Hollow Da Don vs. Math Hoffa [Lyrics]

[Round 1: Hollow Da Don]
I said, I wanna start this battle sayin’ “I apologize
I’m sorry Math. I fucked up. Bottom line
I failed you as a gangsta. It was hard, I really tried
But I got tired of wearin’ them big ass clothes and I couldn’t smile.”
You asked when I changed, February 14, 2014 I had a child
So I’m sorry Math, it’s over it’s done
Loyalty Over Money, to Math means puttin’ Math over my son
It’s dumb
But you gon’ stand up here and say I ain’t do right by you
Cause I seen shit goin’ left and skkkkrt, made a right by you
Now I gotta sit up here and listen to disses that write by you?
By you approachin’ me in Houston I could’ve found the right bayou
To leave you in with Dizaster right by you!
Y’all both ugly ’bout that fight my dude
But it wasn’t until he battled in Toronto
I said, “Oh, time to intervene. It’s on the east coast. Cortez on the card. You gon’ be with the team.”
It’s by home and ironically that fits the scheme
Cause Diz was in the strike zone and you didn’t swing
You’ve been playin’ this tough shit for over ten years my nigga, that’s what you really get
Accept your karma, it was a Dose of somethin’ Serius!
Little bitch, little bitch, little bitch, little bitch
I know when you like when I steal ya shit
Cause that’s exactly how you been actin’ ever since Dizaster when in ya shit
I’m feelin’ Wavy and me no like
That beefs so old it got e.coli
But Math hold, he still wanna rap beef
Math old, he still come to events actin’ super street
So when I found out I had to do this, a tear almost ran past my cheek
Cause when ya dawg get old…you gotta put his ass to sleep
So fuck Math, you ain’t gotta be my friend Math
You ’bout to get 3 by 10, and after this I’ma be locked in a 3 by 10
I know the measurements off but y’all ain’t never seen my pen’
I’m with all of the action, once I level up, if ya bars isn’t matchin’
It’s guaranteed to get ugly, that’s just the law of attraction
Nigga this how you talk to a has-been
Aye Math, is it lonely down there?
He like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah
Everybody call Hollow the GOAT, Goat, goat”
It’s not fair boy, before I knew you I did 106, Fight Klub but he think Grind Time how I got here
Well then think my Illmac battle cause I came in top tier (tear)
Nigga I got a giant Rocket
So big Hakeem couldn’t try to block it
Or find an object, cut Math just to make a science project
Then keep {three stabbing motions} pokin’ at him, the knife’s obnoxious
Nigga matter of fact, this battle don’t make sense to me
It’s like challenging Daylyt to a spelling bee
Or seein’ ARP seven deep at Born Legacy
I said {record scratching} let’s start takin’ it back
What if Jones never ad libbed- {record scratching again}
Let’s start takin’ it back
What if Jones never ad libbed while he rapped?
What if Dose never had on a hat?
Would Math be where he’s at?
At the bottom of the barrel to scratch
All them tails out the barrel to scratch is exactly why you there where you at
Takin’ who cares type of match
While everything they for us (forest) fire, I’m just baring (bearing) the facts
“Aye Math! I’ll be down there in five years, you want me to bring somethin’ back?”
{Airplane noise} Damn your career done came and went
Y’all don’t ever wanna be that Asian kid against Floyd at the main event
The nigga that used to punch niggas, what’s his name again?
Math Hoffa
Been carryin’ his ego so long he got…back problems
And bad posture, Math’s a bitch
Type to eat Bonnie’s ass and let his kids drink after him
Math is sick
Known in the battle world as Dizaster’s bitch
Heheheh, I rhymed “bitch” twice
But I know y’all want me to get personal, right?
Like y’all want me to stand up here and tell y’all shit about his personal life
Alright well, Math’s a Newport smoker
But when he’s broke he smokes Blacks & Milds, so Math is a Black & Mild smoker, just ask around
Math passed out razors at my Big T battle, you know fake crazy tryin’ to bluff
It’s funny passed razors to Verb and Cal’ and them the next two niggas that lined you up
No bars about cuttin’ class, the gem split him, y’all gon’ see double Math
Aye Verb a nigga, hand ARP his other half
Nigga I’ll Chi Ali ya and I’ll leave ya with Aaliyah
He like, “You got any idea how to get outta here?” like IKEA
I know he gon’ diss me for LOM
He’s wearin’ fake LOM by the way
He’s wearin’ fake LOM under that
He’s gonna diss me for LOM but that ain’t what I got on
I switched it cause I’m dippin’ in HiddenLabelClothing.com
Now here’s a preview of his next round
He’s gon’ be like, “You ain’t loyalty bro
Hidden Label? You can’t even be loyal to clothes!
Mike Zombie ‘Started From The Bottom’ that how-“
Look, don’t mention Mike Zombie, he 26 and makin’ hits with OVO music crazy
Makes ya boy wonder (Boi-1da) how you 40 and ain’t been producin’ lately
I was born on the same day as Rakim that’s why they said I was dope
So two fingers ring or let ’em hang, you gon’ remember the rope
I accomplished my 90’s goal, that was to never be broke
Or be a Math, a grown man still livin’ at home
Damn Math, well matter of fact you live on the road
Fuck NYB, nah I ain’t gonna say that
I fuck wit’ NYB that’s my niggas you see him
Plus he got the new clique, Spanish/Raggaeton, it’s NYBN
Y’all see him?
I know you gon’ diss me but that ain’t what I got on
I switched it cause I’m dippin’ in HiddenLabelClothing.com


[Round 1: Math Hoffa]
I’m ’bout to show y’all what a don is
This little nigga think he’s sparin’ wit’ me
Nigga you should just throw in the towel, save all your apologize please
Cause right now I’m feelin’ like Drago, ’bout to show him that he’s outta his league
Since shit got Rocky wit’ son cause he ain’t follow the Creed
I feel like Hollow should bleed
So I’m out for the kill
Shotgun to his chest BAOW! Make him hollow for real
Plan A: I’ma destroy Hollow with skill
Plan B: Baby they gon’ have me out on the pill
First I wanna get one thing clear
You said, you wouldn’t battle Dizaster ’til he shot me the fair
Is this motherfucker deaf? Can this motherfucker hear?
You said, you wouldn’t battle DIzaster ’til he shot me the fair
And that’s exactly the reason that got Hollow right here
Now I don’t wanna leave none of y’all confused
If you came here for some rappity raps, see your way out the back, this ain’t the one for you
But for the rest of y’all that like that real shit, this gon’ be fun for you
I’ma talk to this nigga the way I wanted to
Hollow, what’s up wit’ you?
I had genuine love now I don’t fuck witchu
Too many sucker moves I’m uncomfortable
After that Boston shit, I had enough of you
You couldn’t tell me Diz’ was comin’ through?
And you tried to apologize? Why? That make it fuckin’ cool?
You knew for like a month or two
Said he called and I was duckin’ you
You right, cause you a bird ass nigga I saw the duck in you
Donald or Daffy, either one’ll do
Cause he complied with Diz’s needs (Disney) and didn’t warn a brother (Warner Brothers) so now it’s fuck you too
You fuckin’ Goof, let me remind you of somethin’
Before you met me I was grimy for nothin’
Type to line up your cousin
Look at my timeline, violent concussions
Before you battlin’ Joe [?] was fine for discussion
I was ‘Hammer Time’ I got other rappers lined up for buttons (Buddens)
I’m from Brooklyn nigga
We run Rikkers and up north
You from Queens but you act like a queen, nigga you butt soft
I give him a knot, make his head look Prego if he want sauce
So work to Roc, knock that Luigi mustache clean the fuck off
Who you playin’ wit?
I know you was about that life, I told you, “Stay legit.”
You ain’t never had to take a trip
Try to make a potato fit, find out after the baow the potato don’t even make a dif’
[?] man down, shell cases and mad potato’s bits
My dawgs that rep that red nose, Hoffa be down to shake for his
My niggas that rep that blue nose, mama Hoffa done raised a Pit
Check my pedigree
Nigga I be cool where it’s dumb hot
Chillin’ wit’ the niggas that run blocks
Me and you? We not the same
In Coney Island a couple gun shots made you run blocks and cannonball yo’ ass off of some dock
That’s real facts
I know the shit is surprisin’
It’s hard to picture the Dininon d-d-divin’
But in Coney Island we had issues
Hollow heard and with all his pride he came out to the water ride…and ended up on a water ride
But, all aside, what the fuck can you say about that?
Let’s be frank, the ocean? Ain’t nothin’ straight about that
But wait wait, you gon’ play me like Pat?
“Oooh, I get in that ass, that’s colon
Bbbbrrt, K’s that’s Nolan”
I pull out the strap BAP BAP BAP!
They like, “Where Hollow at?”
“I’m right here in the ocean…back strokin’!”
I’ma keep it real, can I keep it real?
Look, I just came out here to clown this nigga
Really I ain’t out to win
I knew you wasn’t a real nigga, know how?
Cause he know how to swim
In all his clothes too, nigga lost a whole shoe
He was drenched, seaweed was hangin’ out his pocket, look, look I ain’t gon’ hold you
We all been in scary situations that made us do some dumb shit
But that one slip, showed me under pressure…you gon’ jump ship
So meet my nigga Splish Splash
Splish Splash AKA Nigel Bennett
Even for a light skinned dude this guys too timid
Mr. Bennett you pussy, don’t nobody want ya kind of friendship
Cause if you catch beef thinkin’ Nigel gon’ be ridin’ wit’ it
And niggas press him like, “That’s ya guy. If you lie you get it.”
You know what he gonna say? “My name’s Bennett. And I ain’t did it.”
And I’m offended, cause I use to ride for ya bitch ass
If we would’ve caught whoever beat up ya sister, they would’ve been stabbed
I never hated on you, I applauded you gettin’ big bags
I even stood behind you in battles like, “Yeah! Get him Splish Splash!”
But now I gotta spank this bitch, but first I wanna say, “Thanks for this.”
And for the record, I never asked or expect you to do no gangsta shit
I relationship was like Banks and Fif’s
He had them dope lines, get it?
I had that street cred, A1, he got co-signed wit’ it
Grind Time was goin’ bankrupt, he needed a home
If niggas wanted to check him on my account they left him alone (a loan)
You didn’t need any APR, my status gave you equity
First Smack deposit this delinquent seen (delinquency), he was in debt to me
And how you pay that back? You withdrew on a war soldier
So now it’s fuck saving bonds, we just standin’ here for closure (foreclosure)
So how you wanna rap? I can give you real life and some bars wit’ that
15 I was hidin’ AK’s behind my mommy back
Young nigga, robbin’ e’rything like nothin’ wrong wit’ that
Lumberjack, choppers that bark, just give us all we ask (axe)
Snooze boy I pull bloody moves before that Cardi rap
Speakin’ of Cardi, my shit real, these niggas Barbie acts
Bitch I’ll hit yo’ head wit’ the pump, make you Minaj wit’ that
A strap on yo’ chin with high points, give you a party hat
You don’t want no part of that
Razor blade, part ya back
Let’s see how low I can go before your parts detach
You spit them corny raps
He throw a hat in the crowd pull another hat out
Let’s see if you got another head when I spark ya cap
Math Hoffa the monster’s back!

[Round 2: Hollow Da Don]
How he ended his round? “Math Hoffa the monster’s back”
I wanna complement you, this tracksuit is fire, where you ‘bought it at
LOMclothing.com? Thanks for the plug

[Math Hoffa]
I’ll tell you

Now you act like you put in work for my sister, but in the face off I proved that ain’t hold no weight
So in actuality, the Jackson family, cause everybody knows (nose) it’s fake
That’s rebuttal one, I need y’all motherfuckers wait
A prisoner on escape nigga I’m punchin’ out the gate
If y’all believe I got shot at on a ship or somethin’, then that’s the dumbest of notions
Are you sure (shore)? How do I go from the ground and just jump in the ocean
Then in the face off you said I stole ya shit

{To Math’s entourage}
Can you tell them, “Shut up”?
I need some bars Math, give it up
Put ya hands up, nah cause hands down they gon’ give it up

Yeah I stole ya shit bitch…nigga what?
It was premeditated to flip ya stuff
It was a sign that 3 16’s gon’ zip you up
Nigga fuck you, fuck what John John say, I do shit the Don way
Face shot, have Math rappin’ like Conway
I just stole my own shit, now bitch what you gon’ say?
I’ll leave Math stretched out with his feet up it’s been a long day
His fire battle was Iron Solomon
The joints with Rex? They was all cool
But them big Summer Madness stages, even ya pet agree (pedigree), ya dawg food
Ya karma startin’ to show in ya battles Math, stop actin’ like a hard goon
But he’s so negative, he only develops in a small room
You’re just a human in an immortal war, stuck at a portal door actin’ hardcore
When bar for bar I could pull your whole record like Nardwuar
We both was in the projects broke, semi-famous on Youtube
You thought we was makin’ moves moves
I seen bigger and you knew so I wasn’t disloyal Math, I outgrew you
I had to be like, “Fuck that nigga and his crew too
There go Murder Mook! Shoot! There go Jones. Fuck. Who knew?
There go [?]” – you know what? I wasn’t disloyal I outgrew you
You Bang ‘Em Smurf you 50
You Doughboy I’m Ricky
You Jojo I’m Diggy
You Torey I’m Dri-
No, you Drake and I’m Shiggy
Cause this once dance almost cost you 250
So who’s really loyal?
Do y’all remember when I battled overseas, was y’all noticin’ Math?
Where was he standin’?
In the front, close to the pack
When I battled Big T, where was he at?
In the front, is that holdin’ me down or holdin’ me back?
I’ll let y’all decide
I guess you had a Phantom out in London that how the boy ride?
Because for some reason you Rolls on the wrong side
Math you choked so bad out there I damn near wanted to call time
So who’s really loyal?
You made me look bad
I put in a word for Battle Of The Brave made sure they gave you a bag and I ain’t even brag
But Killaz Battle League, you middle man, you ain’t plug me with Vlad
Knowin’ both of y’all snakes was makin’ money off ads
Who’s really loyal?
He gon’ say I’m disloyal, I’m not LOM and I’ma hoe
Y’all know who’s really disloyal?
His hairline it left you a long time ago
Speakin’ of long time ago, I had weight nigga and I fronted you, facts
You took a month to flip two ounces, nigga ya hustle was wack
So I gave him some gems, put a QP in front of him he struggle wit’ that
He still owe me 4 for 600 it’s sad
I guess NYB ain’t the first time it fucked up the pack
And don’t have me mention [?] the Cali plug and the two plates you fuckin’ thief
Because of that he didn’t front me P’s
See how ya actions fuck it up for me?
But Math loyalty ain’t even fair
He be like, “Yo, Subway just fucked up my sandwich, we no longer eatin’ there.”
Nigga the feelin’ you got with me, I had with Conceited, yeah
When Grind Time start quotin’ his words it reemerged
When he made it to Wild ‘N Out and I asked him to post up a shirt
And Conceited said, “No”, I said, ” Word?” Boy you know I was hurt
I was thinkin’ about all the times we was low in the dirt
Then I thought about dissin’ him, but I ain’t have enough BITCH in me to go do a verse
See we both got them feelings Math, but who notice it first?
That’s when the growth will occur
See, y’all call these “dry spots” but I score with mine
You can check points (checkpoints) they don’t bored of (boarder) lines
So remember I can get super personal, but the devil do dance
So don’t test me cause I can take it to that level too Math
What you tryin’ to start? Your career now, Coffee in Green Mile I play a giant part
AR ’bout as long as a limb, I’m talkin’ Andre The Giant parts
Talk heavy get ma buried (Marbury) ya head get a giant part
I hate niggas I fire squads I’m talkin’ fire, your dialog (you’ll die a log)
When I am on I am GOD!
I know y’all gon’ diss me but that ain’t what I got on
You got LOM but I fuck wit’ HiddenLabelClothing.com
Plus LOMclothing.com
Sno’ dat

[Round 2: Math Hoffa]
This bitch is thirst
All them lies ’bout givin’ work
Talkin’ ’bout, “I AM GOD”
No you not, you tried walkin’ on water and it didn’t work
But you changed your life, right Hollow? ‘I Ain’t Mad At Ya’
Now we was once two rappers of the same kind
Text battles boy you used to get slayed slime
You told me “Hollow Be Thy Name” was a great line
Then you spit it versus Lux like it ain’t mine
I knew we grew apart, you probably don’t remember
I used to fiend for ya sister but never went up in her
When you was Gucci soft, but what I truly lost
Seein’ her walk around the crib in them booty shorts
Mm, mm, mm
Yo, I’ma keep it real, I was gonna leave this out the rounds
But sometimes I used to go knock on ya door…when I knew that you was out town

(Ya sister was nice! Whoo
How she doin’? You gotta hear this. I wanna keep it real witchu bro. C’mon you gotta hear this. Whatchu want me to say?)

She was nice, slim redbone…nice lips
Look like she give crazy neck
Yo she came out the shower and said, “Hi” to me once, her body smellin’ like baby breath
Yo I’d be talkin’ to Hollow and she’ll bend over in the background, that shit used to have me crazy stressed
In the gym doin’ crazy reps
Thinkin’ if she gave me sex, boy I’d beat that so bad she’d turn around and take my kids like ACS
It’s shady, yes
If she watchin’ right now, I know she’s smilin’
Pussy gettin’ mad wet, like Hollow in Coney Island
Yo Splish Splash, Spishy! What are we doin’ here?
Cause a year ago you was scared
My heart’s a freezer full of old beef, I don’t got no room for fear
I had lessons, I learned from my L’s and grabbed lessons
I’m solid, you’re salad, the doctor’s gon’ add dressing
This fag wrestlin’, get in the ring now he hyper
Ain’t you the one that Roc killed in the ring? Rowdy Piper
Yeah, you beat Ars’, but ain’t matter cause he was punkin’ you
John John took ya Don status and put a slump in you
Now ya name ain’t the same and it troubles you
Cause Hollow’s just a ho and two L’s now he owe (O) y’all a W
My name should be “Big Facts”
I don’t care ’bout your angles and how you spin that
Cause Hollow points shatter upon impact
I’m a father of four and I take care of moms, I keep shit intact
I do charities every year for the kids, I even give back
You in the hood, your rents $750, what’s with the rich act?
Duplex, big ass balcony, see where I lived at
I went down a scale but still know the ways (weights) so I can give back
You sold weed, I sold coke and I was gettin’ that
But now? I talk to kids in jail, inspire them with a chit chat
They can lean on me, the lean on you will get them sent back
That’s big facts
These’s big facts
Fame aside, you say that you changed but it ain’t the same as I
Cause once I elevated, I started changin’ lives
This lame should die, this whole act is deceiving
He’s the biggest snake in that Apple
If I snap and just sleep him…ARP stay outta this
Won’t be no guarding (Garden) from Adam this Eve-ning
This gon’ be biblical
Cause how you livin’ is ruthless
You think you know a (Noah) nigga ’til the rain come and it give you the deuces
But I was clueless
But God was wit’ me, I ain’t see at times
This snake couldn’t lend me a hand, that’s not how he designed
At first I was sick about this shit, but now I’m feelin’ fine
Cause in the Bible, findin’ a snake in ya staff is really a healin’ sign
So I’m ridin’ out
What the fuck you ’bout to lie about?
You gonna tell the fans that I’m dyin’ out?
Like what? I’ma cry and pout?
If that’s ya view lil’ nigga you still don’t know what life’s about
It don’t matter how far you fall it’s about how high you bounce
Look at me now nigga
Yeah I lost some battles but I survived the war
Sometimes I just wanted the other half, I was broke and couldn’t find a score
Personal shit was cloudin’ my mind from writin’ rhymes and more
But you can’t judge me for my losses…like you ain’t never take a dive before
Splish Splash! Splish Splash! Splishy! Splishy! Splishy!

“I’m a great swimmer by the way”

[Math Hoffa]
Ayo Splish Splash, you ain’t never rocked wit’ the killers
The way I’m beatin’ this bitch, I could tell you learned a lot from ya sister
You thought that you could come out here and get the spot of the realest?
I solidified my spot with gorillas and I don’t rock wit’ you niggas!
It’s time to purge this nigga, I really wanna hurt this nigga
But both feet right through this pussy and breach birth this nigga
Twin cannons, squeeze out one clip to murk this nigga
Then drop that Iron and pick up the Loaded one and Verb this nigga
What I need to beat this coward?
These’ll make him sleep for hours
I could slice him like pizza (Pisa) or turn him to the Leaning Tower
Go ‘head pussy, throw a punch, I bet I weave and out ya
Fuck boy, a bus boy ain’t got a cleaner counter
Now the knife, that’s my wifey
My side bitch? She’s a Ruge’
Whatever wifey fall short at, my side bitch be geeked to do
But wifey? She’s just rude
Cause she don’t ever say she’s hungry, but she’ll still reach over and eat ya food
Keep it cool, cause I would hate to take it further, I would hate to hurt ya
In battle rap it’s finger guns, nigga outside I raise them burners
Either way, after killin’ yo’ ass I might be facin’ Murda
So let’s talk to that nigga
Ayo, I know you buns, but let us (lettuce) get this cheese and may yo (mayo)
Cause rappin’ like that, I’ll flame that burger
But back to you, you ain’t a gat tucker or a cap buster

{Argument between the entourages ensues for over two minutes}

But back to you, you ain’t a gat tucker or a cap buster
Steph and Clay as shooters, how does one dunk make you a Splash Brother?
Deuce in my boot, I bring it to whatever fool start it
Knock at ya door, they come out my shoes like you got new carpet
Hollow hit the ground, I’m backin’ him down
Neighbors heard him scream like bitch, thought he was practicin’ rounds
I’m clappin’ him now
Cause really, I can’t stand all the fake shit
This mag (MAGA) will leave your hat red outta hatred
I say shit, it be deep but it sound so basic
I said “MAGA” “hat red”, “hat red” read out is “hatred”
Just face it
You don’t got bars like that
Hollow, do you know what “unilateral” means?
Nah, you ain’t smart like that
So try not to fall asleep, you know his bars type wack
And I’ll be here next round to bring the bars right back!

[Round 3: Hollow Da Don]
You get mad at my cousin but that’s a real Blood
So if I told him “Math have to die” he won’t even ask me why
He’ll just ask the time
And when you hear about the murder know how to act surprised
Look, I would rebuttal that round, but I wasn’t listening half the time

[Girl in the crowd]
You shoulda!

I said before Diz’, you had a problem with Smack and you owed that man grands on grands
Showed no remorse, can’t put another man before the man
Goddamn, you actually got banned before the BANNED
And my man told me, “Remember who you talkin’ to
A gangsta that get jumped and his response is to sue.”
This is big bad Math?
The one that get mad when I fronted you bags
Of course I made you pump nigga, you ain’t never had nothin’ on gas
A Brooklyn nigga with no bread!
A Brooklyn nigga with no bread!
A Brooklyn nigga with no bread!
But when it come to real drama shit, he fuckin’ down
Math’s the type that’s a real ass nigga ’til some hoes come around
Then he’s switchin’ his aura, this nigga done gained 100 pounds
What a clown
You begged me to be in NYB, but at first I didn’t truly see
I was like, “Down witcha crew? Sweet.”
I mean, we knew each other like two weeks
On the first week, Math took his course and it was major
He’s the first rapper to record another rapper askin, “Are we rappers or are we ?”
Then he’s mad at this rapper for not settin’ up another rapper cause you got jumped by a bunch of rappers
This all rap shit
My nigga we knew each other for a decade and had street dealings
Ain’t no flaw in none of that shit
So if you gotta say “Hollow did this” and “Hollow did that” then that’s girl shit
Cause if you ain’t approach Hollow when he did then it ain’t real shit
But y’all know what real, to him it’s “Get the 9 (mm) and peel”
Y’all know what real to me is
If ya boy’s sittin’ inside the cell and don’t go to One Time and tell then provide his bail
That still applies
Cause real to Math is GS9 lettin’ they weapons off
Real to me is Bobby doin’ extra time so Rowdy could get a lesser charge
But he gon’ say, “But I ain’t never change Hollow, I always kept it real.”
And that’s why I agree witchu, you ain’t never change Math, you the same person still
You know what you ain’t change? Your environment, that’s why you never made it out
You know what else ain’t change? Ya attitude, neither did ya bank account
He look at change as somethin’ bad so I’ma leave you dead how you are
Y’all remember what he just said? “I solidify my spot with gorillas…”
Which makes sense cause apes never evolved
He walk in a room like, “I’m Math Hoffa! I rep the crooks!”
I walk in the room like, “I’m Hollow.” And you wonder why I get better looks
See he the type that’ll harm somebody for his lack of communication skills
You might as well say, “I kill cause I can’t explain the way I feel.”
Just like with Tax Stone he was in jail when you dissed him, nigga that’s my word
That was foul
But you got a big check comin’ once Tax return
I said Arian Foster texted me he said, “Both of y’all my guys”
So at the end of the battle give him five
And remember, an updated truth is just as bad as a lie.”
That shit hit town
I guarantee he watchin’ this clip wild
Cause he told me this the other night and I’m rappin’ ’bout this shit now!
See who legendary Math? When you can switch styles mid-round
I could’ve threw in somethin’ ’bout Offset and Chris Brown
But I’m makin’ history, current events ain’t how I “Get Down”
I’m tired of this shit, this is all personal shit
What happened and who’s a better lyrically
Battle rap is startin’ to turn into couples therapy
I remember….it’s really becomin’ a new sport
Everybody’s peaceful but a few fought
Four words Math never wanna hear:

[Dizaster sounding guy in the crowd]

C’mon Diz’. Yo Diz’ come up. Dizaster come up
Look at you. Look at you. Look at him. He maaaaaad. He maaaaad

I’m mad he’s not here, I’m mad he’s not here
He wouldn’t have made it through the door

Math like to go into these stories where he talk real vivid
About meetin’ his homie Randy durin’ a killin’
Like, “I still got the blood on my Timberlands from when I met him.”
And real niggas listen like, “Damn, Math out here tellin’ all Randy business.”
And then you ask him what happened he like, “Oh it was a grimy way
I had to stake out his house, hide behind the gate.”
You ask Math the time and date he’s like, “It was ’98.”
Then he say, “How you gonna be loyal to yourself?”
I’m teachin’ self love Math, if you can’t be loyal to yourself
You can’t be loyal to no one else
I know y’all wonderin’ “Loyalty and business don’t mix.”
Well I’ma show you how that works
Like ARP hit me for the Mook battle, what y’all think I did?
Called Smack first
But Smack can’t tell me not to work with you
Cause you paid money to feed my family, see that’s where it get personal
My personal loyalty is Jim Dutch and Friday cause they hold it down
My nigga Jim Dutch I know any day I can hit him like, “Yo the rent’s up.”
He like, “Here”, that’s loyalty over money
You gon’ respect us and you wanna kick him out the crowd cause you mad
Unzip that shows that fake LOM, look at him
That’s what he got on, but I switched it cause I’m dippin’ in HiddenLabelClothing.com

That’s it?

I’m not going 30 minutes. That’s five minutes

[Math leans into Hollow and whispers]
I guess you really do me a favor huh

You’re an asshole

[Round 3: Math Hoffa]
He said this battle gon’ be “logic versus emotions”
Okay, so let’s reverse the stance
You rep Loyalty Over Money, being disloyal, don’t you hurt your brand?
But you said, “There’s no loyalty in business.”
Aight, you used to serve them grams
Well hustling’s a business, so that tells me at any circumstance
That you would even snitch on ya niggas or go and murk ya mans
Anyway you play it, your logic just ain’t worth a damn
Now loyalty, what’s loyalty to you?
Devotion to something or someone outside yourself
Feels good knowin’ that you got homies to hear your cries for help
People that won’t let you die, cause inside they couldn’t survive themselves
A guy to catch you when you backslide, keep you in mind or health
I told you, “Stop drinkin’ lean”, cause it could take ya life
I told you, “Move OT wit’ Lennon”, so you could raise him right
I told you, as far as John John don’t even aim to fight
Let him create the hype and battle that nigga when the paper’s right
From the looks of things, nigga I gave you some great advice
But let’s rewind though, to way before you played this passive shit
Used to come to my crib with the gas, a couple of raps to spit
We’d talk about life, some nights he even crashed then dipped
Y’all heard him yellin’ “NYB! Nigga that’s the clique!”
So what reason was half legit for you to suck Dizaster’s dick?
Cause you was on my line like, “Fuck them niggas, they need to catch a clip.”
Now it’s karma that I brought on myself? Ain’t that a bitch?
Well I guess the night John John beat yo’ ass, karma was movin’ fast as shit
Maybe karma heard about him and Lux and said, “That match ups sick
I’ma take the day off, go to this face off, maybe catch a pic.”
Then you swung on John and karma whipped out the badge real quick
And gave John John the power to throw you through a glass and crack ya shit
Nah nigga, niggas fight everyday B, that ain’t it
It was that “Bodied” movie, cause DIzaster helped them cast the flick
You literally switched up on the set before ya actin’ clip
Seein’ ya man work with the ops will really have you pissed
I ain’t wanna clap him, just slap him, bloody his faggot lips
But Hollow how could I expect the right aid out of an addict?
Knowin’ you would risk gettin’ drugged if someone passed a script
This is sad as shit
This is sad as shit, cause he was on-line shit poppin’
Dissin’ Charlie Clips cause he ain’t rockin’
I’m sittin’ back just watchin’
Oh you was mad he had them slippers on like it was wrong, now you the nigga that’s flip floppin’?
It’s just shockin’
What’s up wit’ ya pride? If you had any issues wit’ me nigga, that ain’t somethin’ you hide
You said you could’ve talked to me, motherfucker you lied
Ya name’s Hollow, you not supposed to keep nothin’ inside!

{Crowd starts chanting 3-0}

Nigga, we was “Boyz N The Hood” them NYB days
I was Doughboy, a product the streets made
You should’ve been Ricky, cause street wise you need to be sprayed
But he jumped out the car in the beef stage
And that’s ironic that your actions would show that you would be Tre (betray)
Hollow come on… your whole motto’s a con
You pushin’ loyalty is like the pope preachin’ out the Koran
Niggas thought I was emotional
“Oh, oh Math don’t know how to move on.”
I’ma chess player, I made Hollow a pawn
I knew if I kept pushin’ Hollow eventually Hollow respond
Cause son’ll (sun’ll) come up early, get it? Hollow Da Don (dawn)
But hold on Hollow, I can’t lie nigga, your following’s strong
Them niggas will follow you anywhere… except to iTunes to download ya songs
You ever heard one of Hollow’s songs?
Yo, yo this be the beat, right? Then after Hollow come on
And after awhile this nigga Hollow is GONE
So when them pictures of you and Diz’ surfaced and they was shoutin’ “You wrong”
For me it wasn’t nothin’ outta the norm’
Cause I’m used to Hollow losin’ track and not ridin’ along
See y’all see a star
Me? I only see the clouds that he form
They sayin’ “Battle rap’s Mook is Jordan and Hollow’s Lebron.”
Now that’s relatable, cause on stage he pull the greatest moves then he play it cool
But if you on his team, just know you tradeable
I felt like Cleveland, in LA niggas made him choose
The love is still there, but this chip that I got, really came from you
My beef with Dizaster really started with you
When you pressed him in New York and I backed you up cause you was part of the crew
They set me up in LA, now you call him your dude?
Hood rules? I’m supposed to break the jaw of this fool
But you know what? I’ma chill Hollow
Cause you changed ya life, right?
Okay, where’s the fuckin’ evidence?
You ain’t hangin’ wit’ me no more so what? You hangin’ wit reverends?
Are you Hollow Da Don the entrepreneur makin’ moves for the betterment?
Or are you a disloyal snake guilty of grand larceny and embezzlement?
Let’s talk about it
I’d like to introduce y’all to Rob and Duck
These are the co-owners of LOM
The investors that helped start it up
Now the irony of all this stuff is Rob and Duck
Are the two niggas that believed in Hollow before he robbed and ducked
See, Hollow was runnin’ the company, but he was fuckin’ shit up
Not payin’ taxes, just runnin’ amok
So Rob started checkin’ the books thinkin’ somethin’ was up
First thing he discovers is what?
It seems Hollow’s cut wasn’t enough
This fuck boy was stealin’ from his partners tryin’ to cover it up
Let’s play “Swear To God” Hollow…
That Audi that you love to brag about didn’t come from Rob
Swear to God that you not a thief
Swear to God that you not a rat
Swear to God it ain’t your signature on these paperwork that you stole and you’d pay him back
Swear to God this ain’t the facts
You like to talk like you makin’ money, well that’s cool
If none of this is true, take these papers from me
Okay, we’ll just say today you’ve been served
For months you talkin’ ’bout you elevated nigga
How you elevated nigga? Look how you livin’ nigga
The first time you stole from ’em you gave ’em your word
That you would pay it back so they told you only scrape up a third
But that was a mistake, cause they let you outta the trap
They ain’t realize they was housing a rat
You knew where the cheese was and you knew how to come back
So when the company started doin’ good and makin’ mountains of stacks
Hollow turned Thanos and cleaned out the accounts with a snap
What the fuck fuck?!
Nigga how you rob Rob and duck Duck?
If you would’ve stole $50,000 from me, nigga you’d be more than fucked up
But this is what you talkin’ ’bout? I’m mad at your elevation?
You out here stealin’ from niggas with families and what? It’s a celebration?
You didn’t even think about the safety of Lennon
Cause if you would’ve stole from me and I couldn’t find you, that’s the next place that we headin’
So Rob got mad, he just wanted to pop on him
Went to Florida, pulled up to his crib and got the drop on him
Hollow ran left his sons and his moms to take a shot for him
Then he called up talkin’ tough tellin’ Rob to have his Glock on him
And then what you do after that bitch nigga? You called the cops on him
What happened to you man?!
What happened to you bro?
You doin’ all this frontin’, turns out you ain’t loyal to nothin’
But Loyalty Over Money, that ain’t a brand you should rep, nigga you foo foo
It’s cool dude, cause guess who’s the newest partner with you too?
Yeah nigga, I’m makin’ it mine
You ain’t seen the other papers I sign
So everything that you doin’ now, all the money you makin’ is fine
But after that court date make sure you make my payments on time
And while you standin’ here tryin’ to get it all straight in ya mind
We already collaborated, y’all can check out LOM’s latest design
But wait, it’s-now it’s HiddenLabelClothing, right?
With Mike Zombie, who put the bread in nigga?
Okay you went from pushin’ loyalty to a hidden agenda
I get it nigga
Yo Mike, if you watchin’ check your accounts and your credit nigga
Cause chances are he’s only workin’ with Zombie cause he’s so used to deadin’ niggas
Look Hollow, this what you gon’ do, right
You gon’ get them hard workin’ brothers back they money and save ya life
As far as our relationship goes, if you wanna make it right
There’s two things you can do: give me DIzaster’s home address and tell your sister come to my crib so she can take this pipe
Other than that, don’t be worried what I got on
But if you is worried, LOMClothingStore.com

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