Charron vs. Jimz [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Jimz]
Alright Sharon
You thought it would work out coming to Jimz (gyms)
But I ain’t the one you should be flexin’ on
Especially from this, 90 pound, half retarded lesbian
That shit make me wanna shoot you in your neck, ’til ya head is gone
Cause this bastard ain’t a real Dizaster, he a Megaton
Fuck you Billy Pistolz, well let me analyze this
Billy Crystal, cause I figured out, that you use a fuckin’ chump that knows how to write clever
Yeah I’m the type that has to get sucker punched cause I fight better
But I also keep a couple guns, I got a nice Beretta and I’m liftin’ a Heckler
I call ’em Quest and Marv, cause they just not as good unless they spittin’ together
While you was out wishin’ that was you givin’ Pat Stay head in that car skit
I was baggin’ up work in my baby mom’s crib
Relaxin’ watchin’ Aladdin with a bird on my side like Jafar did
Talkin’ to Chubbs how I leave the stash in my baby bag cause it got all them small compartments
And we ride with a dirty diaper inside just in case the dog sniff
Where that 200K at? I want all it!
Arsonal this a Grape Street Crip? I don’t believe it at all bitch
Everybody think they got a Blue’s Clue ’til they get that paw print
Ask about me in Queens, they’ll tell you I’m a gat clapper
The only time you ever let a cap fly, you got slapped after
That’s why they call you “The Smack Killer”
For gettin’ smacked, killer
Now that might’ve made y’all think of my situation, it just tells me we got two different sights
Cause there’s a big difference between being sucker punched and losin’ a fight
See this iron will kill you on the spot
Then I’ll throw you in the freezer after I take ya life
It’s like Chilla Jones gettin’ the title shot, cause we’ll all watch you die from Iron and still get ICE
Yeah I’m hype and livid, my sight is vivid
Clearly seein’ that you the type that’s timid
You know the type to fight women
But when it comes to the streets, I got stripes in it
I been around motherfuckers that’s supposed to have my back instead they put a knife in it
I’ll take that same knife out my back and take ya life with it
You’re not tough cause you grew a beard you fuckin’ queer
Everybody in here knows that Corey’s a faggot
I mean who actually believes that Corey will blast it?
He ain’t puttin’ in work, he just follow the steps
Corey will graph (choreograph) it
‘Til he’s shot in he’s shot in the head and put on a shirt now Corey a graphic
That shit was fantastic
But yo, salute to you ya bastard
Cause your part in Bodied, it was great, it had all of us laughin’
But I don’t think it’s fair about what the fuck happened
Cause you was the only person in that whole movie that wasn’t actin’
And this is too true, though it might sound brutal
In real life that character suits you
An out of place wanna-be that’s seeking approval
So go ahead and spit your rebuttals, even take my flow
But hurry up, after this The Saurus invited me for some Greek gyros

[Round 1: Charron]
I asked to battle Rone y’all made some mistakes
I wanted Mr. Barstool but all your bars stool so you can stay in his place
Fuck playing it safe my anger is based in changing the ranks
I’m Wild ‘N Out I’ll have this bitch drop a tier (tear) like Azalea Banks
Yo ‘Ganik who the fucks this clown?
You have a C minus delivery you just get loud
Your lyrics better be grade A when I’m done this round
Charron’s smarter I’m Coach Carter I came to shut Jimz (gyms) down!
And A. Ward called me out, the Lord has to spite your ass
Your Bible verse won’t work when you battlin’ a psychopath
You’ll need the Passion of your Christ to clash and a pastor that can write your raps
Cause I’m bannin’ GOD from the stage, like Organik in my title match
Sorry player, your fates coordinated by Corey anger
Your short on paper so this on the house like a mortgage banker
You’re a favor
Me losing to this cocky fuck like saying Donald Trump won’t deport him later
You can’t afford this fade you need a cordless razor
This a bee sting vs Khabib’s team when they swarmed McGregor
I’m so low key (Loki) that Thor’s in danger
You’ll see an end (CNN) to him early like morning anchors
Rest in peace to Bender the portrait painter
Pray to your Lord and savior
I ain’t even need to waste Forman, Hagler, Cormier, Bader
New Orleans Saints or the Raiders/Hornets/Lakers
Jordan’s trainer or the force of Vader
Cause Corey came to raise the bar with Jimz like Schwarzenegger
Always rappin’ about guns you ain’t a bit scary
Liar Liar ain’t no one believe Jim Carrey (Jimz carry)
I wanted Diz’ we’ve all been waitin’
He’s dodgin’, pacin’
Knows he’ll get lit up, so he’s avoiding the body like Operation
You’re a f- can’t say that, I’m mainstream now
But you’re part of the LGBTQ, that makes me proud
I truly respect how much you drag queens (Queens) down
I’ll beat you 1st round, 2nd round then beat you again
A beast with the pen
So many 30 for 30’s I got sued by ESPN
When I get in my bag I give you substance
When you get in your bag you pull out chicken nuggets
You’re a gimmick, fuck it you should chill
If no one gives you props why do you use them still?
When you pull something out of a bag, food gets spilled
I’m white if I pull something out of a bag the whole room gets killed
Hey, Cortez’s retarded cousin, I appreciate you stoppin’ out
But wait until the end of the end of the battle, there’s someone you’ll need to blog about
Smack Killer

[Round 2: Jimz]
I ain’t gonna say like, “Fuck you, you suck suck.”
But that round, I’m up one
That’s word to Loso’s Bible
You were scared to battle A. Ward, you can ask anyone on KOTD
But Sharon see, duckin’ battles make you less of a man than me
It couldn’t have been Jimz of course, I don’t care how crazy it was
Or winnin’ or just a fantasy
I would’ve been locked into a ward (A. Ward) like a plea of insanity
But you know what’s really crazy? That you can’t fuck with him and you can’t see me G
Online everyday, tryin’ to make a bet
Ain’t you already show us you ain’t good when it comes to B.E.T.?
Now you won that whole thing, but they refused to reward you for your raps
Did you dirty, just like King Of The Dot did you the day that you beat Pat
Now for one, I know it’s sad to say
But the league knows you can’t be marketed any fashionable way
So Organik don’t wanna claim you son, bet you learned that from Drake
But ain’t he been down with them since way back in the day?
And it’s the truest fact, what a slap in the face
Corey, you know why I’m stressed bruh?
Cause you paid for Laura Tarsi’s implants…and then she left ya
But now maybe he doesn’t care about that
Cause now he got his new girl Vanessa
Every night he sex her
All he had to do is buy her poutine and a Tesla
Fuck you Vanessa
Corey! I know your first rap name was “White Cheddar” ya light feather
I hated him versus Tay Roc when you wore that dyke sweater
You’re from the nicest part of Canada, fight? Never!
You just stayed locked in your room, waiting to fly your kite in the nice weather
While my homies locked in a room, the only time we fly a kite is when he write letters
Cause yeah we from New York and it’s a hard lane
Yeah I’m eatin’ good, but I remember when my stomach had sharp pains
My homie just got locked up and that left my heart stained
Especially cause he didn’t do the crime but still took the rap like Arcane
That’s word to my father
Not like A. Ward’s father but like my actual father
He taught me, you never need no one witchu, just fight to the end
So growin’ up, I fought people twice my size and took a couple rights to the chin
But if I lost that fight, my mother took me back outside and made me fight ’em again
You see they try to, you know, pull my card but the deck failed
Because, after wakin’ up, you know, my head swelled
But I did well
That’s why everybody out here still respect me, they know my stress swells
So they show me love all the way from…FUCK to Rexdale
Let’s get it

[Round 2: Charron]
I mean talking about Flemingdon and Rexdale
You think those are crazy bars?
Googling Toronto hoods does not make you hard
You ain’t in no Toronto gang, you don’t pop those thangs
Claimin’ you got this steel, that’s a lie; Toronto slang
Battling you? It hurts
Even ‘Ganik don’t wanna hear a Jimz verse
He only set this up to see which one of us gets hit first
I mean I was slapped then got Shine
But you’re literally the most violated battler of all time
At an event, someone knock you out and stood over you, that’s a YouTube L
You’re supposed to drop Qleen Paper, all you do’s yell
Goodz proved fighting’s not something you do well
More battlers have put hands on you than NuNu Nell’s
So why you act like a tough guy?
You’ve been snuffed by so many rappers you’re a walking punchline
You ain’t in prison with shackles you’re a bitch that gets rattled
According to Versetracker your face has more hits than your battles
Don’t try me I’m from the wrong hood
If I punch you you won’t be standing I am not Goodz
I will pull out a blade a slice this dude
And that’s word to my second cousin twice removed
They’re like, “Your gun bars ain’t believable. They ain’t real official.”
Well this isn’t Charron
It’s Billy Pistolz
The whole crew is clickin’ we toolie grippin’
It’ll crack heads (crackheads) to this leagues New Edition
Uzi spittin’, got that Cool Whip like Stewie Griffin
Drive by with the Windows down my computer glitchin’
Ruger hit this butch gym (Jim) flips like you’se a gymnast
Get out under by a ladder, are you superstitious?
If you come to Orleans my friends Kyle and Darrel ain’t too religious
Just a bunch of white people clappin’ like when the plane land and the movie finish
We have Glocks and Fanny packs
If I call ’em, that’s a wrap
They’ll be shootin’ up at Jimz (gyms) like Hollohan and Pat
They screamin, “Pistolz don’t do it!” Y’all better make way
Drop bombs, S.O.S. and a mayday
.45 in the right hand over the shoulder with the AK
I got a gun so big it’s 6’9″, and ain’t no telling how much this Treyway (tre weigh)
You need to work on your bars
You act tough but we’ve seen all your personal scars
You blog every are better than your battles, you’ve never spit a verse that was hard
You’re so wack PoRich is here and isn’t the worst in the card
I just finished my fifth season of Wild ‘N Out , you’re out here losing fights
I went from battling Wiz Khalifa to Jimz what am I doing with my life?
Son (sun) shinin’ been here for a decade, you just signed him
There’s a difference between being Good and getting punched by him
Spit yo’ shit!

[Round 3: Jimz]
I only got punched by one guy that rapped
If you like my channel, please subscribe
Ummm….when K-Shine slapped you, you stood there, did nothing
Goodz punched me, split second later we got to thumpin’

Ehhh, tried to freestyle. Okay, so. Didn’t work. Hence, didn’t work

This is about to get miserable, I mean honestly this can be the round that get to you
Back when you used to embrace who you were; biblical
Now the rapper you have become is pitiful
Ya little wienie
You might as well say “Rest in peace” to Mr. Feeny
Cause Corey no longer has any principle
See over the years his stock has dropped
But when he was a little fuck face we all liked him a lot
I mean the kind that went home and probably punched his friends in the cock
But now suddenly you know about the curb, you pop that Glock?
Oh you must’ve forgot, we all liked B. Rabbit more than Papa Doc
See you used to be ranked so much higher
But over time you lost your spot
Now you’re the designated driver
Cause all he can do is stand there and watch while everyone around him keep gettin’ a shot
See when you talk about things you know nothing about
It makes me wanna deck you
See no matter what happened with me, I never once dispatched to a rescue
No matter all the scraps in the venue
Organik called me for a plate, right back to the menu
But I’m still feelin’ vengeful
And my bills up to here, the rent due
And I got kids; two!
So much runnin’ through my brain, Andy Dufresne, you don’t know the amount of shit that I’ve been through
While you’ve been workin’ part time on Wild ‘N Out, but act like the biggest success
They only call you when the only other white guy is tired and needs him a rest
With battle rap he claims he’s one of the best
So why every day are you beggin’ for battles?
Willing to pay, willing to bet
But let me say congratulations on savin’ up 200K…in disability checks
Now you told Pat Stay you had a form of autism


I look around and some of y’all prolly expectin’ me to diss him
But fuck you whoever believe that drama
I got two kids at home I wanna see grow up healthy, muhfucka I don’t need that karma
But when I looked into your form of autism, what caught my attraction and gave me compassion
It says that he should have a problem with social interaction
But he was just in a movie and had all of us laughin’
Millions of views on YouTube rappin’
And on a fuckin’ national TV show with the audience clappin’
So to stand here and make fun of you bein’ autistic, is somethin’ that the cowards do
I look at you in the eyes as a man and say, “Muhfucka I’m proud of you.”
Look at me while I’m killin’ you with kindness
You know why I Pat, cause I’ve been the Real Deal since Organik was workin’ at that Steel Mill
And I’m still real
And the problem is witchu, you still don’t know who you are
And that’s a bad thing
You went from a little fuckin’ cocksucker to lettin’ the MAC sing?
A white kid, searchin’ for urban clout
It’s such a sad scene
I heard the only reason he got on Wild ‘N Out was to tell you guys he’s a pat of the black team
Something about Jimz, I’ve always been a hustler, that’s my fuckin’ word
Way before I was knocked down I touched the curb
Growin’ up bein’ a hustler and a drop out left my mother hurt
And I was too young to meet the connects so I stole my cousin’s work
Let’s just say we both blast TEC’s, nervous sex, I’m bustin’ first
And that Cal’, wit’ me and leave him under dirt
I’ll buck this nerd then bury the Calicoe like Lux’s third
So I don’t give a fuck, they can keep takin’ shots just know it can’t hurt me
I only even wanna remember thing, Stop Being Dirty!

[Round 3: Charron]
I’m here to solve a mystery on this set date
How did someone as trash as Jimz end up on Decade?
You think earned this? You ain’t in high demanded and you ain’t top tier
Dawg you’re pretty much garbage, let me tell you how you got here
Solomon trying to be a SMACK rapper, you know the urban route
Rone is making 6 figures, that’s word of mouth
Dizaster’s yelling at King Of The Dot, rippin’ his turban out
Fresco’s at a Trump rally, MAGA hat, burner out
Bigg K can’t cross the boarder, Twist wrote a movie I know you heard about
Gjonaj retired, there’s so many other rappers deserve the clout
You’re only here cause me and Hollohan fell through, it woulda been the perfect ’bout
Ironic, ‘Ganik only hits up Jimz (gyms) when nothin’ else is working out
You’re a waste man, you ain’t worth a single breath
Your name don’t hold weight we have different reps
I asked ‘Ganik for bigger opponents, they asked for bigger checks
So he’s got that cheap gym (Jim) pass your someone he can Fit 4 Less
I’ll break down your battle existent as I speak
Why do you think you’re always the last battler confirmed it really isn’t deep
Leagues book an expensive opponents, then hit up lots of peeps
When they can’t afford it, they hit up Jim’s because he’s cheap
You battlin’ is like that last resort ratchet that sucks a dick like every week
You get that late night, “U up?” text because all the other bitches were asleep
We started the scene from a back alley and we’d do it all again
Judged battles, Grand Prix that’s where are roots out here begin
Shout out Pat, Bender, Twist who the fuck is him?
Bitch you wasn’t with me shooting at the gym
You’re a bucket you think homie’s a big star?
I can recite Mook’s third before I quote you a Jimz bar
Fans get pissed when you’re announced, shut up
You just suck
How is your name Jimz (gyms) when your battles get nobody pumped up
Bro, you’re the most cocky basic
No skill having blogging maggot
To ever walk this stage you are not creative
You Muppet baby, mustache havin’ rappin’ like you’re constipated
Carbon copy of all your favorites
Bars outdated, a facade the fakest tough guy in battle rap and all us hate it
You’re not, just face it, you’re soft, embrace it
I don’t even have a punchline to end this off but someone’s got to say it
In blogs you think you’re killin’ me start talking with humility
You have top tier confidence and bottom tier ability
It’s always the least talented person that seems cocky
Rest in peace to PH I’ll leave your team Homi’d
I listened to your slogan but don’t think he got me
He kept saying “Stop Being Dirty” so I caught me a clean body!

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