Murda Mook vs. Aye Verb [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Murda Mook]
Ay look, the cowboy ain’t wanna meet (meat) on URL
So Rare Breed was the medium to cater the plate
This beef ’bout to get done well
Y’all ’bout to see the vegan done made a mistake (made him a steak)
Do him greasy, finger lickin’, savor the taste
Talkin’ Beasley, SMACK niggas, stay in ya place
You get shot in ya face, and then shot in ya face more
They say, “Mook you went overboard.”
Of course, that’s how you make sure (shore)
Let’s pick up the pace
Chase gave a nigga from the Lou’ the baton
Well I got him, no problem
It’s gonna look like the bottoms after I stomp blood out him
Mr. Easy Bucket stupid, this feat (feet) you in
A Christian Lou’ been (Loubin’) for the win, I’ma shoo (shoe) in
And guess who doin’ the bap, bap, bap ties and the gat risin’
They all come my way with detention
End up gettin’ the same sentence
Start with I, chalk lines, mad times, I show ’em the ropes
Now this is where Chaz ties in (chastising)
If I don’t put Chaz man in a casket
Shiiit, you gon’ be nappin’ on a mattress
With a permanent address at the hospital
The sight gon’ be the saddest, it’s tragic
Imagine havin’ to see ya kid try to play peek a boo witchu in ICU (and I see you)
I can see more wrong (moron) when I see you
God got a devilish sense of humor, that’s probably true
I mean his test gotta be a few of the funniest jokes
Like, “Don’t y’all think it’s hilarious that after you just decided to stop eatin’ meat, that man put you right in front of the GOAT.”
Here this guy go (Geico), “Mook ain’t got bars, he just be talkin’, he borin’.”
I’m ensurin’ (insuring) that’s one of your quotes
Well if Progressive punchlines whatchu want, fine
But you better hold that same fuckin’ policy for your rhymes
I’m ’bout to have each and everyone behind you mournin’ (morning), sunshine
The stream ran I’m a heavy fav’
So much damn (dam) damage the levees break
Me, I championed every weight
Light weight to heavy weight
Every class that was dealt, blood let’s demonstrate
Pussy I got it locked and I ain’t never introducin’ Chaz to these (chastity) belts
This a case of mistaken identity, ARP givin’ me the wrong person
For him remember, these jail bars wasn’t meant for
So in a sense (innocence) it’ll be, now you can’t bail ’cause you don’t know the shit you in for
This your day to loss (data loss), backup everything like when you send off your phone the Sprint store
‘Cause if boy can’t walkie what he talkie
Well that’s the kinda shit I give you 10 for (10-4)
*ch-ch* “Man down”
It was Math Hoffa who wanted this fuckin’ loss
But me and Math campaign (cam’ pain) don’t add up for promo
I don’t care what it cost
Now here’s news for you Verb
If I’m puzzled by your words, then the lead put you right in the box
Straight up and down, I ain’t the one to cross
This .40 kick back hard as a fuckin’ horse
Push ya shit back like, “Huh, I think this one is yours.”
Or I lift a rusty brown .44


{Aye Verb finally has enough of Mook poking and pushing him and a fight breaks out}

Push ya shit back like, “Huh, I think this one is yours.”
Or I lift a rusty brown .44
Empty three (MP3), Verb see these (CD’s) ain’t around no more
I planned your Geronimo a long time ago
Clumsy nigga, fell for it though
The ho thought he caught the drop
But the grip is like a whip without standin’ tickets, I keep it on the lot (on a lot)
Picture me debatin’ with the haters about the greatest names is, “What four?”
What for? When the last time you saw a picture of God carved on Mt. Rushmore?
Huh, huh, huh, uh? Mr. Important Number, you recall
How I did the Jewish boy
When Mook awarded […] that shit was Biblical
Now he worshipin’ me with his gefilte fish
Man listen, I’m ’bout to be a bad magician
God will reveal His tricks, I been had it figured
Say it if y’all know it, so itttt’s… (SHOWTIME!)
No slime, that’s a gimmick
Y’all wan know why him decided to put Showtime inside him rhymin’, right?
Think about it, Frankensteinin’, he was realizin’ he was dyin’
And he needed a trick tryin’ to bring him back to life
But that’s magic, right?
But now you’re cadaver bruh (‘cadabra)
That’s your [?] all the theatrics in ya rappin’
Camera trickin’ like you snappin’
Take two of ya hot bars, we give ’em direct action
You start overreactin’, this is a fact
He even try to reel it in to persuade them to tell you to bring it back
It was hot, but wasn’t slick enough to go over nobody head, Permy relax
Ay look, I don’t know about the people
But here’s why I don’t believe you
‘Cause how you Vegan, but in ya Showtiming you talkin’ ’bout you ’bout to let the beef brew?
And in the ring you one of a kind Verb, nobody hot as you
Wait so you a custom model (Cus D’Amato)
Good, I’m Iron Mikes, I got a box for you
You got a lot of niggas sayin’ I ain’t got enough to rock witchu
Well you gon’ die a critic with them lyin’ right on top of you
Ay, diacritic letters got a line right on top of ‘U’
My last three, John Cruise through 11 and 0
Beat me? Mission Impossible
Keep it tall, you just lookin’ to get a round (around)
But I’m too steep of an obstacle
Y’all think I took Buddy outta Love?
Murphy’s Law, you wasn’t thinkin’ logical
Son, I only took you for this check, I adopted you
I’m raw, y’all lookin’ at it backwards
You want the battle, I want the war, it’s different rational
Like now we see Captain Marketable to private
So my arm forced to add morale
We different to the core (corp) in general, I got nothin’ to prove
I black my ops, you Navy Seal, you just come from the blue
I changed the playin’ fields, I rank way above all you dudes
Think chlorine, if you want this war to (water) change just be number one in the pool
Verb you a stupid fuck
When I gotta take niggas to school it’s bad news
‘Cause I be tearin’ all the pupils up
Verb, you know when you hear bad news it be tearin’ all them pupils–
Look, Mook a superhero, stage rip
Mention me and beef, the stakes (steaks) lift
If battle rap dyin’, I let this cape flip and save shit
Lift the whole culture, make the climate on the plain shift
So fuck bein’ grateful, I’m the nigga you need to thank bitch

[Round 1: Aye Verb]
What can I say to the great Murda Mook?
‘Cause he’s the reason we here
Whoever your favorite battle rapper is…
He’s the reason that we picked this career
He’s the reason that battle rap used to have that chill back then
But he’s also the reason that battle rap is gettin’ held back still
Before I do this, I challenge you to this throne, young prince T’Challa
Nigga FUCK yo legacy
Nigga FUCK yo honor
Nigga FUCK yo god stuff
Let’s see how tough y’all Black Panther is once he get stripped of his powers
Nigga meet yo Killmonger
I have no fear of ya
All the blood I shed in my career was for this moment
I’m a warrior, I pull up in my opponent’s city solo
With hot iron loaded and I go drill somethin’
We ain’t the same, look at yo battles
You stayed in yo region and had Hot, Iron, Loaded and never killed nothin’
But they say this a big rich town, KATAP!
Target practice at y’all James St. Patrick who not active
And still gettin’ praise from all his past shit
Follow me y’all
On Power, that bitch Angela symbolizes the industry
She tries to tell him, “Turn your back on them Ghost.”
She want you to leave this shit alone and sell an image of hope
But I’m his brother Tommy
I’m tryin’ to tell him, “Nigga we don’t fit in wit’ them folks.”
Wake up Mook, we battle rappers
Every line we sell dope, in our raps we shell folks
While you at the party witcha wrist froze
With Busta Rhymes and the Flipmode
We out here goin’ to war, twin .45’s: Donovan Mitchells
Takin’ rounds from each other that feel like blows from the Klitschkos
While you drink Dom as you sip Mo’
We out here puttin’ in work lettin’ clips blow
I done shot my own brothers
Point blank range and watched they shit ‘splode
While you cross the street, scared to squeeze and shakin’ in this pose
You not one of us
Who you bring on your podcast? NOT ONE OF US
Who you refer when Dame Dash made a film? NOT ONE OF US
You the godfather of this shit
This how you gon’ do yo’ children?
Nigga you built this buildin’
The roof collapse, you just moved and said “Fuck the new tenants.”
For the approval of these stars?
Aww dummy, you just that lil’ nigga wit bars
Open ya eyes Mook, let me paint this picture of who you are
See you’re just a python
And when it’s time to throw a mouse in yo face
These industry niggas crowd around your cage wit they pretty gold chains
They watch you eat the mouse, then they clap so amazed
And then they go back to they rich lives
And leave yo silly ass trapped in that cage
Nigga you want acceptance
We bang our shit, nigga we set trip
You selfish
You want us to stay at the bottom like all the shellfish
Yeah you sell tix to come see you rap
But we don’t care inside
When you’re back we can’t stand up for you, the culture paralyzed
You cripled ’em
You tell ’em one number and then you triple them
Death comes in threes, this yo 3rd match, swing on that pendulum
This that old Verb, who tactical and masterful and magical
Time to take this shit back, let’s get retractable
I didn’t have the drive for this shit but you changed my spark plugs
I’m a rider, I took out animals
Me and them St. Louis niggas, we took the boat Noah’s Ark
And turned that bitch to a car club
You delusional, if this was the School of Heart, at graduation when Mook walk, only the flutes would blow
For Verb this gon’ get musical
I’ma make this execution beautiful
This is history, you gon’ be the first nigga that crack you and do it smooth, you know
But you the first man alive who sold tickets to his own funeral
What’s up patna?
Time we peel the layers back like when you burn the toast
Gloves on wit the mask, let’s get surgical
Shoulder strap over the arm, how man purses go
Shell project horizontal and send ’em vertical
In the ring wit Verb it’s gon’ be lines (lions) everywhere
You better learn the ropes
Fuck tryin’ to pen wit me, bitch nigga, you better learn the joke
I gave you this home game to exchange verses bro
‘Cause if I killed you outta town it’s all business
But if you smoke a nigga in his house that shit is personal
Ay, he tried to tell me I’m in some shit like I’m scared
See what he tried to do was stop my mind from movin’
But I’m wit the shit so being in some shit means nothin’
My nigga I been in every kind of sewer
And I learned to love it and became a connoisseur
To St. Louis I’m Obama to ’em
I terminate the Terminators, I’m John Connor to him
Razor blade all in his face, I’ll put a comma through him
He don’t want this smoke, this shit embalmin’ fluid
When I rap I get comets movin’
When you rap niggas get bored (board), how Dennis Rodman do it
I can turn him up or do it calm and suit ya
How you want it? Either way you are fucked
These rounds tonight like Kama Sutra
No fuckin’ around before this fight, like how the boxers do it
Y’all Zab Judah, watch how I Kosta Tszyu him
Bring the cocky out him, get his posture ruined
Floyd/Pacquiao take punches, how can I not go through him?
Give a nigga a shot he’ll put a hot one through ya
Fuck ya, I ain’t star-struck, pussy
Let these new niggas pay homage to you
It’s time to eat I’ma go noodles like a college student
Your streak I’ma end dat (in debt) like a college student
For the record I’m layin’ the beat down, but I’m not producin’
You ain’t wit the toxic, stop it Mooky
It’s monsters where I’m from, I live through
Yo mama wouldn’t even let you watch this movie
A lot to do wit drums movin’, snares poppin’ like rock acoustics
This Dr. Seuss shit vers’ the Constitution?
Man, I ain’t here to praise him tonight, now ask me why
‘Cause don’t god gotta be good to you first before you hallelujah?
That’s how I’ma do ya

[Round 2: Murda Mook]
Ay, Smack called me, I was gettin’ some head
He said, “I want you to battle Surf, Mook
But I ain’t got all the bread.”
But it’s an opportunity bro, these Summer Madnesses
But I ain’t got all your cabbage.”
*Click* I don’t wanna hear that shit
With you we laughin’ king, a sigh of (sire) joke nigga
So I address the court jester
Let him know I bet you next few lectures
You gon’ fumble or you gon’ choke nigga
You rap like you inebriated, here’s why I know (wino) nigga
Verb, what’s up wit all the slurs and the mumblin’
Tr-tryin’ to get out bars, you stumblin’
What was the purpose (porpoise) of a Flubberfin?
Ay, Ay (AA) punk don’t tell me you gettin’ drunk again
Well you standin’ up against shots that ain’t got no names
That’s the first step that I’ll admit
And trust me Chaz, I can haul it (alcoholic)
Hope you don’t think a nine’ll miss (anonymous)
Ay, how it feel bein’ the designated guy to whip?
Ya peeps grievin’, see you sleepin’ in pee, stinkin’ while you sip
Oh you some kinda friend, you got me fucked up
Don’t wanna question my drive and test my lines
Like if I point nine (.09) I ain’t blowin’ it
That’s a breath of lies (breathalyz-er)
Ay, this different here man
We wake up wit headaches when you rhyme
Rubbin’ our temples wanna forget you
‘Cause you bottom-shelf and all ya boo’s (booze) is 100% proof
Ay this steel (distill) is what you call a licker (liquor)
I thought shorty knew, you get a Glock 19, 40 too (1942)
Watch how you talk to killers (Tequilas)
They whine (wine) and bitter, battle nigga tender
Can’t bare (beer) admittin’ that I’m more G
Defend a bender (fender bender)
Bar hop and mention these rounds on me, that’s whiskey business
How your dumb ass fought me for gettin’ you off the concrete?
See I meant (cement) to put you six feet in it
He on Twitter dissin’ Omar Epps all night, you brawl light
Just ’cause he root for me
You shouldn’t put ya racks up if ya bra tight
But unlike you that kid a computer whiz, he the smart type
‘Cause he learned his lesson
You a fool thinkin’ he gonna go against God twice
Oh Verb nigga, I heard nigga that you a herb nigga
Bird nigga, pick up the burner, bullets burn niggas
Heard niggas submerge in him, then they turn in him
Curve in him, stuck in his sternum, they stern in him
Surgeon and all of his nurses they concerned for him
Murmurin’, “No savin’ Verb,” now they confirmin’ him
Comatose, ay I got ya daughter home alone
She real spazzin’ and I’m laughin’
‘Cause she askin’, “Where my daddy? Why he can’t return?”
I told that little bastard, the ER is where you are (UR)
Well let me give it to y’all St. Louis accent
I bet you wishin’ you was h(ER)e with h(UR)r
I see the broke spirit in your mirror Verb
Seven years of worst, straight up bad luck
We saw Rex break his ass up
Shine zipped the bag up
Half A Gallon took all the ounces out ya tank to gas up
You got worked by a dirt Smurf named Twork
Off his name alone you shoulda known you supposed to shake his ass up
Man, did you really believe that they believed you was gonna succeed as the winner?
You think this league’ll (legal) aid you wit gettin’ Murda?
You buggin’ nigga, you a public defender
I saw the pretender addin’ a buncha them niggas under his Twitter
Tryin’ to superhero to form against me like the fuckin’ Avengers
I’m the real, they knows (Thanos) and I’m stone cold
And gon’ let (gauntlet) reality be my decision to shape
And I ride despite a man (Spider-Man) died
‘Cause this appear (disappear) that you dissin’ a great (disintegrate)
Verb, you know when you disappear you disintegrate
Ay, I passed ARP, he one I blame too
Take this L, Jackson, you ain’t a Marvel captain
To be honest, we still tryna figure out why he paid/paged you
Even on a break too
I hit a clear lane to the bucket, man it’s disgustin’
It’s like I mistimed my jumpin’
How I’m spazzin’ on Mr. Duncan (dunkin’)
He in his interview soundin’ grumpy
“Why Mook want all this money?”
Is you serious? Well since you curious
It’s ’cause I’m like a lower case ‘i’, top of the fuckin’ line, period
That’s why my capital type major
Look at the keyboard, watch
You see the power is at the top, I makes a lot (salat)
This Llama lake him (assalamualaikum)
Why would I lie (Allah)?
I’m sorta cocky ’cause my aura got me (origami) foldin’ a lot of paper
I divide ya sweetie pie
She said her’s the number that I should favor
But I said nah, ’cause bottom line, we ain’t have nothin’ in common to nominate her (denominator)
So fuck it I gotta–, nah, I’m not a hater
Plus I heard she a hard sucker
So muhfucka I save her for Now & Later
I came back a hour later
On wool sheets I put his baby to sleep (sheep), you know Murda
She whispered in her ear “the greatest”
And the GOAT heard her (herder)
She told that nigga bye (baaah)
Put V to the side, but you already know that
‘Cause I’m greater than
So she figured the GOAT is who she need to go at
Man, split it down the middle, that’s a riddle
While you unfold that, I unload a whole MAC in ya gold caps
Player, I’m the coach, I help to press (depress)
If anyone of the pro’s act (Prozac)
Yeah I’m feelin’ myself like I don’t know where my phone at
The waist where the chrome at
BAOW where ya dome at
You wanna smell a body? I think I can loan (cologne) that
You said New York niggas bias—you see now liar?
They want you to win, it’s just you can’t slip that bullshit by us
Our heart authentic, we don’t rent it
Don’t you even try to lend (Len) Bias
NY ain’t ya habitat, everybody know that’s a fact
Open ya phone, even Siri will (cereal) tell you
You ain’t a nigga that the Apple Jack
Mook a superhero stage rip
Mention me and beef, the stakes (steaks) lift
If battle rap dyin’, I let this cape flip, save shit
Lift the whole culture, make the climate on the plain shift
So fuck bein’ grateful, I’m the nigga you need to thank bitch

[Round 2: Aye Verb]
When you battled Lux, you beat Lux, straight up, no shade wit it
It’s all fair when it’s war
The way you won just wasn’t quite my style, you played different
You took Lux secret diss record to Bus’ and got it played nigga?
Oh, where I’m from that’s called straight snitchin
It’s ironic you the first good schoolboy I’ve met without great principle
I’m from the hood, I guess I’m raised different
Example: I got enemies that I know for a fact shot at niggas I slapped fives wit, but I take it to the grave wit me
Dot Mobb, how y’all develop a squadron
Wit a leader who got gelatin in his posture?
The number one rule of war is keep it silent
No snitchin’, no women or children, if it’s problems?
Only a coward believes any and every element is an option
Nigga save that bang bang shit, nigga we know player
Dot Mobb, you fuck wit us, yeah we locate ’em
I love my niggas-
(Look at him, he emotional!)
I love my niggas so them not favors
Shoot one of mine I shoot back, give ’em a bag and relocate ’em
You the rookie, you don’t see no stages
You just Markelle Fultz but on the flo’ nigga he’s no Tatum
Are y’all kiddin’ me holmes?
Do y’all listen to the lyrics of what this nigga be on?
I motivate the block, rocks in yo hand, young nigga get on
When he talks rock in yo hand it’s silly shit like Infinity Stones
Gun down our president, I’ma be known
Like the nigga that got Kennedy gone
I’m good, money, the city’s capitol, Italy, Rome
In the room it may feel like you winnin’, bitch listen
On cam, my opponents don’t even know that they dead
I Sixth Sense ’em
I’m conscious, but I go back and forth, I’m switch flippin’
Behind mine, yo words don’t even sound the same, ya pitch shiftin’
Fuck this, unlimited rounds, they DID book me for a long time
Fuck a preview, let’s let that beef brew, in 3D too
(So it’s Showtime!)
I told my bitch we ain’t celebratin’ shit, we go mama
Itinerary, kill him we skatin’, we roll bouncin’
Hollow-points all in the .40 look like I load mountains
Y’all best pound for pound ’bout to get drug
And broken down into whole ounces
You an old vulture in a roll-out chair
An old voucher and that boy Mook a whole ho outchea
Yo, you ride for the minds of these niggas that play with Legos
I’m crazy wit it, I’ll stick a fork in ya noodle
Twist it, pull it back and then lick the Prego
Straps I stay wit one, Mook, a nigga faithful
Don’t judge me, I come from hammers bangin’
And white folks yellin’ “Case closed!”
I’ll get yo bitch snatched, not where her waist go
Pesos, wanna get the bitch back? Then bring a case load
A body bag is what you prayin’ fo’
But a dog fight is what I’m paid fo’
When it’s war I don’t play bro
I’m up early throwin’ rounds in that toaster: Leggo my Eggo
Yo rhyme faces don’t match yo vibrations
When it’s over you gon’ be sour, don’t cry baby
With great power comes responsibility
In yo tainted mind, the odds of killin’ me
Was equal to the arms of centipedes
But I’m too cold, you can’t see me like the winter’s leaves
Thank me later, ’cause you losin’ if you don’t lose
And check the files, every winner bleeds
After tonight the biggest three
Gon’ be me first, Lux here and since I’m bein’ beatin’ you
You gon’ have to get in the middle of us, you must intervene
Nigga I will cave yo chest in
Slap box wit all your inner beings
You prolly rolled here in a limousine
Which is more than form fittin’ for kings
Each time they get they wings
Nah, you ain’t a king nigga, you’s a pawn
And in real life nigga you’s a corn
You try to say you different
And all the rest of us niggas is all in uniform
That’s why I’ma put one in yo head since you the unicorn
I asked some street niggas ’bout John
They like, “Who is the dude?”
You an actor, nobody remember you young like John Witherspoon
That’s pops nigga
Top splittin’, slot switchin’ like I’m not spittin’
Fix yo face or get botched nigga
No, you are not one of the Wolves, you’re not Wiggins
Sorry, gotta get rid of you son like Doc Rivers
How you not get it? I may win, I might lose
But when I fall I give the fans the feelin’ of when Mike lose
I been past my test nigga, this night school
Nigga ya pen high school
You come back to the game wit the same moves every time like you Ken/Ryu
You a lil Loc wit this killin’ Murda, you got Lorenz IQ
And I’m a Menace, I don’t blend like you
Nigga I ride through Harlem on four [?]
Hangin’ out the window wit a fully auto
All the bullies that I know they got spin cycle
Yo bitch nothin’, only bitches who nothin’ attract men like you
My dick get hard, I extend rifles
Boy I make yo’ Bigfoot bitch blow me until her windpipe loose

{Crowd starts booing and loosing their shit}
Here come the hate. Here come the hate. It’s NOTHING. Easy work. Here come the hate. Say no more. I love it. I love it

Now who believes hustle stories from y’all? Like y’all bleeders
If you catch runnin’ spots, nigga we all cheaters (cheetahs)
Cannons, light up you and yo girl, we called Cheaters
I ain’t here to play witchu dawg, this y’all recess
In this battle realm I’m looked upon as a reject
You know why? ‘Cause I’m the only nigga sellin’ heroin on this weed set
Breathe on ’em, why exhale?
I’m talkin’ bars in a big boy fashion
I’m talkin’ Big T in a five XL, wide as hell
You ain’t known for rhymin’ well
So when you be okay you like a dirty nigga in a fresh tee and some Jordans, Mook, you look fly as hell

[Round 3: Murda Mook]
Now before we begin (vegan)
I’ma need them to get deep into this
‘Cause y’all got me battlin’ a nigga that don’t even exist
You picked the name ‘Verb’
The definition of that word mean action
But if action causes reaction you abstract, let’s speak facts then
Pay attention to me captain
Listen to what I’m tellin’ you
If your existence predicates off decisions you hypothetical
If I’m gettin’ too much ahead of you
Well let me try helpin’ you and gettin’ it clear
The stage: matter, we can touch it, we can feel it, it’s here
Now, I can run on it, jump on it, whatever one I wanna display
But until I decide what action I wanna take
A verb can never come into play
See this how I’m gonna renown (re-noun)
‘Cause these rounds these crowds graspin’
But see, nouns we need Verb to add description to shit that’s happenin’, that’s why I need you Verb
Because you help me manifest a lesson I wanna fulfill
That the only reason you existin’
Is because you position next to somethin’ that’s real
Do you feel? I’m on ya heels
This marble floor is versatile (vs a towel)
I shine off a pile of shit, different that I do
Sprints from flicks I get reviewed, businesses I get renewed
Parquet or park floor, I ain’t picky when I choose
Fuck where the Surf is, if the turf switch
Then I guess Mike’ll be skippin’ to the Lou’
(JayBlac you better listen now!)
Ay, Mook, why you by yourself in the Wraith for? (Rafer)
Oh this an empty V (MTV) ’cause I’m Conceited now
Plus y’all know I’m used to whippin’ Lux-ury
Why y’all got me pushin’ this bum-ass V around?
Of course, you my brother
I tried to open these doors for Surf
Who the fuck told you you could ride?
Now it was in vain (vein) takin’ that risk (wrist) pushin’ Tsu aside (suicide)
Oh, and I hope you ain’t think that you could hide
If you don’t think that your parents let us know
Who are you inside, bruh you a lie
Like this created playa haircut and this beige thing on ya beard son
That just tell us all you do is dye (die)

{crowd starts booing}

Why you always callin’ niggas “ugly”?
You don’t think that’s weird son?
You even called me ugly, well I can be all that and some
But then here come my question, and I think it’s a pretty fair one
If you think niggas is ugly
Well why don’t you tell us what niggas you think is handsome?
Ay Verb, ay look, and in ya parking lot sprint-cident (sprint incident), I tried to get you against all of my man’s son
I said, “It’s so hot up here son.” I mean yeah son
They caught the kid nappin’, but if you look close
You see he tryin’ to get money, that’s why he ran some (ransom)
Chaz a bitch, tee-off on him like I had a lisp
Sound of a Tech-9, feel like Easter, I’m about to have a fit
You try to spin, get ya back caught
That’s the way the god play
All I do is amaze (a maze) you gotta find out the hard way
Daylyt gave me a call say, “Son (sun) this nigga 24 hours straight.”
I couldn’t even take the shine for it, ’cause that was all Day
Wait, don’t we got unlimited time for it? Oh we got all day
Ay, I’ma bang ’til this clip drop
This body a quick fix, you a pit stop
The way I’m snappin’ on you, prolly got you in shock
I’m Bill Collector wit the fifth cocked
I’m ’bout to Showout wit a big knot
Strip you out ya socks, make you kick rocks in flip flops
Two bricks out the nick, five hours, six tops
I took trips with no stashes and the whip hot
You ever seen cops and almost had some shit dropped?
I took risks to let the bricks clot
I had six under me, twelve all on top of me, no tick tocks
Look, you need to blame ARP, he the one who did this to you
So we don’t gotta discuss then (disgustin’)
Why you was this pick-able (despicable)
Same nigga who said the white man trickin’ you
Then with the dude, KOD just typical
I think we beyond sayin’ (Beyonce) this nigga’s a jiggaboo (Jigga boo)
Well I’m Hov in the elevator, I’m calm when shit gettin’ tricky
I don’t respond when little sissies try and kick it wit me
Wicky wicky, back when Smack recordin’ was important
Missouri was sorta slow
Thought I could set (cassette) the table for him
But rewind, realize that time I was too fast for it (forward)
Pause it, aw shit, niggas you millennial
Picture you gettin’ rid of Mook
You digital, my real (reel) is old school original
I ain’t need the tool, I made the streets move
I had the people eager to see Mook
Make a scene, that was pre views
Fuck all the battle rappers who came to see me lose
Suck my dick, I hope all y’all kids die in preschool
Oh and you think I ain’t peep you
All your rants that you ain’t verified on Instagram
Listen man, give that shit up
They prolly e-mailed you and said, “We’ll give you a check…
Right after you get it from Lux.”
I know you saw him as an influence, but now turnin’ vegan
Preachin’ about all the wrongs men doin’
It ain’t no accident, you wanted y’all collision that bad you turned into him
Ay, he gave you credit on the card when he rhyme
You asked to battle, he declined
But he already gave you rounds when he curved you three times
But speakin’ on that night Verby
When I started his career, let’s tell it right Verby
I knew you from nobody (no body)
And went out on a limb and saved you from arms and feet
Shoulda let you get tore so (torso) we coulda seen Vegan Verb vegetable since you are what you eat
But my smarts they elite, listen hard it get deep
Let me soul a (solar) system, this is when you and I verses (universes) meet, a solid G (astrology)
Would I be goin’ too far if I said you are only a star ’cause of me?
Alright, when my consolation (constellation)
Be the battle that let us all know who you are with SB
Son of a bitch that was me!
But see males and females
I was pushin’ through my own agenda (gender)
Bitch nigga, the whole St. Louis owe a nigga
He don’t think so, here go the picture
He was the first nigga from over there to come over here to battle rap
If you woulda got crippled like Hurricane
And they woulda got wind of that attack
We woulda torn they doe (tornado) up
Stormed out of New York, wouldn’t have came back after that
That’s a fact, imagine that
No rabbit hat, woulda never seen a Magic act
And Yung Ill catchphrase woulda never had that impact
He woulda hit Beasley to come through as a spitta
And “Who is this nigga?”
That woulda been the question he got back from Smack
Nick Cannon wouldn’t know who Hitman is
And we woulda been hearin’ ’bout who Hitman’s hitman is
So yeah, take it personal
But if it wasn’t for Murda Mook, Lux curvin’ you
Woulda been the last time niggas heard the Lou’
But remember, we all remember that line
“Making his guardian angel duck”
Well I got my own guardian angel
And he told me yours ain’t like that part you was sayin’ too tough
That’s why he not here to save you bruh
‘Cause your guardian next to my guardian
Party Arty and they partyin’ hard
Hardy hardyin’ is watchin’ me straighten you up
Ay, Verb, your bars is wack and ya lingo
I’ll throw a hand grenade through ya baby window
Kill ya extended family with the same extendo
Small carrier in the pocket: that’s a plane memento
But the Midwest movement, y’all was percolatin’
The ground workin’ person put round on that circuit
Y’all was circulatin’
You Holla, Ill, RemyD, shit y’all birthed the nation
If you hollered ill (Holla, Ill)
Then RemyD (remedy) would be the first to aid him
But RemyD got Ill, tried to Holla at Verb to save him
Verb hollered “Eww, nah RemyD, let the nurses take him.”
Then Ill needed remedy, needed–
But the Midwest movement, y’all was percolatin’
The ground workin’ person put round on that circuit
Y’all was circulatin’
You Holla, Ill, RemyD, shit y’all birthed the nation
If you hollered ill then RemyD would be the first to aid him
But Remedy got ill, tried to holla at Verb to save him
Verb hollered “Eww, not RemyD, let the nurses take him.”
Then Ill needed remedy, needed Holla and Verb replace him
They had an ill remedy for that: Holla and Verb replaced him
Now it’s just Holla and Verb, prolly heard niggas, heard the hatin’
Still it’s just absurd with the Holla and Verb debatin’
Turn the pages, now observe Holla and Verb on stages
Hollerin’ verbs and phrases, a lot of disturbin’ statements
On why they deserve the greatness
We ain’t tear the Midwest down
Y’all know who the ones to blame is?
All y’all gotta do when y’all around, look in each other faces!
But speakin’ of faces, you put a blindfold on yours against X Factor
What the fuck? Was that a phase?
You makin’ up new card games?
Blindfoldin’, wait, you combine poker wit playin’ spades?
Bet, so when my man go to raise, you gon’ hit the deck after
And he gon’ leave you blind and folded on the stage
‘Cause he my X Factor
You talk foul on these lines ’til the ref at ya
And if you try to argue the call, you gon’ get a TEC (tech) after
But let’s back up, ’cause if we speakin’ of poker
I think with our careers, that’s the game it relate to
Like to acknowledge the fact that I seen you I had to raise you
Let’s put it on the table
I knew I had the winnin’ hand before ARP revealed the card
I can say that wit a straight face too
Oh you straight boo, means a full house will call ya bluff
The king back shittin’ on niggas: that’s a royal flush
You wanna know how I do pussy niggas that be talkin’ rough?
It ain’t a tough call, I just smack the dog shit out
In front of niggas that call you tough
Or shatter your jaw up, put you in the surgery
‘Cause I heard if it’s glass you supposed to break in case of emergency
I can’t believe they got me battlin this cornball
I’ll put bread on this beef and get it handled with a stick, that’s a corndog
Yo, you owe me money Verby, I ain’t allowin’ no debts to fester
Peel down ya neck, the best suppressers, oppress the pressure
The length of the shit I’m with (width) will prolly seem extra extra
It’s tailor suited for a body
It’s an addresser (a dresser) for desperate measures
Get him hemmed, license to kill, somethin’ bright on the steel
You drive outta NY? You know a red light in ya grill
Me? You put me right in ya wheel (will)
Ain’t no strong armed robbery
Wherever I go the can go (Kangol), no hands though
I draws on niggas when I command doe (commando)
And ya .50 too weak (52 week), did I bring another? Yeah, so?
You won’t turn up for (four) months
.40 cal in the (calendar) waist and it’s cocked
Make sure you see the rest of ya days in a box
My prior ties taught me value, importance
So wit this I can’t afford to miss
That’s what a point meant (appointment)
Total Slaughter, who remember Total Slaughter?
The live wire walked in, they was all shocked
I said, “Rex pick Cortez for the bed,” but he really wanted your spot
No question, I will protest it if you thought not
‘Cause Chaz, you was a pick it (picket) away from sleepin’ on that boy cot (boycott)
To the cameramen, you was main course, ok
A order (aorta) was the best, but give that card he at (cardiac) a rest (arrest) ’cause on set ya heart stopped
This remind me of me and Yung Hot, fans need this debated
‘Cause y’all know if y’all make this debatable
There’s less chance for me to go on a hiatus
And I do think I’m the greatest, I believe in the hype
But this time I’m A.I., I’ma be easy with Mike
Example, remember game one of his final against the Lakers?
When he hit the shot in niggas faces and he silenced all the haters?
Off of that one move me and A.I. became one and the same
Y’all know why? (Why?)
‘Cause we both steppin’ over the fuckin’ Lou’, still won that game
You hear what I’m sayin’?

{Debate breaks out about Mook touching Verb and Verb touching Mook during the battle}

Look at him emotional. Look at him emotional! Look at him emotional!
Now I’m gonna make it for him Jay

If you live in a glass house you shouldn’t throw stones slime
You judgin’ others but you livin’ wit faults the whole time
Well my house paid off, I don’t owe near no dime
Which means I don’t rent my floors (flaws), nigga I own mine
Let’s take your laundry and throw it on the clothes line
We thought it was you but it was your lesbian mother this whole time
Aye Verb you the son of a bitch
Who switched to become the son of a bitch
Just so she could spite ya father for havin’ another son from a bitch
She said, “You know what? I’ma fix this son of a bitch
I’ma emasculate his ass and turn his son to a bitch.”
Think about it, every trait you got come from a bitch
You get ya eyebrows plucked and done, that come from a bitch
You had a perm, now you got long hair, that come from a bitch
You argue wit bitches and then refer to them as a bitch
But see here’s some shit you ain’t consider
What if I was to tell you your mother was who orchestrated ya rapin’ from your babysitter?
Now before y’all think I’m crazy, hear me on this theory
You know every since we small every one of our thoughts that’s all from family
So of course a whore suckin’ you off was sorta scary
‘Cause you was brought up taught broad on broad was ordinary
From that experience she started shapin’ you
Your resentment for women, it turn to hate from you
By the time you knew the difference it was too late for you
A pretty girl wave at you, you want her brother on the date witchu
A teenager who stay confused
Why the wrong gender he relatin’ to
Of course you gon’ say you ain’t gay, and we mistakin’ you
But it ain’t what you say that give you away, your behavior do
Example: you always broadcastin’ the pussy you got that way for you
But a nigga who get ass don’t brag, that’s just another day for you
Your next defense is your ten kids, by six different ladies too
“If I’m gay how you explain that Mook?”
Here’s what I’ma say to you
All your overcompensatin’, defendin’ accusations that you say ain’t true
That’s exactly what somebody tryin’ to hide the fact that they gay will do
Why don’t you own it if it’s you?
Come to terms if it’s ya truth?
But the paradox is, how is it Murda Mook up here that’s murdin’ a mook?
And I knew they was gonna talk about-
He gon’ get up here and talk about why he a vegan
Well here’s somethin’ that’s about to shock
‘Cause I’m not ’bout to get up here and talk about why he a vegan
I’m ’bout to tell y’all niggas why he not
Time to put Jack in the Box
And that leads to me releasin’ the true reason he turned vegan
‘Cause for a nigga always up to somethin’ schemin’
All of a sudden he a vegan?
He don’t eat nothin’ from the seeding?
No baked chicken on Thanksgiving?
We know tofu ain’t turkey no matter how much it’s buttered up with seasonin’
I think you tryin’ to cover up a secret
It’s cause of his mother ’cause she vegan
She a dyke, right? Right!
She gave up on all the meat then he gave up on all the meat then
Yo, let’s jump into the deep end
She couldn’t cut it with the beef and horn and he took after the bull dagger
She start carpet munchin’
But all her matadorin’ shoulda brought the red flag up
Matter of fact, backup
Do you even really know the meaning of being vegan?
That shit is a religion you believe in
It ain’t just ’bout the shit you eatin’
You know y’all sentient beings
That make sure to keep everything livin’ breathin’
So the question proceedin’
Is, how you up here talkin’ ’bout killin’ me then?
How you on Instagram cheesin’ and mink-ing in leather sneakers?
Wait? Don’t leather come from cows?
Mooo! Somebody ain’t practicin’ what they preachin’
Listen, I hate when niggas fake turn new leafs and wanna give us speeches
Wanna give us all the reasons we gotta believe in
All the shit that they believe in
The government is intervenin’, y’all chicken lovin’ niggas tweekin’
I got my stomach geekin’
Yeah, ’cause you regurgitatin’ another nigga thinkin’
Did you know it’s illegal to crop grow you fuckin’ genius?
Did you notice one of the last tomatoes you opened it was seedless?
How you think by turnin’ vegan you cheated all of the diseases
When the shit from animals they shoot grow all the shit you eatin’
Manure and the earth collide, pesticides on ya foliage
But I’m guessin’ you prefer the lies (fertilize)
‘Cause they been feedin’ you that horseshit
Ay, Verb, I met my wife, her daughter was eight months
Father got killed before he saw his child once
I came into her life before the child could think before she had a speech, before she was on her feet
So by the time she developed vocab to speak
Of course the word “Daddy” was me
She 12 years old and we ain’t got the same bloodline
But I don’t give a fuck what you or nobody say, she mine (mind)
But you ain’t got custody of none of your kids
When you call, they call you mister
Some of your daughter/brothers don’t even know that they got sisters
Those who you need to show time (Showtime) in 3D
Do I gotta be the one to mention (one dimension)?
They showin’ poor traits (portraits) and lack of depth
From not seein’ father (farther) in the picture
But nigga I’m convinced
That you ignorant as ignorant can get
But she’s so ignorant to notice that he ignorant as shit
But hints, his album name, that was givin’ us the hints
I’ma let y’all finish up this shit
What’s the title? Ignorance Is… (Bliss!)
Exactly, Mook a superhero, stage rip
Mention me in beef the stakes (steaks) lift
If battle rap dyin’ I’ll let the cape flip and save shit
Lift the whole culture, make the climate on the plain shift
So fuck bein’ grateful, I’m the nigga y’all need to thank, bitch!

[Round 3: Aye Verb]
Everybody seem to be worried about this unlimited round
Like he was just gon’ dig a hole
And I was just gon’ get in the ground
All the work that I put in and all the kings that I put down
And I wasn’t gon’ be wit it, are y’all kiddin’ me? Wow
Well anyway, whatever position y’all had me in
I’ma sit comfortably now
Greatest in battle rap, you motherfuckers got company now
Y’all remember Kobe Bryant last game when he retired his crown?
The emotion, the screams and cries from the crowd?
Well I’m like him, I average 25 for my career
That’s how a real killer get down
And this nigga want claps for six games with a ton of rebounds
Be patient wit me guys, I’m not gon’ run through this round
Pay attention as I humble him down
Let’s get it rockin’, see me and Mook
It’s like Rocky and Apollo minus the arguin’
He the champ, so they hired a dog to come and spar wit him
Aye, you took too many hard blows tonight champ
You need to learn to get lower become a smaller target
Overall, I’m disappointed
‘Cause you rappin’ yo hardest and I’m still unbothered
Either I done been in too many wars
Or these legend niggas jaws gettin’ softer
It’s a rumor that Errol Spence put hands on Floyd
Well tonight I ruin a nigga and these cams on boy
You ain’t gon’ be a real champ until you go through somethin’
You ain’t gon’ get on stage every time and just go through somethin’
I taught you somethin’, listen Mook
You dissin’ me but I christened you
And enrolled you into the real champion institute
This class or rappers? Nobody wanna be doctors
Nigga we shooters, man ain’t nobody gettin’ pushed in no lockers
I was readin’ yo transcripts and it said
“You got a problem with Math.”
Well it’s okay, just don’t let it beat you over your head
We gon’ focus instead on history
Previous war veterans, generals, I’ve contoured skeletons
You gotta die first to become a god, ask whoever been
Summer Madness 1, I seen the light first like Thomas Edison
I rose in height in every sense
And since that day I ain’t been like you motherfuckers ever since
Wait, wait, wait, let me dumb this back down
I’m flyin’ over y’all heads like it’s a drone in DROM nigga
You ain’t gettin’ out these bars, ARP send deposits
He can’t get no bonds lifted
You up here bein’ entertainin’
You better rap before your crown gets snatched
Boy ain’t nothin’ funny
Where I’m from, we don’t smile or [?]
From the fans’ eyes you the hardest who did it
From our view we see barbecued chicken
Too many qualities missin’, you lil’ carrot cake
You can’t dance on this big stage Mary J
After me you want Hollow, great
But how you gon’ create rounds for Hollow after I put a Hollow in ya head and leave yo’ head hollow with airing space?
BANG, let that marinate
Four minutes in, born militant, flow menacin’
You up here ministerin’, the nerve of
A lot of you niggas like I didn’t serve up
Ten years of killin’, it’s only right they gave me Murda
You just rhyme words, you have no purpose
Every second you stay number one nigga you hurt us
I was watchin’ a Dame Dash interview
Thinkin’ how not to be fooled
Over impressed like, this shit gotta be school
Then it hit me, 20 years of dude life, it took a lot to be Mook
So why you ain’t teachin’ us how not to be you?
We playin’ game where there’s a lot to be proved
Nigga you only roll the dice and cash out, you play Monopoly rules
Nigga you got to be moved
All them DVD’s you was on you ain’t get kitty litter
Smack did it to you, you let him do it to us
Nigga you’s a bitch and a bitter nigga
Nigga you and Lux ain’t fit to lead
Ho-ass niggas, y’all don’t stand up for us
To get rained on by these different leagues
Y’all hit y’all knees and flip y’all weave
You know how many times I had to take chicken cheese ’cause I got kids to feed?
And I got a record, I can’t be reckless out here flippin’ P’s
You too selfish, battle rap don’t need a Mr. Me, it need a Mr. T
Nigga whatchu know about flyin’ to New York solo
Takin’ a judged battle, losin’ yo bread
And on the way home you don’t get to eat?
See I’m a different beast
You want this aura and mystique
Well I go to war, I’m punchline Pistol Pete
I see the game from a whole different seat
Think about it, you the reason we fail
Battle rap is like jail
And none of us got TV’s in our cells
Because of you the labels don’t think we can sell
Nobody fucks wit us, we grown men out here pleasin’ ourselves
But anyway, this a celebration of our elevation
And the end of yo time, yo revelation
I’ma bring the black and white leagues together and end segregation
Dummy there’s no money in separation
You gon’ have to take my life from me, you ain’t gon’ take me alive
Because there’s heart behind the wheel (will)
Get in, let’s go for a drive
Ch-ch, copy that, 10-4, nigga I don’t have mentors
I stay grounded stayin’ surrounded by men who still poor
Be careful who you sin for, you don’t know what you in for
It’s a difference between a nigga who got to and a nigga who will war
Off of the squad I’ll nod witchu
And then stab you and pull you close
Like, “Come here nigga, let me bond witchu!”
You big fish always wanna swim by y’all self
But it’s the small fish swimmin’ together what make the pond ripple
It’s proven now, you ain’t a shark, ’cause in front of sharks
You look like cod liver trapped in a pod wit us
Tonight we end this rivalry
Because it’s proven y’all got the boo
And form comradery just to ride vers’ me
After tonight don’t lock eyes wit me
It’s a wrap bitch, y’all jokes a bunch of MyVerse memes
No stipulations, y’all die vers’ me
We ain’t the same motherfucker
Two different levels, that’s what diverse means
You thought this shit was sweet? I ain’t delectable
Sparks out the cannon like a spark plug, let’s make a spectacle
I’ll put a hole in him, cup holder size exit wound
Then I’ll stretch ya girl like Mrs. Incredible
Nigga this ain’t a obstacle
Before you leagues pay for this nut, go pay a prostitute
Nigga I’ll slide this blade on top of your ribs
And open yo chest like it’s a fridge
Nigga what you got up in here?
Battle rap is like a movie, you wanna get you a start?
It’s only two roles, it’s either you kill or you don’t
That’s why killas kill, but we also get our wigs split in sections
You better be smart before you pick you apart (a part)
Takin’ yo spot from you, I’m like minutes away
Breakin’ me down was yo M.O., OK—MOOK listen!
It’s nothin’ to break down from my position
‘Cause I’m straight forward
And all of these niggas lies ain’t descriptive
Dig it, bein’ real in a reel, sucka you walk a tight rope clown
Can’t put my thumb on it, so I act dumb on it
While my rivals round I circle they block
Throw a drum on it and watch it spiral round
When I’m in town, you ain’t pressin’ anything
Nigga this ain’t Mortal Kombat when your life goes down
I’ma make this nigga eyes close down
I’ma make it to where Murda Mook can never open up that iPhone now
Y’all thought the face-off was a fire round?
Why? ‘Cause he was kinda loud? It’s cool
‘Cause now I got one over the mouth—shhh, who quiet now?
Expected vegan bars? Yeah probly
You right, you are what you eat Murda
That’s why now you just a seasoned dead body

{Crowd starts chanting 3-0}

You just the biggest brand, all the fashion
Example: Nelly follow you on Insta’
I bet that nigga won’t follow you in that casket, ask him!
Where we from, those niggas be ’bout that static
A soft nigga to us will move on yo block and be like a savage
You can’t debate wit great nigga, ya talk back wrong
See you was taught that wrong
I’ma show you how to be king, somebody call that phone
You ‘posed to get off that throne
Wipe the blood off your arm and throw it all back on
Eight minute round from Verb, this get yo jaw cracked song
But I still feel wack, ’cause where I’m from
We ’bout what we say we ’bout, we don’t talk this long
I’m gone

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