut, “We have a bleeder!”
I will leave Cameron ethered
The paper on lock and the spine bound to eventually break now he a Trapper Keeper
School’s out and you can fuck around and tell me how that Llama spark
‘Til X marks the spot cause ‘Flex spots a mark!
Fuck wit’ it

[Round 1: Xcel]
Bro, me and you facin’ off? It’s like a purist dream
Cause we nice, and plus for us, on the average, every verse is mean
But I get in that bag, no matter how big the purse or fee
So they pay me to burn these buildings down, I pen insurance schemes
But my current scheme, is I don’t give a fuck if you rap nice
You not the truth
I will rock ya roof like stalactites
Ya style cloned, off a legend, who did that, twice?
How you the future when your presence (presents) just give Pass life?
You got them blind, but bro, I peep the bars that you structured
And all you did was whitewash that nigga’s style on some dumb shit, you punk bitch
Cause I ain’t see homage in none of that
Just like a white boy, let a nigga do the leg work and run wit’ that
Son react? I’ll humble that
Ya jaw get crumbled, facts
You’ll be the first spittin’ multisyllabics in mumble rap!
Look how they callin’ this
2-1 nothin’, I’m here for dominance
I’m ominous, turn that block you sit, to a monument
It’s obvious I pen Sistine Chapel: off-top godly shit
Even if the crowd don’t catch me like the Tekashi kid
But see what got me is
Why would you opt for this?
You know you can’t see me, no matter what the optic is
The chopper lift and the clip half full, I’m an optimist
Two to yo’ flesh, shoot you for death, on some gothic shit
But I’m convinced, he really think he got a chance, shit’s a stretch
Reach me, you can’t Flex, watch me cramp it
Ran lips, get you stab wound and a damp fit
Handicap accessibility, wheels and ramps bitch
They say ya mans is comin’ for blood
I said, “He’ll try and fail
You think I care if the white boy blackin’ like Tobias Whale?”
Make sure you tell him, if he don’t lighten up, he’ll get this guy impaled
Slick slash, they’re gettin’ skin grafts, that’s a slidin’ scale
Bro, you attempt to do any of that shit you speak
I’ll send a bald head right up under Flex: Mr. Cee
Listen B, I don’t got love for you, but I can offer pain
You see where you at, check my fam’ and you’ll see all them bang
My cousins pop, I’ll let you talk to my Uncle Tom like Charlamagne
Don’t compare me to these rapiddy-rap niggas, they all the same
Cause I’m good wit’ my pen
But here’s the difference from all the bracket
It’s conviction for every story told, I got a scar to match it
My memory chip encrypted, code
Let’s see if dawg can hack it
Your round’s for the body on paper, ya shit is target practice
I’m more heavy, Scorcese, direct shit
Check his background, give him headshots, call that a “press kit”
When I enter, niggas leave cause they know X sent (exit)
Bro ya heaviest rounds are some shit that I dead lift
Bro I’m a mercenary nigga
Team fuckin’ Homi

[Round 2: Madflex]
I mean, it sound good, until we face to face
And then the shit turn more Friday The 13th
I been runnin’ shit but I ain’t seen a single move that Jason makes
I’m on a skyrocket
Me? JFK…I’m claimin’ space
And you ain’t gonna spin off this show of Boston Cheers cause you ain’t Fraiser Crane
Next thing you know his spirits soarin’, hear the chorus it’s a ‘Amazing Grace’
And when his mama asks, “What happened to my baby face?”
I look at her like, “Ehh…I dunno
But I hear they found his teeth in the back of his hoodie like a Bathing Ape.”
Tell Xcel this ain’t a game, don’t offer a lecture
Jab step And 1 cross at you
Got the professor, this ain’t a big moment
Flex, I’m known for calm under pressure
Talk to the expert algebra
I’m out here solvin’ what X worth
You got lead on any chest then it’s a pocket protector
You keep ya mouth shut, or the apocalypse enter to a Dawn Of The Death verse
Clap X on his chest like “Wakanda Forever!”
You not sick, you a clock tick in a mosh pit
Every second, it’s a punk move
I slump you, you junk food
I don’t know why they trust you
Aye, tell this staff that they shouldn’t be punished for movin’ forward
Boston, y’all invented the tuck rule!
I shouldn’t have to introduce you
If I’m on ‘Cel (cell) block it’s best not try me like prison prune juice
He brought a ratchet to the front of the stage, ooh is it NuNu?
‘Til the pawn of Bishop move you
Hit me up on Twitter, wanna problem in that DM, X I’m ‘Gon Give It To You’
Broke neck through a table in the livin’ room you
This Cthulhu witness voodoo
Cause it’s a curse to get stuck dealin’ wit’ this pen
But let’s flip mode you would tip toe through my zip code if I offered you a featherweight fight you’d look like you’d bring a pillow in
Nah, me in the ring? Klitschko
But more a Little Mac, cause if you pull it from the waist, ooh I still keep the target on X, he King Hippo
C’mon, tell ’em you ’bout what you wish for
The boy is ruthless he’ll look like he ain’t really thinkin’ right
Pickin’ a side like Joyner Lucas but you ain’t got the choice for movement
I’m a real titan
It’s long live the king and you can swing when you feel like it
It’s nothin’ Boston, he ain’t never hit the road none
Shit I got flown to New England, I just got the fuck back from the old one
There’s levels to it
It’s a bitter poison, I’ve been anointed
You? You might as well be called “The Freshman List” cause everyone in 2 XL (into Xcel) a fuckin’ disappointment

C’mon. That’s time. Fuck wit’ it

[Round 2: Xcel]
This is reconstruction
The way I break shit down, defies nature
I’ll cater (Al-Qaeda) to any style that’s out cause I’m greater
They built you up, ’til these heights major
With wide favor but with plain (plane) shit, I’ll 9/11 y’all skyscraper
He’ll get drug, then ya pupil will grow, I’ll dilate ya
Chris Lighty, keep a .50 and run wit’ the Violators
Rest in peace
When a nigga fuckin’ wit’ me? You’ll be the next deceased
That’s a one way ticket to the afterlife, with extra seats
So bring ya crew
Bro check my title (Tidal), oh you don’t think it’s true
‘Til blood streams on the spot if I choose to let it sing at you
Right at ya Apple too
Aye you gon’ be Kyle Lowry after this afternoon
Cause you nice, to Canada, ’til you face the king and rap to (Raptor) lose
All these wars and there’s still hunger
I still lust for this, a Killmonger
And each body bumps me up a bit
Boy I got caskets, classics and big views, still they hate
Ya man said, “You gon’ leave my shit bruised.”
I said, “You in the way.”
Talkin’ ludicrous (Ludacris) ‘Bitch Move’
Only Flex in the ring I respect is Rick Rude
Shit fools, try and rap with not knowin’ I’m feared in this
So son must see that I’m Kabib so the rest’ll (wrestle) bare (bear) wit’ it
Here gimmicks, is what they treasure, he knows it makes paper
But see I was in the hood
Runnin’ wit’ white like a race traitor
So don’t believe, none of that horse shit from naysayers
Fuck what you heard, that’s all Zuckerberg; fake data
Hey hater, you enterprisin’, I like you but if you force it
You’ll quickly find out Team Homi is on some Borg shit
You’ll be bored stiff in the morgue bitch
Or you’ll cling on (Klingon) to life
Conrad Murray, operate ugly, and I slaughter mics (Mikes)
You? Will go from front line soldier to the fallen type
Leave change; autumn life if we start to snipe
Or, play him close
You know get next to him and leave metal in his mask and bring MF Doom
Cause all this talkin’ in cheap like dawg is elite
He’ll fire, that’s Hillshire, bro is marketing beef
I know the real you, duke be honest with me please stop
You T-Top, you don’t talk for the streets (Streetz)
Team fuckin’ Homi

[Round 3: Madflex]
When I listen to you rap
I’m not noticin’ obvious key features
But you know what my favorite part of your style is X?
…I know man, me neither
But the venue say “performance of the night” when I leave it
Shit his whole style, let me explain because my wife caught me cheatin’, peep it
I call the shit excuse rap, it can be deceivin’
He be like, “I was home. You wasn’t home. And I’m not out here tryin’ to raise my voice
Okay. I’ma stay outside. But I made the choice.”
That’s you, X-cuse (excuse)
Plus ya punchlines are my throwaways
Man even back home in the Golden State
It took years to see if they gon’ catch it on the replay like Golden Tate
I own this place
And I’m high in demand
You belong right in the stand
You ain’t past our test (Artest) go and fight with these fans
You need some funk? Come see him punk
I say CM Punk mostly cause the next thing you know X is tellin’ everybody that I’m nice wit’ the hands
I don’t think you guys understand
I come to Brockton, Mass like “Fuck a plug” and still bubble from the bottom like a lava lamp
With a pen that’s off limits like a Nems Compton tag
I steal the scene, his drone killin’ me and it’s makin’ Obama mad
You a prophet? Why don’t you tell me where the profits at?
Cause they got me a lotta cash
That shit’s stacked so high you walk past it with a “Caution” hat
Fuck it, even Hollow Da Don like “How the fuck we gettin’ Loyalty on top of that?”
Ayo, he calls himself “Mr. Massacre” cause he gets booked at it
Next thing you know, Xcel be sayin’ that he starred in a movie cause he looked at it
Like what? You think they thankful that for three years you completely trash?
That shit don’t even match, that’s like Jordan sayin’ “Yo I’d like to thank the flu I beat the Jazz.”
Like everybody beat yo’ ass
Let’s go over the chart
Mass 1: Danny Myers, he was chokin’ on his bars
Mass 2: Shotti P, you took a full blown ass whoopin’ and went first so they can’t put you lower on the card
Mass : you got demoted to day 2, like Ooops they excited, “He survived it and spoke about his heart.”
But knock knock
(Who’s there?)
It’s not a joke, if your name’s Xcel it shouldn’t take four years to show up at the start
Don’t say shit
You a tropical fruit and you not gonna shoot
You can catch me dippin’ wit’ his bread like baba ganoush
Even if the chopper-
Come oooon!
You can catch me dippin’ wit’ his bread like baba ganoush
Even if the chopper on X like a hospital roof
C’mon, you a straight poser
Flame thrower, body count full of slain soldiers
High risk, low reward, no remorse, game over!

[Round 3: Xcel]
You right, I got 62 battles bro
Look man, I ain’t even think that was possible
But at this point in the race, you don’t even have a face, you’re just an obstacle
Research these jerks, I save that for the gossip crew
The only time I dig dirt is to dump it back on top of you
You wanna try angles (triangles) but you got the wrong hypotenuse
Cause ya formula off, you won’t measure up to what you gotta do
You poppin’ too, man you go on Talk Back the whole game on him
And you survive Random rounds, well nigga these ones got ya name on ’em
Listen, I will give him a flashback
When they scorch inside you, you’ll either be Chalked Out or have A. Ward behind you
But not A. Ward, a ward, like trauma unit
Ya body stiff, with the doctor suited, talkin’ to it
Ya heartbeat stopped and muted
Bro, I’m an Abomination
I give this Nimrod a Red Skull from a combination
This barrel? Just in (Justin), new power for ‘Cel (cell) could stop a Juggernaut, split him to the marrow as well
His gun talk, but my barrel can yell
I got aim, I control the Flash like I’m Harrison Wells
It’s villain shit, you see the Carnage in my Mystique
Is symbiotic with darkness so my Venom gets deep
His shit? Weak
They say Brian peel men (Pillman)
Well I ain’t believin’ fam’ team up with Stone Cold
Well peep the plan, I will put a gun in yo’ mouth
The barrel crack your teeth and fam’
I’ll squeeze until ya plaque on the wall, what an achievement fam’
I’ll let it Flair off top, y’all figure, “For what reason?” And
It’s Nature Boy, to be the man I got to beat the man
Your tribe, gave ya heart to God, like Aztecs
Go in ya mouth just for bumpin’ ya gums like an abscess
See Madflex, have tested some dudes with elite skill
But ‘Cel bring a higher craft to the bars, like Meek Mill
See he’s skilled, but I won’t stop ’til he’s killed
A dead giveaway, I move at will
You speak ill to somebody who talk sick (toxic), you’ll see it isn’t the same
See I’m in tune and immune to that shit in yo’ veins
I got the antidote and my path went just how I planned it bro
I held court, not I’m the GOAT to the streets; Earl Manigault
Ya glass jaw and ceramic nose don’t match them granite quotes and antidotes
They fed a young Black Panther antelope
Damn it bro
I really hate it had to be you, but I serve my people, I’m just doin’ what they asked me to do
So chill, realize each stage is a plate, another card, another meal, put whatever at stake (steak)
Nerd rapper or street nigga, whatever the case
I eat ’em like Mikey, Life made me this way
Boy I know you got fans, they watch like “Goddamn.”
This nature Madflex, death is God’s plan
Team fuckin’ Homi bro

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