Hollow Da Don vs. John John Da Don [Lyrics]

[Round 1: John John Da Don]
I said for years, I heard I took Hollow’s name and I steal bars
And y’all had the nerve to book this shit on Hallows Lane? At the Steel Yard?
But ain’t no need to wonder what kinda angles I’m about to take
‘Cause out the gate, we gon’ get this multiple choice out the way
Should I A: Give him gun bars, ’cause that’s what my people love?
Or B: Prove I’m more of a Don than he ever was?
Or C: Bring up that time we was brawlin’ in the club?
Yo, London, y’all know the answer, right?
I got a bullet, with somebody’s government on it
It’s time to send it
They don’t need to ask the name on this Hollow, ’cause Nigel been it (Bennett)
What’chu gon’ do? Pull out paperwork? Have some kinda gimmick?
‘Til I blow your brains all over that L.O.M. brand
That should help you mind ya business
This was booked for Houston, ’til his people told him that he shouldn’t do it
Tried to warn him to not appear (a peer) pressure like a good influence
Never seen a duck before?


(*John John pulls out a handheld mirror*)

Here’s one, lookin’ stupid
But the last time we seen Hollow in the mirror is when I put him through it!
But let me guess, to beat you, I’ma need a bunch of random shit
Like Xanny scripts from Anna Smith
Evander’s fist and Santa’s list? Wrong
How ’bout smoke from a Sig’ (cig’)? Call it my “cancer stick”
Slanted clips that goes both ways: that’s a banana split
That hammer lift, I’ll put the grip on his cheek like when granny pinch
When you go, ya son go, your girl, make it a family trip
I was gon’ get him separate ways, but I don’t like seein’ families split
So I got him all in one shot, that’s a family pic (pick)
But why we never see you wit’ a chick?
I gotta watch this guy
I mean, not even the mother of ya child? What’chu got to hide?
I think you bi, and live a pair of lies (paralyze) so you can’t stand it
No wonder you named yourself “Hollow”, ’cause you the trans parent (transparent)

{Hollow pulls out a sign that says “He Stole That Line”}

But what’s ya son name again? Lennon?
Look, Lennon, I know ya mom trippin’
‘Cause Daddy don’t wanna make her an honest woman so you gettin’ raised off of my whippings
Next time he go to discipline you, you tell him he wastin’ his time, Lennon
Until Mommy get the biggest rock band ever
Every beat’ll (Beatle) be coming from John, Lennon!
But please don’t say the John if you ain’t sayin’ it twice!
And if you don’t add “Da Don”, you ain’t sayin’ it right!
Want some advice? Change ya name ’cause you not no Don, bro
But he can say it twice like me, so I can hollow Hollow
Now hollow Hollow or Hollow hollow
Talkin’ headshot, leg shot, how low Hollow?
No, red dot, dead shot, I’ll high-low Hollow
Laughin’, under my breath “hee-hee-ha-llow” Hollow
But y’all said I got my name from him? Fuck no, never
You had no influence on my career whatsoever
I don’t drink syrup or profit off of taxes for cheap shirts
And post importantly, I would never lose a fight if I swing first
Now I’mma prove he ain’t nothin’ like how he appear to y’all
And I got the perfect way to do this
Hollow, let’s play “Swear To God”
Swear to God, you ain’t ask me to not bring up the fight and made me sign an NDA
Don’t worry

{John John brings out the supposed NDA contract}

This the Non Disclosure Agreement, but guess what?
Nigga fuck you, I’ma talk about it anyway
Aye, I know y’all heard the rumors, I’m not sayin’ that they all the truth
But if I didn’t beat yo’ ass, when you swung on me first, why did they have to pull me off of you?
But that’s old Hollow
Didn’t he pull out that jacket vers’ Ars’ to be the “old Hollow”?
What if I told y’all I brought the jacket I wore when we fought to finish this beatin’ I owed Hollow?

{John John acts like he’s going to pull out the jacket}

Got him!
Aye, nah, nah, nah, but truth be told Hollow, we ain’t really scrap dawg
I mean, you swung, missed, I swung, hit and broke the mirror wit’chu, that’s all
As far as Calicoe jumpin’ in? That was a fact, y’all
Ayo, Twork, they ain’t know it was me
Standin’ over the body with my glasses and my hat off!
I’m only here ’cause I’m gettin’ that cash!
It’s a body, and it’s time for you to get in that bag!
Matter of fact, scratch that
Can’t even use that slogan, it doesn’t feel right
‘Cause I already whipped that ass – in real life!
Time, nigga!

[Round 1: Hollow Da Don]
I said, Hollow Da Don in London, versus-
I’m ’bout to fuck you up, nigga!
Y’all really gon’ call him “John John” when he get split in two
Get the blade from my nigga in London {*clap-clap*}
And that leads (Leeds) to a liver pool (Liverpool)!
How dare you call me scared? You emotional fool
I’m only raisin’ awareness with a .9, cause that’s my promotional tool
You had your gums bumpin’, sayin’ I’m scared but done nothin’
‘Til he finally get a Hollow, now John John the one duckin’
Nigga, I got somethin’ that I owed John!
So I load up with the old jawn!
And take my shot, close-range like the old John!
Flip his shit, ’cause he got somethin’ that he owe Hollow
So I load up with the old Hollow
But this time, tape on the handle
Naomi Campbell: it’s the old model
From a block up, I can spot ya like cop lights
With that r-r-r-r-r-r-RAKA, BAKA, that was not nice
I ain’t toleratin’ no disrespect, I’m not playin’ tonight
I’m givin’ you one warning, John John…I’m not sayin’ it twice!
I know y’all love that old Hollow but all in all
Life changed, I became more mature
I had a son, and many nights, I ignored him
Focused on that Parmesan (palm of John’s) so I wanna say this here tonight…
I’m sorry, John
It’s Dad!
Y’all remember doin’ impersonations on Grind Time and I said, “Oh, it’s just a fad.”
It’s Dad!
Y’all remember when you called me when you made it to URL and I said, “Give it everything you had”?
It’s Dad!
I mean, you came into this game as my son
Wanted to be Wade to my Lebron, so he named himself “Da Don”
But I’m Hollow, you John
You Marlon, I’m Shawn
I’m B.I.G, you Shyne
If I get big, you shine
You Gain if I tied (Tide)
You Odom, I’m Shaq
You Nordstrom, I’m Saks
I’m Polo, you Chaps
How the fuck is we a match?
I mean, he even got pictures of me when I was a Wildcat on guard (God)
But I’m his idol, ain’t I suppose to be on John Wall?
Don’t lie, fam’, I’m the nigga you’ve been chasin’ for awhile
The man done studied every bar I land (island)
I hate he (Haiti) came in wit’ my style
Nigga, Summer Madness, I battled Hitman, my name was known
In battle rap and the streets, that’s how I caught a case for slangin’ zones
Then I found out Smack Illuminati, down with Skull & Bones
‘Cause I came home Summer Madness 2 y’all had made my clone
That’s when you thought you was gonna be Smack gunner
Shit, he was even sayin’ “Roc won’t stay”
Y’all could’ve paid a few Gs (Fugees), he still won’t trade John for Tay (Forté)
That’s cause you came into my name without payin’ homage
My nigga, that’s like Isiah Thomas comin’ in the league sayin’, “Fuck Isiah Thomas”
I mean, Surf said you donned his [?]
Lux said the Don King, they was turnin’ my name slick
But you fuck around, annnd…did a permanent name-flip
When you type the letter “H” into searches
The word “Hollow” emerges
You press ‘Space’ and move the cursor, then “Da Don” will surface
I’m more important than any “How” question, “Halloween” or “Hollow Earth” is
He worship, to the point I got Loyalty Over Money he got Bars Over Bullshit
Same logo
I got “I’m not excited” he got “Shrug Life”
I do one round with Pat Stay, he do one round wit’ Pat Stay
I do 106, bro this shit is annoying
But, it wasn’t until I seen him against PC doin’ torture shit like Jason Voorhees
That’s when I was fully convinced he Jason Bourne’d me
But he gon’ say, “You got Rocko Da Don and Polow Da Don”
But in battle rap you only got me
You seen my highlights, you seen my pace and then copied
I’m sure when you made the discovery, you were Shocked G
But I got my name from Makaveli Da Don you better ‘Pac me
He even let niggas call him the Dininon
Oooow that shit is wrong
But you’re such a follower you moved to Atlanta when you was little John (Lil’ Jon)
He seen me against Clips, givin’ him the business loan
After that, I was passin’ Roc(k) like a kidney stone
Then I did small room, had to get in my zone
Now they got me battlin’ a nigga that look like he could fix my phone!
You see how he diss me for L.O.M.? But that ain’t what I got on
I switched it cause I’m dippin’ in HiddenLabelClothing.com
You wish I was done, nigga not now!
You wanted to go unlimited so I’ma go off the top now
I said, I let the fo’-fo’ go, pulled it on him, he like, “Oh, no, bro!”
He sound like Smack durin’ Arsonal and Twork: “I don’t want no mo’ smoke!”
Then they said why they booked him here
I said, “Yeah, I don’t know why they booked you here, ’cause you really steal bars.”
I had to tell the venue to really chill y’all like, “John John’s in town he might steal The Steel Yard.”
So you know who to call if a theft’s involved
Aye, London, watch out, he might steal the D-O-N from y’all
I said he wanted to go unlimited, Smack, so I’mma go off the top now
Nigga I can rap about street shit, I really had to tote the pound
With an AR the size of International P, I gotta hold it down
It’s funny I mention ARP cause Mook last battle we couldn’t play the joint
Talkin’ ’bout he Michael Jordan…in Space Jam cause he gotta reach just to make a point
He can’t take a hard loss and you’ll take an easy win quickly
Actin’ like you bury Rum, please have some dignity (dig Nitty)
I’ll catch you at the intersection
Bullets enter sections, leave his body in a section
That means if it’s a green light, my people blast him
He’ll slow down like a yellow when he seen the ratchet
The Glock had the beam attachment
Niggas usually stop when they see red that mean people passin’
So don’t worry ’bout his next round and if y’all act like the fake Don winnin’
Then I’ll be the reason to piece (peace) to John Lennon
Loyalty Over Money man

[Round 2: John John Da Don]
Now when they first announced this battle was booked in the UK
I was told- y’all favorited him more, so they didn’t know how I would look in the UK
But due to Hollow graphic (holographic) bars, he may shine
But I ain’t shook in the UK
Cause it was time me and this Gor-Don Ram see (Gordon Ramsey)
I told y’all I’ma cook in the UK
So hit the lights, close the curtain, this where the show stop
No pork, no lamb, but today we makin’ GOAT chop, just for you K
But for you? K already cold cock
Before the shot: Code Red
After the shot: Don’t Flop
Fuck if he doin’ me a favor, nobody asked you to
I feel like whatever y’all got between y’all
That’s Smack and you
No need a match for Mook? You don’t need to look no further
Cause after I take this shot with a Hollow, close range, chances are I’m gettin’ booked for murder
Stupid guy, why would you take this battle knowin’ you would die
You plan on takin’ DJ Khaled’s son to court? Cause that’s suicide (sue Asahd)
$40,000 for Lux, yeah right, maybe 25
I guess it’s true I am denying Hollow cost (holocaust) I figured you (Jew) would lie
How can y’all not see (Nazi)

[Hollow puts up a sign that says “That Sounds Familiar”]

I’m sick, and what I really discovered? Concentrate on ya camp
Cause if I spread one germ, many (German) will suffer and it’ll be another World War too (II)
Millions will get killed, the plot was fake, but who the reparations go to is real (Israel)
I’ve seen you get your uppercut then another cut, then another cut
Yo Tay Roc, I see you had problems gettin’ ya seat belt to buckle up
Aye, but the Summer’s up, it’s still Madness
So let me twerk (Twork) that line, I’m Strapped In
Cause what I pull from the shoulder, buckle and click, mine work just fine
You see dude a bitch, actin’ gay, you look pissed
Y’all the break out, lose the grip, grab the blade, use a pick
Madden play, you should quit and that’s okay
Just let ya guy know (Gyno) I’ll pick apart a pussy if you the risk (uterus) I have to take
Cause as of late, you couldn’t Roc(k) wit’ Tay and barely Surf with Tsu
Just because you was Loaded for Lux don’t mean you Murda Mook
You lost ya Arsonal and only had one Clip for Charlie
Let Dizaster ruin your world then Pat Stay for the party
Let’s talk now, go ‘head and say how Bullpen ain’t doin’ well
And how I’m losin’ all my top battlers to the URL
Cause I told ’em, “Fuck the PG’s” when I’m from the PG’s, you sound stupid now
Cause if the sky’s the limit, what’s there for you to prove in (Proving) Grounds?
Do y’all see the vision? I went from lost to a boss, it’s the ascension
Since the beginning, I took every name on them contracts Beasley sent in
All I did was play chess, you know, with two of the most important pieces switchin’
That’s cause I knew callin’ out the cast’ll (castle) put a rook in a king position
Now look at me
Became everything they said I couldn’t be
Wasn’t ‘Started From The Bottom’ yours first for you to cook and eat?
But I guess a Don is (Adonis) Drake’s son cause he took the beat
Now he tellin’ stories how he got at a Don just to push a tee (Pusha T)
But worry ’bout the bars, don’t worry what he got on
But if you is worried, don’t go to LOMclothing.com
Cause that shit is not bomb, whoever buys that shit got the worst taste
And if you ain’t want us to worry ’bout what you got on, then why the fuck you put it on in the first place?
Yeah I peeped ya little charity work, that’s such a bogus scam, I know ya plan
Raise ya company awareness to the local fans
But you’d rather feed a random homeless man than to help ya mother own some land
How is it Loyalty Over Money when you disown ya fam’ to promote ya brand?
Why you never do that shit in Queens?
If you really care, just take a look at Hollow ‘Gram (hologram), he was never really there
But ya hollow’s give back in a different way? That’s how you say the line?
Okay then fine, but my Hollow’s take backs like you gave it away then changed ya mind
Hold on, hold on

{Fake chokes for 14 seconds}

Hold on, hold on, my fault y’all, I got it
I didn’t mean to keep everybody waitin’
But I promise that wasn’t a choke, y’all just didn’t peep the body language
I did this, this, this then this, is it clear now?
That’s cause he knows (nose), before I (eye), take any lip he gettin’ aired (ear’d) out
I’m only here cause I’m gettin’ that cash
This is a body and it’s time for you to get in that bag
Matter of fact, scratch that, can’t even use that slogan, doesn’t feel right
Cause I already whipped that ass in real life

Quality over quantity, he can rap all night

[Round 2: Hollow Da Don]
I punched you dead in yo’ motherfuckin’ face nigga
And you went to Twitter to outburst
Well tell Smack, “Lock us in a room”, let’s see who comin’ out first
I punched a nigga in his shit like, “Yo, I’m not no bitch”
One hook had his mouth off like a Chinese flick
Here go a one Hollow mid-round off the top flips
Let’s play Swear To God, nigga
Swear to God Calicoe ain’t snuff you?
Shut the fuck up nigga he lumped you!
Swear to God Mike Moon ain’t punch you?

I don’t know who that is

Shut the fuck up, nigga he Homer Simpson Duff’ed you
Swear to God my man MB&B ain’t rush you?

Swear to God

So my point is, how you beat me up when niggas actually jumped you?
That Worldstar shit would never happen nigga
It was sad as shit but it’s cool
I’m peaceful now so let’s get past the fist (pacifist)
I’m the only battle rapper that got the same nigga from him, from his first battle, what I’m lyin’ for?
But where’s Swag Inc? Where’s the niggas behind you when you battled B-Magic?
Where’s Syahboy?
Hold on, that’s your 2 on 2 partner, I know he gotta be beside ya boy
John John I’m way in the back and I still can’t find ya boy
But I’m disloyal
They said, “John John being aggressive” but he mad we ain’t looked at equally
You’re such on a low frequency you gotta scream just to speak to me
See all this battle rap persona shit, you done took it too far
How you gonna stand up here and tell me ’bout me nigga
When you don’t know who the fuck you are?
John McGee, born in Yonkers, left a little after 8
So how you claimin’ School Street when nigga you ain’t graduate?
By 15 he was on the road seeing fame for free
Actin’ like ya upbringing was So So, yeah cause you grew up under Jermaine Dupri
So you tellin’ me when it’s beef you had to call Bow?
And you being down with So So Def explains why you act like Da Brat you are now
All they’ll say is, “Hollow won’t battle. Surf won’t battle me.”
All we hear is John complain and watch John campaign like he fuckin’ John McCain
I should break ya legs just for steppin’ in my lane
And smack JD while screamin’ “Money Ain’t A Thang!”
I wondered how he knew JD and Bow Wow, I thought it was through his hustle, puttin’ in mad pain
You ain’t grind to get on TV? Oh I guess it’s all part of the rap game
Well hi John, I ain’t made enough, so I’m still liable to do crazy stuff
Like I’ll pay a nigga to beat yo’ ass…then help break it up!
Nigga I could damage anything he did or said, you’re probably a lame
Bad bitch with a big forehead, I’m goin’ out with a bang
I know it just sound like me barkin’
But I’m the butcher and he’s sleepwalkin’ through a meat market
James Earl Jones, let’s do some deep talkin’
I think awkward like Steve Hawking in Stephen King’s office
Like what if everything we been on had been wrong?
What if the Devil is good? What if cigarettes help you live long?
What if Mike never changed his skin tone?
What if John John the real Don?
What if God is bad?
Y’all catch that? That’s Pastor Troy, y’all know Pastor Troy?
Well that’s legit, I know he caught it, he’s a bar thief he won’t let me get past the (pastor) flip
I mean, I know y’all gon’ be like, “Not this angle” but nigga yeah
This guy’s a thief, London if he was part of the Great Train Robbery
C’mon Johnny, that’s how you got poppin’, please
You looked at the Lifestyle Of The Rich & Famous then rob and (Robin) leech (Leach)
I actually wrote down every bar he every stole

{Hollow brings out a scroll}

Unfortunately, it’s too long to scroll
But stop actin’ like you’re up (Europe) when you’re scared of heights
I should give him an eye (Eiffel) full just for being a parasite (Paris site)
Greaseball (Greece) , you’ll rush a (Russia) scheme with some bars he found
Lookin’ at up and comers that’s Hungry and then mark (Denmark) it down
I should drag him through Prague, then across the pond cause he don’t have a check (Czech)
Talkin’ ’bout a wager, nigga you don’t have a rack (Iraq) to bet (Tibet)
I told him I could wait (Kuwait), but in due time, in the end (Indian) I still told dude, “Bye” (Dubai)
See that last scheme was important to see
I dragged him through Europe then Asia to show y’all catchin’ a body in another country is not foreign to me
Nigga ya flow {snoring} boring to me
Y’all know how we got money for battle rap?
He got us all together, he said I could make some quick cash
“You see these cars behind me? You see these books? I could help you get rich fast
Us brothers gotta stick together let our melanin gleam.”
I said, “Ain’t this a bitch. A conscious brother studyin’ Egypt while doing pyramid schemes
Y’all know how I got money before battle rap? I had to slang butter
Nigga judge cook a biscuit from scratch like Martin Payne mother
If they caught us with the white we blew (blue) ‘fore it changed colors
So now the D sit in the lobby like the Wayans Brothers
I swear to God don’t fuck with him
I’m doin’ some damage that insurance ain’t coverin’
It won’t be fun but they’ll be fun (fund) raisin’ and GoFund’ing him
Once I put him down to Earth it’s so humblin’
Nigga fuck you, fuck what you got on, and I fucked ya mom
While you was locked up by the way, I don’t know if you knew that
I said, John John don’t fuck with him
I’ll clicka clicka buckin’ him
I’ll put a nigga face on the bag like Uncle Ben
By the way my brother dipped
I know ya mother been wonderin’ where your uncle been
Lately I been on some other shit
I seen evil like Cousin It but eat people like Brotha Lynch
Lately I’ve been buggin’ quick
I got a fuckin’ stick, the bottom got a rubber grip
Sound like a plummer’s kit, boy I’m comin’ up wit’ shit
I said he gon’ diss me L.O.M. but that ain’t what I got on
I switched it cause I’m dippin’ in HiddenLabelClothing.com

[Round 3: John John Da Don]
This the battle for the name, right?
Nah see, y’all gots to chill
Yeah I know, they booked Da Don versus Da Don that headline the bill
Ever wonder who got the name and who havin’ problems still?
We just established he swung on me, this nigga tried to steal Da Don for real
Nah, what the fuck have I ever done to you?
Did I threaten ya life or somethin’?
Have I ever pulled a gun on you?
So what you throw that punch to prove?
See any card he pulled a real Donald Trump it can show this pussy not untouchable
He was scared I’d replace him, to bad you can’t avoid that
So when it’s all said and done, I’d probably be the one to employ Smack
The way ya voice cracks, you should get some bed rest more fam’
Cause if you wasn’t so Sleepy Hollow, you’ll probably come off the head less horse
Man you can’t rap

{Hollow pulls out a sign that says He Stole That}

Man you can’t rap, you just do a lot of rambling well
See me I got the total package to address whoever’s stampin’ this male (mail)
Remind you of that first L.O.M. shirt that he managed to sell
Cause in so many words, I’m designed to hand you an L
I can punch, scheme, angle, flippin’ bars is my go to
Remember I’m Shang Tsung, I can kill you witcha own moves
That was old school
These days I’m more versatile
But since you took it past rap, we gon’ get more personal
When ya sister boyfriend beat her ass you wasn’t thinkin’ ’bout hurtin’ a nigga
It was Hoffa that came through ready to put somebody in the dirt for the nigga
It’s like God tried reversing the picture
Cause how you go from helpin’ ya sister with her math homework
To bringing Math home to help put in work for ya sister?
That was ya guy, he would ride, to the pop of the wheels
When he got jumped out in Cali, whatchu do? Take a pic’ with the op’ for a film
If that was me? Shit, you said it, I’m John John, I’m known to slide wit’ the steel (steal)
Fuck a Joseph Khan movie, Dizaster should’ve got Bodied for real
But you booked a battle wit’ him and kept a secret ’bout that
You ain’t even let ya man know when it was goin’ down so he could bounce back
It’s only science, history and literature, when he’s speakin’ ’bout class
That’s these L.O.M. niggas, yeah, Leavin’ Out Math
He was mad when we battled cause Hollow told him we was beefin’
Well on my mother’s son, until you threw that punch I didn’t know that we was beefin’
But you said on AngryFan you wanted to punch me in my mouth cause I told you to “suck my dick” on Twitter
Well excuse me Hollow, what I meant was, tell ya mother to suck my dick you bitch ass nigga
The next time y’all see Math, y’all get this message to him
Cause I’m the real reason Hollow left NYB, let’s get this settled as men
Has nothing to do with Math, Cortez, D. Chamberz or the rest of they friends
Nah I’m lyin’, cause it was after our little scuffle he ain’t want nothin’ to do with hands (Hanz) ever again
So don’t tell me, this the nigga you gon’ let ya children idolize
Either y’all believe them idol lies or watchin’ him with idle eyes
You played yourself, by several accounts, he think he Vada Fly
Headshot, he’ll go from “I’m not excited” to “I’m not alive”
But I wanna apologize, to my ex, that said I hit her and played a helpless role
Even though she attacked me, I still could’ve showed more self control
It hurt my soul, when I seen all them people switch up
Cause where was that energy when y’all heard I beat this bitch up?
You hypocrites, I don’t condone domestic violence in the thinnest bit
But you do, cause when I watch ya battles all your punches hit or (a) miss
That’s why he need these antics, the fan got no poise
You like to think outside the box, cool, BAOW! Now you ain’t got no choice
So it don’t matter if you rip ya shirt, switch ya merch or hit the Earth
Cause real niggas only respect the bars when you spit ya verse
So when this battle dropped for the YouTubers to click and search
Comments gon’ read, “Nice try Hollow. But it didn’t work.”
Like when you put that intercom in the generator without knowin’ what that does to ya enemies
Wait a minute…I get it, you put an intercom in a generator cause you was tryin’ to get a buzz off of energy?
Silly me, tryin’ to sell that bullshit hopin’ someone else will buy it
You should put a ventilator in a refrigerator
What that do? I dunno but he dumb enough to try it
But you can have them roastin’ sessions
I ain’t into joke professions
I’m loadin’ weapons like vape pens, you could get smoked in seconds
I could teach you a thing or two ’bout how to hold a Wesson
Right, you wanna stretch him?
Hold it downward dawg (dog) I’m givin’ yoga lessons
So whoever think we came for a fight
He tried that…made the biggest fuckin’ mistake of his life
Now please don’t say the John if you ain’t sayin’ it twice
And if you don’t add the Da Don
(You ain’t sayin’ it right!)
Goodnight man

[Round 3: Hollow Da Don]
Dear Stan, this is actually not one of them rounds where I talk to him, unfortunately
This actually the round where I talk to me
And I ask, “How did I create this hate?”
Maybe I ain’t embrace you in ways you made it safe
And I was angry about the name, okay
Buy you can’t have me named as prey while I’m movin’ with amazin’ ways
You want the “Da Don” then have it
But not before I give John 3:16’s like John is Catholic
Or behead him in front of y’all now John The Baptist
I DiVinci’d the damn Code, I won’t let my face show like Basquiat til a grand show
Paint the wall wit’ him, then tell my nigga in the van, “Go” (Van Gogh)
Fuck the gun bars, yo stop my time
You beatin’ bitches you bitch ass nigga?
You hittin’ on women you bitch ass nigga?
I’m just jokin’, cause I’m no longer a tough guy, that’s not my line
Plus he not Joe Budden and there’s not no time
My nigga you went from stealin’ bars to stealin’ broads
Let’s take that further
He black like a cat burglar, beat her back like she Nat Turner
Not only did he get domestic violence, he got aggravated with assault, that’s worser
Actin’ like she’s your wall then you flat Earth’d her
He even said, “She put up money for Bullpen Battle League”, she was the stack earner
She put money in the pot, made you hot, and how’d you get her back? Burn her (burner)
Bro, he beat her ass so much he can’t even lift his arm
Mind you, Chelsea 4’11” and he’s 6 foot 4
See the problem is, he never learned responsibility or accountability
She beggin’ him like, “John, help me with the utilities.”
You lost your freedom over your emotions how [?]
While she out here wearin’ the pants like Hillary
Then he found a number, that’s why he beat her
That’s what he had to wonder
Why she stabbed him in the back?
Cause dependin’ on how you act, you punch her (acupuncture)
I blame his mother, cause he got his game from a woman
He got his traits from a woman
He even complain like a woman
He even chase another man for his name like a woman
Jay-Z said, “a male shouldn’t be jealous that’s a female trait”
Oh you mad I get 30 for a battle and you get 8?
No, I said he get 30’d for a battle and you get (ate)
At 21 you started dissin’ me, 22 he’s still dissin’ me
23 and 24 I’m thinkin’, “This some good publicity.”
I said, by 25 he smoked his first blunt
Had his first gun at 26
Middle man to quarter pound for 27, now he thinkin’ he Money Mitch
At 28 he’s still lyin’ ’bout throwin’ me through a mirror, it adds up
Cause that broken mirror actually gave YOU seven years of bad luck
I said fuck that, I’ll leave a message and get back to him
Like {beep} I’ll do voodoo, I’ll take a patch of him and start detaching him
You’ll really live up to your acronym once I make half of him
Shhh shhh, get ya body sprayed I ain’t askin’ (Axe’ing) him
I said I know y’all think I got L.O.M. but that ain’t what I got on
I switched it cause I’m dippin’ in HiddenLabelClothing.com
Y’all already sno’

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