Dizaster vs. Cali Smoov [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Cali Smoov]
You came wit’ a mask on, nigga that’s so light
You can’t dress like this cause we all know you wantin’ a white face ya whole life
Nigga, first of all you Arabic, I see ya heritage clear
But you an embarrassment to act American like you never been there
The U.S. stole y’all land, robbed yo’ people still owe y’all money
So when you rep U.S.A. when you away that shit is disrespectful to both our countries
Let’s get straight to the point this time
You want two rounds to- nigga you ain’t got a choice this time
Big blade, Total Slaughter, no Royce this time
Not 5’9″, I’m talkin’ Gracie, a different hoist this line
One shot, go through ya face then it land in ya crew, big .9
I don’t think ya pack’ll stand (Pakistan) if I shoot
When Krack City started we looked at Daylyt as a power forward
And Diz’ a point, but you ain’t did shit for my clique but disappoint
I’m talkin’ movies, TV, every KOTD y’all
Nigga brought URL to LA and ain’t get one of us on the card
Ain’t do shit for my clique except on tour leave us quick
How can he be the captain with such poor leader-ship
Talk to me Diz’, I ain’t stoppin’, I’m mad
I’m from your crew and this the longest conversation we had
The last time you was wit’ Daylyt (daylight) it was a walk on a park day
The last time you mentioned Vishiss, you was watchin’ the jaws on the dog shake
The last time you answered my call, you had me saved under the wrong name
The last time you reached out to Klutch, you was hittin’ the Noz tank
I was 17 fightin’ cases, court room seein’ tears in my family’s faces
I was worried about race wars, while you was in battles playin’ racist
Now this lame changin’
To perfectly word it you waitin’ ’til ya early 30’s to start gang bangin’
Look, it’s New York beef, I don’t games
You came back, now you only bangin’ on Cam’ like the new Ma$e
Scrap and you’ll be runnin’ from a Bat like Two Face
Land, and I’m creatin’ a combination like a new safe
Ayo Danny, since this is yo’ birthday
Y’all believe in a parallel universe?
(I do!)
I remember as a child watchin’ my mama cry cause my daddy couldn’t make bail
10 years later she was makin’ visits to me in that same cell
My life different, in a parallel universe, I saved 9/11 from ya heritage bastard
Cause I told the world I was catchin’ a body in the buildin’ and they all predicted this terrorist Dizaster
Shit 9/11 was the scariest time
When y’all was severin’ the parents of American’s lives
The irony, cause now a terrorist really gotta look terror in the eyes
Pay attention to his shoe game y’all, we warrin’ clown
But judgin’ by his kicks, his closet is the only thing about him that’s Jordan down
Bro, my people are killin’ each other over them streets you rappin’ about
That’s somethin’ you cool wit’?
All those followers and you choose to promote a war that you ain’t got shit to do wit’?
Shit, you a coke head who pop pills
Since the first you took, the more money you get, the worse you look
Milligrams, you got 10,000,000 views on drugs, I know it’s clear
We see you and Lush and think, “Yo’ biggest battle been Oxy yo’ whole career.”
You get ya eyebrow split thinkin’ this shit is hip hop
All you hear is, “I’ma punch you in yo’ motherfuckin’ face right now.” Then you get shot!
You 6’3″ punchin’ Billy, let’s see if you can duck a trigger
Cause sucker punches only come sucka –
I hate watchin’ this nigga’s battles, I’m past ya likes
They told me URL was boycottin’, I was hopin’ Dizaster strikes
I’m all action, sparrin’ ya jaw crackin’
One arm, I’ll brawl and he’ll fall and have to call Aktive
Y’all tactics, all classics with god rappin’
[?] past his fam’ then box him like All Access
Artillery, chemistry on a long simile
Calm energy, inner G for a long history
A dope fiend vs a long armed army on a long killin’ spree
The Smack Killer, RIP Mac Miller, you’ll never see a bar killin’ me
Thoughts vividly, takin’ apart when they finish the start literally
Intimate, intricate thoughts riveting
Sentences made sense for the law to sentence me
You sentimental, I’m a genius and they sent a mental
A produce this beat into ya career I’m instrumental
What you endorse? Tell hip hop how you support Trump
You wasn’t talkin’ my ear off at Youtube Studios how he’s so much better than Hillary
That’s no lyin’, he a Trump supporter
I guess that’s why he been hatin’ Cortez this whole time
I quit the street life cause I’m pro black and I couldn’t have imagine killin’ my own people
Cause in actuality my soul’s loyal
So you votin’ for Trump, was turmoil
If it was up to him, y’all wouldn’t have no oil
So basically yo’ political views is like sellin’ ya soul on ya own soil
This nigga Diz’ always walkin’ ’round talkin’ ’bout “Cali I’m a real nigga.”
Diz’, you ain’t even a real…nigga
And if you is, how you votin’ for Trump and his agenda is to kill niggas?
I’ma make sure the next time they say yo’ slogan it’s gon feel different
Sometimes you gotta go a whole round without pullin’ a weapon out
Sometimes you gotta sacrifice BARS to get the message out
But since it’s Dizaster, I’ll paint the picture of ya destiny
Cause I found you the sponsors to battle Cassidy, I gave you spotlights
But this extendo, give the Glock pipes
My gun’s so big
(How big is it?)
You got to see the same nigga give you your biggest shot twice
Speakin’ of that battle, versus Cassidy I let us know you ain’t real dawg
Cause you choked an opportunities that real niggas would kill for
You known for battlin’ nerds, cause facin’ the streets is nothin’ fun
Which explains why you was thirsty to battle Jin but you duckin’ Rum
Now I can say I battled Dizaster, even got a lil’ fame off of him
Just know I made it here by myself, that’s why I say my name at the end
Sike! Y’all thought I was done?
‘Til one run through ya chest
Tell Loso and Drugz they gotta see me next time they come to the west
What I hated all these years is ya lack of substance
Millions of views about ya fabricated gats you bustin’ and straps you clutchin’
Fuck rap, nigga let’s make a pact in public
Instead of you gettin’ gassed off ya trashy subjects
I challenge you to be a man and stand for somethin’
And that’s the difference from when niggas put that up in they bars
And the feelin’ of when you hearin’ nigga really cut from the cloth
Smoov nigga

[Round 1: Dizaster]
Yeah that little shit about me not lookin’ out for my homies is pretty clever
When was the last time I seen Vishiss?
When I got him with me in the same movie together
You talkin’ shit? Well I guess that’s what you supposed to
How ’bout you tell them how Geechi, Danny and Aktive were prolly not gon’ be on this card until I forced you
How ’bout we real talk talk about the real shit, how we did this to garner his power
How he made [?] ask me to sit here and stare at this faggot face for like ten hours
Listen up Flimsy Hussle
Talkin’ all that Arab shit, at least I look like I belong to my culture
When black folks see you they think you a cholo
When cholo’s see you they think you a poser
Maybe cause the homie looks like the 13th guy over
In the front row on those Homies figurine posters
In case y’all haven’t figured out what he’s all about
He doin’ this to catch all the top tiers off guard and he’s doin’ this all for clout
Type of dude to give you like three, four months writin’ his heart out
Then gives you three, four weeks before he calls you out
And I’ma get to the real punches, now I’m takin’ it easy
Soon y’all gon’ see why it makes sense
The real reason how he beat Geechi
Oh yeah, everyone thinks your win against Geechi was a fluke
Not me, I know it was carefully calculated sneaky little strategic move
It’s just the type of shit he do
Wait ’til you got a couple other battles booked then he catches you slippin’ in between the two
And after I say this this fake Crip gonna be singin’ the blues
I’m sayin’, all these little shortcuts, what are you doin’?
All these little shortcuts ain’t gonna help your growth- go farther
Cause gettin’ the best version of your opponent’s the only thing that can help you grow stronger
But you wanna hit people with these surprise one rounder attacks to make it look like you go harder
Which makes sense this faggot grew up in Hawaii because his whole approach was modeled after the attacks from Pearl Harbor
That’s the reason I don’t need no dirt on you
Cause the dirt on you is the actual work on you
No one respects you that’s why Marvwon freestyled some bullshit against you and Daylyt twerked on you
You a fuckin’ scavenger
You try to force people into these tight schedules to fit your little bullshit calendar
So you can ambush cats while they’re preparing for other battlers
If you didn’t write the whole round out before you called out Geechi that whole battle had to be Boston and Cali cause that shit would’ve been a massacre
You know what rhymes with “Cali Smoov”?
The average dude gettin’ an alley oop
A watered down Charlie Brown, ya claim to fame is hangin’ out wit’ Snoop
Andre 3000, you the biggest Outkast outta anybody out the group
You wanted to ball up with us like Sonic The Hedgehog but he never got any ring action cause we always kept you out the loop
You a fuckin’ Krack City intern
You used to fetch Aktive’s snacks and juice
Get AD his hats and boots
And make Davone Campbell soup
You think you that nice? We been gassin’ you
But you been ass, this is ya big chance to prove you been gassin’
Ain’t nobody comin’ back for you like Benghazi troops
You know what else rhymes wit’ “Cali Smoov”?
You bein’ the real investor behind every single big match up you do
You blow your life savings to book a battle every time you have some loot
This faggot would actually shoot his own mom to get a battle with Mook
Fuck ya album
Got me lookin’ down on you like a falcon from a mountain view
Cali Smoov how come you can’t see the outcome?
You don’t got an ounce of clue whatchu gettin’ into
So this bout witchu, it’s ’bout to be viewed as pound for pound the foulest move
You can do without usin’ one round to kick someone out ya crew
I would say that’s what I’m not about….but that’s EXACTLY what I’m ’bout to do
You’ve been a fuck boy since 2002
Flew out here from the Chi-Town started throwin’ Crip signs out the blue
Everyone of us banged out wit’ us can’t vouch for you
So if you wanna translate that into some street clout that’s a big ouch for you
You talkin’ ’bout you fire off rounds I doubt you do
You like Half A Gallon Goodz if he was half the leader (liter) he was and only spoke an ounce of truth
Stop sayin’ gang shit on our behalf
There’s a chain of command, that’s not how we move
But since ya head in the clouds I’ma have to bring you back down and set up some ground rules
You step child you, you only do what I allow you to
Cause I’m the one with the star power!
This whole block ours!
Big dawg with the hot to pop cowards
You disagree? Catch hot showers from Glock powder
Fans writing you letters, family members sending ya mom flowers
I’ll bust ya top open with a pick axe like Fortnite Clock Tower
I can’t believe somehow after that round somehow y’all was intimidated
This ain’t even about punchlines it’s about you claimin’ Krack City ya whole life without properly bein’ initiated
There’s a difference between bein’ a part gang and bein’ gang affiliated
You think I’m playin’? I’m really sayin’ what you think I’m sayin’
Cause nothin’ you say has meaning when you say it
You said everything you’re sayin’ green like piccolo and piccolo’s not even a sayin’
You see what I’m sayin’?
I make authentic statements
This kid’s from Chicago
I say shit a state can relate with since Avocado don’t got The Bunker I’m gonna have to take you Back 2 The Basics
All you ever did was pay your way
You use the express way so less pain to your paper mate
It’s payola politics you pay for play
Trying to shortcut people on the road who really paved it
Well meet the Architect of The Matrix
Agent Smith ain’t sayin’ shit today, I’m sayin’ this
Before you run your lips, know I’m the one that’s bringin’ in this big buffet
So you either eatin’ with me at the table or you standin’ in the way
Either way you gon’ have to stand in line like everybody else and wait for your turn to get the tray (tre)
Brrrrrrrt! Shit will spray!
BOYAKAH! Tim McVeigh!
What army you part of? The Pink Beret?
You fuckin’ Native American lookin’ Nick Lachey
You my negligee
Getting shit fish filleted with a nickle plate and sickle blade
I’m sick of playin’ games wit’ him
I’ll split ya face like a Chinese dinner plate cause that shit was eant to break
You a pussy, your heart pumps lemonade
And it’s not even the organic stuff, that shit is Minute Maid
Concentrate, and take this from me
Payin’ to get where you at now don’t make an MC
I can get you where you need to go, you ain’t gotta pay me the fee
Cause for all those foreign jokes you were makin’
I’m ’bout to show why I’m a rotisserie flame him, so that way I can put you in rotation for free!
You think I wasn’t thankful for you putting together Ether?
Hell yeah I was
I wanted to make you like a team speaker, I really wanted to make you the leader
I know you don’t believe me or take me serious…cause I don’t believe me or take me serious either
You told a black dude that was clearly black, “You’re a Mexican”
Haven’t you seen your complexion?
You could’ve got the same reaction outta that crowd if you were standing on stage battling your own reflection
Most people see his content, normally they’re overly affectionate
To me his content is poorly directed and we just don’t connect wit’ it
It’s so far fetched and out of context we no longer share no core resemblance
There’s a difference between bridging together metaphors that are complex and rhetorical forced penmanship
Grandiose and overblown outta proportion to give you the notion he’s goin’ over your head with it
And then he’s tappin’ at his temple like a Catholic Jesuit
They sleepin’, but what the homie said
The crowd might react but what the homie said was some extra shit
Extras as in a buncha unnecessary references that are only present at the end of the sentence
Cause he needs something else to connect ’em with
And because he has a chemical imbalance and can’t stay in his element
You struggle to maintain relevance
Cause you’re irrelevant cause your rap style says he is
He’s always been jealous you can tell he is
He’s envious of his siblings getting ahead of him on some Cinderella shit
Yeah, Kevin Spacey in the desert shit
And that’s why we’re here today, January 19
In conclusion, we came to see this weak bitch lose it
10 years in the game only ’til today we seen a trace of improvement
He began to fade away, started to pay his way through the ‘Tube so he could pave a way through the movement
Listen, that’s the way that he moves
Like a Raging Waters wave pool, he paid he way through the tube
And you’ve been in the mix ever since like Rick Rubin
You had the will to spend paper for battles and Danny Myers came and gave you the blueprint
They say, “Wear it if the shoe fits”, so you put on your boots like a prude bitch
Always talkin’ ’bout how you’ll do that and you’ll do this
Snoop that and Snoop this
But somehow he seems different to the people that knew him
Before us, dawg was part of a crew of cartoons like Blue’s Clues
And fuck when I rebuke him, I shoot through him like Duke Nukem
I’ll Kim Jong Un nuke him
You gonna see this dude pass under his own roof like a GDE student
Listen bro, talkin’ ’bout your music, your rap career here is useless
We don’t wanna see you use it
Especially when your bullshit CD couldn’t move a single unit
I bet the only reason “Chopper” Reed cut off his ears is so he could no longer hear your music
And don’t ever in your life dare me to do it
I’ll put hands on this bitch so bad after this he’ll probably join the #Metoo movement
Get a couple of pink ears and a couple of years he’ll be suwooping
They should cast you since you an actor a part in The Avengers
Some type of hybrid weird street geek mutant
And I would say your rap abilities would be your super powers but that would make your singing too human
Listen, this is the end
I’m a star, you a starving artist
You came here, put on your game face and died regardless
But fuck it, you can say that you tried your hardest
Look Cali, this type of shit I’m saying is personal to him, shit beyond research
This is some real shit, this is the reason he’s always wanted to be around he wanted to be the team speaker
He wanted to impress us, he always came around and he seemed eager
And it was always this same shit
I’m on the silver screen now in an AMC theater
And every time he sees me, it’s memories of Team Ether
That’s why if he said some vegan shit to me I wouldn’t have to rebuttal none of that shit he said to me either
Because no matter what he does, he will always be my biggest meat eater
That’s Cali Smoov

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