Danny Myers vs. Bankhead [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Bankhead]
I was talkin’ to Jon Dough
And he said, “Bankhead, I’m givin’ you an old-school killer named Myers. Maybe research him.”
I’m like, “Yo, you talkin’ ’bout the make-believe person?
The nigga that got over 183 murders?”
That was four months ago, and I told you, based off his name, maybe he’s worth it
Nigga, we could’ve booked this battle in October, and called it the Halloween version
Yeah, I saw a whole classic that was fire, I would’ve made the scene perfect
Brought an old ratchet for Myers (Meyers)…Jamie Lee Curtis
Nigga, runnin’ ya mouth? That ain’t the best option about how you Danny from Cali
Let me guess, Watts? Nigga I bet Compton
Hey! Y’all heard about LA, they say the niggas out there on the west Com’ sin
Nah, man it’s gotta be the TEC’s poppin’
Cause Danny we in Wisconsin
So fraud stop before you fuck around and get dawg (dog) shot with a vet’ talkin’, nigga
Nigga this Mossberg will make a mess out him
That mean that Danny might get three rounds from the 12 I got Rex conscious
Blastin’ the shotty, let something rough draft on his body like a sketch artist
I ain’t fuckin’ done, nigga TEC’s sparkin’
I let a couple rounds sit down and stare in his face; press conference
This nigga trippin’, it’s a few ways you could die so really listen
He already gettin’ shot by Jon Dough, but it took him to come on Black Ice to show how he really slippin’
So whatever the fucks in the MAC or the .9
I’ll leave stuck in the back of his mind like he reminiscin’
Or I can use this long ass blade, right? This motherfucker like 50 inches
So I can easily take his legs off from a little distance
Either take some from off the side like I’m penny pinchin’
Nah, I’d rather saw it in his head first like premonition
Now I’m Bill Cosby, guilty sentence
Until Loc, you know Jell-O for peelin’ (pillin’) bitches
Nah, I can’t kill Danny cause you prolly got the police workin’ for ya
But I got a pair of Eagle (paralegal) that’ll turn these (attorneys); perfect lawyers
Nigga if I gotta come to where the fuck you stayin’ nigga, aw man it’s gettin’ worser for ya
You gon’ think someone put a thousand curses on ya
You ever set up a two person game and the nigga gettin’ up forgettin’ the first controller?
Exactly! You only got a few seconds left, or I’m pickin’ a person for ya!
I must inform ya, I seen your comment on my battle against Drugz
“Bankhead nice. Keep on workin’.”
Then all of a sudden we battlin’ on the Cartel stage, he’s so thirsty
Nigga pushin’ like 70 years old, goin’ until retirement, tryin’ to use me to complete yo’ journey
Nigga want me to take a walk with Bar God, BAOW, I don’t need yo’ mercy
Fuck California nigga! I’ll find you in Miami hospitals
All goin’ three more surgeries
Paralyzed prayin’ to the Lord, with Dan back up against the wall; Marino jersey nigga
Nigga this battle fuck bein’ very cool and passionate
I’m bein’ extra rude and savage
Big shit, heavy tool will clap him
Nigga this cal’ will split a cow in half, that’s a terrible (tear a bull) example
I see you goin’ from state to state tryin’ to get his battle rap score up
And you think you gon’ face me with this punk ass battle rap tour luck?
Nah nigga Kawhi Leonard, I’ll have somethin’ silent clappin’ the flo’ up
That mean ya niggas will get hit with the can and dawg, effects will leave everybody that rap tore (Raptor) up
You too fuckin’ old for me to be fightin’, fuck sizin’ him up
I’m grabbin’ a .9 or a pump
Code word: Neosporin
(What that mean?)
That mean I got somethin’ clean that lies in the cut
I can see Danny bitch ass right now!
“I got a tour with Bankhead y’all. NWX Cartel. You ridin’ or what?”
Old pussy ass nigga work for the Greyhound, gotta be some kind of a chump
Oh I get it, I get it, you want your dawgs (dogs) to ride so they can get caught on the side of the bus
And I know you took this battle for a limited price
And word, I seen your battle against Aye Verb, I’m like, “Yo this nigga is nice.”
‘Til years done passed by and I realized my potential and height
Cause I literally started from a little fire small miniature like
‘Til the shit is scary, go read the dictionary, now I’m one of the definitions of “Ice” nigga
So you supposed to be the vet’ ruler in this battle? Am I gettin’ it right?
Now get stabbed in ya neck with a ruler in this battle, he goin’ to be breathin’ for every inch of his life
This nigga told K-Shine, “I’ll put the rubber grip on ya head like Chucky when he tryin’ to switch bodies.”
Yeah I was laughin’ at the whole line
Lookin’ for trouble, lucky he was humble when you wasn’t grabbin’ on the old Shine
Nigga you got 12 fuckin’ kids!
You think I believe you sparkin’ outta Cali committin’ whole crimes?
But you do remind me of that Chucky bar actually, no lie
Cause this nigga was talkin’ without a battery the whole time
Fuck a classic, nigga nah
This battle y’all gonna feel the passion and the [?]
Danny ain’t a challenge niggas wrong
I’m ’bout to treat this nigga Danny very wrong
Go ‘head act celebrity or ratchet gettin’ drawn
This shit gon’ go from a battle full of bars to ‘Dancing With The Stars’
Nigga the MAC’ll hit him hard
Crack and rip his jaw
Push yo’ shit down and out and BAOW and leave ya back against the wall
Wait, wait, wait a minute, quick question for the fans
Y’all ever try filmin’ a movie at a funeral? Caskets involved
Fuck you Danny!
And I don’t care if after the battle we not speakin’
Cartel, NWX I’m Glock reachin’
Go ‘head act crazy so I can send somethin’ powerful to his mind, shock treatment
BAOW! Law authorities lookin’ for his brains I got the cops seekin’
They ask me, “Was it [?] ground?”
I told ’em, “Stop kiddin’ around. I’m keepin’ the file. It’s top secret.”
Left everybody in the house leakin’
Mama on the house bleedin’
Ambulance got they hands on the kid’s pulse, they not breathin’
And y’all wanna know what’s sad, they automatically who was the dad
Cause all of the children had the pop’s features
Bar God better start prayin’ to the Lord and the Christ when
He in the hospital in critical condition holdin’ onto his life and
In a coma and crisis
And I walk in {door squeaking} and grab the plug like, “When you gonna lower your prices?”
Force your wife and, I don’t care about what I’m facin’ nigga
I [?] sentence tho’, ‘Simpsons’ show, it was all off principle, that’s what made me skin her (Skinner) nigga
You from Cali, right? BAOW! Inside of the hole look like the Laker’s in it
Now he got metal all down his dome, Staple Center nigga
And you on the ground with this shit?
Nah, I still got two more rounds in this bitch nigga
Yikes nigga

[Round 1: Danny Myers]
First of all, before the battle, he was doin’ all this shit
I was thinkin’, “Maybe he’s nervous.”
He just told y’all a whole bunch of True Lies; Jamie Lee Curtis
Nigga did all that gun poppin’, I don’t even know what the fuck son talkin’
Then he said somethin’ ’bout 12- nigga you can get three from the K bitch, now you unconscious
Nigga I got mean options, I’m talkin’ ’bout everything like the beam poppin’, in his window
Y’all know how y’all playin’ split screen games? Now we out here screen watchin’
And then he got all these bars like maybe he sick
You know what I’m sayin’? Trickin’ and shit
My dick long as a ruler, and yo’ bitch was gettin’ every inch of this shit
Bar God!
Stash houses, shells companies, y’all see the picture I’m tryna paint?
What I’m sayin’ is I never seen a Cartel put their money in a Bank
All the shit I see in the media, helps me keep the aggression
Cause the press plus the pressure equals depression
I’ll catch you at ya family dinner bruh, in front of yo’ mama I’ll get this nigga bucked
Long hair don’t care…no hair don’t give a fuck
I’ve spent years skinning niggas alive, that, and a couple memories
So when I have flashbacks of human flesh it’s muscle memory
I’ll have meth head shoot you, he’ll knock you out ya tank top
Soon as he smoke them crystals and off the glass…Bank shot
When Lil Fizz took the last spot in B2K, I knew you wasn’t havin’ that
You erased all yo’ verses off they album and decided you wanna battle rap
Y’all got Bank on me?
I get deposits, while my wife goes through withdrawals on the account she gotta bank on me
This what it ain’t gone be, all that tough talk, what I’m carryin will finish ‘em
Y’all gone see me hangin’ out the car with a monster like Harry And The Hendersons
I bury and diminish em, lil’ nigga you outta time
You ate yo’ bitch pussy, now yo slogan is “It’s Sour Time”
But it’s our time, Jon Dough locked in his eulogy
They just wanna see Bank Black like the conscious community
Stop with the lunacy, where I catch this ho, he buried there
A bullet’ll hit scalp, it’s gone be edge control everywhere
Jeremy Reed, I thought you were fire, but you not, I see the approach to ‘em
But J. Reid (Reed) had to deceive the God to get close to ‘em
This is Too Deep he gone hear the sound of a TEC
The shot put…him in position to hold a round on his neck
My nigga passed me the strap, he said “I don’t like murder, but I don’t condemn it
No matter how you interpret that, if you spot that nigga open…end it.”
I took it from him, can’t go back now, I’m so committed
My mind bein’ in a thousand places allowed me to focus with it
Ya hoe can get it, bring that bitch to Cali, we got a pimpin’ issue
I’ma have Bank tell her (teller) give me the money, I’m doin business with you
The Sig’ll lift you, if not the strap you’ll be a shank victim
Bullets are like Rothschild’s…watch ‘em ruin Bank system
My cousin used to have loaded dice, he was cheatin’ niggas in a dice scam
One night his own homie shot ‘em through the palm before he could let the dice land
Do you believe in a Parallel Universe?
(I do)
They thought they would be brothers for a life span
He cut off his best friend and forever lost feeling in his right hand
Ya favorites can’t rhyme enough, let’s say ya damn Llama tucked
I’ll clap you and be gone before you say ya damn moniker
I’ll spray ya damn mama up
Then hop in my spaceship bumpin’ Jay Electronica on my way to Andromeda
One move and I’m ringin’ off
I’ll cut off ya pinkies with a crucifix, will he live? Keep ya fingers crossed
These are a demons thoughts, I just wanna be left alone
Now the get the fuck out my face before I beat yo ass with yo’ pressin’ comb
My legacy set in stone, and you on the ground with this shit
This wack MC got another 2 rounds of this shit

[Round 2: Bankhead]
Fuck you nigga, Danny need to get him a hobby
I know how to get Danny, right?
Call him up on the phone like, “I got ya kid in the lobby.”
He hear me in the background like, “Come out little boy it’s just a toy. It isn’t a shotty.”
And I’m hopin’ that Dan yell “son” (Daniel-san), baow; Mr. Miyagi
It’s round two, and this the one where you lay in the cement
It’s too motherfuckin’ late for all that beggin’ and pleadin’
Nigga I gotta life, so me battlin’ you wasn’t a crazy achievement
Cause nigga yo’ life was a set price, in other words I can take it or leave it
Bar God! So all you gotta do to win a battle is just pray and believe it
Hold on, Bar God, my mama told me, “Boy don’t you be playin’ with Jesus.”
So Bar God gettin’ hit with hot fire
Think about it, slayin’ a demon
Mossberg, I get on one knee, aim and I squeeze it
This Shotgun ain’t gotta know what his life like, baow, cause we able to see it
In these Milwaukee streets you gotta be cautious when you get a lil’ fame
Cause they watchin’, niggas lame
On time you catch me in the day walkin’ is wit’ a Blade
Come on now Danny, all this aggression and mixed with rage
A good woman told me, “Bankhead you got some bad twisted ways
Messin’ with all these sluts.” So I went and bought a pump to show this bitch I can’ get engaged, nigga
Nigga this clapper, a head scratcher, watch how Dan drift (dandruff) away
Man this nigga lame, so I’m comin’ with a Rug’ twisted plan
No patience, no location and a blue tinted van
We hop out with metal all on the rifle and
Together we all recyclin’ and reusin’ the cans
I was in {door squeaking} and this bald head ass nigga tryin’ to walk smooth to his bed
I’m like “Ah! Make the wrong move then ya dead.”
I’ll turn this motherfucker into Forest Gump when them tools gettin’ spread
And not cause we goin’ to war somebody important losin’ a leg
Look at him, confused in the head
And it get’s more odd (moron), alright you in here Bar God, dude where the bread?
Or else the .9 spray, Tom Hanks, that mean for the low ten’ll dan (Lieutenant Dan)
This nigga sent T-Rex 12 fuckin’ grand?
Oh I know you got some amazin’ cheddar
I blaze Berettas
And you love your daughters, right?
Cause you standin’ up here gettin’ pop of the year for puttin’ in amazin’ effort
But with this blade I got, it feel like I could raise her (razor) better
Oh what? Oh you took that line personal? Are you callin’ it major?
I don’t give a fuck faggot, I got two burner creations
All I’m sayin’ is, don’t try to get in way and be a father and save her
Baow! Now you a guardian angel for guarding your angel
Niggas think I do this shit for the cameras and the fun
Dough, name one time I took a battle for a buzz
This nigga Danny on some drugs
Thinkin’ I won’t come to Cali with a gun
Two packin’ (2Pac’in) like a Thug
At his do’, knock, knock, the ratchet want a hug
That’s that ‘California Love’
This won’t be the last Myers win
Mag firin’, all because this nigga done crossed the wrong lines now he’s seein’ sparks fly; bad wirin’
Danny yo’ style sad, tirin’
Nigga just face it, no inspiration, that’s why we never add Myer in (admiring), nigga
I’ll fuck around and catch you on a Greyhound, right?
The Greyhound route, right? Clutchin’ a Mag
And when I squeeze think Constantine
Y’all ever watch Constantine?
Well his soul gonna be stuck in a glass, nigga
Baow, baow, baow, stomach and abs
You know drivin’ on the road while you hungry is bad
This nigga starvin’ behind the wheel with his lunch in a bag
This nigga here, lost his fuckin’ mind
And I got rounds in this shit, nah fool ass nigga {gun clicks} I still got another round in this bitch
Yikes nigga

[Round 2: Danny Myers]
Yo, he came at me wit’ a knife, I was scared first
But I had one I was shaving forever, then I slit the little bitch throat to her that my razor is better
Bar God!
I don’t gotta prove I got a better pen or I cook like you
I’m doin’ this for every nigga that got his bitch snatched by a nigga that look like you
Us half decent niggas see, a bitch shoes like, baby I’ll buy you a new pair
Then she look at you like “Ooh you know me and me cousin do hair.”
Tool flare, I’ll pull cards, disrespectin’ niggas
I don’t need Jon Dough effects, my bars be affectin’ niggas
They tryna push you, but Jon Dough, this the wrong child
At least that nigga AQ had his own style
A chance this nigga’ll shoot me, I can’t afford it
Soon as I get in Bankhead Zone…one going to his head like a native Georgian
The K’ll scorch em, or I can take a knife and I may just gorge ‘em
Open ‘em up, and take everything out of Bank, I done made a fortune
I’ll gun butt you though the Sig’ could melt ya
I’m just tryna see the pistol and black Bond like Idris Elba
Don’t think destruction waits, I’ll leave this nigga slumped in place
Cops gone be investigating Bank like a corruption case
Point blank, tip of his nose, I bust the .8
They know who he is, but they pickin’ up body parts like “What’s his face?”
I don’t trust this snake, this nigga be really snitchin’
We all know Bank statements prove how niggas really livin’
The mili’ll lift em, catch ‘em in the dim light, cannon drawn
Niggas scared to battle cause my pen might damage y’all
I represent the corners that my men like standin’ on
We was fuckin with Glass before M. Night Shyamalan
We pull up next to yo car, first order of business, get ya buddy slid
Then I’m tryna pass a hundred out the window to this bitch like Cutty did
I don’t give a fuck what he did, he mediocre, y’all be hypin’ that shit
Y’all can gas ‘em but that’s why I use the ‘Tube to siphon that shit
I wanna fight but niggas is dirty
The nickel take a quarter of ya face, this is a 30
Grippin’ it sturdy, point it at em, let the thing spray
Blow out his brain, then hand read (Reed) his mind…I am Jean Grey
My nigga in Phoenix, Rum Nitty, y’all only had to see ‘em once
He linked with his brother from the Glove and changed the way niggas punch
Bitch run ya pockets, gettin’ robbed is a hell of a thing
But if Bank ain’t open to it, then it’s automatic.. tell a machine (ATM)
These cannon seeks they crew
These clips are Rapid Fire like Brandon Lee debut
All my war stories, he don’t believe they true
Til it’s 45’s on both sides like a DJ Booth
You got all that yelling shit from me, that’s why you still my enemy
She can take her gloves off and Rogue couldn’t steal my energy
I keep a weapon, I keep shooting his corpse to send a deeper message
Cause the body is his home…and I’ma make sure Bank don’t repossess it
I come to destroy
They notice the giant gap between us, that’s why I’m the one to avoid (a void)
I ain’t done with you boy, you on the ground with shit
This wack MC got a whole ‘nother round of this shit, Yikes

[Round 3: Danny Myers]
Nigga said, “Power Rangers facin’ him”
If anybody can kill this nigga, Danny can
Made yo’ bitch scream my name three times in the mirror
Now you see her face in the window; Candy Man
Bang his melon, who you scarin’ with all this dangerous yellin’
All that street shit you talkin’ ’bout, ain’t compellin’
While I flew here on economy
I was wonderin’ why I never seen ‘em bailed out if Banks a felon (failin’)
I’ll shoot you during church service, ain’t no fault in my grip
Bullets’ll hit you at the Shrine and alter yo’ shit
I’m a animal king
I solve problems with the butt of gun, I’m just tryna get a handle on things
Get ya mandible beamed, you gone shoot me? Why you say that?
Soon as I get alone (a loan) with Bank, it’s gone be high interest in the payback
I ain’t gone divulge all the shit I had to get in
But while you was getting yo’ hair trimmed, me and my niggas had to split ends
Don’t make me, make an example in this bitch
Ya man can get beat familiar…I mean a real sample of this shit
Got a handle on the grip, bitch my knife and my cal’ hungry
First I poke (Polk) High, then 4 touchdown, nigga I’m Al Bundy
You got ya style from me, that’s cool, watch where the Glock’ll send ya
When a killa be (Killa B) in front of this camera it ain’t a roster member
I didn’t come here for the check, please don’t even try that
The money I’m getting out Bank is worthless like a dye pack
Lie flat, and ya homeboys? Don’t try with me you weirdos
I’m just here for Banks money, don’t try to be a hero
You joined K-Shine and DNA, you put yourself under those shadows?
But I never seen both of them come to one of yo’ battles
So when this battle drops, and you notice the rise in stock you see
Remember it wasn’t them, but it was John Dough that got you me
Ungrateful ass nigga, the knife inside you, now ya spleen fuckin’ with you
Them surgeons are like John Dough, cause when they put the camera on you they seen somethin’ in you
These are keen fundamentals
Any success you see, I’m supposed to see yo’ team comin’ with you
You seem unofficial, try me, I’ma off somethin’
I don’t mind killing niggas in the ring bitch, I’m Dolph Lundgren
Qleen Paper!
You know what I don’t like about you dawg?
You need to leave the scene cousin
So all that bullshit you be talkin yo’ raps don’t mean nothin’
Remember you backed out our battle cause you “broke” yo’ arm, but the next week you machine dumpin’?
So why I’m supposed to believe you really on the block and you sling somethin’
Ron Corbin, you gone get ya whole crew torn
You need to quit fuckin’ with Ron, Jeremy, like old school porn
You don’t even travel that much nigga, I know you wack, you a local cat
Y’all always got Bank at home, like a mobile app
Y’all promote this crap? That’s why I gotta be vicious to him
Take away this performance and theatrics and really just listen to him, nigga
I face paint the bitches you used to Chase Bank
We was wreckin’ and shamin’ the ones you checkin’ and savin’
These consecutive slayings, get tossed with the rest in the basement
You fucked up catchin’ wreck with a Saiyan
Bitch respect what I’m sayin’!
You know what’s gonna make you a legend?
Not all them dumbass bars you spit but all them stupid ass facial expressions
You just shared the stage wit’ a legend and you on the ground with this shit
Thank the Lord he don’t got another round of this shit

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