Loso vs. Scotty [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Loso]
They said, “Loso need a PG!”
Well, I hate that they had to get Scott involved
They invested in me ’cause they knew it was no chance of a profit (prophet) loss
Oh, you Goliath in this town?
No you gon’ lyith on the ground after I rock his jaw!
A single hit will crack heads for thinkin’ your wit needs (Whitney) Houston just to body God (Bodyguard)
Aye, A. Ward! Why they rootin’ against me? Are they not in awe?
Like, how many times squares (Time Square) gonna wanna see me drop the ball?
But for what? You think that I’m upset at that?
My brother, not at all
My thinkin’ is, “How they gonna hurt a PG in Houston if I’m not appalled (a Paul)?”
Follow me, see, P (CP), three acapella (Capela) rounds for the project is not enough to offer
That’s why I put my heart in (Harden) to help the PJ’s, and that’s just for (four) starters!
Boy, I’mma kill you, and then give the Lord props
‘Cause for playin’ with a talent that’s Astro-nomical, your career’ll (Correa) come to a short stop!
I am sure, Scott, your best bet is to call a truce, man
Why would I get out of pocket with two nickels like I’m carrying loose change?
I’ll grab that wire off ya body, then wrap it around ya neck
I’ll make it look like a new chain
They’ll see Scotty (Scottie) with a mic (Mike) hangin’ from him like the Flu Game
That’s why it’s Bullpen over bull…stuff – got you
Look, you gotta get the reference
Why you upset?
Just cause your name’s Scotty that don’t mean you gotta be defensive
Oh, did I mention, that we love Jesus? But we like fights
Watch how the tables turn when I come across your temple: I’m tryin’ to be like Christ
Oh, your team type nice?
Well, I don’t care who Scott called or Scott hired
You are not hard, and your block liars
We can get it shakin’ with the hands, or the arms lift up
You want the Scott Hall, or the Scott Steiner!?
I’m so ahead of my time, they knew I would come destroy
All of my messages are from the Future like…”I’m good luv, enjoy.”
If I diss Scott, then this gotta be
The biggest body of work that every disc got in the discography
Oh, you gon’ lift rounds at me?
Then I’m attackin’ this guy gotta, lackin’ it like nada
‘Cause it’s a wrap if I start it up like Afrika Bambaataa
Hey, he be gettin’ reaction off trash when it’s so borin’ to me
Maybe I don’t understand everything Scott land (Scotland) because it’s so foreign to me
Oh, accordin’ to P, I didn’t have to take this battle
You almost got left, Scott
But if I wasn’t running back for this easy kill (Ezekiel), then who are you gonna impress, Scott (Prescott)?
I bet, Scott, we on two different levels, and even the viewers know!
For me? This is the preseason
For you? It’s like the Super Bowl!
Here’s a rule to grow: lose your flow
I could give your career a lift (Lyft)
But if you (U) wanna drive, go get an Uber, bro
This body is gettin’ bigger, I’mma kill him before the tumor grows
Jesus flip, Yeezy kicks: I can really boost your soul (sole)!
‘Cause I got charisma, punches and a flow that’s cold!
Boy, they knew he was gonna lose Round 1
I just came here so he wouldn’t lose his soul

[Round 1: Scotty]
First, givin’ honor to god: bishop Smack. And the rest of the members on the deacon board. I’mma start this off with a prayer real fast, if y’all don’t mind. Bow your head with me. Let’s have fun tonight
Dear Lord, I prayed and prayed that Smack would come to my city and I’d be on the card
Then, well, that’s finally come true
There’s only one person that could’ve made that happen, Lord and, well, that had to be You
Is it me, or am I trippin’?
But these URL niggas on some crazy shit
‘Cause how this battle in my city, but I ain’t the motherfuckin’ main event!?
You know me, Lord, I’m really just grateful for this opportunity
But they could’ve gave me T-Top or somebody!
Damn, look at how they doin’ me!
And I know your Commandments, “Thou shall not steal, thou shall not kill”, and so-so
But You got to forgive me for what I’m ’bout to do to Loso
Him thought he was gonna come get him a dub in my city
Lord, you and I both know that’s a no-go
He’s standin’ here right now, Lord
But in ’bout 30-35 minutes, he’s gon’ be knockin’ on yo’ do’!
Aye, God gon’ strike y’all down for yellin’ through my prayer, so listen
See, Lord, I’m thankful for every fan in attendance, and every fan that’s a witness
So let us all say “Amen” while I go handle my business
Where yo’ daddy John John at?
I need to talk to him
He ain’t want war? Well, a war been brought to him
He ain’t want war? Tell that nigga to go back East before I put an end to his whole lil’ South career
Bitch, we want war! It’s the south of America, it ain’t South Korea!
That nigga tell y’all when and where to move
Dawg, we all know how the story go
Now ain’t none of you niggas poppin’
Bullpen Battle League look like the Maury show
But let you tell it, it’s Bullpen over the bullshit, nigga
And with John, that’s yo’ homie tho?
Boy, you in Texas now: save all that bullshit for the rodeo!
Houston bars, my nigga! You know the code, bitch!
They hate to see a nigga shine like my old bitch
You try to touch mine? I’m fine, you’ll get the whole clip
Just know we gon’ ride for ours (hours): let’s take a road trip
First stop, Third Ward, I take him to my projects to get it started
We slip ya in them PJ’s: this ain’t no slumber party
Next stop: New Orleans, Louisiana, where I’m puttin’ yo’ ass
I drag you down to the boot, right after I put my foot in yo’ ass!
Now, man, listen, fuck what that nigga DNA was rappin’ ’bout
The city treat me like a Prince cause I Rap-A-Lot!
I can give a rat’s ass if you the toughest nigga in your class or not!
Boy, this big Texas TEC (Tech) will get every nigga on yo’ campus shot!
Boy, I’m squeezin’ on the dang iron!
I’m weavin’ and them thangs flyin’!
Try to call my bluff? Bitch, you better have Jesus on your main line!
Whoever thought we was even won’t be leavin’ with the same mind!
‘Cause I believe in Jesus, but bitch, I’m a heathen at the same time!
So scratch all that religion shit, you actually a hypocrite
Rappin’ what you rappin’ for he cappin’ at some benefits
I’m laughin’ at this nigga when he do them make-believe gun bars just to relate to the crowd
See, that’s the part I’m not gettin’
Because a man of God should know better than to compromise just to fit in!
I know you’re pushin’ for the dub, lil’ homie, won’t get this win
I’mma shove you an L, my nigga: now go dig in!
Round 1, man, let’s make it happen

[Round 2: Loso]
It must hurt to know that you’re from Houston, on a stage with somebody who’s never been here before
And yet, you don’t matter the most
They literally could’ve called this battle, “Loso Versus…
Yo, Why Does It Even Matter?
We Just Need Him To Get This PG Out The Way, So He Can Battle Some GOATS.”
See the fact is you dope, in ya hometown league
They be watchin’ and admirin’
But Smack wouldn’t have booked this in New York, Virginia
Hell, even Compton ain’t even buyin’ it
Tell me, Scott, what are you providin’ then?
‘Cause if you can only get sold at home
Then that means you’re nothin’ more than a product of your environment
Let’s try it, then: you saw this as an opportunity, and chased it
Bent backwards just to get this to work: embrace (in brace) it
Ya faced it, for the simple fact that you didn’t pray
I would hate for you to tank forever like a No Limit chain
They knew I was a star when I walked in, they been amazed
In 60 seconds, they knew I was an Astro field: look what a Minute made (Maid)!
Wow, you’re disappointin’
Maybe you should try somethin’ new, since (nuisance) your style is so annoyin’
Like, y’all know how he rap, right?
“When them choppers lift up, you gon’ think that it’s M*A*S*H
And when them bucks handed out, you gon’ think that it’s cas-“
Scotty, they didn’t book you in three years
You may think it’s the staff
It’s not politics, it’s common sense: we think that you’re trash!
So, what hurts more? The outward pain?
Nah, I say inward (N-word), like I don’t curse, boy
Funny, you’ve been hustlin’ backwards with everything you work towards
Oh, they want to usher in ya death
Guess who’s standin’ before the church doors?
You’re down 2-0 already, and he gon’ need a lot more than the tre (Trae) if he want to get into the 3rd, Ward!
Aye, you are dirt-poor, I pray they don’t book a failure
I be tryin’ to take these rappers to the light, I’ll try to Sugar Hill ya
“Wait, wait, wait, wait, should Christian rappers-“
Man, keep askin’, “Can he, man?” (Candyman) and the hook’ll kill ya!
Get ya eye dent if I (identify) think you look familiar!
‘Cause I will strike holmes, with a right blow
Get to snappin’ on him like nice poems
When I do a number on this Houston rapper like Mike Jones!
What’s that? 281-330-8004!
Nah, forget that, I got a different approach, tho’
What I’m liftin’ is so cold
All he heard was, “Who?”
(Mike Jones!)
‘Cause I’m tippin’ on fo’ fo’s!
Or, I could have John John handle my light work
I ain’t gotta reach to smoke ya
Funny how a Don is (Adonis) the reason son is hidin’
Watch how we expose ya
Oh, you on track for a response? Well, I think he needs some closure
See, he don’t Rap-A-Lot, but when you see J Prince, just know that the beef is over!
They say, “To each his own”, bruh
So with my face in the skies (disguise), I can tell why you mad, Scott (mascot)
No, no, no? Cool, I got another one
This won’t be a tie
I’m at ya neck with every question I’mma ask, Scott (ascot)
Nah, nah, nah, cool, I got one more
Look, here’s the plan, Scott
The next time you write, string punchlines together so they can start makin’ some sense
You can still kill thugs
Just get an Ill Will plug, so at least what ya makin’ (Jamaican) connects!
I am showin’ you a small clip of what I can do: I am Go-Pro ready
1-2, 1-2: I am Cotto deadly
The only reason they ain’t hit you is ’cause Loso said it
And I kept you on my good side like I’m photogenic
Nah, nah, I got charisma, punches, and a flow that’s cold
You just lost Round 2, and I promise you, you not gon’ lose your soul

[Round 2: Scotty]
Shout out to all my supporters in the building
They haters want me to die out, but I doubt it ’cause I’m too resilient
They gon’ be mad like, “Man, we wanted that nigga Scotty dead, but Loso who they sent to kill him
And that nigga damn near died on stage like Wendy Williams!”
Put three fingers in the air wit’ me, y’all
Yeah, I’m from that Ward
I was raised in the bottom of the Tre
It’s like three minutes that way
This shit right here is my backyard
And today, my city want to hear you rap bars on this SMACK card
They ain’t come to see you rap God to a rap god
I’m perfect, at least that’s how I feel on this damn stage
And if I ain’t perfect to you, then I’m closer to you on your best damn days
I mean peep it, fresh fit, fresh kicks, and shit, check out the man’s waves
Fresh cut: nigga, I’mma need a Band-Aid
You ain’t seen my battles killin’ niggas on the YouTube?
I’m the shit, boy: this is what I do do (doo-doo)
Aye, Sy, I think it’s time I switch into a new mood
‘Cause this battle shit in Texas now, and down here, we playin’ by some new rules
Aye, fuck that pussy-ass vest, lil’ bitch, I’mma shoot through
He like, “Be a man and fight wit’ ya hands”, until I doot! doot!
Then these hands start connectin’ like a Bluetooth!
Do a number on this square like Sudoku!
I hit his ass wit’ two!
Ooh! He fell in the street
The nigga balled up, tucked his tail in his feet
He get up, try to run
Bitch, I got a gun, and I shoot well wit’ the heat
This ratchet spit better than Cardi
Boy, you better Be Careful wit’ me!
I grab the new big Glock and quick to squirt it
I snap and you get shot: it’s picture-perfect
The same pastor that be mad at ya like, “Uhh, Loso, why you skip the service?”
Gon’ be the same one rappin’ at your eulogy like, “He didn’t deserve it.”
I know, and after this, I’m headed to Florida, straight to yo’ bitch house
She wrote a check that that ass can’t cash, then make that bitch bounce
She say, “Loso can’t fuck me! He be hollerin’ ’bout he celibate.”
I say, “Bitch, I ain’t tryin’ to fuck ya neither, I just wanted you to suck my dick.”
But fuck it, she let my brother hit, we both had some fun
A bitch with two Johns: I nicknamed her “Da Don”
Come see me! Come SEE ME! Come SEE ME! Yeeaaaahh!
The hoe was like, “Damn, Scotty! Ya dick game is the bomb.”
But he’s still countin’ on Love: his nickname is “Lebron”
And I don’t trust this bitch, so I grab it and tuck it
In case this faggot start wildin’ out (Wild N’ Out) like Emmanuel Hudson
Boy, if you ain’t got a plan on hand, man, plan for destruction
12-gauge give him all these bucks
Let’s see just how you manage ya budget
No, no, wait, these new shooters, they cheap, and they don’t even give me no problems
One of ’em say he gon’ let the K ring for just 25 dollars
I been out here grindin’ eight days a week, and each of it’s 25 hours
So when a nigga speak on niggas who’s hustlin’, they can’t deny ours
Time, man

[Round 3: Loso]
Aye, what airline they booked you in? Oh, you drove
Aight, well, what hotel they put you in? Oh, you’re home
Aight, cool, see, aye, that’s great, ’cause that could’ve been a double loss for your friend
But please tell me Smack at least covered the cost for ya-
Look bro, you ain’t gotta lie, ain’t no need to floss to pretend
Plus, I seen how they spelled his name “Scott” on my contract
I knew he was gettin’ double-crossed in the end!
I say, listen and register!
I came to tweak ya wrongs because you tweet too long
In other words, I’m fixin’ yo’ character
Ain’t no need to start dissin’ the messenger
I just think it’s Childish how he wanna shoot down the church
Aye, This Is America!
The hint that I’m gettin’, bruh, is Smack having no desires to push your brand
You gotta call on the block for some help
I mean the only reason he booked you for the warehouse
Is cause he had plans of puttin’ ya stock on the shelf
Aye, that’s why I don’t rock by myself
When you see Los’, you see I’m steppin’ to you, reppin’ the crew
Thought John John was the only great Bullpen had until the Reverend debut
See, the first part of my movie left an impression on you
And although it took you a long time to see it, now you know I’m incredible, too (Incredibles 2)
Let’s extend it to you! Houston Bar Code is it?
That’s ya league? Aye, what are you doin’, Scott?
Always actin’ like you on top, your crew won’t pop
Nobody in it wit’ a Big Bang: I see we got the same view on God
Boy you are not responsible for anybody’s career
That right there is confusin’, Ahk
‘Cause how you like to talk a good game, but never been a good steward, (Stuart) Scott?
You got a battle wit’ DNA, hosted by Hollow Da Don and it’s sittin’ at 60,000 views
I know you mad and upset, you be sharin’ that battle everyday like, “Yo, it’s a classic,” I bet
The whole concept of askin’ I get
But just cause you rep’ Bar Code doesn’t mean you need to tag every thread
Aye, let’s back up instead, ’cause you lack creativity
Always copyin’ my moves
You’re shootin’ yourself, it gotta stop
For instance, I put on for Christianity
Now, he wanna put on for his block
I battled DNA, he battled DNA ’cause he just wanna follow his pops
I beat Phara Funeral, then you beat Phara
Oh, I see why you keep puttin’ yourself in a box!
Aye, it’s always gun bar after gun bar
They be lazy when they preppin’
I mean all of my metaphors make them see now (senile)
They goin’ crazy up in the reference
Aye, you think I gotta act hard wit’ a .380 without a message?
Boy, I’m Hacksaw Ridge: I be savin’ ’em without a weapon
‘Cause all that, “Christians are weak because they say they need the Lord.”
These the same dudes that try angles (triangles) to get they words across like a Ouija Board
Aye, you right, every mornin’ when my feet hit the floor, my knees hit the floor
But not because of what I need, because I know I need Him more
For instance, He guides me, that’s why I never been without sight
Even when they cut my electricity off, I never been without light
I should’ve died on that cross, but Jesus got on and got me
Now my verdict is the same as his battle price
In other words, I got off Scott-free
Aye, where are all them URL battlers who was on the Internet gunnin’ for me?
Aye, Twork, I just finished my PG!
What’s now your excuse for runnin’ from me!?
Unfortunately, I just finished
Now we gotta listen to him spittin’ that trash
Thank God I ain’t got no more rounds of me whippin’ that (ass!)
…Good night!

[Round 3: Scotty]
I started not to do this bullshit-ass battle
A PG? URL was on some mo’ shit
I used to think Hitman and Verb and them was just sayin’ that shit for promotion
But e’rytime y’all look up, it’s another East Coast, then a West Coast nigga bein’ shoved in ya face
No hate, but shit, them boys down South got somethin’ to say
It’s like they ain’t even lookin’ our way
Now to me, that’s some sucker shit
Fuck the battle rap politics! We created our own government!
And right now, you lookin’ at the nigga who governs it
And I don’t know what Loso done did to deserve this punishment
But fuck it, I got the heat, I cock the heat, then spray yo’ face
Nigga, I’ll drop the heat and ya ass get beat like an 808
Claimin’ he’s worth a mill’ (meal)
Boy, down here, niggas will take yo’ plate
Roll a blade (Rollerblade) ‘cross ya neck, bitch, then they gon’ skate!
I know you had this win projected well, and it ain’t goin’ great
Now you gettin’ this F’in L, and it ain’t yo’ state
Now wait, ain’t the great state of Florida who birthed you, my nigga?
Why you ain’t puttin’ on wit’ them people?
Why you ain’t givin’ them none of these good lines?
You doin’ all these shows, but still ain’t showed Mother Florida no Good Times?
When I go back to Florida, I’m gon’ back to that lil’ spot where yo’ freak be
She sucked me clean and keep me clean: I gotta O.C.D
I tell that bitch, “Take it out yo’ mouth, then slap it on yo’ jaws!”
She like when daddy talk crazy to her: she call me Lavar Ball!
Nah, y’all, fuck all that!
It’s war time now, I’m fully in motion
Bitch, you better go buy the biggest bottle of bulletproof lotion
Nigga, cut the commotion
Extended clip on the hammer holdin’
I bet 21 knock ya off like Amber Rose
Dammit, bro, I’m high
Eyes lookin’ like a Chinese dude
Two sticks in my hands: look like I’m ’bout to eat Chinese food
Don’t try me, dude, ’cause we could even put the guns up
Beat ya ass, you gon’ walk around wit’ bigger knots on you than Blac Youngsta
Before I go, ’cause God sent me here with a message for ya nigga
He say you gotta stop gettin’ in these battles actin’ like you Him
Jump on stage and start judgin’ niggas
“Let he without sin cast the first stone-“
Yeah, you know these words that I utter, nigga
Stop tellin’ other niggas how to live they life, dawg
You are not them other niggas
I know what he gon’ say, “But I’m my brother’s keeper”
Nooo, you are not my brother, nigga!
If you done knew ’bout half of the shit niggas dealt wit’
Then maybe you would think, “Man, he probably couldn’t help it.”
Or maybe you too nervous to even go scratch the surface and dig for a purpose before you caught yourself tryin’ to help shit
Who made these people the fuckin’ keeper to my life?
When, a few years ago, I was invisible to ya eyesight
But now it’s critical, I don’t get to do the shit that I like?
However I choose to live my life, it’s my life – am I right!?
Right, so for instance, if Chess wanna be a dirty lil’ nigga his whole life, dawg
Let that nigga be that!
Don’t look at Charlie Clips and T-Top and say, “Now, why them niggas eat that?”
Next time you see DNA, before you say, “Bro, where that nigga teeth at?”
What you should be sayin’ is, “He made it to the top without it, so I too can achieve that.”
H-Town, nigga!
We out this bitch, mayne!

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