DNA vs. Danny Myers [Lyrics]

[Round 1: DNA]
I said after the Face-Off last night
You better not talk about Charlie Clips, me clappin’ the machete, K-Shine, Rain or anything about my mother
Cause I won’t let Dan press me about mine
So let’s get to the root, cause now you got DNA on site; ancestry.com
It Ain’t Hard To Tell, the bloggers Hate Me Now, but I got you to body
Respect, I’ll Take It In Blood when I use the shotty
So whoever don’t bounce get 16; Oochie Wally
They shootin’, Made You Look, let’s Rewind
I drop the .40 like when Nas was on the run
Cause I know I Can make eat the (Ether) bullet if you don’t Got Yourself A Gun
Sayin’ I’m supposed to die tonight, and I believed y’all just a little bit
But I’ll still kill a nigga who gets hyped all the time
Cause this old .50, Patiently Waiting to Back Down whoever thinks my Life’s On The Line
After the Julian battle, I said I gotta bomb
I tried to be Cool J, but Mama Said Knock You Out and I’m a Phenomenon
Jordan in ’93, you’ll drop the .9
I’m in shape to make the .8 point; octagon
Of course somebody plain figures I couldn’t try angles (triangles); polygon
Ain’t nobody missin’ you when I put you Through The Fire; Chaka Khan
Ten shots, ya son will be facin’ five; Ah Di’s mom
I’ll end this fast, let the .5 peel a nigga; Ramadan
And this can’ do (candle) light up the room, I let him bask in the ambiance
In the ring it’s Dan and DNA, when it ends it’s the DNA or Dan
And he’s a strand of DNA, cause I can see the DNA with Dan
And it’s DNA, wait, there’s a DNA in “and”
And he’s a fan of DNA cause there’s also D.N.A. in “Dan”
I’m the man, I’m over disgusted
Heat in his face, I open the oven
Then it’s the Machine Gun for the Kill Shot, you don’t want to butt in (Budden)
It ain’t a question here (questionnaire), I’ll have his shit open in public
Cause now Danny ran (Rand) into a nigga that got the glow wit’ the punches
Myers pissed, how you gon’ make it to Solomon? I exist
You need a patch, you’ll get dragged and drugged, he won’t make it to Iron Fist
Try some shit, I have ya shit ringin’ from the lobby like checkout shortly
You tried to throw me off guard like, “Let’s have a drink Champ”, but now ya booze (boo’s interview) like it’s said by NORE
He’s like, “You know how many niggas I killed in Cali for my BM, cuz? Just don’t disrespect my shorty.”
He thought it was a Game and caught the .50 and the hook, he won’t tell another Westside Story
I see son walkin’, I play the wall, I check the TECs (texts), the club borin’
And I don’t care if he’s a Goon’, he’s a rider (Ryda) that’ll take the Drugz off him
His face get a slug, then I take out the judge, I love Boston
I hope my man Deuce well, and two 12’s like Bloods talkin’
Whatchu gon’ say? “The PG Killer and The Champ shit is corny”?
So you made a bet I’m losin’
Well check the blueprint, you supposed to see changes in DNA, that’s evolution
I had problems with the .9, and the other TECs I’m usin’
So I went from two .40’s to 4K’s, I found a higher resolution
I’m not worried, I’ll do fine behind bars; restitution
Ya face get struck, then I make the cut, who’s the next recruitment?
Geechi, B. Dot all destroyed, parts of their flesh is ruined
And now the cops gotta form and ID the whole Western Union
Queens what up?
They like, “This nigga trippin'”
I see him wit’ his brother I’m ’bout to get a victim
Then I use the Calicoe, and once it hit his skin he (skinny) dippin’
The doctor’s get to stitchin’, I let it Rip through the mask, I miss the Pistons
The other blade to see how his gut feelin’; intuition
It’s the perfect card to get out my bag; mint condition
I don’t care if you home or in the kitchen, them last two lines went over his head; Mr. Simpson
I had a leg up since I been back; quick submission
But when the TECs spit, Fresh Prince, I let the shit since at Will; Nicky christening
I don’t care if Danny strapped or he with his niggas grippin’
Cause I’ma get two outta three when I draw; split decision
You’ll find out Who Shot Ya when I Kick In The Door, that’s Biggie spittin’
But this’ll blast your core in the Quad, I’m Jimmy Henchmen
The Ruger is out, it’s not just one, I’m puttin’ two to his scalp
Yeah it’s all California Love, ’til you next to the Dr. with a tube in ya mouth
What I look like loser?
Now ya kids mad at me, you should’ve put up a good fight sooner
Now they questionin’ the death when their dad behind bars; Suge Knight Jr
If you thought you was gon’ win, then dream bigger
Cause the west coast nigga just lost round one to a Queens nigga

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
Yo, you just said I hope I got myself a gun and you’se got the ammo fool
This .40 my theme song, bitch! I watch The Sopranos, too!
All this Champ shit, you can stop claimin’
I’ll be on your block rainin’
I’ll come to this Queens child’s project like they shot Raina
JC proved you need to take a hobby
Nah G, NOME (gnome) and DNA were supposed to make up a body
You got the shotty? {ch-ch}, all these guns sounds, tryin’ to see which one sound the best
Bullet in his ear, now he ain’t a man that sound affects (effects)
I’m crowned “the best”, ridin’ around wit’ protection that’s dirty
Out 100 battles, all you got to show for it is a collection of jerseys?
Durin’ that scuffle, you was finna throw ’em out
You the scary type nigga that we was warned ’bout
You got all them fuckin’ jerseys, we never seen you wit’ the arms out
NWX, full of bitch niggas
Volume 1, y’all seen me son K
Rain signed with Rick Ross, I still ain’t seen him with the gun play (Gunplay)
This could end one way, I ain’t the Transformer, I’ll let the pound wave
Surgeons will tape inside his chest like Soundwave
For years you been freestylin’, four bar setups all cleverly scrawled
You debunked Darwinism cause DNA never evolved
But get me involved, bar for bar, they all know I cook proper
You can never Finish Lines cause Champs ain’t good as Foot Lockers
We put choppers in niggas, ya faith is astounded
It’s crazy how they got a Rushmore candidate…facin’ a mountain!
You the most coward nigga in battle rap, but every line you bust a strap
You added PC to your group, I know you don’t fuck wit’ MACs
You fuckin’ wack, they said yo’ freestyle could beat a nigga
Well the justice system is broken, I love when DNA free a nigga
I should sleep this nigga, but my OG was like, “Fuck fades.”
He told me, “Implantin’ metal in niggas spines was an upgrade.”
When they watch you battle Cojay…wait, nobody in this fuckin’ room watches Cojay
You gotta think through, sometime those flights fall under the radar, that’s how it be too (B-2)
I’m bomber! I gotta do him this way
I’ve been plottin’ to bomb this nigga like Tim McVeigh
Now connect B-2 (to) it; bomber
Then connect bomber to Tim McVeigh from the prior sentence
And that’s when you’ll realize I’m wired different
You can’t fuck wit’ Myers’ writtens
My existence is proof of hieroglyphics
Being deciphered in Cairo shifted the Earth more than when files missed it
Everything in my bio different
I was put here to punish bums
My pen got a Different Stroke like Mr. Drummond’s son
But say you call me out to fight, and you do want that one on one
Shiiiit, it’s gonna be 23 of me to see where DNA comin’ from
I’m who niggas runnin’ from
Fuck Eric, I ain’t even need to step, I’ve been great
I was God tier (tear) before Jesus wept
I am indeed the best, six years straight, puttin’ MC’s to rest
I did my job, look at this fuckin’ card, SMACK need the west
My young homie, was tryin’ to join a gang
I told him, you ain’t got no business here
I told him, “Sign up for the NAVY. This war ain’t got no winners here.”
Do you believe in a parallel universe?
(I do)
He got deployed when he was finished here
Then he got hit in the right side of his brain, soon as he left the hemisphere
My nigga said, “Danny, you the GOAT. But these niggas don’t think you great.”
Yo’ pen gave birth to a lot of niggas but this is the type of ink you bait (incubate)?
They don’t think you straight
You on the fuckin’ ground wit’ this shit
This dumb ass nigga got another two rounds of this shit

[Round 2: DNA]
We in Queens, right? Close to the south side where them heaters will bang
First off I wanna say “Free Chef Trez” but it took me that second to cook up with Three Of Them Thangs
Look into this side of the crowd y’all, I ain’t even gon’ squeeze the Glock, or let the heater pop
Cause if we fight I’m swingin’, but I don’t think you fitted to give me a clock
Whatchu wanna do?
Y’all don’t see his fitted say “Me O’clock”

Yeah, I-I see it

Yeah, well see the shots
Cause you talkin’ through my rounds like the rhymes is blooding
Oh, your shirt says Jason Lives, that’s too bad Myers (Meyers) doesn’t
I’m ready for war-
But chill my niggas chill, y’all wildin’ out
Now I’m not even hype I’m tired and calm
It’s so much smoke over there we might set off another fire alarm
That was two, but you lookin’ at me like I need to do better
Well now you ’bout to get ragged, that last bar was about you not bein’ fitted, but you not ready for this New Era
Now y’all got The Champ vs the Bar God, or should I say Bar God, or am I gettin’ it wrong?
Cause you’re 39 years old, jumpin’ around talk- I don’t even know what this nigga be on
Y’all might be lost if y’all read through the scriptures and Psalms
But if y’all confused I’ma get him informed
Cause if you did your research, it states there’s no such thing as God in the physical form
Now bear with me, cause in the second we gon’ get back to the punchlines
But being God is energy within
Which means this is all over if son (sun) dies
Now some of y’all might say that’s a lie
And try to make an excuse why my career ain’t go farther and start trippin’
But they all knowin’ I got the higher power, that’s how you create a scheme that’s God given
But me and you could resort to these, let’s see if he can spar
Cause if we fight, it’s the Walk Of Fame, you’ll be seein’ stars
One punch, chip in his front; Visa card
And I got one piece to cover his torso; leotard
And another ratchet in case this miss (dismiss), I beat the charge
The lead squirt, now let’s see if that attempt (a temp) work, I need a job
Listen, the ex out for revenge, I key the car
Of course they put me on stage wit’ a nigga from NV (Envy)
Well just know these lights can change his tone when he C Da God
My girl hit me yesterday, she said, “Baby, I think I see that dude you about to battle walkin’ down the street.”
I said, “Well, what he look like?”
She said, “Donatello if he had a son.”
I said, “He be wearin’ the big hats with the nasty jeans?”
She said, “Mmhm, the baggy ones.”
I said, “How many kids he wit’?”
She said, “Two”, I said, “That can’t be him. Unless he pickin’ up the other eight when practice done.”
I said, “He got an awkward stance too?”
She said, “[?]”, I said, “Yeah baby, that’s the one.”
I could’ve killed multiple squads, but I chose your clique for the pickin’
Cause you came to east with Bull and the right Pacer be them pissed then (Piston)
I can Clip a Warrior, King, like this nigga is trippin’
And now they on the Western Conference call, cause they just lost this Pacific division
You know the Warriors, Clippers, Kings-
You tryin’ to ride the NWX wave and play the coast, cause we rhyme together
Sayin’ my writings at a C (sea) level ’til they get soaked tryin’ to find this treasure
I’m sure this current flow will make ’em bolt, they’ll see this guy is clever
And to win mine soon (monsoon), it’s hard to stay afloat when it’s tied (tide) together
Now when I commit a murder, they don’t know if it’s DNA, the PG Killer or “Was that The Champ?”, so they mad at me
Cause that’s somethin’ I gotta address (a dress) casually; khaki pants
Once I’m at the top it’s no (snow) fallin’ down; avalanche
I’m draggin’ (Dragon) Blades to have him bleedin’ still; Jackie Chan
Ya bitch get outta line, I walk up on ’em like, “That’s ya man?”
I check her on the side, then you get the low cut like asked for Vans
Tryin’ to come at me ’bout my style, that’s the wackest plan
Cause of course my style is Gucci but I ain’t come to dap a (Dapper) Dan
The nigga Twork disrespected you, cause he battled me and turned you down in ya own city, that’s a no go
They ain’t give the specifics on what he was sick wit’ so I don’t know
But since they ain’t give too many details, I guess bein’ vague is (Vegas) is how they sold tickets to a no show
Some people believe in religion, others believe in science, but we ain’t have to wait for the proof
Cause Twork ain’t believe in the existence of God so he came to DNA for the truth
I’m searchin’ for Pass and Myers cause I know they haters
That mean I start in Oakland then I move to Vegas; I own the Raiders
I told Smack, if it’s not for the cream, it’s gotta be Worthy, the oldest Laker
The only way this (disc) not spinnin’ in his top, is if I broke the Sega
Beam, if I miss you I got you next time; I owe a favor
Now they sayin’, “Did he (Diddy) have him stuck in a situation?”, like I roll wit’ Jada’
You payin’ to stay alive, I’ll holla at ya [?] later
Which means if I catch Danny Roman, he’ll need a negotiator
You can hate K, but you don’t wanna get Shine movin’, and it’s game day
There’s no way you can split my movement
I let the A spray, if not, it’s the fifth I’m usin’
I’ll have Danny see the tre way (Treyway) more than 69 stupid
Are you losin’?
It’s a movement, you should dream bigger
West coast nigga just lost round 2 to a Queens nigga

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
Aye you just said “Visa card”? This bitch nigga ’bout to go night-night
Cause real niggas know you don’t need the chip if you know how to do the swipe right
I watch you versus Young Kannon and…wait, they never dropped that, the fella destroyed ya
Cause if they got DNA and the Kannon, you need a hell of a lawyer
Who’s your employer? You can’t have a job, you booked for four a week
You the only nigga I know that battle more than me
You don’t explore the streets, you be on Twitter beefin’ wit’ Suge
When you wear that robe, is your only time you be in that hood
You a bitch nigga, I don’t wanna fuck up this battle, but see me with the hands
You’ll get the fade in the future like Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man
I got a vicious plan to fuck up ya block, this protect ya neighbors
I’m in New York lookin’ for DNA like Detective Stabler
Call the investigators, I’m here to handle this bitch
You love roulette, this ain’t the time to gamble wit’ Clips
This how an animal spits, bring yo’ chain, thinkin’ shit is sweet
It’s like our genetic make up, DNA will have a missin’ link
NWX, I can tell yo’ ass now that the streaks over
O’fficial retired, Saga left, the nigga PC speaks slower
Rain don’t battle, T-Top was your only fuckin’ street soldier
And K-Shine in New York Undercover like Malik Yoba
It’s just you and Big T
Wait, Big T trash
It’s just YOU!
You tryin’ to keep these punchlines goin’
It’s only right, DNA gotta keep the bloodline flowin’
Bar God!
Beat the fuck out these clowns cause this bitch deserved it
I’ll grab the belt then slap the gums out his mouth like Mr. Perfect
You got different versions, but each one of them fuckers dyin’
You don’t know which nigga you are in yo’ head like Shutter Island
Bitch I come from violence, that world can never be beneath me
My niggas willin’ to trade they life for that white girl like Creasy
I’m a Man On Fire
You and Shine write together and I can see the shit
Cause DNA is linked to those lines like a fingerprint
Just think of it
You was doin’ four bar setups and thought you was bein’ witty
Then you started punchin’ on every other line like me and Nitty
That’s my style, for six years I’ve owned it nigga
But Smack needed DNA to clone a nigga
They said I wasn’t top tier, but do yo’ research, every bar wild
But when you mix DNA wit’ an alien you get a Starchild
I got a hard style, cause I done been to hardened blocks
They put a Terminator wit’ the kids like Kindergarten Cop
You pretend ya bars are hot
They too simple, we all get ’em
And yo’ freestyle ability borderline autism
You and Charron are special
Y’all go retarded from what your competitors write
But the trade off is you’re retarded in regular life
You used to be dirty, when niggas brought that up you was toe tagged
Now you keep a fresh line, everywhere except ya notepad
You take the most current event and make a bar of it, how hard is it?
Then get up here and act like you the only person who thought of it
Bitch I’m sick of all of it
Trending topics, CNN and Worldstar is a DNA Starter Kit
You took part of this
You jumped in the ring with a ruthless nigga
Act retarded, my niggas down, send drums (syndrome) at a stupid nigga
I should scoop this nigga and put him on the ground with this shit
This dumb ass nigga got a whole ‘nother round of this shit

[Round 3: DNA]
Before I jump in this third round I need everybody in the crowd to for me
Cause my grandma just turned 85 on Monday
And to me she’s one of my best friends, see the love is different
Cause she was forced to care so I ain’t wind up in foster care, she trust the system
She took me in, she took care of me, the moment she caught my father and mother sniffin’
So I know exactly how it feels for a kid who grew up with a parent who has a drug addiction
Oh y’all ain’t know, Danny’s girl is on drugs, we talkin’ heroin
It gets crazier, and you got her around your kids, that ain’t savin’ her
So the only way to break a habit is if you break the habits, not bein’ an enabler
See the only way you can help her is if you leave her, but deep down I know it hurts to push her
Every night ya kids say, “Why mommy by the stove?” And even though there’s somewhere worse to put her
You just say, “From here on (heron) out, just stay out the kitchen when your mother’s burnin’ sugar.”
Do y’all believe in a parallel universe?
I do, cause you used to be a drug dealer, so think about all them addicts you made snort them lines
Ain’t it crazy, around the time your wife was shootin’ up your career was at an all time high?
You mean to tell me you spent $12,000 in a battle to try to help Rex
But you ain’t take a dollar out that money to teach ya wife them 12 Steps?
As a man, how could you stand? I don’t support that
I cried every night, wishin’ my mother would get off crack
You fuckin’ up they childhood, as far as respect I lost that
And he’s still no help, cause you gon’ make her relapse again by bein’ on SMACK
The fans sayin’ I’m fucked up, they like this nigga here
You say “Yikes” to get some cheers
But I had to show him the other half of you (view) to get their vision clear
That mean “go”, Nat King Cole, who gettin’ slick in here (hair)
Whoever URL book, I clean up an act like Christmas near
You been battlin’ since 1945 and you still not top tier
Nigga switch careers
You couldn’t even show up to court like the witness scared
ID who? If I see you (ICU), it’s in intensive care
With the kick back and this (diss) track anybody into fear
Razor, and I also made sure the trigger near
I’ll pick up the .9 then I hit up the guys, it’s lit in here
Jack Nicholson, you would (wood) be ahead (a head) but you don’t fit in here
So we can’t Overlook Danny Shining, but if he grade E the twins appear
After this match, I wanna make sure your ass retire
It’s not good, I’m clockin’ his whole hood; Smack attire
Beam, gettin’ on his features, the track is fire
Nice clip, I slide this in the tray (tre) like an appetizer
ESPN, BET, that’s what made this battle higher
And you frontin’ like your Future sound the same; that’s Desiigner
Tryin’ to say I stole your style of punches with rapid fire?
But you never went forward son (Sun), and now I gotta rap the (Raptor) point out that ain’t a stat on Myers (Stoudamire)
You know Amare played for the Suns, gamin’ for the Raptors and they both named Stoudamire
Machine gun, rerun, gotta hold it with both hands
Rubber grip, I’ll leave a G Shock like the old dance
The heat sparkin’, to whoever I see (C) walkin’, that’s a Loc dance
I know your wife ain’t wit’ it, but you better get wit’ the program
Let’s get to the candle lightin’ like I’m ready for romance
If two step, I’m holdin’ this close like I’m playin’ a slow jam
I’m scared of no man, every bar buryin’ (Barbarian) the Bar God; I’m Conan
Then I’m takin’ Danny off air and the race is tight (racist type); that’s Roseanne
Ain’t it crazy, you went from the nigga that got hype then said “Yikes”
And we all thought he suffered from Tourettes Syndrome
To the nigga that all they talk about is 12K, now they think you suffer from the Rex Syndrome
But he’s shook, cause ain’t no such thing as half way booked
Prepared for Rex and then got jooked, he’s shook
(Cause ain’t no thang but half way crooks!)
There go Rex he’s scared to look he’s shook
The dumbest nigga in battle rap, you gotta be, I’m talkin’ bottom 3
You tried to pay your way to the top and you don’t got drive, it only took one eye to see (Odyssey)
Heater, I’m only fuckin’ wit’ Nina; monogamy
And you can’t survive half this habit if the Infa’ miss (Infamous), rest in peace Prodigy
It’s round three it’s gettin’ hot in here
Queens y’all know my slogan
(Get him the fuck outta here!)
Hell no, get this nigga that got a Band-Aid on his neck the fuck outta here
Get you for givin’ 12K to Rex the fuck outta here
Get everything about you and yourself the fuck outta here
You thought I was gonna bring it but you can’t get my belt the fuck outta here
NWX nigga

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
It’s ’bout to be crazy quick
I’m glad ya grandma lived to be 85
BAOW! She won’t see 86!
It’s the third round and I’m up here smokin’ this fool
It’s crazy how my wife got an addiction but she’s still doper than you
What the fuck you know about bein’ a champ?
You bought a dumb ass robe to get some likes for it
You ordered yo’ belt off Amazon, I had to get out here and fight for it
What the fuck do you know about bein’ a champ?
I was contracted for a battle, had to write for it
Gave them a classic, didn’t get paid, but never went on strike for it
What the fuck do you know about bein’ a champ?
All these personas, man I hate these rappers
I guess you are Ali, ever since you got that belt you been shaky after
Did y’all give this nigga that belt?
No, right? Instead he be cocky
He came to the ring with his own belt like Ted Dibiase
You a champ? When you make it to this age out a wild hood, .38 snub nose
Give him the short bust (bus) like his childhood
It’s foul? Good
I’ll tell him it’s wack
I always wanted to know how it would sound if [?] could rap
But let’s delve into facts
You never traded bar skills with Hollow
Your resume missin’ Mook, that’s a hard pill to swallow
You can be Champ, PG Killer and all these other characters
But it won’t change the person who you are still tomorrow
Look in the mirror Eric, 100 fuckin’ battles, you doin’ the same thang
Beasley only put you on cards cause y’all got the same name
Let’s change lanes
My niggas waitin’ for the violence, the .40 go to St. John like it ain’t to late to go to college
Smack said, you got the highest battle IQ and people agree with this mess
I trust ya words, but a head shot will let me see for myself
Yeah I gave Rex that bread, but you see how quick that veteran left?
I paid him to leave, that was a battle rap severance check
You disrespected the west, that’s why I don’t follow you lames
I brought a pen to the culture that brings all of you shame
But when you get DNA on these rounds, shit don’t work the same
That’s why I don’t let niggas borrow my games
St. John, disciple of Christ
The rifle, the knife in the cipher, if you remain in the cycle of life
You a perpetrator, fake as niggas, we let Berettas clap him
The Realness ain’t came outta Queens since Cormega album
I let him have him, extra clips that clap you goofs
I’m loadin’ rounds one by one like Smack used to
You never choke, you good at freestylin’ and tellin’ jokes
This the respect Eric Garner but now you die for sellin’ smoke
I got hella quotes
I’m puttin’ a bruisin’ to this loser
I’m the reason battle rap is movin’ to the future
Cause when you combine DNA with a URL it’s further proof they tryin’ to blend humans with computers
Aye I (A.I.), know who you battle next
And by his ratio, watch how Mickey Factz turn up that Volume on Radio
You got a lazy flow
You shouldn’t be concerned with niggas lyrically
I could teach you, but you’d have trouble learnin’ this (dis) ability
“Get Smack the fuck outta here”
You livin’ off distant memories?
Ironic how this crowd came together to watch this assembly
Your style I don’t condone it
Cause lines that live forever will always beat the man who’s only known for moments
Fuck all the glamour and glitz, I plan to get rich
You from where Supreme hustled and never was a fan of the Knicks?
How you all about expandin’ your clips?
You mad cause you can’t fool fans with that shit and ya man is a bitch
This a Big L, I had to talk to this bitch nigga
Cause it seems like that’s the only way they get The Big Picture
A fifth hit ya
You on the ground with this shit
Thank the Lord he ain’t got another round of this shit

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