Dizaster vs. Hollow Da Don [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Hollow Da Don]
I said fuck the coin toss
‘Cause no matter what I was gonna go first
Not to set the tone, just so the fans at home ain’t gotta fast forward through yo’ verse
Nah, we both agreed that this is charity
We gon’ save the big shit for the big bread
We made a pact, but he ain’t believe me
He like, “Did you mean what you just said?”
I said I put that on my grandma life
But what he don’t know is both my grandmothers been dead
Nigga, the manuscript I erased it
Your battleship I done sank it
I ain’t Canibus, with the banana clip I go ape shit
I said a silencer I throw on a vert
When I’m goin’ to squirt, it sound like, “Whoooo…”
They don’t know if I’m goin’ berserk or throwin’ a Nerf
Nigga, play ‘Pac, all they’ll find is the hair and bone
Once you became Public Enemy I was welcome to tear a dome
The way you’ve been actin’, I could tell what you clearly on
My Basic Instinct tell me you and Lush sharin’ stones
I said, I’m not being sarcastic when I say you be hatin’ the least
New York niggas never hate […]— [stumbles]
I said look
I said I ain’t being sarcastic when I say you be hatin’ the least
New York niggas never hate L.A. battle rappers
They just say that you weak
Look, I ain’t even gonna build this up and take a few weeks
My point is, you Muslim, you still gotta pray to the east
And he tried to make a face
He was like, “Oh, Hollow fucked up,” that’s absurd, nigga
I stumbled on purpose to show y’all I’m back on that syrup, nigga
I said, but I’m more cold
A lost soul like the video on “Crossroads”
I wanna see flesh and bone ’cause I’m crazy with a heavy shotty
I get busy, you better hope I’m gonna miss everybody
Nigga, in any category, this cat is gory
Tell my killer, “Bring his Adam’s Apple to me
I don’t wanna hear him rap a story.”
So I ran a play, went Madden on him
I was quiet brother, went Malice on him
And I’m screamin’, “Are his vocals in yet!?”: I went Khaled on him
I said, at any other time, I got the 7 in the left
The old Lamar: the K Dot him, I’m straight bombin’
I see 4’s (C4’s) out of nowhere: that’s Jay’s album
Nigga I’m mad, we had to do a surprise battle
‘Cause you ain’t never get with Math
I should stand up here and rap for an hour and a half
So he got enough time to drive here and kick yo’ ass
Now, since he talkin’ all that shit
This the part where I freestyle, I have to outshine you
You got gangsters but you’re not a gangster
Must I have to remind you?
Oh, now you tough ’cause you got nigga that get Aktive behind you
Should I cook his squad or should I keep goin’ on him?
I said we all remember the nerd, that Cali Eminem from the ‘burbs
That tried to get in the door, ran into a Locksmith
And couldn’t remember a word
This Dizaster, the autistic rapper
That’ll forget his whole round if he gets distracted
He can hear a cell phone ring while it’s in your jacket
This Dizaster, “I’ll take your bitch, rape your bitch in a fake relationship, then take a trip and make a diss with Jadakiss and—”
I hate that shit
Real niggas, we lookin’ for the punch, we like, “C’mon with it!”
And he avoiding bails, jumping bars: that’s a run-on sentence
Bro, that’s because you battle the damn most
This ain’t me being cocky when I say you’ll literally battle a damn goat
Bro, you battled everybody in King of the Dot, except for the damn h—
Bro, you battled a lot
If it wasn’t for King of the Dot
And you was on your own (Rone), you’d be nameless (Knamelis)
Dizaster would be an Aftershock
I took this battle ’cause I’m tired of watchin’ old footage of Tay Tay sayin’ he’ll blast the Glock
I mean with all the pipe lines I’m surprised you’re still standing, Roc
I said, Dizaster, Dizaster
I said bro, you did a battle in Texas that was so bad
You and Lil’ Flip never talked about it after it happened
I mean and you claim you be international swaggin’
To me you’re a kamikaze
Your soul has been sold in L.A. more than a hot tamale
Nigga, this is— don’t get beside yourself bro, I’m pullin’ out a body


Nigga, I got bars, I’m mad charmin’
Make ’em feel at home with a Desert that’ll sandstorm him
I said I wanna freestyle a lil’ bit, I’m mad charmin’
Make him feel at home with a Desert that’ll sandstorm him
Nigga, the scope look like the camera, it got a lens that flip out like this camcorder
And the clip hang over the belt like a hand warmer
Loyalty Over Money

[Round 1: Dizaster]
I’ll admit, seeing you on King of the Dot is mad weird
So what, you the man here?
You barely started fucking with us like last year
The six prior to that you was busy picking all the little bugs out of Smack beard
I’m a pioneer to the highest degree
Riding into the cipher with riot gear
Name a rhymer here, they’ll die against me
You almost took Tay Roc, but now that we here it’s obviously clear
I’m in the Mile High Club, there’s not a Lear Jet flying with me
You must’ve been high as the ionosphere
When you thought Roc a tier (Rocketeer) higher than me
But embrace this opportunity
‘Cause it happens once in every blue moon
They said, “Is Boston ready for a Dizaster?”
I said, “Hell nah, it’s too soon!”
But fuck the Tsarnaev brothers, how long we seen Da Don duckin’?
Tryin’ to prolong but you knew you had this all comin’
Which is why I brought up the marathons
Because I been on the scene from the start gunnin’
And you like Usain Bolt because it took ’til 2017 for you to finally decide to stop runnin’
He said, “It’s not you, it’s the bag.”
I said, “It’s not you, it’s the fags.”
I said, “It’s his mom dukes and his dad?”
He said, “Dog, poodle and cat.”
Shut the fuck up, Hollow Da Don!
With your fucking Zorro mustache you got on
You look like a Puerto Rican reggaeton DJ
Your name should be Hollow Da Juan
But don’t worry about his clothing or what he got on
But if you is worried, lomclothing.com
You know what else rhymes with “lomclothing.dom”?
“John John”
I said, when I first hit him up I was tryin’ to see if he was doin’ okay
Soon as he responded I knew something was wrong
‘Cause he didn’t say the things that he would usually say
I said, “What happened with that fight, Hollow?”
He said, “Nothing!… What you doing today?”
Why is it when he raps fast you guys react when you know it sucks? This is how he battled with Loaded Lux
A dadada dododo shotty is loaded up dadaddada
So fucking what?
If I spit half the shit he did, people like Angry Fan would cut off both of my nuts
I said, but he gets to have a war story full of old hollows
So I keep giving him bucks like an old hollow
The first two go to his head…
And the third ripped through his shirt like the old Hollow
I said when he showed us his little rib cage at Grizzlemania
I couldn’t believe that
First human being I ever seen with a fully fully-grown 14-pack
I said, “Damn, Hollow, where you get lean at?”
He said, “Lean at?
I can get it for three flat, let me hit my team jack and see where he at.”
I said, “Nah, Hollow, I didn’t mean that.”
You fucking asshole, I told his ass “no”
Like Fat Joe, better give him that Lean Back
I’m about to push this dude to his true limits
So he gon’ get wiped out from the roots like eugenics
Salute me, I’m your new lieutenant, this dude’s finished
Knock knock!

Who’s there?

A body bag in under two minutes!
When I black out, you’ll end up assed out like Calicoe tryin’ to maneuver through a Jacuzzi full of naked dudes in it!
You want these knife bars?
Then let’s get to these knife bars
With the long blade I’m like Zelda, I’m a legend and an expert
I’ll Fruit Ninja watermelon your head
And leave red on your sweatshirt
I’ll poke you and make the side of your neck squirt
I’m ambidextrous with this chef work
I’ll hit you with the right swipe
Then come back with the left connecter
And open your fucking neck like a Pez dispenser
You want these knife bars, well, let me use the knife bar
I haven’t got to show gun (shogun)
How to use a knife against you (Ginsu)
Shogun? Ginsu? That’s the type of trash you would get to
Exactly, I’ll sneak into the fucking Boston venue
With a fucking Katana, Hattori Hanzo sword with an eleven on it
To represent the amount of bodies it can slip through
Slit you, I put a little razor out and {slicing sound} you
Open up your lips and put a slit through
Scar your chin so hard that Harley Quinn would want to kiss you
I’m finally at a Massacre event
Where faggots get assassinated
I’m mechanically activated, lacerated and flat-out laminated
Ask anybody what happened with Gjonaj at Back to the Basics
What happened was he got castrated
And thrown in his casket naked
I adapted to his lack of patience
He got a shot too early so that faggot got vaccinated
If you talk about my girl I’ma ruin your wife
Take your bitch’s pussy and have her loose from the pipe
Her asshole and her coochie like you and NYB
‘Cause they used to be tight
I said if you don’t write how you usually write
You gon’ end up losing tonight
Everybody knows I’m the most dangerous dude you can fight
So you underestimating me would be stupid just like
Me coming to you for music advice
I said listen, I told him, “You need to make music.”
He said, “Music is trash,” he said, “I said trash.”
I said, “You don’t wanna make tracks?”
He said, “I don’t sell tracks. I sell hats.”
I told him, “Dawg, you need to get some metronome in your flow
You know, put some musical influence in your verse
‘Cause we come from that cloth
We were hardcore lyricists at first.”
Every time he’s in L.A. I say, “Come to the studio!
I got some shit that’s in the works.”
You know what he says? “Dawg, I’m makin’ a killin’ off these shirts.”
And then I say, “Killin’ off these shirts?”
He said, “Yeah, that’s what that mean
L.O.M. – I’m making a Living Off of Merch.”
You took the shot but you missed
You need to learn how to aim better
Better let ’em know, lame setter
You let alone headed home
With a letter sown to your head like Loretta, you need to let it go
Why you tryin’ to talk to him, dawg? You need to let it go
Get shredded from head to toe
The Beretta blow, you head will go bang
Like a lesbo hole in the Ellen DeGeneres Show
My bad, my bad, my bad, I was thinking of Fresco, bro
But hold on, but hold on

I’m out. I’m out. Good shit

I said as far as the rest goes
This is Death Row, the West gon’ grow
And y’all gon’ peep me and people like us to help you at your events it shows
So listen, the shit that y’all kickin’ ain’t really shit to me
Without the West Coast, King of the Dot would barely have any legacy
Listen, bitch! They getting mad okay, I’m not gonna go on a killing spree
But fuck that, I’m taking these pussies on a ride with me
I’m raping the game literally
I’m like Chris Unbias, the words, “no”, “please” and “stop” don’t mean shit to me
Listen, you niggas haven’t figured out
Why I’m constantly trippin’ out
‘Cause I put my blood sweat and tears for years until I poured rivers out
And I didn’t get shit but doubt
Disrespected me in my house
Tired to move in these second-string gun bars pussies and kicked me out
Listen, Cassidy, Canibus, TMZ

{Hollow starts walking off stage}

I’ma finish my shit and I’ma make it go quicker
He can do that ’cause he’s never been no stand up nigga
And that’s what Lux said
Listen, ayy, but I can’t say that word, right?
Yeah, because you know
In New York they got those big bad rap guys
Always rappin’ about they gat size
Diss white rappers, then come to King of the Dot like that’s wise
Type of black guys that scream: “Black lives matter!”
Right after killing some black guys

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