Danny Myers vs. QP (Quantum Physics) [Lyrics]

[Round 1: QP]
Danny, me and you have no chemistry, physically
So why bring Quantum to Physics?
You a good investment
Business wise you make awful decisions
And you got some investments that you regretted, right?
Which ended with the loses of riches
But you came back from the dead (debt), after T-Rex, nigga you evolved from the chicken
Bar God!
The nigga that good at pretendin’ to be brave but when you scared as hell you the worst
Like I spend time horsing around and I would carousel through the verse
I’m here to expose this man to the core, expose that there’s a trail to [?]
That’s the [?] scratches the surface
Your era (error) failed human’s first
So both loses I plan it (planet) within the pair of L (parallel) universe
Bar God!
Nigga my tendency to snap will kill these (Achilles) legends
He’ll (heel) know (nose) these nerves in my bone
Nigga on the set guns come out, cap you, slap you
Okay (OK) Shine him, an old word we learned from Charron
Bar God!
Reincarnated, oh I save your birth through a clone
Snakes and trees in makes it Eve-n at ’em (Adam) shit like the serpent was on
So when they say he workin’ in churches and that he fuckin’…worship from home
Hand on a Bible, I will put him down in the ground, in a hole he worse, something wrong
Bar God!
We gotta work on your tone
Cause you wanna know what a maestro is Danny?
A maestro is determined by who can fuckin’ orchestrate it the best
I’ll tell you a classic tale Danny, a classics tale, though the story dated, it’s fresh
You’ll get the rope meant for your next (neck) scene, it’s more for savin’ ya breath
You’ll make the news (noose) soon as I push up on you, this story made for the press
You know what a noose is right? It’s an O (ooh) shape for ya neck
Makin’ sure there’s no outlet to out let breath for the space in ya chest
I get the power trippin’, grab the extension cord, then aided his death
Cause I fuckin’ hated the way that he dressed
No trace remains, remnants left
But still leave a nasty outline
You’ve been yelling your whole career Danny, you finally raspy? Bout time
I scream AHHHH!
You know it’s me nigga baskin’ outside
Danielle (then yell) “Bregoli”, nigga catch me outside!
And your family? Cloud 9
Beautiful people, helluva mixture
Yeah your son, takes after you
As he grows his head’ll gets bigger
Him and his sis’ look alike, that’s what was said in the picture
So when he gets shot next to her
BAOW, he gon’ really look dead on his sister
That’s a helluva mixture
Nigga to stop this coughin’, nigga no Robitussin
So disgustin’, grass greener over here
It’s clear, let me hear that [?] to somethin’
Yeah I would (wood) chuck ya body up into a plot until this hole we dug in
Oh we sunken
Like a beaver, dam(n), water flow, so constructed
Know my cousin’ll
Put you underground for free, trust me, they would (wood) let it go for nothin’
Bar God!
The only way you could lay a nigga out is if you break the mold in somethin’
And not seasoned just smidgen, you can’t-nigga grow for nothin’
Get it, can’t season, just a smidgen he can’t grow for nothin’
Listen, life is complex ’til ya quit and wait for a great holster button
Roastin’ subjects, you got sons and daughters, right?
Good, they both should love this
At this pace, recooking you is Easy Bake toaster Oven
Speed it up, no, at this pastry cookin’, you easy bake toaster oven
You hear the ring?
Shit get deadly after the phone call
U-Haul, Ryder, Penske, you hope to be here after the long haul
This only work if I let it ring; on-call
Nigga it don’t get no higher than this, how you done ran into the stonewall
Apple Music listed with the TEC song in ya title
I prove America’s Got Talent cause what the best show?
An Idol
I will throw you a pass, like what’s the catch? Nigga I guess throwin’ spirals
Charles Dion McDowell, he’s like, “How?”
I guess you’re the guys so
When you get your mug shot online you’ll be the next (neck) goin’ viral
Bar God!
You the good, I’m the bad guy soooo…fuck it I’ll play the villain
Make him feel it, makes the movie more real
Seeing as I don’t have to fuckin’ fake the villain
Then what happens? I’m a hit man for hire
I probably should have paper billing
Pay per Dillon, long as everybody counting and they drive laid out I can show you how to make a kill-

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
Aye last round he said
Soon as he said “microwave”, an idea popped in my head like “Ding!”
Y’all good at takin’ quizzes?
Why all I had to do was buy his bitch an oven? That’s how easy bae can (baking) get it!
Bar God versus God Pen
I’m here to spite my rival
Cause God never used the pen if he had man write the Bible
Despite the title, I use the chrome to define it
First I pistol whip him ’til I knock every bone from alignment
Remember when Nas put out that artist?
That set the tone for the violence
Cause the first thing Quan asked for was ‘A Moment’ of silence
Ain’t you a pimp? I feel sorry for your daughter when niggas meet her
Cause using her body for every matter is what Physics teach her (teacher)
It’s way serious, I put in work, this .40 ours (hours)
This your cut off day, and you gon’ pay, period
I’m checkin’ you, don’t try to jump me, you’ll get your buddies tore
If it’s 3 D (3D) fighting, I turn into an animal, this is Bloody Roar
This nothin’ I had to study for
I already know about my nemesis
Cane (‘caine) and Abel (enabled) him to be dope before he had a Genesis
You usin’ an old system, them played out schemes, you gon’ be sorry nigga
Now the fuck you birthed the sons (S.O.N.S.) and still end up on Maury nigga?
Let’s explore these rivers, I’m talkin’ ’bout the flow, bitch my pen is pure
My Glock? .40, but it’s one in the head, this bitch immature
You Qleen, Prez and Bangz have to be doubted
The irony, you four of ya (euphoria) kill and be happy about it
I’m wit’ all the scandalous shit
Fo’ fo’ Magnum ready to damage shit
This will knock you two feet, let’s see you freestyle about this Cannon kicks
Outlandish shit
Serious tactics, shoot the nigga
His mom gon’ cry on queue (Q) like an experienced actress
My nigga worked two jobs to buy a whip
He came from the hard knocks it was usual
Every time he pulled up, we gave him all props, it was beautiful
Do you believe in a parallel universe?
(I do)
Soon as his car stopped it was two of ’em
They did him dirty in his car then we had a car wash for his funeral
All the concepts, I wrote for this culture, you wouldn’t dare such
So you, who they figure for (four), the best pen (pin), got me flared (flaired) up
Now tap wit’ me, let’s push the boundaries of a rhyme battle
Theoretically it would take Quantum Physics to make it possible to time travel
Let’s flash forward
I’ll run up on this nigga and let the Tom’ speak
He falls, bleeding, next to two lovers names written in concrete
It’ll make sense later, meanwhile, he writin’ with all these crews
I’m in his grill, wondering if bar be Q’s (barbecues)
You cook too slow, you shouldn’t be rapping with Myers
Y’all ain’t seen Quantum Physics with this type of energy since the Hadron Collider
I’m the last of the writers, I came from the class of the fighters that prove themselves by lastin’ in ciphers
I hold the toast tight…I know where you be at on most nights
If cops don’t know who came up with those rounds, it means you a ghost, right (write)?
No slight, despite all that sugar in his face
Quinten’s pen still got him hooked up with a Drake
Y’all done booked another snake
Deposit thief, he’ll part with your funds
QP a Heartless Con’, but that’s how he started the S.O.N.S
I’m too smart for these bums
You on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got another two rounds of this shit

[Round 2: QP]
He said something about two lover’s name in the concrete
That was interesting
Til I pull this stick out wit’ ya name on it, nigga that cemented it
Bar God!
Y’all nigga think this nigga said, “Let there be light” and in sync that’s when mind joy came
That’s what y’all think?
Nigga, he got- here’s a Chilla
We got niggas up in Canada slavin’ hard for a white boy chain
I thought the Glock make him *gun cock* Caucasian, turn him into Bryce, Roy, Blaine
Everything I’m airing (Aaron), landin’ (Landon) soundin’ like white boy names
I feel like I know pain, like a bitch doctor
No, get it? Gyno-pain
But I seen growth inside this pussy, I figured I’d help by assist
Get it? Growth inside this pussy, I can help by a cyst
Push that Bar God shit on me nigga, like Hell I resist
Nigga then what happened?
Respect is shown when you set the tone nigga you can tell by the pitch
Cause Q talk like a man and Dan yell (Danielle) like a bitch
A family of 12? That’s legit!
Nigga that’s tradition
What y’all do? Pray but don’t eat? What you teach ’em fast? Religion
Get it? Pray, don’t eat, fast, religion
Free bread and cheese, eggs and beans, nigga that was wicked
Nigga no money for your freezer, that just means your cash was frigid
Get your thumb and middle finger to meet up
You see the clash to friction
When you make an abrupt choice to get food stamps, it was a snap decision
I say birth control Danny, controls your life
It’s too late to pull out that now
His son Joey, uncool
Jesse, Kimmy, nothin’ cool about that pal
Michelle, Stephanie, DJ *scratches* on the set you swap that child
I’m just here to check Danny’s character and pay you in Full
How’s (House) that sound?
Bar God!
Listen to the transition, a full out black cloud
Thinkin’ like a cave man, my first thought was fire
Figured I’d give you my first invention
Give you a round, dressed to kill, so what I bought? A tire
Round, dressed to kill, which means you bought attire
Now that me and this weenie linked up, my first thought is to fry ya
Dutch could’ve brought worse (bratwurst)
But you don’t need to sausage guy to
See he ain’t in the Ballpark and done nathan to be the nations top supplier
I said, actin’ like you want beef dawg, you deserve an Oscar….
Nigga cops behind ya, you didn’t flip a bitch fast enough
See how quick shit can catch up (ketchup) to you
Then what happens?
Washington University, alma mater
What that mean?
I’m leavin’ with that W
Tom Brady, I Drew he bled slow (Bledsoe)
Back up to who?
Nigga the K blast a fade past
You’re way up in the air it’ll catch up to you
So much mustard on it in hindsight, course it’ll catch up (ketchup) to you
Bar God!
Nigga the facts bruh is you, a myth, fake and phony
Iconic, in a lane by myself
This type of fame is lonely
Possession, that’s a helluva thing, you wanna know what Satan told me?
My performance ain’t grippin’ still, he ain’t moved at all
But fuck it, praise the glory
Cause idle hands do the devil work, so tell the church to keep prayin’ for me
But they not movin’ cause they idle, then-then what happens?
Ya skin is faded glory
Yeah cause you a light skinned nigga that like to black on the set I guess that he thinkin’ that he Vivian
Yeah, yeah, that ring a bell?
Air shots, ain’t no secrets to Willie Smith
Think [?] space, garbage disposal
I’ll sneak into ya kitchen and flip the switch
Leave this fool drained in more pain til the point you can swim in it
Remember when, I force it down with the pipe, right?
He gon’ sink until oblivion
Nigga time

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
Yo’ mama fucked every nigga in this buildin’ and that brings that boy shame
She got fucked by Derek, Kewon and Joseph, those are black boy names
Then he talkin’ ’bout food stamps and shit
He had a couple dope lines but plenty was corny
Since you talkin’ ’bout food stamps, tell yo’ mama I got 20 for 40
I’m not one of these league owners, you owe me bread, you better rush things
Unless you wanna be fed your homies intestines, let’s discuss things (disgusting)
I’ll grab your scrawny neck, tie a rope around him and strangle it
This isn’t quite what they mean by “quantum entanglement”
Then I use my fist, to bash in ya skull and mangle it
Then stab you at 90 degrees, not only do I punch I angle shit
You’re a living blaxploitation, I’ll murder this cat
So this fake pimp shouldn’t mind a ‘Return Of The MAC(k)’
I hate to bring up, how you be fuckin’ with them lines
I mean, I ain’t even wanna put substance in my rhymes
His whole judgement is a crime, all he do is sniff checks
This nigga went and got clean (Qleen) and still can’t pass a piss test
Why would you risk death? Use the rest of your senses
You took the term “dope MC” and went professional wit’ it
I can set the gun on a tripod, but I ain’t gonna get technical wit’ it
We just shoot at his rim without the legs like the Special Olympics
I grab the snub, loosen my belt, stuck the mag’ into it
Once I spot him, I line up the nose, you a bad influence
Ruthless, I’ll come to his hood, he don’t see the chopper
Once I enter Quantum realm that’s when he’ll need a Doctor
Strange, how he sees my goons everywhere he go
And I can foresee 14,000,605 different scenarios
Who will Avenge you?
I’ll run this nigga over in a fast Coupe
He won’t be able to get the horn out his head like a jazz loop
I hope y’all listenin’, he nice wit’ that pen
But my class older
Jesus, there’s so many Easter eggs in these rounds y’all might pass over (Passover)
Before you started slippin’, you were really spittin’ the truth
Once Q lost his grip that’s when he was given the Juice
He claim he been pimpin’, but all his money, them hoes been spendin’
You doin’ all this punchin’, just to give back to a bitch like Ken’s endin’
I don’t slack a bit, I’m the GOAT in this battle rappin’ shit
I said, “pimpin'”, “Ken” that mean when you Street Fight you should slap a bitch
Bar God!
You can’t beat nobody in NWX, where the fuck is yo’ real skill?
Can y’all see Quinten (Quentin) tearin’ T? No (Tarantino), you couldn’t even Kill Bill
I am the real deal, I specialize in squeezin’, I do push ups with the Devil to exercise my demons
I’m the best alive for reasons
I done did the crime route
I was placed in a box with a lid to climb out
Got a Sig’ (cig’) for the guy’s mouth
QP be like, “And then what happens?”
Bitch you ain’t gon’ live to find out!
My pen can divide clouds, your reign (rain) is over, I’ll kill a team
I’ll behead your whole family
With that knife work my skill is mean
But if they underage, I’ll cut a slice in they cheek
That means I won’t cut off they head but I’ll gill a teen (guillotine)
My skill is seen, the best writers, I done hurt this nigga
Y’all better hope the third rock from the SON (sun) or I’ma Earth this nigga
What’s your purpose nigga?
You on the ground with this shit?
This wack MC got a whole ‘nother round of this shit

[Round 3: QP]
I guess pimpin’ caught up wit’ me, nigga that was karma
You throwin’ your hat off and exposin’ a bald head *gun clicks* nigga see that’s a problem
But you wanna know what my fear (mafia) is?
My fear (mafia); turning into John Gotti, leaving you past injured (passenger)
Voluntarily, like you called shottie
Drop the shot in ya mug then sip tea, nigga Hot Toddy
In the scope a beam, the scope the beam laser
Taggin’ each dot obvi’
Tryin’ to pinpoint if wreck’ll be (freckle) be the reason that he got bodied
Figured I’d meet (meat) with this burger
And this Joe would liquid since he got sloppy
All we can do is pray as he spray each of his shots by me
Whole time I’m thinkin, “Why blast for missin’ (blasphemous) shots when it’s not godly?”
Bar God!
Nigga this fairy tale is bizarre odd
Nigga you’re five foot nothin’, your standards should be lowered; Farquaad!
Know to leave money construction, well ding (welding) if I spark rods
Nigga that’s crazy
That’s what [?] cry
I mean nightmares, day daymares, night- nigga life is full of dreams
Like when Police kick in your door and shoot you
At that point even the bullets sting
[?] even in jail, low self esteem, that’s where the [?]
That’s when shit get real boy and I wouldn’t (wooden) bring
My ventriloquist, big dawg act to this pup, It means I pulled a string
Stare into the five, leave dread shook; Booker T
With the Drake, oh, (Drako) the kid hidin’
Why? Cause this’ll Pusha-T
That’s crazy with the Drako, kid hidin’, cause this push ya tee
Nigga Twork, Kenny, Grim Reaper in a room still ain’t as hood as me
Nigga I’m Jordan in his prime so if I know history you’ll just watch the bull repeat
Living life to the fullest means, cherishing your life meter
Make sure you’re sustainin’ health, stayin’ out the way
Not in the picture, nigga remainin’ stealth
But if you come to me for assistance, I’ll act indifferent, the moment you came for help
Then I show ’em the ropes, but with restrains and belts
Figured since I’m the nice guy, I’ll give him the cord you’ll (cordial) hang yourself
I feel like I was on the cane (‘caine) and fell
But when you got the power to ghost nigga, who you go and grab quick?
The Tommy
Oddly, you’ll die by fire, I strike, nigga this match stick’s a homi
Nigga the pistol stretch lookin’ like bitches that practice Pilates
Arms, legs, [?], heads up, nigga back to the body
I’ll insert early, Jersey, nigga that was Tsunami
Rounds got the white meat showing through the packs of salami
I heat this up
Eat this up, nigga I didn’t ask for pastrami
That’s kinda crazy, nigga like you Brad from college
When I go to Yale, nigga Princeton is out
I’ll do you Shady, remove your stain like when Eminem shout
Scientology, Tom Cruise, really a remedy now
No, Tom Cruise, Scientology, really Leah Remini now
Literally now, I can’t look past the it factor
You get religiously clown
You said somethin’ ’bout Juice last round, right?
Well if you got the juice you take the steel, I give a Bishop a baow (bow)
Then what happens?
A peel (pill) to your point your brain feelin’ unLimitless now
Then what happens my nigga
Danny Myers, why wait? His smile’s fake, he ain’t Snicker-ing now
Cause it’s apparent anyone raisin’ a 12 ain’t kiddin’ around
And with Vicki around…or estranged wife
And with Vicki around there’s no battle rap groupies for you nigga
Nope, really it’s your BM
Yeah, he’s like, “I would have a bad bitch in a parallel universe nigga” instantly [?]
But as for Vicki I don’t like to dog her
You see how quickly he would seat ’em?
Then what happens?
But name one bitch that hit Danny Myers up initially in the DM
That makes this right, Danny Myers initially D.M., Danny Myers
Today’s opposite day, Danny Myers is a Plan B buyer
Bar God!
Then I’ll come and anti-Christ ya
Then what happens?
Nigga you broke the cardinal rule in the field
When you let the Canadian come in and ran it by ya
Yeah, leavin’ the playin’ field shouldn’t have been safe for real, you should’ve let that man retired
And you’re pushin’ 40?
You was supposed to fuckin’ murder Pat til men (Tillman) said it was friendly fire
And I was like, “And you represent the black people, right?”
When he cookin’ up there’s a Panther in the kitchen
But we actually sell dope so when we cookin’ there’s a pan there in the kitchen

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
Aye, when AC set this battle up
I thought he’d regret the call
I mean QP ’round here battlin’ like he ain’t in debt at all
I ain’t think he was gonna show up, I was willin’ to bet it all
I thought he was gonna steal money out of AC like Luther in Set It Off
I am human Fentanyl
I obliterate rappers
Science has taught me that Quantum Physics manipulates matters
R3 and the QP’s, I’ll knock both of ’em out
Call Of Duty taught me that if I press R3 the scope will come out
This what the focus about?
Peep what this author been pennin’
Versus Xcel I rewound a scenario and gave it an alternate endin’
But y’all gon’ tell me, I’m not a better writer than this nerd clown
Versus B. Dot I used my son to set up a haymaker in the third round
This absurd now, I’ll spray these niggas in the face then finish you
I’m a Bad Boy and ‘Only You’ will know why I’m macing (Ma$e and) Slim and Q
One 12 (112) gauge will get the job done
I’ll put slugs through you
Act wild, watch how calm you get when that sub do (subdue) you
I’ll hire two lawyers for my nigga case
I promised I’d never fail him
He got caught with that pistol I was hopin’ that pair will bail him (Parabellum)
I knew one day, I’d really have to start cookin’ with that pencil
So once they gave me Q (queue) I took it as a signal
Just look at the potential
This could be a grand slam
They tired of the weak bars, we know where the fans stand
Deuce deuce, small caliber, comin’ from the hand fam’
Tiny shit, get stuck in Quantum region like Ant-Man
I’ll show up to your funeral
Pay my respects, greet your fam’ in the lobby
That’s when Physical’ll (physical) realize I came to examine the body
AR got the sight attached, drum barrel
I mean everything sharp on it
Whether (weather) modification makes a difference or not I won’t harp (HAARP) on it
Dark moment, you invented the “Slow It Down” and took a total loss
The irony, you let Con’ do it (conduit) and never got ya flow across
Get broken off
In this third I (eye) set the course, you normally write next to whores now you’re right next to Horus
Welcome to the forest
Let’s push the boundaries of a rhyme battle
Theoretically it would take Quantum Physics to make it possible to time travel
Let’s flash backwards
Before the riots, on the west it was less intense
Your father at age 12, meets your mom and writes their name in the wet cement
Although he’s happy cause it’s the moment he been wishin’
He watchin’ the sun (son/S.O.N.) fall and is overcome with premonition
Bar God!
I watch you versus Fresco…I said, “You need mo’ rhymes.”
The white boy beat Physics like when Brent Barry dunked from the free throw line
I got steel in my warm ups
Wait, wait, Brent Barry dunked while he was still in his warm ups
The skill is enormous
I’m Robin Williams when the torch is wit’ me
Cause I start the show poppin’ out the big shell like Mork & Mindy
Kill this nigga Quinten was all up in my mentions
Fuck havin’ the best pen, my pen deserves a pension
And you on the ground with this shit
Thank the Lord he ain’t got another round of this shit

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