Dizaster vs. Chase Banks [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Dizaster]
Now listen up you short, stocky, round, chubby, fat little faggot
I’m tryin’ hard not to get distracted cause of how much of a gimmick you are to interact with
Look y’all, it’s the midget mack kid, he’s back
With a mini MAC, but this time he had a fitted hat with a spinner cap and it’s twisted backwards
He’s got his custom made diapies on with no strings attached
He’s sippin’ that Similac, he’s ready to kill Dizaster
You little fuckin’ twerp, it’s already visually been established
This battle was a handicap and a disadvantage
Not for him, for me! It’s already hard enough being an Arab, now I gotta stand here next to this suspicious looking little package
If I killed his ass, this little bastard wouldn’t even get a casket
We can save the money and probably fit this faggot in a kitchen cabinet
I’ll bury ya little midget ass in a picnic basket
Battlin’ a half a person is a waste of time for everybody
I gotta beat you twice in a row today just to be able to say, “I caught a body”
That’s why this battle to me is like one big Rick & Morty joke
Stiff like rigor mortis, disproportioned little dwarf, limbs deformed
Hip contortionist, I’ve been watchin’ some twisted midget porn
Yo, I bet you look like a little baby T-Rex when you brawl
Yo, ya palms are hella small
You don’t got any arms what-so-ever at all
I’ll give you $20 dollars if you can go ahead and palm a tennis ball and not let it fall
Yo, you a form of life to me that’s less evolved
When you stand and walk upright, that looks like me when I pretend to crawl
You put the Webster in Webster Hall
Awww, what a little cute raisin
Someone tell me who raised him
You’re not a human you’re a fully blown genetic mutation
That was born in a lab cause some chemist dude with a special tube made him
I’m here to brute strength, crusade him
Noose hang, Saddam Hussein him, double deuce bang him, I’ll Luke Cage him
Battle me in my backyard? What the fuck for?
They pretty much brought me the box to my front door like Blue Apron
And a booster chair by the bar seen the dude hangin’
With his shoes swangin’, kicks in the air, he calls it Liu Kangin’
But dude wait, you’ve been accused of some gay shit
And the public in New York already acknowledged it
Why you pissed off? Haven’t you seen yourself? You should take that shit as a compliment
Grab a tardy slip for this retarded little toddler shit
You can’t even look any more pathetic than this undeveloped Hobbit
As the fingers on his hand look like a string of connected Vienna Sausages
Your posture is preposterous
It’s hard for the doctors to measure the distance between your head, neck and esophagus
Cause your legs are also part of it
And your stomach, or what should be your stomach is somewhere in the middle blended onto it
Talk about your Beretta you better stop the shit
The metal pop, your head come off like John The Baptist on some gospel shit
First of all, you talk wit’ a lisp
Second of all you wobble and walk with this awkward limp
Third, you the smallest pimp I’ve ever seen walkin’ down Willy Wonka strip
Yo, you fuckin’ little popcorn shrimp
You little bobble headed gimp
You got me lookin’ at a composite sketch
Of a character from South Park that don’t got no neck on some Eric Cartman shit
This is what it look like when you buy the bootleg Charlie Clips Starter Kit
I don’t mean to come off so cold to him
I love little people and when I’m around them I feel close to them
I can see myself cuddling and holding them
Holding things over their heads and jumpin’ over them
I’m fully controlled when I roll with him
Start screaming, getting annoying then I throw on some Nickelodeon
I asked him if he knew where to get some Snow White he left and showed back up with a random bitch and six other dwarfs with him
Stop telling me to say he’s normal, no he isn’t
I ain’t gonna pity him, this shit is normal to him
I ain’t ’bout to be politically correct with a fuckin’ single cell organism
But if you want the truth, no short jokes, you not even a runner up in the game
You not even a comer up
It’s been years of you on the scene before kickin’ those old written PG steppin’ with no rhythm
You even did a tag team with ya man versus Twork and his boy and you got 3-0’d with him
You came up short, and since then, they have both risen
So don’t try to blame anything in this battle on dwarfism just cause I don’t see no growth in him
Time bitch!

[Round 1: Chase Banks]
Y’all know what they say, how God made us all equal
Man fuck all that, cause ever since I didn’t hit my growin’ sprout, I grew not to like tall people
So fuck ya height, Cali what up!?
I done fucked ya wife
Cause she told me you’se an amateur
The first time I surprised her y’all, ask me how
I ate that bitch pussy standin’ up
I came to tear shit up
Kevin Bacon in the lab, cause after he get hit with this Hollow, Man, this body gon’ be clear as fuck
I watch all ya battles
Translation: A nigga wit’ no legs, I can’t stand you bruh
And that’s real shit, get him a bridge he can hang over
Or it’s Brooklyn slang, the steel lit
We all know he good wit’ numbers, cause he hit that Math problem real quick
I’m still pissed, so if George, form a (Foreman) punch I’ma grill shit
On this card, it’s a kill switch
We on deck, they gave you a hand you couldn’t deal wit’
So act a fool, I’ma clap the tool
Could care less how any of these rappers move
Cause what I pack improve
The subject is to upsets (up sets) wit’ attitude
You be actin’ rude
I’m back strapped, and what’s in the backpack is for the D.E.’s and S.K.’s like we back in school
I’m wildin’ bruh, and when they set this shit
No regrets, I was takin’ this Diz’
You battled DNA, Roc, Cassidy and got the audacity to call yourself a vet
How is that? When you keep lettin’ them animals live
It’s a bogie break
You want smoke? We outside airin’ the SIG (cig’)
Cause once the front point I don’t care if he live
My life real
He better have a LifeShield cause I’m scannin’ the crib
Whatchu thought Frank? I came all the way here to show them, we ain’t on the same pace
But you gon’ tell ’em you been runnin’ the shit, right? And the same case
I’m Chase Banks, think Fortnite when that storm comin’ on
Even when you run to your circle you ain’t safe
Muzzle and all, I had to cover the nose, the stank face
And you supposed to be stoppin’ me? Shit like that get you a face scan
Arm stretched, he gettin’ his Space Jam’med
If he flex, I be ready to break dance
This bald head will put thunder on his chest, I ain’t shootin’ no Blank Man
This is real hip hop, get put in a box for what you kick man
The Nina will spark, now you in need of a heart, you the Tin Man
The automatic, I’ll catch him in traffic, I got a big plan
You gon’ die tryin’ to ball, then fuck up the game, you the six man
Vince ‘Man, wanna wrestle? Get a gym plan
Quick sand, bringin’ a body down, he ent-
Now that would (wood) be fire, I found out where they campin’ at and leave ’em in tents (intense)
I’m back armed, with some shit the size of Shaq moms
That’s a big bitch, the kick reversin’
This silver plate a nigga, this Tas made me a (Tasmania) a different person
Why would I let the world spin? When the earth quake easily around me, I can make the world wind
That’s first round, do what you can
Cause I’m Mr. Do What I Want, I make profit
And they talk about me because I’m Mr. Hot Topic

[Round 2: Dizaster]
Aight, you just fell short on that round, alright let’s go
Aight like, pretty much, all I heard from that fuckin’ verse was “Squeeze that” and “Squeeze this”
I watched you scream and get pissed
Throw a little fuckin’ meaningless fit
He told me he would fuckin’…I don’t know what the fuck you just said it didn’t even make sense
But no surprise, once again, the fuckin’ midget was reachin’ for shit
Yo, we’re clearly on two different ships, me and you, we don’t mix
And speakin’ of which, at the peak of ya pitch ya voice peak like a bitch
After that weak ass shit that you spit
The only way I could embarrass you more than that is if I went online and tweeted a pic
Of you holding onto a steering wheel in the front seat of a whip
You little fuckin’ pieces of shit
You got so little space between your teeth and your hips you could probably eat your own dick
I ain’t playin’, y’all laughin’, think I’m kiddin’ around
I should’ve never let this piglet in my town
Ain’t no way on Earth this little kid could lift my crown
You look like Mr. Brown when he’s sitting down
You, you’ve been renown
You got that Charlie Clips syndrome down
Yo pay attention I just said you look like Charlie Clips with down syndrome just switched around
You I love midget chicks, I always let them get the pound
They the only bitches on Earth that literally let me dick them down
STIFF…but round
And when you fuck ’em they squeak like doorknobs and make all types of little piggy sounds
I hit it on the table like a little dreidel, I made her spin around
Some rabbi walkin’ by said, “Bring her down this instant now.”
I said, “This is how you disembowel a little midget Bow Wow.”
Wow for now we should just call him little Bow
I’ll hit you wit’ a little baow, whip it, baow
This the first time you see a midget with his head in the clouds
I’m sayin’ dawg, you want me to spit my rounds?
You might as well consider me workin’ at a glory hole cause I came to dick around!
I’m sayin’ bro, I love you Chase
You a fuckin’- I love you man, you da man!
Like for takin’ this battle you not the man man, you the MAN MAN
Yo, yo, show them all how you can do that little hand stand
Yo, you like my best friend, you the Robin to my Batman
If I ever needed a flexible Asian dude like the guy from Ocean’s 11
I’ma stuff ya little ass in the trash can
You got no arms and legs, you look like Pac Man
You basically half man half…well that’s it, you just half man!
Yo, I can honestly see this
You can start a group like Three 6 Mafia, this shit is genius
A group like Three 6 Mafia except everybody in you’re Mafia would be 3’6″
All jokes aside, here’s my open thesis
I know you think you normal but peep this
According to orthopedics, you not even classified as mankind, you an unknown species
You know, most human’s protein strains, the DNA structure, it comes in doubles
But this abnormal creature was born with a quarter helix
This is what Morgan Freeman would look like if he was an aborted fetus
Half miscarriage [?]
Aye, guess what womb I’m in, lookin’ ass
You a genetic experiment, period
I’m seriously perplexed to see this
I bet your genetic sequence is missing several of it’s connecting pieces
Wonder how Kaepernick feels now knowin’ you don’t even got to kneel down to do the Pledge Of Allegiance
When little people step to me it’s just a pet peeve
And I start pet peeving
Hold on, SHUT THE FUCK UP, cause I’m ’bout to lay him down with ease
Let him rest in peace like Tempurpedic
You said you hate tall people?
Then best believe we gettin’ even if I ever see him
Grab him by his neck and beat him within an inch of his life
Even less than a centimeter
I need whatever reason to grab the TEC and greet him
Pistol whip him on the edge of his head to the hairline on the back of his neck receding
There’s one thing that people miss from me
And that’s that…heavy breathin’…
Semi squeezin’, bow down bitch you on the western region
Get on some Math shit with me and I’ma dent ya head in to a tetrahedron
I’ll beat the shit outta you, you little bitch ass dwarf
I’ve been to China before and I still haven’t seen Shins that short
Look you guys are right, I prolly shouldn’t have did-making fun of small people ain’t right
I only did it so I could gain hype
Syke! Fuck you and your lame little height, lame life
You and Steven Hawkins are the same height!
Yo, I fucked that part up so I’m just gonna let it go like Bingo
Bingo, I’m lettin’ the thing go
They say all good things come in small packages
But after today, I don’t fuckin’ thing so

[Round 2: Chase Banks]
When you set this battle, you was not in your right state of mind
Cause in that state of mind, it’s either you gonna fall back or spring forward, either way we savin’ time
This is life support
Machine’s breathing for you, nigga, ya life is on the line
But instead you brought a bunch of short jokes cause you’re just a horrible as your name nigga
A lame nigga
And I’m not ya average man, I’m a Pakistan and I’m bringin’ loud stuff
He be actin’ wild tough
I catch him in broad day in his halal truck….
{Chase takes off his glasses}
And feed him a TEC for all that foul stuff
BLAOW! Go ahead, get riled up
The chrome blam, see the method is to send him to the sky
Don’t ask me, “How High”, look
Before we jump out the window with this
I wanna see if he’ll smoke his own mans
Cause once we engaged wit’ the gauge we puttin’ these bodies together it’s a slow jam
I’m zippin’ him up
Cause I knew, once I spit some shit, they was gonna jack it (jacket) like the coat man
From the front door I was toastin’ you
You doin’ what you can, I’m doin’ what I’m supposed to do
Buck it (bucket) under his chin, I put a hole in his roof
Y’all know I’m the truth
Cause he set himself up to get killed
Before all this I was just eyein’ (Iron) the Giant, just another kid playing with the steel
But you gave me shot
You just another battle rapper on crack, this shit about to get ill for real
Talk that short shit nigga, I never kid
You’ll get your body part shipped to everybody in ya family
It’ll be a Dizaster everywhere
Nah, you ain’t gettin’ a second chance
I let a couple ring it’s a wedding dance
Thriller, I tell my niggas to bring back what’s ever in Billie Jean
Cause if I gotta step out and light up a block, your soul ain’t gon’ never land (Neverland)
Whatchu thought? I came to play Diz?
The aim’s sick
These kicks only came out for a moment, then they ain’t see ’em no more, they K-Swiss
You fake bitch
Cause you told the media you was gon’ put me in a casket and close me
On the other hand I was hopin’ you’d kill yourself
I told my niggas, my opponent spit dope and there’s some chance he might OD
So fuck this nigga, it’s ’bout time y’all get to know me
I don’t give a fuck about his legacy
I’m from Brooklyn, I’m from “I Wish A Nigga Would Try Decking Me.”
You tried to play the game, then ended up face first
I fed dog a different type of Pedigree
But you gon’ put it in all ya rhymes, frontin’ like you did shit
I can hear him now. rapping like a machine gun, typical Diz shit
I end shit
However this pan out, you gettin’ baked wit’ a biscuit
Scope on his screen, have y’all standin’ right in front of the clip like, ‘I don’t wanna miss this.’

[Round 3: Dizaster]
Now after that second round I clearly shook him
Clearly shook him
I know you’re proud of where you’re from
But you remember what happened to the motherfucker who came down and told me he was from Brooklyn
Yo, you know what’s better than one midget? Another one that comes with it
Listen here you little, vertically challenged cocksucker
If you think that thug shit gon’ work on me here, you’re smokin’ moon rocks
Yeah, you ain’t got the Juice
So even if turn into 2Pac
You still would bitch up and wouldn’t let an arm go off this rooftop
I’m handin’ out vaccinations, you’ll get ya whole crew get a flu shot
Fuck Chase Banks I keep my stash in a shoe box
End of discussion
This little fuckin’ Muppet ain’t tellin’ me nothin’
Now I’m ’bout to start pressin’ all ya Benjamin Buttons
But before that, I’ve always wanted to say this
You’re such a small dude that if a white dude told you to, “Come here boy.” it still wouldn’t be considered racist
Maybe I’m coming off- maybe I should slow my roll
Cause I don’t wanna come off so malicious
Cause in real life I don’t say words like “midgets”
I’m here to help you grow…
…when I resort to Chinese torture methods!
I’ll hook you up to a wooden board with a metal cord that stretches
Pulling your legs together from both ends while your skull’s connected
To the lower section of where your solar plex is
Til ya bones extends and you grow some inches like photosynthesis
Goddamn, there’s a difference between short jokes and doper penmanship and I just don’t get it
It’s like when God made you He fucked up
Cause what He was really tryin’ to do was record a snippet
They say life is too short so live it
And I know you have a larger cause besides stuffing chocolate bars with golden tickets
I’m tellin’ you this, you are shorter than a Vine clip
And this ain’t ya average New Yorker is it?
He must be a Mormon midget cause he came all the way to my front door to pay me a shorter visit than a Jehovah’s Witness
Your growth percentage is only a digit
And I don’t give a fuck how morbid is this
This dwarfism thing is a form of sickness
When I’m around you, time warps and it distorts the physics
An hour goes by and it feels like 40 minutes
Lord what is this?
When I look at you all I can think of is orphanages
Abortion clinics, Dwarf Olympics, golden medalists
I asked him to tie my shoe, he looked back at me and said, “I’m already finished.”
He’s closin’ his ears bro, this whole shit probably feels like a soap opera
He knows this is not his purpose, he belongs in a circus cause he’s a professional rope hopper
Give him four dollars, he’ll walk on a tight rope and bounce a bike on his nose with a girl on top and he won’t drop her
Then he’ll finish off with one of those signature flips in mid air and that shit there is a show stopper
He went to the osteoporosis doctor to help him grow taller
But even a truckload of Viagra couldn’t make his bone longer
Don’t bother, you such an overgrown toddler, you look like you’re also your own father
You little fuckin’ brat get mad, so what?
I’ll slap you up in the hallway jumpin’ up and down like, “Gimme back my stuff!”
Stop actin’ tough
Like the life you have’s so rough
The only thing you have bad is ya homeboys when you go to dap them up
And you miss their hands and accidentally grab their nuts
That’s fucked you
You’re right, you are right
I should’ve not came with short jokes
I should’ve came with some crazy bars
Or maybe I should’ve talked about how tall and amazing you are
You know, don’t you guys get what I’m sayin’ to y’all?
How the fuck is anyone going to blame me for short jokes and throwin’ the whole book at him?
For Christ sakes! He’s like a fuckin’ little Gummy Bear, look at him
How the fuck are you guys goin’ to limit me?
And seriously since we have a little bit more time please just let me give you a couple more words to describe him physically
Grimy Mini-Me
Height deficiency
Fuckin’, fuckin’ tiny simile
Short life expectancy
Suicide eventually
Now let me tell you somethin’
Before I’m done, I’ve been pissed off at life, this is why I’m doin’ it
Cause all the inner workings told me the shit wasn’t workin’
I tried but after I got banned that shit was hurtin’
And after the shit happened with King Of The Dot, it just got worse and
And pretty much when I booked this battle I knew one thing for certain
That no matter the outcome of it, I’m gonna come out lookin’ like the bigger person
Cause you don’t know what it’s like to roll the dice
You don’t know what it’s like to go home on those cold nights
I was under the strobe lights then I had no light
Then I put myself back together, got back on the road right
I put this whole shit together, it’s my own business, cause I knew my own rights
I know it’s fucked up but it’s cold, right
In the last six months I’ve probably grown more than you have in your whole life!

[Round 3: Chase Banks]
In this battle, I wanted to thank you for settin’ your death date
Let’s play
Cause this like the Floyd and TIP problem
It be the Tiny-est situation you just can’t escape
I will clear your base
That ain’t think I had a voice
They were surprised I came to talk to you, my Planet Ape so we can’t relate
Cause they know it’s a lie
Ya career is like the niggas that ran into the Twin Towers
You put ya life on the line just to blow up and die
And no one’s surprised
Cause you’re not really different in this situation
I’m thin with patience
I’m gettin’ shit sent to him
Big bucks, it’s gon’ get him lift up
I gotta check my balance before he get a statement
BLAOW! He gon’ get a face lift
BLAOW! GTA I left him Wastid
If he hidin’ in the house, Verizon clips, we get connection through the basement
Bar for bar, you lookin’ like a body Diz’; basic
Who you thought you was facin’
Some regular dude, right?
Nah Diz’, you can get left here, so you better just move right
Y’all know his thoughts, he wanted to battle me cause I was short
I wanted to battle him for a bunch of reasons
I’m fuckin’ seasoned
And I should punch ya fuckin’ knees in
Have y’all hopin’ his team come get him
Cause he gon Lose hisself when this Machine Gun spittin’
It get real Aak
You wanted to chase after Eminem and them, now you standin’ in front of a Killshot
Deaths in, I’m leavin’ him shelled here
You just like Uncle Phil
These bitches change in ya face and you gettin’ ya bell aired (Bel Aire)
Then dropped
I left Fresh prints (Prince) I’m Will pops
He was dead as soon as the deal dropped
And then retired
For tryin’ to be a shining star in September
He gon’ hit Earth when (Wind) it Fire
I know y’all agreed cause you named this David versus Gol-
Nigga that was some fire shit
But you gon’ die tryin’ to show them I can’t rock witchu like Goliath did
I’m not wit’ it
You like a baby twerkin’ with the Pamper on
You just poppin’ shit
You in store not to make no change, you ain’t got no sense (cents)
I came to tell you, yo’ bitch, is not yo’ bitch
She be in the streets fuckin’ up nigga’s drive, she got pothole lips
This fool got a macho kick
I run in, take his cheese- like these is not yo (nacho) chips
That’s third round, do what y’all can
Cause I’m Mr. Do What I Want, I make profit
And they talk about me cause I’m Mr. Hot Topic

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