Young Kannon vs. Xcel [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Young Kannon]
This shit got booked damn near last-minute
So I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like my X flips
But first, the clip’ll make him get pussy: that’s Netflix
Things blew (blue), leave everything red: I’m ‘bout to set-trip
Wake-and-bake: smoke a nigga before he eat breakfast
Bomb on him, every line: I’m on that Flex shit
You gon’ take an L on the hood: that’s a Lexus
The target? X it, so exit, ‘cause everything I’mma X it
I’ll put your whole block on this cartridge: come play Tetris!
Call a Reverend
If the opp’ in the area, then it’s time for war
Tempt me, I’ll leave X stink’ (extinct) if he dyin’ to soar (dinosaur)
I showed niggas both our footage, you know, just to compare the fire, boar
And out the men I sold the links (Minnesota Lynx) to, my shit they admire more (Maya Moore)
Ayo, your shit-
I mean, you do your thing, my nigga, but it’s obvious you can’t fuck wit’ me
Xcel’ll rate (accelerate) better, but he can’t keep up to speed
I buck and squeeze
Stick and (in) the Desert like tumbleweeds
Drive-by, machine out the Camaro: that’s Bumblebee!
Yo, Smack! You got me fucked up, man
This short-notice shit ain’t the best conditions to work under
Plus, you got me battlin’ a nigga that wear hoodies with no shirt under
I’ll murk somethin’, Ruger stretch him
He a killer, but I do it better
Get a metal head from the Uz’ (ooze): that’s Super Shredder
X used to be a stick-up kid, walkin’ around wit’ the steel on him
Robbin’ niggas for re-ups, all in the field Hawkin’
But I will chalk him
Beat him wit’ a lead pipe ‘til his grill off him
It’s crazy – the bar went over his head, but he still caught it!
I ain’t come to play in V.A.!
I brought the .80 for smoke
Or the six ring from the 12 like Brady the GOAT
Nigga, the ratchet dumpin’
In my city, niggas been gettin’ clapped for nothin’
So if he ”died wit’ his eyes open”, that only mean the nigga had it comin’!
Weapon up
I ain’t untouchable, so the vest is tucked
My ‘Flesh of my Flesh’ covered, now I’m ‘bout to leave X in blood
You better book on God
The shit he brews (Hebrews) will get you drug
What you on, X or dust? (Exodus)
Small fee, them niggas ride for the low like the Megabus
I just came off a 30
Yeah, I showed Prep how to work the chrome
Now they got me washin’ an old nigga: it’s a nursing home
This yo’ season to be in that hospital bed wit’ the slow eatin’
Doctors givin’ him that “Put up 1 if it’s yes, put up 2 if it’s no” treatment
You outta time
This ain’t personal, all for the dollar signs
If X on paper, he get the Sig: that’s bottom-line
He ain’t a weak bum, but he still gon’ see the Gates when the heat come
Chest shot, his man catch ‘Cel back: that’s a refund

[Round 1: Xcel]
My phone rang
They said someone was chattin’ like a bitch
Like I ain’t me, actin’ like I don’t have a fight in this
Said Abraham to Isaac, “They wanna sacrifice the kid”
Think Jacob, y’all – he gon’ wrestle wit’ God and crack a rib
Now those bars gon’ have Saga look at me critical
But I said that to say this ass-whoopin’ gon’ be Biblical!
I’m the old nigga, so when you pick me, you book history
Wait, Pirates cap ‘cause that cap there was initially meant for P
You kiddin’? See my resume, notice the stats on ‘em
A lot of niggas y’all champion now? I done blacked on ‘em
And now I got Kannon, who specialize in lookin’ tough
Man, I will drop Kannon (Canon) and fuck this footage up!
We parallel ‘cause our careers started out lookin’ up
Then I rebelled and you just basically wasn’t good enough
So carry on baggin’ on me about takin’ the worst path
Nigga, you can’t coach me
You never took off and you was First Class!
So fuck the past and how shit spiralled
Now shit is cool
Top and Brizz have perfect attendance – I skipped the school!
Now I got two Glocks that light skin (light-skinned), double tandem
A ladder wit’ me, he gon’ catch this L wit’ the one I hand him
Zion Williamson – I see y’all not understandin’
Dude gettin’ banged on as soon it come to Cameron
Frat party: I’m crushin’ Kannon (can in)
He’s nothin’ more than a worthy lame
So Mendoza can fight a BaldHead like Dirty Shame
I heard he bang
Nah, his gangsta is all digital
I’ll have my Blood press ya (pressure), have your folks in a vise (Vice), Lord, we cripple crews
Y’all say he dope? I say dawg (dog) food: Alpo
Bet money I’ll leave the ring wit’ his head: Al Snow!
Nigga, the Cal’ blow
I’ll let you have (half) machines like you a cyborg
You gon’ go from YK to your mama screamin’, “Why, Lord!?”
Nigga, I war (wore) like old clothes
You pussy – your man messaged me
Said, “He ain’t got it. He’ll go get it”
You shoot wit’ your man referee
Your man messy, B
Just know this can’ kept wit’ me is Yoko Ono
‘Cause this bitch’ll fuck up a Banned (band) Legacy
It’s heavy, B
Gas-powered, it need a tank
So I keep handguns that my girl draw: Lisa Frank
See, take account, the men I’m with draw (withdraw), too
They need the rank
So they’ll check and deposit bucks in yo’ head for decent bank
Now he would think bein’ brave’s cool, so he’d show face
And I tell my people “Hank” and they airin’ (Aaron) at hom’ (home) base
I’m hearin’ what bro say ‘bout clickin’ steel and the shit he peel
And then I see G eyes (CGI) and know that image just isn’t real
I stand strong
I stand str-
Catch the fuck up! Catch the fuck-
I stand strong, hands-on
So when I say it, you get the feel
This is random bars and side lines vers’ a nigga that’s in the field
It’s Round 1, nigga
Fuck outta here

[Round 2: Young Kannon]
I said, you had one of the greatest UFF battles of all time, fam’!
What happened?
I mean, from what I saw, y’all did good and had mad bars
But what B.E.T. saw was two dusty trash bags rappin’ they ass off
Now I ain’t judgin’ how niggas dress
That shit is iffy, don’t get it misconstrued
But please, tonight, please be presentable so this shit can get some views
Now after that B.E.T. shit, he was like, “Woo! It’s main-stage time!”
But then you got shelved, you sneak-dissed and they booted you off the brand for that lame crime
To get you back, I had to say yes
You should write a letter and thank mine
‘Cause I took you off a ban and put you on BANNED at the same time!
Be lucky I ain’t one of these Hollywood-ass niggas that woulda kicked you to the curb for a big measure
And I ain’t the type to duck smoke…I inhale it
You a thorough victim? Now I’m ‘bout to crack on X: that’s Earl Simmons
Big scope, eye through the laser like PearleVision
You try to pop me, I got Gs that spray shit dead
Then you see X (ex) get TECs (texts) like, “Hey bighead”
Nigga, the tool drawn, ring for the low like a Boost phone
Gemstar, gettin’ over X (ex): I’m tryna move on
You out here still doin’ petty crimes, nigga!? You wildin’, brodie!
Servin’ nicks, sippin’ E & J, now he think he stylin’ on me
But the Cal’ is on me
Before he swing, let it ring, it’d be a pile of homies
Give X (ex) bucks after he gone: that’s alimony!
Line ‘em up! Set a trap!
Pick his wig: he gon’ get a nap!
Yeah, he pulled up here, but after we done, we gon’ mail him back
You got clever raps, but wit’ the penmanship, I’m just better at
Get ya melon cracked
I came to box your jewels like a Tesseract
I’m low-key out of this world wit’ the bars, I’m stretchin’ X
Put your brain on your stomach like Krang, send you to a different Dimension, X!
Metal in my hand like Wolverine
Nah, I need a different Weapon, X
Put a BaldHead in a wheelchair like Professor X!
Let me guess it, X – gutta, grimy is how your people move?
Y’all be squeezin’ tools?
Your ‘hood full of zombies? Well, my residence (ResidentEvil, too
5-Percenter, be a dead nigga wit’ stripes like Beetlejuice
Get ya face sprayed, .5 over the eyes – peek-a-boo!
He get hospitalized
They tellin’ him it’s lookin’ good, but don’t believe them hospital lies
‘Cause he eatin’ through the tube like the channel got monetized
Ain’t no debatables
Nigga, I’m slayin’ you, you gotta die
‘Hood silencer, buckin’ the potato like dollar fries!
X got intricate bars, but he got a bad delivery and weak flow
He want beef wit’ a seasoned nigga? Well, I bought the tre (tray) for the bistro
You’ll get a headshot from a long rifle wit’ a sleek scope
I got somethin’ nasty in the view (interview)
BAH! Welcome to the Peepshow!

[Round 2: Xcel]
You…joined Cave Gang…
I always questioned why them dudes
‘Cause you battled Roc eight years ago, so that makes me quite confused
But y’all think how a cannon works, now identify the move
See, cannons can never blow ‘til somebody light the fuse
He clout-chasin’, wit’ these type of moves he might dispute
See, I can prove I’m more connected to your guys than you
Me and Brizz did UFF, been fam’ since, like, the first day
Me and RD good, I talk to Roc, like, every Thursday
Shit, even me and Ave got the same birthday
At Spit Dat Heat, I was there when the Chef served his first plate
know these niggas…you don’t!
That’s the way shit spin
I could have Cave niggas cave his shit in
See, they his friends for opportunity, but I bet some forgot
Now he Patrick, a character tryna be a star under Roc(k)
When does it stop!?
They call you team not ‘cause you dangerous as a soldier
‘Cause you come over, landscape the Cave for cases of Corona
You not a hitter, bro…
You ain’t even swing at home plate!
‘Cause K-Shine slid on your man, and made it home safe!
And rapped about it
And then you heard the bar, and laughed about it
I ain’t sayin’ go get metal, but at least steal him back – scrap about it
I’m mad astounded, ‘cause in your bars, you’re always so gutter
Bret and Owen: I thought you woulda had heart (Hart) for yo’ brother
I start to uncover, this oxymoron that is you, boy!
‘Cause it happens there’s contradictions to them bars and rude noise
That K-Shine setback I rapped about was proof, boy
So test me – I’m on board to chalk you ‘cause you a schoolboy
Bro, you was in college!
You was not around the way with crooks
While I was bookin’ niggas for pay, you literally had to pay for books
Bro! You went to school!
But I guess you was the same as me
‘Cause at lunchtime, we was both runnin’ down, usin’ tres (trays) to eat
They ain’t gotta catch it, I don’t care
Bro, you went to school…and that shit really is the truth
You actually had Higher Learning…I just had Remy on the roof
My youth? Filled wit’ fights
My pops wished he had a different son
So we beefed, I hit the streets, and I couldn’t always get a gun
But his words rang to me
He said, “Stay strong and get it done
And if you get rocked and start seeing threes, hit the middle one!”
He knocked your man out and rapped to you
You wasn’t tryna fight
I got Napoleon complex on tall, so tonight I might
Show Kannon I got bones, and it’s more than just the lines I write
‘Cause if one of these vote for Pedro, shit’ll be dynamite
I’m a mercenary, nigga
One goal: body-bag shit
Homie, big or small, you’re all the same size in a casket
Team fuckin’ Homi, you heard?

[Round 3: Young Kannon]
Banned Legacy…private screened battles wit’ no promo
And wit’ two and-and-half weeks’ prep, I can still perform like I had three months or more, bro
See, Cave Gang all bosses
Swave the leader of Team Homi – y’all just fall under the mold, bro
Blade out, stabbin’ ‘Cel like Ghost did Lobos
I catch him ‘bout to flame up a L, and put a hole in your throat, bro
Watch a nigga die off the trees: that’s Sonny Bono!
My man passed me the high point, I said, “Nah, that’s a no-go.”
Arm out the window wit’ the nickel like I’m payin’ at a toll road
Aye, my man called and said, “Jason at it again”
My man called and said, “Jason, we at it again”
(*Kannon takes a water break*)
They said, “Jason at it again. He tried to give us the pain.”
Well, I’m gettin’ back wit’ X (ex)
(*chk-chk*) Watch me rekindle the flame
Nigga, ya fell for the okey-doke, walked right into the death trap
I’mma keep shittin’ on him ‘cause I got whatever X lacks (Ex-Lax)
You thought you’d catch me slippin’? Naw, nigga, I’m dumpin’ straps
Off the rebound, got me pissed then (Piston), so I’m drummin’ (Drummond) that
Ain’t no clout-chasin’!
We don’t clap in the air like jumping jacks
Machete to your wrist, I’m tryna take a hand off like a running back
I give penis to your bitch and tell the ho, “Go stomach that”
Bein’ frank, I’m in your castle – the pussy, I’mma punish that
So when you bring her to the venue, my bros gon’ be like, “Yo, she smashed the homie!”
Dick-deep in the box, it sound like I’m stirrin’ macaroni!
You should let me take her off your hands for bro’s sake
I mean, she said with your hat on, you look 31
When you take it off, you 48
I’m the flame-bearer
You a OG? Well, I’m from the same era
That Ronald Reagan cocaine era
That “You can’t come on this block unless you puttin’ in that pain” era
I been that nigga since these thots was rockin’ Von Dutch
Nah, fuck that – when Lil Wayne was doin’ mixtapes wit’ the squad up
You look like a fuckin’ praying mantis
But I am a praying mantis – for green, I’ll bug out wit’ the arms up
I’m Jordan wit’ the Taurus
When I was young, I let it fly, but in the end, it was all clutch!
Yeah, X got some skills, but not a nigga that could kill me, though
Shout out Bill Collector, I’mma hit him wit’ that Philly flow
This battle didn’t excite me – really, though!
I’m not a perv, I didn’t get the urge to be the jerk so I ain’t watch X videos!
But if he a threat, then I’m on him early
I’mma bomb first
Let the .50 clear out the front row like a Ja Rule concert!
You shoulda took the higher route…now you ‘bout to learn old-fashioned
I sonned him…and still ain’t catch the beats like G Herbo rappin’
Nigga, Chef Trez will put a bullet in your dome
Cover the pistol wit’ a round cover
Brizz’ll put you underwater and make sure your wifey drown under
Ave a gorilla, he’ll pound your face ‘til you get Down Syndrome
Then it’s Sanaa Lathan, ‘cause Tay digs (Taye Diggs) your grave for that Brown Sugar
I’m sayin’, I don’t play like this
I grind 24/7, every day like this
And I know you figured I wouldn’t get slayed like this
But your mama shoulda told you it’d be days like this

[Round 3: Xcel]
Yo…they say-
They say YK flow slick, so don’t slip up
But see, I took a risk (wrist) for this task at hand
See, I came gripped up
But if I squeeze, your head get RFID: chipped, bruh
They saw me give YK ‘Ks, then he got zipped up
I’m clip-slammin’…
Well, nigga, this whole mag’ for you, that’s big brandin’
And the shit I carry (Carey) on my back gon’ Nick Kannon (Cannon)
This cannon’ll put your cabbage on your dog: sauerkraut
Without a doubt, Kannon’ll get his head wrapped for wildin’ (Wild n’Out
What I’m about is complete destruction of fam’ legacy
So I catch your queen while she holdin’ your heir
I should let her breathe, but if she reckless, B, throw shade and step to me
She’ll be next to the nigga wit’ the head wrapped: Heather B
My weaponry? Been there for me since I was so young
Dog, I was a stagehand for rock bands how I unload drums
Times changed, now I feel like a Looper when I unload guns
I cock back, I could make Young Kannon face this old one!
I’m throwed, son! I’m on some shit you don’t know ‘bout
A latchkey kid: I had to put food in my own mouth
Home alone, and on them nights I couldn’t go out
Kevin McCallister: I was trappin’ through the whole house!
Why box the God? Bro, I can extend my arm and reach you
Your words fall on deaf ears for the niggas i speak to
Just be you! ‘Cause none of that other shit seems true
You got a Empire off lyin’ (Lyon) that I just see (Jussie) through
It’s your aura
I see what’s there, see what ain’t
I look in Kannon eyes, and I see he’s a saint
My nigga, life’s a bitch that friendzoned your career
‘Cause you been goin’ hard for years, and still, no one cares
You so prepared, you write down every line so every word dope
But instead of seeing you, they’d rather watch Twork choke
A long blade, I don’t even gotta swing and he’d get cut
I could stab into his shin (intuition), and he’d feel it in his gut
If Smack need a body, then I’m walkin’ him down
You’ll (U) B ER ready soon as I get around
Kannon bark, but he a fraudulent clown
You need someone to die? Elect (dialect) him, and I’m the talk of the town
And I know he got fans, they watch like, “God damn”
But this nature, YK – Death is God’s plan
Team fuckin’ Homi, you heard?

I almost fucked up, bro
I almost fucked up

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