The Saurus vs. Math Hoffa [Lyrics]

[Round 1: The Saurus]
It’s crazy, this wasn’t even supposed to be the main event you guys
This shit’s been booked for five years but this pussy still needs extra time to memorize?
A Decade worth of hard work for this brand and this company
So for an event called Decade, I needed a battle with somebody
But to name this event after us it’s actually humbling
I can’t believe it’s really been a decade Math has been duckin’ me
But right now I’m like finally…Hoffa got a ride for me
Who was in the driver seat?
Can I thank your pilot please?
It kinda seems like it’s the world’s longest game of hide and seek
They booked this back in ’93, I said, “I agree”
He said, “Good luck findin’ me.”
But I did it Hoffa, wow, I dug your coffin’ out the lost and found
They say we’re both legends, I’ll bury you beneath our common ground
You’re lucky that you dodged those rounds I wrote for you and that Boston crowd
But someone Good Will go back to the drawing board to chalk him out
It’s Hunting season, I’m on my “Stop Being Dirty” steez
Team Backpack, that means I’m droppin’ a 30 piece
It occurred to me that Math would probably have a way with numbers
But since he G I’ma treat (geometry) him like I got those angles covered
Peep it, it’s never gonna be kept secret
25 million people watched that TMZ clip
But we supposed to pretend we ain’t see shit?
You on record gettin’ mashed up like DJ Z-Trip
But I ain’t Diz’
I stay peaceful, that’s the way Pete lives
So y’all can take these tips today for safety kids
I ain’t here for any drama but in case he is
I’m just gonna give him 10 feet like Grape Street did
I said you basic Math, still breakin’ ounces into grams
This a different algorithm, I’m a calculus exam
I got a question about Hoffa though, how has he advanced
Every time he’s got a problem, Math is still countin’ on his hands (Hanz)

[Round 1: Math Hoffa]
This gon’ be nothin’ nice
This fag think I ducked him twice
I got locked in Vancouver cause I wasn’t white
If I’d have came to Boston, you would’ve had the roughest night
That’s the second booking Peter, that only ends with you up with Christ
I figured you’d be happy
Instead I got a bunch of gripes
They paid you to do nothin’, right?
Why you so fuckin’ tight?
Yo, yesterday, I swear to God, I was ’bout to miss my comin’ flight
Just to give you the foulest 3-0 of ya fuckin’ life
But I couldn’t do that to my Toronto peeps
You got a nice spot to rip him like a Fronto leaf
Them ass whippings that I owed them other times though Pete
This gon’ be triple B, ugly like Alonzo sneaks
I no showed you twice, made you act like a bitch
Havin’ a fit, like a side chick that can’t get the dick
Faggoty shit
Ain’t you Mr. Two Times Everything?
Then shut the fuck up and add that to your list
Pause, you ever moved a pack

[The Saurus]

[Math Hoffa]
Psst, you moved a pack? Cool
Keep flappin’ ya lips, talkin’ through my rounds will only lead to crackin’ ya shit
Hold up, my Scarborough peoples passed me the grip
For Mr. Two Times the tre and leave him flat in the Six
Y’all ain’t really do the math with that shit
I said two x’s the tre equal that in the-
Pssst, why the fuck does this match up exist?
This shit is like Kanye and the Trump meeting; random as shit
I mean how many views y’all really think y’all gon’ get from this battle?
I’m here but I really thought this shit was gon’ get cancelled
You know how many people hate school and think that it was a hassle?
They gon’ see “Math vs The Saurus” and never click on the battle
But they wanted me to give you this B.I. and I don’t even see why
Cause Pete see’s L’s (CL) even when there’s no drive
But this a mean ride, you a ten speed versus a Harley, I’m ’bout to speed by
Why they book The Saurus to battle The Book Of Eli?
That’s crafty shit, Book Of Eli if you ain’t catch the flick
It’s ’bout a black guy still killin’ motherfuckers after disaster (Dizaster) hit
I said yo, ‘matic clip, eat up his body just like a cannibal
I had to pull a bulldog out and let it mangle you
Desert Eagle, point at your egg and let it scramble you
It makes sense, you go against Peter why save the animals?
You don’t got bars like that
You be drinkin’ hot dog water through a straw like that
So try not to fall asleep you know his bars type wack
And I’ll be here next round to bring the bars right back!

[Round 2: The Saurus]
He said, “Hot dog water” PAUSE
Yo, he’s right, The Saurus versus Math, no one gonna watch it when this match start
Cause they’re going to be bored to death just from seeing the Math part
Decade, to me that represents who stands the test of time
Decade, also how long it took for Math to get a ride
Jaw droppin’, don’t pretend you’re a boss, you are not one
Next time you need a ride and your pockets are tapped, call Shotgun
Yo what’s the root of your problem? Who are you even at odds with?
It ain’t me, cause if I kill you I’m still the reason you profit
Prison style blade, I’ll break of it off it
Even the autopsy will see I let him keep the deposit
You ain’t the big bully, you the little homie
Your big homies are big on me
I do work, ain’t work you can dig on me
You dig homie?
I got a pick on me, so pick on me
The first born, you can’t bro me
I flip those to get bowls, then blew (Blue) Chips, shit I’m Nick Nolte
I’ve been ahead, you took L’s then owed, you big Smokie
Against the ropes, masked up, overweight, I’m Mick Foley
Wrestling bars, you can’t big show me
You Ready To Die the way BIG showed me?
Ninja mode, Shinobi or end the round how Diz’ told me
I’m Ginobili, you’re a step (Eurostep) away from a clear shot
You Tony Parker, you made a career off your tier drop (Teardrop)
Everybody here thought I’d easily whip him
Cause I got all the answers from Math, I’m the Teacher’s Edition
And this 3-0 I give him, it’s gonna show you the different class that we’re in
If you can’t understand it, go back Algebra then
An Advanced Calculus quiz versus counting to ten
What I’m sayin’ is, something doesn’t add up with him
But that’s the Math, no one ever remembers any match that you win
In fact, take those three famous punches subtract them from him
And a fraction of a man is all you’ll ever have in the end
So don’t ever factor us in to the same bracket again

[Round 2: Math Hoffa]
You keep talkin’ shit, ’bout how I didn’t have a ride
So what, you got a car deal? That’s why you actin’ fly?
Well maybe if you walked a little more you’d be half your size
Dear The Saurus Morris
What’s the odds that he knows what a smorgasbord is?
Speaking of enormous, Cheers, you’re the same size that Norm is
By the way, I seen your daughter bro, she’s gorgous

[The Saurus]
Yikes, she’s 12 you better slow your roll

[Math Hoffa]
Is she really your kid? You assure us?
I heard she does gymnastics, that’s fantastic
If she’s anything like her dad then she struggles with performance
Cause you? Outta everybody I had to research, bro you was the worst viewin’
This motherfucker got like 300 battles, I’m like, “Damn, I gotta search through ’em?”
Every time you started to wheeze in your rounds, I’m like, “What’s this nerd doin’?”
Peter, are you spitting your raps or giving birth to ’em?
You need to jog fast or find a lamaze class
Cause you’ll try to get fly then run out of air and your lines crash
You’ll be like, “I know I’m a swine bag and I’m squarer than Mine Craft
I’m really the shit, the doctors pulled me out of my mom’s ass.”
Take a deep breath, with each step, Pete sweats
I’m scared you gonna spit an eight bar set up and meet death
Yo Organik, is this the best we could think of?
Was Solomon not available so you get me a ringer?
When he sweats he’s a stinker, why am I next to this nigga?
I mean I get it, it’s a Decade card and you need a veteran spitter
But havin’ 300 battles don’t make you a legend it makes you fuckin’ Mexican nigga
I said yo, fuck it, when it’s time to cook, I be droppin’ the sauce
I’ll fry his egg, with the potato and leave the top of him squashed
The cops tryin’ to throw salt, off the Glock that I toss
But I scratch his serial (cereal) in the biscuit, I be watchin’ my carbs
I’m a God
I’m a legend in this fuckin’ house
Cause all the battlers on that Mt. Rushmore that y’all like to make a fuss about
Get contracts to battle me and have to take another route
Cause at night they have nightmares that I duffed ’em out

[Round 3: The Saurus]
A whole round about my breath control, that fuckin’ round was trash
The irony of you clownin’ me for runnin’ out of gas
We don’t want bars like that
I thought by now you’d have a better style
How come you told Shotti P you were “cockin’ the 12 like a pedophile”?
I think we need to talk about that thought process for a second now
I get it, so you load your weapon the same way that you molest a child?
We don’t want bars like that!
I ain’t tryin’ to rap like he do
You can take your pedophily style of rhyming back to preschool
I heard- actually don’t go to preschool
I heard stealing lines from Bonnie is why she finally had to leave you
Times like that will teach you, don’t bite the ass that feeds you

I’m a smart ass, this hoe’s a dummy

{There’s a commotion at the bar and people start yelling}

Hey hoe in the back!
If ain’t nobody ever said it I just told you you’re wack
Pete knew this ain’t a hard class, it’s something that I’m far past
Every line, off the charts Math, that’s a bar graph
He tried to sue the league then start a clothing company called Lawyer Fees Over Money
Bruh, that’s the shit that Brooklyn do?
Hire some lawyer that’s a crooked Jew
And tell Organik, “Judge Judy ’bout to throw the book at you”?
I’m bullet proof
You think you an animal from the Brooklyn Zoo
But when this cat sue a battle league, I see a Puss N Boots
Crooked moves, that’s what killed you, it was not suicide
This false prophet caught a cross and got crucified
But you acted more surprised than I think you would be
After literally askin’ the Sandman to give you a dream
That’s the difference between mine and how the mind of Mathew works
The difference between that real feel and playin’ on AstroTurf
When you were banned from both leagues it made me laugh at first
Cause that broken down Math was worse than Foxy Brown’s ‘Affirmative Action’ verse
But I’m glad they lifted the ban, that shit was sad and depressing
Your boys getting paid them bands at events that you were banned from attending
A bar threw a Battle Of The Bands and they banned you from entering
You gave Bonnie a wedding band and got banned from your wedding
I’m probably the most loyal person you know Math
I’m so loyal I’ll give you this Hollow shirt off my own back

[Round 3: Math Hoffa]
Yo, these battle rap checks, keep me away from arm robberies
Still the nightmares of poverty still follow me
Gotta battle twice a month for comfort in this economy
So every verse is like a lobotomy of a Dollar Tree
I embody a god, no idolatry
The 90’s gave the thickness to my soul like wool Wallabees
This is quality lyrics over monotony
With dumb ass rap as the policy
I know y’all see me on WorldStar actin’ violently
So tonight, you know steppin’ out the box won’t bother me
I know the real street niggas will mob with me
Y’all saw me bring the Havoc now acknowledge a Prodigy
But honestly, I’ve been fightin’ demons inside of me
My brother passed, and I couldn’t grieve for him privately
I did the three for three, thinkin’ the scene would be proud for me
But one loss made these bloggers repeatedly doubting me
Feelin’ like Martin when he stood on the balcony
It blows my mind to see how much they got it out for me
I used to gamble on the people beside of me
‘Til I realized I was the lottery
Silently side eyein’ the niggas that lie to me
Told me they ride for me
But hated in privacy
Now it’s fuck all them niggas man no more apologizes
I slide on ’em smooth as Billy Dee in Mahogany
The fire inside of me just won’t go quietly
There’s no more modesty, it is what it gotta be
So it’s comedy, and I hear that you fathered the scene
Like I watched you and Tut on Scribble Jam and I started to dream
Idolized the different Tut that used to rob niggas clean
No Scribble, pistol jammed down the front part of my jeans
When you was travellin’, doin’ tag teams with Illmac
I was savagin’, tryin’ to tag teams with an ill ‘Mac
Like when Hov said on that Marcy track “Couldn’t talk about it if you ain’t live it” those was godly facts
Pete, you prolly hang out with Goofy niggas that like to talk to rats
Look at them Chins, China called nigga, they want ’em back
15, I was hidin’ AK’s behind my mommy’s back
Deadin’ niggas walkin’ through lock-

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